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HARRISON NOTES July 1996 Part 3

Charles W. Johnson.

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21. Harrisons

Comment: While we are on Harris/Harrison, There was a Jesse Harrison on Crabtree Creek in the courthouse records, but when I looked it up it was Harris in the text of the document. This in Yancey Co. 1811 and he bought it 100 a in 1804 from John Kean. This is much too early to be Jesse Harrison, my wife's g grandfather.

Also a Hugh Gilbreath sold 150a Turkey Creek to John Harris 4-20-1804. Gilbreaths related to Harrisons however. Rev. Thomas Harrison of Belleville, IL m Margaret Gilbreath of Mecklenburg and lived Buncombe for a while.. Most of the other Harris surnames appear to be in the 1820's, however there was a John Harris from David Cole same date as Hugh Gilbreath. and Both Benjamin and William Harris bought from William Erwin.. Where have all the Harrisons gone in the 1810 census. Nathan not there but surely he was since he was selling land in 1811. . Unfortunately the 1810 census is alphabetized which distorts relative locations as made by the census taker. She wonders if the Harris/Harrison confusion, could be involved here. (Nathan not listed but Jeremiah Harrison was. Nathan is listed in the 1820 census with a household of 14. By 1850 the only Harrison household was that of Jesse on 25 acres at Sandy Bottom (Madison County after 1850) but living with him were his parents and siblings).

In the 1820's there seem to be Harrises around Turkey Creek. Could some of these be Harrisons?

Deed book index p 391 has Dennis Carrell selling 1812. No description or amount. p 177 has Willis Carrell selling 50 acres 1-12-1815. Both recorded 8-25-1815. A Willis Carrell bought 50 acres from John Grantham 11-10-1807 French Broad River. Both married to daughters of Thomas, we surmise. Maybe a connection.

She checked A.I.S. for Harrisons for Colonial period to 1820 and found the Illinois Thomas Harrison in St. Clair Co. IL and a Thomas Harrison in 1803 on TN tax list Grainger Co.. Grainger was parent county of Claiborn where Dennis Carroll is said to have gone from Buncombe. Maybe Old Buncombe Co. Thomas got there earlier! She is curious about the Robert Harrison in St. Clair Co. IL. To check censuses.

In the last paragraph of your (mine) Harrison Notes April 1996 p 7 , from Ellen John was an 1808 grant to Ezekiel John, 100 a on Sandy Mush adj to Nathan Harrison. This is not found in the deed book index!

Helen Niewendorp has pointed out the questions about the accuracy of deeds in early Buncombe and the censuses and the Harrison/Harris question. I suppose we do not have to worry about early Wills. They all got burned up!

INTERRUPTION. I guess that you have noticed that my writing looks different from the earlier pages. Beginning on p 17 I am back to a typewriter. My word processor is in the shop waiting for an 18¢ part that has been ordered! The main problem is that it did not want to print H's, which is a serious problem when writing about Harrisons.

FROM BECKY BONNER. Professor Bonner of the University of Oklahoma, as you know, has instituted THE HARRISON GENEALOGY REPOSITORY, a place on the Internet for researchers to seek and to provide Harrison genealogy. She and her mother, Josephine Lindsay Bass work on all this together but they have provided me with their own genealogy which is somewhat connected to ours, in that they are of LGT origins and from Michael Harrison who did spend some time in Buncombe. They are particularly interested in Buncombe County Harrisons as a possible connection. So, what follows is an abbreviated summary of their Harrison genealogy. She says that much of what follows is unproven, but it is clear that the ancestry goes back to James Harrison b 1797 VA/TN and wife Elizabeth b 1790 SC, apparently a cousin of James. James was either the son or close relative of Gideon Harrison, a Rev. War Soldier who fought in the Battle of King's Mountain, and b 1762 Rockingham VA. Gideon had a brother Michael and both were in Limestone Washington Co. later Greene Co, TN in the early 1800's (This is getting very close to Buncombe NC). Living with Michael were a lot of people, according to the census that were Not his children, but probably relatives in 1819 in Limestone Co, AL.

22. Harrisons

These included 2 Joseph Harrisons, Daniel, Michael and Robert Harrison. In the 1820 census of Limestone, AL were Gideon, James (her ancestor), Jesse, John, John C., and Joseph Harrison. She suspects these households may be connected to the Buncombe County Harrisons. (comment: These names of Robert, Joseph Sr. and Jr., Jesse, John and John C. are certainly of interest to us as noted on the preceding pages. )

The following is the Tentative Ancestry of James Harrison as of 26 Apr. 1996.

  1. 1. Capt Daniel Harrison Sr. son of Isaiah Harrison and Abigail Smith b c 1701 in Smithtown, Long Island, NY, died 10 duly 1770 in Near Present day Dayton, VA. He was first of the LGT brothers to patent land 1738, Orange Co. VA. A letter dated 1889 from Judge Harvey Harrison, a son of Joseph Harrison (son of Gideon) wrote that his great grandfather was Daniel Harrison Sr of Rockingham, VA. He said "five sons of Daniel Sr. came to Madison Co. AL in 1806 from E. TN: Daniel, Jesse, James Gideon, and Michael. Daniel and his wife Sarah ____ had:

    1. Gideon

    2. Michael, Col b 1755, died before 1830. High Sheriff Washington Co. TN 1790. Atty Tenn Land Company, residence Rockingham V6 to Jonesboro, TN to Madison Co. AL. prob m Margaret Roger. (Rev. Samuel R. Harrison of Harrison Methodist Church in Mecklenburg NC also m a Rogers of Roanoke, VA but later than Michael). Jesse Harrison made Bond. Zachariah Cox, Michael formerly of Washington Co. TN, Joseph and Gideon Harrison bought land in Madison Co. AL 1810-1812.

      Michael was attorney for Beatty & Estill - Tenn. Land Co. Land speculators from GA. Michael was Sheriff of Jonesboro & Washington Co TN 1789. In Madison Co AL 1807 bought 200 a for himself, Gideon & Daniel. Daniel either a brother or 1st cousin. Govt archive papers state that he had difficulty with the federal govt and the purchasers of his lands were warned that they might not receive a clear title from the fed govt.

      He left Blount Co in 1807 and moved to Madison Co. AL Listed in the census of 1809 with 8 males all over 20 years of age.

      There is also included material from my Harrison Notes May 1995 and April 1996 about Michael Harrison in Buncombe and material from Helen Niewendorp I had in Apr 1996 Notes. Since there is material added I will be repeating some of my own material with these other sources . ...

      Minutes of Buncombe Court April 1795. Michael Harrison vs Merry Webb. OLD BUNCOMBE COUNTY p 196 had article on Col Thomas Dillard who m Martha Webb d/o Meridith (Merry) Webb and Elizabeth of Henry Co/ VA. Col Dillard moved to Washington Co. TN now Unicoi Co on Nolichucky. Elizabeth Webb 1827 Washington Co. TN perhaps widow of Meridith/Merry. They were perhaps parents of Rachel Webb who m Joseph Sherill. A Merry Webb was involved with many lawsuits including a divorce of Merry Webb and Polly Webb of Indian Creek, Washington Co. TN.

      Apparently, Michael did not m Margaret Roger but Margaret Ragan, daughter of Jeremiah Ragan and Abigail Harrison 9 Feb. 1784 in Rockingham Co. VA.. Margaret was a cousin to Michael. He b c 1765 d 23 Mar 1830 in Athens, Limestone Co. AL

  2. Gideon Harrison son of Daniel Harrison Sr & Sarah b 1762 Rockingham, VA d Sept 1838 in Murfreesboro TN. Buried in old Presbyterian Cemetery Murfreesboro. Gideon lived in Blount Co and Greene Co. TN & Washington Co., VA/TN/NC and had 2-3 wives. He had land on Nolichucky River.

    Of interest, and perhaps for other parts of early Alabama, in regards to other Harrisons, there was an 1809 Special census and it shows Daniel, Joseph and Michael Harrison in Madison Co. AL Michael had 7 m over 21! 6 f under 21, 3 f over 21 and two slaves! That is 16 not counting the two slaves! I would like to point out that Thomas 1800 Buncombe had HH of 14, many adults and Nathan 1820 HH of 14, many adults. Is there a pattern here of Harrison communes?

    There was also an 1816 Mississippi Territory Census which included Alabama then and this included Benjamin (who is he?), Joseph, Michael (Michael) and Robert Harrison. And then there was an 1820 Limestone County AL census - part of US Census? with much of the family already mentioned in their own households.

23. Harrisons

  1. Jesse Harrison. He and family traveled to MO with Joseph Harrison then went south to Cedar Co. MO He had a son Joseph b AL 1828 He m Ester. Also son Gideon Harrison

  2. Joseph Harrison b c 1785 in E. TN. d After 1871 in Warrensburg, Johnson Co. M0. He signed bond for James Craig as Deputy Sheriff of Limestone Co. AL . Had 10 slaves in 1818-1820 tax list of Limestone, AL. He removed from Athens AL to MO 1829 with brother Jesse and Esther, Harvey & Zilpha Bell Harrison and 2 or 3 Craig families also in that part of M0, possible brothers of Nancy Craig. Harvey, the Judge, is he one who wrote the letter., 1889 about family history. (I presume Joseph m Nancy Craig, but I do not see that noted) (oops, I do see that noted!). She was the daughter of John Craig and Martha White and they m c 1805 in Blount Co. TN . They had 9 children, but I will not name them.

24. Harrisons

  1. James Harrison b c 1797 in TN/VA died May 1873 in Athens, Limestone Co. AL. Bur Harrison Cemetery Athens, AL. He was a Corporal in War of 1812. more about them ' earlier. Children:

    • William W. Harrison
    • Margaret Jane Harrison
    • Mary C. ,. (S) Harrison
    • Charles Harrison
    • Nancy Elizabeth Harrison
    • Joseph S. Harrison
    • John C. Harrison

    He m 2nd Amanda Byler 4 Apr 1854 in Lawrence Co. AL

    The Harrison Cemetery was on James property later sold to French, but he denied the existence of such a cemetery. In 1995 WalMart planned to purchase the property to build a super store, but Josephine Lindsay Bass (mother of Becky Bonner) was instrumental in delaying the development until the graves could be located for proper burial in the Athens City Cemetery. The move was conducted by an archeological team for which a report and photographs were prepared.

Included with the above information is much documentation and census records and such., some of which is perhaps involving "stray" Harrisons. For example: In the 1830 census of Limestone Co. AL was # 38. Brazella Harrison with 2 m under 5, 2m 5-10, 1 m 30-40; 1 f under 5, 1 f 30-40.

We keep running into a Harrison of a similar name. On p 5 of my May 1995 Harrison Notes I report on Barzilla Harrison b 1751, a Rev. soldier, a pvt in the NC Militia who entered the service from Surry Co. NC 1781. He m Ann _____ 1775 in Bedford Co. VA/ Another Barzilla Harrison, presumably his son lived in Limestone AL. One of the sons of this younger Barzilla was Jeremaiah Harrison who was under age when his father died (many more children also named). This information from Betty Jo Hulse. A couple of Barzilla Sr's children were Temperance and Richard . ... so, being from Surry Co NC he is suspect of being from Isaiah Harrison Jr and being in Limestone Co, AL he is suspect of being LGT since others were. The name of Jeremiah as a son of Barzilla Jr, is almost diagnostic of being LGT (though not absolute)

FROM JOSEPHINE LINDSAY BASS. She is the mother of Becky Bonner and has just returned from a research trip which included the McClung Library in Knoxville; one of my favorite places and a great genealogical and historical libraries and the location of the E. TN Historical Society and Museum. This is extensive and yet only a part of the work accomplished there. More to come. Yet I will not be able to cover it all. This is already in the Harrison Repository and available to computers.

Blount C. TN. Pioneer John Craig built a stockade fort in 1785 located on the famous old War Trail down which immigrants came from PA and VA. The State of Franklin was formed with John Sevier as Gov and treaties were made with the Indians, but when NC took over, those treaties were negated and the Indians went on a rampage. Near the fort was New Providence Presbyterian Church in 1786 Early members included some prominent pioneers of E TN. In 1795 Blount Co was created and John Craig gave 50 acres for development into the town of Maryville. However, the courthouse was not located there until 1809 after John Craig had moved to Limestone Co. AL.

As early as 1788 the Methodists had preachers in Blount Co. comment: surprising! I do not think that Bishop Asbury was making his rounds in that area that early. Isaiah Harrison son of Old Jeremiah, presumably, and a friend of Bishop Asbury, was a Quaker early on and represented a Blount County Meeting as well as a Greene County meeting in a conference opposing slavery. Later, Isaiah is noted as a Methodist preacher at Harrison Methodist Church in Greene County.

25. Harrisons

Blount County Deeds. An interesting one is Benjamin Rogers to Uriah Sherrill 28 Feb 1817 for 100 a on Little River. Uriah Sherill "Ute" was founder of the Sherills of Sherill's Ford in NC as one of the first pioneers in the 1740's. This must be a descendant. Samuel Sherill was a neighbor of Gov. Sevier and his dau was the second wife of the Governor.

Harrison Deeds


GLASS: CHICKAMAUGA CHIEF. He was one of the Cherokee Chiefs who followed Dragging Canoe out of the Cherokee Nation to establish the Chicamaugas in 1777. He was one of the most fearsome,. and in 1788 he participated in the defeat of Gen. Martin's army near Lookout Mountain and in the Gillespie Massacre 1791. The Chickamaugas made peace in 1794 and Glass signed the treaty at Tellicao Blockhouse. He became less fearsome after some bribery was applied for him to cede Cherokee lands. He in fact supported the removal of the Cherokee to the West and he led 157 Cherokees to the tribe's western lands (long before the "Trail of Tears). Glass died 1819.

There is much more interesting history involved here but I am resisting the temptation to cover it.

MURFREESBORO: Capital of TN 1818-1826.

One of the elegant homes here was that of Capt. William Lytle of PA 1735-1807. His widow m Capt. CARTER HARRISON. He was a direct descendant of King Carter and the James River Harrisons. This would be Sophia R. Lytle who m Carter Basset Harrison, s/o John Scott Harrison and 2nd wife Elizabeth Irwin. Carter had a number of siblings including Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States... but Mrs. Bass questions this. Another report makes the President as a cousin.. (I think that there were at least two Carter Harrisons, perhaps father and son and the younger in TN)

Abstracts of Co. Court Minutes 1804-1810 Rutherford Co. TN (Murfreesboro).

Rutherford County TN had many Harrisons in Wills and Census records too: D.A., James A., Joshua, Sophia, Dorothy, another Sophia, David J. Daniel W (spelled Harrison with two s's) Gideon, Nancy, Eli, Joseph, Lewis, Sophia again, Wilie, William H., Lephiah, William C .... Of course, this could contain some of those who were in Buncombe County earlier and disappeared.

THE YAZOO LAND DEAL. This was formed by a group of NC men who bought from the Cherokee Indians the Great Bend area in Alabama north of the TN River. The plan was to create their own county and call it Houston County. SC and GA both claimed this as

26. Harrisons

their territory and they wanted some SC people of influence involved. The directors Joseph Martin, John Donelson, Richard Caswell and William Blount invited Col. Wade Hampton of SC to invest (said to be the wealthiest man in America). Soon after this investment SC ceded its claims to this area to the company. Hampton (his sister m James Harrison of The Venturers) sent surveyors and established a land office in the area but there was a great hue and cry from SC citizens about this giveaway and the legislature rescinded the law, and ceded the land to the US Government. but neither the US or SC paid back the Yazoo stockholders. and this issue was not settled for 30 more years.

Capt. Beatty and Capt. Estill were in the Battle of King's Mountain with John Craig and Gideon H. Harrison. Michael was the attorney for Capt. Beatty, Capt. Estill and Zachariah Cox who had formed the TN Land Co. and who had tried to settle the area twice previously (Chief Glass would not permit this).

Michael Harrison of Madison Co. AL who m MARGARET RAGAN in Rockingham Co. VA The first deed of this area: Madison County, Miss Territory, was Zachariah Cox to Martin Beaty with Michael Harrison who came before the Court to acknowledge signing, sealing and delivering the deed on 4 Oct 1810.

Territorial Papers of US Vol XVIII Terr of MS 1817-1819 p 105 Petition to Congress by the inhabitants of the Territory that no encroachment on the AL Territory will receive any countenance from Congress. Signers included: VINCENT H. HARRISON, Robert H., Middleton H. (Harrisons) and Matthew Hicks.

Terr Papers of the U.S Miss Terr. in Jackson MS Archives p 741 June 1809 written on back of a letter, "I am told there is a Yazoo claimant named Harrison who refused to move" signed Albert Gallatin. Regarding moving intruders off Indian Lands in Madison Co. AL.

Vol 6 p 20 Sep 1809 William Dickson to Sec of Treas of Sales of Public Lands. In answer to yours of the 12th, I have to state that Michael Harrison continues in the occupancy of the land he improved in Madison Co. without relinquishing his claim or taken a permission - the same tract has been recently entered by another person in this office. I do not hear of his having any adherents [no pull?]

p 25 Oct 1809 It being reported that a number of intruders had settled on public lands and that most complied 300-400 families. A Mr. Michael Harrison appears to be the only Yazoo claimant on the land and he published an advertisement her enclosed dated from Madison Co. giving notice of his claim. Shall be removed by force.

In the Jan 1809 census Michael Harrison has m over 21 =7/ under 21 0 F over 21 =3, under 21 6. Slaves = 2 . Total in HH 18!. These are not Michael's Children.. are they kin with rifles -Backup? or no place to live?

In 1795 Georgia which claimed half of the state of AL and MS (all land west of the AL and Coosa Rivers held a mammoth sale in which land was offered for less than 1¢ an acre. The Yazoo investors were there and more than 25 million acres went to three land companies. At a second sale Wade Hampton bought 35 million acres along with John B. Scott and John L. Nightengale called the Upper Miss. Company and they bought all of the land along the northern MS/TN border. Wade bought out all of the other owners of this land. For 550,000 acres they paid 6¢ an acre. (comment by Mrs. Bass: "Somehow I don't feel Michael and friends made out so, well")

"Our Hot Hodgepodge of Tennessee Connections.". This is a feature in the Harrison Repository and this is adding to it.

William Harrison on land deed of Blount Co/ TN Sale in 1826 from Monroe Co. TN , (the one that bothered me) There is a William in the Repository m to a White. Whites were in Blount Co. too. William according to TN Cousins (by Worth Ray) is the son of Battaile. Can anyone verify this for us? Comment: true but I do not know if he m a White. This could be another one. Battaille from Culpeper Co. VA and part of THE VENTURERS CLAN but not in that book, I do not believe but Worth Ray from this Harrison Clan and goes into it in great detail.

27. Harrisons

JAMES M. AYE 1975, III, gggf Harvey Harrison 1890 otter stated that Daniel Harrison of VA was his father and that either a White or a Glas was his wife and the mother of Gideon Harrison. Gideon had a brother reported to be Lt. Wm. Harrison of NC but not verified. (see p 22 of these notes for more detail; but this is adding White as a possible ancestor,

JANE WHITE ROGERS d 1876 VA James River m Peter Harrison Jefferson Co. TN Youngest son - Bible record of James Rodgers Harrison b 1827 Jefferson Co. TN and m Elisa J. Hunter of Madison Co. NC 1853 at Marshall NC by Nathan Hood... interesting! Madison County came from Buncombe in 1850, after the census of 1850. In 1850 the only Harrison household in Buncombe or Madison was Jesse Harrison, my wife's great grandfather with his parents and siblings living with him and by 1860 they were gone too, to Polk Co. TN except for Jesse and his wife and family. Hoods (I do not know about Nathan) were a Mecklenburg NC/SC family but some in E. TN from Lucas Hood and thoroughly involved with Harrisons as ancestors (except for those descended from Lucas Hood) In 1852 Marshall, County Courthouse of Madison, was just beginning to be a popular place because of the fancy hotel in Warm Springs, now Hot Springs, nearby. Wade Hampton (a later one who was Gov. of SC was a frequent visitor there) and perhaps this marriage was of some of the hotel guests. They are not familiar to me as settlers of Madison.

JOHN HARRISON. Bible record. Lived a few miles south of Shady Grove, Jefferson Co. TN. He was 1835-1921. .. I am familiar with a Rev. William Harrison, Presbyterian of this area. Could this be his son? I do not know origins of Rev. William.

NATHANIEL HARRISON c 1758-aft 1834. On monument to soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution who settled in Blount Co erected by DAR 1976. NC line 51667. He lived in Rockingham Co. NC at enlistment, applied for pension 8 Aug 1832 Blount Co aged 74 where he had lived for 12 years and prior to that had lived in Greene Co. TN having left NC about 1796. No family info ...This could be important! He was in NC until 1796.. was that BUNCOMBE??? . It says Rockingham Co. NC at enlistment. Would be more interesting if it was Rockingham VA. I would like the family info that does not exist! I see that Rockingham Co NC was formed in 1785 from Guilford Co. That is in the Dan River area which is the stomping grounds of some more of those Harrisons of Worth Ray, but it is also adjacent to Stokes County which is the stomping grounds of Nathaniel Harrison who m Jemima Stewart about whom the first 10 pages or so of these Notes is devoted.

TENNESSEE CONNECTIONS. This is 19 pages of Harrisons and their connections with other surnames, with one line, usually, for each one. This gives the name, computer number [Harrison Repository ID#], dates and locations. This should be a very useful tool to look up anyone who "rings a bell" but not "exactly" , as often happens to me. Even without a computer to look them up, this is still very useful. For instance:

HARRISON SURNAME REFERENCES IN: TIMESAVING AID TO VIRGINIA WEST VIRGINIA ANCESTORS by Patrick G. Wardell. This is 5 pages, a list of Harrison references in books and records and Journals on Harrison in those two states. One especially attracts my attention: LANDMARKS OF OLD PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, 2 Vols by Fairfax Harrison 1924. Probably nothing to do with LGT Harrisons. He seems to have avoided them and left them up to J. Houston Harrison, but still one of the best Harrison researchers. I had not heard of this book... but maybe not so good after all. In 1924 he was just getting started.

28. Harrisons

HARRISON FAMILY DISCUSSION LIST. This is composed of useful tidbits. One of them bothers me: Gideon Harrison . He had a brother Michael who was Sheriff of Washington ' County, and Dist. 96 in 1795; he lived in Jonesboro, TN... This District 96. I am not familiar with that in Tennessee but I am in SC. Was there also a District 96 in NC/TN?

Becky Bonner says in a letter to me that this Harrison Family List Group is a new addition and is an E Mail group of folks who want to communicate with each other over their Harrison research. There were fifty participants the first day!

THE HARRISON HERALD. I have received another large quantity of Harrison material. This is Volume II, issue #1 1995. by Dede Mercer. This is huge and moreover, much of it is greatly reduced in size so that this is a massive amount of material. Some of this is material I have sent in. However, I am already on page 28 of this Harrison Notes and I will not attempt to cover any of this at this time. Maybe piecemeal and later.

FROM PENNY DENNIS HOLMES of College Station, TX. She found me through the Harrison Repository. She is descended from Merry Webb covered earlier in this report, but she thinks that a later generation, also named Merry/Meridith Webb, but she also has some interesting Harrison/Dennis connections.

Her g grandfather was Tipton Harrison Dennis, son of Noah Dennis who m Martha Emma Lawton in Polk Co. TN. They were also in Sevier Co. TN before they moved to Texas by 1871. Noah had three sisters who married into the Harrison line (Russel, William B. and Robert M. Harrison). Noah's father was Owen Corn Dennis, married to Deborah Green and they were in Benton, Wilson and Cocke County TN. Owen was from SC and Owen was probably son of Joseph and Mary Dennis from Cocke TN and Newberry, SC

I am familiar with Thomas Harrison of Tazewell Co. VA who m Hannah Dennis as his second wife and I wrote about them in Harrison Notes dated 2-4-94 p 2, Harrison Report dated Jan 12, 1994 p 5 and several pages in Harrisons and Associates From Annals Of Southwest, VA, April 17, 1993. LGT also has some Denises in it but they do not seem relevant. Does anyone have any ideas on this? The areas of Polk Cocke, Sevier Counties TN are rife with Harrisons of other stripes and Polk in 18??, had an Isaiah Harrison with a dau Mary who m a Hood! A mystery.

FROM BO SMITH. He has been doing work in Buncombe, but not on Harrisons. He has furnished us with Parham and Martin genealogy there, and no doubt our Harrisons knew them very well since they all were involved with Newfound Baptist Church, but none of these are Harrison ancestors, though both involved with my wife's Treadway and Martin connections. His wife though has some very interesting Harrisons which I have reported on before, several times. This is a n updated version:

Moses Harrison and Abigail Morgan parents of George W. Harrison. George W. Harrison b 20 Sep 1807 in GA m Francis Simpson West b NC 1808. He d 1854 in Milledgeville, GA She d 1901 Atlanta, GA. She dau of Joseph West and Sarah Stanley. Children:

29. Harrisons

George W. Harrison also had a second wife, Joiecy Cannon 1811-1832 dau of Nathaniel Cannon and Francis Sumner from Wilkinson Co. GA. They had only one child and she died at the age of 20.

Elizabeth Jane Harrison 1830-1900 m James S. West 1849

On p 28 I mentioned HARRISON HERALD but that I would have to put that off for a future time... but I will give it a start now:

p 13. Query Linda Nickerson , P 0 Box 12263, Overland Park KS 66212. Seeking info on anc & desc of Sea Captain ABRAHAM HARRISON of London. Eng. and Randolph Co./ Guilford Co NC Abraham was purportedly capt of ship "Jamaicaz" & m c 1777 Courtney Allison/Ellison. He d c 1808 NC. Sons were: WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON m Ann Beeson ROBERT HARRISON m Mary "Polly" Hammer, HUDSON HARRISON m Rachel Beeson, ALLEN HARRISON, m Catherine Nelson & SARAH "Sally" HARRISON m Emsley P. Myrick. Some of these children left NC for Butler Co. OH & eventually Ladoga, Montgomery Co. IN. Courtney Allison's uncle supposedly was Sir Thomas Temple & Courtney lived with him while her husband Abraham was at sea. Most of these children married into Quaker families but it is unclear whether Abraham and Courtney were Quaker .... I mention because this is in an area where probably LGT Harrisons were too (Stewarts etc) and they could be confused. Also, they moved to Ohio and Indiana, where they can also be confused with LGT line. Note a William Henry Harrison born long before the President William Henry Harrison was known.

p 25. HARRISON HISTORIES. I do not see the source but apparently some sort of Bigraphical Encyclopedia. A few of interest:

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