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May 6, 1993 Part 2

Charles W. Johnson.

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5. Harrison


LETTER FROM BETTY JO HULSE. Discouraging news. Earlier I reported that she had acquired the names of two people who had furnished information concerning Thomas Harrison/Eleanor _____ of the 1800 census Buncombe Co. She wrote them but has never received and answer. She mentioned the John M. Harrison who died in Dallas Co. AL was born in KY, married Phereby Chism April 17, 1802. His children and widow lived in Bibb Co. AL She thought that he was probably the son of the John Harrison who m a Miss Malone, thence his middle initial M.

Mrs. Hulse also sent me a great deal of material, much of which is too extensive to cover here. There are a number of charts of ancestry and descendants of various Harrison lines of America, other than the Long Grey Trail line. I will just make some brief comments:

THE CUTHBERT/BURR HARRISON LINE. This goes way back to Cuthberth, but of the 5thgeneration is a burr Harrison b 1738 m Elizabeth Dargen. He lived in SC north of ColumbiaChesterfield. He had a daughter Katie who m Samuel Johnston of Fairfield SC. I have extensive information of their descendants who were prominent in Fairfield and Newberry Counties and elsewhere. Part of this family changed their name to Johnstone after SC Supreme Court Justice and Chancellor Job Johnston, about 1825 did considerable genealogy on his family of Ireland and decided that their name was properly Johnstown, but he compromised with the Johnstone. Katie (Harrison) Johnstown/Johnston/Johnstone was his aunt. Another son of Burr Harrison was Benjamin, also known as Burr, had a son Derrile who was also in the Dallas Co. AL census 1850. Most of this family was a SC family. Some of the connections were: Head, You(?), Hughes, McLellard, Blewitt, Hooper, Frazier, Robb, Barrett, Russell, Dunwoody, another Johnson, Blaine, Hardin, Matthews, Tyler, Ashford, Herrington, Ragsdale, Sykes and others. One interesting to me was Mordicai, son of Burr who m Susan Alston. And another Dorcas who m 2ndHartwell Macon. As I understand it Alstons were of the family of the Governor of SC with roots in NC where they were heavily involved with Macons and Hawkins, all intermarried. These particular Hawkins were of Warren County NC and also Governors, Senators and dominant forces in Early NC. I also have information form Ms. Velvo Chaney about some Harrisons of Rutherford Co. NC who were probably of the Cuthbert/Burr line, orphans brought to Rutherford by their probable step-father Robison. I have written about them before and pretty well eliminated them as suspects of the Harrisons of Rutherford of concern to us.

ANTHONY HARRISON/ANDREW HARRISON LINE. There are numerous and very extensive charts of this family, which represents a great deal of research. This is too much to cover. My wife has been very engrossed in this family for years. This family has locations and connections with numerous of both my wife’s genealogy and my own, yet as extensive as it is, there seems to be few window of opportunity for this line to be the line of our Harrisons of Buncombe. Yet they were all around Buncombe in Jefferson Co. TN, Cocke Co. TN, Warren and Monroe Co. TN, Polk co. TN, and they are the family mentioned earlier in Greenville and Anderson County, SC involved with Earles and Hamptons, and were Indian Traders and were massacred on Tyger River SC. This is also the family of Worth Ray who gives this family extensive coverage in his books. We have books or pertinent parts of four books on this family. One of these books disputes that Anthony Harrison is the founder of this family and claims that Andrew Harrison came directly from England, the gentleman son of a Souse merchant (sausage) of London and came to the Rappahannock River area of VA. Worth Ray claims that Anthony Harrison was the founder and that he was first cousin to Benjamin Harrison I, founder of the James River, Presidential Harrisons. At any rate, this is the same family that about 250 years ago named the Plantation in Anderson SC "Martin’s Hundred" in honor of their ancestor Harrison of the James River Benjamin who owned Martin’s Hundred in VA. Probably they were wrong in their genealogy 250 years ago and if they were, there has been several centuries of confusion to plague Harrison researchers. One of the "strong points" of this line of Harrisons was along the Dan River both in VA and NC where they were quite prominent and still are. That is not far form the locale of LONG GREY TRAIL HARRISONS of Augusta Co. VA, yet never do their paths cross or get confused (Or do they?) Some of this family, before the Dan River area, were in Goochland County VA where they were all involved with my own lines of Woodsons, Randolphs and Paynes. Another point I would like to make while I am sidetracked is about the Harrisons of Watauga County NC. We have never been satisfied about their ancestry. This family has been worked out to the nth degree by Winifred Hampton and published in Vol. I of WATAUGA COUNTY HERITAGE. They were closely involved with the Hamptons' descended form the General Andrew

6. Harrison


Hampton of the Revolution, as is the author herself. Worth Ray says that General Andrew Hampton was only distantly related to the General and Governors Wade Hamptons of SC who were so closely involved and intermarried with the Anderson Co. SC Harrisons of the Anthony/Andrew Harrison line. But in Vol. II of WATAUGA COUNTY HERITAGE, Winfred Hampton does a work up on her Hamptons of the General Andrew Hampton line and shows that he and the Wade Hamptons of SC were closely related so, are the Watauga Harrisons also closely related to this Anthony/Andrew Harrison line? Mrs. Hampton does not reveal such a connection. She believes that her Harrisons are from the James River line, but no proof. Mrs. Hampton strongly denies that her Harrisons are related to the Buncombe County Harrisons. DAR has a plaque on Joseph Harrison’s grave at Newfound Baptist Cemetery in Buncombe, honoring him as Rev. Joseph Harrison, pastor of Historic Three Forks Baptist Church of Watauga Co. Wrong. Mrs. Hampton and her family have been placing flowers on his grave in Bamboo Cemetery in Watauga for generations, and Mrs. Hampton has many letters and documents from Rev. Joseph Harrison, who was of a later generation anyway, beyond the Civil War. One of the characteristics of this well documented (in later generation) Watauga Harrison family, is the similarities of names with the Greene county Harrisons of LGT. And there are numerous pictures of the Watauga Harrisons and they look so much like my wife’s Harrisons. Where do the Watauga Harrisons belong in all this?

Another interesting chart sent by Mrs. Hulse is Joseph Harrison of Charles County, Maryland. Joseph was son of Benjamin Harrison of the Isle of Wight VA Harrisons. Joseph was 1623-1673 and m Elizabeth Troop. They had a son Richard 1659-1710 and he married JANE DELAHAYE. Interesting because Thomas Harrison, son of Old Isaiah Harrison founder of LGT Harrisons, also m a Delahaye, and the same name: JANE DELAHAYE. On page 217 of Settlers by the LGT, J. Houston Harrison comments on these Maryland Harrisons. And their alliances with the Delahayes. I will not go into this but LGT does. These Maryland Harrisons were Quaker and the Delahayes were Hugenot and they were in close proximity to Thomas Harrison of the LGT when he lived in Delaware prior to Augusta Co. VA Also the comment is made that some of these Maryland Harrisons also ended up in Southwest VA, but little further west than Augusta Co. LGT points out that some have assumed from this Delahaye information that Thomas Harrison was of this Maryland Family but he points out that he was not. Some of this Maryland family went to Botetourt Co. VA and ended up in SC and MO. In the next few pages J. Houston Harrison also involves a discussion and settles the confusion with these Harrisons as contrasted to the LGT Harrisons. Mrs. Husle commented that she recalled information on these Botetourt Harrisons that were not LGT, but could not locate her information. Perhaps this is it in LGT.

I realize that I am getting far afield from the 1800 Buncombe Co Harrisons, but let me continue a bit; this too from Mrs. Hulse. THE IREDELL COUNTY NC HARRISONS (I am briefing). This involves the Watauga Harrisons of Winifred Hampton. Joseph Harrison #1 of the Watauga line was in the 1790 Iredell County census. Joseph Jr. was Rev. Joseph of Historic Tree Forks Baptist in Watauga. But also in Iredell Co. 1790 were JEREMIAH AND NATHANIEL HARRISON. They were NOT sons of Joseph I but perhaps brothers, nephew or cousins (as I recall from the 1790 census both Jeremiah and Nathaniel were quite young but each lived alone) Jeremiah had deeds from 1793 to 1813 for numerous transactions. The 1793 deed was witnessed by JOSEPH. Jeremiah’s last deed was to sell his remaining property to Nathan Duncan. There were no deeds involving Nathaniel Harrison. Mrs. Hulse points out that both a Jeremiah and a Nathaniel show up in the 1810 Buncombe Co. census and so does Joseph, but we know that the Joseph of this census was NOT the one of Iredell but Joseph who m Margaret Hill. She asks Where were Jeremiah and Nathaniel in 1800? She suggests that they were living in that large household of Thomas Harrison, 1800 Buncombe Co. census.



7. Harrison


Any significance to the same dates of the two above in 1767?, or connection to Jeremiah and Nathaniel of Iredell?

OLD BUNCOMBE COUNTY HERITAGE VOL I, Article 513 about Daniel Ponder. This Ponder acquired land Buncombe 1801 and in the 1800 Buncombe Census, west of the French Broad and between the mouth of Newfound and Sandy Mush on Jenkins Branch (rather close to the Harrisons). This land was sold 1817 to Henry Addington by Ponder heirs. Daniel Ponder also had land Clark’s Fork Bullock’s Creek which he sold in 1813 - neighbors to Nathaniel Harrison above when he was in Rutherford/York Co. SC. I know some about Addingtons, who bought this Buncombe Co. land. They were from Newberry/Union Co. SC and intermarried with Ducketts (also to Buncombe). Rev. Jeremiah Harrison of Buncombe, close associate of Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison, my wife’s ggg grandfather, married Sarah Addington probably in Buncombe. Addingtons went to Macon Co. NC then nearby to Union Co. GA.

SETTLERS BY THE LGT p 209. John Wright, doubtless a kinsman of Daniel Harrison’s half-sister Mary Cravens, the wife of Robert. In 1760 (briefed) John Wright, wife Lydda and John Cravens (son of Robert) and Margaret deeded to David Ponder 510 acres of Daniel Harrisons land, Augusta Co. VA etc p 262 Robert Craven and his wife Mary Harrison had a daughter "Mage" Madge or Maggie m Robert Black. In 1766 Robert Black and Magey of Mecklenburg Co, NC sold their Augusta Co. VA land. One of Robert and Mary Harrison Cravens grandchildren was Jeremiah Craven b 1762 and emigrated to SC, later to KY and the MO. In the 1790 Mecklenburg NC census were numerous Blacks and Wm. Black Jr. and James Black lived in the same district as ISAIAH HARRISON in District 18. Assuming that these many Blacks of Mecklenburg were from the family of Robert and Maggie Black, then they were all descendants of ISAIAH HARRISON of Oyster Bay, Long Island, and Isaiah Harrison of that 1790 census was also a descendant. This Isaiah may have been a descendant of Isaiah Harrison Jr. (Or perhaps the son Isaiah of Jeremiah Harrison of Green Co. TN - he had a son Isaiah who was exec. of his will which we learned long after Mrs. Hulse wrote this). Mrs. Hulse then goes into the Greene Co. TN Harrisons, which I will not cover here, but I would like to mention that I have just ordered a new book, long in production about Harrison Methodist Church in Greene Co. TN. I hope that it contains some missing genealogy of this very Methodist Harrison family. The brochure mentions REV. Isaiah Harrison. Mrs. Hulse has more about the Harrisons of Mecklenburg. She also quotes THE JURY LISTS OF SC 1778-1779 by DAR. Under Petit Jurors for the NEW AQUISITIAN (that no-man’s land that was not known as to whether NC or SC) THOMAS HARRISON, ROBERT BLACK, SR. other Blacks, James Wilson, Moses Camp, Thomas Wilson, John Carroll, Wm. Kelly, John Price, William Neilson and others whose surnames appear in records of Mecklenburg, Rutherford and later Buncombe. YORK CO. SC April Court 1787 Deed of sale Joseph Harrison and his mother to Matthew Black 1785 for 140 acres. Matthew Black had land in Buncombe 1817-1834 Sandy Mush Creek, French Broad River, Deavers Branch and Candler Road (this land of the deed in York is the same land that Nathaniel Harrison got in 1765. Joseph was the son of Nathaniel and m Margaret Hill and moved to Buncombe and father of Nathaniel, Co. Ct. Clerk, Sheriff, etc. Oct Court 1790 Will of Robert PATTERSON Sr. desc. formerly proven by Nathaniel Harrison was recorded (Will drawn up about 1775. I know a bit about these Pattersons. Pattersons are of the family of Old Jeremiah Harrison’s wife of Greene Co. TN. As were the Adams. A branch moved to Lincoln/Tryon from Augusta Co. VA. A number of the Harrisons of Mecklenburg have Adams as a middle name.


Comment on these Rowan Harrisons: Neither Mrs. Hulse nor I imply what line they were. Possibly they were descended from William Harrison Esq. a lawyer an Innkeeper of Salisbury as written up in CAROLINA CRADLE as coming from PA but before that of MD and Quakers. But I mention them because of Cowans and Reeves. Some of my wife’s Harrisons of Buncombe of later generations married Cowans and Reeves. Much of the genealogical research of my wife’s Harrisons of Buncombe of the late 1800’s and 1900’s and to the

8. Harrison


almost present day was done by an excellent genealogist, Ginger Joy-Reeves, who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, I have not been able to contact her for about three years. She was planning a book on these Harrisons. She has published books before on genealogy. We have her material in much detail, but it is all rather recent and only on descendants of Jesse Harrison, my wife’s great grandfather.

I have abbreviated Betty Jo Hulse’s material rather drastically and perhaps too drastically. I have much more and except for going off on tangents, I have tried to focus on the Harrisons of the 1800 Buncombe Co. census, and those Harrisons leading up to there.

HARRISON FAMILY RESEARCH by Harry D. Roberts. A while back someone made reference to this publication and I said that I was not familiar. Now I discover that I have it and have had for some while. I ran across it in our files. This was in our local Genealogical library, written in 1973. This is 50 typewritten pages and appears to be a collection of bits and pieces of data of various Harrison lines. I will make scattered references. Mr. Robert’s goal was to find the parents of Robert Henry Harrison, a wagon master under General Greene in the Rev. War about 1778. His second wife was Mary (Wallace) Williams, widow of Colonel James Williams, hero who was killed at the Battle of King’s Mountain ( I am not too sure that this is true about Colonel William’s widow. I have heard that statement denied. Col./Gen. James Williams was of Newberry, SC, my own old genealogical stomping grounds and neighbors of my Johnstons. Though he was Presbyterian, his children were members of the same Baptist Church that my ancestors were)


9. Harrison


10. Harrison


Following are a number of pages of the James River Harrisons. Edmund a common name. I recall an Edmund Harrison in Washington Co. TN. He was deputy sheriff under Michael (?) Harrison (or was it Daniel Harrison?) the first Sheriff of the county who was LGT Harrison.

*Samuel R. Harrison, son of Rev. Nathan. Another Rev. Samuel R. Harrison, pastor of Harrison Methodist Church in Mecklenburg born near the same time as Rev. Nathan and Rev. Jeremiah. I cannot find his ancestry but his descendants well known as Methodists in KY were old Samuel R. went to live in his old age with his illustrious family. From Rockingham Co. VA. The older Samuel R. born Oct 8, 1732 was in SC Conference as traveling minister (Harrison Methodist Church only 3 mile from SC at Pineville a suburb of

11. Harrison


of Charlotte. Married Ann Rogers who was one of "the first fruits" of Methodism in Roanoke Co. VA. Moved to KY on 1819 and started traveling again in 1827 but died 1834, of Typhoid. His son John Christian Harrison was rather famous as a Methodist theologian in KY. John was born Mecklenburg 10-1-1809. He went to KY 1819 and in Shelby Co., but moved around some preaching. Last 4 years of his life in Lexington KY. Died Mar 11, 1878. Was married to Martha J. Coke 1839. She died 1852. In 1854 m Miss Mary P. Winlock. Had a doctorate; D.D.. Samuel R. Harrison was at first minister in Mercer Co. KY, but moved and traveled like other Methodist preachers. I wonder about John’s mddle name of Christian. Was it religious in origin or from the Christian Family which was one of the most prominent names in SW VA headed by Israel Christian renown cantankerous and not very Christian Indian Fighter of renown and Col., Christian Co, KY probably named for Israel Christian. Maybe he bought the place. He was wealth enough to do so!

The final pages of this manuscript is devoted to the author’s own Harrison descent from Robert Henry Harrison, the first item in this paper as described on p 8 this report. I am still leery of Robert Henry marrying the widow of Col./Gen. James Williams. If so, she had numerous children by her first husband, A number of her sons were killed in the Rev. specifically because they were Col. William’s sons but others survived and so did daughters. Col. Williams was noted for being Welsh, reared by his uncle the famous Judge John Williams of NC who was heavily involved with the Transylvania Co. of Daniel Boone and such. Col. Williams was also noted for his huge nostrils and his troops had a marching song about his nostrils. Some early descendants of the Col. also had distinguished nostrils but not later descendants. Williams’s research of Newberry SC is fraught with difficulties. Originally it was thought that Col. James was ancestor of all of them, but more recently it has been learned that there was another Williams family from MD there also and attended the same Baptist Church as Col. James’ kids did. If Robert Henry Harrison m the widow of James Williams, it could well be another James Williams of another line of Newberry. If she was the widow of Col. James Williams, she no doubt was a refugee in Caswell Co. NC during the latter part of the Revolution. He was and along with a mysterious neighbor of his on Mudlick Creek, Newberry, Robert Johnston, both filed their wills as refugees in Caswell Co. NC where there was some semblance of protection from the Tories and British. Moreover, Col. Williams was a special target of Bloody Bill Cunningham, a Tory who managed to personally kill several of his sons who were soldiers, and after they were captured, or so the story goes.

WATAUGA ASSOCIATION OF GENEALOGISTS, Vol. 22 1993 #1 p 57. Nancy Cannon m James A. Harrison who was buried at Harrison’s Cemetery, Greene Co. TN no dates. Her mother was Peggy Ann Jones born 1818 m Joseph cannon. Peggy Ann was daughter of William B. Jones and Nancy Kuhn who m 1792 PA. And died 1843 Greene Co. TN William Jones owned 640 a Camp Creek. I mention this because it might involve the same Jones family into which very old Isaiah Harrison, son of Old Jeremiah married as a third wife. There was a Rev. James A. Harrison Methodist. Perhaps this was he. I’ll bet that the A. as middle initial stands for Adams, a name of Old Jeremiah’s wife’s family.

Letter from MARVELYN YVONNE FALL SQUIRES. We correspond about Johnstons and Lewises, but she noted some Granthams. 1850 GA census, Macon Co. Harmon Lewis Household. He a miller born in NC age 47?, 41?. In this household was SALLY GRANTHAM age 60 born NC.

Marion Co, GA 1850 census. William Grantham 46, Leta 53 or 52 female, Benjamin 23, Wahington 19, Mary 20, Sarah 16, Martha 9. Also living in this household was Nancy Hawkins or Hawkity age 20.

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