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George Edgar Harrison (1875 - after 1916)

VA ID OR Webster Co., KY

Surnames Mentioned: Harrison Noland Gunnells Kendrick Bledsoe Cosby Gernt

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GEORGE EDGAR HARRISON. G. E. Harrison was born in 1875. He is a son of Benjamin Porter Harrison and Leeann (Noland) Harrison. Grandparents: Benj. Harrison and Elizabeth Gunnels, Jesse Noland and Matilda Kendrick. Grandparents were all native Virginians, and emigrated to Kentucky and Tennessee. His father was a soldier in Bledsoe's Company and made a honorable record. He is one of the six survivors of that company. He followed merchandising eleven years at Albany, Ky.; dealt in real estate two years in Idaho and Oregon. Was director of the Weiser National Bank, Weiser, Idaho, and Western National Bank at Caldwell, Idaho. He is now vice president of the Bank of Jamestown, Jamestown, Tenn., and is also engaged in farming. He lives on, owns and operates a farm two miles east of Jamestown. He has a fine Cumberland Mountain farm. He harvested on his farm nearly 100 wagon loads of hay in 1913. He owns more than 13,000 acres of coal and land in Fentress County. He is an enthusiastic real estateman, and is anxious to see this county developed. He has cut up several large tracts of land into smaller ones to encourage buyers to locate here and help develop the county. He has been married twice. First to Miss Dora Emma Cosby, of Dixon, Ky., in 1899; second, to Miss Elsa Selma Gernt, of Allardt, Tenn., 1910. He is a member of the Church of Christ and lives a model life.

Source: History of Fentress County, Tennessee, Albert R. Hogue. Originally published Nashville, Tenn, 1916. Reprinted by Baltimore Regional Publishing Company, 1975, pp. 128-129 [Clinton county].

Corrections: Our data indicate that George Edgar is the grandson of Benjamin Harrison and his second wife Margaret Gunnels

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