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  TOC Part 2

First, a bit of news. I have been too ill for about a month to accomplish much in the way of genealogy. I am doing very well now and back to work but I have a huge backlog to catch up to.

Another thing that has happened is THE HARRISON GENEALOGY REPOSITORY about which I wrote to you earlier, concerning your material that you have sent me on Harrisons which I have put into my HARRISON NOTES. I greatly appreciate your opinions and suggestions as to how to handle this information as I turn it over to the HARRISON REPOSITORY and its wide access and distribution on the World Wide Web. I have already sent a considerable number of my HARRISON NOTES to the repository after censoring out personal information, addresses in some cases and such. I have much more to send as I go through it all. As I understand it, further processing is required on their end to make it all computer accessible and convenient to computer researchers. I am looking forward to this vast supply of Harrison information in one place.

FROM BETTY JO HULSE. Much of this has to do with a subject broached in my last HARRISON NOTES, April 1996, p 7 about a letter Mrs. Hulse received from Thomas Rider, PhD of Des Moines, Iowa. This concerns the Stewart/Harrison connections of Isaiah Harrison Jr and the clues it might provide as to descendants of Isaiah Jr; a subject which has been sadly neglected and yet of special importance since Isaiah Jr is a prime suspect as ancestor to the Buncombe Harrisons. I have previously approached this subject a number of times but especially in my HARRISON NOTES dated 11-15-94 beginning on p 1. This subject was also discussed in the issues of May 9, 1994 and July 8, 1994.

She received another letter from Dr. Thomas Rider who enclosed material. There is a page from Rowan County NC Tax Lists 1757-1800 by Jo White Lim. This incomplete list of the future Wilkes Co. area includes: JOIN STEWART,, JOSEPH HARRISON, ISAIAH HARRISON, EVEN DAVIS (irrelevant but same name as ancestor of President Jefferson Davis), THOMAS HARRISON.

A list probably of the Yadkin/Wilkes area 1768 shows BENJAMIN STEWART, DAVID (STEWART ?), ISAIAH STEWART (son of David), JOSEPH AID JEREMIAH HARRISON, JNO STEWART, J (blurred) STEWART, another JNO STEWART.

In another list of Rowan the same year of 1768 taken by GIDEON WRIGHT (Isaiah it was eldest son and his mother was a Wright and IM says that Wrights probably also came to the LGT). This list includes WILLIAM HARRISON, DANIEL BOON and SAMUEL STEWART. (I know where Daniel Boone lived in Rowan, if that is relevant to this list. He lived on the west side of the Jersey Creek Settlement, across the Yadkin River and near the junction with Abbott's Creek. His wife's Bryans also lived nearby but they are not on this incomplete list).

Dr. Rider also tells that in eastern Wilkes County is a Swan Creek an which Samuel and David Stewart bought land. He also found that in Wilkes Co was an area known as Swan Ponds and he assumes that Swan Creek and Swan Ponds are the same place. He assumes that this is the same area where ISAIAH HARRISON of Swan Ponds (presumably it or a descendant) got a 1753 land grant. He has a sketch of a map showing Swan Creek in the south eastern part of Wilkes, nursing into the Yadkin and near Yadkin Co to the east and Iredell

2. Harrisons

Co. to the south. ... Comment: This is questionable. There were several "Swan Ponds". The best known is in Burke County NC on the Catawba River near Morganton. This is where the famous Waightstill Avery lived. He also owned another "Swan Ponds" in present Buncombe County which he sold to Benjamin Hawk-ins and adjacent to the French Broad River. The pond/swamp was destroyed with the building of the Biltmore Mansion site. There was also another "Swan Ponds" in east TN. It would be convenient if Dr Rider is correct since the Stewarts are on Swan Creek, but not necessarily correct.

Dr. Rider also believes that Joseph Harrison of this area was related to Isaiah and Jeremiah Harrison and Samuel and David Stewart. His theory is that Joseph Harrison m Ann Biles (Bales, Beals, Boyles) June 30, 1762 and had the following children:

  1. Nathaniel c 1768 m Christina Phesler 1783 Wilkes
  2. Joseph c 1768 m Drucilla (my comment: Drucilla Bentley was the wife of a Joseph Harrison of Iredell Cc who was the ancestor of the Watauga County Harrisons, including his son Rev. Joseph Harrison, Baptist, and clerk of Watauga County with a well delineated bunch of descendants. This Rev. Joseph Harrison was confused by some to be the same one of Buncombe who m Margaret Hill and so stated in some Buncombe family records).
  3. Mary c 1769 m Thomas Millsap 1784 Wilkes.
  4. Martha c 1765 m Joshua Davis c 1784 Wilkes. (Reminiscent of John Davis of Buncombe whose daughter m John Harrison of the 1800 census)

He comments that in the 1790 census Nathaniel is shown as a single male and the theory is that his wife Christina had died and he later married Jemima, daughter of David Stewart in 1797. (This marriage was opposed by the Stewarts because of the "mixed race" of Nathaniel, but they eloped - Nathaniel left a Rev. War pension record). He also comments that there was at least one other Joseph Harrison at the time of the 1790 census (living alone as I recall).

Comment: This would explain the well reported Watauga Co. Harrisons in HERITAGE OF WATAUGA COUNTY NC. However, the author of these articles, Winifred Hampton, believes that Joseph who m Drucilla had a brother Benjamin who went to Indiana and they were sons of a John Harrison of the James River Presidential Harrisons,, but these are family traditions and I prefer Dr. Rider's theory. These Watauga Harrisons had many similar names to the Greene Co. TN Harrisons and the Buncombe Harrisons. There are many pictures of them in WATAUGA HERITAGE and they look very much like the present day Buncombe/ Madison NC Harrisons who are her relatives.

Mrs. Hulse considers the above theory interesting but she disagrees with him about the location of the "Swan Ponds" and she does not think that the Nathaniel Harrison who m Jemima Stewart had been married before, though 'he could have been. She is of the opinion that the Stewarts and Joseph Harrison may have been related or involved as they lived in the same area. There are records in Rowan, Surry, Stokes, Wilkes and Burke to consider. She does believe that the early Joseph Harrison of Rowan and Sung was of the Isaiah Harrison family, but how the Iredell ones vane into it she is not sure. She cots that Isaiah Harrison Jr (in LGT) was adm of Joseph Harrison's estate in Augusta VA in May 1748 and on Sept 1, a "vendue" of Joseph's goods was held at the house of Samuel Stewart by Jeremiah Harrison. And May 23, 1750 Order book II, p 365 is recorded Isaiah Harrison admr of Joseph Harrison removed to Carolina.

LGT says that Isaiah Sr died enroute to VA. He had no son Joseph and

3. Harrisons

it is reasonable to assume that if Joseph had belonged to any of his living sons that his father would have been adm of his estate. Gideon Harrison, son of Isaiah Sr and his first wife (Wright) had died before the family moved to VA. but LGT, p 124, also says that some circumstances indicate that his widow and children were among the first settlers in the Harrisonburg region. Isaiah Harrison Jr came later (the eldest son but the last to cane to VA). Tradition is that 16 were in that party (p 120 LGT). So, even though LGT says that Joseph who died in Augusta 1748 was the son of Isaiah Jr, that is not necessarily so. He could just as well have been a son of Gideon and that the Joseph who got land in Old Rowan County NC was the son of Isaiah Jr.

Isaiah Jr was b Sept 27, 1689 and would have been 61 years old in 1750 and 64 when he entered land in 1753 (Swan Ponds) and in 1761 he would have been 72 when Isaiah appears on the tax list above.. pretty old for those days.

LGT does not say how many children Isaiah Jr had, nor his younger half brother Samuel. In addition to the tax lists quoted above, NORTH CAROLINA TAXPAYERS 1701-1787 by Clarence Radcliffe shows for Rowan and Surry Cos.: Josiah Harrison 1759 Rowan; Essiah Harrison 1772 Surry Co. (presumably Isaiah); Bessiah (Isaiah?) 1771 Surry; John Harrison 1771 Surry; William 1771 Surry; William 1772 Surry. Most likely John Harrison is the brother of James Harrison who m Elizabeth Hampton and the two Williams are the same person paying taxes both years. (Comment: John and James Harrison.. not LGT James Harrison is the subject of the book THE VENTURERS and m Elizabeth Hampton, sister of the famous Wade Hampton. John operated an important store at Shallow Ford and apparently never married - though I wonder).

Joseph Harrison bought land from Anthony Furlerburg in 1758 on the 1E side Yadkin. In 1762 Thomas Harrison was a witness to a deed from Jacob Lash both sides Town Fork Creek, and in that same year Thomas was a witness to deed of Jacob Lash from Granville, on Mill Creek of Gargabs Creek, which Mrs Hulse takes to mean Gargales Creek, which later is called Muddy Creek and is located in SW Stokes Co.

In 1768 if he were still alive, Isaiah Harrison Jr would have been 79 years old and in 1771 81 years.. She believes the "Essiah" listed in the 1771 listing would be a son of his, or a son of Thomas Harrison who lived in the area. She wonders if the Josiah in the 1759 Rowan Co. Tax list is not Isaiah misspelled.

She wonders if in the 1800 Buncombe Census of Thomas Harrison,, if he could possibly be the one who was in Rowan/Surry/Stokes area early, and if he was a son of Isaiah Jr. He could have gone dawn to the Rutherford area and to Buncombe by 1800.

Mrs. Hulse learned a useful item: A man did not have to be 21 to own land, but he had to be 21 to sell it. (That would permit a deed of gift to minors or that they could inherit the land, before 21, which might solve a bunch of questions about ages that do not seem to fit. I am also familiar with South Carolina policies especially around 1768 when they were having a big influx of settlers. They were encouraging the settlers by generous grants and furnishing tools, livestock, supplies and such to the poor. Their general grant policy at that time was 100a for head of the household, male or female, plus 50 acres each for the wife, each child and each servant or slave. However a boy or girl 16 years of age or older could get 100 acres on their own whereas only 50 acres as a child for their parent. Also, they did not pay too much attention to proof of age of these kids who claimed to be 16. I do not know about NC policies in that respect).

4. Harrisons

Enclosures from Betty Jo Hulse.

From THE STEWART CLAN MAGAZINE, Dec 1938. Article, STEWARTS OF OLD ROWAN COUNTY, NC -SAMUEL AND LYDIA STEWART OF YADKIN COUNTY. David Stewart, son of Samuel b c 1722 was in Augusta Co. VA 1747-48 when he "beat the bounds" (processioning boundaries I presume). About 1748 he cot a Granville cant for 138 acres on the Yadkin in Anson Co. NC, later Rowan, then Surry, then after 1850 Yadkin Co. It was surveyed Jan 10, 1748-9 with chain carriers Abraham Potter and Anthony Heavely. David settled on Swan Creek probably before his parents came. He had a constable's beat on the north side of the Yadkin from Muddy Creek (present Davidson Co) upward as shown in the minutes of the court 1753-1756. In 1757 he was granted 380 acres on the east side of Yadkin which he sold in 1779 to John Lynch. David and Samuel Stewart sureties 1762 on the marriage bond of JOSEPH HARRISON and ANN BALLS of Rowan. David and Samuel Stewart were execs of their father's will in 1770 and their mother's will in 1772. David Stewart had a daughter Lydia.

Samuel Stewart, son of Samuel and brother of David b c 1724 m Elizabeth _____. He moved from VA to NC about 1751 probably before his parents. He obtained a grant of 646 acres 1751 with survey 1753. Later in 1762 he got another grant on the east side of the Yadkin on both sides of Swan Creek adjacent to his brother David. John Harrison was a witness. He and David may have been living in Stokes Co in 1790 for the census. There was also a Thomas Stewart, a Rev. War Vet in Surry who m Jane Potter. (I think I notice a discrepancy here: Swan Creek is not on the east side of the Yadkin but on the SW side according to Dr. Rider's map. Also, the author of this article tells about visiting the place and describes its beauty but nothing about a pond in 1938. This is in that part of Surry which became Stokes Co.).

There were several John Stewarts in the area. The John who was son of Samuel was probably not the one married to Hannah Boone and who was killed by Indians in 1770 (hunting buddy of Daniel Boone as I recall) and he probably was not the John Stewart who m Margaret Potts 1770. The proper John Stewart m c 1760 to Susanna Bledsoe, a widow and daughter of Frederick Fulkerson and settled in Surry Co. He probably gave the name to Stewart Creek, west of Mt. Airy. This John and Susanna sold their land 1765 and moved to Mecklenburg County NC 1771 on Stony Fork of Mallard Creek. They sold that too and moved to TN to a branch of the Holston.

There is much more about these Stewarts in these pages.. I have summarized considerably.

This article is subheaded Samuel and Lydia Stewart,, but they are really not discussed in these pages. However, the presumption is that Lydia was Lydia HARRISON, daughter of ISAIAH HARRISON JR.

SURRY CO. NC COURT MINUTES VOL I & II, 1768-1789. p 16. About August 1779.

5. Harrisons

SURRY COUNTY DEEDS 1779-1797.p 55 30 Aug 1779 Benjamin and Joseph Stewart to Matthew Brooks L520, 384 acres east side Yadkin being part of 508 acre Granville grant to Samuel Stewart Sr. Wit: William Thornton, Agness PRICE, and James Blackwell. Signed Benjamin (X) Stewart, Joseph (X) Stewart and Elizabeth (X) Stewart.

STOKES CO NC DEEDS 1787=1797. p 401. 1 Sept 1797. Marshall to Feizer 163 acres in Wachovia on branch of JAHANNA OR MILL CREEK ALIAS GREAT LICK CREEK.. BRANCH OF GARGALES OR MUDDY CREEK CALLED GRASSY FORK. (Mentioned because of the names of creeks that are to come up later, and adjacent to the Moravian Settlement, now Winston-Salem.

p 403. 24 Feb 1796 Thomas Millsaps, Randolph Co. NC to John Cooper, 12,000 pounds of tobacco for 640 acres (Thomas Millsaps m Mary Harrison daughter of Joseph Harrison.. see p 2)

STOKES COUNTY NC WILLS 1790-1864. Will of David Stewart (Stuart) Nov 24, 1801. Pr Dec 1807. 7b Jamiah Harrison, Hezekiah Rankin, Lydia Potter and Abigail Curd, 20 shillings each. Five sons: John, David, Reuben, Samuel and Thomas, all my estate, also negroes (6 of them) Wife Abigail Stewart to be maintained, Execs John and Reuben Stewart. Wit: Thompson Glenn, Frederick Miller, and Henry Holder. Signed David (X) Stewart... comment: Though this is a sizable estate, he treated his daughter Jamiah (Jemima) Harrison,, wife of Nathaniel Harrison of the possible mixed blood equally with his other daughters though with only 20 shillings. Perhaps there was some sort of reconciliation before his death though he had opposed the marriage.


Mrs. Hulse points out that this Joseph Harrison who m Mary Gregory was in NC. (I vaguely remember this but at the moment I am blank about this. The Harrison/Burton marriage reminded me of the Queen's Creek VA Harrisons and a descendant Francis Burton Harrison from Lynchburg, VA, Quaker origins and Francis Burton and his brother Fairfax Harrison both great Harrison genealogists. The J as middle initial could be Jordon.

GUILFORD GENEALOGY, Vol 9 #2 1982 #16. A query. Need help on family of Robert Harrison who m 1. Isabell Ray and 2. Elah Cobe, living on Stinking Quarter Creek in late 1700's and early 1800's. Other Ancestors in this area: Shofner, Cable, Cook, Helton, Kimbro, Brinkley, Low. Boyce Brinkley, R 2 Box 109,

6. Harrisons

Wartrace, TN 37183... Attached to this is a document appointing Allen Burriss guardian to Owen Harrison, orphan of Robert Harrison, Rowan County Aug 5, 1807.

FROM HISTORY OF ROWAN COUNTY by Rev. Jethro Rumple. p 54 David Stewart Constable 1753, on the north side of Yadkin from Muddy Creek and upward.. James Hampton from Beaver Isand Creek and upwards (I am guessing that this is a member of the Hampton family in the trading business with James and John Harrison.. James m to Elizabeth Hampton of THE VENTURERS)

p 28, 29. The ancient traveler/explorer Lawson (about 1710 or so) told about Sapona town, an Indian town and the author believes this to be at Trading Ford of the Yadkin (where one of the Hamptons and Harrisons' stores were). Lawson tells about the last day's journey before reaching Sapona town. He describes a train of swans and other waterfowl, very pleasing to the eye.. (but no mention of a pond).

PETITION FOR IRONWORKS IN RUTHERFORD COUNTY 1787 by Mies Philbeck. This to the state legislature but name or date of publication not apparent. The petitioners are seeking the establishment of Ironworks in Rutherford at Tumbling Shoal purchased by James English, Jeremiah Early and Company at great expense, signed by inhabitants of 2nd Broad River and its vicinity. Signers include: Thomas Goode (related to 2 Hawkins families), Jacob Davis,, William Hawkins, Thomas Harrisson (note the 2 ss's), Abel Hill. (Abel Hill the father of Margaret Hill who married Joseph Harrison and lived Buncombe and they had a son Able Hill Harrison).

ANOTHER MAILING FROM BETTY JO HULSE with more Stewart info from Barbara Blankenship, who is also interested in the Pattersons who were dawn in York Co. SC near Rutherford NC and involved with Harrisons there. (Recall that Pattersons of this area were also from Augusta County VA. Old Jeremiah Harrison, son of Isaiah Sr later of Greene Co. TN, was m to Catherine Adams whose mother was a Patterson). There are copies from a book, THE MAIDEN FAMILY OF VIRGINIA AND ALLIED FAMILIES. This connects Maidens and Underwoods to Stewarts and the author suspects, without proof, that Lydia, wife of Samuel Stewart was the daughter of Isaiah Harrison Jr.

Mrs. Hulse is considering the question of the possibility that her Nathaniel Harrison and others in Buncombe could be sons of Nathaniel Harrison and Jemima Stewart, daughter of David Stewart and Lydia (Harrison?). There are no Stewarts in the 1800 Buncombe County census but between 1810 to 1828 there are several entries for Jacob Stewart in the Buncombe Deed Books. In Rowan County marriages is a record of Jacob Stewart m Nancy Potts in 1768. A Jacob Stewart also m Elizabeth Setzer b ca 1778 in Buncombe (From HERITAGE OF OLD BUNCOMBE CO, VOL I # 566.

Jemima Stewart Harrison in her application for a pension said she had borne three children by Nathaniel, 2 of which were dead by 1842, time of her application. Mrs. Hulse's Nathaniel Harrison of Buncombe/Shelby Co. AL disappears from the records after the 1840 census. In Shelby Co. AL in the 1820 census there were three Harrison families... Nathaniel, Thomas, and Benjamin who was over 21 and living alone. In 1830 Benjamin was 30-40 as was Nathaniel with wife, children and a female 60-70 in his household. Thomas is not listed. She has always assumed that Benjamin and Nathaniel were brothers and Thomas their father and the elderly female their mother and

7. Harrisons

that Thomas had died between 1820 and 1830.

Comment: Wow! This is pretty heady stuff! This could be Thomas and Eleanor moved from Buncombe from the 1800 census around which so much of our genealogy seems to be centered! No evidence of course, but it fits. I would like to mention another item... about all the Nathaniel Harrisons who could have been in that 1800 Buncombe house of Thomas and Eleanor: Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison, my wife's ggg grandfather could be another Nathaniel but took up the nickname Nathan to identify him from the others in and around that household. His shaky signature on his will appears to be closer to Nathaniel than Nathan. On the other hand, his middle name of Thomas might have been common in that household: Father Thomas and son Rev. Thomas who moved to St Clair Co. IL.

THE MAIDEN FAMILY OF VIRGINIA AND ALLIED FAMILIES 1623-1991 by Sarah Finch Maiden Rollins. Though this book covers a number of families the information furnished is primarily Stewarts. This takes the Stewart family back to Dr. John Stewart and wife Elizabeth Alburtis, he b c 1689 in Newtown, Queens Co. Long Island NY. The family moved to Monmouth Co. Fast Jersey c 1696 for about 4 years and then to Sussex Co. Delaware, one of the three lower counties of Penn's province of PA. When Dr John Stewart died c 1704 and the widow remarried Thomas Davock. Children were: Samuel, David, John, Elizabeth, William and Mary. (Sussex Co. Del was where the LGT Harrisons were on Maiden Plantation prior to their move to Augusta VA, except for Isaiah Jr, as I recall, who was in East Jersey adjacent to Sussex Delaware). The author has particularly followed up on David Stewart.

David was a carpenter and died age 29 and brother John his exec but his estate papers have not been found. It is presumed that he was father of Samuel, John and a daughter who m William Mark. Samuel is the author's ancestor and the ancestor of the Stewarts wee have been discussing. He m c 1729 (long before the move to Augusta VA), Lydia (Harrison?) in Sussex County. Their children were: David, Samuel, John, Isaiah, Joseph, Benjamin.

Not only did Samuel Stewart move to Augusta Co. VA but so did his brother John Stewart and his sister who m William Mark. John and William Mark had adjoining tracts on Linville Creek. John did not move to NC as did Samuel. John Stewart bought 27.5 acres of land on Cook's Creek from Jeremiah and Catherine Harrison Book 9, p 217. 1761. There were a number of other deeds involving the Stewarts, Matthew Black, William Mark, William and Robert Cravens and Harrisons.

p 294. Samuel named his first son David for his father. "Samuel Stewart's wife was named Lydia, and it is thought that she was a Harrison, daughter of Isaiah Harrison Jr, eldest son of Elizabeth (Wright) and Isaiah Harrison." By the 1950's the Samuel and Lydia Research Association felt, as new records came to light, the conclusion that Samuel Stewart's wife was Lydia Harrison was on good foundation. This is not documented however in J. Houston Harrison's SETTLERS BY THE LONG GREY TRAIL.

Children of Samuel Stewart AND Lydia (Harrison?): (abbreviated)

  1. David Stewart b c 1729 m ABIGAIL HARRISON (?). In 1747 Rev. John Craig of Augusta, now Rockingham baptized David Stuart and Abigail Harrison, adult persons. They moved to Anson NC 1748 before the rest of the family moved there.

  2. Fourth child (I am skipping others) was Isaiah Stewart b 1738 Sussex Co Del, possibly named for his maternal grandfather Isaiah Harrison Jr.

  3. Benjamin b 1745 Augusta Co. VA. m 1769 Elizabeth Winscott of Rowan and by 1790 had left Surry Co for Washington Co, NC, now Greene Co. TN on

8. Harrisons

p 295. footnote: The Harrisons, Potters, Stewarts, Cravens and Blacks were neighbors in Sussex Co. Delaware and in Augusta Co. VA and some of them in NC. (Wrights also I expect and Ponders).

p 296. Stewarts and Cravens had dealings in Sussex Del. If Lydia Stewart was in fact Lydia Harrison she would have been the niece of Mary (Harrison) Cravens, wife of Robert Cravens. Samuel Stewart sold land to them in 1729/30 in Sussex, Del.

p 297. The author suspects that the Stewarts and Harrisons' route to Augusta Co. VA was by way of Ashby's Gap in the Blue Ridge, but LGT suspects Thornton's Gap south of Ashby's. Though this is not important, I favor Thornton's Gap. Or at least they probably traveled Thornton's Gap in getting to Orange Courthouse to make their deeds and transact business before Augusta County was formed. In traveling Thornton's Gap Road, which is still there and a main highway, they would have had to pass by my gggg grandfather's place and maybe stop to set a spell. This was James Johns(t)on who was in this same spot from 1735 to 1766 when he and family moved to Newberry SC. It is likely that Samuel Newman, deacon of Linville Creek/Smith's Creek/ Alderson's Baptist in Augusta VA where many of these Harrisons went to church and lived, joined up with the same wagon train to Bush River in Newberry. This wagon train leaving from Culpeper and no doubt Thornton's Gap started out as Anglicans but ended up in Newberry SC as Baptists with Rev. Samuel Newman their first pastor.

p 299. Buyers at the sale of the estate of Joseph Harrison 1748 Jeremiah Harrison sold the goods. in the home of Lydia and Samuel Stewart. Isaiah Harrison Jr, surety: Isaiah Harrison, Samuel Harrison, Jeremiah Harrison, Daniel Harrison,, Thomas Harrison, Joseph Harrison (so there were two Josephs), Robert Patterson, Solomon Turpin, Timothy Convey, Peter Dyer, Samuel Morrisey, Cornelius Bryant, Arthur Johnson, William Williams, Abraham Smith, Henry Smith, Tunis Wood (I'll bet that was Tunis Hood, but Woods were there too), Samuel Hull, Edward McGuines, Archibald Buchanan, Joseph Bryan, Aaron Oliver, John O'Neal, Ephriam Love and Samuel Wilkey.

p 306. Samuel Stewart sold his land in Augusta Co. VA in 1766 (same year of the wagon train from Culpeper and same year Samuel Newman left, perhaps on that same wagon train. Did Samuel Stewart also go part way on that same wagon train? and stop off in Rowan County? Magy and Robert Black were witnesses to this 1766 deed. No doubt the same Robert and Maggy (Cravens) Black of the York SC enclave of Harrisons on Clark's Fork of Bullock's Creek.

p 307. Will of Lydia (Harrison?) Stewart. 11 Jan 1771, widow of Samuel Stewart. Surry Co. NC. It reveals a possible defect in title to the Swan Creek property. She states that if a clear title can be obtained, the land should be sold and divided equally among her sons David, Samuel, John and Isaiah. Samuel Stewart had left the other property to the two younger sons.

FROM BETTY JO HULSE AGAIN, another letter and more comments on the theory that her Nathaniel Harrison of Buncombe to Shelby Co, AL could be the son of the Nathaniel Harrison who m Jemima Stewart, Stokes Co. NC... His age was about right. In 1822 Nathaniel Harrison and Joel B. Harrison were signers

9. Harrisons

of an "Article of Agreement" to furnish a place and pay for a teacher to conduct an English School for two months 5 days a week (Shelby Co. AL). She does not know who Joel Harrison was unless he was Joel Benjamin, Benjamin being listed in the 1819/1820 census. Both of these Harrisons are absent from the 1850 census but there was a Thomas Harrison in the 1858 census for Alabama in Shelby County, who is the son of Nathaniel Harrison and whose descendants still live there. Both Nathaniel and Benjamin could have been dead by 1850 (or by 1842 when Jemima filed for a pension in Stokes)... About the Stokes Nathaniel being of mixed blood... there was the story in the family that there was Indian blood somewhere in the family, but it has not been found, unless this Nathaniel's mixed blood is the source. (Does this mean that Isaiah Jr or a child of his fathered Nathaniel by an Indian wife? This would be quite common and expected if such was an Indian trader. Yet, another source of Indian blood could be that if her Nathaniel was the son of Thomas of Buncombe, Thomas could have sired him by an Indian wife, perhaps Eleanor, After all, we have the information that Gov. John Sevier was furnished information on whites living in Indian country in the 1790's and one of them was Thomas Harrison, a blacksmith and Indian trader-another comment: The name Joel.. I have done work in Surry/Stokes on other lines and I found many there with the name of Joel for some unknown reason. This could be a weak clue that Joel or Joel Benjamin Harrison of Shelby, AL came from Surry/Stokes.)

Mrs Hulse comments about there being Joel Harrisons in several locations, including Surry NC area as she remembers and there are three Joels in 1350 census of AL with one each in Madison, Jackson and Jefferson Counties. In 1840 a Joel in Maringo Co. and also a Nathaniel there. In 1830 there was a Joel B. Harrison in Perry Co. age 20-30. He could not be the one who signed the agreement in 1822 in Shelby Co. Also in 1830 Perry Co was a Middleton Harrison... The Joel Harrison of the 1850 census of Jackson Co was age 57 and b in SC. In 1867 a Joel Harrison is deceased and his widow Leatha M. Harrison is his adm... The Jefferson Co Joel Harrison in 1850 is also 57 and b SC and wife Francis. They had 7 children from 18 to 2 and records show that a Joel Harrison m a Frances Sweeney Nov 1844, so she must have been a second wife and not mother of the older children.

She comments further that there is probably nothing to her idea that her Nathaniel came from the Stewart - Harrison union.. He would have had to travel to Buncombe Co for some reason to have met Sarah Carroll and married her. If he had relatives there, that could be a reason.

MORE FROM BETTY JO HULSE after a research trip to NC. One of the sites was Dobson in Surry County NC and in the courthouse and the Genealogical Society library at one of the colleges. Other sites were in Buncombe and at the state archives in Raleigh. While in the Surry County Courthouse a young man heard her say she was looking for Harrison deeds and they talked. He is descended from David Stewart, the father of Jemima Stewart who m Nathaniel Harrison. He did not know much about Nathaniel and Jemima but he was doing research on Stewarts. He did know about Lydia Stewart probably being the daughter of Isaiah Harrison Jr. But, no one has proof of this. He was not aware of the LGT book.

MARRIAGE BOND of Nathaniel Harrison and Jemima Stewart. This is a printed form but the blank spaces are left totally blank. The only thing to identify

10. Harrisons

this is writing on the outside of the form which says "Nath'l Harrison Marriage Bond 22 May 1797" and in another place, "Jemimah Stewart". In another area "Nathl Harrison his mark + and James Curd his mark Z" and Teste "JW CC" .


ROWAN COUNTY NC MARRIAGE BONDS. There are too many to list and many irrelevant to our purpose by being too late or of other known Harrison lines in Rowan such as in Rumple's "History of Rowan County" and in "Carolina Cradle", but I will mention a few:

MAP OF FORSYTHE 00 NC SHOWING SAMUEL STEWART'S LAND on Muddy/Gorgales and Dorthea's Creeks. Though this is in Forsythe County now it was formerly Stokes

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