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Harrison Deeds

Albemarle County Virginia

30 May 1817

Deed Book 20, May 30, 1817 Albemarle County (mentions children of Richard Harrison)

This indenture made this thirtyeth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventeen between Richard Harrison of the County of Albemarle and State of Virginia of the one part and Elizabeth Shelton wife of Weatherstone Shelton, Ann Clarkson wife of John Clarkson, Mary Maupin wife of Charles W. Maupin, Peter C. Harrison Charles Harrison John Harrison Julius C. Harrison Richard Harrison, David C. Harrison James Harrison and William A. Harrison children of the said Richard Harrison and Mary his wife and grandchildren to the late Peter Clarkson deceased of the other part Witnesseth that whereas the said late Peter Clarkson deceased by his last will and testament now of record in the County of Albemarle loaned to Mary Harrison the wife of the said Richard Harrison during the life her the said Mary--a certain portion of his estate that by virtue of this will and loan a part of the said estate hath been allotted to the said Mary towit one Negro woman Saney(spelling?) one other Negro woman Meina (spelling?) one Negro boy Anderson one Negro girl Amey one Negro girl Peggy and one Negro boy Charles which by virtue thereof hath come to the possession of him the said Richard Harrison and whereas also a certain part of the said Pete Clarkson's estate both real and personal hath been allotted to the widow of the said Peter Clarkson as her dower and which by the said Will after the said widow's death return again and it is to be divided among the legates as directed by the said will which division the said Mary Harrison will become entitled to her proportion thereof agreeable to the will to have & to hold during her life and at her death the same together with the before mentioned Negroes and the increase become the property of the before mentioned Elizabeth Shelton, Anne Clarkson, Mary Maupin, Peter Harrison, Charles Harrison, John Harrison, Julius Harrison, Richard Harrison, David C. Harrison, James Harrison & William Harrison and their heirs forever now therefore this indenture further witness that the said Richard Harrison for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he has towards the said Elizabeth Shelton, Ann Clarkson, Mary Maupin Peter C. Harrison Charles E. Harrison John C. Harrison Julius C. Harrison Richard Harrison David C. Harrison James Harrison & William A. Harrison, children of the said Richard Harrison and Mary his wife & for & in the further consideration of the sum of one Dollar to him by them in hand paid the receipt whereof he the said Richard Harrison doth hereby acknowledge hath given granted & bargained and sold by these present doth -----

Witness---Wm Wirtenbaker, Dabney C. Garth, John B. Carr


Submitted by Sharon Leonard

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