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THE IREDELL COUNTY NC HARRISONS. I am giving them this Iredell Co. title but they are the same Harrisons, apparently, as discussed in my July 1996 Harrison Notes beginning on p 1. from information from Betty Jo Hulse. This new information also comes from:

BETTY JO HULSE. She has long been interested in the Iredell Harrisons since she has felt that there was a connection between the Iredell, Buncombe and Mecklenburg NC Harrisons.

Query in Journal of Gen. Soc. of Iredell Co. NC Oct 1985... from James W. Miller, Jr 3505 14th Ave Dr. SW, Hickory NC 28601....Was Squire Bentley Campbell's mother a Bentley? .. Seeking for info on Drucilla Harrison, wife of Joseph Harrison. Was her maiden name Bentley or Hinds/Hines? Some say she was dau of Benjamin Bentley and b ca 1774 on Bear Creek in Rowan Co (now Davie Co) and m in Iredell Co. c 1790 to Joseph Harrison. Others say she was Hinds/Hines. Joseph and Drucilla's son was named Bentley Harrison and he married Elizabeth Bentley, dau of Squire Bentley, Sr 21 Apr 1820 in Wilkes Co.... Comment: On p 2 of last month's Harrison notes I wrote of the Watauga Co. NC Harrisons and about the Drucilla who m Joseph Harrison. This Joseph Harrison was son of Joseph Harrison and Ann Biles/Bales/Boyles.

me elder Joseph and Ann had in addition to son Joseph, another son Nathaniel m Christina Phesler and two daughters: Mary m Thomas Millsap of Wilkes Co, and Martha m JOSHUA DAVIS in Willkes NC.

This not only fits in as the ancestry of the Watauga Co. Harrisons but JOSHUA DAVIS fits in with the Davises of Buncombe County and thus with the Harrisons of Buncombe, perhaps.

I should comment that the Watauga Co. Harrison researchers would have sane disagreement with my observations. They have Joseph Harrison and Drucilla Bentley (they used to think Hinds) as the parents of Rev Joseph Harrison b 1799, a prominent Baptist Preacher and County Registrar of Deeds for many years. But they do not have Joseph who m Drucilla Bentley as son of Joseph who m Ann Biles/etc. They have him as son of a John Harrison and they think that John is somehow from the James River Harrisons, by tradition and not by data.

I THINK WE HAVE FOUND THE ANCESTRY OF THE WATAUGA HARRISONS AND THEY ARE OURS! (meaning probably Long Grey Trail Harrisons and connected to the Stewarts and Lydia (Harrison) Stewart, probable daughter of ISAIAH HARRISON JR.)

Let me drop that subject for the moment and suggest that there is evidence for "our" connection to other Harrisons and related families of Spartanburg and York SC; Rutherford, Burke, Buncombe, Mecklenburg NC and Greene County IN. I will go through the raw information but please keep your thoughts on how this all may fit together.

REVOLUTIONARY PENSION ABSTRACTS. Joshua Davis R.2741 Claiborne Co. TN 1843. He was 81. First drafted as a private in Rowan Co. NC 1 Mar 1780 under Capt Richard Pearson, Col. Locke, General Griffith Rutherford. He marched to SC and there joined troops under Gen. Gates. In Battle of Camden where Gates was defeated. About Sept 1780 his term had expired and he was discharged, returned home but shortly thereafter volunteered again for service under Capt.

2. Harrisons

Jesse Hightine(?), Col Locke and General Rutherford and he was sent to go against the Tories in Wilmington, but when they got there none were to be found. He caught the small and was discharged again. He went into service again as a private under Capt Joseph Sharpe and was with a small detachment of troops within hearing of the Battle of Kings Mountain. He served altogether 21 months. His papers were burned in a housefire. He states that he was born in Baltimore County, MD in 1762. When called into service he lived in Rowan County and since has lived in Iredell Co. NC, Hawkins Co. IN and now in Claiborne Co. IN. ..Joseph Ellis of Grainger Co. TN gave an affadavit that he lived in Rowan Co and knew Joshua Davis there and that Joshua was on several tours of duty. This dated 1843. Col. David Shults of Claiborne Co. IN also gave an affadavit that he had often heard Joshua Davis tell about his service in the Revolution but that he said he would not ask for a pension while he was able to work for a living. He spoke of this before there was any allowable pension allowed by the US. James Carpenter of Claiborne made a disposition that he knew Joshua Davis for 16 years and had often heard him tell of his military service. His pension application was rejected.

Mrs. Hulse points out that Joshua Davis was in Iredell records and also had land in Buncombe which was sold in 1849 by Reuben Deaver. She enclosed copies from Buncombe County Deed Index. The index has about 200 deeds listed with Davises as Grantees and about 80 as grantors. This index covers 1 7831850 but of course Buncombe had not yet been created in 1783. Not until 1790, but people were moving in there when it was part of Rutherford and Burke Counties. The one deed mentioning Joshua Davis is listed as Joshua Davis et al 1­17­1849 book 24 p 486 from Reuben Deaver. If the same Joshua Davis as in the above pension application, he would have been 6 years older= 87 years of age. This deed should be looked up. In my experience most of these deeds of one person and et al in Buncombe represent one heir acquiring the land of other joint heirs of the same property, by purchase.

Of the many Davises on these Buncombe deeds, Uriah Davis who is to be mentioned in other Iredell County records, has perhaps the most deeds listed for Davises and these are from about 1804­1817 on Glady Fork of Hominy and Hominy Creek and Ragsdale Creels. There was also a Uriah Davis et al in 1832 on Hominy as grantee from Charles O' Kelly and wife. I estimate that Uriah had over 2000 acres on Hominy, 550 of this by state grants 1804­1806. Mrs. Hulse points out that Uriah Davis lived in Iredell County near the Harrisons there. Abraham Davis had deeds to four properties on Sandy Mush 1804­1818.

IREDELL DEEDS. Book E. p 128. Abraham Davis of Bundkum County to Richard Ford 162 a on branch of S Yadkin 24 Jan 1803.

Iredell County was formed Nov. 18, 1788 from Rowan County, so after the Revolution. The county was not created by the time Joshua Davis had enlisted from Rowan County, so perhaps his sojourn in Iredell did not represent a move but just a change in counties. Most of the land had been granted in Iredell while it was still Rowan County. There were several boundary changes after Iredell was farmed: 1793, 1811, 1815 and 1818 between Burke and Wilkes Counties. A major change was when Alexander County was formed in 1847 partly out of Iredell. The eastern part of Alexander was part of Iredell until then. The south boundary of Iredell was the old boundary between Anson and Rowan as it was in 1753. Originally Iredell was 45 miles long and 22 miles wide but now about 28 miles long and 18 miles wide. Bounded by Rowan, Cabaras, Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Catawba, Alexander, Wilkes, Yadkin and Davie.

3. Harrisons


B: 202 7 July 1798 NC #103 to Jacob Lewis 200a on Catawba adj Richard Lewis, Nicholas Massey, James Thomas... probably irrelevant but Richard and Jacob Lewis are my line and I have considerable information on them should they become relevant.

B: 204 4 Feb. 1792 NC #7 to JEREMIAH HARRISON 50 sh per 100 a, 50 a on S. Yadkin adj J. Harrison's deeded line... So, Jeremiah Harrison was already there in 1792 when he got the 50 a grant. Comment: Rev. Jeremiah Harrison of Buncombe and Murray Co. GA, according to his obituary of March 4, 1853 died Jan 21, 1853 at age 68. So, in 1792 he would have been 7 years old and therefore not this same person. His obituary also says he was born in Rutherford County, NC. It also says he joined the Methodist church at age 14. mat would be 1 799 which was probably before Bishop Asbury and entourage made it to the yet to be created Buncombe County, but perhaps was covering Mecklenburg, Rutherford and that area and perhaps E. IN, and certainly Augusta Co. VA. Rev. Jeremiah's close associate (I suspect brother) was Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison, my wife's ggg grandfather of Buncombe and Murray GA. Rev. Nathan was b Oct 20, 1778, according to his obituary and died 18 July 1852. According to these dates he was 7 years older than Rev. Jeremiah. He professed religion and joined the Methodist Church in 1803. He was married before he moved to Buncombe (to Sarah Ogelsby). Place of birth not given in the obituary but tradition is VA and censuses say NC. Rev. Nathan's son Thomas was b c 1800 and so Rev. Nathan married before 1800 and before coming to Buncombe. Georgia would have been a great place to meet and marry an Ogelsby but also NC and TN.

B:204 7 July 1794 (same page as the one above but 2 years and 5 months later ­ does this mean that both recorded at the same time? Recording date not given). NC #104 to Joshua Davis 30 sh per 100a 50a on So Yadkin adj John Wilson, SOLOMON DAVIS, Wm Campbell, HARRISON'S LINE. Comment: It appears that these two deeds on one page are Jeremiah Harrison and Joshua Davis as next door neighbors with Jeremiah being there first.

B:206 28 Nov 1792. NC #33 to John Stevenson Sr 210 a on Fourth Creek adj Wm Stevenson... I mention because William Stevenson went to Buncombe. Fourth Creek runs parallel to S Yadkin and at its origin is where Wm Stevenson lived and this is very close to the Harrisons on S Yadkin ..I have an 1808 map of Iredell sent by Mrs. Hulse showing these locations. This is about in the center of the county and virtually in the present county seat of Statesville,

B:207 Feb 1795 JOSEPH HARRISON to Moses Owen for 20 lbs, 200a on br of So Yadkin adj James Stevenson. Orig grant to J. Harrison 1793 . Wm Young Wm Campbell (witnesses or adjacent?) ..note Wm Campbell adj to Joshua Davis who was ad; to Jeremiah Harrison. Rec 18 May 1795. .. I do not know location of James Stevenson but likely in the vicinity of the other Stevensons.

A:164. Hugh Campbell of Iredell sold to JOSEPH HARRISON for 40 lbs 100a being part of a 300a tract granted to Hugh Campbell 8 Oct 1784 adj to Archebald Wasson upper line adj Aaron Freeman on the north who bought the other 200 a on the main head branch of the S Yadkin. 20 Mar 1790. Wit: Aaron Freeman. Reg. Dec 23 1790. ..comment: in the same general location as above..

­­ Aaron Freeman also moved to Buncombe and had 14 deeds in the index for many hundreds of acres. Much on Turkey Creek but evidently Aaron Sr. and Jr. I have heard that he lived in what was to become Madison County and an Indian trader and thought to have an Indian wife.

A:622. 13 Oct 1787 URIAH DAVIS planter of Rowan County to JEREMIAH HARRISON of the same county for 20 lbs 100 a head branches of S Yadkin near

See H :184 p 6

4. Harrisons

his own and SOLOMON DAVIS' line. Originally a grant to said Davis Nov 4, 1784. Signed Uriah (his mark) (seal) Davis. Wit: Joseph Harrison (his mark). Rec. open court Nov. 1793. Mrs. Hulse comments that Iredell did not exist when this deed was made but did exist when it was recorded. It was Rowan before Iredell created 1788.

B:46 NC grant to JOSEPH HARRISON 200 a adj JAMES STEVENSON to the East 27 Nov 1793. Granted June 19, 1794. .. This is the same tract Joseph sold to Moses Owen in 1795 above.

see M 681

B: 367. JOSEPH HARRISON SR for 300 lbs to JOSEPH HARRISON JR., both of Iredell, main branch of So Yadkin adj Aaron Freeman and James Stevenson, 300 a orig grant to Archibald Wasson and from Wasson to Joseph Harrison Sr.

28 Dec 1787, including also 1 00 a from Hugh Campbell to Joseph Harrison Sr.

20 Mar 1790. (failed to photocopy the rest of this deed) comment: this further establishes three Joseph Harrisons. Junior is too old to be Rev. Joseph Harrison. This should be the Rev's father who m Drucilla Bentley. They in turn had another son Joseph b c 1 799 who became Rev. Joseph Harrison.

see G­97 & E­21

C: 520. NC Grant to JEREMIAH HARRISON 100 a head branches of Rockey Creek N of Purvieness land, entered 19 Nov 1796 and granted 18 Dec 1795.

see F668 Reg. May 17 1800. comment: The map shows the location via Rockey Creek and John Purviance. This is a short distance north of the previous areas discussed.

E: 169. 8 Sept 1802. ABRAHAM DAVIS OF BUNCOMBE sells to JEREMIAH HARRISON of the county and state aforsaid (Buncombe I presume) for 10 lbs 50 acres in Iredell on a branch of the S. Yadkin, originally granted to Abraham Davis

Dec 18, 1797. Wit: Solomon (his mark) Davis and Uriah Davis. comment : It seems peculiar that both Abraham Davis and Jeremiah Harrison would have moved to Buncombe yet Jeremiah bought Davis' property in Iredell. In 1802 Rev. Jeremiah Harrison of Buncombe would have been age 17 ­ a little young to have been buying property, so probably not him. Yet at this point in time he appears to be the only Jeremiah Harrison of Buncombe. Both Rev. Jeremiah and Rev. Nathan had sons named Jeremiah but not this early. If Jeremiah Harrison was then living in Buncombe as this deed says, he was evidently living with someone else. His first deed in Buncombe is dated 1811. This was property he sold to Jesse Roberts 1819, 100 a Turkey Creek. And. Jeremiah Harrison was not named on the 1800 census. Abraham Davis had 470 a on Sandy Mush in Buncombe beginning 1804 (Deed Index)

B: 207. Feb 1795 JOSEPH HARRISON to Moses Owen for 20 lbs 200 a on S Yadkin near James Stevenson's line. Orig grant to Joseph Harrison 1793. Wit: William Young and William Campbell. signed Joseph (his mark) (seal) Harrison Rec open court Feb 1795 (which should be easy since property very close to courthouse) comment: many Owens in early Buncombe but no Moses Owen. Also Campbells and Youngs.

C: 100. May 7, 1797. Thomas Morris, High Sheriff of Iredell on the one hand and George Erwin of County of Rowan on the other hand. County Court of Iredell issued two executions against JOSEPH HARRISON SR. for the sum of 222 pounds 3 shillings with interest thereon from the 12th day of Oct 1787 until which said sum was recovered by George Erwin and James Kerr, assignees of Mary Erwin of Rowan County. Sheriff's sale of goods Chattles, lands and tenements. (no goods or chattles to be found) The Sheriff took into custody land on south side Yadkin River bounded by Kermon Spelmans, Peter Morks(?). Originally granted to said Harrison by Kermon Spelmon (?) by deed bearing date Jan 8, 1788. At Sheriff's sale 7 May 1797 George Erwin bought for the sum of 18 pds 5 shillings. Comment: I do not know if we can account for this property of Joseph Sr. We do not know what happened to Joseph

5. Harrisons

Sr or when he died or wham he married, but at some point this family moved to Wilkes County where, as I recall, Rev. Joseph Harrison was b 1799, but he would be Joseph III 'rd or since we do not know Joseph I's parents, could be a longer chain than three Joseph Harrisons.

D: 450 NC Grant to JOSEPH HARRISON #265. 90 a beginning at AARON FREEMAN'S Corner on the east to Meadow's line on the east, On the south by Bentley's corner then east to widow Owen's corner. 1799. (This should be Joseph Harrison II who m Drucilla Bentley who might then have been pregnant with Rev. Joseph Harrison). This also has a date of May 13, 1802, perhaps when registered.

E: 21. JEREMIAH HARRISON sells to Robert Gordon for 20 pas, at head of Rockey Creek being part of a grant to Jeremiah Harrison Dec 18, 1797, adj James DAVIS' corner divided from the other part of the tract by a line on top of Little Snaggy Mountain, estimated 92 acres including houses, gardens, woods, waters etc. It is stated that Jeremiah Harrison is seized of a good sure right of inheritance of this property. 16 Aug 1802. Signed Jeramiah Harrison and seal. Wit: George Gordon and JOSHUA DAVIS. Rec in open court August 1802. comment: With this statement that this was a grant to Jeremiah and also that he had a sure right of inheritance to this, it is suspicious that this was a Jeremiah Harrison Jr who had inherited from a Jeremiah Sr. who had the original grant ­ otherwise why would this be mentioned? In 1802 Rev. Jeremiah Harrison would be age 17. Could this be he at age 17 selling property? And living in Buncombe in "Uncle" Thomas Harison's house?

F: 668. 10 June 1806 JEREMIAH HARRISON sells to Nathan Duncan for 30 pds 50 a on a branch of S Yadkin, Adj Jeremiah Harrison's line. A stake on 7 a mountain. Orig grant to ABRAHAM DAVIS Dec 18, 1797 then to JEREMIAH HARRISON in 1802 deed. Reference to an adjoining tract on the south side adjacent to SOLOMON DAVIS on the east containing 30 acres, being part of a tract granted to URIAH DAVIS 1784 containing 100 a then conveyed to JEREMIAH HARRISON, by deed dated 1787. Signed, sealed Jeremiah Harrison (other deeds with Jeremiah signing with his mark, suggesting two Jeremiah's Sr. and Jr.) Wit: Johathan Purler (his mark), Solomon (his mark) Davis. Reg Feb 1808 open court, proved by Solomon Davis.
see E 169 & H ­ 184

G: 97 15 Sept 1806. William Gordon of County Idear State of Kentucky sells to JEREMIAH HARRISON of Iredell for 20 pds 92 a head branches of Rockey c:) I Creek orig grant to Jeremiah Harrison Dec 18, 1797 then conveyed by Jeremiah Harrison to ROBERT Gordon by deed? bearing date of 1802. Adj James Davis corner, north of Purvinces.. Signed William Gordon (seal). Wit: Nathan Duncan, William Davis. Reg. 10 May 1809 so, Jeremiah Harrison, if he did go to Buncombe may have returned to Iredell. This is not favorable to the concept of Rev. Jeremiah Harrison being one of these two Jeremiah Harrisons of Iredell .
see C:520 p4 & E­21

H.: 104. State grant to JEREMIAH HARRISON 50 a on the waters of Misches Mountain adj Nathan Duncan on the east and JAMES DAVIS on the north, entered 26 Feb 1811. Grant dated 28 Nov 1812.... This Jeremiah still not in Buncombe!

H: 126. 26 Jan 1813. David Sharpe in his own right end as attorney for Charles Sharpe, his brother of Iredell County sells to JOSEPH HARRISON for $70.00 on the branches of South Yadkin adj James Stephensons, Hendricks corner and George (rest of deed not copied). comment: Hendricks is a name associated with the Harrisons of Clark's Fork of Bullock's Creek in York, SC during the Revolution. Col Hendricks a neighbor and German and a patriot whereas many of his neighbors were Tories, the most notorious of whom were the Ponders who in Buncombe were friends of the Harrisons. Ponders

6. Harrisons

also from Augusta Co. VA.

e H: 184. 14 Nov 1811 JEREMIAH HARRISON sold to NATHAN DUNCAN for $200 (?) both of Iredell, land, head branches of Yadkin being part of a grant to URIAH DAVIS Nov 4, 1784 100 a then conveyed from Euriah Dais to Jeremiah Harrison 1797 and divided from the other part of the tract by a North­South line across the said tract leaving out all the apple orchard but one short row on the west side containing five trees including all that part of said tract west of the Harrison apple orchard on the said tract and five apple trees together with all woods waters etc. Signed Jeremiah Harrison (seal). Wit: Frances Johnson, Hugh Campbell. Proven in open court by Frances Johnson August 1813. see A. 622 p 3

H: 591. 19 Mar 1814 Hugh Gallaher of Iredell sells to JOSEPH HARRISON 50 a subdivided of a tract of 300 a conveyed to Aaron Freeman by Hugh Campbell. Adj Aaron Freeman on east corner. Wit James and John Stephenson Signed by Hugh Gallaher, his mark Proved in open court Feb 1816 by James Stephenson. Reg May 21 1816.

J: 356 NC grant 653 to JOSEPH HARRISON 135 a on waters of S Yadkin adj Robert Begel, David Robert, BENJAMIN BENTLEY (he was father of Drucilla whom Joseph Harrison II) and his awn land. Entered 30 Oct 1805. Granted 29 Nov 1817. Reg May 13 1818. (Joseph II already married to Drucilla Bentley at this point and the future Rev. Joseph Harrison age 19 in 1818).

M: 636. 1 Nov 1822. Joseph Harrison Sr sells to Joseph Harrison Jr for $70 adj James Stephensons, corner on Little Rocky Face Mountain, Hendricks Comer, George Roberts, 140 a . Signed Joseph Harrison (seal). Wit: BENTLEY HARRISON, Daniel Meadows. Pr in open court Nov 1826.... Bentley Harrison and Rev. Joseph Harrison were brothers and sons of Joseph II and Drucilla Bentley. Rev. Joseph age 27 in 1826.

M: 653. 3 August 1825. JOSEPH HARRISON of the county of WILKES sells to BENTLEY HARRISON for $150 192 a waters of South Yadkin, beginning at Daniel Meadows. Signed Joseph Harrison (seal). Wit: John Stephenson, James F. Stephenson Reg. in open court Nov 1826. comment: this should be Rev. Joseph then moved to Wilkes selling to his brother Bentley Harrison.

M:660. 9 Mar 1825. JOSEPH HARRISON JR of county of Wilkes sells to BENTLEY HARRISON for $130 on branches of S Yadkin 140 a adj James Stephenson's 2nd corner on Little Rocky Face mountain, Hendricks corner, George Roberts ..(rest not copied).. again Rev. Joseph selling to his brother, another piece of property in Iredell.

M:800. 1 May 1827. Pinckney Caldwell, High Sheriff of Iredell sells property of Joseph Harrison as per execution of Superior Court of Iredell, at auction for debt of $70 (?) recovered(?) to Thomas W. Wilson of Wilkes Co. for l and , goods and chattles (no goods or chattles fauna) l and main branch of Yadkin joining Hugh Campbell, James Stephenson, containing 300 a , an orig grant to ARCHIBALD WASON. By Wason to Joseph Harrison Sr to Joseph Harrison Jr. Thomas W. Wilson bid $20.00 as high bidder and sold to him. (This deed is somewhat confusing. Debt was to Crawford Wilson and Campbell? partial payment on this debt before sale? ) I do not know if this represents Rev. Joseph or his father losing the land.

M: 681. 26 Oct 1822 JOSEPH HARRISON of Iredell sold to JAMES WILSON $250.00 main head branch of South Yadkin adj Campbell's 100 a . Signed Joseph Harrison (seal). Wit: Daniel Wilson, Wm Campbell. Pr open court Nov 1826. Comment: I suppose this is either Joseph II or m before moving to Wilkes. see B­367

7. Harrisons

M: 1048. 25 Aug 1826. Pinckney Caldwell, Esq. High Sheriff of Iredell, a Sheriff's sale of JOHN HARRISON'S land (no goods or chattles to be found), North bank of Third Creek, Rumbles corner, Widow Scott's line, Whity line, Morrison's line, about 200 acres. Put on public sale 21 August 1826. Bought by Elexis Howard as high bidder for $66. The execution was also against John Hooper and Robert Simonton who had gone bail for John Harrison in the sum of $150.20. This sum was recovered from them by Abner and John Rumple and delivered to the Sheriff.

comment: I do not know if I am interpreting this correctly. It is a long document, but I am under the impression that JOHN HARRISON was out on bail for same charge and skipped town and the men who made bail for him were left holding the bag. They paid but perhaps they got the proceeds from the sale of John Harrison's land. The location of the property means little to me. The only identifier I can locate on the map is Third Creek. This creek crosses most of the county east to west in the center of the county. Part of this could be close to the other Harrison locations but other parts of Third Creek could be distant from the Harrisons previously discussed. At this point I have no idea who this John Harrison could be.

P: 165. 9 Jan 1829. BENJAMIN BENTLEY SR. sold to BENTLEY HARRISON for $300. 142 a S fork of S Yadkin, Daniel Meadow's Corner, (not all copied)... Bentley Harrison brother of Rev. Joseph Harrison and both sons of Joseph Harrison II and Drucilla Bentley. Drucilla daughter of Benjamin Bentley.

I would like to point out that the above deeds are abstracts done by me from the complete typed dens by Betty Jo Hulse. In addition she has done plats of many of these showing neighbors and this in turn pretty well locates these on Iredell Maps. In addition, she has often identified the same properties going through more than one transfer of ownership My abstracts are inadequate to make these plat drawings but the complete deeds are often specific as to survey data which I have not put in my abstracts. I am making these notations by hand on the typed deed abstracts.

ANOTHER DEED. Iredell E 120. JOHN STEVENSON of BUNKUM Co. NC to George Flowers 400a on S Yadkin, 1802... so old Harrison friend and neighbor moved to Buncombe! In Buncombe John Stevenson had 222 acres plus on Crab Tree Creek with first purchase in 1802


Joseph Harrison and Ann Biles (Bayles?/Boyles?) June 30, 1762. Wit: Joseph Harrison, Sr. David and Samuel STEWART !!! This establishes some connection of these Watauga Harrisons to Stewarts who are also connected to Isaiah Harrison Jr.

IREDELL COUNTY TRACES (Genealogical Society Journal) date? p 25 under Book Reviews.

MY STEWART AND OTHER KIN OF IREDELL COUNTY, NC by Jeanette H. Kelly 1987 900 pages. Order from author 243 Amity Drive, York SC 29745 $35.00 plus $1.50 postage. This also contains related families of Allen, Stikeleather, Brown, Wallace, Lawson and Tolbert.. (no mention of Harrisons in this review)

NORTH CAROLINA GAZETTEER , P 483/4. Only one SWAN PONDS LISTED. A natural pond about 1 1/2 miles long in the Neuse River lowgrounds of Johnston County. There are many other Swan Islands, Creeks, Points etc but I know of several

8. Harrisons

other Swan Ponds in NC, not listed. (An Isaiah Harrison lived at Swan Ponds, NC very early , 1753.

ANOTHER IREDELL DEED we do not have, but in Land Records Index: John and Elizabeth Harrison sold to John Feamster 1825 M: 105. This is a Quit Claim Deed. Comment The main John Harrison who interests us is of Buncombe who m a Davis, but this is not likely to be the same one who jumped bail and got out of Iredell leaving property. We do not have a deed showing John Harrison acquiring land in Iredell. Perhaps this means that his land was inherited or that he acquired it before Iredell was formed out of Rowan. Of course, Iredell would be a good place for a Harrison to meet and marry a Davis.

MRS HULSE COMMENTS: On the Iredell deeds, M: 800 the land sold at Sheriff's sale appears to be the same land that Campbell sold to Joseph Harrison Sr in 1790 and Sheriff took it in 1797. But Joseph I. sold it to Joseph II in 1796, and the Sheriff takes it again in 1827. (This does not make much sense unless the first Sheriff's sale was to a friend of Joseph Harrison who turned it back to Joseph I.)


William Harrison sold seven properties from 1762­1768. They were to Francis Quinne Taylor (twice); Eli ? ; Elenor Dunn; John Frohock; Alexander Martin and someone else unnamed... John Frohock was the famous land speculator and disliked politician, always foreclosing on widows and orphans and such and a target of the NC Regulators. Alexander Martin was the name of the future Gov. of NC. He lived in Guilford Co after it was formed from Rowan but owned property as did his brother and cousins in Surry NC.

Benjamin Harrison bought property from Samuel Forster in 1814. I do not know who this might be.

JOSEPH HARRISON bought two properties from Anthony Funderburg, 2: 281 and 2:282 at least one of which (or both) dated Jan 30 1758. This could be Joseph I of what was to become Iredell. There is also a deed 1787 2:504 Joseph Harrison bought from Archibald Wason. See deed Iredell A: 1 64 in which Hugh Campbell sold to Joseph Harrison 1790 100 a adjacent to Archibald Wasson. ...This all suggests that Joseph Harrison was perhaps the eldest Harrison of the area since he bought in 1758.

R. Gillispie sold to WILLIAM HARRISON and J. STUART 1762/4 and James Carter and Hugh Foster sold to WIILLAM HARRISON and Ed. Cusick 1 762/4.

I am presuming that this William Harrison is the one who was an attorney and Inn keeper in Salisbury as detailed in the book CAROLINA CRADLE, WHICH I will be getting into.

Comment by Mrs. Hulse about Deed Book E: 169. This is the one where in 1802 Abraham Davis of Buncombe and Jeremiah Harrison of "aforesaid" County (which is Buncombe) are involved. Abraham Davis was on Sandy Mush in Buncombe by 1804 deed and a JOSEPH HARRISON got land in 1802 on Sandy Mush. We have been considering this Joseph Harrison deed on Sandy Mush as the same Joseph Harrison who m Margaret Hill and had other property on Turkey Creek, but this is not necessarily the same Joseph. In Buncombe Deed Book A p 8­9 Joseph Harrison Sr. sells land on Sandy Mush to a William Harrison. We had speculated about this Joseph Sr, implying that there was a Jr and we knew of no Joseph Jr as son of Joseph and Margaret Hill. So, this could be a different JOSEPH

9. Harrisons

HARRISON SR. This could be JOSEPH HARRISON SR. of Iredell . He sold to William Harrison and we do not know about i Harrison as a member of the Buncombe Harrison families. We also do not know a William Harrison in Iredell for that matter but there could be one.

Also, in A: 622 it refers to Uriah Davis as a planter of Rowan County and Jeremiah Harrison was also a planter of county and state "aforesaid" which means Rowan also.. unless the clerk wrote wrongly out of habit. Anyway, the fact that Jeremiah got land in 1787 implies that he is at least 18 years of age. If he belonged to Joseph of Iredell (Rowan) he could have been older than 21 in 1787. In the 1790 census of Iredell, Jeremiah's age is given as 16­26 and maybe too old to be the one in Buncombe in the 1810 census (?).

She comments about "Swan Ponds". In [coking at a map of 1760 (An Isaiah Harrison got a grant there in 1753 when it was Anson County) and Anson borders were indistinct, to put it mildly. "Swan Ponds" could very well have been in York, SC area for instance. Dr. Rider thinks Swan Ponds could be in Wilkes County, NC and as I recall, I once found that possibility in Wilkes.

Dennis Carrell, father in law of her Nathaniel Harrison (from Buncombe to Shelby Co. AL with Carrolls), went to Hawkins Co. TN when he left Buncombe about 1814. He deeded his land in Buncombe to his mother and father in 1815. He made a pension application for the Rev. War but it was rejected. He was 4 years younger than Joshua Davis. It appears that they may have known each other, though Joshua Davis' rejected pension application does not say anything about living in Buncombe, though he had land there (the et al deed) or in Claiborne Co. TN which is noted on his application for a pension.

She points out that Isaiah Harrison got a grant at "Swan Ponds" in 1753 and Joseph Harrison got a grant in Rowan in 1753 .... Interesting! In LGT Isaiah Harrison Jr was exec of estate of Joseph Harrison before he left Augusta County. This deceased Joseph Harrison may or may not have been his son. A Joseph could have been a son of some other brother such. as Gideon who died before the move to Augusta VA. Isaiah Jr could very well have had a son Joseph also, and a Jeremiah, as far as that goes. After all, Isaiah Jr had a younger half brother named Jeremiah.

CAROLINA CRADLE by Robert W. Ramsey. This classic book is subtitled, "Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier 1737­1762", and this is largely about early Rowan County when the county was huge and before it was subdivided into many counties.

p 106. Chapter, The Trading Camp Settlement 1750­1762. John and Peter Dill and John mamas, all three of wham were in the Shenandoah Valley in 1746 settled on the bank of the SOUTH YADKIN RIVER where it flaws into the Yadkin. (Though this is the same South Yadkin where the Iredell Harrisons were, this is further east and would be in present Rowan County near Salisbury). The Dill family was in Maryland before 1675. John manes seems to have originated in Sussex Co. Deleware (as did LGT Harrisons before Virginia).. A majority of the pioneers in this settlement migrated from the shores of Chesapeake Bay. Besides the Craigs, Dills, and Howards, they included William HARRISON Edward Cusick .. The Evans, Gardiner, HARRISON and Cusick (or CUSACK) families settled in Maryland before 1720. William HARRISON, who was in Carolina by April 1752, originated among the Harrisons of Charles and St. Mary's counties, Maryland. The family was in Charles County by 1654. The progenitors of Thomas Evans settled in Calvert, St. Mary's and Somerset counties between 1677 and 1714.. Edward Cusick in St. Mary's by 1703.

p 110 footnote. marriage of Joseph Harrison, June 30, 1762 in Rowan

10. Harrisons

County marriage records.

Comment: Cusick on previously cited deed. I mention Evans not because I have run into them in Rowan or Iredell but there were Evans and Harrison intermarriages in LGT. Dills were also in Rutherford Co. NC later and were also involved with the Harrisons of THE VENTURERS in SC.

p 131. This discusses the religion of many of the early settlers. The Davis family was either Quaker or Baptist in origin..Harrisons were not Scots Irish and not Presbyterians but likely Quaker, Baptist. Anglican or Catholic, as were Dills, Dunns, Evans, Thomas Hamptons, Harmosn, Craigs and George Cusick.

p 179. This mentions a case of Attorney William Harrison. Henry Kingsbury brought suit against George Cusick for trespass. Harrison pointed out that Cusick was a person of good character, considerable wealth and was held in high esteem. He had obtained great profit and gains by such his Trading and Dealing. Nevertheless, continued Harrison, on Oct 1, 1754, Cusick had twice called Kingsbury a Rogue, a thief and a villain for which slander he was bringing suit.

This book has an index but not a complete one. I have a note stuck in the book that William Harrison, a lawyer and Innkeeper, had children: Peter, Richard, Sarah and Thomas. This appears to have come from a list in the appendix p 206 which lists William Harrison and these others as Quakers in the records of Monthly Meetings in Middletown, Bucks County, PA 1675­1747. These are not necessarily the correct family.

p 207 Appendix is a list of Quakers arriving in Philadelphia 1682­1729 and it includes: Richard Harrison 1716 from West River MD and WILLIAM HARRISON from The Clifts, MD. in 1705

p 209. A list of occupations 1747­1762 lists William Harrison as an attorney and inn keeper. He lived in Salisbury. Edward Cusick also listed as inn keeper, Hugh Forster as a saddler, Squire Boone Sr as a weaver (father of Daniel Boone), John Frohock as a miller (he was also political boss)

I have a strong feeling that somewhere I have the children of William Harrison and his ancestry but I have not yet found it. I do not think that the Josephs and Jeremiahs are connected to his family.

p 96....the Stevensons .. William Stevenson was living on Maryland's Eastern &ore by 1672. It is probable that few families contributed a greater number of persons to the southward movement than the Stevensons. Andrew, David, James' Thomas, John and William Stevenson were all in the valley of VA between 1740 and 1755 (Augusta County)

p 85. In June 1753, John McGuire was appointed to the Rowan court to be constable on the south side of the Yadkin. It may have been he who (in company with Christopher Gist, Barney Curran, HENRY STEWART, and William Jenkins was hired by George Washington in October 1753, to guide a party traveling to visit the French Commander in the Ohio Valley.

p 119. Names acquiring land in the Irish Settlement.. James and David Stewart.

p 189. Rev. Hugh McAden (Presbyterian pioneer) made a trip 1755 and 1756 from his inane in New Castle Delaware, into the Rowan area... me Carolina frontier consisted of individuals of every description.. It has been said of James Stewart, who lived on Third Creek, that he "had much to hinder him in his Christian life. He lived when infidelity was rampant, not only in this region but also in other parts of the world. mere were those near akin to him who openly denied the Christian faith. It is evident that the Reverend McAden would not have been welcome in every home. "(From a speech at Thiatira Church at its Centennial Celebration 1855 in Salisbury."

11. Harrisons

THE WATAUGA HARRISONS. This information comes from WATAUGA COUNTY NC HERITAGE which has a number of articles mostly written by Winifred Hampton. It also comes from correspondence with her, though none recently. The information is extensive and there is meticulous detail of descendants, many of wham are alive and well and with photographs. I consider this very reliable information on later generations but early ancestry is not determined and I think wrong. I believe that these Harrisons are the same line as the Josephs and Jeremiahs of Iredell to which this paper has so far been devoted. I further believe that they are Long Grey Trail Harrisons and perhaps descended from Isaiah Harrison Jr or closely related to him. I will attempt to cover only the early ancestry of this line.

Winifred Hampton's great aunt, Jane Cook Greer, grew up in Rev. Joseph Harrison's home and in her later years she related much family history to Winifred Hampton who recorded it. (Greers of Mecklenburg NC and Greene, TN were closely associated with "our" Harrisons and Hoods of those areas). mere is the story by Jane Cook Greer about a letter from President William Henry Harrison to Rev. Joseph Harrison addressed, "Dear Cousin". Mrs Hampton recalls seeing the letter as a child but the letter dissappeared.

Rev. Joseph Harrison, Jr 1799­1874 was a preacher at Historic Three Forks Baptist church at Boone, NC. He is buried in the Cook Family cemetery at Bamboo, a suburb of Boone. He was the son of Joseph Harrison Sr 1768­1860 and Drucilla Bentley 1 772­ .

(Here comes the part with which I disagree) Joseph Harrison Sr was the son of JOHN HARRISON who had come from the tidewater area of VA. John Harrison's family settled on the headwaters of the South Yadkin River in Iredell Co. NC, but later moved to the Richlands on the headwaters of the Main Yadkin River in Wilkes County, NC. (The part where I differ is on John Harrison. It appears to me that Joseph Harrison Sr who m Drucilla Bentley was the son of Joseph Harrison who m Ann Bayles/Biles/Boyles 1762 in Iredell with David and Samuel Stewart as witnesses. Of course I could be wrong. Joseph Harrison I called Sr does not have to be the father of Joseph II called Jr who m Drucilla Bentley)

Joseph 'Harrison II who m Drucilla Bentley had a brother Benjamin who went to Indiana Territory. This is a tradition ­ no proof. If true he could have been there at the same time as General William Henry Harrison.

Joseph II and Drucilla had, in addition to Rev. Joseph, Daniel Harrison about whom nothing is known, and Bentley Harrison who went to Georgia, and Benjamin Harrison who remained in Watauga and is ancestor to many of the Watauga Harrisons. Benjamin m Fanny Price.

Rev. Joseph m Nancy Price. He was ordained 1833 at Yadkin Baptist Church in Wilkes Co. Watauga County was formed in 1849 and he was made the first Registrar of Deeds. He served from 1850­1860 and again 1865­1870. He was out of office during the Civil War because of his open disagreement with slavery and the south. He was a "Red String" Baptist. They wore a red string in their lapels to signify sympathy to the Union cause. Though Watauga had many such Union sympathizers as did neighboring E. TN, the state of NC was committed to the South. He helped to organize numerous churches and one of these was Mount Vernon Baptist Church which joined the Stony Fork Association which was composed of churches which were pro­union.

I will chart same of these Watauga Harrison, mostly to show naming patterns.

BENJAMIN HARRISON m Fanny Price (The brother of Rev. Joseph)

12. Harrisons

NATHAN 1826­1865, killed as a Union soldier, m Hannah Eliza Hampton.

Nathan lived in the Richlands, Caldwell Co.

Elvira Jane

David Jesse m Sophronia Story

Mary Elizabeth m Thomas Day

Jeremiah William m Malinda Cook

Martin 1828­1869 m Sara Jane Critcher, he a school teacher and Baptist minister

William Henry 1850­1924 (perhaps he is the one who wrote the "Dear

Cousin" letter signed by William Henry Harrison)

Anson Lafayette

Jonathan David

Emma Carolina

Candice Queen Victoria 1869­1897

Additional children of Benjamin Harrison and Fanny Price were: Reuben, Patsy, Naomi, Rachel, Drucilla, Jenny, Mary (who m NATHAN HARRISON son of Rev. Joseph Harrison), Susie died young.

Children of Rev. Joseph Harrison and Nancy Price.

Linda m Bradshaw

NATHAN m Mary Polly Harrison, dau of Benjamin Harrison. Their ch: Fanny Price, Calvin, JOSEPH, Gentry, Nancy, Sarah, Jane, Martha. (Nathan had 2nd wife Caroline Hamlet by whom he had Billy and Tilson)

Mary m John Butler Cook. They had a daughter Delphia who m JEREMIAH Harrison, son of NATHAN HARRISON.

Martha m Vandyke

JOSEPH 1843­ ? Winifred Hampton calls him Joseph III. I would call him Joseph IV... In Buncombe 1870 there was a Rev. Joseph Harrison on the census. I wonder if this was he. Nothing else known by the Watauga Harrisons.

I have been struck with the names of the Watauga Harrisons as being especially similar to the Greene County TN Harrisons. Once I made cemetery lists of both places and compared them. They had many of the same names but they were not the sane individuals because they were buried in their appropriate counties and their dates were different. This similarity of Buncombe names is also notable and LGT names. Watauga is one of the few places I have found the name Nathan, which of course is of interest to me because of Rev. Nathan Harrison.

MISCELLANEOUS WATAUGA INFORMATION, WATAUGA HERITAGE Art 336. Bentley Harrison married Elizabeth Bentley April 21, 1820 and lived in Union County, GA. According to a letter written by Bentley July 27, 1863 to his neice, Martha Harrison Vandyke, he had three sons and one daughter. Two sons were killed in the Civil War: Franklin and Alfred. Bentley's other son John went to California during the Gold Rush. He never returned and his parents assumed that he was robbed and killed.

Rev. Joseph and his wife moved from Iredell to the mountains to a section which was then Ashe County but became part of Watauga County when it was created in 1849.

Comment: Interesting that Bentley moved to Union Co. GA. This is where the Rev. Jeremiah Harrison family moved when they left Macon County NC (next door) and before moving to Murray Co. GA. and part of the family moved back to Macon Co NC to found the Harrison family that lives there now. I have been concerned about Jeremiah Harrison in Union Co. GA. His wife's Addington

13. Harrisons

family had also moved there, but there were two later generation Jeremiah Harrisons. One was son of Rev. Nathan and one the son of Rev. Jeremiah and I am concerned that since both are said to have gone to Union Co. GA that either that is not true or that the two have been confused. Now we learn that Bentley Harrison was also there and about the same time with his sons Franklin, Alfred and John. I wonder if John, in going on the Gold Rush, was in contact with Rev. Thomas Harrison and family at St. Clair Co. IL who were also involved with the Gold Rush in that Rev. Thomas was handling gold for some of them and his nephew Posey Grantham went on the gold rush and wrote a book about it.

WATAUGA HERITAGE OF NC, Vol I. Art #5. Bishop Asbury recorded in his Journal six visits to Watauga County (before it was Watauga) between 1788 and 1793. ...That is considerably earlier than his visits to Buncombe. So, no doubt he covered other NC areas too on the same trips where he could be exposed again to Harrisons of the LGT family who had migrated to the Carolinas. So the concern I expressed earlier about NC Harrisons getting to know Methodism so early does not apply.

Art # 229. THE WILLIAM HARRISON EDMISTEN FAMILY. At the Battle of King's Mountain William Edmisten from Virginia was fighting on the American side. On the British side a soldier James Blair was killed. After the war was over William Edmiston m Blair's widow, Elizabeth Suddreth Blair. To them was born a son William who m Nancy Garner and they later moved to Caldwell County, NC (adj to Watauga). There they had a son William Harrison Edmisten who moved to Watauga. He was a prosperous man. Thomas H. Blair deeded him 420 acres of the original Three Forks tract of land for $2400. This tract bordered on Historic Three Forks Baptist Church. He was a Confederate soldier and a descendant was Rufus L. Edmisten, Attorney General of NC.... comment: No explanation is given for his middle name of Harrison but it is notable that there are many people of Watauga with the middle name of Harrison. I am thinking of the Battle of King's Mountain and the Harrisons there at Clark's Fork of Bullock's Creek. me Harrison name could just as well come from his Blair Ancestry. He could have acquired the name by friendship of his parents with the Harrisons of Caldwell County, but if so, that honor was probably misplaced since the Harrisons were pro Union and Harrison Edmisten was Confederate.

#294­309. Greers/Griers. mere are numerous articles about this family. I mention because of the corrections between Griers/Greers, Harrisons and Hoods in Mecklenburg NC and Greene Co. TN. Many of them have both Harrison and Hood ancestry in those areas. They descend from James Grier who arrived in Baltimore, MD Nov 2, 1674 where he m Ann Taylor. Over the generations the family moved to Grayson Co. VA and Pittsylvania Co. VA, Franklin Co. VA and AUGUSTA CO VA. Later to NC. The move from Augusta Co. VA to Rowan Co. NC was 1765. They ended up in what was to become Wilkes County. Griers were members of Three Forks Baptist. (I am skipping many generations and many branches of this family which has apparently been well worked out and published. I recall a trip we made to Danville, VA to do some research where Bill Grier was in charge of the genealogy library that day. He introduced me to the Hoods and I introduced him to the Harrisons which we both shared. He had a Grier book and a Hood book and I had LGT.

#414­424. The Mast Family. There was some involvement with the Watauga Harrisons but they are interesting on their awn. me MAST GENERAL STORE in Watauga County at Valle Crucis is a major tourist attraction which we visited. This is in the mountains. We went there by a tortuous road which had a sign

14 . Harrisons

that no vehicle longer than 20 feet could make the curves on the road! We arrived finally at Mast's ramshackle store and at first it appeared that no one else was there. We discovered a huge parking lot behind it along with a shopping center for fine women's clothing that was not visible from the front of the store. We also learned that a major highway provided easy access if one was coming from the area of Smoky Mountain National Park or Knoxville. The original old store is huge with everything imaginable for sale from minor crafts to coffins. It is as much a museum as it is a store. The crowds were huge but only so many people at a time were permitted in the original store for fire safety reasons. I expect their real money is from the modern dress shops and gift shops hidden in the parking area. This is also the site of a movie we saw on TV a few years later about poor mountain children who were orphans but were afraid to tell anyone for fear the social workers would come and get them. They gathered ginseng and herbs from the mountains and sold it to Mast General Store.

The Masts were German but lived in Switzerland. John Mast was born there in 1 740. A group of them came to America from Rotterdam to Philadelphia in 1750. They were Mennonites in PA for about 10 years but were attacked by Indians in 1760 and had to seek a more protective location. They moved to Berks Co. PA where John Mast's uncle Jacob Mast became a Mennonite Bishop. John ­ however at the age of 20 left and settled Randolph Co. NC in 1 764. John had a large family there and his son Joseph is the one who moved to Watauga in the 1780's with wife Eve Bowers and settled at Valle Crucis. This has never been a real town but it is a beautiful site with a falls and an Episcopal Church School which was still in operation in the 1940's or so but maybe no longer.

Joseph had a son John and John had a daughter Nancy who married a Farthing and they had a son named Henry Harrison Farthing. I do not know where the Harrison came from. John also had a son JOSEPH HARRISON MAST b 1827 ­ d 1915. Another son Eli b 1813. He m a Dugger and there was an Emanuel Dugger who m Elizabeth Harrison in 1842. They lived in Johnson County, IN. I think I recall reading somewhere that one of the Harrison boys from the Joseph Harrison II ancestry worked at the Mast store and married into the family.

Volume II.

# 16 ­ 20. The Bentley family. Moses Bentley Jr was b July 1800 in Iredell, that part which is now Alexander County. His parents were Moses and Mary Bentley. They lived near the Rocky Face Mountain and in 1805 they moved to Burke County which is now the counties of Alexander and Caldwell Moses Jr was m to Caroline Sloop and they had a son ABEL HARRISON BENTLEY born 1840 in Iredell County died 1925 Blountville, IN. Abel m his first cousin Nancy Caroline Keller in 1860 dau of Aquilla and Mary Bentley Keller. Abel's brother Phillip Alexander Bentley m Martha Bradshaw daughter of Willis and LINDA HARRISON BRADSHAW.

But, nothing is said about ancestry of Moses Bentley. I think it was Benjamin of Iredell County who also had daughter Drucilla Bentley who m Joseph Harrison II and were parents of Rev. Joseph Harrison.

The name of Abel Harrison Bentley is curious. We are familiar with Abel Hill Harrison, son of Joseph Harrison and Margaret Hill of Buncombe. Margaret's father was ABEL HILL. Abel Hill Harrison moved to Georgia at Villa Rica where he was a state legislator and a prominent merchant and noted as a philosopher. He also lived to a ripe old age and died leaving no children and a considerable estate. He had outlived all of his siblings and so his

15. Harrisons

estate had to be distributed to neices and nephews and their heirs. This resulted in an official court ordered genealogy of the Harrison family of Joseph and Margaret Hill Harrison and all of their descendants! I have no reasonable explanation for the name Abel Harrison Bentley.. coincidence?

#66. The Davis Family. George Davis b Mecklenburg Co. NC 1765. His wife was Sarah McElroy dau of John and Martha McElroy and she b Prince Edward Co. VA 1762. They had 10 children: Sarah, Golston, Martha, Jane, Holden, Violet, Elizabeth, William, Amelia, Nancy. Most of these were born on Cove Creek Ashe County. Some of these lived in Watauga County including Golston, a prominent man. Comment: No connection with the Iredell/Buncombe Davises that I can see, but interesting that they from Mecklenburg NC, so full of Harrisons. We are looking for a John Davis but none in this family.

#11 7. Hampton Descendants by Winifred Hampton. She goes back to William Hampton b 1592, Middlesex, England, son of Laurence Hampton Sr. William came to Gloucester Co. VA (now Matthews Co). His son John m Mary Mann and they had John Jr. who m Mary Wade May 1, 171 2. She was dau of James Wade.

So far, this is also the ancestry of the famous Wade Hampton of VA and SC whose sister Elizabeth married James Harrison of THE VENTURERS.

John Hampton Jr who m Mary Wade was father of Captain Anthony Hampton 1715­1776 of the Rangers of Rowan Co. NC. He was a member of the Colonial Assembly from Surry Co. NC. At the time of his death he was considered the wealthiest man in America. He was the father of Wade Hampton of SC who in turn was considered the wealthiest man in America. He was also the father of Elizabeth who m James Harrison.

In this article Winifred Hampton does not connect this to the Watauga Hamptons. However, in Vol I Art 320 and 323 she does come close to correcting her ancestry to this. She descends from Thomas Hampton who came from Virginia to the Surry/ Wilkes area by 1772, ancestor of the Watauga Hamptons. He had a son Jeremiah b 1780. Jeremiah had a son Aaron m Mary Cook. Aaron had a dau Hannah Eliza b 1830 m NATHAN HARRISON.

Aaron also had a son Emanuel b 1836 who had a son Jordon b 1856 m Rachel Coffey. They had Jesse Amos Hampton m Vertie Harrison. They were the parents of Winifred. They lived with Vertie's parents Jeremiah (Jerry) and Delphia Harrison because of Delphia's health. She was an invalid for a number of years. Also living with them was Hannah Eliza Hampton Harrison, widow of NATHAN HARRISON above.

Connection of Thomas Hampton of VA to the earlier Hamptons of VA is not shown but probably assumed. As I recall, Worth Ray commented that the Watauga Harrisons were from Anthony Hampton but were not closely related to Wade Hampton Apparently, Winifred Hampton does not accept the connection to Anthony Hampton but she does believe there is a connection ­ enough so to write the first Hampton article above without connecting to her awn Thomas.

SKETCHES OF NORTH CAROLINA by Rev. William Henry Foote, 1846, reedited 1965.

ALLISONS a prominent family of Iredell.

DAVISES are involved in this book but I do not recognize the ones who ended up in Buncombe. p 481. Robert Davis son of Andrew Davis, one of the first settlers on Reedy Creek, in the Rocky River congregation joined in an oath with about 9 others of the congregation to assist each other in attacking an arms and ammunition convoy of Gov. Tryon's government since these arms were to be used against the populace in the Regulator War. They blackened their faces and dressed as Indians. They waylaid the convoy, harmed no one but poured all of the powder out on the ground, laid a trail of powder and destroyed it all in a gigantic explosion. One of the leaders of this

16 . Harrisons

enterprise was William Alexander of the Sugar Creek Congregation and was known as "Black Billy" afterwards. Others of this party included James, William and John White, sons of James White, William White, a cousin, Robert Carrothers, Benjamin Cochran, James Ashmore and Joshua Hedley. This Rocky River Congregation had same prominent members, mostly from Maryland or PA, including Col Robert and Samuel Harris, Moses Shelby, David Caldwell, the Morrison family and Adam Alexander. These Presbyterian Churches were not united in their support for the Regulators(A Rev. David Caldwell who was a prominent educator was active in trying to moderate the militancy of the Regulators but I do not know if he was the same as the David Caldwell of Rocky Creek). p 485. There was a Rev. Thomas Davis and Rev's J. LeRoy and William B. Davies/Davis. They were Presbyterian Ministers educated under a Mr. Wilson who was a successor to the Rev. David Caldwell, about 1800.

p 459. Rev. William C. Davis, also spelled Davies, was frequently under fire for some of his theological teachings, by the other ministers. p 467. Rev. Wm. C. Davis was pastor of Bullock's Creek Presbyterian Church in SC. He was finally suspended from his pastoral duties in 1811.

p 246. Providence Church (of Mecklenburg near McAlpin's Creek and where Harrisons and Hoods were pert of the congregation and community which came from Augusta VA) and Clear Creek, now called Philadelphia Church and nearby made a written agreement 1770 to locate and share a minister. Signers for Providence included Thomas Black and ROBERT STEWART. For Clear Creek the signers included MATTHEW STEWART.

A HISTORY OF ROWAN COUNTY, NC by Rev. Jethro Rumple. This is a very old book but reprinted with a new index in 1978.

p 54, 1753. A list of Constables by the first court of Rowan includes DAVID STEWART to cover the area of the North Side of the Yadkin from Muddy Creek and upward. Comment is made that Rowan was so big and scattered out that same of the constables were 100 miles from the seat of justice in Salisbury.

Comment: We know abaft this and the area near Winston Salem where the Stewarts lived. Also that there was a "Swan Creek" not far from here. This is also about the same time that Isaiah Harrison, presumably Jr, acquired property on "Swan Ponds". It would be convenient to think that Isaiah Harrison and the Stewarts lived close together and maybe they did at same point like when Nathaniel Harrison, Revolutionary soldier, married Jemima Stewart against the opposition of her father because of Nathaniel's "mixed blood". At this point let me make remarks about various Swan Ponds, in addition to "Swan Creek".

The Swan Ponds I have mostly heard of was the inane of Waightstill Avery in Burke County NC, not far from Morganton, and on the Catawba River and one of the still well known areas because of this being the famous home of the famous Waightstill Avery. But he also owned 600 acres on the French Broad River above Cain Creek and below Davidson's Creek (now Mill's River) in present Buncombe County. He sold this to one of the first settlers of Buncombe, Benjamin Hawkins. This is at the present site of "Biltmore", the Vanderbilt "Castle". There was a swampy backwater area there known as "Swan Ponds" and the 600 acre site was also known as "Swan Ponds" on the deed of Avery to Hawkins. This was apparently filled in with the construction of "Biltmore".

There was another "Swan Ponds" in the area of the Nolichucky River in Greene County, TN, known by that name when this was the State of Franklin. This Swan Ponds was connected with William Davidson, Esq from Swannano who

17. Harrisons

was a JP for Greene Co. Swannanoah was of course in Eastern Buncombe County from the River of the same name, and this, on the headwaters of the Catawba closeby was also close to Avery's Swan Ponds, so perhaps the names of these derive from Avery's first use of it at his plush home.

p 65. This is a picture of a marker erected by DAR commemorating the Boone Trail in 1769 in Salisbury, NC. It states: "BOONE TRAIL 1769 From this town Richard Henderson and Company despatched Daniel Boone, John Findlay, JOHN STUART, Joseph Holden, James Mooney and William Cooley to explore the wilderness of Kentucky."I am a bit familiar with John Stuart and Daniel Boone. He is in the history books and historical novels about Daniel Boone.

He was a buddy of Boone and frequent hunting partner. He was with Boone in Virginia apparently before and after their sojourn in Rowan County. During the Indian troubles of the French and Indian War, Boone and presumably John Stuart left Rowan for safety and went to Culpeper Co. VA as a safe area, yet He and Stuart made expensive hunting trips from there to the wilderness areas. So, John Stuart could very well be a Stewart of Augusta VA in Harrison territory, since Daniel Boone was also as a child.

p 178. This is about President George Washington's trip to the hinterlands after the Revolutionary War and during his Presidency. This included a trip to Salisbury. As Washington and his party approached Salisbury on the Concord Road, same half­mile from town and at this point near where Mr. Samuel Harrison "now lives", he was met by a company of boys of Salisbury p 235. This is a writeup on the Craig Family of Rowan. I mention this because the Harrisons were involved with Rev. John Craig of Tinkling Spring

Presbyterian Church in Augusta VA, who baptized some of them. This Rev. Craig apparently made a couple of trips to Rowan and Mecklenburg NC and was apparently responsible for a significant migration of Augusta inhabitants to migrate to Mecklenburg centered around their church of Providence Presbyterian near McAlpin's Creek and site of the Harrisons there, and Hoods and Blacks, etc. However, Rev. Craig evidently died before the settlement was made and Rev. Craighead was very prominent in this area. But there were also Craigs in this area. From this writeup on these later Craigs, they were no obvious relationship to Rev. Craig of Augusta. These Rowan Craigs came directly from Scotland to Rowan. They came because of their support of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the retaliation after the Battle of Culloden. These Craigs go back to early Scotland. It was John Craig, one of the Scottish Reformers with John Knox who proclaimed the banns of marriage between Queen Mary and James Bothwell, but he denounced the union. The Craigs of Rowan lived on the South Yadkin as did the Harrisons of Iredell, but the Craigs were considerably downstream from the Harrisons near the juncture of the S Yadkin with the N Yadkin and near Salisbury

p 272. About President Polk's forefathers. His mother was Jean Knox dau of James Knox of Rowan (Mecklenburg area I think) James Knox son of John Knox b 1708 Scotland and moved to Ireland. He m Jean Gracy whose mother's name was Jean Sinclair a relative of the famous John Knox the Reformer. John and Jean came to America c 1740 and they bought land on the south side of Third Creek which land had been granted by Earl Granville to JAMES STEWART. (Sinclairs also related them to Royal Governor Gabriel Johnston of NC as were some other Johnstons of Lincoln/Tryon and Mecklenburg.

p 290, About Methodists in Rowan County. Jesse Lee was contemporary with Bishop Asbury and headed the Methodist movement in Rowan. Bishop Asbury preached in Salisbury in 1785 and held two annual conferences there in 1786 and 1787. (I would think he would have visited the }Harrisons also in the Providence Presbyterian Church area where they also built Harrison Methodist

18. Harrisons

Church. In fact, I recall that in his journal he told about visiting the Harrison there but I do not recall the date nor did he give the first names of the Harrisons. )

p 292. About camp meetings jointly held by Presbyterians and Methodists. In 1807, Iredell Circuit, embracing Iredell County, was set off from Yadkin and Salisbury Circuits (Methodists). Methodism was prospering in this area.

p 312. About Episcopalians. The Rev. Robert Davis whose history is unknown to the author was officiating in this area 1821-23. .. About the year 1794, a number of Episcopal families removed from Maryland to the western part of Rowan, among them.. Barbers, Gardners, Chunns, HARRISONS, (and more). Bishop Thomas Davis ... Mr SAMUEL R. HARRISON of Salisbury, and many others are descendants of those who first came out with the Maryland Colony... comment: This is suggestive that perhaps Samuel R. Harrison is descended from William Harrison, early lawyer and Inn keeper of Salisbury who came from Maryland as described on page 9 of this report about CAROLINA CRADLE.

Note also the name Samuel R. Harrison. I know of two others by the same name. There was Rev. Samuel R. Harrison of Harrison Methodist Church in Mecklenburg and later of KY who was from the LGT Harrisons and about the same age as Rev. Jeremiah Harrison and Rev. Nathan Harrison. Rev. Nathan named one of his sons Samuel Robert Harrison. He too was a Methodist minister who moved to Walton County, GA where he has many descendants... I see a likely connection between Rev. Nathan and Rev. Samuel R of Harrison Methodist Church, but I suspect that the Episcopal Samuel R. Harrison of Salisbury is a coincidence.

p 316. Episcopal Churches. The 13th annual convention met at St. Luke's Church, Salisbury, May 23, 1829. The lay delegates from Christ Church were Charles Mills, BENJAMIN HARRISON, David Cowan and Dr. W. H. Trent. Comment: I do not know where Christ Church was but apparently Rowan County. I do not know who Benjamin Harrison was but since Episcopal perhaps related to Samuel R. Harrison... Thomas Davis Jr was also there. He was later Rector of the Parish and Bishop of South Carolina.

p 327. Still Episcopalians. Rev. Francis J. Murdock was b Buncombe County 3­17, 1846, ordained deacon in St. Lukes Church Salisbury 1868 and at the present time (1881 ) he is the incumbent of the parish. In a confirmation class May 16, 1840 was.. Samuel R. Harrison..

Comment: I seem to recall that there is more about this Harrison family of Samuel R. of Salisbury. I recall something about him owning a furniture store. I do not recall the source, but these Harrisons of Rowan need to be figured out! I think I have some information on these lines, perhaps from Betty Jo Hulse, but it is elusive.

FROM BETTY JO HULSE, a while back. This is evidently a Rowan deed and we are familiar with. the property just west of Winston Salem. p 55 30 Aug 1 779. Benjamin and Joseph STEWART to Matthew Brooks, 520 pounds, 384 acres East side Yadkin River. being 508 acres Granville grant to SAMUEL STEWART Sr. Wit: William Thornton, Agnes PRICE and James Blackwell. Signed Benjamin (X) Stewart, Joseph (X) Stewart and Elizabeth (X) Stewart. Comment: One of the items here that interests me is Agnes PRICE. Recall Nancy and Fanny Price who married Rev. Joseph Harrison and his brother Benjamin Harrison of the Watauga Harrisons. See p 11 & 12. I doubt that this is the same Benjamin Harrison as mentioned above on this page.

HERITAGE IREDELL COUNTY NC. #596. STEVENSON FAMILY. There were several Stephenson/Stephenson families of Iredell and it is not known just how they

19. Harrisons

are all related. During the time of the Rev. War there were James, Robert, John and Hugh. James settled near Rocky Face Mountain on the S Yadkin, now in Alexander County. He arrived sometime after 1768 from Maryland, since his son William was b 1768 in Maryland. John Stevenson, of the same general area, died c 1794 and his execs were sons living in Greene Co. GA.... Robert Stevenson bought 220 a 1 770 on Fourth Creek. He died and his estate sold the property to ABNER STEWART in 1809 for $1200.

Art #600. JAMES STEWART. He had son Thomas. He is called "James Stewart of Middle Fork of Rocky Creek, by STEWART CLAN MAGAZINE. But there were three James Stewarts in Iredell at the same time in 1790. This James Stewart is believed to have cane from Augusta Co. VA. He entered 410a 1 778 in Rowan, which property became Iredell when it was formed. He later sold 100 acres of this property to JOHN STEWART in 1794 and the remaining acreage to Thomas Moore in 1795. In 1794 he bought of John Shaw 200 acres on Snow Creek in Iredell and periodically he purchased additional properties in this area. In his will of 1812 he did not name all of his children but in a court case they were named in 1 880 (1 880??.. so late?). They were: William, Thomas, Alexander, James, Robert, SAMUEL, Peggy Thompson wife of William Thamapson, Elizabeth Stewart, and Jane Stewart Daniel wife of Yerby Daniel. Same of this family moved to Lincoln Co. TN where they are written up in GOODSPEED.

#604. RALPH STEWART. Thought to be closely related to John Stewart of Fourth Creek. JOHN STEWART was a Rev. War Vet and had a pension application which said that he was b in Augusta Co. VA about 1753. In 1762 guardians were appointed for James, Ralph and John Stewart, minor children of James and Ann (Lafferty) Stewart of Augusta County, VA.. (I find no Laffertys in index of LGT)

ROWAN COUNTY HERITAGE Art L 82. THYATIRA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH probably founded 1747, ten miles west of Salisbury (getting very close to Iredell and the Harrisons, Stewarts and Stevensons). In their cemetery are many early settlers of prominence such as the Polks and Knoxes. THOMAS AND NAOMI GILLESPIE who were also ancestors of President James Knox Polk were also buried here. In 1958 a legacy left in the will of Mr. E.H. Harrison of $10,000 established the Thyatira Memorial Association. Other large gifts have been addled to this and a museum has been created named the Thyatira Heritage Museum in a separate building. One of the more interesting displays are pictures of King George and Queen Charlotte that were hanging in Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell Steele's tavern in Salisbury before the Revolution. During the War, General Greene came through Salisbury and stopped at her tavern. She gave him all the money she had. He took King George's picture and wrote on the back, "O George hide thy face and mourn". men he hung it back, face to the wall. (I understand that these pictures were long hanging in the Salisbury Post Office, faces to the wall.)

#L 148. FROM THE PICKLER FILE. Book 3 Page 55, Jan 21, 1756 John Garret, a planter signed like a German ­ gives to his grandson, John Blanckanbacler (both of Rowan) 233 acres on the bank of Yadkin River witnessed by WILLIAM HARRISON & Mark Whiteaker and acknowledged Jan 20, 1756. (This should be William Harrison, the lawyer and innkeeper.

#780. THE REED/REID FAMILY. This is probably the family that Davis Harrison's two daughters married into. Part of this family moved to Greene County GA as did Davis Harrison but Harrison moved again to KY to join his brother Jeremiah. But his two daughters, married to Reeds stayed in GA.

The land of George Reid of Jackson Co. GA later fell into the new county of Gwinnett from which DeKalb was created. A Bible record shows his children.

20. Harrisons

Among them: Alexander b 19 Aug 1771 d 3 Dec 1836 Jackson County GA m LYDIA HARRISON (no children) and Henry b 3 Feb 1773 d after 1853 Caroll Co. GA m EDITH HARRISON, sister to Lydia (17 reported children). Comment: I do not know if these were Davis Harrison's daughters or not but what interests me is Carroll County. This is where more Harrisons from Buncombe came; namely Nathaniel Harrison after he left the office of County Clerk of Buncombe From Carroll County he was a state legislator and I believe, later a judge. His brother Abel Hill Harrison was nearby in Villa Rica, GA, also a State legislator and prosperous merchant.


David Stewart 136 a @ $470. 3 black polls

Robert Stewart deed. 160 a @ $400. 1 black poll

John Stewart 65 a @$266 1 White poll, 2 black polls

(where there is no white poll means that the male is over 45 years old or under 12 years).

FROM BO SMITH. He is the one whose wife is descended from ZADOC HARRISON. I have written about this line a number of times and I even wrote about another Zadoc Harrison who was a prominent Choctaw Indian, business man and banker. I have reported previously as Zadoc's ancestry has been uncovered. Zadoc was son of Moses Harrison and Moses son of James Harrison of Edgefield, SC. Now much more fascinating information has been uncovered. This is now a book and he sent me a copy.

Briefly, James Harrison of Edgefield was the son of William Harrison b c 1710 who lived in Craven Co. NC which was earlier part of Onslow Co. NC. Moses Harrison, son of James was b 1 771 in Craven Co. NC and he married Abigail Morgan 1798 in SC. (I have previously reported on Moses and his descendants). James was a Rev. War Vet and he had a brother William also of Edgefield.

I have previously also reported that Betty Jo Hulse, ran into the William Harrison family in Coffey County, (previously Dale Co) Alabama and found many other Harrisons in this vicinity who were probably descendants. mere she found Martha Harrison age 100 in 1850 and working from her, found that she was widow of William and from Edgefield and had a probable brother named James. So, Bo's James and Mrs. Hulse's work on William all fits together and so a large body of Harrisons have been put together who derive from a William Harrison b c1710 in Onslow Co. NC. Now the mystery remaining is the ancestry of this early William Harrison.

The ancestry of Abigail Morgan who m Moses Harrison has also been traced back a piece. She was dau of William Morgan b c 1742 Onslow Co. NC and died after 1810 in Edgefield Co. SC. William Morgan was son of Nathan Morgan b c 1 720 died 1 754 in Craven Co. NC and m to Sarah . The Morgans and Harrisons lived close together in Onslow/Craven NC and even closer together

21A. Harrisons

in Edgefield Co. SC.

It also turns out that these Morgans are also the ancestors of Barry Mason, a fellow researcher for many years with whom I share many ancestors such as Masons and Lewises. He has done considerable research on these Morgans and it is a good bet that these Morgans are also the ancestors of my wife Frances from the Ebbs side of the family.

Moreover, I have previously become involved with these Morgans in Onslow and Edgecombe Counties, NC since they were intermarried with Johnstons there. I am now satisfied that these are not my Johnstons but I did rather extensive work on them before I decided they were not my ancestors. These particular Johnstons are closely involved with the Marquise of Armandale, Gilbert Johnstone Jr, who was outlawed by the King of England, and came to America to hide out under the protection of his uncle, Royal Gov. Gabriel Johnston of NC.

I will not attempt to cover all of this but maybe I can particularize some of this Harrison information. First from Betty Jo Hulse's "Harrisons of Alabama". Coffee County Alabama was created 1841 from Dale Co. In the 1850 census there were 11 Harrison families and two other households with Harrison members. I will name heads only of these households but of course the members of the families are listed: John age 22, Thomas age 49, William 22, William 61 and living in the house was Washington Weeks 21, James 28, John 23 living next door to Joseph D. Weeks, Benjamin 21, John 50, James 25, John 48, Alia 19 (male). There was also Isaac Weeks 38 with a large family and living with them was MARTHA HARRISON age 100, birthplace unknown. Also listed in Wm Blair House was Mary C. Harrison age 2. There are about 56 Harrisons total listed here and it is suspicious that married female Harrisons were in Weeks Houses. Virtually all born in AL but older ones b GA and SC. One, a John, was b NC and aged Martha's birthplace was unknown.

Martha's husband William was dead in 1850 but his military service and pension application was extensive and names his widow Martha and she was still trying to get her entitlement to the pension in 1853 when she was 103 and in 1854 at age 1041 William was found in "SC Roster of Patriots in the American Revolution" and on the same page and with service under the same officers was JAMES HARRISON of Edgefield.

In Edgefield SC the plantation of James, William and their father William was quite extensive involving a number of deeds and located on Cloud Creek which runs into the Little Saluda River and then into main Saluda River, but also property, very close, on Moore Creek and Chinquapin Creek, a branch of the Edisto and Tiger Creek, a branch of Shaw's Creek of Edisto. The Morgans were in the same area. This is very close to the border with Aiken County SC.

Interestingly the land on Chinquapin was granted when all adjacent borders were on empty land. Harrisons apparently named the branch Chinquapin themselves and named it for where they lived on "Little Chinquapin" in Craven/ Onslow Co. NC. The Morgans lived just south of them on "Bachelor's Delight Creek and Swamp".

There were four Harrison families living in Edgefield in the late 1700's. 1. Benjamin Harrison, wife Mary Walpole. He was from Brunswick Co. VA (and I have written about this family before, researched by Mrs. Hulse) 2. Robert Harrison, wife Martha Baugh, also from Brunswick VA. 3. James Harrison, wife Sukey and children living on Cuffeytown Creek in

21B. Harrisons

the Northwestern section of the county as early as 1772 (not the James I am writing about).

4. James Harrison, wife Ann, and children including Moses Harrison living in the Cloud Creek area in the Southeastern corner of the County. This is the one we are discussing. He b c1735 d 1800 Edgefield. Their children:

William 1758­after 1832 m Martha
James c 1 763­ before 1785 m ?
Ann b c 1 768
MOSES (ancestor) b 1771 Craven Co. NC d 1832 in Wilkinson Co. GA m ABIGAIL MORGAN.
Mary b c 1773 m Reynolds
Jemima b c 1775.

FROM BETTY JO HULSE. I forgot to include this earlier in this paper. She had previously met J.T. Stewart in the courthouse in Dobson, Surry County NC, on her research trip earlier this summer (p 9 of my July 1996 Harrison Notes). She has received further information from him. He is descended of David Stewart and researches Stewarts. He has written several articles in Stokes County History books as well as the Rowan Co. Heritage book. He is the author of the Rowan Heritage Article I enclosed in my Nov. 1995 Harrison Notes about Stewarts and Isaiah Harrison Jr. He has been stimulated into looking into the Jemima Stewart/Nathaniel Harrison marriage. We knew that Jemima in her pension application made mention of a daughter Margaret, the "widow Grimes". Mr. Stewart found a Benjamin Grimes in Stokes Co. in the 1830 census. He was 30 40 with 1 m under 5, 1 f under 5, and a female 20­30 and a female 50­60 years old. He also found the marriage of Benjamin Grimes to Margaret HARRIS. Aug 4, 1825. This certainly appears to be Nathaniel and Jemima's daughter in spite of the name Harris instead of Harrison.

Mr. Stewart also found that a Benjamin Stewart probably moved to SW VA or a NW County in NC. Mrs. Hulse does not find a Benjamin Stewart in Buncombe land records.

She also makes a correction to an item in my July 1996 Harrison Notes, p 3, line 7 in which I said "even though LGT says that Joseph who died in Augusta 1748 was the son of Isaiah Jr. that it is not necessarily so". Actually, IN does not say that. It says that he "was probably his son". This, of course is important since we are talking about the Joseph Harrisons of Surry/Stakes/Iredell/Rowan such as in the ancestry of the Watauga Harrisons and Joseph's ancestry may very well be "airs" too ­ such as Isaiah Jr or perhaps Gideon, the brother who died before the move to Augusta VA, but probably had children who came and were perhaps associated with Isaiah Jr.

She also sent me follow up information on some Harrisons previously discussed. One is BARZILLA Harrison who was on the tax lists of Surry Co. NC. She has his pension record. He was m to an Ann and she applied twice for a pension, once in 1844 and again in 1846 when she was 92 years old. Barzilla died in April of 1817. Her pension applications were made in Bedford Co. TN and she m Barzilla 12 Dec 1775. There is part of a page from a Bible record that gives the names of two children: Temperence and first son Richard Harrison. Temperence b Nov 1 776 and Richard b Nov 9, 1 778.

She sent some records on JOSEPH HARRISON who was m to Maryan Gregory. Joseph served in the Revolution as a substitute for his father WILLIAM HARRISON. Joseph and Maryan were m in Bedford Co. VA 25 Nov 1791. He could not have been the child of Joseph Harrison who was in Surry Co NC ca 1 762 (since he was son of William). me Bible record tells who his children were and that sort of eliminates his family as being of the LGT family since he

22. Harrisons

was from Bedford Co. VA. This also takes care of one of the Surry County William Harrisons. Of course since he m in Bedford it does not necessarily mean that he was born there ­ just that he married there. He was b 1765 Wonder who his father William was and where he came from?

Enclosed was a letter dated August 29, 1935 to Marion Gooding of Jacksonville, FL from A.D. Hiller executive Assistant to the Administrator (I presume of the National Archives about Joseph Harrison who m Maryan or Mary Ann Gregory. The information comes from his pension file R 4676. He was b May 18, 1765. Place of birth or name of parents not given. He enlisted at Surry Courthouse NC Mar 1, 1781 in Col John Armstrong's NC Regiment. He was detached by said Colonel to assist Quartermaster George Elliott and was discharged Mar 6, 1782. He was granted a pension May 9, 1836 while a resident of Surry Co NC where he stated he had lived for 40 years. He died Aug 16, 1839. He m in Bedford Co. VA Nov 25, 1791 Mary Ann Gregory who was b Feb 14, 1772. Joseph and Mary Ann had the following children:

  1. Nancy b Feb 5, 1792
  2. Frankey b Mar 10, 1794
  3. Salley b Jan 18, 1796
  4. Udoshea b Mar 23, 1798
  5. William M. b Dec 3, 1799
  6. Betsy b May 27, 1802 ***
  7. Matilda b Aug 4, 1804 ***
  8. Mariann (?) b Dec 18, 1806
  9. Joel b May 9, 1809
  10. Sophia b Dec 9, 1811
  11. Mary An b Apr 23, 1815 d Dec 9, 1815
  12. John b Apr 18, 1817

In 1836 the soldier, Joseph Harrison, referred to a daughter, aged 33 (***) who lived with him and had a child 3 years old but names not given.

One of the documents to his pension application was a letter from James Harrison (his mark) of Gallium (?) Co. Ohio, township of Springfield. He said he was well acquainted with Joseph Harrison of Surry County NC in the times of the Rev. War and that he served as a substitute in the place of William Harrison his father. James Harrison's relationship, if any, to Joseph is not mentioned. Another letter from the same place and time and witnesses said about the same and was signed by Ann (Larliss?).

A SEED­BED OF THE REPUBLIC by Robert Douthat Stoner (about Botetourt Co. VA). I accidentally came across this in my Hawkins file. In 1782 in the county, rearrangements were made as to who was in what "Company" for taxing and other purposes. Many names are listed as changed from one company to another, but also the term "company" was changed to "District". "That Capt. John Cartmill's, viz: (a list including) THOMAS HARRISON be considered 34th District. Others of Capt. Cartmill's were moved to 36th District including John, James and Alexander Black.

THE TINKLING SPRING: HEADWATERS OF FREEDOM. P 443. This is in the appendix and a list of members of this historic Presbyterian Church, many of whose members moved to Providence Presbyterian in Mecklenburg NC, including Harrisons. This is a list of contributors about 1826 and includes: Robert Orr, Robert Stuart, GEORGE HARRISON, James and William Black, JOSEPH HARRISSON, and Archibald Stuart.

23. Harrisons

NOTICE.. On p 29 of my July 1996 Harrison Notes under "Harrison Histories" from HARRISON HERALD, I mention Thomas Perrin Harrison, Prof of English b Abbeville SC 1864, son of Eugene and Mary Eunice (Perrin) Harrison died 1949. I remember more about this family. He had a son, also named Thomas who was a Professor at the University of Texas and he wrote a genealogy book about his Harrisons, partly based on his father's work. me son is now dead but he lived, after retirement, in the area where Buncombe and Hay wood Counties join, which makes him suspect of being a Buncombe County Harrison. Not so. He is from James Harrison who m Elizabeth Hampton ­THE VENTURERS. His book complements THE VENTURERS in that it follows his line more thoroughly than the book does.

FROM HELEN NIEWENDORP. She has "another" Thomas Harrison.. this time an Indian!. She gets this from Teddy Roosevelt's book, WINNING THE WEST, Vol II pp 377­378. "Chicamaugas were , mainly lower­town Cherokees. One of the leading chiefs was John Watts, who was of mixed blood. Among all these southern Indians, half breeds were far more numerous than among the northern Indians. When the half­breeds lived with their mother's people they usually became the deadliest enemies of their father's race. Yet the half­breeds generally preserved the father's name." (Helen interjects: Note Thomas Harrison on the Reservation Roll.. I will get to that).

"A" Harrison (no given name) from Tennessee on the Henderson Roll 1835. Also a Jonathan Mulkey from Tennessee on this Roll... comnent: recall that Jonathan Mulkey with P of A from Thomas Harrison sold Thomas' Horse Creek property for him and Thomas Harrison was then of "Sparkanburg" SC in 1788.. see p 15 my Harrison Notes July 1996. Of course there were numerous Thomas Harrisons and there were a number of Jonathan Mulkeys who were Baptist Preachers of considerable note. One Rev. Jonathan Mulkey was married to a Cherokee and probably had son Jonathan who would be a half breed. However 1788 may be too early for the half­breed Jonathan Mulkey to be around.

Helen sent information on the "Rolls". The Henderson Roll, mentioned above was in 1835 and was a census of over 16,000 Cherokee residing in AL, GA, TN and NC to be removed to Oklahoma under the treaty of New Echota.

There were other Rolls. The Reservation Roll of 1817 was a listing of those desiring a 640 acre tract in the east and permitted to reside there in lieu of removing to Arkansas/Oklahoma. Upon the death of the reservee, or the abandonment of the property, title was to revert to the state... On this Roll was THOMAS HARRISON... Comment: I think I recall running into this Thomas Harrison in Georgia with the information that he had a farm and a family and that he had the choice of staying as a white man or taking Indian status and getting a grant of land in Indian Territory. (my memory could be imperfect on this). Something that attracted Helen's attention was the fact that in 1817 the Cherokee ceded to the United States land in Tennessee along Sequatchie River and North of Little Sequatchie River. This would be in the vicinity north of Chattanooga near Dunlap. Could this be the location of an Indian half­breed named Thomas Harrison?

From the book OLD FRONTIERS by John P. Brown 1938 she found the locations of the five lower towns of the Cherokee. Nicajack at present Shellmound , TN; Running Water on the east side of the Tennessee River below the present Hales Bar Locks and Dam; Long Island on the Island of the same name at Bridgeport, AL and the eastern bank; Crow Town on Crow Creek near Stevenson, AL 1/2 mile from mouth of creek, on farm owned (1936) by Dr. G. L. Austin; Lookout Town on the east side of Lookout Creek, 1 mile north of Trenton GA.

She has learned of sources of information that she is trying to acquire.

24. Harrisons

These include, EARLY ENGLISH TRADERS AMONG CHEROKEES by Mary U. Rothrock, an E. TN Historical Society publication of 1934. Also AMERICAN STATE

PAPERS, INDIAN AFFAIRS, VOL I, by Govt Printing Office 1816. Also Vol IV which is about l and in the Territory South of the Ohio ­ South west Territory.

She also found the following:

June 8, 1790 Michael Harrison appointed /commissioned as Sheriff of Washington Co. TN.

Nov 3, 1790 Michael Harrison appointed /commissioned Captain in Cavalry

Apr 26, 1793 Solomon Harrison was Lt. of Knox Regiment.

Nov 3, 1794 Gov. Blount letter to Secy of War.. "I am of the opinion the appointment of Mr. Dinsmore to reside in The Nation will have happy effects but I would advise that his general residence be in Wills Town in preference to the Turkeys." Silas Dinsmore was of New Hampshire, appointed Lt. U.S.

Army June 2, 1794 and resigned July 17, 1794. (Dinsmore was the one who wrote a report to Gov. John Sevier of TN as requested by the Gov to report on whites living among the Cherokee . In this report was Thomas Harrison, Indian Trader and Blacksmith).

Mar 23, 1795. Secretary of War, letter to Gov. Blount of Territory Southwest of the Ohio River Regarding instructions given Mr. Dinsmoor that the Creeks must not be suffered to pass through the Cherokee country to war" against the frontier citizens. The instructions direct Mr Dinsmoor to impress the Cherokees with the dangers they in cur. "If the Cherokees are required to intercept the Creeks and if they resist, to use force, that is to kill them and war between the two Nations ensues, we could not abandon the Cherokees without disgrace as well as danger. We would have to encounter an open war with the Creek Nation. (Willstown was near present Ft. Payne, Alabama )

HAYWOOD COUNTY, NC FAMILIES by Alice R. Cook. p 28, a writeup on the Evans family. James Harrison Evans 1846­1926 m Ruth Anderson. His parents were John Evans 1816­1901 and Mollie Bird. Their son Francis Bird Evans m Elizabeth Mehaffey. There was also a Jesse Evans m 1858 Mary Sorrells. The father of John was Rev. John C. Evans 1795­1885 m Susann b 1792 who d at age 82.

Comment: Though none of this is very important there are a number of interesting items besides the middle name of Harrison. Two Evans of E. TN were married to daughters of Thomas Harrison of Harrisonburg, VA and they were heirs of Thomas. Birds were intermarried with Harrisons of Greene County, TN of Harrison Methodist Church. Sorrells of nearby Macon County NC were intermarried with descendants of Rev. Jeremiah Harrison. There was also a mysterious early Jeremiah Harrison of GA who m a Sorrells.

p 51. Kirkpatrick Family. Joseph Kirkpatrick b 1776, d 1848; Revolutionary War; Iredell County cam e to Burke County about 1790 and settled in Fines Creek area of Haywood; m and had son Silas Fain m Jane Wood... Comment: If I am not mistaken this is The family of which there was a marriage to a Harrison woman, and I am thinking that it was Joseph Kirkpatrick. She could be a female of the Buncombe Harrison family.

Verrrry interesting about coming from Iredell to Burke to Haywood, in view of the Harrisons of Iredell.

p 65. Medford Family. R. Eldridge Medford s of Jonas Medford was 1820­1895 m Rebecca Robinson. One of their daughters, Haseltine b 1847 m JOE A HARRISON, and another daughter Sarah A. m NOAH HARRISON. (I do not know the ancestry of Joe or Noah Harrison)

25. Harrisons

FROM CONNIE FIELDS. We have corresponded on Davises as they are connected with my lines of Newberry Co. SC, but she sends same information of interest for Buncombe Co. Davises:

1850 census Macon Co. NC. #681­696. Polly Davis age 60, fem. b Lincoln Co. NC, Catherine Davis age 36 fem b Macon Co., William Davis age 24 b Macon, Burton Davis age 11 b Macon, Seth Davis age 8 b Macon, Noomi age 16 fem b Buncombe NC. [Polly is believed to be a daughter of Isham Davis b 1758 Chetaws Dist. SC.

Several families migrated from Buncombe to KY. Her ancestor, William Woodward evidently went with Broughton families to Clay and Knox Counties in the year 1808 and the second son John Woodward was b there in KY. Same Broughton families who are listed on the early Buncombe censuses stayed in these counties. On 28 Mar 1808 Woodward Braughton purchased 150 a in Clay County. Witnesses were William Woodward and ISHAM DAVIS. These two men returned from KY to NC.

She also included data from her Davises in Knox Co. KY. This is especially important because Helen Niewendorp's John Harrison of early Buncombe m a Davis who was dau of John Davis who operated the ferry across the French Broad and they moved first to Knox Co. KY!!! I have put her in touch with Helen and I hope this will be productive of more information. It is interesting that Rev. Isham Davis was from the Peedee River of SC. This is suggestive that he was of the Welsh Neck Baptist Settlement there. Davis is a Welsh name derived from David.

FROM Ann HARRIS. She is from Becky Bonner's HARRISON REPOSITORY and thus contacted me. She has little on her Harrisons. Her Great great grandfather was Gaines Harrison Sr. b Dec 1839 in AL and m Angelina . This is an interesting name: Gaines ­ no doubt from a surname which is basically a Virginia family. I could not help her there E=, she is quite familiar with ISAIAH HARRISON JR. and LGT because his daughter LYDIA HARRISON was married to her husband's 5th great grandfather SAMUEL STEWART!.. so, her husband; is a Harris but descended from Isaiah Harrison. I do not know the details but I am expecting to hear more from her about this.

FROM JULIE H. GANIS. She writes about Owen Harrison whom I mentioned in my July 1996 Harrison Notes, p 10. She has some information about him:

He was son of Robert Harrison and in 1807 Owen was an orphan. Rowan Co. Estate record of Robert Harrison.

Owen 1797­1834, m Sarah Reeves 1797­1838 on Jan 20, 1813. They are both buried at Christ Episcopal Church along with Margareta b c 1808 d 1856, wife of Hezekiah Terner Harrison. (Is this the one who became very wealthy and died in KY?). Interesting that Owen was Episcopal, as was Samuel R. of Salisbury, and perhaps Owen's father Robert).

1820 Rowan Co. census HARRISONS: p 276 Kindal 26­45, Benjamin 26­45, Owen 26­45, Richard 16­26, (Are all of these orphaned children of Robert Harrison? now grown up?)

Rowan Co. Estate Records: Owen 1834 ­ orphans Richard and Matthew (guardian: Wm. Barker). Samuel R. and William (guardian James Alexander). ... well... so, Samuel R. a son of Owen. Recall that I mentioned Samuel R. the name of a Methodist Rev. Samuel R. Harrison of Harrison Methodist Church and moved to KY, and Samuel Robert, also a Rev. and son of Rev. Nathan Harrison and lived in Walton Co. GA.

See July 1996 Harrison Notes p 10 in reference to above.

26. Harrisons

FROM JOSEPH HAMMOND. He sent me a copy of a letter he had written to someone else. In this letter he summarized his Harrison ancestry which I think bears repeating here in its rather concise form.

His grandparents were Joseph Carroll Hammond I 1859­1920 and Amanda Caroline Daniel 1865­1928. They lived in Texas. She was dau of:
Julius B. Daniel and Elizabeth Caroline HARRISON 1845­1878 from MS to TX. She was dau of Samuel M. Harrison b 1820 Humphreys Co. TN m Sarah Goodwin. He son of Benjamin Harrison 1775 to 1792 m Sarah Bradley prob. Fairfield Co. SC. He son of Probably William Harrison of Fairfield SC who was on the 1790 census there. He probably came from Richmond Co. VA.

Benjamin Harrison above and Sarah Bradley had children: William, Almina m James Guest, Mary Minerva m John Stanley, James Marshall, Samuel M. (above), Betty m a Carnes,

Sarah Bradley's mother was a Bryant. Mr. Hammond, in his family, has a tradition of being related to the James River Harrisons (it seems everybody has that tradition .. wrongly). He cannot find any such connection but he is seeking to prove the tradition wrong by pursuing it.

THE HARRISON HERALD, continued from July 1996 Notes.

p 30. Miss Fanneal Harrison, educator, b Decatur GA June 12 1882, dau of Zadoc Daniel and Laura (Hendree) Harrison... a long list of educational achievements.. with American Red Cross in Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland and France 1914­21. Hoover Relief, Belgium 1921­23. Director and owner of Out­Of­Door School Sarasota Florida since 1924. Episcopalian.... comment This is a close relative of Bo Smith's wife who is also descended from Zadoc and Laura (Hendree) Harrison.

p 30. Burr Powell Harrison, former Congressman b Winchester, VA 1904. s of Thomas Walter and Nellie (Cover) Harrison. Also a lawyer of the firm Of Harrison and Johnston, Judge and director of numerous institutions including Madison College in Harrisonburg, VA. Died 1973. Comment: With the name Burr, we can be pretty sure he is from the Burr Harrison family.

p 30. James Leftwich Harrison b Atlanta GA 1895 s of Thomas PERRIN and Adelia (Lake) Harrison m Pauline Carrington Muggs. He moved to NY where he was a banker. I mention because of the middle name of Perrin. The Harrisons of Zadock Harrison line had connections to Perrins as Law partner.

p 31. Alfred Craven Harrison Jr. b Philadelphia 1875 s of Sr and Kate De Forest (Shelden) Harrison m Marie Gibson of KY. Explorer, Archeologist, anthropologist. Scientific work S. America, Borneo, Peking, China, Russia, Mongolia, Siberia and just about every other exotic place. He had a sugar plantation in Cuba that he called home along with Philadelphia... I mention because of the middle name of Craven, passed dawn. Perhaps a LGT Harrison for that reason.

p 37. This is a reprint of my HARRISON NOTES of 11­15­94. I mention because I ran into something I wrote about Davises from material from Helen Niewendorp. She goes into the military pension record of ISHAM DAVIS mentioned on p 25 of this paper under FROM CONNIE FIELDS. He was SC line. b 1758 Peedee River in Cheraws District. Applied for pension in Macon Co. NC 1832 and died there 1835. M Winifred Woodward, a widow, 1783 about 12 miles from Edgefield Courthouse SC. In 1843 the widow applied from Macon Co. NC age 82 for pension.

27. Harrisons

An Elizabeth Woodward of Buncombe stated that she had known her for fifty years in 1843, so that would mean that they were not sisters but more likely sisters in law with Elizabeth Woodward of Buncombe who was probably married to a Woodward. They had three children according to her pension application. However, in the 1800 census of Buncombe Isham Davis is shown as 20010 ­32010 ­00. That totals 7 children. Perhaps she lost four of them. After all they would have been up in years too in 1843. Comment: If Isham Davis is related to John Davis whose daughter m John Harrison of Buncombe, this is somewhat similar to Ezekiel John who m Lydia Harrison. The John Family is evidently Welsh and also apparently canes from the Welsh Baptist Settlement which originated in Pencader Hundred of Delaware and later expanded to the Peedee River in SC where they formed another Welsh Baptist settlement at Welsh Neck.

p 39­66. This is a very extensive ­ virtually a book, writeup by Linda Nickerson, in small print. This is ABRAHAM HARRISON and his descendants. As an introduction, Linda Nickerson comments that probably all of the Harrisons of America are from the same family in England but that just how they fit together, no one has figured this out. She mentions Fairfax Harrison and the book he co­authored with his brother General Francis Burton Harrison, HARRISONS OF SKIMINO) (which I have). She says that he had probably done more than anyone else (unless it was his brother) to sort out these Harrison families in England. These Harrison brothers, besides the book also wrote extensively about this research in Virginia Magazine of History ad Biography, over many years.

She comments that Skimino in York County, VA was the site of a never of very early Harrisons whose families have not been delineated. Many but not all Harrisons there were Quaker and "Skimino" was the name of their Monthly Meeting. She implies that Abraham Harrison may have been connected to one of these. Yet he was much later to America. He was a sailor of Great Britain and the story goes that he was one of seven brothers who came from England. His wife was Courtney Allison who frequently resided with her uncle, mamas Temple, when her husband was gone to sea, before coming to America. The tradition is that once he was gone for six years and when he returned he packed up his family and came to America, either to PA or MD. Then they moved to NC in that part of Guilford County that became Randolph County.

Their known children:
Allen m Catherine Nelson and moved to Montgomery CO. Indiana

Father Abraham died 1806 Randolph Co. NC. It is not known about Abraham or of all the children but sane were Quaker and sane moved to Indiana and Illinois.

Abraham Harrison might have been born in America and possibly NC. His wife Courtney Allison could be Ellison (Ellison a prominent Quaker name). Abraham was Captain of the ship "Jamaica" probably based in London. There is also the story that Abraham was "cousin" of President William Henry Harrison ­ but who isn't?

ANOTHER HARRISON FAMILY. SUSANNAH HARRISON 1832­1868­70. by Elizabeth F. Randolph. She was the daughter of Robert and Bathsheba Harrison born in VA. Her two brothers were George and Robert Harrison and her five sisters were Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, Jane and Julie Ann. Her parents moved to Ohio by 1820. Father Robert died 23 Oct 1843 when Susanna was 11.

28. Harrisons

Susanna m Job Fitz Randolph son of James Lockwood Fitz and Letitia Randolph of Ohio. These Harrisons lived Gallia Co. Ohio. The Fitz of Fitz Randolph was dropped to plain Randolph. Their children :

1. Missouri Randolph b 1856 in town of Harrison, Gallia Co . Ohio m Albert Louis McIntyre in Missouri. She died 1937 Iron Co . MO. Missouri was b 3 years before Susannah m Randolph..?..

2. John Wesley Randolph 1858.1860 in Ohio, also born before Susanna married Randolph.

3. John Wesley Randolph b 1860 (same name as deceased little brother) Ohio. Moved Washington Co. MO. M Lauretta Ferbia Taylor. 5 children

4. James Sherman Randolph b 1866 Gallia Co . Ohio m Sadie Elizabeth Smith and died Iron Co. MO.

5. Leticia Randolph b 1868 m Augustus Hesse and resided in Harrison Township in Gallia Co OH.

They were Methodists and supported the Union in the Civil War as one might guess by the middle name of Wesley and Sherman of two children. Job Randolph, a Union soldier was a shoe maker and captured and held prisoner in Andersonville where he was in very poor health. After the war he applied for an Invalid Pension on the basis that he could no longer do shoemaking. Susanna died about 1870 perhaps before her mother and left the small children. Job Randolph married again in 1870 to Nancy White age 17 in Ohio and in 1872 they moved to Missouri

Susanna's father Robert Harrison, b in VA, parents unknown. He m Bathsheba with perhaps the surname of Ledman or Leadman. The descendants of these children I already named are numerous but none of their names or marriages suggest anything to me... There was also a James Harrison in Gallia Ohio but no connection is found. James Harrison was m to Gemima Moore and had a son George

Comment: I tried to connect this Robert Harrison to the LGT but I was unable to do so.

This completes THE HARRISON HERALD of 1995.

ASBURY'S GEORGIA VISITS. This is a small book of 56 pages by the North Georgia Conference of the Methodist Church, which has taken from Bishop Asbury's Journals the parts describing his travels in Georgia. I was not aware that he traveled in GA, but he did and rather extensively, at least in Northern GA and Savannah between 1788 and 1815. He died in 1816 in Spotsylvania Co.. VA on his way to Baltimore. He was buried there but his body disinterred and reburied in Baltimore with BISHOP MCKENDREE officiating for one of the largest funerals ever witnessed by the city.

Nowhere in this book do I see the name Harrison, at least by name, but he does from time to time mention old friends whom he visited in Virginia with cut naming them.

The early Harrisons in GA who came from the Mecklenburg area with some friends and relatives were in the area of Burke and Greene County and I particularly remember Brier Creek as one of the sites. And then it appears that many of them returned to NC/SC area around York SC/Rutherford NC and Christian and Fayette Counties KY. Perhaps their paths crossed with Bishop Asbury in GA. Certainly their paths crossed in Augusta Co. VA and Mecklenburg NC, but perhaps also in Iredell /Rowan since Asbury was in those places much

29. Harrisons

earlier than he was in Buncombe. He also mentions the long trip he made from Kentucky to Georgia.

p 15. Monday Mar 1, 1790. We crossed at Augusta, in Georgia, and rode to Sandy Creek Church.. thence we proceeded to Briar Creek. Tuesday March 2, 1790. I preached at an old church near Waynesborough, at Thomas Wyche's in the evening.

p 25. Monday December 2, 1799. We rode 12 miles, in a very damp day, to the widow STEWARD ' S... (Her) house stands between Greene and Oglethorpe Counties. (Is Steward=Stewart?... About this time one of his accompanying assistant preachers was Jesse Lee. I mention because Jeremiah Harrison, son of Rev. Nathan married a Lee and had to travel to VA to marry her)

p 30. Dec. 10, 1800. We came to Edmund Butler's in Hancock County. The people had thrown down the old, but had not yet finished their new meeting house... very cold ...Moses BLACK after this brought the people to the dwelling house. Comment: I mention because early Hancock had Harrisons and Lords there, but I am not sure whether this early.

p 31. Monday Dec 15, 1800. We got over Savannah River at Robert Martin's Ferry. a few miles above Petersburg. Here I called upon a family I had often visited in Virginia. I found the parents had grown old and that they had lost sane of their children.... Harrisons? I cannot pinpoint this location but it was only 5 days after the above in Hancock. On the day of Dec. 14th they were in Elbert County after an arduous trip, so I presume that he was crossing the Savannah River into Abbeville, SC where we crossed a few years ago, but on a big bridge because now it is a lake created by a dam.

On a number of occasions he mentions Maryland and Maryland West, apparently implying that he ran into Marylanders he knew there who had moved to GA in sections he called "Maryland West".

p 40. Friday Dec 23, 1803. At Sparta, notwithstanding the races, we had a full house at Lucas' Retreat... There are many hindrances to the work of God in this section of the country ­ same evitable and same inevitable: amongst the first are Sabbath markets, rum, races, and rioting...

p 42. Wednesday Nov. 6, 1805. We rode to Mr. Pope's, Oglethorpe. I preached at the new chapel. Joseph (Crawford preached at GENERAL STEWART' S.

p 47. Monday Dec 22, 1806. We rode to General Stewart's (The day before he preached at Henry Pope's in Oglethorpe Co.

p 50. Saturday Nov 7, 1807. We came to General JOHN Stewart 's. (me night before he had preached at Henry Pope's).

p 54. Dec 4, 1814 (last trip to GA).. mind too strong for the body.. the weather has occasioned me much suffering, not withstanding the kindness and good dinners of friends, and the convenience of my covered cradle on wheels. (I presume that he is now rather infirm but unstopable but now traveling in a horse and buggy (cradle on wheels) that is covered from the weather.

p 55. Wednesday Dec 14, 1814. Rode twenty miles to Nicholas Ware's. When I see mother STEWARD'S children I rejoice. Holy woman! thou didst not believe, and live, and weep, and pray, and die in vain; neither for thyself, nor for thy children, nor thy children's children. Verily there is a reward for the righteous.


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