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Surnames Mentioned: Armdel Bagg Berkly Clifford Crewew Foster Gornegaw Granville Greuek(Greuck) Harrison Hawley Leger Montague OssbornPaston Valdgrave Whilmar(Whihnar)

The Harrison's of Castle Harrison, Charleville, Cork Co., Ireland posted the parchment at the main entrance of the castle for all visitors to see as they entered:

The Genealogy of the Honourable


One of His Majesty's Commissioners and Cheif Governours of the Revenue of the Kingdom of Ireland

Who originally Descended of Richard, Lord Harrisson, who came into England A.D. 1056, Deriving his Pedigree from Charles, Junior Son of Charles, Duke of Habspruch, in Germany 876, as Sir Thomas Hawley, who was King-at-Arms of George Bretain in the Reign of King Henry VIII, can give Account, Transcripts of which have been carefully Preserved and to me Lineally transmitted by my Ancestors, who were successively Cheif Antiquaries of Ireland. Therefore I, Charles Lynegar, having said Transcripts, or True Copies thereof, have from thence drawn out the following Antiquity, of the Honourable William Harrison, Esquire, as a Memorial to his Posterity; his Genealogy Extracted from the Root whence Spring his Honourable and Anceint Ancestors. Given under my Hand, Trinity College, Dublin. Second day of August 1727. From your most Obedeint Servant, Charles Lynegar


The said Richard Harrisson, Lord Harrison, married Juliana, daughter to Richard de Granville, who accompanied William the Conqueror in his Expedition to England and was present with Him at the Battle of Hastings in Sussex, where King Harold was slain, and for which service the King bestowed on Richard de Granville large possessions, with the Lordships of Bediford, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Gloucester and the County of BUCKS. He also inherited his Father's honours and estate in Normandy. The said Richard, Lord Harrison, had issue by his wife, the Lady Juliana, daughter of Richard de Granville, Earl of Corbaile, -three Sons and two Daughters;-viz. William, John and Edward Harrison,-Juliana and Matilda Harrison,-of William, the eldest Son, and John, the second Son, are lineally derived the Honourable family of Harrisons in Cumberland;-of Edward the third Son, are the family of Harrisons, Yorkshire. William, the eldest married Mariana, eldest daughter of Robert de Berkly, Earl of Berkly Castle, the first Male line of this noble family of Berkly. John Harrison, second son, married Lucy, youngest daughter of Robert, Earl of Warwick.-

Edward Harrison, third son , married Anne, daughter of William Paston, Earl of Yarmouth, descended of an ancient family in the County of Norfolk. Matilda, second daughter, married James, Lord Berkly of Straton, descended from the ancient Barons Berkley of Berkley; Juliana died unmarried. The said William had by Mariana, daughter of Robert, Earl of Berkley, two Sons; viz: John and Richard Harrison, and one daughter, Anne. John Harrison, his eldest Son, married Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Crew, Knight and Baronet of Crew Hall, in the County of Chester; by whom he had issued two sons; viz: John and Robert Harrison; Richard, the second son of the said William, Married Suzana, daughter to Sir John Gornegaw, of Somerton, in the county of Suffolk, and by her had issue two Sons; Richard and Robert Harrison. John Harrison, Grandson of the above William Harrison, married Dorothy, daughter of Sir John, Armdel of Grierer, in the County of Cornwall, a family of great antiquity. Robert, his brother, married Gertrude, daughter of Sir John Bagg of Salti, in the County of Devon, - and by her had issue, Sir Richard Harrison, Knight: The said John Harrison, had issue by Dorothy, his wife, daughter of the said Sir John Armdel, one son, viz: Charles Harrison who married Juliana, daughter to Sir John Crewew, Apple Greuek(Greuck), in the County of York, Knight;- by whom he had issue, Richard Harrison; and one daughter, Jane Harrison, who married Sir John St. Leger of Lancashire, Knight. The said Sir Richard Harrison married Juliana, daughter to Sir William Whilmar(Whihnar) of London; and by her had issue, William Harrison, his son and heir, who married Anne Clifford, daughter of Sir Hugh Clifford of Chudligh, created Burow the Twenty-third Day of April 1372. The first of their ancient family which is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, was called Pow(Powe?), and had issue three Sons; viz: Walter Drew and Richard. Of thesecond first. The Conqueror's Survey takes notice that they did then possess divers Lordships from Richard the youngest, who was that line preserved. The said William Harrison had by his Wife, Anne Clifford two Sons and one Daughter. Richard, his Son and Heir, who married Agnes, daughter and sole heir to Roger de Coude, Lord of the Manors of Cavenley and Glentham, in the County of Lincoln, and by her had issue Sir William Harrison who married Mariana, daughter of Charles, Second Brother of James, Earl of Salisbury, by whom he had issue Richard Harrison, who married Isabella, daughter and heir to Sir Humphrey Foster of Aldermarstow, in the County of Berks, and by her had issue three sons and three daughters, viz: George Harrison, eldest son of Richard, married Margaret, daughter to Sir James Valdgrave, Burow(Baron?) of Cheaton. John Harrison, second son, Married Anne, daughter to John, Baron of the Honourable family of Montague. Richard, third son, married Mary, daughter to Sir John Ossborn of Kent. Of these three Sons are derived the family of Harrisons in Great Britain. His son George had issued by Margaret, his wife, two sons, viz: Richard and John Harrison. Richard married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard West, Lord de Lemura, in the Sixth year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth, and by her had issue two Sons, Viz: William, his son and heir and John Harrison of Cumberland.

Under the family Coat-of-Arms in Latin "IN OMNIA PARATUS"(Ready for all things).

Source: The Harrison's of Castle Harrison, Charleville, Cork Co., Ireland posted the parchment at the main entrance of the castle for all visitors to see as they entered.

Submitted by Bob McCleary of Longview, WA. Bob would love to contact other genealogists studying this line. Ruth K. Andrews is in possession of the original parchment and has other information regarding this family including COA at her website available June 1, 1998.

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