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A Brief History of the First Harrisons of Virginia

Descendants of Cuthbert Harrison, Esq. of Ancaster, England From A.D. 1600 to A.D. 1915

by Henry Tazewell Harrison Published April 2, 1915


The First Harrisons of Virginia

The data upon which this history is based has been found in the Family Bibles belonging to the Harrisons, Elzeys and Powells, in entries made in the vestry books of various parishes, especially Dettingen Parish, Prince William County, Virginia, in a paper writt by Burr W. Harrison in 165 just before his death and from data written on the fly leaf of an old Prayer Book known as the "HARRISON - POWELL PRAYER BOOK" and for many years in the possession of Misses Anne Maria and Elizabeth C. Harrison of Leesburg, Virginia, and further from family letters and traditions and also notes made by many of its members from time to time.

The coat of arms of the Harrison family is an azure shield upon which are three demi lions rampant. The crest, a demi lion rampant or holding a laurel branch or semi wreath. The motton Vincit Qui, Patitur. This description is taken from the Harrison - Powell Prayer book and checked by research in the Congressional Lirbary and is further vouched for by family history transmitted down by word of mouth from generation to generation and also by written family notes. According to documentary evidence, it was granted in 1593 to Sir Thomas Harrison, knight, Lord Mayor of the City and Ainsty of York, England, from whom Cuthbert Harrison, I, was directly descended.

The First Harrisons to come to Viringia, according to the best information obtainable, were Cuthbert Harrison, Esq., of Ancaster, Caxtn and Flaxby, Yorkshire, England, and his son, Burr, II, who according to the reisterof Dettingen Parish, Prince William County, Virginia, was baptised in the Parish of St. Margaretts, Westminster, England, on the twenth-eight of December, 1637, and on this register he is spoken of as "Burr Harrison of Chappawmsic". . . son of Cuthbert Harrison." when Cuthbert Harrison, Ind his son, Burr, II, first came to Virginia is unknown.

Cuthbert Harrison I, with his son, Burr II, settled in then Stafford County, Virginia, on the northern side of the Chappawamsic Creek near Dumfries and there today lies the old estate called "Cahappawamsic," ith its quaint old grave yad, where once lived and now rest, so far as known, the first Harrisons of our line who came to America. Old deeds in Prince William and Stafford Counties show that in the latter part of the seventeeth century large tracts of land on the Chappawamsic Creek were granted to Burr Harrison, II.

The site of this estate is easily accessible from Washington. A ride of about an hour over the Southern Railroad brings one to Quantico and from Quantico to Chappawamsic Creek is only about one mile. Crossing the creek you turn inland and a ride of a few miles will bring you to a quaint old grave yard where now rest the earthly remains of the first Harrisons of Virginia.

The Cuthbert Harrison line has one strong characteristic which has been transmitted from generation to generation - they have all been Episcpalians and this fact has clearly distinguished them from the Benjamin and Valentine Harrison Lins, the latter having been staunch Presbyterians.

The Harrisons, Powells, Elzeys and Lees are all closely related thrugh intermarriage and it is a rare instance that any member of one of these families is now found who is not closely related to the others.

Burr Harrison, II, of "Chappawamsic," married Mrs. Mary Smith, widow of Edwin Smith, but the date of this marriage is unknown. In April, 1690, he was sent by the Virginia House of Burgesses of whic he was a member, as Ambassador to the Piscataway Indians on which trip he was accompanied by Giles Vanderville, Esq.

From the marriage of Burr, II, and Mary Smith or a subsequent marriage unchronicled wr born two sons, William III, who married Sarah Hawley, and Thomas III, born Sept 7, 1665, who became an officer in Stafford County, Virginia, in 1700, where his name appears July 10, 1700 with the names of John Washington, Rice Hooe, George Mason and others "Of his Majesty's officers both civil and military" in a petition for protection against the indians.

Thomas Harrison III, who died Aug 13, 1746 had four sons, Burr I, born May 21, 1699; Cuthbert IV, who married Frances Barnes; Thomas IV who married Anne Grayson, William IV and three daughters, Sarah Elizabeth IV, who married Bengamin Bullitt, a prominent Lawyer; Frances IV who married Valntine Peyton and Anne Frances IV, who married John McMillan.

Thomas IV, moved across the line into what is now known as Prince William County, formerly a part of Stafford County, a was elected to the office of high sheriff of that county in the year 1732, in the records of which he is spoken of as "Captain Thomas Harrison". He had children, Benjamin, V, born Aug 17, 1744; Anne V, born Oct 29, 1749; Wiliam V, ; Thomas V, Burr V, and Mary V.

Thomas V, who was born in 1726 and died in Nov 1827, at the advanced age of 101 yeas, married a Miss Butler and moved to Kentucky. He had children, Benjamin, Thomas, Grayson, Cuthbert, Anne, Allie, Elizabeth and William Butler Harrison, who was a "Cornet" Lieutenant) in "Lee's Legion" in 1776 when but seventeen years of age.

Burr Harrison IV, who was the eldest son of Thomas II and inherited the "Chappawamsic" estate, was born May 21, 1699 and n July 3 1722 married Anne Barnes and by her had five surviving sons and five surviving daughters: Thomas V, born March 3, 1723; Burr V, born June 16, 1734; Mathew V born Feb 18, 1731 and died Feburary 18, 1798; George V, born 177; Cuthbert V born 1739; Jane V born ec 9, 1726; Seth V born Sept 30, 1729; Elizabeth V born 171; Anne V born 1743; Sarah V born 1746 and three children who were still born. Besides these children of his won, he also raised the following grandchildren, John Harrison VI, Valentine Harrison VI, Thomas Harrison VI, Burr Harrison VI all children of Thom V, Anne Linton, William Linto, John Linton and Sarah Linton, children of Elizabeth V. He later increased the number of the members of his household by adopting five "Olphlins", Alexander Ballenger, John Wilson, John Cotter, May Pritchet and Susan Pritchet, all of whom he treated and reared as his own. of the Lintons, Col., Levin Powell often soke in his letters with deepest affection, especially "Miss Nancy" who died March 10, 1798.

Jane V, married _________ Triplett, date of marriage unknown.

Mathew V , was married four times, his last wife being Eleanor Tyler. (this is my husbands line - Cary)

Elizabeth V, married __________ Linton, date of marriage unknown, and had four children, Anne Linton, William Linton, John Linton and Sarah Linton.

Anne V, married George Ball, Esq.

Burr V, born June 16, 1734 died Aug 21, 1790, married his cousin, Mary Anne Barnes in Sept 1760, te ceremony being performed by theRev. Theophilus Swift. mary Anne Barnes was the daughter of Mathew and Catherine Barnes and was born May 1 1734, and died Dec 21, 790. To Burr V, and Mary Anne Barnes were born eight children, Anne Catherine VI, born Oct 23, 1761; Mathew VI born Sept 19, 1763 who married Catherine Elzey and was the head of the Leesburg Line; Jane V born Sept 29, 1765; Burr VI, born March 25, 767; Cuthbert VI born December 28, 1768 and departed this life at Staunton, Virginia, Sept 26, 1795; Anne Barnes VI born Feb 20, 1771; Thomas VI born March 22,74 and known as "Big Chappawamsic Tom"; Mary Anne VI born May 1, 1776.

Thomas V moved to Hunting Creek, Stafford County, VA, and on July 2, 1747 married Anne Waye Peton,daughter of John and Anne Waye Peyton of "Stony Hall", Stafford County, VA. He lived at "Angia Hall", Stafford nd had four sons: Burr VI; Valentine VI who was an officer in the COntinental Army; John Peyton VI and the Rev. Thomas Harrison VI, who was educated in London, England, ordained a priest in the Episcopal Churh by the Lord Bishop of London in 1774, married his cousin Sally Harrison, daughter of Cuthbert and Frances Barnes Harrison and had children: Philip VII who maried Maria Lawson of Dumfries; Thomas VII, who married Elizabeth Fitzhugh; Cuthbert VII; Anne VII; Seth VII; Burr VII who married Mary Tyler; James VII who married Anne _____ (Unreadable); John VII who married Susan Sweeney; Walter VII, who married Anne Lawson; Elizabeth VII who married Lawrence Alexander; Sarah VII ho married Gabrel Freeman and Frances VII who married Captain Philip Alexander.

Seth Harrison V, who married John Peyton of Dettingen Parish had one daughter, Frances who married her cousin, John Peyton Harrison, VI, son of Thomas V of Agnia Hall.

George Harrison V and His brother Cuthbert Harrison V were sent by their brother-in-law, Col. Levin Powell, to Kentucky to look after a grant of six thousand acres of land which he had received from the Continental Congress in recognition of his services to his country, and there thy made their homes.

George Harrison V, married Elizabeth Beale and died Sept 15, 1805, from the shock of his son, Mathew VI, having been killed by a horse two days previous.

Cuthbert Harrison V, married Mary, daughter of Thomas Osburne and widow of John Randolph of Prince William County, Virginia, and was a member of the first Kentucky Legislature in 1793.

Sarah Harrison V, youngest child of Burr, IV, maried in 1765 Col. Levin Powell and removed with him to Loudoun Co., VA., where he owned all the land on which Middleburg now stands as well as much of the surrounding country.

Col. Levin Powell was a man of much distinctio, having been a colonel in the Revolutionary Army, of which is equipped and maintained at his own expense an entire troop. He was the founder of the Federal party in Loudoun Co., a member of the First Continental Congress and a close personal friend of General Washington.

Col. Levin Powell planned and built the turnpike leading from Georgetown, D.C. to Louisville, Kentucky, which passed through Middleburg, his home. His residence on the outskirts of Middleburg was known as "the Hill" and there he kept open house and lavishly entertained all the celebrities who came to Virginia. In 1779 th Virginia Assembly established the town of Boonesborough, Kentucky and appointed Col Powell as trustee of the same. Powell Creek and Powell River in Kentucky as both named after him. Col Powell died July 23, 1810 at Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania, where his remains lie sill interred in the old church yard at tha place.

To Sarah Harrison V and Col. Powell were born six sons, William Harrison Powell who married Sarah Green of Maryland and was accidently drowned in the Shenandoah River in 1802, Burr Powell who lived at "Bellefield", Loudoun Co., VA., which estate was afterwards owned by the Carters. Levin Powell, Jr., who married Elizabeth Orr and was a very Prominent importer and exporter and large shipping merchant of Alexandria, Virginia (The great Grandfather of the Powells who lived at langollen, Loudoun Co., VA.) Cuthbert Powell who lived at Llangollen, Loudoun County, VA. and married Catherine Simms and represented his district in the Federal Congress; Alfred Powell who was the father of Admiral Powell and one son who died in infancy.

Burr Powell married Catherine Brooke, daughter of Col Cumphrey Brooke of Fauquier County, VA. and had children: Humphrey Brooke Powell (Harry Tucker's grandfather); William Levin Powell (Harry Harrison's grandfather); Francis Whiting Powell (Kitty Powell's grandfather); George Cuthbert Powell (Grace Carter's grandfather); Edward, who died in his youth; Nancy who eloped against her father's will with Lloyd Noland and afterwards was forgiven and given some of the Middleburg property; Sarah who married Burr Harrison (Charles F.Harrison's Grandfather); Betty, who married Robert Conrad (Cuthbert Conrad's grandfather).

Anne Catherine Harrison VI, was married on Sept 5, 1793 to Francis Heriford, Esq. the ceremony being performed by her cousin, Rev. Thomas Harrison VI, and died Dec 6, 1839. Francis Heriford, her husband, was born Nov 10, 1767 and died Oct 16, 1821.

Mathew Harrison VI who was born Sept 19, 1763 and died at the Red Sulphur Springs, Aug 22, 1807, was an attorney at law at Dumfries, VA. and practised his profession in Prince William and adjoining counties. on Dec 1, 1787, he rried Catherine Elzey, born at Dumfries, Sept 9, 1770, daughter of William Elzey, born Jan 1727, and Alice Blackburn Elzey, born at R. Lodge April 11, 1788. Four years after the death of Mathew Harrison VI, his widow, Catherine Elzey moved with her family on Jan 1, 1811 to "Morrisworth" Loudoun County, Virginia, here she resided until her death on May 16, 1835, in the sixty-fifth year of her age.

To Mathew Harrison VI and Catherine Elzey were born ten children, Burr William VII born April 23, 1793, who married Sally Harrison Powell, January 3, 1822 and died Sept 5, 1865; Jane Anne VII; Maria VII born July 27, 1791 who married Bushrod Corbin Washington in 1835 and died Nov 3, 1847; Thomas Jefferson VII; Henry Tazewell VII born at Dumfries, Aug19, 1796 and died June 15, 1881; John Thompson Mason VII born April 6, 1799 married Susan Bayley Aug 7 1834, and died Nov 1870; Mathew VII; Catherine VII and Lucinda Margaret VII who were twins born march 15, 1804; Sarah Elizabeth VII born Feb 10, 1806.

Thomas Jefferson Harrison VII was an officer in the United States Army and on April 26, 1827 married Rebecca Hamtranch of Missouri and died leaving no children.

John Thompson Mason Harrison VII who married Susan Bayley of Upperville, Loudoun CO., VA, left one child, Virginia VIII born Nov 13, 1835, who married in June 1869 Douglas Tyler, Esq. of Prince William County, VA. and died March 31, 1896 leaving two children, Mary Webb born Jan 22, 1872 and John Mason Harrison Thompson, born March 31,1873 who both live at "Windsor" their ancestral home in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Lucinda Margaret VII born March 15, 1804 married Edwin E. Cook of Clark Co., VA. at "Morrisworth" Feb 15, 1831, and died July 14, 1885 leaving four children, Henry, Buchrod, Betty and Molly.

Sarah Elizabeth Harrison VII born Fen 10, 1806 married Llewellyn Powell Feb 1, 1827 at Morrisworth, Loudoun Co. VA and died in St. Louis, MO. Sept 1, 1886, having had nine children: Charles, Henry, Cuthbert, Thomas Edward, Catherine, Ellen Gray, Mary Frances, Elizabeth Harrison, William Warren and Maria Washington.

Burr William VII who was born at Dumfries moved with his mother to "Morrisworth" Loudoun Co., VA. on Jan 1, 1811 and afterwards from his country hometo Leesburg, VA., where he practised law in Loudoun and Adjancent counties. He represented the county of Loudoun in the State Legislature from 1840 to 1847. On January 3, 1822 he married Sarah Harrison Powell who died Nov 6, 1845 and was a daughter of Major Burr Powell and Catherine Brooke Powell, and a grand daughter of Col. Levin Powell. To Burr William VII and Sarah, his wife were born nine children, viz:

Mathew VIII born Dec 18, 1822 and married in 185 Anne Harriotte Jones, daughter of General Walter Jones, and was called the "Loudoun Lion" while a member of the Virginia Legislature where he reprsented the county of Loudoun for several terms. he died at Leesburg, VA on January 26, 1875, leaving three children, Thomas W IX, Sarah IX, and Harriotte IX. Thomas IX, now Judge of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Virginia, was twice married, his first wife being Julia Knight of Winchester, Virginia to whom were born four children: Belle Harrison X; Katie Harrison X; Thomas Harrison X; and Mathew Harrison X. Upon the death of Julia Knight, Thomas IX married Nellie Cover also of Winchester,VA. and to them was born one son, Burr Powell X. Sarah IX who married Dr. Weems Ridout Winchester and lives in Macon, Georgia, had six childen, Nancy, Mary, Harriotte, Thomas, James and Sterling Murray who died in infncy. Harriotte IX lives unmarried in Harrisburg, PA. where for several years she has made her home.

Edward VIII born Feb 2, 1827 was an attorney at law and died young.

Powell, VIII born Dec 26, 1833 married Janet Fauntleroy of Leesburg, VA. on Sept 23, 1869 was a promnent lawyer at Leesburg, VA. and died April 9, 187 leaving five living children; Janet Knox IX, who married Feb 3, 1904 Richard Henry Lynn of Leesburg, VA.; Alice Blackburn IX (Lalla)< who married Elijah B. White of Leesburg, VA. onFeb 2, 1900; B. Powell IX, who married Louise Goldsborough of Cambridge, Maryland; Charles Fauntleroy IX, who married Mary Arthur Fendall, great Granddaughter of General Walter Jones, at Leesburg, VA. March 16, 1909; Bena IX, who married Walter Taylor of Norfolf, VA., June 24, 1903; Burr IX the third child having died in infancy.

Laura VIII was born dec 14, 1824 and died young.

Anne Maria VIII born Dec 7, 1829 and died unmarried at Leesburg, VA. on Dec 25, 1908.

Elizabeth Conrad VIII born Feb 3, 1836 and died at Leesburg, VA. Dec 24, 1907.

Alice Blackburn VIII born Aug 20, 1840 married in marc 1874, Major Burr P. Noland of Middleburg, VA., and died Aug 1876 leaving no children.

William Elzey VIII bornFeb 17, 1832 was a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute in 1854, a Lieutenant in the Engineer Corps of te Confederate Army in 182 and in charge of he fortifications about Richmond in 1863 and died March 22, 1873. In dec. 1866 he married Elizabeth Edwards who died April 28, 1913 leaving four children: Alice Chichester IX born OCt 8, 1867; Sarah Edwards IX born March 14, 1869; William Burr IX born Feb 27, 1871 and Elizabeth Chichester IX born Oct 6, 1872. Alice Chichester IX married Frederick Saunders Nov 5, 1885 and had three children, Frank E., Henry and Aline. William Burr IX, married Lelia Virginia Wheeler in Dec 1906 and had two children, Mary Butler and Sarah Powell X. Elizabeth Chichester IX on Juen 1, 1892 married William Dade Hempstone and had two children, Ida Le Hempstone and William Dadd Hempstone. Sarah Edwards IX lives unmarried in Leesburg, VA.

Henry Tazewell Harrison VII was married at Sully, VA. January 27, 1834 to Jane Elizabeth Lee, daughter of Francis L. Lee and Jane Fitzgerald and brought his bride to Leesburg, VA. where he then resided. By this marriage he had two children: Catherine, VIII born Dec 7, 1834 who died unmarried at Mount Hope July 9, 1871 and Arthur Lee VIII born March 1837 and died Aug 1837. Jane Elizabeth Lee, wife of Henry Tazewell VII died June 20, 1837 andwas buried in the old church yard at St. James church at Leesburg, VA. On the Twenty-eigth day of Nov 1839, Henry Tazewell, VII married Mary E. Jones, born Sept 19, 1815, died Sept 24, 1874 a daughter of General Walter Jones and Anne Lucinda Lee.

General Walter Jones was a son of Dr. Walter Jones and Ailsie Flood daughter of Dr. William Flood of Farnham, Richmond Co., VA. and was born at "Hayfield", Northumberland Co.< VA. on Oct 7, 1777. he studied law under Bushrod C. Washington, later a Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court andws admitted to the bar when but twenty years of age. he was appointed United States Attorney for the District of the Potomac by President Jefferson in 1802. In 1821 he as appointed by President Monroe as Major General of Militia and as suh in 1824 welcomed and received General Lafayette upon his visit to Alexandria. he was one of the most noted lawyers of his day, being the associate of Daniel Webster in the trail of the famous Girard Will Case in Philadeliphia. he married Anne Lucinda Lee in May 1808, and died on Oct 14, 1861, at the home of his son-in-law, Dr. Thomas Millerin Washington, D.C., leaving twelve children, viz: Mrs. Thomas Miller of Washington, D.C.; Mrs. henry Tazewell Harrison of Leesburg VA.; Mrs. Mathew Harrison of Leesburg, VA.; Mrs. Robert Peyton of Fauquier Co., VA.; Mrs.Joseph Packard f the Espiscopal Theological Seminary, Virginia; Miss Violetta Jones of Washington, D.C.; Miss Cornelia Jones of Washington, D.C.; Thomas W. Jones a civil engineer and Catherine Jones who later died a Missionary in China and as buried there. General Waltr Jones was buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., where his remains still rest.

Anne Lucinda Lee, the wife of General Walter Jones, ws born at Chantilly, Virginia, in 1790, and was a daughter of Charles Lee bor in 1758 who died June 24, 1815, at his home near Warrenton, Virginia, and was Attorney General for the United States under the administrations of both Presidents Washington and Adams, both of whom regarded him, as shown by their letters, as one of their ablest and most learned advisors. Retiring from the Government service, Judge Lee practised w in the courts of Virginia and at Washington and was one of the lawyers for the defence of Aaron Burr in his famous trial for treason. The mother of Anne Lucinda Lee was Anne Lee, a daughter of Richard Henry Lee, whose famous resolution in Congress on June 7, 176 "That these United Colonis are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states, tht they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown and that all political connecion between them and the state of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved" is said to have brought about our struggle for independence i 1776 and gaind or its author the title of "The Father of the Revolution".

To Henry Tazewell Harrison, VII, and Mary E. Jones were born nine children, viz:

Anne Harriotte, VIII, born February 4, 1842, who died unmarried in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 23,1860.

Elizabeth Lee, VIII born Oct 10, 1843 married by the Rev. Mr. Perkins to George M. Grayson on Sept 17, 1867 and died Thursday, Dec 2, 1875 without issue.

Walter Jones, VIII born March 2, 1845 died at Leesburg, VA. Oct 6, 1895, was twice married. He Married Nannie Whiting Powell, Sept 17, 1868, daughter of Dr. William L. Powell and Anne Powell of Alexandria, VA. Nannie Whiting Powell was born April 23, 1844 and died Sept 16, 1872, at "Rosemont" near Leesburg, VA., leaving one child, Henry Tazewell Harrison IX, who was born April 29, 1871 and who on June 2, 1898 at Wallingford, Pennsylvania married Florence M. Russell, daughter of John B. Russell and Lucy Gillett Russell of Hartford, Connecticut, to whom was born on April 10, 1900 a daughter, Lucy Gillett Harrison X. On Oct 3, 1877 Walter Jones VIII was married by the Rev. R. T. Davis to Nannie F. Benedict, of Leesburg, VA. and to them were born four children, Rebecca Gray IX born Dec 12, 1881; Maria Washington IX born April 29, 1885; Walter Jones IX born July 10, 1888 who married Mabel Littig April 22, 1914; Henrietta Benedict IX born July 31, 1891.

Henry Harrison VIII was born Oct 10, 1846 and on January 8, 1885 was married in St. Louis, Missouri, by the Rev. Father Powers to Anne Lee, daughter of John F. Lee and Eleanor Anne Hill of Washington, D.C.

Maria Washington VIII was born Jan 10, 1848 and upon the death of Nannie Powell Harrison, wife of Walter Jones, VIII, took under her own personal care Henry Tazewell Harrison IX, then but a baby of eighteen months for whom she forsook all the pleasures of youth that she might bestow upon him the love, care and affection denied him by his mother's death.

Alice Janney Harrison VIII was born Aug 6, 1849 and with her sisters, Maria Washington VIII and Mary Jones VIII (the widow of Francis E. Conrad) and her three children, lives at the old family home in Leesburg, VA.

Bushrod Washington VIII was born Nov 15, 1851 and died in the flower of youth on the seventeenth day of April 1868.

Edward Burr VIII born June 28, 1853 was educated at the University of Virginia and abroad, was a captain in the Spanish American War and now lives at Leesburg, VA.

Mary Jones VIII born Aug 26, 1856, was married Nov 7, 1883, by the Rev. R.T. Davis to Francis E. Conrad (Grandson of Col. Levin Powell and Sarah Harrison V) a practising attorney of Leesburg, VA., who died May 6, 1900, and through her marriage had three children: Harriotte Harrison Conrad born Jan 20, 1885; Cuthbert Powell Conrad born July 4, 1886; and Mary Jones Conrad born Sept 1, 1888.

An Exact copy of entries made in the Vestry book of Bettingen Parish and taken from the register of Overwharton Parish upon which some of this history is based.

"Burr Harrison, now or late of Chappawamsick. In this Parish and County son to Cuthbert Harrison was babtised in the parish of Sant. Magraretts Westminister the 28th day of december 1637 as by Certificate from under the hand of Thomas Wiver Registerer for the said parish to me did appeare." Richard Gibson

"Thomas the son of the said Burr Harrison was born Sept the 7th day of 1665 and departed this life on the 13th day of Aug at 2 o'clock in the morning 1746.

Burr Harrison the son of the said Thos. Harrison was born may the 21st 1699. Thomas the son of the said Burr Harrison was born March the 3rd, 1723.

  1. Jane the daughter of the said Burr Harrison was born the 9th day of december, 1726.
  2. Seth the daughter of the said Burr Harrison was born the 30th day of November, 1729."

(from another place in the same book)

"Benja the son of Thomas and Ann Harrison was borne a Satterday at 6 a'clock in the morning the 17th day of August, 1744.

Anne the daughter of Thomas and Anne Harrison was born a Sunday the 29th day of October, 1749."


The Harrison-Powell Prayer Book referred to in this brief history, according to the paper written by Burr William Harrison VII in 1865, "was an old family affair; the Prayer book of my Grandfather or Great Grandfather, given by old Mrs. Sarah Powell" (Sarah Harrison V) "mother of Major Burr Powell, to him because he was named Burr after her brother and father." This book is now in the possession of Judge Thomas W. Harrison IX, of Winchester, VA., and contains much valuable family data.

An Interesting list of some of the old original letters and documents in the possession of Henry Tazewell Harrison IX of Leesburg, VA., which have aided in the compiling of this brief history and establishing dates.

An orginial letter of General George Washington, dated Mount Vernon, Nov 4, 1798 to Major William B. Harrison of Loudoun County, VA.

Two original letters of Major William B. Harrison under dates of Jan 7, 1799 and jan 24, 1799 in reply to above mentioned letter of General Washington.

An original letter of General Henry Lee (Light Horse Harry) dated Sully, Aug 16, 1810 to Major Burr Harrison of Loudoun County, VA.

Three original letters of Thomas Harrison V, son of Thomas Harrison IV, dated May 7, 1786 Sept 7, 1790 and Oct 20, 1804 to his son, William B. Harrison of Loudoun County, VA.

An original letter, dated New Orleans, April 1st (year not given) of William B. Harrison, jr. to his father, William B. Harrison of Loudoun County, VA. Some original documents establishing dates, signed by Colonel Levin Powell, Burr Powell, Cuthbert Harrison V and Mathew Harrison VI, commencing with the year 1777 and ending with the year 1815.

From letter and documentary evidence in my possession and from court, church, army and navy records, it is most conclusively shown and proven that from the date of the arrival of the first Harrisons of the Cuthbert Harrison line in Virginia up to the present time this family has been a family of power and strength in every community in which they resided.

They have been large land owners, as shown by grants and deeds. They have filled many high positions in the army, navy and militia, as shown by records of these departments and original letters.

They have preached the gospel to their fellowmen, as shown by parish registers and parish records. They have practised law and dispensed justice. they have convened in council with others of their day and hour and aided in the formation and adoption of many of the laws they have obeyed and enforced.

They have gathered at their country's call in her hours of need and her hours of pleasure. They have as men been respected and honored and as women loved and cherished, and to them, one and all, living and dead this little book is affectionately dedicated.

End of book

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