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From BETTY JO HULSE. She sent a portion of a book, TWO MAY FAMILIES OF HOLLOW SQUARE,, GREEN COUNTY, ALABAMA, by Berenice May Fuller. This has a good run down on the CUTHBERT/BURR HARRISON family in its early days in America, and prior to that in England. There is some controversy about early origins both in England and America, but I will ignore all of that for the sake of brevity. I want to give only the early generations and where they are located.

Cuthbert Harrison b c 1606/7, St. Margaret’s Parish, London, England m Susanne _______. They moved to Stafford Co. VA by 1665 and lived on the northern side of Chippawamsick Creek, near Dumphries. This is now a part of Quantico Marine Base. There were a number of plantations of this family and a number of historic homes they built on them. Children: BURR, ALEXANDER, THOMAS, SARAH, all born England.

A. BURR. 1637-1697 Westmoreland Co. VA by 1658, came as an indentured servant, but that was completed by 1659 and he became an overseer of a plantation in what is now Prince William Co., He soon married, farmed for himself on rented land. He probably m Sarah Frances Burdette. He bought land in the area of his father (Quantico Marine Base), and established himself as a successful plantation owner. His earlier records spell his name as Burr Harry, or Burr Harris, but later records as Harrison.


  1. Cuthbert
  2. Thomas 1665-1746 m Sythia Elizabeth Short
  3. William d 1745 m Sarah Hawley who survived him

    and probably

  4. Burdette
  5. Burr d 1722 m Mrs. Lettice Smith, nee Green, widow of Edward Smith
  6. Frances Ann
  7. Sarah Burdette
  8. Sybil m Thomas Whitledge
  9. Mary

A-2 Thomas Harrison, son of Burr, 1665-1746 m Sythia Elizabeth Short. He was a well-educated and influential man. He too lived at what is now Quantico, in Stafford co. "Gentleman", "Esquire". He also had extensive property in Prince William Co.



2. Harrison

To continue with children of Burr Harrison A-2-3-3 but by his second wife Elizabeth______.

3. Harrison

PIONEERS OF WIREGRASS, GA, Vol. II. (copies also sent by Mrs. Hulse) p 136. FRANCIS HARRISON. 1787-1865. He is certainly not under consideration as a close relative, but he does furnish some Harrison descendants whom we could run into in GA or elsewhere who could confuse us. He was b in Birmingham, England in 1787. He came to GA at age 25, probably landing at Brunswick, and filed for citizenship in 1826 and was naturalized in Wayne County, GA. He m Annis Manning, dau of Moses Manning of SC. She too was born 1787 and lived to 100. He died 1865. Their children:

THE ANDREW HARRISON LINE as detailed in THE VENTURERS, THE HAMPTON HARRISON AND EARLE FAMILIES by Virginia G. Meynard 1981, Southern Historical Press. This 1100 page book is difficult to review, especially since I have not read it. We have just acquired it and I have scanned only. But basically I want to enclose charts it contains of this family. This book does not take the family back, in detail, beyond John Harrison who m Sarah Daniel, but it is extensive and detailed about the descendants. To put this in perspective I am adding some early ancestry to what the book contains, though some of it is controversial. One of the more controversial points is who heads the list? Is it Anthony or Andrew? Was Andrew a son of Anthony as Worth Ray has it, or is Andrew the immigrant as put forward by the book ANDREW HARRISON OF ESSEX CO. VA by James E. Harrison 1985, who makes an excellent case of Andrew, Gent, of London, son of a "Souseman" (sausage maker) being the immigrant and settled on the Rappahannock River in Essex Co. VA., but I will start with Anthony of VA as Andrew’s father.

  • Anthony Harrison to VA 1650, 1st cousin to Benjamin Harrison I of James River
    • Richard who had a son:
      • Andrew will 1718 m Elleanor Long
        • Andrew m Elizabeth Battaile
        • Elizabeth m Thomas Munday
        • Margaret m Gabriel Long
        • William m dau of William Christopher
          • Had son James who had son John m Sarah Daniel and this John the ancestor of the Harrisons of THE VENTURERES. See chart #14 for John’s children.
(these had many siblings & children
who constitute many Harrisons of the
southern colonies and states)

4. Harrison



CHART NO. 13 (593)




John1 Williams I (fl. 1660 Accomac)

In Virginia 1645


Andrew1 Harrison (d. 1718 Caroline)
m. Einor Long
In Virginia 1684


John1 Daniel I (d 1666 Accomac)
m. Elizabeth -
In Virginia 1642


John2 Williams II (fl 1688 New Kent)
m. Mary


William2 Harrison (fl. 1718)
m. Hannah --


John2 Daniel II (d. 1686 York)
m. Mary3 Williams


Mary3 Williams
m. John2 Daniel III


James3 Harrison (fl. 1724)
m. (name unknown)
Had 1724 grant on Reedy Swamp, Caroline Co., Va.


John3 Daniel III (d. 1722 York)
m. Ann Bates


John3 Williams III (fl.1704 York)
m. Mary Keeling



John4 Daniel IV (d. 1762 Granville, N.C.)
m. Ann4 Williams
Lived Goochland (Cumberland), Caroline, Va., Granville, Co., N.C.


Anne4 Williams (b. 1702 York)
m. John4 Daniel IV

John4 Harrison (d. 1761 Hallfax)
m. Sarah5 Daniel
Lived Caroline (?), Goochland,Cumberland, and Hallfax Co., VA


Sarah5 Daniel (fl. 1761)
m. John4 Harrison


James Harrison 1748-1815
m. Elizabeth Hampton


(See note 6, Chapter IX) (595)
(Generation numbers are for the Harrison family.)
  1. John1 Harrison (d. 1761 Va.)
    m. Sarah (Patsy) Daniel
    1. Mary2 Harrison m. Wm. Cooper
      1. Elijah3 Cooper m. Susannah Greer
      2. John3 Cooper
      3. Andrew3 Cooper
      4. Abner3 Cooper
      5. Richard3 Cooper
      6. Sarah3 Cooper
      7. Mary3 Cooper
      8. Elizabeth3 Cooper m. cousin John Daniel
    2. Anne Harrison2 m. cousin Wm. Daniel
      1. John3 Daniel m. cousin Eliz. Cooper
    3. Richard2 Harrison m. Anne (Nancy) Patillo
      1. John3 Harrison
      2. Jane3 Harrison m. Christopher Golightly
      3. Emily3 Harrison m. James Moss
      4. Henry3 Harrison
      5. Mary P.3 Harrison m. Thomas Woodruff
      6. Dr. Richard3 Harrison m. Maria S. Thompson
      7. James3 Harrison
      8. Sarah3 Harrison m. Andrew Barry, Jr.
    4. Eliz.2 Harrison m. cousin Reuben Daniel
      1. Sophia3 Daniel m. -- Smith
      2. Jesse3 Daniel m. Maria Smith
      3. Jane3 Daniel m. Jehu Wells
      4. Richard3 Daniel m. -- Morrow
      5. Eliz.3 Daniel m. -- Underwood
      6. Nancy3 Daniel m. -- High
      7. Martha3 Daniel m. -- Gallagher
      8. Sarah3 Daniel m. Amos Lyles
    5. Isham2 Harrison m. Anne Gilliam 
      To Illinois & Missouri
      1. Andrew U.3 Harrison m. Eliz Rodgers
      2. Lemuel M.3 Harrison m. Judith Wood
      3. Lucy3 Harrison m. Benj. goode
      4. Nancy3 Harrison m. george Goode
      5. Priscilla3 Harrison m. -- Allen
    6. James2 Harrison m. Eliz Hampton (see Chart 15)
    7. Andrew2 Harrison (Unm.)
    8. John2 Harrison (Unm.)
    9. Martha2 Harrison m. James Cooper


Transcribed by Sue Countryman - many thanks to Sue!

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