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July 2, 1993

Charles W. Johnson.

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I have written the last pages first and stuck these pages in front. The later pages are overly detailed and much is documented, yet so much of it is irrelevant to my purpose of making possible connections to the household of Thomas Harrison with 14 occupants in the 1800 Census of Buncombe, that I am adopting these front pages in a simpler, condensed format. Much of this comes from 3 books of early Christian county: Estates, Deeds and court records. I have those books and I can consult them for more details, exact dates and such if needed. Since these books are so full of Harrison data, I am only taking samples, though I have looked them all up and reporting only on the more significant ones.

Christian County has not only numerous Harrisons who moved there from right out of the pages of "Settlers By The Long Grey Trail", but some of them had intermediate stops in Mecklenburg, Rutherford (and no doubt Buncombe) NC, York District SC and Georgia. Moreover, Christian County is full of the same surnames, if not the same people with whom the Harrisons were intermarried and associated in old Augusta Co. VA, and many of them also had some of the same intermediate stops before going to Christian County. I will mention some of those surnames which are common to LGT and the Christian County Record books: Cravens, Hoods, Herrings, Adams, Brisbin, Davis, Dyer, Evans, Gains, Hart, Hawkins, Henderson, Hicks, Houston, Humphries, Johnson, Johnston, Lewis, Loftan, Love, mason, McClure, Miller, Moore, Patton, Payne, Preston, Pyle, Ragin, Reeves, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Smith, Stewart/Stuart, Strother, Thomas, Thompson, Usher, Vance, Williams, Wood, and Young. Christian County was a "suburb" of Old Augusta Co., VA, though it was a rather long commute. The hierarchy was the same and though they had "outsiders" from other places, it took a while for them to become important. It appears that the Harrisons and their friends came with money to invest in land to purchase rather cheaply. Much of this land came from warrants they acquired for military service in the French and Indian War, and the Revolutionary War, or by buying warrants from those veterans who were so entitled. Many of thee acquisitions were in large blocks of several thousand acres. Though Christian county was a huge county when created, the center of activity was in the present area of the county, with Hopkinsville as its courthouse, plus some nearby counties such as Trigg, and Todd which were spawned out of Christian. The area is close to Nashville and the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, but lusher and flatter with numerous small rivers and creeks.

In a recent report I wrote of Daniel Harrison from an article in KENTUCKY GENEALOGIES, he was in Kentucky from 1760-1823 and was involved both in Christian county and Clark County, KY. He m Ann Patton and had a son Patton Harrison. He is buried in Clark Co. KY, near Winchester. He was the son of Daniel and Sarah Moore Harrison and his grandfather was Jesse Harrison m Margaret Cravens, and great grandparents Captain Daniel Harrison, son of old Isaiah. Daniel Harrison was important in Christian County, but apparently it was a different Daniel. I expect that the evidence will develop for this.

DAVIS HARRISON. I have written extensively on p 1 of the enclosed report. But I would like to add here a bit. Davis, after all his wanderings was in Christian County by 1811. In 1815, Davis Harrison sold 200 acres in Greene co., GA to John Turner for $300, on Rocklain Creek. This was some 13 years after he had left for KY, since he was in Woodford Co., KY in 1800. He had 400 acres in Christian Co., by grants, 1799 and 1805 in Harrison area. He died in 1817.

DANIEL HARRISON. I do not see his parentage. He was on records 1804, Christian Co. as witness to will to Daniel Reagan. John C. Harrison was one of the execs. Daniel Reagan (a good Augusta Co. name) had land he bought of Nehemiah Cravens and he was the son of Jeremiah Reagan of TN, who was also exec. He also owned land on Cherokee Creek of Washington Co. TN. Daniel Harrison was frequently in the records as a surveyor of a

B. Harrison

road from Hopkinsville to Nashville, or a portion of it 1811-1813. In 1813, he was appraiser of the estate of Walter Bennett and, in 1813; he bought from Addison Harrison 580 acres or $1,000.

ADDISON HARRISON. His real name was Francis Addison Harrison (cannot find in LGT). He too lived in the Harrison area. By Harrison area, I mean Littler River and Sinking Fork of Little River, part of which is very close to Hopkinsville. In 1812, he sold 408 acres to Thomas Hopkins of Rockingham Co. VA, in Chr. Co. In 1814, he was given P of A for some Norths and Davises who were moving away, for Addison to transact business for them in Norfolk VA and Nansemond Co. VA, to sell land they had inherited there. His wife was Theodocia and she was the niece of Col. Carrington. Her guardian, earlier, was John Adams and he was guardian of others in that estate. For some reason, Adams turned over 1000 acres to Theodocia of that estate; but in 1812, she and Addison sold the 1000 acres for $1.00 to the other heirs. (Property on the Cumberland River, where apparently, a warrant that needed to be exercised or lost. The other heirs were in Ohio.) Addison had many acres, and numerous deeds. In 1813, he sold to Reuben Harrison 13 acres for $1,000 (outrageous or in error?). He frequently furnished bond for elected officials or bail for a prisoner. He had slaves and financed a hauling business.

JESSE HARRISON. In 1810, Jesse, Reuben and John Harrison were assigned to help develop a road which went to Logan Co. (East) from Hopkinsville to Jeremiah cravens...I do not know if this is the same road which goes to Nashville. Logan is Russellville, Co. seat and east, whereas Nashville is SE. Many items on Jesse prior to 1814 were found. He had much land, some of which was 4 miles from the C H., and on the E. Fork of Little River, where other Harrisons were. His wife was Rachel. He also had property in Hopkinsville. In 1811, he sold some land to Anthony Socerbeer of Rockingham Co. VA. In 1810, he sold Wm. Brisbin 304 acres for $13,000. Brisbins were from Rockingham. In 1811, he bought Hopkinsville property for $600, but sold it a year later for $300. In many of the deeds the prices seem erratic from very high to very low. The War of 1812? The earthquake of New Madrid, MO with disruption of river flow(?) the same year?

BENJAMIN HARRISON. He was a surveyor of same road in 1812 as other Harrisons and Cravens to Nashville. In 1814, he paid 46 to Ezekiel Harrison, wife Anna, and Lewis and Frances Levell for 550 acres. (Gift?) In 1816, he was a witness with David and H. Harrison Brown to Usher 8 acres for 4400. I cannot find any H. Harrison in LGT.

DAVID HARRISON. He was an estate appraiser for John Carnaham in 1813, along with 2 Paynes and Ed Bradshaw. In 1813, David Sr., appraised the estate of John McCarty with Abraham Enloe and John Adams (John Adams also guardian of Theodocia, earlier, wife of Addison Harrison). John McCarty’s widow had remarried a Bawyer....interesting names: Paynes, Bradshaw, Adams and Bawyer (or Bowyer). Paynes more to come. Bradshaw, neighbor of Harrisons of Chr., Co. and many in LGT. Adams a family of the wife of Old Jeremiah Harrison who died in Greene co. TN. Bowyer. Perhaps the wealthiest family of the Shenandoah Valley because of Borden/Hawkins connections, like marrying heiresses. Abraham Enloe rumored to be the illegitimate father of Abe Lincoln with Nancy Hanks.

EZEKIEL HARRISON. He was the brother of Davis and Reuben, all sons of Thomas Harrison, founder of Harrisonburg, VA in LGT. Ezekiel moved to Sangamon Co. IL prior to Abraham Lincoln moving there. I think I recall a TV movie (not sure about this) in which Abe Lincoln, when he arrived in Sangamon Co. (Springfield) as a young lawyer, visited his Harrison relatives there, but was rejected by them as a suitable suitor for a daughter’s hand in marriage. In 1810, Wm. Craig, a good SW VA name, of Shelby Co. KY sold to Lewis Levell, also of Shelby, and Ezekiel Harrison of Rockingham Co. VA, 1,100 acres for 42,750 of Little River of Christian Co., including where the main eastern branch sinks and where it rises again. Orig. Adam Craig and Zachariah Johnson’s property in 1800. In 1811, Ezekiel (still of Rockingham, VA) was given P of A of Robert Warrener to apply to the office of Virginia for Warrener’s pay for service in last war. In 1812, with Jesse as a witness, he bought Red River property. He wife was Ann (but LGT p 249 says Sarah Bryan as only wife). LGT also tells p 324 that another brother of Ezekial, Jeremiah, went to Woodford Co. KY. That is where Davis, another brother, was prior to moving to Christian Co.

C. Harrison

LGT p 331 tells about Ezekiel, Isaiah and Reuben Harrison making a trip to GA in 1783. But when he was 80 years old and applied for a Rev. War and French and Indian War Pension in Sangamon Co. IL, he told about his life and adventures in the military and did not mention a sojourn in GA. Jesse and Reuben and George w. and Ezekiel B. and Thomas were sons of Ezekiel. Daniel Ragan was his son in law. Probably Ezekiel was the most prominent Harrison in Christian County. He was previously Sheriff in Rockingham VA. In Christian Co. he had a blacksmith shop. In 1814, he was still in Christian Co., but in 1815 moved to IL.

JOSIAH HARRISON. He lived adjacent to Reuben. Josiah was a trustee of Cumberland Presbyterian Liberty church as was John not all Harrisons were Methodists! In 1814, he bought 1650 acres for $1,700, Little River, but more property than that.

FIELDING HARRISON (LGT P 397) 1778-1829 was the son of Col. Benjamin Harrison m Ann Quinn, a wealthy woman with a retinue of slaves in Christian County and, when they also moved to Sangamon Co. IL, they had a fine home. He was the father of Peyton, John F., Peachy A. (female) and others. In 1815, he acquired 1000 acres out of the 2500 acres of the Shelby County, KY Academy lands, along with Jesse Harrison. He also was surveyor for Trigg County, KY, which was split off Christian.

REUBEN HARRISON. Ezekial had a son Reuben, so perhaps this one is he, though there were other related Reubens and some Reubens of other Harrison lines, not closely related. In Chr. Co. 1813, he was a Major and acting Colonel for a time. In 1810, Smith Shaw of St. Charles District, Upper Louisiana (St. Charles, MO, near St. Louis after the Louisiana Purchase) sold to Reuben in Chr. Co. and Robert Harrison 325 acres on Little River for $1,, when these Harrisons moved to IL and MO, they already had friends and relatives there. In 1810, Reuben sold to Jane Hawkins for $1.00 a parcel of land on Little River, part of 230 acres surveyed for Franklin Academy...Jane Hawkins was the daughter of Nicholas Hawkins and closely related to Hawkins of Burke Co. NC and perhaps of the Hawkins of Buncombe—but I do not think so, though not Frances Hawkins—but some disagree with me. This line from Baltimore MD area to VA to Surry/Stokes NC to Burke and involved with Brittains (Brittains also in Christian Co. and Buncombe)...This same property to Jane Hawkins, Reuben had bought from Addison Harrison for $1,000 the same day! Evidently a gift... In 1814, Reuben bought from John D. Patton 950 acres for $3,300 on Little River. This would not be the same John Patton who was the father of Matthew Patton, but likely of the same line. Matthew Patton was the son of John Patton, high Sheriff of Augusta Co. VA in the early days. Matthew Patton’s daughter Ann married Daniel Harrison of Clark Co. KY, who (as I previously mentioned) was a prominent cattleman and had connections to Christian Co. There were several Harrison/Patton marriages in this Daniel’s line. In 1816, Reuben was high bidder at a Sheriff’s sale. This was a complicated deal involving the estate of Azarial Davis (a big wheel, no doubt from VA), but it involved the property which was in the process of being sold to John Gray, son in law to Reuben (and from Augusta Co. VA). Reuben deeded the property immediately to John Gray. Evidently, the 400 acres sold for a high bid of $2,875. Reuben was a JP. Presumably, this is the same Reuben who was a Co. Commissioner in Sangamon Co. IL, to whom Ezekiel submitted his pension application.

In 1808, Reuben bought 5 hogs, 5 sheep and 1 beehive at the estate sale of Hans Black. Hans LWT: wife Agnes, but also called Nancy; sons David, Thomas, and Jacob; daughters Susanna Edwards, Ann Pyle, Sarah McAlroy, Elizabeth Brasure, Jean Pyle; grandson Nicholas Pyle (son of Samuel Pyle). Exec: Agnes and Thomas. Wit: J and Martha Gamble. He lived at Rocklick Fork of Tradewater. At his estate sale, there were numerous Pyles and Robert Cravens and several Roberts. A Thomas Black was in Chr. Co. by 1793 on Little River. In 1804, Hans gave P or A to Jacob Black, a friend (though he had a son of the same name) of Greenville, SC to collect numerous debts owed to him. I judge that from the list of debts these were small and numerous suggesting that he operated a store in Greenville, SC prior to moving to Chr. Co. More about Blacks later...Reuben frequently went bond in high amounts for other public officials.

JOHN AND/OR JOHN C. HARRISON (one or two?). Will of Daniel Reagan (s in 1 of Ezekiel) Wife Eliz and with John C. Harrison exec. Father was Jermeiah Reagan of TN who was also

D. Harrison

an exec. Land bought of Nehemiah Cravens and tract of land Cherokee Cr. Washington Co. TN 1804. In 1810, a road duty with Jesse and Reubin by Jeremiah Cravens place. Jury duty 1811 and trustee 1812 of Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Property on Pond River...I do not know where that is, but must be in the same Little River area and road. Wonder what the C. middle initial stands for (Cravens)?

GEORGE HARRISON. In 1816, he made a statement to the court that he had moved to KY to become a citizen, brought no slaves and will not bring any to sell. Perhaps this is George W., son of Ezekiel.

ROBERT HARRISON. In 1813, he was appointed Deputy sheriff along with Jeremiah S. Cravens and Young B. Cravens, but Robert had previously been deputy in 1812 and active in tax collection and reports to court. A witness to statement of Elizabeth Ragin, who was moving to Chr. Co. 1805 and had a certificate for 400 acres in her own name on Little River. Robert was, perhaps, the son of Davis; but, if so, he was in Christian Co. before his father. In 1810, Robert and Reuben bought 325 acres from Shaw on Little River. (Shaws moved to St. Charles MO area.) In 1807, he bought 1,500 acres at Register’s sale (foreclosure) at mouth of Little River.

In 1817, Joseph Cabell Harrison, son and attorney for Robert C. Harrison, relinquished all claims to a tract of land in Chr. Co. (unspecified) for 450 paid by Adam Linn...This would be Robert Carter Harrison of the James River gang of Harrisons...see later.

THOMAS HARRISON. I have paid particular attention to any Harrison named Thomas because of the Thomas who had the big household in 1800 Buncombe, but not after. Could he have moved to KY? Though there are many Thomases in KY, I do not find any that are particularly eligible, but on the other hand, there are many who could be he—not just in Christian Co.

In 1812, Indenture David Usher and Sarah his wife, and Thomas Harrison of Rockingham VA $2,100 for 191 acres and more in Rockingham VA. The way it is worded, I do not know who sold to whom, but recorded in Christian Co. where David Usher and Sarah moved, perhaps they were selling to Thomas who had nothing to do with Christian County except that many of his family moved there. LGT p 392 says David Usher m Rebecca 1803 and Rebecca was the daughter of Francis Erwin and Elizabeth Clements and her sister Ann m Daniel Harrison 1765-1837 of Christian Co. This and the next page identifies and clarifies the questions I had on Daniel. He had brothers Robert and Fielding. He was the son of col. Benjamin Harrison, whose grandfather was Old Isaiah...More data on Thomases later in other parts of KY.

JAMES HARRISON. In 1808, Coon to James Harrison and James Chism of Barren Co. KY 200 acres Little River for $45.

JOBULON HARRISON. This should be Zebulon. In 1810 Reuben and Sally Harrison sold land in Rockingham VA, Smith’s Creek, 160 acres acquired from father Jubulon Harrison. Zebulon Harrison p 303-4 LGT was son of John Harrison St. and Phoebe _____. Zebulon m Margaret Cravens. Though he had a very large household, only 6 children are identified and none of them named Reuben. He did have a son Zebulon about whom little is known, but it is possible that Zeb. Jr. had son Reuben, or it is possible that this reference to Jobulon could be referring to Sally’s father, but no Sally is among the known children of Zebulon... Some of that Smith’s Creek property was inherited by Zebulon Sr. from the

E. Harrison

estate of his murdered brother John Harrison, Jr., though he had more on Smith’s creek and Linville Creek. Thought to have a son Isaiah in LGT, who went to GA in 1783 and returned(?).

MICAJAH HARRISON. In 1815, he was a trustee of Montgomery Academy, Montgomery Co. KY, but recorded Christian County. There is no Micajah in LGT but many references to Michael. Could Michael be a preferred nickname for Micajah?

BLACKS. I have already told about Hans Black, formerly of Greenville Co. SC with sons David, Thomas, Jacob, etc. But there were other Blacks in Christian County: John P., James, Henry, and Joseph. Hans made reference in giving the P of A to Jacob Black of Greenville SC as a "friend", implying that he was not his son Jacob nor a brother Jacob. In Christian Co. in 1805, David was on Pond River and Little River. The earliest I see is Thomas Black 1798 on Little River. David owned some slaves and one of them was named "Fielding" (which should mean something). In 1811, David with wife Elizabeth "Betsy" was in Illinois Territory and sold 400 acres in Christian Co. In 1813, Thomas Black wife Edith, sold to Henry Dever 800 acres in 3 tracts for $2,000. There was also Black’s Schoolhouse in Trigg County.

CRAVENS. There were probably more Cravens in Christian County than Harrisons, or at least, the very numerous references in the indices are longer for Cravens. Though I scanned them all, I did not make a serious attempt to note them except when there was also a reference to a Harrison. In the library at Hopkinsville, we met a lady who is a Harrison and Craven and considers herself a novice in genealogy; but, she has her Cravens and Harrisons all the way back to England through Old Isaiah and Robert Cravens. She is quite familiar with LGT and House of Cravens and aware of the Hoods, but not the book. Her Harrison/Cravens lines are complete and she, apparently, no longer works on them. We are jealous! The library there has very few vertical files and none on some of their most famous inhabitants: Harrisons.

In 1797, James Cravens of Sumner Co. TN died. Wife, Mary, and John Cravens of TN and Robert Cravens of KY were execs and rec. in Christian Co. In 1814, Jeremiah Cravens was security for Matthew Patton who opened a tavern. Daniel Harrison of Clark Co. m Ann, daughter of Matthew Patton. The article I mentioned in KENTUCKY GENEALOGIES is mostly about Matthew Patton, whose father was John Patton, High Sheriff of Augusta Co. VA. Matthew m a Dyer, and many Dyers were in Christian Co. A daughter of Davis Harrison m a Dyer. Also, much information about Dyers in this same article. Matthew Patton died in Clark Co. in 1803—so this would not be he in 1814 in Christian Co.—but he did have a son Matthew Patton, Jr. (so this was likely he). And Matthew Jr. who was then Sr. in 1818 had a wife Rebecca and had lived in Chr. Co. for 20 years as he stated on his Rev. Pension. The many Pattons of Christian County are descended from him. Patton Harrison was guardian of some of these Patton children and apparently had interests otherwise in Christian county. Patton d. Harrison was the son of Daniel Harrison and Ann Patton.

Some of the other Cravens in Chr. Co. were: Jesse C., Nehemiah, Williams Sr., Robert Sr. and there was Cravens Storehouse in Hopkinsville.

There are still numerous Cravens, Blacks and Harrisons in the Hopkinsville phone directory. One of the more interesting Harrison names today there is Odell Harrison. I have written him. How could a Harrison get the name Odell? The only way I can think of is that he is descended from John Odell Harrison of Macon County, NC. John Odell Harrison was Mayor of Franklin and descended from Rev. Jeremiah Harrison who had married an Addington whose mother was a daughter of Sarah (Odell) Duckett. If he is so descended, perhaps he can straighten out a few problems regarding Rev. Jeremiah Harrison who must have been either a brother or a cousin of Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison, my wife’s ggg grandfather.

Later on, in the numbered pages, I comment on W.T. Black who had much material on Blacks and Harrisons, and that I wrote him. Unfortunately, I just received my letter back marked unknown.

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