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Rev. Nathan And Rev. Jeremiah Harrison
of Buncombe County NC And Georgia

Charles W. Johnson.

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October 2, 1989

From a recent phone call from Chatsworth GA. Mrs. Glen Harrison, widow of Glenn Harrison, we are informed that Rev. Nathan’s middle name is Thomas. On Murray County records, Nathan is also known as Nathaniel. So, we are assuming that his full name is Rev. Nathaniel Thomas who married Ann (Anna) Lord (?). Rev. Nathan is ggg grandfather. He was first married to Sarah Oglesby and later to Nancy?.

In Methodist Preachers of Georgia 1782-1900, Rev. Nathan: born 10-20-1778; died 7-18-1852. Methodist Episcopal Church South. born NC; died Murray County GA. A Local Preacher. Joined Georgia Conference 1846. An Elder Weare informed from other sources (Ballard write-up) that he was previously in the Holston Conference. (Holston Conference did not list its local ministers.)

Rev. Nathan Harrison, who died in 1852, left a will, which names his wife Nancy and his sons Thomas who was blind, Jeremiah, and Samuel R. Harrison. He names a son-in-law E.F. Farrington and other children not named who were to receive $1.00 each, if they would come and get it. He names notes he holds on John Bailey, Mary Adair, R. McCamy, his sons Jeremiah and Samuel, Mccoy, and Jobe Dill. His friend Robert McCamy appointed Exec. Wit: I.N. Harris, James Ishim (?) and it is signed Nathaniel X Harrison.

Ballard a grandson of Nathaniel Harrison, Co. clerk and Sheriff Buncombe Co an old write-up, no date from Betty Jo Hulse

In the Ballard write-up, it says that Nathan was sent to Wayneville and Black Mountain; that he settled in Buncombe County, but that he moved to Walton County Georgia where he raised his family, then moved to Murray County where he died and was buried at Spring Place. He probably did not live long in Walton County. It appears that he left Buncombe County after 1835 and is recorded on the Murray County Census of 1840. But apparently some of his children settled in Walton County. They were more likely reared in Buncombe County and some were grown and married before he left there. The Ballard write-up refers to Nathan and Thomas and Jeremiah as "cousins" of the Joseph and Margaret Hill Harrison family of Buncombe County, without specifying degree of relationship. It also states that Nathan married Sarah Oglesby, but in the 1850 Census and in his 1852 will his wife is Nancy, so he was probably married twice. Children are listed as:

Census records


2. Harrison

John Harrison was 26-45 as was his wife and there were two boys 10 or less (In 1797 there was a Thomas Harrison, white living in Indian lands as a trader and blacksmith.)

3. Harrison

Children of Rev. Nathan Harrison (probably more) from Will and Mrs. Hulse’s records

Wife Nancy (2nd wife) (Bailey?)
Sarah Oglesby (1st wife)

other children?

Others mentioned in his Will

Transcribed by Sue Countryman - many thanks to Sue!

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