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June 1998

Charles W. Johnson, M.D.

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SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, May 10, 1998. Article by T.R. Fehrenbach, a local historian. He quotes and translates from Latin; Suetonius, THE TWELVE CAESERS. Galba 2. GAlba was of noble origin and of a powerful family... as Emperor he displayed a family teree in his hall that traced his ancestry on his father's side to Jupiter and on his mother's side to Pasiphae, the wife of Minos.

Neither Jews nor Gentiles believed in social mobility and anyone who achieved prominence was suspected of exaulted ancestry. Julius Caesar's line claimed descent from Venus. An industry existed to trace rich ex-slaves to the ancient kings of Asia and to prove that every Danubian peasant-soldieremperor's grandmother messed around with at least a minor godling.

I am somewhat familiar with early Celtic royalty. One main feature was that there were many of them. The various kingdoms were small and more like a clan or tribe with. a chief. Yet, they considered themselves Kings and they ruled rather gently and with considerable regard for their subjects' rights. A King served as a military leader and furnished protection for his subjects in return for their support and loyalty. In these days before any written language for the Celts, they had a strong oral tradition and history and a profession to carry their historical responsibility. These were the Bards. They traveled from Castle to Castle and narrated history and genealogy to fascinated audiences. In formal processions a King was accompanied by a Bard chanting the King's genealogy, often going back many generations and prior to the Roman Invasion of England. A bard had considerable respect for the truth and it was unethical his history. There was one occasion however in which the Bards got together and Blacklisted a King and written down; they did not themselves on their memory intertwined with England and the English language, and their official written language of Latin, Bard's tales began to be written down and recorded, including genealogy of minor and major royalty.

ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, May 1998. p 2961. An extensive article by Lillian S. Trussell, GILBREATH FALLS FAMILY RECORDS. The name Gilbreath is interesting. Even though it is a first name it probably derives from a surname which is connected to Harrisons (Rev. Thomas Harrison m a Galbreath/Gilbreath of Mecklenburg NC which was earlier Rowan County NC. Fall/Falls is a name of my ancestry on my mother's side. Could not be mine however since mine did not come to America to settle until after the War of 1812.

Gilbreath Falls was born in 1730 in Chester Co. PA and died 1780 in Lincoln Co. NC. He m Isabella Kerr also of PA. He was in Rowan by 1760 and a patriot and a member of the Committee of Safety in 1775 (to discover British sympathizers in their midst). James Patterson was also a member of that group. (Could be the Pattersson family m into the Harrisons of LGT). He was Sheriff of Rowan in 1776 and 1777 and as a Captain headed a company of light horse cavalry during the Revolution. He was killed at the battle of Ramsour's Mill in 1780 .

They were in that part of Rowan which became Iredell County and he and his wife are buried there (she brought his body home to be buried).

I will not go into all of his descendants but they married Stewarts,


2. Harrison

Gillespies, Youngs and Jamisons, among others. There are many Stewart descendants of Gilbreath Falls. They attended Centre Presbyterian Church and this is where they are buried, including the Stewarts... I see no Harrisons in this extensive article, but presumably these are the same Stewarts who are important to LGT Harrisons of Iredell and Buncombe Counties NC.

FROM BETTY JO HULSE. On p 5 of my April 1998 Harrison Notes, I refer to Joseph Harrison of Newfound Baptist in Buncombe. Betty Jo points out that there is a difference between Newfound Baptist Church and Newfound Baptist Cemetery, especially in regards to Joseph, who has been seriously confused with Rev. Joseph Harrison of Watauga County, NC. Joseph is buried in Newfound Baptist Cemetery, with a DAR Marker installed in a ceremony commemorating him as Rev. Joseph Harrison, pioneer preacher of Historic Three Forks Baptist Church of Watauga County... Wrong; The one of Watauga is prominently buried in Watauga. Joseph of Buncombe was not a preacher and we do not even know if h^ was a member of Newfound Baptist Church, but he is buried there. I am informed that the mistaken DAR marker has been removed.

She also sent: Elam Harrison married Elizabeth Gault, in Mecklenburg Co. NC Oct 1, 1823. She also found in Worth Ray's MECKLENBURG SIGNERS, a marriage of Elam Harrison with Ellen C. Flow Aug 26, 1847. The first wife must have died? In the 1820 census there are three Harrison families listed in Mecklenburg: Daniel, Henry and Robert. In 1830 Elam is not listed but Adam, Griffin, Robert and Thomas Harrison are listed. In 1840 Elam and a Martha Harrison are listed on the same page, separate households. Perhaps Martha was his mother. The 1850 census lists Elam on p 080. Elam, not listed in Mecklenburg but was found listed in Lincoln County, (next to Mecklenburg). If Elam was mentioned in the 1910 will of his maternal grandmother and he was b in 1802, his mother must have lived to be a very old woman in 1910... must be a typo; 1810 instead of 1910.

Comment: The name Griffin Harrison interests me. I have connections with Griffins and quite a bit of genealogy about them. These are probably all relatives of ours, being in Mecklenburg, and having some of those familiar names, but I do not know their ancestry.

DAR MAGAZINE, February 1998, pp 76-83. GEORGE AND MARTHA IN ALABAMA, (Washington, that is). This is about the SMITH-HAPRISON MUSEUM in Shelby Co. AL. These Harrisons are "ours"; the bunch who went from Buncanbe NC to Shelby Co. AL (near Birmingham) - those dewcended from Nathaniel Harrison and his second wife Peggy Crowson. The descent is: (Information from Mrs. Hulse; not the article)

Nathaniel Harrison m Peggy Crowson Thomas Harrison m Louise Houser

George Taylor Harrison m Nannie Fauncher

William Edward Harrison m Georgia Scott Edmondson Karl C. Harrison who helped found the museum. Karl C. Harrison, above, died Nov. 15 (year? 1997?) at the age of 89. He lived in Columbiana (SE of Birmingham, AL in Shelby County). He was CEO and chairman of the Board of First National Bank of Shelby County, and a member of Coumbiana United Methodist Church. He practiced law for 45 years and was a former member of the House of Representatives and the State Senate. In 1983 he founded the Smith-Harrison Museum of George Washington memorabilia in Columbiana and in 1992 he published "Every Man's Shakespeare" and was recognized for his literary accomplishments by THE NEW YORK TIMES,. THE NATION


3. Harrison


His wife was Mildred B. Harrison, Shelby County's first librarian. She died age 88 November 30th (year?). She helped found the Alabama Library Board. She was chairwoman of the MILDRED B. HARRISON REGIONAL LIBRARY for 50 years and served on the State of Alabama Library Board for 10 years, and with her husband founded the SMITH-HARRISON MUSEUM of George Washington Memorabilia. She was a member of DAR. Their children: Nancy Harrison Gray, Helen Harrison Phillips, Carol Harrison Smith and William Thomas Harrison. She was a Bennett and is survived by sisters Ruth Bennett Scymanky, Edith Wakie Bennett, 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Comment: I too am a Bennett and I have considerable information about Bennetts. Bennetts and Griffins were often related.

The above all furnished by Betty Jo Hulse. Now for the DAR article:

Much of this is pictures of the interior of the museum and some of their memorabilia. 'this is stated to be the largest collection of George and Martha outside of Mount Vernon,, This was originally the collection of Martha's grandaughter Eliza Parke Custis who inherited this from her grandmother. She was aware of its importance and she carefully guarded it. After Eliza it has been inherited for numeroud generations and eventually came to rest in Shelby Co. AL. Charlotte Smith Weaver, a 6th generation grandaughter of Martha Dandridge Custis Washington settled in Shelby County. A previous heir had all this in Paducah, KY. Not all of the collection is in the museum. Some of it is in the Mildred B. Harrison Library awaiting a building expansion of the museum.

Sane of the items are earlier than George Washington, such as some urns of Augustine Washington and an original 1710 will of Colonel Daniel Parke. This will stipulated that only descendants with Parke in their names could inherit... so many of his heirs of many generations had Parke for a middle name.

George and Martha were buried in the family plot but later the bodies were exhumed for burial in a different burial ground provided in George's will. The original coffins were so deteriorated that they were replaced with new ones and sane entrepreneur took pieces of linen lining from the old coffins and sold them as mementoes. There are many items of a personal nature such as furniture, China, Silver and paintings but also many papers and letters of historical significance.

Photographs of Karl and Mildred Harrison were part of their obituaries sent by Betty Jo Hulse. He is a very old and distinguished man who looks like a ... well, a CEO and Chairman of the Board. Mildred is quite old but looks very much like a friendly librarian, with a smile.

E MAIL ADDRESSES of members of Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society. This is 11 pages and many names. It lists also surnames they are researching. I will give some of interest:

Garland, Julia, Otto, NC, Macon Co. No surnames are listed, but I know Julia. She has just about everybody else in Buncombe County except Harrisons - but maybe she just has not found a connection yet. A superb source. She and her husband are genealogists for the Garland Family Association.

Betty Jo Hulse. She describes her line as Harrison Families of Buncombe Co. in the 1800's. She is

Rice, Frank Jr. , Diana Texas. HARRISON. I know of Frank Rice. I have considerable information from him but not about Harrisons.

Roberds, Kay H. Gulfport, MS HARRISON not know.


4. Harrison

Bo Smith, Chattanooga, TN Hamilton County Bo Smith is well known to all of us because I have frequently reported on his Harrisons and other lines.


EARLIER JURY LISTS from 1718-1783
1777 James Harrison St. Andrew's Parish (Charleston area)
1783 " 11 St. Phillips Parish "
1757 John Harrison St. Andrew's
1783 "  "  "   "
1740 Thomas Harrison St. Helena (south of Charleston)
1744 " " " " "
1751 " " "
1757 " " "
1770 " " St. George Parish ?, NE SC
1783 " " Colleton County (southern SC but from coast to way inland"
1783 Alexander Killpatrick St. Phillip's 1783 John Kilpatrick, near Wateree River, Noirth Central SC (Kilpatrick marriage to Martha Harrison dau of Nathaniel) Probably many of the above are the same person, different years

INVENTORIES OF SC by Brent Holcomb. These are basically intestate estates which have inventories and in many volumes. This is an index but with some information. Harrison Christopher 14 Oct 1777 St. Helena Parish (S of Charleston) Harrison, Margaret 18 Apr 1770 St. Helena's Harrison, Thomas, 18 Feb 1756 St. Helena Harrison, Thomas 15 Sept 1765 St. Helena's Harrison, William 14 Jul 1774 St. Helena's All of these are near Charleston, but s of the city.


5. Harrison

SOUTH CAROLINA MARRIAGES 1688-1799 by Brent Holcomb Harrison, Edward & Elander Gordon 9 June 1762 St. Phillip's (Charlerston) Harrison, Isaac & Hannah Gladden, widow, 17 June 1790 St. Phillips Harrison, John and Sarah Evans 11 Aug 1771 St. Phillips (There were Evans marriages to LGT Harrisons) Harrison, Thomas, widower & Judith Brown, widow 24 Jan 1743 Harrison, Thomas, widower & Hannah Sealey 12 Nov 1745 Stoney Creek Presbyteruian Church

Comment: At least one of these Thomas Harrisons in these records is likely Rev. Thomas Harrison, Baptist, ancestor of Jean H. Walker who has no known connection to us and lived in the Eastern coastal area of SC. I recognize a few others but nothing that helps me at the moment.

FROM TRESSIE MEALY. She comments on "Snaketail", the Cherokee who owned the land prior to Abraham Lillard in Monroe Co. TN and he continued to live there after Lillard bought it. See p 17, last paragraph April 1998 Harrison. Notes. Noah Lillard, nephew of Abraham moved to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and so probably m to a local Cherokee or had a Cherokee mother.

Tressie found out more about Snaketail. She also reported on Cherokee Hildebrands. I had mentioned Hildebrands. These were white Hildebrands of Lincoln Co. NC who m Cherokee women.

Let me report some other information which will be tied in with all this.

The book, "Early Travels in the Tennessee County" contains a chapter devoted to the journey of two Moravian brethren to the Cherokee Country in 1799. On their journey they met John Watts(2) whose father was the chief John Watts(1) who lived quite far down in the country...

The chief John Watts (1), aka Young Tassel, lived at Willstown, present day Ft. Payne, AL. His son the above John Watts (2) lived in TN and was married, according to the Moravians, to a daughter of Hanging Maw.

There are some deeds in Monroe Co. TN 1827 in which Mink Watts, Doubletree Watts, Forked Tail Watts sell their share of the 640 acre reservation of Old Bark of Chota. Old Bark's widow also sells her dower. A Mink Watts was the son of a John Watts, and uncle to this Tan Watts of the Miller application. See below.

EASTERN CHEROKEES, application for share of money appropriated by Congress for Tom Watts, Texanna, Indian Territory, Dec. 26, 1906.."I am Cherokee and claim for myself, Tom Watts Cherokee Emigrant Rolls 1835-1851."

2nd my father Twowood Watts, or Atadiyoli
3rd my mother Taye ni Watts
4, Mothers side Quatsi or Betsy Utlurtala, my grandmother
5. Mothers side My grandfather Utlurtala
6. My uncle John Bear or Yonugurski
7. Dusawoleda
8. Levi or Oogalogo (Leaf) (cabin TN)
9. Galilohi (aunt)
10. Quati
11 . Ootadi or SNAKETAIL
12. Goolista 13. Enoli or Tiseski
14. Teyur-ye
15. Wada-goo
16. Tanago Sur,, my first wife

6. Harrison

17. Peach Watts or Granur
18. Tony Watts
19. Ravin Watts or Golanur
20. Oosarnoli Watts

(I do not know what relationship all of the above indicates, but Snaketail is the name of the previous owner of Abraham Lillard's land and Abraham Lillard was m to Jane Harrison of the LGT Harrisons - one of us.)

On a 2nd page of this application is a questionaire. In part of it he gives the same names with some explanation and some dates. In the case of Snaketail he says "died 1858 about" and Qati Snaketail, his wife. There are more details but I cannot determine Tom Watts relationship to Snaketail. His parents died after 1835 in the Old Cherokee Nation and so Tom Watts must have been quite old at the time of the application in 1906. The handwriting is quite legible and attractie; however, this ismarked a copy, so this could be a hand copy and not Tom Watts handwriting.

Comment: I know that the Watts family was a very prominent one in the Eastern Cherokees and presumably in the Western Cherokees, with considerable education and leadership abilities. I am also familiar with a couple of Chief Wats. There was Red Wat and Black Wat. I do not know if they were the same as the Watts. I doubt it. Red Wat was called that because of his red hair and his brother was Black Wat with black hair. Both were sons of James Adair, the famous Indian trader and philosopher of Laurens County, SC. He was white and wrote a book about Indians published in England. I believe it was Red Wat who as Adair was Sheriff of Pendleton District SC, as a white man and well liked but he later became a Cherokee Chief of considerable importance, as was his brother Black Wat.

DESCENDANTS OF NANCY WARD. by David Keith Hampton. a few pages from the book. p 100. Nancy Jane Patrick b 1 April 1838 at Cherokee Nation East; died 2 July 1894 at 56 years of age, buried at Nancy Gourd Cemetery, Talequah, Cherokee Co. OK. She married first:

NOAH LILLARD b 25 May 1813 Cooke Co. TN (or is it Cooke Co. IN?), died Oct 1864, son of James Lillard (brother of Abraham) and m 2nd to James R. Gourd, b 1835 AT Cherokee Nation East, died 1915, son of Jackson Rattlinggourd and Elsie Wilson. (Children of both Lillard and Gourd marriages given)

p 101. John Joshua Patrick b 1843 m 1st MINERVA ELIZABETH LILLARD dau of Noah Lillard and SUSANNA MARTIN So, I presume that Noah was married twice and once to a Martin which is a very prominent name in Cherokee history. General Joseph Martin, white, had a white wife but with her permission he also married Betsy Ward, daughter of Nancy Ward, the famous Cherokee, "Beloved Wanas" who was viewed as a sort of goddess by the Cherokee, but very friendly to whites. I presume that the title of the book, DESCENDANTS OF NANCY WARD, refers to this "beloved woman", Nancy Ward.

p 336. Ellen Patrick b 1852 Cherokee Nation West (OK) m Zachariah Taylor Lillard b 1848 at Going Snake District, Cherokee Nation Indian Territory (OK). He was son of Noah Lillard and Susanna Martin.

INDIAN HARRISONS. This names numerous Harrisons who were Indians in the Indian records. Also many named Harris, so since there is sometimes confusion between Harris and Harrison, this should be considered. I will name a few but omit most of the details:

7. Harrison

Also there is considerable information on Hawkins, especially those connected to Benjamin Hawkins, the famous Indian Agent and very much involved with Chief and General William McIntosh, Creek, ancestor of a friend of mine. This is a favorite subject of mine, which Tressie and I have been pursuing with some fascinating information ... but irrelevant to Harrisons, so not included here.


In the new Choctaw Nation, west of the Mississippi River, the Choctaws established their districts somewhat as they had back home in Mississippi. They named them after their Chiefs/Mingos; Pushmataha, Apuckshunubbee„ and Moshulatubbeee.

Of the three only Moshulatubbee lived to sign the treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, which resulted in the removal of the Choctaw to the west. (Southeastern OK). Moshulatubbee was immortalized in a painting done by the artist George Catlin about 1834 and it hangs in the Smithsonian in Washington DC. It was donated by Mrs. Joseph Harrison Jr.. Her husband was an industrialist from PA who in 1859 bought most of 'George Catlin's Indian Paintings, many of which are in the Smithsonian due to the Harrison bequest.

He had two homes and two wives in Noxubee Co. MS. He lived in a two story four room house with a veranda. He had slaves. One wife was full blood Choctaw and the other ¼ white. James Madison King and Hiram King were children of his ¼ white wife and Peter and Charles King were sons of his full blood Choctaw wife. (and there were more children. Apparently the name King was adopted because Moshulatubbee was the King of the Choctaws - the English translation of Mingo.

In his youth he was a fighter against the Osage Indians and he led a group of warriors who killed many Cages. but in his maturity he was an astute politician and peace maker. He was a great friend of Andrew Jackson under whom he fought in the War of 1812. He was a General under Jackson. He was a great orator and once gave a speech to the US Congress.


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