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May 6, 1993

Charles W. Johnson.

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THE PATTONS by Sara G. Clark. This is a fascinating article because it involves so many other lines in which I am interested besides Harrisons, but I will stick to Harrison pretty much in this article. This is mostly concerned with the family of Matthew Patton, the son of John Patton and the nephew of Col. James Patton who was a sea captain heavily involved with bringing immigrants to America from Northern Ireland..After James Patton quit the sea he became one of the most important "real estate" men in the Shenandoah Valley of VA. Matthew’s father, John was Captain John and High Sheriff of Augusta Co. VA and died 1756. Matthew Patton was a Justice of Pendleton Co. where he settled and this is now West Virginia

TENNESSEE GENEALOGICAL RECORDS by Edythe R. Whitley p 158 Jeremiah Harrison issued Cert. #2031 Surveyor Nov 1814-May 1816 6thDistrict.. p150. Joseph Harrison #77 Private 640 acres issued 18 Dec. 1802. Joseph Harrison assigned the same to George W. Donnell 14 Feb 1806. Wm. Falkner witness p 37 (?) #369 Rev. Warrants. Heirs of William Harrison a private 640 acres issued 24 July 1820. Thomas Swindle and Barbary Swindle, formerly Harrison, only heirs of William Harrison. Who were Jeremiah, Joseph and William? Jeremiah always sounds like a LGT Harrison and I suppose that we have several we do not know such as Jeremiah Jr. son of Jeremiah of Greene Co. TN and Rev. Jeremiah, Methodist and close asssociate of Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrisons, my wife’s ggg grandfather. Could this one be one of those two? Joseph, I do not know. Could this be Joseph of Buncombe, son of Nathaniel and m Margaret Hill? If so, he did have Rev. War Service, so perhaps entitled to this warrant. Since he assigned the same to a Donnell, this suggests Donnells of Augusta Co. VA who were also married into the Jeremiah Harrison family of Greene Co. TN (one of the girls)

1A. Harrison

Could William be the William of Buncombe who bought 200 acres from Joseph Harrison Sandy Mush Creek 1806?...and never sold it as far as we know? Sandy Mush Creek is where Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison held forth. Did he end up with this land with no deed recorded, such as by inheritance?..but that could hardly be if Barbara Swindle was the only heir of William.. A different William? (no Swindles in LGT)

P 198 Record of Davidson Co. TN Daniel Ogelsby sold land to Jas. Hoggett. Daniel Ogelsby was son of Elisha Ogelsby of 96thDistrict SC. 6 Jan 1784. Reference is made to Stephen Holston and records pertaining to his heirs and to Elisha Ogelsby in 1783. Also reference is made to other Ogelsbys in Sumner Co. TN. I mention Ogelsbys because Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison married Sarah Ogelsby. Here it gives the interesting reference to 96thDist. SC. I also understand that there was a prominent Methodist Minister named Ogelsby of TN. Ogelsby also in SW VA and Pittsylvania Co. VA..??

MONTGOMERY CO. GA Dorsey and Derden. (numerous Harrisons)

LETTER FROM HELEN NEIWENDORP. I last reported that she was going on a research trip. She has done so and is planning another trip for more information. Some of her results:

THOMAS HARRISON had survey and received 250 acres on Richland Branch, Little Saludy River 96 District SC 1773-5. Later this was Edgefield Co. (I am some what familiar with this area. It is just across the Saludy River from Newberry County where I have several generations of ancestors of several different lines quite close to there. I am familiar with an early church there by 1770 named Mine Creek Baptist. I have a roster of those early members- no Harrisons, but I did find a Thomas Harrison; a Thomas Harrison, Baptist who was one of the founders of the Charleston Association of Baptists in 1751. This was originally four Baptist Churches including Ashley River, Welsh Neck and Charleston. The other church was Eutaw, but though I do not know which church Thomas Harrison from. It was probably not Eutaw, because those delegates did not arrive for that meeting and yet Thomas Harrison was present to sign the articles. This Association was under the leader-ship of Rev. Oliver Hart of Charleston who was from Augusta Co. VA and his family were members of Aldersons’s (Linveille Creek/Smith’s Creek) Baptist as were Harrisons of the LGT This is from SOUTH CAROLINA BAPTISTS by Leah Townsend p 111...while I have the book out..I looked up Harrisons in the index. The only other Harrisons in the book are - 217 in a foot note. John Harrison, Mary Harrison and Mary Harrison were members of Head of Eno(?) Baptist Church, on the roster of 1790 to 1804. In the same congregation were Catherine, Elan and Sarah Hawkins. The first minister of this church as Thomas Musick. I have run into Musicks before involved with one of my lines and this involved Rutherford Co. NC property. Rev Musick excommunicated for immorality in 1793. Location is 31/2 miles from Travelers Rest on the buncombe Road toward this would be quite close to Old Buncombe/Rutherford Co. NC. Head of Enoree Church was probably formed by 1789 but records begin 1790.)

Rutherford Co. NC. Earliest deed she found was dated 1790 for Thomas Harrison, but she comments that she recalls Betty Jo Hulse with data of 1732. In 1790 got Grant from NC registered 1792..for land first granted to Stephen Howard, then made over to Thomas Baker, thence to Thomas both sides Muddy Creek 258 + or - acres

2. Harrison




Serrotts Cr. is in "now" Cherokee Co. and appears to be about 2 sections south of the NC line where the Broad River enters SC. It is a tad north and east of the famous Cowpens Battle and Cowpens about 30 miles from Kings Mountain.

Rutherfordtown was formerly known as Gilbert Town

Comment: I expect that some of these Harrisons above are of the line of Andrew Harrison, such as John and James. There was the Harrison/Hampton Massacre on Tyger River of this line. They were Indian Traders in NC and SC. James Harrison, if the same one, moved to Greenville, SC and then to Anderson Co, CS where he was quite wealthy and had an extensive plantation and businesses and thoroughly intermarried with Earles and the Hanptons. He and descendants also appear on Abbeville SC records before Anderson Co. formed out of it. James Harrison’s plantation named "Martins Hundred" in honor of the first Harrison Plantation in America, apparently thinking that he was descended from the Harrisons there.

Mrs. Niewendorp is planning trip very soon to Barboursville, KY for work at the courthouse (Knox County)

THE JOHN FAMILY JOURNAL, article by Ellen John, April 1993. this does not mention any Harrisons, but she announces progress on Ezekiel John ca born 1760-1770 (who married Lydia Harrison, apparently. Ellen John says, in summary, that they were married either in NC or GA, Ezekiel’s father was probably Zepheniah John, Sr. b ca 1730-1740. Ezekiel first bought land in Buncombe in 1801 and sold his last piece of land there in 1809 and probably moved to TN. Between 1794 -1796 Ezekiel John’s location has been pinpointed, pretty well. In 1794 Ezekiel and Zepheniah were listed on the tax list of Hancock Co. GA in the Kirk Militia District, p 7. Daniel, Samuel and William John are on p 8. They may have been Ezekiel’s brothers. (Georgia Tax Digest 1789-1799)

In 1795, Ezekiel, Zephaniah, Daniel, Samuel and William are again on the Tax list ("They Were There", Georgia Genealogical Record, Dec 1966 p 375)

In 1796, Z (might stand for Ezekiel, a common nickname for Ezekiel) John (p23) and Zepheniah and William (both p 24) were listed in Hancock Co. Kirk District (Georgia Tax Digests 1789-1799).

The 1880 census of McMinn Co. TN shows that the parents of Ezekiel JohnJr. were

3. Harrison


born in Georgia. Jonathan Johns who was the only other child of Ezekiel John Sr., living in 1880 reports that his parents were born in NC

It is thought that Ezekiel John was born about 1770 in NC and that Zephaniah John Sr. moved the family to Georgia about 1787.

So, where did Ezekiel John meet and marry Lydia Harrison (assuming he did)? The area of Mecklenburg NC before removing to Hancock Co, GA? Hancock Co. GA? Buncombe Co. NC? Were the Harrisons with them on those various moves? Does this imply that the Harrisons were from Mecklenburg, went to Georgia and then to Rutherford NC/York SC and then to Buncombe? Recall that Thomas Harrison of Belleville, IL states that this is the route of his family, or at least part of that route.

LETTER FROM RUTH BOWERS. She points out that my mention of Lawrence Grantham in my last report is an error of the 1840 census. It was really Lawrence Franklin, not Lawrence Grantham as one of the census records shows...Mrs. Bowers also revealed that she is a descendant of Teagues, as is my wife and I also have Teague relatives, though not ancestry that I know of I will not go into that. She also sent a very informative family group sheet of Ezekiel Grantham, son of Rev. John Grantham and Elizabeth Harrison. Also she sent a family group sheet on Hugh (Mack) or McHightower who m Dela/ Delila/ Delia Hicks. I will enclose these. But I would like to make some comments:

The children of Ezekiel Grantham which number 17 or more include as the first born, ISAIAH and Rachel, twins. The 6thchild is NATHAN. There are also WILLIAM, ELEANOR, THOMAS, and LYDIA, which are names involved with Harrisons of Buncombe County, and suspects of inhabiting that 1800 household of Thomas Harrison. Also of interest is Granthams and Osborns. I know very little about Osborns, but they were early in Buncombe. I have seen but did not copy a very extensive Bible record of the Osborns of Buncombe who ended up in MO, AR or IL ( I forget). This is in the possession of a San Antonio Johnston relative of mine. Also, I have a first cousin Johnson who also has Osborn ancestry from SC. I have also run into Osborns in Mecklenburg, NC and Edgefield, SC, In the latter two places they were quite prominent. In pre-Civil War Edgefield, SC, which was the prototype for southern aristocracy, the highest social strata was Butlers and brooks (and probably is to this day). It was difficult for a brooks to marry anyone besides a Butler or a Butler to marry anyone besides a Brooks, without marrying below their station. One exception was to marry an Osborn. Though not as wealth as the B & B’s, they were intelligentia and suitable indoctrinated with southern traditions. Edgefield was almost entirely Baptist but that religion was not too convenient for those who liked to have big "Balls" and dance and drink and dress seductively, so the started an Episcopal Church, apparently for such fun purposes, with the aristocracy belonging to both Baptist and Episcopal Churches. Ruth Bowers has researched these numerous connections as disclosed in the FGS.

In regards to the Hightower FGS, I had made the comment that Hightowers were also an dearly Buncombe Co. family. The Hightowers have been of interest to me through their connection with a difficult Hawkins line of Buncombe, which is not my wife’s Hawkins line we do not think. But these Hightowers apparently came to early Buncombe from Burke Co., but originally form Warren Co., NC. Hightowers were early leaders of Buncombe and I believe that the first sheriff was a Hightower. This brings up another issue. Perhaps a Nathaniel Harrison was the next Sheriff. We know that Nathaniel Harrison, son of Joseph Harrison, was Sheriff, Legislator and County Court Clerk, but that was of a later period, and it seems to me that some of the references to Nathaniel Harrison as Sheriff, or High Sheriff were too early to be Nathaniel, son of Joseph...??? At any rate, Hugh Hightower came to IL after being born in Buncombe in 1803. He and his wife Delila Hicks and she was born in Wilson co. TN. I wonder if her roots were also in Buncombe or thereabouts. Last summer we attended a High School reunion Hot Springs, Madison Co. NC (earlier Buncombe Co.). There was a big crowd in town at the time an many were Hicks attending a Hicks family reunion. One of the Hicks had recently purchased the grounds and the ruins of the old and famous luxury hotel and the Hot Springs, and had embarked on a development of the historic old place, and many Hicks were there wandering around. Many of them had roots nearby in the Spring Creek area of Madison County


4. Harrison  2-19-93



p 33 Taylor to Richard Grantham 1771. Wit: William and John Grantham, Joseph Oates

p 29 William Grantham a witness 1772


p 19 York Co. (to do with the ancestry of David Gordon heir of his father in England) Fishing Creek, Bethesda Congregation 1798. Signed statement as to parentage, Thomas Black, elder,

p 53 Query, Loyd H. Smith, (address omitted) Semmes, AL 36575 seeking information on David Black of Greenville Co. SC Jacob Black died 1839 believed to be the son of Hans/Hance Black who died Christian Co. KY 1806-1808

p19 State of SC (regarding the parentage of David Gordon of York Co. This from Charleston District 1799? Joseph Carrall of York Co.. planter make oath that they were well acquainted with John Gordon, formerly of SC but last of Whitehaven in Great Britain and that he knew him in York Co. SC before his departure, because of his decided part in behalf of the British Government during the Revolution


P 562. This is a few paragraphs about the Mason’s Creek and Fort Lewis Community of Botetourt County. It tells about some of the first settlers and the comment that this did not become well developed until about 1790. "Later entries were made in the neighborhood by William Brown, William Greenlee, James Neely, Jr., THOMAS HARRISON, William Love, Philip Love, Samuel Love, Humphrey Smith, Christian Franz, Jacob Long, Thomas Cook, Jacob Gest and Jacob Short " ... "German families here were: "Kinder, Cagey (Keagy), Eager, Franz, Houtz, Trout, Millers and Pitzers."


KENTUCKY 1790 Tax list 18 Harrisons, but Thomas, no Isaiah, 2 Jeremiah’s, 4 Johns, 3 Josephs, 1 Robert, 1 William.

1800 Tax List KY 47 Harrisons (suspect some are duplicates) 4 Thomas; Fleming, Logan, Washington. In Washington was Thomas Sr. and Thomas G. 3 Jeremiahs, 6 Johns, 2 Roberts, 4 Williams and many more

1810 Census KY Index 4 Thomas Harrisons, Fleming Thomas and Thomas G. in Washington and Thomas E. in Fayette Co.

1850 Census Index KY Many, many. No Isaiah, No outstanding relevant ones (?)


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