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HARRISON NOTES January 1997 Part 4

Charles W. Johnson.

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© 1997 Charles W. Johnson, M.D.
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21. Harrisons

found a William Harrison in Knox County with 7 in the family. There was a Nicholas Harrison in Clark County (The only other county in Indiana at that time). Comment: There is a family tradition of the Watauga Harrisons that Joseph Harrison Sr, or II as I count them, had a brother Benjamin who went to Indiana Territory.

FROM TRESSIE NEALY. I had mentioned Paint Rock River in my Harrison Notes p 3, Nov 1996. I have long been familiar with Paint Rock and Paint Rock Creek of the French Broad very close to Hot Springs, NC, but she points out that there is Paint Rock River in Jackson Co. AL, which is not far from Guntersville and Thomas Harrison. She also sent a map showing Elizabeth Pack's Reservation and a page identifying her as the widowed daughter of the famous chief John Lowrey. She points out that she thinks she recalls a writeup about the Lowreys in "Leaves From the Family Tree" by Penelope Johnson Allen. I think she is right and I expect I read it long before I was interested in these Cherokees. Penelope Johnson Allen has attracted my attention because she wrote an outstanding book about Johnsons of Newberry SC (not my line). She wrote for a Chattanooga paper on genealogy and history of that area. Still alive and over 100 the last I heard. She certainly would have known all there was to know about history of the area and the people in it. Her works could be a very good source.

Tressie is well positioned in Oklahoma City for Indian research and also she has been doing that research before we came up with all this Cherokee stuff about Harrisons. She has especially been working on the Watts (Cherokees). She says that the Iredell Co. NC Gen. Soc. assures her that the Watts of Iredell County are not the ones she is interested in.. but there could be a connection with the Joseph Watts who died in Rabun Co. GA in 1847.

She sent from SEQUOYAH: THE CHEROKEE GENIUS p 28-29...Sequoyah moved from Tuskegee to Willstown, now the site of Ft. Payne, AL, the former stronghold of the Chickamaugan Cherokees. It was originally "Red Headed Will's Town" named for the trader Will Webber when this was Creek territory (Perhaps the nearby Creek's Path has something to do with change of ownership there too). Willstown was at one time the hone of John Watts, Dragging Canoe, the Bloody Fellow, Bob Benge or the Bench and other Cherokee war leaders. The village sat next to Will's Creek in a Pine forested valley between the elongated ridge of Lookout Mountain and the Racoon Mountains. (Though this is in Alabama this should be very close to Marion Co. TN where there was a Thomas Harrison Reservation and Elizabeth Pack.. Sequoyah lived 3 milas from George Lowrey and there was a Mission there at Willstown. Lowrey's home was a showplace surrouned by 200 acres. Elizabeth Pack lived in Willstown as did Judge Andrew Ross, brother of Chief John Ross and s-in-law of George Lowrey.

Sequoyah (George Gist/Guess) was one of six chiefs of "The Creek Path towns". The Mission at Willstown was connected to the Missionary William Chamberlain through the Lowerys for establishing a school. ('this is the same Chamberlain who was involed with Catherine Brown who taught at Creek Path town and very close to Gunter and Thomas Harrison).

p 127 is a map of the above area which is virtually at the intersection of TN, GA and AL, in the valley between Lookout Mountain and Raccon Mountain, south of the Tennessee River, but close to Marion Co. TN... But since Elizabeth Pack lived in Alabama but got her reservation in Marion Co. TN, then it is also reasonable that Thomas Harrison of Alabama also got his reservation in Marion Co. AL. This might indicate that the "two" Thomas

22. Harrisons

Harrisons and the two Thomas Harrison Reservations, were really one reservation and one Thomas Harrison... but then again there is the full blooded Cherokee named Thomas Harrison previously mentioned.

Tressie sent some information on her Watts research. Though it is probably irrelevant to us, it is quite fascinating. There certainly was a Cherokee Chief John Watts but there has been all sorts of fraudulently promoted Watts genealogy for purposes of claiming land and other Indian benefits based on Watts ancestry. On the other hand some of the genealogy that appears fraudulent was accurate. Perhaps this fraudulent use of Watts genealogy also infects other family lines. There are many conflicting stories. In the book above about Sequoyah it is alluded that there was a relationship between him and Arch Campbell who was at Creek path AL 1835. He is also supposed to be a cousin to Chief John Watts. One 1837 spoliation claim made by Richard Guess of AL and witnessed by Arch Campbell states that Richard Guess was the son of Lucy Orr, suggesting that Lucy was the widow of Sequoyah and remarried an Orr. In a memorial to Congress 1840 by Chief John Ross.. "One of them has slain a fine young man who was a son of George Guess (Sequoyah), inventor of the Cherokee Alphabet, and nephew of Archibald Campbell.."

There were several John Watts. One was Kunoskeskie who signed a treaty in 1791 and another treaty was signed 1805 by john Watts Jr., perhaps a different person. Chief John Watts has been assumed to be a half breed son of the interpretor John Watts but other John Watts are always listed as full bloods in census and claims records (sounds familiar as to full blood Thomas Harrison). John Watts it was also known as Young Tassell and said to be the son of an English Trader in the Overhills area and mother was Nancy Ward, the full blooded beloved woman of the Cherokees also married to a Ward who had a white wife too.

Those researching Joseph Watts say he was born 1761 in Buncombe County NC but Buncombe had not been created at that date. One of his sons Pleasant Watts, did marry in Burke County NC in 1821. From census Joseph's birth can be placed between 1770-80. (Rabun Co. GA 1830-1840)... Another story reminiscent of Elizabeth (Harrison) Grantham being born Buncombe in 1776.

.. Tressie says that this Joseph Watts who died in Rabun Co. GA 1847, but there could be a connection with the Iredell Watts.

MADISON COUNTY ALABAMA RECORDS, DEED BOOK A by Jones and Gandrud. (These are relevant to Becky Bonner and her mother Josephine Bass). Actually this is in book EE but says it is a copy of the first deed in Book A but missing pages 1 and 2 in that book... (Does that mean that someone stole them and rite them out?) Indenture that Zachariah Cox, one of the grantees of the Tennessee Company, by his attorney MICHAEL HARRISON, formerly of Washington County, State of Tennessee, but now of the Great Bend of the Tennessee River within the bounds of the Mississippi Territory for the consideration of $1,000.00 paid by Martin Beaty of the County of Lee, State of Virginia... 1,000 acres in the Great Bend of the Tennessee River on the waters of Indian Creek, a branch of said river, it being a part of a tract granted Zachariah Cox, Matthew Maner and their associates from the State of Georgia by grant dated the year 1785, bounded as follows: ... Hunt's Spring-11 July 1808. Acknowledged 4 Oct 1810 before Obadiah Jones, J.M.T. Maadison County, M.T.

The first 16 or so pages of Book A appear to be devoted to this same property with sales and with Michael Harrison as attorney for Zachariah Cox and the Tennessee Company.

23. Harrisons

From a book, HISTORY OF JACKSON COUNTY (Alabama) by John R. Kennamer, 1935. p 10. A new company was organized in 1789, called the Tennessee Land Company, by Zachariah Cox of South Carolina and Mathias Maher and others. They purchased 3,500,000 acres from Georgia, paying less than two cents per acre. This tract embraced the northern counties of Alabama. Cox with 40 others, proceeded to the Muscle Shoals and built a blockhouse and other defence works, against the warning of the United States and the objections of the Indians. Soon the Cherokee Chief Glass appeared with a body of Indians and threatened them with death, if they remained. Cox and his party were allowed to withdraw without injury. The Indians destroyed their works, and this ended the second attempt to settle the Tennessee Valley, of which Jackson County was a part.

Orphans Court Book 4, page 430. Nov 6, 1830. THOMAS HARRISON produced a certificate showing that Seabourn Ikard, and Nancy Ikard, infants of Anthony Ikard decd, over 14, chosae him as their guardian; he applies for the guardianship of Polly Ikard, Elijah Ikard, and Anthony Ikard, other infants of said Anthony Ikard deceased under 14. JOHNSON HARRISON, WILLIAM HARRISON AND AARON HARRISON sureties.

Probate record 6, pp 624 -5-6; John W. Irby filed his account as guardian of Martha, Elizabeth, Wiliam B. and HARRISON Irby, infant children of William H. Irby

page 21. 21 Dec. 1810. Zachariah Cox by MICHAEL HARRISON his attorney in fact to Benjamin Estill and Martin Beaty, both of Virginia... 40,925 acres, except 1000 acres sold to Maartin Beaty including the town of Twickenham, 450 acres sold Freeman Jones, 640 acres sold William Campbell, 2000 acres sold GIDEON HARRISON and 200 acres sold DANIEL AND JOSEPH HARRISON. Wit: John Dougherty, A. Anderson, James Hill, John Martin.

Comment: The Thomas Harrison above as guardian to a whole bunch of Ikards in 1830, along with Johnson, William and Aaron Harrison is certainly interesting. I would like to know more about them. How connected with other Harrisons in the area such as Thomas, with Cherokee wife and heirs. Or Michael who is probably related if only distantly.. recall that Michael was in Buncombe for a time and therefore probably knew about his relationship to the Buncombe Harrisons.

Arkansas Newspaper Abstracts 1819-1845 by James L. Morgan. There are 10 Harrison items here; mostly concerned with deaths but I will not go into them all. I cannot identify them, but a couple:

Mrs. Louisa Conway wife of Hon Wm. Conway, Judge 6th judicial circuit of AR died 10-5-1840 at residence of her father Dr. Burr Harrison, Bardstown, KY .... surely of the Burr/Cuthbert Harrison line.

Needham Cox decd. John Harrison, admr. Monroe Co. Nov 12, 1836. I mention because of the Cox/Harrison connection, suggestive of Michael Harrison and Zachariah Cox and the Tennessee Land Company.


Copies can be obtained from GSICNC Box 946, Statesville, NC 286871. 40¢ per page.


24. Harrisons

Institution, P O Box 96836, Washington, DC 20090-6836 dated Aug 16, 1906 from Florence McClure, with copies to numerous scholarly institutions to do with Indians. Mrs. McClure is in the process of writing a book on her husband's ancestry. He is a descendant of William Shorey, a noted Scots Trader who was also the interpreter for Fort Loudon at the time of the massacre, and his wife a full blood Cherokee of the Bird Clan, Ghi-goo-ie. John Ross, the Cherokee Chief also comes from this line. His grandmother, Anna Shorey McDonald was their daughter, wheras her husband descends from their son William Shorey, known by his Cherokee name Eskaculiakee, which he used to sign the 1805/6 treaty. Her husband is 1/64th Cherokee.

William Shorey, the elder, was her husband's 5th great grandfather. Errors were made by early historisns and genealogists as they thought the elder and the younger Shorey were the same. The elder Shorey died at sea in 1762 when he was acting as interpreter for three Cherokee Chiefs, including Ostenaco, going to London to see the King. The English say Shorey was poisoned. Lt. Henry Timberlake says he died of consumption. Wm Shorey the elder and Captain John Stuart were two of a handful that were permitted to leave Ft. Loudon prior to the massacre of Captain Demere and his men after the fort was surrendered. (I mentioned Timberlake earlier as one of the pioneer explorers and leaving Cherokees named Timberlake around. Captain John Stuart was a very important Scots/Englishman to do with Southern Indians before the Revolution for the Colonial Government and no doubt had an Indian wife or two).

Elizabeth Shorey was the grandaughter of William Shorey and Ghi-goo-ie, and married Lt. Col. John Lowrey, also 2 Cherokee, the son of George Lowrey, a non Indian, a trader who m Nannie, the grandaughter of Oo-loo-tsa, the father of her mother, Ghi-go-ne-li, father is unknown but it is believed Nannie (Nancy) had a sister, to carry on her mother's name, who married Edward G (Gunter?) and died in 1842. (parenthetical remark mine)

Mrs. McClure was president of the Nevada League of Women Voters in 1972 when she visted the Octagon House in Washington DC for a meeting and at the time did not know about her husband's 4th great grandfather, Lt. Col John Lowery as the head of a delegation of Cherokees who met with President Madison in 1815 at the Octagon House, which was serving as the "White House" at the time while renovations were going on at the White House after the War of 1812. John Lowrey died in 1817 at age 42. His brother, Major George Lowrey was m to Lucy Benge, daughter of Urtah and "Old Trader" James Benge, non Indian. Two of Lucy's brothers were thought to be Old Tassel and Doublehead. John's daughter Elizabeth "Betsey" Lowrey Pack, the widow of non-Indian, William Shorey Pack, in spite of her father's service to the Americans, would be forced to sell her plantation, Rose Hill, located near present day Fort Payne Alabama and go on the trail of tears, settling in Flint District, now Adair county, Oklahoma. Her son Thanas Jefferson Pack, would also remove. Former Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller (I saw her on TV a year or so ago and was much impressed) lives in that county and told Mrs. McClure in May 1995 that there are still numerous Pack family members there.

Comment: I am a bit confused. I see on a map where Elizabeth Pack lived in Alabama and where her father lived and I can see that she "had to sell", but she also had the Reservation of 640 acres in Marion County, TN, as did Thomas Harrison and she essentially gave that property away to the City as the County seat. She had a preferential title in fee simple for that 640 acres - not just for life. I suppose that many of these who "had to sell" did not have to do so according to law but "had to" because of other forces such as persecution and outright theft of their livestock and property by

25. Harrisons

no-good whites. We generally hear of the white Georgians as being so evil, but I wonder about Tennesseans such as in Marion County, and Alabamans and North Carolinians. Was Marion County being in Tennessee considered safer for prominent Indians than nearby Georgia? and is this why they took reservations there? What was the role of the Tennessee Land Company in all this? They were there earlier than when all this was going on, and I guess that it was a financial failure, so maybe not involved at all in this spiriting of Cherokee lands from the Cherokee.


PAY LIST OF THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF COL. RICHARDSON'S BATTALLION EMPLOYED ON THE CHEROKEE EXPEDITION. He was from St. Mark's Parish and drew his men from the Upper Santee and Wateree Rivers area. This is beginning on p 88 under the heading of LYTTLETON'S TROOPS 1760. I will pick out a few items.

I notice many more of interest to me concerned with my SC ancestry and I am not so sure about that statement that these were from the upper Santee and Wateree area. Probably true but some appear to me to be further west in Newberry, Laurens and Abbeville areas, though they did not have those county names in 1760 but were " 96th District". Of course this is especially inteesting with Private Thomas Harrison in Capt John Canty's Company. This is not likely the same Sergeant Thomas Harrison of a few years earlier commanding Fort Prince George in the area.

I suppose that this military operation was to march on a punitive expedition following a number of massacres by Cherokees and to destroy Cherokee towns and crops, and was very effective. Of course Ft. Loudon was a major defeat.

There were some Harrison families in this Wateree/Santee area, and at some early point the Saluda River was also called the Santee, which made sense as it was really the same river. The Saluda extends west all the way to NC. Of the Harrison families of the area we have to think of the Burr Harrison family and Joe Hammond's Harrisons of Fairfield and others.

PIONEER FAMILIES OF FRANKLIN COUNTY VIRGINIA by Marshall Wingfield, 1964. I do not remember now who sent this to me; one of you or someone in regards to my Johns(t)ons. This involves both lines of research. At any rate, thank you very much. Franklin County was created 1786 from Bedford and Henry

26. Harrisons

Counties and adjacent to Roanoke County but on the east side of the Blue Ridge.

p 41. THE DAVIS FAMILY. This Davis family begins with the will of Edward Davis, wife Mary 1736, Charles County, Maryland. Ch: Richard, Edward, David, Henry, John, Peter, Ann, Elizabeth, Susannah, Mary Garden, William, James, Edward the younger, Thomas and Luke.

The third son David died 1770 Charles County, MD wife Ann and children: Joseph Waters, David, Charles, Elizabeth, Arm Barker and Susan. Of this bunch, Charles, the third son, is followed genealogically in this article. This seems to be a very complete record of three generations in Charles Co. MD and then they went to Henry County, VA from which Franklin County was partly formed. Charles was in the Revolutionary War. This goes on and on, which I will not try to cover but: a son Peter Davis married Mary Holland and they had a son C.W. who married 2nd, Virginia GRANTHAM no dates.

p 212 THE TATE FAMILY. Henry Tate was in Louisa County VA in 1743 when he and John Davis processioned their precincts of Fredericksville Parish. In 1755 he was a resident of Bedford County. During the next two decades he acquired much property in both Bedford and Campbell Counties. Records found in both counties. His will is dated 7 August 1784. His will was probated in Campbell County 1793 naming wife Sarah. of the children: Mary m CHESLEY DAVIS and emigrated to 96 District SC.; Mary's sister Sarah m Col. James Calloway. There is considerable information about the Calloway descendants who remained in Campbell County area. Out of this branch came Obadiah Tate m Nancy Goggin and sister Pamela Tate who m William Goggin (William and Nancy Goggin were brother and sister).

William Goggin and his sister were children of Stephen Goggin Jr and wife Rachael Moorman. Stephen and Rachael had another daughter Pamela who married Samuel Clemens 1797 in Bedford County. They had a son John Marshall Clemens went to Hannibal, MO where he was a JP. He m Jane Lampton and they had a son Samuel Lampton Clemens who was "Mark Twain".

The Goggins are relatives of mine. I have a book on my Goggins/Goggans ancestry.

Chesley Davis who married Mary Tate is not shown as coming from the Davis family of Franklin County which I have discussed though with the geography it is likely that he is related. Chesley Davis I have frequently discussed before as being connected to my Johns(t)ons of Newberry SC, and other of my lines there and also connected to the Davises of Buncombe County. We already knew he married Mary Tate.

p 46 THE DILLARD FAMILY. The Franklin County Dillards trace their ancestry to 1660 to George Dillard of Wiltshire England. He came to Jamestown. They also had marriages to Moormans and one married the daughter of General Joseph Martin of Henry County who in addition to his white wife in Henry County, was married to Betsey Ward, the daughter of Nancy Ward, beloved woman of the Cherokees. I do not know enough about Dillards to discuss their genealogy but they were connected to Harrisons of Worth Ray's line and they were also in Buncombe and Jefferson County, TN and intermarried with my Dalrymples of Newberry SC. Worth Ray says that Lillards and Dillards are the same family. Dillards also married Hairstons.

FROM ANN HARRIS. See p 39 November 1996 and p 25 August 1996 Harrison Notes. She has information on Lydia Harrison, daughter of Isaiah Harrison Sr. and married to Samuel Stewart. Now she has sent me a large stack of Family Group sheets on Isaiah Harrison Sr.'s genealogy. This, of course, goes into the Bradshaw lineage too (see this issue beginning bottom of p 8) from Bob Moretz.

27. Harrisons

FGS ISAIAH HARRISON Sr., wife #1 Elizabeth Wright daughter of Gideon Wright and Elizabeth Townsend. Most of the information on their children is in LGT, except: daughter LYDIA HARRISON b 1698 m c 1720 Samuel Stewart, died 1771. She was born in Oyster Bay, Nassau NY and died Yadkin NC ....This also showns her brother Thomas Harrison born c 1740 and died 1785. I think this must be a typographical error. LGT shows him born 1704. The error makes him 28 years younger than Samuel Harrison who was youngest according to LGT. Isaiah Sr.'s parents were Rev. Thomas Harrison and Catherine Bradshaw. Spouse #2 Abigail Smith.

FGS THOMAS HARRISON (father of Isaiah Sr.) b 1633 St. Peters, Chester, England, married 2-28-1659/60 St. Peters, Chester, England. died 1682 Dublin Ireland. Father Richard Harrison, mother unknown. Other spouses Dorothy Symonds. Wife Catherine Brandshaw b 9-10-1637 in Chester died __? in England, daughter of Edward Bradshaw and Susanna Blease. Children: In addition to Isaiah there were Elizabeth, Dorothy b c 1651, THOMAS b 4-23-1661 in Chester and Katherine b Apr 15, 1662 Chester England. (I am curious about son Thomas. Did he come to America? and the other kids?).

FGS RICHARD HARRISON, father of Rev. Thomas above, b 1595 London?, Eng., father Rowland Harrison, mother unknown but b c 1595. Children in addition to Rev. Thomas Harrison were Edward b c 1635, Richard b c 1637, and Benjamin b c 1639.

FGS ROWLAND HARRISON, father of Richard, b 1550 of Bernard Castle, England (now! this all hooks up with the Bernard Castle Harrisons of Worth Ray pages 501-539 of TENNESSEE COUSINS. This all ties in with Benjamin Harrison of Isle of Wight County, VA which are not the James River Harrisons but Worth Ray ties that all in as well, but maybe questionably. This all tends to connect all Harrisons into one family joined together in early England. But, I am not pursuing that subject - first we need to connect our Buncombe Harrisons to LGT Harrisons - the huge barrier. Those who have connected to LGT have very extensive ancestry!

FGS JOHN HARRISON, father of Rowland, b 1530, wife unknown, parents unknown.


FGS EDWARD BRADSHAW, and SUSANNAH BLEASE, parents of Catherine Bradshaw who m Rev. Thomas Harrison. Edward b c 1611 Chester Eng., m Dec 6, 1631, died Oct 21 1671, Chester, Eng. Susannah Blease b c 1613, d 1651 and husband remarried Mary Stone (Worth Ray has much about Stones in America married to Harrisons of the Andrew Harrison line, which is Ray's line, and THE VENTURERS line). Susannah Blease b c 1631 d bef 1651 daughter of Christopher Blease. Catherine had siblings:

Elizabeth b c 1639, James b c 1639, Mary c 1641, Edward c 1641, and Christopher c 1647

FGS RAPHE BRADSHAW and ELLEN OWEN, parents of Edward Bradshaw, He b c 1572 of Aspull & Pennington, Eng. m before 1606 Eng., d 1625 Chester, Eng. Ellen Owen b c 1576 Manchester, Eng., daughter of John Owen. Their children in addition to Edward Bradshaw were: Henry b c 1598 in Bradshaw, Eng; Richard b c 1600 of Chester and Pennington Eng; John b c 1602 of Farnsworth Eng. (Chief Justice of the Court which ordered King Charles I beheaded was named John Bradshaw)


FGS GIDEON WRIGHT AND ELIZABETH TOWNSEND. They were the parents of Elizabeth Wright who married as first wife, Isaiah Harrison Sr.

28. Harrisons

Gideon was b July 1638 in Lynn, MA, m in Sandwich MA, died June 6, 1685 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY m Elizabeth Townsend b 1645 of Oyster Bay Nassau, NY, daughter of John Townsend and Elizabeth Montgomerie. Children: besides Elizabeth who m Isaiah Harrison Sr.; Peter b 1670; Anthony b 1674 m Mary Rhodes; Gideon b 1674/5 m Margaret Urquehart, born, lived and died Oyster Bay; Silvanus b 1676 m Mary Proctor; Hannah b 1678 m Samuel Townsend; John b 1680 m Abigail Barker; Tabitha b 1683 m John Brock. (Most of these do not show whether there was a move or not along with the Harrisons, though some Wrights were in Augusta Co. VA with them)

FGS PETER WRIGHT and ALICE WRIGHT, parents of Gideon above. Peter b 1595 Norfolk Co. Eng. m May 1636 in MA, d the next month in MA. (probably an error as to death date because numerous children). He was son of Nicholas Wright and Margaret Nelson. Alice b 1600 d 1684/5 in Oyster Bay NY, daughter of William Wright and __? . Children: in addition to Gideon; Peter, Job m Rachel Townsend; William d as child; Mary m Samuel Andrews and died in New Jersey 1688; Sara m Edmund Wright; Mordecay b Oct 30, 1649/50 died mar 20, 1649/50 probably in VA. (probably an error, since he died before he was born!.. but interesting that he died probably in VA where Harrisons were); Adam m Mary Dennis, died in NY; Peter; Hannah, Elizabeth b 1653 m James Townsend and died in Oyster Bay; Lydia b 1655 m 1683 Isaac Horner.

FGS NICHOLAS WRIGHT & MARGARET NELSON, parents of Peter Wright. Nicholas b 2-18-1558/9 Barton Turf, Norfolk, Eng.m 9-20-1594 Wendling, Norfolk, Eng. son of Nicholas Wright and Ellen Gilbert. Besides Margaret Nelson he had another wife, Margaret Jeffers. Margaret Nelson b 4-20-1549 Eng. died in Eng. Children: besides Peter; Anthony d 9-8-1680 Oyster Bay NY; Nicholas d Nov 1682 in NY m Ann ___.

FGS NICHOLAS WRIGHT & ELLEN GILBERT, parents of Nicholas. He b 1534 Outwell, Norfolk Eng. d 1602 Norfolk Eng. She b 1535 Barton Turf, Norfolk Eng. d 1581/2. Children: besides Nicholas; John b c 1560; William b c 1564 m 1584 Elizabeth or Ellen Jeffers; Elizabeth; Anthony


FGS JOHN TOWNSEND & ELIZABETH MONTGOMERIE. He b 1620 Norwich, Norfolk Eng d 1669, son of Thomas Townsend and Mary Newgate. Other marriage to Elizabeth Coles. Elizabeth Montgomerie b c 1621 Flushing, Queens, NY d 1671 dau of Alexander Montgomery and Elizabeth Coles (note two Elizabeth Coles). Children: in addition to Elizabeth who m Gideon Wright; John b 1640 m Susanna Harcourt, Phoebe & Mary ; Thomas d infant; James b New Amsterdam, NY m Jane Ruddick & Elizabeth Wright; Thomas (another one) m Mary Alino; Rose; Anne; Sarah; George m two Mary Hawkhursts, one 1684; Daniel m Susanna Furman.

FGS THOMAS TOWNSEND & MARY NEWGATE parents of John Townsend above. He b 1593/4 Norfolk Co. Eng, m in Boston MA, d 1677 Lynn, Essex MA.1677. Mary b 1615 Bracon-Ash, Norfolk, Eng. d 1691/2 Lynn, Essex, MA. Children: in addition to John Townsend; Samuel, Elizabeth m Phillip Bollard & Henry Bollard, lived England; Thomas; Amy; Mary; Henry.

FGS HENRY TOWNSEND & MARGARET FORTHE parents of Thomas Townsend. He b 1568 Brancon Ash, Norfolk, Eng. m 1589, d 1625 Norwich, Norfolk, Eng. Margaret b c 1570 Bracon-Ash, d 1596 same place. Children: in addition to Thomas; Robert; Arthur d young; Elizabeth.


FGS ALEXANDER MONTGOMERIE & ELIZABETH COLES. He b c 1576. Lived Flushing, Queens, NY d 1610. Elizabeth b c 1580 Balleleck, Monaghan, Ireland. One child

29. Harrisons

Elizabeth Montgomerie m John Townsend.


THOMAS COLES & HENERETTA MARIE. He b c 1548 Ballyleck, Monaghan, Ireland. Heneretta b c 1552 Ballyleck, Monaghan, Ireland. One child Elizabeth Coles b 1580 m Alexander Montgomery.


FGS PHILLIPE NEWGATE & JANE HOD, parents of Mary who m Thomas Townsend. He b c 1520 England. She b c 1524 Eng. Daughter Mary b 1613 Bracoin-Ash, Norfolk, Eng, married in Boston, MA died 2-28-1691/2 Lynn, Essex, MA

Mrs. Harris says that the above information is shared by many Stewart researchers, who know about Lydia being the daughter of Isaiah Harrison Sr.

A LOT OF BUNKUM, November 1996, p 86. Article TUCKASIEGE BAPTIST ASSOCIATION by Connie Field... Probably the oldest Baptist Church in western NC was THREE FORKS BAPTIST in Watauga County constituted with 8 souls. HUMPHREY POSEY and James Whitaker were very active in promoting new churches. Cane Creek in Buncombe, Locust Old Field in Haywood were among the first then Littler Ivy, Newfound, Caneuy River and French Broad.

In the year 1821, just one year following the sales of land acquired from the Cherokees by treaty of 1819, the Cullowhee Baptist Church was organized. Rev. Posey served there and other churches until 1831. (He was the famous Baptist Missionary to the Cherokees, especially in the area of present Cherokee, NC at edge of Smoky Mountain National Park). Tuckasiege Baptist Association was 40 years old in 1869 and met in Haywood County. Among the delegates was Isaac Davis. It was reported that Rev. Elder John A. Hageman had died . He was born and raised in Watauga County. He afterward came to Buncombe County and attended school there. He returned to Watauga and there was ordained by Elders JOSEPH HARRISON and D.C. HARMON. (This would be Joseph Harrison III/Rev. Joseph Harrison). Comment: 1819 seems to be an important year, probably because of the treaty and it is also the date of many of the references to the Indian Thomas Harrison(s).

FROM BO SMITH. I have reported before, a number of times, about his wife's Harrisons such as Zadoc and Moses Harrison and about Noses Harrison married to Abigail Morgan, both in SC but both coming from Onslow county, NC. He has sent an extensive piece of extensively documented research on the Morgans. This does not add particularly to the Harrison side of the family and so I will not go into the Morgan details, but these Morgans may well be my wife's Morgan line of SW Virginia to Cocke Co. TN. These are the same Morgans of a Mason relative of mine, and if any of you have Morgans, please let me know so I can send this extensive information on to you. I would like to say however that Morgans are Welsh in origin. The first known Morgan was a Revolutionary of the 4th Century B.C. A Thomas Morgan was a Druid Monk and he denounced the concept of Original Sin. When Julius Caesar's soldiers approached Wales by sea, they were met by chanting Druids and awesome women with long, limp, stringy hair, standing shoulder to shoulder with the men in defensive positions. The Bible was first tramslated into Welsh by William Morgan, son of John. Morgan of Gla-Morgan predates Alfred the Great in establishing trial by jury.

These particular Morgans came to America in 1691 and both parents died on the voyage but the children landed at the Western Shore of Maryland.

30. Harrisons

ROWAN COUNTY REGISTER, Nov. 1996, p 2603. Deeds proved in court (though details are not given), Rowan Co. Minutes of the Court of Pleas ad Quarter Sessions. May Court, 1792.

JOHN DAVIS to Adam Call for 50 a Sept 10, 1787, JAMES DAVIS

JAMES DAVIS & wife to JOHN DAVIS for 11 acres Dec 23, 1791, Pr by James Davis.

Both of the above proved on the same day though 1 to 5 years old. Moving to Buncombe?

RUTHERFORD COUNTY NC Abstracts of Deeds 1773-1795 by Caroline Davis.

p 6. E:37 #580 NC Grant to William Webb N. side Second Broad adjacent to THOMAS HERRISON. (all Harrisons spelled Herrison in this book)

P 12. (Irrelevant to Harrisons but interesting). E:75 #632 1 May 1784. This is a very lengthy abstract and details not important but contains people of Buncombe. WILLIE JONES Exec of Robert Jones Jr. to SAMUEL ALSTON son and heir of SOLOMON ALSTON, Tracts of land supposed to be in Mecklenburg belonging to Robert Palmour/Palmer, ROBERT JONES JR, SOLOMON ALSTON JR, and JOSEPH MUMFORD, decd (exec HENRY MUMFORD, on both sides Green River below SAMUEL BRIGHT'S land, on BRIGHT'S Creek. Grants 1768. JAMES MILLER wit .... Willie Jones (several of them, one Sheriff of Buncombe) had daughter m son of Benjamin Hawkins, and connections to Worleys and Ducketts and an ancestor of my wife. Alstons also m into Hawkins and a prominent family of coastal NC and a Governor so named. Samuel Bright may very well be an ancestor of mine or at least a relative. Brights got around, especially Tobias, Samuel and Albertus. They also settled in Madison County on Meadow Fork Creek where everyone, except Brights are related to my wife. Millers of Buncombe active in offices and m Harrison and Worley.

p 16. F:99 #667 NC Grant to Elizabeth Glasgow 640a Muddy Creek, crossing creek above the foard including "the swan ponds or goose ponds or great ponds" 9 Aug 1787 .... comment: another Swan Ponds! There were also people named Swan in the area.

There are many grants to JOSEPH HENRY, in Rutherford, and many aquisitions of land. Joseph Henry was also the Land Entry officer of Buncombe, later, and was a neighbor to Harrisons in the Turkey Creek area. Perhaps he was also land entry officer of Rutherford earlier.

p 22. F:139 1789 Cheek to Wood 200 a in Rutherford on both sides of N. Paoolet including the Goose Ponds, Wit by Waightstill Avery who owned Swan Ponds in Burke County, near Morgantown and also Swan Ponds in Buncombe which he sold to Benjamin Hawkins at site of Biltmore on the French Broad.

p 28-29. Deeds showing 1786 James Adair sold 50 a for L 10 for the purpose of building the City of Rutherfordtown, the County Seat. In 1789 Commissioners of the town were JAMES MILLER, Thomas Rowland and William Neville. They sold to JOSEPH HENRY Esq. of Lincoln Co. NC a town lot #62.

p 33. Grant to Richard HIGHTOWER and DAVID MILLER, 300a on Hominy Creek (Hominy Creek in Buncombe) 1789.

p 41. 1791 JAMES ADAIR of Rutherford to John Irvin Esq of Lincoln Co. for love I bear my neice Elizabeth Moore, dau of my brother William Adair and wife of John Moore... having no child of my own to inherit my estate-so, according to this he could not be the James Adair with the very prominent Cherokee sons, Red Wat and Black Wat Adair, but probably related.

p 42. 6:304. NC Grant 485 to Waightstill Avery, 250 a on E. side French Broad, including mouth of Mill Creek. 1787. (This is the same as the property sold to Benjamin Hawkins a few years later, by which time Avery stated it

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