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October 19, 1993

Charles W. Johnson.

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LETTER FROM RUTH BOWERS. She makes a comment: Being that John Grantham claimed to be born 1773 in Cobb Co. GA, and this was at the time Indian territory, perhaps his father William, preached to the Indians and Rhoda may even have been an Indian. Maybe that is why a last name for Rhoda isn’t mentioned…it is possible that Dobb County, GA could have been meant rather than Cobb. ..Rev. John Grantham did have more schooling that his brothers and sisters. In reference to Nathan Grantham, whom I reported on in the last paper, she comments that Nathan’s father was James Grantham, and therefore a brother of Rev. William Grantham, father of Rev. John Grantham. John Posey Grantham, son of Rev. John wrote that his father’s uncles were numerous in the Rev. War. There was also a Capt. John Grantham in the Rev.

John Seviere, first Gov. of TN had a daughter who m Thomas Grantham. They had a son, and Thomas killed by the Indians while his son a baby.

Ruth also comments about the William Grantham household in the 1800 Buncombe County census (son John had his own household with Elizabeth Harrison). There were two girls 10-16 in that family, but nothing is known about them. Also there was a son in that household age 0-10. Actually he should not be the only other son William, later to be Rev. William because he was not yet born in 1800, but born 1806, which makes him much younger than his brother Rev. John b 1773.

Enclosed also a copy from St. George Parish, Harford Co. MD on OGELSBYS

  • Daniel Ogelsby b 20 June 1722
  • Subrid (?) Ogelsby b 17 June 1724
  • Margaret Ogelsby b 3 Apr 1726
  • Elisha Ogelsby b 17 Aug 1727
  • William Ogelsby b 18 June 1729  
  • Richard Ogelsby b 13 Oct 1731  
    All of these children of
David and Martha Ogelsby

Enclosed also is a letter dated Nov. 17, 1874, Washington D.C. from John Posey Grantham to his nephew Daniel Grantham, who had evidently been inquiring about Grantham ancestry. He tells about the town of Grantham in England and Lord Grantham. I will not cover all of this very interesting and well-written letter, since we already know much of what it contains. His line is from the Grantham brother, immigrant who came to Carolina. "My father (Rev. John) was the son of William Grantham and was a native of Georgia, though his father moved to Buncombe County, NC while he (father) was yet a small boy…(since he was born 1773, when he was a small boy Buncombe was Indian 1791 or 2 when Buncombe was created, he would no longer have been a small boy…this coincides with the early arrival and birth of his wife Elizabeth Harrison b 1776 in Buncombe – my comment). John Posey tells about his uncle Rev. William, younger than his father who lived in GA and was a Methodist Minister and died 1864, and his widow moved to Kansas and at age 92 moved to Bentonville, Ark. with her children. As may be expected, because of their location, they sided with the confederacy. John Posey also makes a comment, though not in relation to Uncle William…"and if there was one of the name among our family that was a rebel in the late war, I am glad I don’t know him for a rebel in the late war was much meaner than a TORY in the old struggle…but excuse this digression…" (I judge that he was referring to the "late war" as the Civil War and he was pro Union.)

LETTERS FROM JEAN HALDEN WALKER AND JOSEPH C. HAMMOND. The last item of my last report is about Mrs. Walker and Mr. Hammond, as a researcher, along with her on Harrisons. I have more information from both of them.

2. Harrison

I have supplied both with our information and I have received information from them. So far, there has been little or no indication that we share Harrison ancestors. It does show, however, that they have information that we do not have, perhaps on a line, which is not relevant to us particularly, and also, some of their information overlaps with ours especially in regards to Harrisons of SC. They are particularly interested in Thomas Harrison of SC, as are we.

From Joseph C. Hammond: His Harrison ancestor is Benjamin Harrison born 1775-1792 (census) died 1826 Humphrey’s Co. TN and m ca 1810 Sarah Bradley. There is a tradition in that line that they were related to the Presidential Harrisons but no evidence to support this. This Benjamin Harrison had a son Samuel from whom Mr. Hammond descends. He too has a Buncombe County ancestry: John Hammond who was there 1800 and 1810 census and Joseph Hammonds there in 1830 and son Francis Marion Hammond in 1830 was born there. But very little else is known about the earlier Hammonds. He is familiar with Long Grey Trail and has been unable to make any connections. His Harrisons were Baptists and he suspects that they are of the Anthony/ Andrew Harrison line from the Rappahannock area of VA, but no proof. His Hammonds were evidently in Lincoln C. GA prior to Buncombe and probably went back to lee co. GA c 1836 (formed from Indian lands 1825 – SW part of the state).

In his search for Samuel he has found such in Rutherford Co. NC (I do not recall a Samuel there) also he has explored the Botetourt Co. VA Harrisons. His Benjamin named his children: William, James Marshall, Samuel M., Almina, Mary Minerva, and Betty. These children were left orphans and raised by foster parents--possibly in Pendleton District SC.

Mr. Hammond has acquired a wide-ranging interest in Harrisons, with much research, hunting for his specific ancestry, which has not yet been successful.

From Jean Walker. She points out that her Harrisons of Brunswick Co. SC are associated with Goodwin, and Hammond but also Daniel. (Daniel family is intermarried with the Harrisons of Anthony/Andrew line – and ancestors of Worth Ray.) Some notes from her:

REGISTER OF ST PHILLIP’S PARISH, Charlestown SC 1720-1758 by Salley.





3. Harrison


WARRANTS FOR LANDS IN SC 1680-1692 by Salley

KINFOLKS, VOL I by Wm. Curry Harlee.

KINFOLKS, VOL III Macline family

4. Harrison


REGISTER ST. PHILLIP’S PARISH II, Charles Towne of Charleston SC 1754-1810 by Smith and Salley

ANNALS OF GEORGIA by Wilson. Effingham, Camden, Columbia, Screven and liberty Co./ Duval Co. FL.. has Harrisons Vol I, II, and III

I am a little familiar with these areas of coastal SC since I have done some Johns(t)on research there but I never thought to look for Harrisons!

My comment: If Bracey = Bressie, then we have another possible connection. Bressies are also heavily involved with the Harrisons of Skimino—the ancestors of General Francis Burton Harrison and Fairfax Harrison—the Queen’s Creek Harrisons of York Co. VA who were Quakers who attended the Skimino Quaker Meeting. Bressies were very prominent Quakers and influenced (along with marriage) those Queen’s Creek Harrisons, or some of them to become Quakers.

Along with my report dated March 7, 1993, which included some information from Helen Niewendorp of Harrisons of SC, I also sent copies of an article written by Betty Jo Hulse for HARRISON HERITAGE, about Abbeville SC Harrisons. This is obviously the same family line as those from Mrs. Walker from Beaufort VA, though more detailed on the ones in Abbeville.

5. Harrison

LETTER FROM HELEN NIEWENDORP. This is much more than a letter. She sent a very large packet. If you will recall, she made a research trip and returned and sent me a short letter saying that more information was to follow, but it would have to wait until she had surgery on her hand and recovered from that. She has now recovered enough to do some arduous and time-consuming work…(Though this report of mine is dated Oct 19th, it is now November 23, 1993)

She notes that she is interested in Grigsbys/Griggsbees because they were in the same location as a Thomas Harrison in Abbeville, SC on Richland Creek, a branch of Little Saludy (Saludy is how many spelled Saluda and Little Saluda is very close to the southern border of Newberry, SC, just across the Saluda River, which is the border). Also a neighbor there was John Davis…also Etheridge and Wilson. (Davises also associated with her John Harrison of Buncombe…Davis’ Ferry in Buncombe across the French Board).

Also noted is the name of Johns by Barksdale Ferry on the Savannah River 2 mi S of Willington in Abbeville District. (I had mentioned Johns Creek; not knowing if it was John’s or Johns’ Creek.) Also, Hightowers were there a few miles north of Augusta GA on the SC side…Busbys are noted in that area on wills and Bonds. Busbys also intermarried with descendants of her John Harrison. She also suspects that John Harrison of the 1800 census of Buncombe was married to a Payne, since there are numerous Payne contacts after he left Buncombe…John Harrison bought land from Joseph Payne in Know Co., KY for $1.00, but this would be John Jr. son of John of Buncombe…There is much data on John Harrison on Buncombe:

1840 census of Hendricks Co. IN. He was m to Margaret (Payne?); age 60 to 70 living with his daughters Rachel and Elizabeth, and his wife. In a separate household, nearby was the son Thomas m to Nancy Bryant (married in TN) and four children. Also not far away was John Harrison, evidently John Jr., wife and family and Miles Busby whose wife was Eleanor Harrison, dau of John Sr. and another household of William Fisher and family which included hi wife Mary, daughter of John Sr….but also at the same time, 1840, back in Knox County, KY, where the family had previously been, still remained Rachel Harrison, who had previously been Rachel Busby. No husband with a family of three girls and one boy. Mrs. Niewendorp is suspicious that she was a living ex-wife of John, and perhaps divorced. This would be John Jr.’ ex-wife, if true. There is more suggestion of a divorce in some court papers of Know Co. KY, where she sold property to an Attorney, in trust for her children: Peggy Valentine, Rebecca McDaniel, Lucinda Harrison, Eleanor Harrison, Witton? Harrison, and Mary Harrison, along with livestock and household furniture…This was 21 Feb. 1843. Rachel remarried Joseph Reese Jan 1843, so perhaps this trust was because of her second marriage.

Mrs. Niewendorp suspects that John Sr.’s wife was Margaret Davis. No proof, (or Payne). (I see that in condensing the above, I have been somewhat confused, but you get the drift, with all of the surnames involved anyway. In some places I mixed up John Sr. of Buncombe and his son John Jr.)

There is more about Harrisons from 96 Wills and Bonds by Pauline Young. Major John Tolbert, will of 1822. He had a daughter Louisa Harrison…John Teddars Estate of 1803. Inventory was made by Jesse Harrison, Sr., and Jesse Harrison was a buyer at the sale…Robert Wallace est 1782. James Harrison made his inventory…Also James Harrison exec. Of Benjamin Glanton 1782, and a witness to Daniel English will of 1853…William Lord a buyer at estate of James Adams 1804 (William Lord suspected of being an ancestor of my wife) and in Will of James Richey 1832, he mentioned that he held a note on Wm. Lord and that it be given to my daughter, Mary, wife of Wm. Lord (who was long gone to GA by then)…Est. of Joseph Hightower Sr. 1786. Leroy Hammond, a J.P. received the inventory (Joseph Hammond publishes the HAMMOND QUARTERLY, and has SC Harrison ancestry as does Jean Walker…more later)…I would like to comment that Abbeville was very close to GA and the Georgia report I made last time could involve some of the same people…Harrisons just across the Savannah River.

Mrs. Niewendorp enclosed a comprehensive rundown on the descendants of John Harrison of 1800 Buncombe County (which corrects my errors of this page):

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