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FROM LINDA J. HARRISON of Charlottesville, VA. She heard that I had information on Harrisons. She is searching for Harrisons from Baltimore Maryland, or perhaps the Eastern Shore of Maryland around Easton. Tradition says Eastern Shore and she has found three families of Harrisons there but she is unable to connect to any of them. Tradition says that her g grandfather George H. Harrison came from England, but her research shows him born in Maryland and that his father Nicholas S. Harrison was born there as well. She also found a Nicholas C. Harrison in Caroline County, MD c 1825 which is an appropriate time but she does not know of a relationship of the two Nicholas Harrisons since Nicholas S was living in Baltimore in 1825.

So, I have reviewed the Maryland Harrisons in my files and I do not know if I have helped, though I did find a George or two and a Nicholas or two. Besides the possibility that some of these are Linda's line, it is also interesting in several other ways:

From BETTY JO HULSE, some while back, a chart of the CHARLES COUNTY, MD HARRISONS. These are descendants of Joseph Harrison and Elizabeth Troupe, daughter of Captain Kopur Troop who died 1666. This Joseph Harrison b 1623, died 1673 in Maryland. He was the son of BENJAMIN HARRISON, ISLE OF WIGHT. Comment: Worth Ray, especially in his TENNESSEE COUSINS devotes considerable work to Benjamin Harrison of Isle of Wight who has frequently been confused with Benjamin Harrison I of Surry County, VA, the American founder of the Presidential Harrisons of James River and Berkeley Plantation. Ray also develops the ancestry in England and makes connections with other English Harrisons and it would appear that this is the same line that eventuates in the Long Grey Trail Harrisons ­ "ours".

Among the children of Joseph was Francis... In Harrison Notes June 1997, p 10, last line, I asked "Who was Francis Harrison?" A Francis Harrison took receipt of L 1, Sh 8 for Robert McClenahan in Anson County NC 1761 and in Mecklenburg NC in 1759 and 1760 NC paid Major Robert McClannahan, along with Francis Harrison received reimbursements... and in Harrison Notes of October 1997, p 13 I reported on a letter from Gail Shlanta about a framed document hanging in her house, an indenture referring to property owned by Robert McClenachen and wife Amelia in the Philadelphia area which was sold in 1802. This indenture was found in a trunk that contained her great grandfather's belongings. This was Samuel Harrison who had devised land to his sister Hannah and his neices Amelia and Mary Harrison in 1774. Recall that Gail Shlanta is descended from Rev. Thomas Harrison of St. Clair Co. MC) and of Minnesota.... Now the plot thickens!

To go on with Francis Harrison of the chart: he m Riche and he died 1711­13. They had Children:

1. Francis Jr... could he be the one above?

2. William.. This could be William Harrison one of the early founders of Salisbury, NC who came from Charles Co. MD and was a lawyer and Inn Keeper and had a family in Rowan Co. of interest and sane mystery… but hold

on there! There is another William Harrison on this chart from Charles Co. MD: This one was b in VA 1733 and died in NC in 1797 and m to HANNAH. He was the son of Joseph Hanson Harrison d 1763 and Eliza Simmons. Is not that the name of the wife of a Joseph Harrison of the Iredell NC area? with a

2. Harrison

move to York Co. SC?.. Joseph Hanson Harrison was the son of Captain Joseph Harrison 1687­1726 who m Verlinda Stone.

Capt. Joseph was the son of Richard Harrison 1659­1710 who m Jane DELAHAYE. These Delahayes are in LGT and explained by the author about these other Harrison marriages, but also the Delahayes furnished a daughter Jane to marry Thomas Harrison, son of Isaiah and founder of Harrisonburg, VA. Jane who m Richard Harrison was the sister of George Delahaye... see p 217 of LGT: Delahayes were Hugenot and an old Talbot MD family, on the Eastern Shore, just west of Sussex Co. Delaware where the LGT Harrisons were before moving to VA.... FRANCIS HARRISON who died in Talbot in 1711 m a dau of William Riche and wife Alice. One of Riche's daughters, Eve, m Thomas Delahaye of Calvert Co. MD. Francis was son of Joseph Harrison. Jane Delahaye who m Richard Harrison had brother George and Thomas... this goes on and on with their involvement of the Delahayes and Harrisons and the many other names in this chart. Richard Harrison Sr. was quite wealthy and owned much land and went to Pennsylvania where he was a close friend of the famous Quaker leader George Fox and much esteemed by William Penn. This writeup about MD Harrisons takes 3 pages and in considerable detail. I understand that the name Delahaye was later shortened to Hayes, a rather common name these days. Richard Harrison was the son of Joseph Harrison and Elizabeth Troope.

Richard was the brother of Francis Harrison . Another brother was Joseph Harrison Jr. who died 1718 and m 1st Mary HANSON (note above that Capt. Joseph had a son Joseph Hanson Harrison)

Joseph Harrison Jr who d 1718 had a daughter Elizabeth who m 1752 William Elgin and they had a son Samuel Elgin who m a McCLANAHAN and a son Frederick who m Catherine PERRY. (The Perrys are coming up).

I have a paper from Anne George of Preston, MC about the ROBERT HARRISON FAMILY OF BAY HUNDRED, Talbot Co. MD. He and his children frequently went by the name Harris and/or Harrison. Robert was m to Alice Oliver. (Thomas Harrison Jr son of Thomas of LGT who m Jane Delahaye, also m an Oliver) Alice Oliver of the Eastern shore of MD. This is an extensive writeup which I will not attempt to cover, but I have written it up before, pp 6 & 7 of August 1997 Harrison Notes ­ though not in detail at that time either.

This same family is written up in HARRISON HERITAGE, September 1982, p 289 in a different format, which I also reported on in the above August 1997 Harrison Notes pp 6 & 7. This is in considerable detail as far as descendants. They named some kids Jeremiah which is a common name in LGT Harrisons. But this version shows that William Harrison was a son of Robert Harrison and Alice Oliver and he m Elizabeth Benson and they had a son NICHOLAS HARRISON and another son PERRY HARRISON.... THIS COULD BE NICHOLAS ANCESTOR OF LINDA HARRISON.

Also, HARRISON HERITAGE of June 1981 had a Bible Record of George Alexander Harrison of Georgia and also a comment about SAMUEL ALEXANDER Harrison, M.D. Of Talbot Co. MD. This is the same family as the other Talbot Co. MD Harrisons and so presumably the Bible record is also of the same family of Talbot Co. MD.

I also have a stack of Family Group Sheets of some Jackson Co. GA Harrisons. which is next to Walton Co. GA where the place is full of descendants of Rev. Nathan Harrison. These Jackson Co. Harrisons are easily confused with the Walton Co. Harrisons but fortunately someone has segregated the two lines

3. Harrisons

and now these FGS's take their ancestry probably back to Talbot Co. MD Harrisons and Perrys.

This still poses the question, "Who was Frances Harrison?" and the McClenahans of PA?

I wonder if these Talbot Co. MD Harrisons might not be rather close relatives of the LGT Harrisons, from back in England ?

Comments will be appreciated.

FROM JOSEPH HAMMOND AND HONEY JOHNSON. This was a letter to Mr. Hammond and he sent it on to me. Honey Johnson is of Evans, GA and has sent out a form letter to others hoping to find the Harrison ancestry.

The problem is John Harrison b NC or VA died 1829 Lincoln Co. TN. His widow, name unk. died before 1843 in TN or AL. Their children:

A John Harrison, thought to be a first cousin of the above, lived Lauderdale Co.. AL b 1808 SC d 1878 AL m Mary _ . Is he an unproven son of John above? or the son of Luke Ray Harrison? ... John Harrison may be a descendant of Lovell and Hannah (Footman) Harrison ca 1718 VA or maybe a relative (brother? of Daniel R. Harrison b NC, moved to Abbeville Dist. SC ca 1795­1800 and then moved to TN & MS.

Comment: I found a chart by Betty Jo Hulse which shows a number of the people Honey names in the above paragraph. This is a large chart beginning with ANTHONY HARRISON who went to VA 1650 (Nugent 237), first cousin of Benjamin Harrison, Clerk of Council (of Surry Co VA and head of the "Presidential" Harrisons ­ the James River Harrisons who occupied the famous Berkeley Plantation ­ our Aristocratic cousins. One of the sons of Anthony was:

James Harrison m Elizabeth Mott and d before 1718. parents of:

Andrew Harrison d 1730 m 1. Mary Kiser 2. MARY LOVELL by 2nd:

Lovell Harrison m Hannah Footman and had: Mary who m William Lovell and had dau Hannah Footman Harrison Lovell Hannah m Benedict MIDDLETON 1792 John Footman who had among others: JOHN 1717­1787 m Rosanna Paddy WILEY (Willis?) LUKE RAY b 1790 NC d 1873 AL m 1. Martha Harris 2. Elizabeth Hammil

It appears that Honey Johnson and this chart are talking about the same people but I am unable to make a direct connection. Any ideas?

4. Harrisons

Something else interesting about this is that this is apparently largely a Lauderdale Co . AL family. This area is just downstream a bit from Thomas Harrison who got the 640 acre reservation because of his Cherokee wife and the children who were half Cherokee. His wife, name unknown was the widow of a LOVEL, a white man, and she had half breed Cherokee children by him. I think I recall running into a Dr. Lovell in that general area. Also, you will recall that the family of Becky Bonner's Harrisons were in that general area with Michael and Daniel Harrison, and others, and Michael was the first and former Sheriff of Washington Co. TN/NC with intentions to acquire l and for speculation ­ which did not make some Cherokee Chiefs very happy and some other whites too.

In the chart by Betty Jo Hulse, there are many, many names but none named Thomas Harrison as a descendant of James Harrison and Elizabeth Mott. However, Thomas was a fairly common name among descendants of James' brothers.

I think that the fact that Honey Johnson's Harrisons had the names Lovel and Middleton, those are fairly good clues as to this being the appropriate family line of the chart.

FROM TRESSIE NEALY: She is doing some Choctaw research and has found a considerable number of them named Harrison. We already know the prominent Choctaw, Zadoc Harrison, highly educated, a banker and official. No doubt some of these are his family, but also others of different origins.

She sent a list of the Harrisons on the Final Rolls, "Choctaws by Blood", an index with their Roll numbers. There are 68 listed including Zadoc with their numbers so that they can be looked up. Many of these first names are the very common names among whites and of course, many of these have both white and Choctaw blood . Some named Harrison are full bloods according to the Roll Information but I do not see how a full blood could be named Harrison unless someone along the line just arbitrarily decided to take that name without any such ancestry. I understand that was not too unusual among the Indians. They needed a Christian name and so chose one sometimes in honor of a friend or Minister. Some of the first names are unusual such as: Ziad, Insey, Neter , Sainie, Awachima, Cillin and Milo.

I know very little about Choctaws except that they were one of the five "Civilized " tribes. Before they were moved to Indian Territory they along with the Chicasaws occupied the NW corner of Alabama and the adjacent NE corner of Mississippi. This was opened to whites in the 1830's and this is the area where many of my relatives went to about that time from Newberry and Laurens Counties, SC, though my Johns(t)ons did not go there until late; 1853. Much of the area , was settled by whites from those parts of SC. As I understand it, there was no big problem with resettlement of the Chicasaws and the Choctaws. There was no mass "Trail of Tears" as with the Cherokee and in fact many of the well to do Choctaw plantation owners did not leave but stayed and were most gracious to their new neighbors and welcomed them and helped them get started . They were probably more educated than the newcomers. Whites brought some improvements of which the Indians highly approved, such as shipping by boat an d machinery such as cotton mills. Those who moved to Indian Territory set up prosperous communities and were rather pleased, apparently.... However, these are only my impressions from reading about my relatives who moved in to this rich cotton country. This area is near the TN River and the Tombigbee both of which furnished water transportation. Nowadays the two rivers are joined together by a massive, hugely expensive project called the Tombigbee Waterway which permits shipping from the TN River down the Tombigbee to Mobile, AL and thus to the Gulf of

5. Harrisons

Mexico. Many claim this to be a huge, stupid, Federal Government boondoggle.

I know of some Harrisons who were in this area and we visited a couple of old Harrison homes there a few years ago. Both of these grand mansions were owned by Harrisons of the VENTURER'S LINE from the area of Anderson and Greenville, Co.. SC. In this bunch of Harrisons along with Hamptons, were a number of Generals of the Civil War. This was an important area then because of both water and rail transportation. The horrible Battle of Shiloh was just across the border in TN on the TN River. The RR came from South Carolina through this area south of the TN River and on to Memphis and this is what the Battle of Shiloh was about. This area in Monroe Co. MS was the plantation home of Isham Harrison, son of James Harrison and Elizabeth Hampton (sister of Gov. Wade Hampton) and their son, Isham Jr. was married to an Earle, also of the same area of SC. I have no indication that any of these married Choctaws but perhaps. Isham Harrison was an aristocratic plantation owner but then again, his father and family along with the Hamptons were major Indian traders with the Cherokee. Trading and mixed marriages go together.

Of interest, a number of the Choctaw Harrisons were closely connected to Garlands. We happen to know and communicate with the head of the Garland Family Association. m is is Julia Garland of Otto, NC. She and my wife share many ancestors of BUNCOMBE. I have written her to see if their huge database contains Choctaw Garlands connected to Harrisons.

A sample sheet, photocopy from the Choctaw Roll is headed "Chicasaw ­­­ County, (Oklahoma?), Choctaw Nation. It gives a number for each person, the name, relationship to the first person on the page (one page per family), age, sex, blood fraction (like 3/4th or Full, Tribal enrollment, Name of father, year, county, name of mother, year and County. This Choctaw roll is dated with a rubber stamp specific dates in 1902. This is very difficult to read but Tressie Nealy has transcribed a bunch of these of special interest, but there are many more Choctaw Harrisons:

#411 Lewis Harrison 36 3/4th Choctaw. Wife Edga Lee Harrison, white, mother of Emmet E., Cassie M., William Doyle, and Cevela L. Harrison ­ so these children are 3/8th Choctaw.

#759 Ziad Harrison 37 full blood, wife Insey 27 full, Eliza 9 and Silas 8 all full blood

#826 Calven Harrison 11, full blood (surely did not live alone as this suggests but could be in a family of all whites who are not listed)

#1589 Sim Harrison 54 3/4, James Harrison 13 1/2 blood

#!717 Thomas Harrison 17 full and Louisa Harrison 9 full

#1945 Sophie Harrison 17 full in household of William and Delilah Garland, both full bloods. William is either her step­father, grandfather or she is their ward.

#2115 Lymon Harrison 29 full, Amanda 5 and Benjamin 3, both 2. Lymomn's

father was Pisa hi ya and mother Sukey. Wife is Lorena Harrison, white. (Does

this mean that Lymon took his wife's last name? Is that how his name was


#5543 Rutha Harrison 28, 3/8, Solomon 23 3/8, Sinie 18 3/8Sinie is dau

of Charlie Harrison full who was son of William Harrison

#2277 Cillin Harrison 23 female full, Susan age 1 full. Cillin's father is Thomas Harrison and Thomas'' parents were Dave and Silin (Tobley) Harrison

mere is also a list, Newborn Choctaw by blood, toddlers about 2 years, and

a list Minor Children, aged 1

And a list CHOCTAW BY MARRIAGE: These are whites:

6. Harrisons

Addell Harrison, Bessie Harrison, Robert S. Harrison age 35 Household #4453.; Edga Lee Harrison 30 HH #411 (see Lewis Harrison HH above)

#3841 Margaret 26 1/8 Ch: Benjamin W. Wm. H., Neter L., Mary V. and Fannie 1 all 1/16th (so father white and not listed for that reason

#3982 John M. Harrison 47 1/2 with Cora 14 1/4. He son of Zeddick (probably Zadoc). Wife is Rosa Harrison, white.

#4112 William H.Harrison 51 ­, wife is Serilda J. Harrison white and lots of kids who are 4.

#4357 Robert Harrison 36 i, ZADOC 15, Claude 10, Robert Jr 6, Theodore R. 1, all 1/4 . Mother is Bessie Harrison, white.

#6729 Delia Harrison 22 ­ with 3 children 1/8th. Her husband was Walter Harrison, white and his parents were Jack and Mary Harrison, Delia was nee Wilson

#2636 Louisa Harrison 51 1/2 Sons Wm H., Albert and Louie also 2. Father was Mitchell Harrison. Louisa was nee Garland.

#3321 Hilburn Harrison 57 1/2 son of ZADOC AND ELIZABETH HARRISON

­#3751 James D. Harrison 66 full son of Tom Harrison, mother E la key

HARRISON OF FRISCO. These are three pages from the book, HISTORY OF PONTOTOC CO. OK.

Harrison ancestors from England to VA. I ­ Cuthbert Harrison b ca 1580. His son II Cuthbert b c 1600. Third Generation was III Burr Harrison, b 1636, died in VA 1706.

Burr had a son Thomas Harrison b 1665 and died 1746. IV Thomas m Anne

and had a large family among whom was Burr II

V. Burr #2. also m Ann and had VI Thomas #3 b 1723 m Ann Peyton 1747. me Peytons came from an ancient family in England. Among others they had:

VllI John Peyton Harrison m 1st cousin Frances Peyton 1779. He m 2nd Elizabeth Peyton dau of Yelverton Peyton. They had: Daniel Harrison, M.D.

VIII . (brother of above) . Rev. Thomas Harrison m Sarah Harrison, dau of Cuthbert 1 775. They had:

IX Thomas Harrison b 1777 m Elizabeth Fitzhugh. They had a daughter X. Jane Cecelia ... Cecelia is a name carried through the Peytons for generations. Jane Cecelia m Dr. Daniel Harrison above, son of John Peyton Harrison and they had

XI. William Pitzhugh Harrison b 1825 in MS where their parents were in the 1830's and 40's. William F. m a Chicasaw Indian girl, Mary Ashelatubby (Burris). Their children were:

1. Cecelia Jane Harrison b 1859 in MS? m Isac Ashelatubby (Burris) 1877.

2. Daniel Peyton Harrison b c 1860

3. Francis Harrison m Hampton Bourland (aha! another Francis Harrison)

This goes on down a number of generations of Chickasaw blood, almost to the present day. Interestingly, there are some names that appear contradictory to the Burr/Cuthbert Harrison line:

One m a Mary Z. Bradshaw. Bradshaws "belong" to the LGT Harrisons. Isaiah's mother was one and the Bradshaws were on the Court which included General Thomas Harrison, the Regicide, who sentenced Charles I to be beheaded. Also the Harrisons of Watauga Co. NC are closely intermarried with Bradshawa who trace back to the same Bradshaws of England.

Another was eared Earle E. Harrison. Earle is a surname closely connected to the Harrisons of THE VENTURERS whom I discussed earlier.

7. Harrisons

William Fitzhugh Harrison was in the Chickasaw Nation by 1863 for he signed papers as Secretary of the Chicasaw Nation. About 1864 he was murdered by bushwackers or some of the northern troops that had reached that area. His wife Mary b 1832 died 1895

An aside... irrelevant but another brief article following the one above is M.W. LIGON FAMILY OF ADA (Oklahoma). This is about a physician, Miller Woodson Ligon who moved from MS to Indian Territory to practice medicine. In 1890 he m Maud S. Sugg of MS. 1868­1939. .... I am a Woodson, my middle name, I know Ligons and Suggs of MS! The first Woodson of America was Dr. John Woodson a physician to the Governor and came to VA in the very early 1600's. One day while out on a housecall Indians attacked his home with his wife and two boys. Also in the house was a shoemaker named Ligon making shoes for the family (they too made housecalls). She hid the boys, one in the potato hole and one in a tub turned upside down, then she proceeded to kill Indians by boiling them as they climbed down the chimney into the boiling pot. She killed numerous Indians this way. Meanwhile Ligon using a very long rifle killed numerous other Indians, several with each bullet, through the openings in the walls by shooting. Too many dead Indians to count but the Rifle is preserved in the VA Archives along with the story and forever after the Woodsons were divided into Potato Hole and Tub Woodsons. Unfortunately, Dr. John Woodson riding home heard the commotion and rushing to give them aid which they certainly did not need, was killed by the few Indians who got away from his wife and Ligon. Or so the story goes. ... Suggs of MS. The wife of an old Physician crony here is a Sugg from Mississippi. Very nice people! I have also discovered Suggs of MS involved with research of my Johns(t)on family of Newberry SC.

m e photocopy of a Chicasaw Roll of Pontotoc Co. Indian Territory uses the name Burris for the last name of this family of Harrisons which was the mother's name but children were also children of William Fitzhugh Harrison and the mother Mary Harrison. Other places it is Peyton Burris or Walter Peyton Harrison Burris. I wonder if the Chicasaws were matrilineal in their naming processes? There are more details by Tressie:

Daniel P. Harrison was a 2 blood Chicasaw b c 1862 in Indian Territory (The P. probably stands for Peyton). He m 1. Lucy full Chicasaw but they divorced. m 2nd Mary Bradshaw white... Father William Fitzhugh Harrison was born in VA. Ch: by first wife all named Harrison and 3/4th bloods: William C., Laura, Tena, Cecelia. By 2nd marriage to Bradshaw all named Harrison: Mamie, Pearl, Ella, Frances V., Arthur all 1/4 bloods. These children b between 1878­1901.

Mary Asheletubby Burris, wife of William F. Harrison was full blood and probable sister of Colbert Asheltubby Burris a full blood of Pontotoc Co. MS

Tressie asks the question: Does the name Peyton have any known connection to any Harrison family of VA ? The information above in reference to the ancient Peyton family associated with the Burr Harrison line was news to me, but I expect it goes a long way to explain the situation. I guess the question is whether other Harrison lines have people named Peyton and I think they do. However, Peyton and Patton/Patten may very well be confused by the owners of those name at times. Patton Harrisons seem to be Long Grey Trail Harrisons and that makes sense because the Pattons were associated with the Harrisons in the Shenandoah Valley of VA. The Pattons began with a Ship

8. Harrison

Captain bringing settlers to the Valley especially from Ireland, about 1737. men they gave up the shipping for land speculation and ended up owning the Berkeley Grant of about 100,000 acres near and around Staunton, VA, and more than that in the West VA area. Pattons in Buncombe were very prominent real estate speculators and hotel owners. mere are numerous Pattons indexed in SETTLERS BY THE LONG GREY TRAIL but no Peytons. There are two Patton Harrisons and two Peyton Harrisons in LGT.

p 316 tells about Jesse Harrison 1729­1817 son of Capt. Daniel Harrison of LGT. This family moved to Clark Co. KY. His son Daniel married Ann Patton. (Interesting that his cousin Daniel son of Col. Benjamin Harrison m Ann Erwin. and settled in Christian Co.. KY. In Buncombe the Pattons and Erwins were very intermarried and were in the real estate business and hotel business together. These Erwins of Buncombe were from a long existing Erwin family of Burke County which still is the power family there.

Ann Patton who m Daniel Harrison was the daughter of Matthew Patton and they were the parents of PATTON D. (DOUGLAS) HARRISON a very prosperous plantation owner of KY and breeder of prize winning horses and cattle at his plantation near Lexington named "The Pines". Matthew Patton closely related to the Pattons who brought settlers in ships.

p398 Peyton Harrison. This name occurs in the Col. Benjamin Harrison family that went to Sangamon Co. IL after being in Christian Co. KY for a time. Col. Benjamin had a son Fielding Harrison 1778­1829. He m Ann Quinn dau of James Quinn of Culpeper Co. VA but at the time of marriage the Quinns had moved to Rockingham VA. Their Illinois home was large and elaborate fitting her wealth of slaves and servants and later the home became known as the PEYTON HARRISON HOMESTEAD. This was because it passed to their son Peyton L. Harrison. Peyton L. had a son P. (Peyton?) Quinn Harrison and a daughter with an interesting name: Wealthy M. J. Harrison m Nathan S. Purvines. A bunch of this family moved to my old home town of Alton, II where to this day nobody I know has ever known a Harrison in Alton, but they were there with money and power and not far from Belleville, IL in the next county which housed the family of Rev. manes Harrison from Buncombe.

There was a Patton Harrison, a student at Dorland Bell School in 1908 in Hot Springs, NC where Frances went to High School later when it was a girl's high school. There was a Patton Harrison, U.S. Senator from MS later on (the same person?). There was a Patton Harrison among the Greene County Harrisons at Harrison Methodist Church, but not for long and his family not understood.

In my Harrison Notes October 1997, p 16, I told about a Jean Harrison communicating with Helen Niewendorp and she was looking for a Harrison in SC in the mid 1800's, in the Greenville area who accidentally shot one of his children and they left the area and moved to Ohio. They had a son ROBERT PEYTON HARRISON who did not go to Ohio but went to Vicksburg, MS where he m Hattie Louise Barnes. ...This of course sounds like Harrisons of THE VENTURERS. But I do not find them in the book. I do find quite a bit about Ccl. James Patton the Shipper turned investor in VA land, in an historical sense. He was very involved with Prestons who came with him on his ship and Prestons connected to Hamptons. p 410 tells about Col George Hampton Young who built the Waverly Plantation in Mississippi on the Tombigbee River. This goes back to the Hamptons and Harrison of the VENTURERS and we visited this place ­ a beautiful plantation, well preserved and restored and one of the showplaces of MS and virtual next door neighbors to my fathers family who were there nearby raising cattle in a large acreage of cypress swamp, I note that this family was also related to me via my mother's Woodsons! A Lucy

9. Harrisons

Woodson m Watkins. It is interesting that this land for this great plantation was obtained by Young after the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit in 1830. Young was Secretary to General Humphries who was in charge of land sales when these lands were ceded to the US Government by the Indians. Young bought five sections of land from JAMES COLBERT, a white settler among the Chickasaws. Later Young bought 50,000 more acres on the Tombigbee. me name Waverley came from Sir Walter Scott's book of the same name, admired by Young. me Harrisons involved with this mansion was the result of a marriage of a great granddaughter of Isham Harrison, already mentioned, marrying into this family. She, married William Baskerville Hamilton.

p384. James Hampton m Susan Peyton 1821 Fauquier Co. VA No genealogy given on these Peytons.

I recall a Peyton Randolph of the early Randolph's of Virginia

Tressie Nealy sent some information on a subject brought up in Harrison Notes, October 1997, p 16. Helen Niewendorp received a query by Norma Karter on the Internet. She is looking for LEWIS HICKMAN HARRISON a Caddo Station Choctaw Nation, OK May 23 1856, son of Daniel Harrison and Huahoka Pitchlyn ... etc. Well, Tressie found more information:

On p 5. about the middle I have Lewis H. Harrison Census Card #411 age 36. with his family. And I also have a photocopy of this information, though difficult to read. His wife, however is not listed on p 5 because she is white but on the photocopy she is listed as age 26 Edga Lee daughter of John Beazell and Malinda Beazell, but I cannot make out from where. She is the mother of the children. Both Lewis and his father Benjamin Harrison were or had been Choctaws living in the Chickasaw Nation.

Also there is a document #7­411 (The 411 is his census number also?. This is from Department of the Interior, Commission of the Five Civilized Tribes, Chickasaw, Indian Territory, October 17, 1902, in the form of a typed letter/questionaire.

In the matter of the application for enrollment is Edga Lee Harrison as a citizen by intermarriage of the Choctaw Nation.

Lewis H. Harrison, being first duly sworn, testified as follows:

Examination by the Commission.

(This is questions and answers and I will not go through it all but excerpt

the more important parts)

Age 37 (October 17, 1902)

Address: A Bailey Indian Territory

Choctaw Citizen but resides in the Chickasaw Nation for 22 years. A wife and four children. She is white named Edga Lee and she is applying for citizenship in the Choctaw Nation. They have been married for 15 years the 12 th of this month, married in 1890. No previous marriages for either of them. They were married in the Chickasaw Nation. She had been living there for 5­6 years before marriage. They married with a Chickasaw license which cost $50.00. They have continuously lived together since marriage

(note by Tressie: Bailey is now Grady Co. OK) (not a cheap place to marry!)

A QUERY from Tressie Nealy, 509 SE 70th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73149­2601.

Will be doing same research on this family and perhaps one of the readers can help.

William Fitzhugh Harrison (assuming he is white as children are 1/2 bloods) b ____, d___ m ca 1858 Mississippi (?)

10. Harrisons

Mary (Asheletubby) Burris (perhaps a full blood Chickasaw or Choctaw
b 1832
d 22 Dec 8. Chickasaw Nation, now Pontotoc, Co. OK. buried Frisco Cemetery

Comment: This of course is the same family as being discussed but with some more detail and with blanks that need to be filled in.

THE HERITAGE OF POLK COUNTY TENNESSEE 1839­1997. This is hot off the presses and ordered long ago. I have several reasons to be interested in Polk County, including Harrisons.

Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison, when he died in 1853, in his will, noted that his blind son Thomas Harrison was an heir and living in Tennessee. We found blind Thomas, his wife Anne Lord in Polk County in the 1860 census living with their son Robert and his family. This is rather close to Murray County, GA. In the census it was noted that Thomas had been blind since age 17 and that Robert was a blacksmith.

In the 1850 census Thomas and Anne were living in Buncombe with their son Jesse and his 16 year old bride, along with his younger brother Robert, not yet married. Also in both Buncombe and Polk there were a couple of daughters of Thomas and Anne.

Prior to 1850 Thomas and family lived on Turkey Creek on a 200 acre farm owned by his father. Presumably his blindness was not severe enough to prevent him from farming and marrying and raising a family in his earlier years but was disabling in later years.

We do not know what happened to Thomas, Anne, Robert and families after 1860. Jesse in 1860 was the sole remaining Harrison household in Buncombe in 1850 and ancestor of all of the current Harrisons of Buncombe and Madison Counties as far as I know. All other households of Harrisons had moved elsewhere, mostly to Murray County, GA but other places as well. We do not know what side they favored in the Civil War and so that could have had something to do with those in Polk Co. TN. Of course the Georgia Harrisons were pro­south but that could have been different in Buncombe and Polk.

One big attraction to Polk County was Copper mining and a railroad and highway to serve the copper mines near Duck town. It appears that Robert Harrison, a blacksmith, was employed at the mines and there was a boom economy at the time with people living on small plots of land doing no farming to amount to anything.

ISAIAH HARRISON was in Polk County in the 1850 census. He had a daughter Mary who married a Hood. This Hood has not been identified in the book THE TUNIS HOOD FAMILY but apparently Hoods descended from Lucas Hood, brother of Tunis were in this area. Tunis Hood had numerous connections to LGT Harrisons including marrying one and lived near Harrison Methodist Church in Mecklenburg Co., NC, though across the border in SC. His son built Harrison Methodist Church and named it for his mother and his wife who was also a LOT Harrison.

11. Harrisons

We do not know who this Isaiah Harison was in Polk County but we can be pretty sure that he was descended from Isaiah Harrison Sr, but it is highly unlikely that he could be the rather long lost Isaiah Harrison Jr because he could hardly be alive in 1850. It is a good possibility that he was descended from Isaiah Harrison Jr. I have never run into an Isaiah Harrison who was NOT from LOT. This Isaiah Harrison could be important if we could find some ancestry or connections.

HERITAGE OF POLK does not men :ion Isaiah Harrison but it does give a few clues:

Art. # 449. ROBERT AND MARY HOOD. Robert b c 1795 in VA was reported to be the first white settler south of the Hiawassee River in what is now Polk County. He arrived about 1822. His wife was Mary Ish b c 1798 in TN (could Ish be a mistake and she was Mary Harrison dau of Isaiah?). They lived near present day Benton (the county seat). Robert received a grant of 40 acres in the Ocoee District. Children, thought to be:

Elmira and Elvira, twins; John Calvin; Eliza; ALEXANDER ISAIAH; Mary; Rufus Brantly; Ambrose J.; Robert Lafayette; and Sarah A.

John Calvin Hood, above, the eldest, b 1822 in Polk Co. and m Nancy O'Neal. When he died, his widow moved the family to Parker County, Texas. All of the many children were farmers except one: Richard Bartow Hood, a lawyer, Judge and politician and he wrote his autobiography. In it he stated that John Calvin was a farmer and stock drover and had considerable property and slaves in Polk County. He lost it all with the Civil War. John Calvin Hood was a very attractive man, blond, more than 6 feet tall and half English and half Dutch. (sure sounds like from Lucas Hood who was also Dutch with an unpronounceable name simplified to Hoed and then Hood. His wife was half Irish and half Scotch. He was a close cousin to General John B. Hood of the Confederate Army (known to be from Lucas Hood) whom he visited a number of times when the General was in TN.

Robert and Mary's second son was ALEXANDER ISAIAH HOOD. b 1825 in Polk, d 1882 in McMinn Co. TN. In 1851 he m Martha Ann Higgins. He was a cripple from birth. He received a higher education and before age 21 he was a successful Indian Trader and located in Benton c 1840. His wife was the daughter of William H. Higgins, one of the early settlers and a wealthy farmer. The children of Alexander Isaiah Hood included James Howard Hood who founded the Polk County News newspaper. Many descendants moved to Texas. m is is an extensive article about descendants, mostly in Texas.

Comment: This is certainly suggestive of descent from the 1850's Isaian Harrison whose daughter Mary m a Hood descended from Lucas Hood. though this branch of Hoods did not marry into Harrisons as far as I know, there is little detail about Lucas Hood in the Tunis Hood book. Probably Lucas lived for a time as did Tunis in Augusta Co. VA where they all knew Harrisons, but Lucas and Tunis moved to West VA and then Tunis returned to Augusta area and then with Harrisons moved to the Mecklenburg NC area where Tunis and his family became very wealthy ­ and apparently still are, especially in the mills such as Cannon Mills and Springmaid Mills.

HARRISONS. There are four articles devoted to Harrisons: #423, 424, #425 and #426. These are all, but one, to do with one line of Harrisons. One of the articles appears to be a different line of Harrisons. The index has many other references to Harrisons in numerous other articles and there too are a number of people with Harrison for a middle name. I have checked these references and I suspect that they too are all of the same lines as the main articles. We know of other Harrison lines that were there but they do not

12. Harrisons

show up in these articles, probably because none of these lines are currently represented in Polk County ­ so no one to ask to write an article for the book. Two of these articles, which represent some good research were written by Charles F. Harrison, 319 Cinnamon Oak Ln., Houston, TX 77079. I have written him but there has not been time for a reply. I will not go into this in detail, awaiting hearing from him. Mostly I am interested in whether he has researched some of our Harrisons in the process. But a few items of interest:

This Harrison family came from Cocke County, TN and were among the first settlers (as was Hood and a relative of the Harrisons in Cocke County Abraham Lillard). One of these was John Harrison b c 1768 in VA. John Harrison's daughter Jennie (Jane) m Abraham Lillard. A son, Daniel Harrison, a carpenter, came to Polk to build Abraham Lillard's magnificent house. Another son was Reuben and he had a son ROBERT MCCAMEY HARRISON 1825­1896. He m Lydia Dennis and they had a son Noah Harrison who had a son, William McCAMEY Harrison, "Uncle Billy" 1871­1950.

My interest in McCameys is that there was a Robert McCamey in Murray County GA who, as I recall, was County Clerk and executor of the estate of Rev. Nathan Harrison, and owed Rev. Harrison a note. A McCamey of Murray County, GA is a leading genealogist there and I have corresponded with her. Moreover the name Dennis is a name connected with LGT Harrisons. One of "ours" was a Thomas Harrison who m Hannah Dennis and lived in Tazewell Co. VA

Interestingly, Uncle Billy Harrison was an avid family and Polk County historian and was noted for his little blue notebooks that he carried around to interview people about their ancestry. He often visited cemeteries and recorded the information from tombstones and was active in promoting the upkeep of old cemeteries. Those blue notebooks apparently still exist and are very important to the genealogists of Polk County.

These Harrisons before they were in Cocke County, TN came from Culpeper Co. VA. Much information about Harrisons comes from a book, LILLARD: A FAMILY OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA. I am familiar with these Harrisons of Culpeper. They are the same line as THE VENTURERS, though not covered in that book. They are extensively covered in Worth Ray's books especially TENNESSEE COUSINS. They are relatives of Worth Ray.

Article # 425, MILES F. AND MARY TAYLOR HARRISON, This appears to be a different line of Harrisons. Miles was b 1­15­1842 at Spartanburg SC, the son of Jeremiah and Barbara Rose Harrison. They moved to McMinn Co. TN in 1855. Off hand I do not make a connection for these Harrisons of Spartanburg, but certainly the name Jeremiah attracts my attention. I do recall one Harrison of Spartanburg who was connected to William Harrison, Lawyer and Inn Keeper of Salisbury, NC and from Charles Co. MD.

POLK COUNTY HERITAGE also has interesting history, Indians, and numerous families which appear interesting such as Stewarts, Lillards, Addington, Black, Bryan, Burris, Davis (many), Duckett, Ellis, Kilpatrick/Kirkpatrick (m Martha Harrison), Hampton, Hawkins, Henry, Hightower, Humphries, McCamey ... just to name a few. I have already checked the Stewart references but none of them are put into a family format and no specific articles on Stewarts

Polk is a small county formed in 1839 from Bradley and McMinn Counties. The courthouse had two fires; 1895 and 1936 and most records lost but not all. Considerable work has been done and much credit goes to "Uncle Billy" Harrison, with McCamey as a middle name, and his little Blue notebooks. This book should be a useful source for a long time to come.

13. Harrisons

FROM HELEN NIEWENDORP. Not a lot of research lately. She mentions some books by Brent Holcombe that might be useful in regards to what happened to the Richmond Creek Property of a Thomas Harrison which is described in a 1773 Memorial. Neighbors included a John Davis who could be important.. A John Davis' daughter married John Harrison, her ancestors of 1800 Buncombe. This is on Richland Creek of Little Saludy River which enters into the Saluda River from the south side, just opposite to Newberry Co. SC. She is planning to hire a researcher about this... She sent a picture of a reenactment of the Overmountain Men marching to the battle of King's Mountain in the King's Mountain National Military Park near Clover. They are in appropriate dress with appropriate arms and such, but also interesting is the beautiful forest through which they are marching. This park would be quite close to where the Harrisons lived on Clark's Fork of Bullock's Creek in York SC. This reenactment celebrates the 217th anniversary of the battle. The march started in Abington, VA and covered 300 miles in 14 days. I would like to know which side our Harrisons were on. Joseph Harrison was a patriot soldier but could have started on the other side, as did many in SC.

FROM TRESSIE NEALY, again. She sent more material. She has done more work on organizing the Chickasaw and Choctaw Harrison families.

1890 Census Pontotoc Co., Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory (many of this area came from Pontotoc Co. MS)

Harrison, Mary 60, lived Stonewall, Chickasaw by Blood, widow of William Fitzhugh Harrison.

Jimmy , Nancy 32, Stonewall, (Their surnames not given) and Thomson 14, Lucy 12, Francis 7, Judia 3, Solomon.. all Harrisons and all Chickasaw by blood.

Harrison, Daniel 28, Stonewall Cherokee by blood. Wife Lucy (Palmer) 30 Full blood Chickasaw. CH: William 11, Laura 6, Christeena 4, Louann 3 months, all fullbloods (but how could that be with Daniel the father?) ..note by Tressie: Daniel and Lucy (Lucille) divorced and he remarried to Mary Bradshaw (recall that Bradshaws go back to the mother of Isaiah Harrison and another Bradshaw was chief of the court on which General Thomas Harrison and the others lopped off the head of King Charles I.. and Bradshaws very involved with the Watauga/Iredell Harrisons from LGT) Daniel was son of William Fitzhugh Harrison and Mary Asheletubby (Burris)

R.H. Harrison 44 US Citizen permit of Winnwood, now Garvey County, OK

J.P. Harrison ~ wife 55 US Citizen permit of " " " "C.C. Harrison 34 US Citizen Permit

G.P. Harrison 53 US Cit permit Winnwood

R.C. Harrison and wife 34 Winnwood, US Cit.

Chickasaw Nation, Tishomingo and Panola Counties, Indian Territory (I will give mostly names without details though I have them.)

Pink Harrison and wife, Mannsville. US Citizen (I know of same whites and Creeks named Pink or Pinky Hawkins and in their case Pink stands for Pinkethman, a surname, a York CO. VA family married into the Hawkins family.

Tom Harrison and wife US Cit, Mill Creek now Johnston County OK

B Harrison and wife with Dougherty US Cit Murry Co.

Chickasaw Nation, Pickens Co.

J.M. Harrison & wife, US Cit, White intruder,

C.M. Harrison ~ wife " " Ardmore

14. Harrisons

W.H. Harrison & wife US Citizen

Tom Harrison & wife a Choctaw Negro

Mrs. Daniel Harrison Choctaw by blood, Erin Springs

Hick Harrison, Erin Springs, Choctaw by blood


JOHN. M. HARRISON. Choctaw (biographical sketch) Born 1858 near Nelson, Kiamichi Co., son of ZADOCK HARRISON while his mother was a Miss Ellis, daughter of Ellis, the great white interpreter, who transacted business between the US Government and the Choctaw people before and during their removal from Mississippi. Ellis m a daughter of Mosho­la­tubbe, the most distinguished and powerful man among his people. Thus the Harrisson family are descended from the ancient "iksa" of the Kings. (I do not understand ­ I am quoting however at this point).

John was educated at Spencer Academy and at Paris, TX after which he embarked in the stock business (Livestock, I presume) near Caddo and prospered. He was Deputy Sheriff, then National Coal Weigher in 1888, which office he still occupied when this book was written, but his main business was buying and selling (live) stock.. He m Betty Walton, dau of Murray Walton, a Texan. Two girls Martha and Coral He is a handsome and intelligent man. He risked his fortune with Governor Smallwood during the years that this party was kept in the shade. Great business ability and a man of acknowledged integrity and sterling worth.

From a different book, I do not know the title.. THE MITCHELL HARRISON FAMILY

Judge Mitchell Harrison, Sr. b 1849 at Ft. Towson, Choctaw Nation was son of William Harrison who was a son of William Harrison the first, a Choctaw to whom President Jefferson in 1801 gave a large silver medal for meritorious service. Judge Mitchell Harrison held many offices in the Choctaw Nation and when he got his license to practice law in 1884 he held many more judgeships and Choctaw offices and member of the Board of Education and many commissions. He m 1. Louisa GARLAND b 1851, dau of Israel and Isabelle (LeFlore) Garland of Tamaha, San Bois County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. They had seven children:

1. Virginia m John McBrayer. Clerk of First Judicial District, Postmaster

2. Daniel GARLAND no issue

3. Henry Clay m Adell Fenton . He too Clerk of First judicial District.

4. William Henry Harrison, (not the President! ) b 1876. Attorney and became Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation under President Harding, d 1929.

5. Mary m Robert Porch, President of the bank of Tamaha.

6. Albert Preston, County Commissioner and Banker, rancher.

7. Louie no issue

Mitchell and Louisa (Garland) Harrison were divorced and he m 2nd Lucy Emma

Higginbotham and they had one son, Benjamin Franklin Harrison b 1888 (who

has lots of descendants).

Comment: Quite a family, this Zadock Harrison family! Recall that Rev. Nathan Harrison had a daughter who married an Ellis in Murray County, GA and he was known to the Cherokee as "Too Dottle Too" which means that he had red hair and that he could read and write. Also recall that in Cocke County TN was a Harrison m an Ellis and this would be part of Charles Harrison's family which moved to Polk County. Also, near Hiawassee which is near Polk County is HARRISON­ELLIS Baptist SEMINARY. They do not know how they got that name.

15. Harrisons

FROM JULIA GARLAND. On p 5, I mentioned that I had written her as THE expert on Garlands. I told her about the Choctaw Garlands and Harrisons. She does have information on them, but she does not know just how they are related to the white Garlands. She has a book, HELLO CHOCTAW, MEET YOUR COUSINS by Thomas R. Smith with cousins BARBARA GARLAND and Sue Ogle Grimsley, 1995

She also sent a descendancy chart on the Choctaw Garlands. It begins with:

James Garland, Major 1755­1834. He m "Happy Bird" Hushiyukpa 1775­1831. m is is four pages long so I will not try to cover it all ­ just some highlights. Their only listed child was:

1. Judge John Garland 1779­1834 (same year of death as his father) He m a Choctaw but her name not given. They had a number of children and I will mention a few of these descendants:

Eastman Garland, grandson of Judge John m SOPHIA HARRISON

Joseph G. Garland Sr., grandson of Judge John m MALISSA HARRISON

James Garland III, grandson of Judge John m MEVINA HARRISON

Joel Garland. grandson of Judge John m SARAH HARRISON

Isreal Garland, grandson of Judge John, had a daughter Louise Garland who married MITCHELL HARRISON, whose family is covered on the previous page. And, in fact, the article about the Mitchell Harrison family has more information than Julia Garland has. So, I can send her Garland information to ad] to her database!

Julia also sent a paper CHOCTAW NATION HISTORY. This is brief and I suppose it is a information piece to hand out to visitors to the Choctaw Nation Administrative Offices in Durant Oklahoma. In 1975 they acquired the old 1894 building of the Calvin Institute for Choctaw youth which was a joint project of the Presbyterian Church and the Choctaw Nation. It was later named Presbyterian College. It was closed in 1960 due to financial difficulties. Now the property of the Choctaw Nation it serves as a museum and guest center where tours are given.

m e Choctaws have traditionally honored their women as the head of every family household. The paper also says that in 1830 The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek forcibly relocated the entire Choctaw Nation 20,000 strong, to Indian Territory, now southeastern Oklahoma. Only 7,000 survived this removal on what is called "The Trail of Tears". m e 7,000 have now grown to 70,000. This is contrary to what I have said was a voluntary removal. I am still not too sure about their "Trail of Tears". I recall a scholar about Oklahoma Indians told me once that The Indians have two versions of history; the version of the people who moved and the version of the people who did not move to Oklahoma. He was specifically talking about Cherokees but implied that this two version history is generalized in Oklahoma for other Indian peoples. He was critical of the history taught in Oklahoma Public & hoofs as being distorted by tribal and political stands but not historically accurate.

FROM BO SMITH AND DALLAS GRIFFIN, separately. Bo sent a book labeled "Preliminary" he wrote with Gary R. Parham entitled A FEW DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM PARHAM c1750­1824 & PEGGY, Haywood County, NC. Dallas Griffin told me about a book and sent some excerpts of PLEASANT MANGUM & ALL HIS KIN, The story of the BENNETTS, THE MANGUMS AND THE PARHAMS, by Lynn Parham. This is hot off the presses and I ordered a copy, but I do not yet have it.

Bo Smith's book has very concentrated genealogy of these Parhams beginning with William Parham 1750­1824 who died in Haywood County, NC and with a huge number of descendants ­ 84 pages of them in small print carried in many cases

16. Harrisons

up to the present day. Much of this takes place in Buncombe and Haywood Counties and it appears that the Parhams were related to just about everybody in the area after a few generations there. To name a few: Teagues, Worleys, Rings, Hawkins, Ponders, Sluders, Sams, Fosters, Ratcliffes and Treadways, all families of my wife except Ponders. mere was even one Harrison: Linza Harrison b 1856 m Marcus M. Parham b 1848 in NC. I do not know about Marcus but several of his brothers moved to Union County, GA. m at would have been a good place to meet and marry a Harrison descended from Rev. Jeremiah Harrison, though I suspect that Jeremiah Jr and Jeremiah, son of Rev. Nathan Harrison were both in Union Co. GA. Rev. Jeremiah had reason to be there since his wife's parents, the Addingtons moved there. Rev. Jeremiah was there only a short time and moved on to Murray County, GA but some of his descendants were in Union Co. GA and some of them returned to Macon Co. NC where Rev. Jeremiah had been for a time.

Dallas Griffin sent me the Table of Contents of the Lynn Parham book and it has much to interest me, since Pleasant Mangum is my ancestor as are the Bennetts. Moreover, one chapter is devoted to Henry Woodson (Mangum) Parham and I am also a Woodson which is my middle name. This book also goes into the English ancestry of my Bennetts and Mangums. But they are irrelevant to Harrisons as far as I know.

FROM STEVE FREEMAN of Honk Kong. He came across a reference to a paper I wrote in 1991 via Becky Bonner's HARRISON REPOSITORY, about Greene County Tennessee Harrisons. He is seeking the ancestry of Isaac Harrison born c 1793 and married to Frances Dement, daughter of John Dement and Charity Bridges in Greene County, TN in 1814. Isaac moved to Scott County TN then Wayne County MO where he appears in the 1850 census. Steve Freeman descends from Isaac's son Benjamin F. Harrison b 1832. Isaac pro,bably died between 1850 and 1860 in Wayne County, MO.

He mentions the possibility that Isaac Harrison might be the son of John Harrison and Hannah Lincoln of VA. LONG GREY TRAIL shows that John and Hannah did have a son Isaac about the right age, but no further information about him. John was the son of Benjamin Harrison and Isaac named a son Benjamin. So, this is the best bet so far.

I have found his Isaac Harrison in Greene County records and the marriage record to Frances Dement, but very little else. An Isaac Harrison was on the tax roles in 1805 and 1812, but if born 1793, he would have been too young in 1805 to be taxed for his own farm, and questionably so in 1812 since he was pretty young then and would not be married for two more years. Probably more than one Isaac Harrison around. Incidentally, in LGT the Lincolns were associated with Van Pelts and also used the name Isaac. The Van Pelts were in Greene County, TN and married Harrisons there and were members of Harrison Methodist Church, along with Harrisons descended from Old Jewremiah Harrison, the patriarch of these Harrisons.

I have looked at the information I have on Greene County and the information on Isaac is meager. Perhaps that is because he moved away and left few records. Does anyone know about Isaac Harrison?

FROM BETTY JO HULSE. She ran across an interesting item which had not particularly caught her attention the first time around. Interestingly I ran across the same item yesterday which had not attracted my attention the first time around. This was in HARRISON HERITAGE March 1983, p 361 under COURTHOUSE RECORDS ­EDGEFIELD COUNTY SC.

James Harrison, DB A p 1. died 1799, names wife Ann and children: James,

17. Harrisons

Moses, William, Ann, Mary, and JEREMIAH HARRISON. Grandchildren: William and Wiley Reynolds and Mary F. dau of James Harrison. The interest here is Jeremiah, a name usually associated with LGT Harrisons but also a few other lines. This is the family covered several times before. William and his brother James of Edgefield, with William moving to Coffee County, AL, and Moses the same name as the ancestor of Zadoc Harrison, the ancestors of Bo Smith's wife. Linda Weldon is involved with this line and in a message to Betty Jo, she comments that a lot of these Harrison names are the same as Harrisons in Jones County, NC. This was formerly Craven Co. NC. John Harrison of Jones County had a son Harmon and so did William Harrison of Edgefield who moved to Coffee Co. AL.

Another interesting item in Edgefield: STEWART HARRISON m Frances Richardson (Co. A 7, SC Infantry CSA)... I wonder if a descendant of our Stewarts and Harrisons... also in Edgefield are:

Jones D. Harrison est. pr 1862 wife Sucky and son

James Harrison est pr 1805 wife Sucky and 2 sons: Edward and James

Robert Harrison Jr. son of Sr. died 1821 wife living not named, Had son Robert a minor

Edward Harrison will 1829, son of James M and Sophronia Harrison. Names sister Mary A.E. Harrison, brother John B. Harrison and uncle James Harrison. Robert Harrison d between 1827 and 1835. Names dau Martha Quarles of Liberty Hill Plantation, a dau Elizabeth Spencer and two sons Wiley and James. Home located at Cuffytown Creek. (mere was also a village named Cuffytown where there was a popular drinking establishment and lots of fights. Men went there to fight and not by modern rules. A common feature was to bite the opponent's ear off. Since a missing ear could also be from legal punishment for crimes, it was the custom for the victor to go to court to establish by the court that this missing ear was from a fight at Cuffytown) and did not represent a criminal.

Benjamin Harrison d between 1826­1829, wife Mary, a sister Sahah (Sarah?) and a son Edmund. Other sons and daughters not named. Comment: Edmund Harrison is not a common name among LGT Harrisons, but there are some in the VENTURER HARRISONS. However, Sheriff Michael Harrison of Washington County, TN, son of Daniel of LGT had as his deputy Edmund Harrison, who lived in early Greenville and had an illegitimate child and was a founder of the first Masonic Chapter in TN, and one would suspect that as deputy to Michael he was of the LGT Harrisons. LGT tells about a prominent Britisher named Sir Edmund Harrison who was a partner of Captain William Kidd, the Pirate, and owned the ship Captain Kidd commanded... this before Capt Kidd became an illegal pirate but while he was a legal privateer.

SOUTH CAROLINA MEMORIALS by Eaker, Vol I. p 45, Memorial by Samuel Harrison to be registered in the auditor's office, 50 a in Craven County on SW side of Lynches Creek. Survey certified 25 Sept 1773 and granted 7 Jan 1775. Delivered for the memorialist to John Harrison, Elias Dubose DS... comment: Samuel, youngest son of Old Isaiah left Augusta Co. VA for "Carolina" returned once to Augusta and left again. We know nothing about his family. Could this be he? I doubt it. LGT reports him as wealthy. 50 acres would be a pittance and for a single man, but Samuel had a wife and probably children.

(same page of HARRISON HERITAGE) HISTORY OF FRANKLIN, CRAWFORD COUNTIES, MISSOURI by Goodspeed. A bunch of Harrisons here with William being the first settler in Crawford County in 1821. In 1858 here were: William Sr, Lewis, Aristides, William, Benjamin, Hugh, Batteal (Battle), Andrew and John Harrison. Comment: With the names Battle and Andrew Harrison this is very

18. Harrisons

suggestive of the Battaille Harrison family of Culpeper VA which is the ancestral line of Worth Ray. Crawford Co. MO is in the mining district near Rolla and near where the bunch of Buncombe people went with Rev. Snelson in the 1830's. This might explain the County Clerk with whom Rev. Snelson dealt who was a Harrison and a pioneer on the ground floor.

Also from Mrs. Hulse is an E­Mail document from Bob Moretz. See my Harrison Notes of November 1996 p 25 and Harrison Notes January 1997 p 8 about my correspondence with him. He is from the Watauga NC Harrisons and has written a very detailed paper about them. Much of this is derived from Winifred Hampton's work (she is now dead) as published in WATAUGA COUNTY HERITAGE. But he has refuted Mrs. Hampton's thesis that this family came from a John Harrison who was from the James River Harrisons and the story about a letter from President William Harrison addressed: "Dear Cousin:". Instead he supports the theory espoused in my above papers about them coming from a Joseph Harrison instead of John and that they are connected to Stewarts and so likely connected to Isaiah Harrison Jr. of the LGT. He has also gone into considerable detail about descendants, beyond the excellent work of Winifred Hampton. I will not go into all this detail but it is extensive. He has also gone into Bentley ancestry, which all of these Watauga Harrisons have. In my above earlier reports I mentioned Bentley Harrison, brother of Rev. Joseph Harrison saying that little is known except that he went to GA. Well, now a lot is known about his family, and since the story is interesting I will tell it.

Bentley born c 1798, Black Oak Ridge, Iredell County, NC. He m Elizabeth Bentley, a cousin in 1820. They moved to Union Co. GA (where Rev. Jeremiah Harrison was for a brief time and some of his family and some of Rev. Nathan's family were settled) about this time. Bentley wrote a letter to his neice Martha (Harrison) Vansant, back home in Watauga in 1863 saying that his son Franklin was killed in 1862 in the Civil War. And his son Alfred was killed in 1863 and son John went to California during the Gold Rush and said that he found gold and was coming home but he never returned.

John was b c 1832/33 in NC. He died c 1890 in Whiskey Town, CA. He m 1. Mary Elizabeth Joseph in 1876, then age 16. She died 1878 in Whiskey Town, age 17. He m 2. Carolista Davis in CA 1886. She was married several times. One was to Charles P. Summers an Englishman and the murderer of her then husband John Harrison. Other marriages were to Charles H. Cummings in 1894 and James Welch in 1891.

John Harrison showed up in Shasta County, CA records in the early 1850's. He had sailed around the Horn to get to CA and the Gold Rush. He settled in Whiskey Town, which was appropriately named. He evidently made money prospecting for gold and owned a hotel, either the Mixes or Franklin Hotel. Whiskey Town is now under water as part of CA's watershed project and the Whiskey Town Dam was built and dedicated by JFK. In the area is Harrison Gulch named for him. In the area in 1860 was a Thomas Harrison from TN and a William H. Harrison from KY

John's first wife died young without any children but by his second wife he did have children and named his first born after his first wife! (a pretty good reason for murder I suppose). He was 52 and his 2nd wife was 22 when they married and this 2nd wife Carolista was called "the Belle of Shasta", beautiful and a bit wild. Her father J.P. Davis was a character. He was a printer in Ohio and came west via Wagon train, through Donner Pass. Carolista was born on the way. Her father carried a bullet in his head from an incident where he was caught cheating at cards. He lived to 91. Carolista

19. Harrisons

already had three children when she m John Harrison. She had divorced her first husband, the father of the children.

John was shot in the back of the head by a drunk and enraged first husband of Carolista, father of her first three children and the one she had divorced. It is not clear whether Mr. Summers was strung up or not. Descendants of John Harrison are noted up to the present day and some contain the name Bentley as a middle name.

FROM BO SMITH (again). He sent copies of Harrisons from the book GENEALOGlES OF BARBADOS FAMILIES by Brandow and from THE ORIGINAL LISTS OF PERSONS OF QUALITY 1600­1700 by Hotten. These are rather extensive, so I will try to sift out the important ­ always a dangerous procedure.

[ Please NOTE that there was a [New] Barbados in what is now New Jersey where many Quaker Harrisons lived. I think most of what Dr. Johnson speaks of below is that area and not Jamaica. Ruth Harrison Jones, editor of the Harrison Heritage , has many articles pertaining to these families in this series as her ancestors were there. She now has a website with her direct line dating back to 1600's. Becky Bonner]

BARBADOS FAMILIES. There are many Harrisons and most (or perhaps all) seem to be one prominent family. It is only 166 square miles. It has a mountain and is surrounded, almost, by coral reefs, but one good port. It was a sugar cane/molasses/rum island with many slaves in its economy. Many of the deeds involve only a few acres but called a plantation; like a 9 acre plantation! But there were larger plantations such as the Harrisons'

p 287. Harrisons very early settlers of Barbados and before 1638 when Edward and William Harrison were landowners. Today there are no Harrison males in Barbados, though perhaps some females descended from Harrisons with other names. Yet Harrison Plantation and Harrison College are still there with those names and still active. m e most prominent Harrison was Hon. Thomas Harrison who founded Harrison Free School in 1732, now named as Harrison College (for men). It has been in continuous operation since 1732. He was b in Barbados c 1689. In 1714 there was a census and there were three Thomas Harrisons at that time. Thomas Harrison the educator, m Eleanor Worrell, another early family there from England which was related to Harrisons and Butlers and all three had similar coats of arms. Numerous descendants are listed with their marriages, but I will not try to cover that, but I will give a list of first names since many are familiar in LGT:

Captain Harrison. Abel, Abigail, Abraham, Alice, Al] en, Andreas, Andrew, Anne, Capt. Anthony, (the one said by Worth Ray to be ancestor of most Harrisons of America?), Benjamin, Catherine, Charles, Christopher, Dorcas, Darius, Dorothy, Edward, Eleanor, Elizabeth, GFanny, Frances, FRancis, Dr. George, Gilbert, Grace, Hannah, Harriet, Henry, James, Jane, Ensign John, Sir John, Jonas, Jonathan, Joseph, Josias, Katherine, Lydia, Manuys, Margaret, Marmaduke, Marrus, Martha, Mary, Matthew, Miloes, Phillip, Ralph, Rebecca, Richard, Robert, Capt. Robert, Col Robert, Roger, Rosamond, Ruth, Samuel, Sarah, Susanna, Tabitha, Temperance, Thomas, and Rev. William.

Besides their interrelationship with Worells and Butlers, there were frequent connections with the other aristocrats: Alleyne, Forster, Willing, Beckles, Hooper, and Rawdon.

Of interest though not connected to Harrisons were Ann, Joseph, Katherine, and Hope Borden and John and Elizabeth Glover, of New Jersey but with some time in Barbados. These are my wife's ancestors and they were Quakers. (There were also a few Harrison Quakers: Edward, Elizabeth and Abigail Harrison.. also Rachel Hood, Edith Lovell and Frances Loftus. Also from New Jersey was Thomas Rudgard, proprietor and Deputy Governor of New Jersey before he came to Barbados in 1685.

A few items of interest: p 67. Charles Willing was the son of Thomas Willing a merchant of Bristol England and his wife Anne HARRISON. She was the granddaughter of regicides, Major General Thomas Harrison and Simon Mayne, both members of the court who had condemned Charles I. (John Bradshaw was

20. Harrisons

chief Justice of this court and related to the mother, Katherine Bradshaw, of Isaiah Harrison). This Anne Harrison was probably never in Barbados but her son was.

p 164. John Alleyne Beckles m Harriett Harrison, daughter of Sir John Harrison.

These Harrisons are probably relatives to some extent, at least considering relationship to Major General Thomas Harrison, the Regicide. Moreover, Barbados and other Carribean Islands could be the source of some of the Harrison lines of America. The Carribean could have been attractive to Harrisons related to those buddies of Cromwell, once he had died and Charles II took the throne and went after the ones who had executed Charles I.

THE ORIGINAL LISTS by Hotten. These are lists of people shipped out of London, especially to Barbados, and other lists. All of the lists are in the 1600's. These are from documents in London but some duplicated elsewhere. p 96, 1635. Richard Harrison age 15. Ship America p 97. 1635. George Burdin (probably Borden) age 24 aboard Abigail p 102 1635. John Harrison age 30. Aboard Transport (big passenger list) p 104 1635. Hugh Harrison 22, Aboard Paule p 106 1635. William Harrison 55 aboard Pide­Cowe. Only two other passengers aboard: Joseph Baldin age 13 and Wm. Baldin age 9, so presumably with William Harrison. (wife has Balding ancestors of Buncombe m Harrison) p 138 1635. Robert Harrison 32 aboard Abraham, large list

THE LIVING IN VIRGINIA p 186. Ann Harrison date?

THE DEAD IN VIRGINIA p 195. Raphe Harrison date?

PATENTS GRANTED. p 169. m e territory of Greate Weyonoke. Marttin Brandon belonging to Captaine John Marttin by patent out of England (planted).

Vppon (upon) the easterly side of Chapokes Creeke, is appointed 500 acres belonging to ye place of Treasure by order of Courtt

John Marttin 100 a by patent

George Harrison 200 a by patent

Samuel Each 500 a by patent

Aha! The famous Martin's Brando,n owned by a Harrison in part! No date but supposed to be the first Harrison plantation in VA, even before the James River Harrisons are on the scene, though I believe later acquired by Benjamin Harrison I or II... Considerably later when James Harrison of the VENTURERS acquired a plantation in Greenville County, SC, he named it Martin's Brandon in honor of the first Martins Brandon. Presumably he traced his ancestry back to that property, though probably in error.

p 323. 1685 Lists of convicted rebels and the Masters to whom they are to serve in Barbados. Joseph Gaich. and John Follett to Master Captain Robert Harrison.

p 329. 1685 Elias Stevens to Master Captain John Stewart.

p 331. 1685 John Downe to Master Captain Robert Harrisson.

Parish Registers 1679

Charls Harrison

St. James Parish 1679

Henry Downes 18 acres no servants, 3 negroes. (The famous Henry Downes? who was in Spotsylvania and Orange Counties VA with descendants in Providence

Presbyterian Church cemetery in Mecklenburg, next door to Harrison Methodist Church?)

21. Harrisons

Abraham Harrison 4 acres no servants no negroes

PORT OF LONDON 1634 John Harrison age 46 to Barbados passenger in Ship Hopewell

Comment: I still do not understand these small acreages. They used sugar for money and it is difficult to see how many could be so wealthy with so few acres growing sugar cane.

Bo Smith points out "not a single male representative of any branch of the family is now living in this island...". They were aristocrats, though perhaps not to start with and the family was large and prosperous. Why would they leave? No matter.. but did they furnish Virginia and America with numerous Harrisons?

It is thought that Hannah Harrison, the wife of Benjamin Harrison (was it #1 or #2? ) was the daughter of General Thomas Harrison, the regicide. If that is true, then she is connected to at least some of the Harrisons of Barbados. Recall that General Harrison was beheaded and his family fell on hard times under King Charles II.

On page 15, bottom, I remarked about the Pleasant Mangum book by James Lynn Parham. I have now received it. It is about Bennetts, Mangums, Parhams and as I mentioned, Woodsons. I still have not read it but only scanned it. I intend to report on it at another time, but as I requested, the author sent brochures for me to enclose with these Harrison Notes. This also promises to be valuable in connection with my Johns(t)on and Kin research.


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