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March 8, 1994

Charles W. Johnson.

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FROM JOSEPH C. HAMMOND. Good news. He has found his Harrison ancestor after many years and since my last report. (see my notes of 2-4-94 p 5,) He was seeking the parents of Benjamin and wife Sarah Bradley who m c 1810 and lived in the Greenville/Pendleton area of SC and later moved to Humphreys Co. TN. He found them in the 1790 census of Camden District, Fairfield Co. SC. Benjamin the son of William and the Bradley family was also there. In the neighborhood were also another younger William Harrison and John Harrison and Benjamin. Now the question is where did William come from and from what family does he descend?

In a book QUAKERS OF SC, by Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, p 7. he is discussing some people who arrived in the area of Camden on the Wateree River, before the Quakers came and settled that area. A William Harrison got a grant there on the west side of the Wateree about 1745, before the Quakers. That is all it says about him. That would be in present Fairfield Co. Also in that early group were some interesting others: Paynes, Joseph Evans, John Black, Bryan Rork, Thomas Bryan and Charles Ratcliff. I tend to think of Paynes as associated with the Harrisons of Goochland Co. VA and then to Pittsylvania Co. VA and part of the Andrew Harrison line. Evans, Blacks and Bryans were associated with Harrisons of LGT in Augusta Co. VA, Mecklenburg NC, Greene Co. TN, and Greene Co. GA and on into Christian Co. KY and IL. I mention Ratliff because my wife has Ratcliff ancestry in Buncombe Co. NC, though not through Harrisons ...I know that a Reuben Harrison was in that area but I do not know when or what family he was from, although I think I have something on that somewhere.. .Also, I know of a Burr Harrison of the Cuthbert Harrison family near there, probably in Chester Co. SC, but he had a daughter who m Samuel Johnston of Fairfield Co. As I recall, this Burr Harrison's line is well worked out to the Cuthbert Harrison line, the first Harrison in VA (said to be). I know about the Samuel Johnston line since he was the wealthy uncle of Supreme Court Justice Job Johnston,, who wrote his extensive genealogy about 1825. Any suggestions for Joe Hammond?

FROM HELEN NIEWENDORP. A huge stack of material and a great supply of maps. I will not attempt to cover all of this-She has noticed the similarity of names of the Davises of Buncombe Co. and Newberry County, SC; Such names as Clement and Reason Davis. Her John Harrison of 1800 Buncombe had connections with Davises in Buncombe and later after they moved to KY and IN. It so happens that I am interested in the same people for another reason connected to my Johnstons of Newberry. I have quite a bit of information on the Davises, but I do not know whether those are the same individuals in both states or namesakes, but I would strongly suspect the same family. Of course in the LGT there is Davis Harrison, with Davis ancestry in Augusta VA., and he was one of those to Mecklenburg, to Greene Co. GA, to Christian Co. KY.

In Newberry SC, the Davises were very early settlers and were involved with and intermarried with my Johnstons and they went to the same Baptist Church and lived near each other. I have tried to trace Davises to Newberry because I suspect that my Johnstons and Davises may have come together. It appears that the Davises came from Maryland, perhaps Cecil County, and on to Frederick Go. MD, and Frederick VA, on down the great wagon road through Augusta VA, down to Anson Co. NC and were among the first to cross the Yadkin and Catawba Rivers in a wagon train - then on to Newberry SC and Buncombe NC.

Some of these maps show numerous places, especially in GA, where Ogelsbys were and about wham I wrote earlier because Rev. Nathan Harrison m Sarah Ogelsby whose

2. Harrison

parents we do not know.

Mrs. Niewendorp also has Paynes connected with her John Harrison line. My wife also has about three Payne relations in Buncombe. though they are through Hawkins and Treadways. I do not know when the Paynes arrived in Buncombe, but we believe them to have been the same line of Paynes who were in Goochland and Pittsylvania Co. VA where they were associated with the Harrisons there (I also have Paynes from Goochland as ancestors), but the Paynes and Treadways seem to have made contact in Pittsylvania Co. and were very early settlers of Buncombe. If they were like the Treadways, they first went to E. TN and then to Buncombe, but in Buncombe they lived in the same areas of Buncombe as did the Harrisons, Treadways, Hawkins etc.. Mrs. Niewendorp noted many Paynes got NC grants in TN, so that would put them there before TN was a state ...from LAND GRANTS OF NC IN TN 1778-1791:

ELISHA HARRISON (a paper from Mrs. Niewendorp). This is interesting in that two different Harrison ancestries are given evidently by two different researchers. I will not go into the later generations except to comment that they were in Madison Co. KY, the site of Berea College, from which my wife graduated and where she knew some of the families involved with this. Elisha Harrison sold some of his land to the college in 1880. A tradition in the family has it that Elisha Harrison Jr. attended the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln because they were cousins and based on this it was supposed that Elisha Sr. was the son of Jeremiah Harrison of Rockingham Co. VA 1707-1777...without looking it up, I do not believe that he had a son Elisha and moreover Jeremiah lived longer than that and lived in Greene Co. TN, so whoever drew that conclusion must have gone to LGT which does not list all of the children of Jeremiah and gives the wrong death date. Another researcher has done an extensive Pedigree chart starting with the researcher descended from Elisha Sr. five generations away. I skip all that and start with Elisha Sr.

Source: Personal info, Family Bible, Wills of Jackson Co. KY etc. These exact dates suggest that they came from a very informative Family Bible. So, as a guess, I would say that Elisha probably came from Benjamin Harrison of Sorry Co. line as opposed to Benjamin Harrison, Isle of Wight line, so a James River Harrison, if the above is accurate.

3. Harrison

MECKLENBURG CO. NC. A detailed map shows McAlpin's Creek where numerous LGT Harrisons lived, Providence Presbyterian Church (which is very close to Harrison Methodist), and across the border some of York and Lancaster Co. SC. - as it was in 1790. All of this is very close together, more so than I thought. So, the Hoods and Harrisons of Lancaster Co. SC and the Harrisons, Blacks and others who moved to York Co. SC, were not going far away. I would say that none of this is more than 10 miles from McAlpin's Creek - home base. I am not referring to the Harrisons who moved to Clark's Fork of Bullock's Creek in York County. That is not on the map and is further west. Mrs. Niewendorp has done 32 pages of Deed abstracts of Mecklenburg, books 10-14. Some of this is not about Harrisons but some people connected with them. I will not try to cover all of this but some highlights:

THE ROBERT ORR FAMILY OF BUNCOMBE COUNTY, an article in A LOT OF BUNKUM May 1985. This is rather extensive, but I will take bits. The Orr family from Scotland c 1749 Robert Orr, the youngest child, was the only one of the family born in America. Robert b1749 m 1772 to Ann Hogshead dau of Walter Hogshead. Walter Hogshead's father was John Hogshead who came from Scotland c 1685-90 and died in Augusta Co. VA 1756. (in the deeds of Mecklenburg above Orrs and Hogsheads/Hogolins were in Harrison territory in and around McAlpin's Creek and nearby areas and down into nearby SC).

Robert Orr and wife Ann Hogshead went to Georgia, but they were in that part that was later revised to be part of Buncombe Co. NC - the first Walton Co GA - not the present Walton Co. GA. Hogsheads there also. Descendants were in Transylvania Co. and Henderson CO. and Brevard, and prominent those places.

4. Harrison

This is interesting. In an old write-up of Harrisons of Buncombe County by a Dr. Ballard, he refers to his cousins Thomas, Jeremiah and Nathan, as children together. (Bollard, I think, was the grandson of Nathaniel Harrison, Clerk of Buncombe, etc and son of Joseph and Margaret Hill Harrison). He tells that Nathan m Sarah Ogelsby and that they raised the family in Walton Co. GA. Though many of his descendants are in Walton Co. GA, we have never found any evidence that Rev. Nathan was there and we do not find any time that he was not accounted for, except when young and before 1800 (In Buncombe and then Murray Co. GA later where he died). Could Ballard have been right, and that Nathan was in the early and brief Walton Co, that became Buncombe Co? The present Walton Co, GA is in NE GA. (Mrs. Niewendorp is hunting for material on the early version and the "Walton County War" at the old site involving the border between SC, NC and GA) I do not know the time frame of this early Walton. But I believe it was after there was a Buncombe Cc (1790) and before Haywood was created (1807?). In fact, I believe that in the planning stages for Haywood, the original name was selected as Walton Co., but changed to Haywood.

Rev. Nathan had a son Thomas, b c 1800 (Frances' gg grandfather, on every appropriate census of Buncombe. Thomas had sons Jesse (g grandfather) and Robert b c 1825-1828 or so. In the 1860 census of Polk Co. TN where Robert moved he gives his birthplace as GA and on a death certificate of one of Jesse' children it says his father b in GA., but censuses say NC ...confusing, but Old Walton Co. GA confusing, since it was actually in Buncombe Go. NC. Could this be involved with Rev. Nathan?

MAP Clark's Fork Bullock's Creek. This is where Joseph Harrison and Margaret Hill came from before Buncombe County. Father Nathaniel Harrison and Blacks here too. This is a Very detailed map. Clark's Fork is rather long. Its headwaters are at the famous King's Mountain in York SC near the NC border of Cleaveland Co. NC. Actually the peak of the mountain is in NC but the King's Mountain Park is in SC. Clark's Fork joins Bullocks Creek and then further south it joins the Broad River.

Mrs. Niewendorp's trip Dec. 1993 included Spartanburg and Greenville Libraries in SC and other sites. Here I will enclose copies of her records because hey are important and I resist abbreviating them. But I will here make comments:

Page C. Journal of Ordinary 1810-1816 Spartanburg. This is the James Harrison family of Carolina Brandon and brothers. I have more later on Isham Harrison .... but Tyre Harrison, I do not know; I have run into him before, somewhere.-John H. Harrison, I do not know.

Page D. Elisha Ogelsby Grant 150a 1756 (very close to Enoree River) This is very early for settlement of this area because of Indians. I guess he learned that by getting killed by Indians. More later.

Page E. Nathan Harrison enlisted 1776. This is not Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison. He would have been a very small child then .... Reuben served as Col. and lived on Catawba River in 96, Dist. SC, but would be near Mecklenburg NC. I have mentioned him before on p 1, and I do not know to what line he belonged....Thomas .... Thomas Harrison served Militia 1781-1782. This could be one of several.

Page F. 1st item. I met George Reynolds several years ago in the Library of Buncombe Co. Gen. Soc., and we had a long talk about Harrisons. He, a lawyer and genealogist, has his roots in Buncombe. I do not know of his connection to Nathaniel Harrison, but he was very interested. He said that he had been in politics all of his life and his problem with Nathaniel was that he had gained wealth and political success, yet had come from a family which showed no indications of such and he was trying to figure out how he succeeded in politics. A tentative conclusion was that he somehow got educated and he married into a political influential family. I furnished him considerable information but he had already researched the family and knew about as much as I did. Later, he became interested in and wrote a very interesting article

5. Harrison

in A LOT OF BUNKUM, about another political figure of early Buncombe; Benjamin Hawkins, one I have also researched. He does not seem interested in corresponding about genealogy. I have tried. His son, whom I met, is a federal judge in Tallahassee .... The second item, about Stewart/Harrisons seems to be an earlier connection of those two families , I discussed last time, with a Thomas Harrison who m Jemima Stewart over the protests of her family.

ISHAM HARRISON. Mrs. Niewendorp sent two items. One is a brief printed article about him, but I cannot make out the book it was from, but p 233. He was the brother of James Harrison who m Elizabeth Hampton. He was a Senator from Spartan District. B 1760 in VA, the son of John Harrison and Sarah Daniel who removed to Granville Co. NC during the Revolution. He was a Lt. and saw much service. He m Amy Gillium in Granville, 1783 Granville Co. and removed to Spartan Dist SC where he held many offices. Belonged to Anglican Church. Removed to Madison Co. MO where he died 1835 .... On this same page is an article about his brother James who m Elizabeth Hampton, and James Washington Harrison, grandson of James and also a Senator and m Mary Benson. Editor of ANDERSON GAZETTE. Died Walhalla, SC 1888.

Secondly, there is a two page article about another Isham: son of James above: by Katharine Harrison Sarrafian 1966, Salt Lake City. Isham first moved to Jefferson Cc AL, then to Monroe Co, MS and died there. (That is where my Johnsons went ). m Harriett Kelly 1810. Died 1863. His 6 sons moved to Texas before the Texas Revolution. Children:

Not far from Columbus at West Point is the famous Octagon House and connected somehow to Harrisons. Perhaps this was Gov Whitfield's house and Plantation. On display and still occupied. My father, as a child lived near there. This is right on the Tombigbee River and extensive huge Cypress trees, and was a port connected to Mobile. AL long before the Tombigbee waterway was built. My father as a child lived on a farm nearby and they had what they claimed was the World's largest Cypress Tree. A core of that tree was displayed as such at the Chicago World's Fair, before the turn of the century.

LETTER FROM BESS K. BOWEN. This was in response to a query I answered. She is descended from Thomas Harrison of Franklin Co. GA. I ran into this Thomas Harrison and reported on him after my trip to GA Archives last fall. He was an early settler of Franklin Co. but he seemed to have vanished and I did not know what happened to him. What happened is that the border was changed and he became a citizen of Pickens Co. SC, where this family lived and prospered. Mrs. Bowen lives five miles or so from this ancestral site. But, it is obvious that this is not the Thomas Harrison we are looking for and neither is his son Thomas Jr. from whom she is also descended.

6. Harrison

All of these above in Pickens or Oconee Co. SC. Some of the property was on Tugaloo Creek and other on Martin Creek. Children of Thomas Sr.: Polly m Helland, Benjamin m Cleveland, John m Naomi _____,William m Elizabeth _____,Ana m Cleveland, Robert m Nancy Wright, Thomas m Nancy _____, Patsy m Cleveland, Spencer d age 19. She has sent more details on this family but not too relevant to us. She does not know where they came from before Franklin Co. GA.

Mrs. Bowen sent me sane of her Pedigree Charts which are extensive, except on Harrisons. Of interest to me, but not you, she has done extensive Stepp/Stapp genealogy. I have an aunt, now deceased, who married into this family, and I have done work on them, but Mrs. Bowen adds more ancestry than I had going back a couple of generations in England into the 1600's.

So, here are two more Thomas Harrisons of SC/GA who we can eliminate as the Thomas Harrison of 1800 Buncombe. They seemed to like to marry Clevelands.

LETTER TO LINDA GRANTHAM STENGELE. of Fox River Grove, IL (near Chicago). I received a letter from a Johnston relative and researcher. He had received a letter from her which indicates that she is perhaps also a relative closer to my Johnstons than he was. But what caught my eye was her maiden name of Grantham - and from IL. So, a good bet that she is related to Ruth Bowers. I have written but no response yet.

QUERY, SC MAGAZINE OF ANCESTRAL RESEARCH, Winter 1994, p 51. from Alton L. Douglass. There were some complicated dealings with the estate of George Douglass over an Indent due to George in 1785. They reissued the Indent in 1790 into two parts and JESSE HARRISON got one part in the amount of 100 pounds. This was along the Upper Camp Creek of Lancaster Co. SC. Mr. Douglass presumes that Jesse Harrison was a son in law of George Douglass. He wants to find out about Jesse Harrison. I have written but no response as yet. A Jesse Harrison on Camp Creek in Lancaster Co SC sure sounds suggestive of being part of the Harrison Community around McAlpin's Creek of Mecklenburg, NC - This suggests that it would be wise to look into Lancaster Co. SC for Harrisons, which I have not done. But after all, this is where the Tunis Hood family lived but active in Mecklenburg.

ANOTHER LETTER FROM JOSEPH HAMMOND. In regards to the first item in this paper, he has done sane more work on the 1790 census of Fairfield Co. SC. In this same area and in fact on the same page of the census he also found his Briants: John and William. Incidentally, his William Harrison had 75 slaves, and William's son Benjamin had 12 slaves. Also on this same census was Reuben Harrisson (two s's) 1 male over 16, 2 under 16 , 3 females and 11 slaves.


P 568 Will of John Harrison, Greenville Dist. SC 3 July 1818. A 82. Wife to live in his house and plantation during life or widowhood, then property to his youngest sons Thomas Creighton and James Alexander. Execs: John Alexander and Anthony Savage. Wit: James Kirkpatrick, Solomon and Elizabeth Hopkins.

P 574 Family Group sheet Joseph Harrison, wife Mararet Hill of Buncombe County, by June Garrett Raine, 111 Mosswood Circle, Lafayette, LA 70503. information sources: Thomas A. Garrett, Clay Goforth, DAR Index Rev. War. I am not going to give much of

7. Harrison

this because it is very inaccurate as to when and where born and died - really pretty bad! But since this is written by a Garrett, I thought this item might be correct: Their daughter Lizzie (Elizabeth) b 15 July 1784 in Buncombe, m c 1805, William B. Garrett 1780-Feb. 1819. She is buried in Old Allison Cemetery, Haywood Co. d 8 May 1858-This adds to my confusion about her husband William Garrett. I think the date of his death in 1819 removes him as either of the two William Garretts of Cocke Co. TN; Sr. and Jr. Sr. was a very prominent Methodist and an authority on the East TN Methodist churches. Junior wrote the book on E. TN Methodists, probably with great assistance from his father. Both moved to Alabama where Junior was Secretary of State and wrote a very big book about Alabama Politics and Politicians. He knew them all, and he was a-long time politician himself. This is a classical textbook. I have scanned it but could not find any personal data on himself or his father or family. I have never seen his classical book on East TN Methodists, but all of such historians quote him widely. He went into considerable detail apparently, on the many Harrison Methodist preachers of Greene Co. TN, apparently all descended from Old Jeremiah Harrison of LGT. Both Sr. and Jr. buried in Nashville, TN., apparently long after the William B. Garrett who married Lizzie Harrison died. Moreover, she is buried in Haywood Co. NC. Before they moved to Haywood they were in Buncombe in that part that became Madison and on Spring Creek ...but certainly these three William Garretts were associated with Harrisons ...on the following p 575 is a family group sheet on William Garrett and Elizabeth Harrison. It gives his middle name as Berry, and his father as William Garrett and mother Jane Knox, and that he was born in Rutherford Co. NC. Children and marriages are given but no point in repeating here.

P 584 Will of Sarah Harrison, Rowan Co. NC 14 Mar 1838/May 1838?. Youngest son a bastard who I have named Chapman Alexander, to have entire estate including the money coming to me of the sale of negroes of the estate of Owen Harrison, decd. in the hands of his administrators. Exec: friend, Greenbury Harrison who is to keep and raise my child Chapman Alexander and that he be amply paid for so doing. Wit: Will Barber, Jt., Ralph Keslen

P 588 Some marriage records of VA: Burr Harrison b 1738 d 1822 Chester Dist. SC . s/o Thomas of Fauquier Co; served in Rev. War m Elizabeth Dargan of Sumter Dist. SC ...this is the one mentioned earlier in this report who had a daughter who m Samuel Johnston of Fairfield Co. SC ....P 589. Elizabeth Harrison m Peter F. Jefferson! Aha! If this is Peter Jefferson father of Thomas Jefferson, then I am related to a Harrison by marriage and not just by marriage to my Harrison wife! ...But on second thought, this may not be Peter, father of Thomas, because his father m a Randolph, sister to Dorothea who m Col. John Woodson. But Peter F. Jefferson who m Elizabeth Harrison must be related somehow.

PP 599-603. All of the Harrisons in the 1830 census of Alabama, by Betty Jo Hulse. This includes her Harrisons in Shelby County who had moved from Buncombe. In the next issue, she has the 1840 Census Harrisons of AL pp 618-623. Lots of them on both censuses.

P 623. Harrison-O'Quinn Cemetery, Jefferson Co. MS. The names in this cemetery of Harrisons, probably indicates their family line. The eldest is Richard Harrison, a Rev. War soldier 1754-1799, from Caroline Co. VA. Son, Col. Phillip Barbour Harrison. Hay Battaile Harrison, A few months ago I did a piece on some Harrisons in Culpeper Co. VA, most of whose residents came from Caroline or Amelia. The Barbours were important there. Battaile, is a name of the Andrew Harrison family. Some Johns(t)ons of that County are suspects in my ancestry and they had marriages with Barbours there also. I have other lines Culpeper Co. VA.

P 625. This is an article about the many lines of James Orr and Janet MCClement who migrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland 1607-08, but this is specially about their numerous Harrison connections back in Scotland and Ireland before coming to America. (see p 3 about Robert Orr of OLD Walton Co. GA/Buncombe but earlier lived

8. Harrison

in Mecklenburg on McAlpin's Creek in Harrison territory. I will not go into this, but it is suggestive of the Orrs and others of knowing well and frequently intermarried with Harrisons, especially in Ireland. (I think Ireland but it does not say so, but lists Holywood, Ballyknockan, Loch Ern, etc which I assume were in Ireland). This information is very compact and is more like lists without dates, but comes from a book, DESCENDANTS IN MANY LINES, OF JAMES ORR AND JANET McCLEMENT WHO MIGRATED FROM SCOTLAND TO NORTHERN IRELAND, by Ray A. Jones, 1977

P 644 COLONIAL SOLDIERS OF THE SOUTH 1732-1774. Georgia Militia. This is by Betty Jo Hulse. Oglethorpe sent Captain Mark Carr on a recruiting mission to VA and MD in 1741. There he raised a small force known as the Marine Company of Boatmen. And in Oglethorpe's regiment was a Private Samuel Harrison. Also, Francis Harrison, Highland Independent Co., Darien; Humphrey Harrison, ranger; Mord Harrison, ranger; Richard, Samuel and Thomas Harrison ...On the muster roll of Capt. Paul Demore's Co. on duty in SC and GA 1756 was John Carroll stationed at Ft. Johnson and Samuel Harrison, private, stationed in the Cherokees ...In the second troop of Georgia Rangers 1760 were Mordecai and Humphrey Harrison ...1766 Mordecai, Samuel and Humphrey Harrison ... Humphrey Harrison served 1760-1762 1st troop Georgia Rangers .... Interesting. Here are very early Harrisons in GA. I presume that in the 1740's there was not much settlement in GA to have soldiers to protect except in and around Savannah and some of the coast. But that expanded westward especially along the Savannah River. My Encyclopedia Brittanica, says that there was hardly any migration from other colonies such as SC until about 1752. One of the purposes of GA was to act as a barrier to protect SC from the Spaniards in Florida. I have no idea what line or lines these Harrisons were. The Samuel Harrison, stationed in the Cherokees 1756, could be at the fort built for the Cherokees on the falls of the Savannah River which is present Augusta, which was a very active place involved in the construction of Ft. Loudon in TN. SC history tells about this. From this fort at Augusta there were huge numbers of laden horses following trails all the way to Ft. Loudon, carrying materials that had come to Augusta by boat from Savannah, then over SC land to Ft. Loudon. This was also active in the fur trade with the Cherokee. There were very few whites on either side of the Savannah except for Indian traders. In the 1750's a few white settlers came into this area including my Johnston ancestors, but it was not until 1768 that immigration really got going.

P 657 1820 census of NC. In Mecklenburg Co. were: Daniel, Henry and Robert Harrison. Daniel was 26-45 and living alone. Henry was 45+ with another male 16-26 and 4 females. Robert 26-45 with 4 kids under 10, 2 10-16 and female 26-45. At the same time there were 10 Harrison families in Rowan Co ...this surprises me with so few in Mecklenburg - where did they go? GA? Buncombe? Christian and other Counties of KY? Who was minding Harrison Methodist Church? Rev. Samuel Harrison and family had gone to KY.

P 662 Query from Olivia Patch, 83 Cedar Swamp Road, Tolland Conn. 06084. Seeking the parents of Abigail, second wife of Isaiah Harrison (1666-1738) of Oysterbay, NY, Long Island and Smithtown. Was she the daughter of Jonathan Smith and Sarah Brewster? Who was Catherine, who m Jeremiah Harrison ca 1732? Jeremiah was a son of Isaiah and Abigail Harrison. Jeremiah and Catherine had a son, Isaiah b 1762. Did he marry a Mary Reagan? .... Interesting, obviously versed in SETTLERS BY THE LONG GREY TRAIL and getting pretty sophisticated going into ancestry of Abigail Smith. How did she know that Jeremiah had a son Isaiah? Not in LGT, but true. Isaiah was named as such in his will, and also as exec. Catherine was Catherine Adams, I learned that from THE TUNIS HOOD FAMILY. Did he marry Mary Reagan? I do not know but it is suspected that he may have m three times. One of his wives was Elizabeth Whittenburg but perhaps a second wife. In old age married to a Mary. Reagans did marry Harrisons and were from Old Augusta County VA and some moved to Greene Co. TN after marrying Harrison girls. END VOLUME V

9. Harrison

LETTER FROM ALTON DOUGLASS. On p 6 (center) I tell about his query about Jesse Harrison. I answered and have now heard from him. He is enthusiastic about the Mecklenburg Harrisons as a possible source for Jesse, but no results as yet. However, he enclosed sane of the Harrison material he has obtained, and perhaps he has run into more information about Joseph Hammond's Harrisons with whom I started this paper!

Mrs. Dorothy P. Gross, 10615 237th 01. SW, WA 98020 wrote him a year ago, which did not help him, but maybe Joe Hammond. Her earliest ancestor is George Harrison of VA and he died in Westmoreland Co., VA with a will dated 1713. His son William, died in Craven/Fairfield Co. SC with will dated 25 July 1769. William's daughter, Mary Harrison married John McKinney Sr. before 1769 in SC. She died in KY before 1810. Their son Reuben Harrison McKinney is Mrs. Gross' gg grandfather.

Mr. John H. Stoneham, 4285 Lomo Alton Drive, Dallas, TX 75219-1540. recently wrote Mr. Douglass with this information, which ties in with his Douglasses. William Harrison b 31 Dec 1714, Fairfax Co. VA d 1773/4 Craven Co. SC, m Ann Kirkland, daughter of Captain Richard Snowden Kirkland, and granddaughter of Richard Kirkland. Some of their children resided in Fairfield Co. SC. Mary Harrison, daughter of Ruben Henry Harrison who was a son of William and Ann Kirkland Harrison was b 4 Apr. 1792 Fairfield, SC. Died 18 July 1844 Mooresville, Bowie Co. TX. Mary m Charlie Moores, son of Henry and Jean (Ross) Moores b Apr 4, 1776 Lincoln Co. NC d 9 Mar 1852 Mooresville, Bowie Co. TX. Charlie m 2nd married a cousin of Mary his first wife, another Mary: Mary V. (Harrison) Rabb, widow of Charles Rabb, and daughter of Capt. Jonathan Harrison. One of their children was William Henry Harrison Moores Sr. b 23 July 1830, Fairfield Co. SC. WHH Moores Sr. married as his third wife, Mary Lethard Douglass, a sister of Elizabeth Flemming (Douglass) Harrison. A son of WHH Moores Sr., WHH Moores, Jr., married Mary Lunsford Thorn, a niece of Mary Lethard (Douglass) Moores and Elizabeth Fleming (Douglass) Harrison ....Whew! Complicated!

Of the above two different (?) Harrison families of Fairfield SC, we have a William died 1769 in Fairfield from the Westmoreland VA bunch. The other William Harrison of Fairfax Co. VA also came to Fairfield where he died 1773/4. Mr. Hammond can choose! I have sane more information on Harrisons of both Fairfax Co. and Westmoreland Co. VA which I can look up for him.

I am anxious to hear what Mr. Douglass comes up with as far as his Jesse Harrison's ancestry.

Back to HARRISON HERITAGE. Vol. VI, 1986.

P 694. Harrison marriages in Ohio. Isaiah Harrison m Julia Ann Hill 15 May 1828, Fai Go. (Fai is abbreviator for some County) Under my rule, any Isaiah Harrison is descended from Old Isaiah of LGT until proven otherwise, so perhaps some of our LGT gang moved to Ohio for antislavery reasons. I know of some who did, but I do not know this one.

P 738. Aha! Again, I found a personal connection to Benjamin Harrison, Signer of the Declaration of Independence. This very distant relationship is to his mother, Ann Carter, daughter of Col. Robert (King) Carter. This is a descendency chart of a contributor, going back through the Carters to King William the first of England 1066-1087 (years of reign). This also goes back through William Blount son of the first Baron of Mountjoy died 1471. Benjamin Harrison, the signer had a granddaughter Nancy Wheeler who m Joshua R. Remy 1804-1877. I have Ramey ancestors and they are supposed to be descendants of Remy, who were French Huguenots.

P 739 A Query from a very old friend of ours. She is a Harrison of Thomas Harrison of Caswell County NC who m Mildred Johnston, daughter of Dr. Lancelot Johnston of Caswell. Both of these lines are very well worked out. No questions, she just wanted to share information. No idea she was into genealogy!

P 740 Query seeking the parents of Jeremiah Harrison born in TN but moved to Williamson Co. IL 1830's. Could be one of the lost Jeremiah's of Greene Co. TN.

10. Harrison

P 740. Query from Bette I. Gable, 5611 Gladewood Dr., Jackson, MS 39211 (I have sane of her material somewhere). Seeking to locate ancestor Martha Harrison who m Jesse Robard or Roberts. They lived in Buncombe Co which later became Haywood Co. Martha. was the daughter of Lydia _____ Harrison. First name of Martha's father is unknown . ... I believe it was Jesse Robard Roberts who was one of the earliest school teachers in Buncombe (material somewhere) - also other connections later of Harrisons and Robards/Roberts near Marshall, Madison Co. on or near the French Broad. I recall that Robards/Roberts involved with Blacks. Lydia was a common name in Rev. Jeremiah Harrison's family since his wife's mother was an Addington, whose mother in turn was Lydia Duckett. Rev. Jeremiah (probably) had a daughter Lydia who m Rev. Joab Humphries, founder of Harrison Methodist Chapel. in Murray Co. GA in honor of her father, a circuit riding Methodist preacher. Also there was a Lydia Harrison in his elderly household old enough to be a second wife and young enough to be a daughter, but in the same census was Lydia, wife of Rev. Humphries (??). Rev. Jeremiah was in Haywood County rather briefly, in that part which became Macon Co., where he was one of the founders of Zion Methodist Church-But at this time, Rev. Jeremiah was m to SARAH Addington, not Lydia. Yet somehow this is suspicious of Rev. Jeremiah's involvement-too many Lydia's around! ...Is anyone in touch with Bette Gable anymore?

P 710 1810 census NC for Harrisons. This must not be complete since there are none in Buncombe Co. (yet they were there on the census)

John C. Harrison,



Josiah Harrison,



Samuel Harrison,


" (This would likely be Rev. Samuel R. Harrison of McAlpin's Creek area and Harrison Methodist and other churches. One of those children would be, later, the famous Rev. Christian Harrison of KY - but another son, unknown.)

Samuel Harrison,

11--1, -1--1

Rowan. (Likely a Samuel I am aware of and a member of Episcopal Church = but I do not know origins)

Samuel Harrison,

21-1-, 3--1-

Rutherford (I do not know)


P 713. Here is another list of 1810 census NC by the same author, but slightly different - still no Buncombe Co., but I notice something of interest. In Beaufort Co. NC were Jeremiah, Jesse, Joseph, Nathaniel and Reuben Harrison - all names one would expect of LGT Harrisons, and as I recall, similar names to Westmoreland VA Harrisons. Also, in Granville and Halifax Counties NC were Robert, Gideon, and Jesse Harrison. ???

P 716 by same author as above, 1810 census of SC (all Harrisons)


22-1-, 1--1-

9 slaves



--11-, 2--1-

0 "



2--1-, 2-11-

2 "



-1-1-, --2--

0 "



---1-, 1-1--

12 "

Edgefield (this could be James who m Elizabeth Hampton- though he lived in what is now Anderson Co.)


1-1--, 1-1--

0 slaves



-11-, 11-11

0 "



231-1, 1---1

85 "



-1-1-, --1--

- "



2131-, 221--

19 "



-1--, --1--

10 "


Wm. C.

1--1-, 2--1-

0 "

Abbeville (very hard to read)several more Williams in Fairfield, Greenville, Pendleton.

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