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LORD NOTES from Atlanta Archives September 28, 1993

Charles W. Johnson.

8514 Rockmoor, San Antonio, Texas 78230
© 2000 Charles W. Johnson, M.D.


Lords are of particular interest to us because Frances: gg grandfather Thomas Harrison married Ann Lord. We know nothing of her ancestry but we have collected information on Lords and Lards generically (no one spells it Lard anymore). Lords originated in America in New England, but some came south. A prominent group was in coastal NC and had numerous public officials with a few moving westward closer to Buncombe. Another branch settled in Abbeville SC at Turkey Creek Baptist but moved on to GA, especially Jackson County. Baptists. Perhaps branches of this family set up small concentrations of Lords and Lards in the Nashville, TN area and the Chattanooga TN area. Also a few in East TN, Green Co., perhaps with the Harrisons of Greene Co.TN. Also, there was a Lard on the 1800 census of Buncombe but no deeds found for them.

In the GA Archives we found a brief paper complete with the Lord family Crest and this paper was written October 27, 1915 by J. W. Lord (and retyped). He says:

 There were two boys, twins: John Thomas Lord and Benjamin Lord came to America. They went to PA and later enlisted as soldiers in the Revolution. (There were other Lords here before them-my comment). After the Revolution Benjamin returned to England, from whence they came, and John Lord settled in VA and he was the ancestor of the Lords of GA (I doubt that). They spread into NC and SC and one John Lord came to GA and m Peggy Leachman in Nicholson, GA, Jackson Co. (This is probably true but probably not descended from the early John Thomas Lord, but William Lord, as were the Lords of Jackson Co.). They had 5 sons: William, Simeon, Jim, Thomas and Major Lord. Three daughters: Milley, Nancy and Polley. William Lord m Mary Richey (correct - from Abbeville SC). Simeon Lord m Miss Vincent in New Town District Jackson Co. GA and Jim Lord m Miss Ridling in the same place. Thomas Lord m Miss Owens in SC and Major Lord m Miss Medy Dunson who was the mother of Taylor Lord, Timothy Lord and John Lord, who was killed at the battle of Fredericksburg, VA Dec 13, 1862 and Taylor Lord now living has 4 or 5 sisters. One is the wife of Thomas Humphrey; Milley is her name. Our great uncle, Thomas Lord had 7 sons and two daughters: Nimrod, Lance, Benjamin, Jesse, William, Simeon and Thomas and Damey and Peggy. Damey m John B. McGinnis and Peggy m Thomas Maddox. Nimrod m in SC went to Indiana in 1828 or 1829 and died Pike Co. IL. Grandfather William Lord came to GA from SC and my father James Lord was b in SC in 1815, 100 years ago. My mother was Harriet Haggard. They both died Jackson Co. GA Signed J. W. Lord.

 An interesting sideline: There were some prosperous Lords in Charleston and there are a number of associations with Taylors, of this family. I note that Major Lord had a son Taylor Lord, suggesting a connection with the Charleston Lords. That association of Lords and Taylors continues to this day: The famous Lord and Taylors Department Stores.

 There are few dates in the above, but the name Nancy catches my attention, since a nickname for Nancy is Ann, and so Nancy Lord is a possibility as my wife’s gg grandmother

 Though there are Lords in Buncombe County, we have checked them out. They are late arrivals in Buncombe. One is head of the Pack Library Board and interested in genealogy. Lord Auditorium is named for him. He sent his genealogy but he is from the Yankee Lords as are the others in Buncombe.

 On great grandfather Jesse Harrison’s death certificate it says that he was born in GA (he son of Ann Lord and Thomas Harrison) though the censuses say b NC. Also his brother Robert in census of Polk Co. TN says born GA. I do not know why born in GA unless they were with Rev. Nathan Thomas in Murray Co. GA at the time - their grandfather.


(continued from LORD NOTES from Atlanta Archives)

See Harrison Note Aug 9, 1993 p 13 re Crown Grants GA




2. Lord




No Ogelsbys

(Clarke County formed 1801. This is at Athens GA, U. of Georgia)


Transcribed by Sue Countryman - many thanks to Sue!

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