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HARRISON NOTES January 1997 Part 3

Charles W. Johnson.

8514 Rockmoor, San Antonio, Texas 78230
© 1997 Charles W. Johnson, M.D.
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13. Harrisons

Mrs. Hulse sent further information on Crowsons and their Harrison connections. Nathaniel Harrison of Buncombe to Shelby Co. AL: his second wife was Peggy Crowson, probably a daughter of Rev. Moses Crowson. (The first wife, the daughter of Dennis Carroll, was the ancestor however). But Crowsons otherwise connected to Harrisons: A Catharine Harrison married William Crowson in Madison Co. AL. (next county north of Marshall where Guntersville and Thomas Harrison were). She was living in Shelby Co. AL when Nathaniel was there (Shelby includes a suburb just SE of Birmingham). Her parents were there too: THOMAS HARRISON AND ELIZABETH!

She enclosed copies from a book on CROWSONS, from which I will take excerpts:

Richard Crowson 1770-1826 was a son of William Crowson and Mary Thomas, a prosperous but conservative family. He was probably born in either Jones or Duplin Co. NC since his father had served in the Revolution from that area. In the 1780's Richard moved with his father to Greene County TN where he was a Lt. in the Militia in Sevier County 1796. While in TN he married Huldah or Sarah Lindsey, dau of David Lindsay. David, a soldier of the Rev. was buried near Montevallo, Shelby Co. AL where a DAR Chapter is named in his honor.

In the early 1800 's Richard's father William moved to Giles Co. TN and probably so did son Richard, but perhaps Richard went to Madison County instead since we know he was there in 1809. Madison County had been opened to whites by the Cherokee and Chickasaw Cession of land in 1806-7 and was created a county in 1808. Richard acquired land there in Madison County and also future Shelby County (then Monroe County). When his father died in Giles Co. TN in 1814, Richard went there as an administrator to help settle the estate. Other execs were Moses, his brother and Mary, his mother. (Moses apparently Rev. Moses, father of Peggy, the 2nd wife of Nathaniel Harrison).

Rev. Moses and Richard, after settling the estate of their father, returned to the Shelby County AL area. Rev. Moses was organizing Baptist Churches in Alabama. Richard was a JP and well educated and a civic leader. Richard's home still stands and is carefully preserved and pictured in the book. Richard died 1826 and is buried at his home, but without a tombstone. There are two other unmarked graves alongside and thought to be those of (perhaps) THOMAS AND ELIZABETH HARRISON.

Children of Richard Crowson and Huldah Lindsey (her mother was Mary Casey) were: #! WILLIAM CROWSON b 1793 m KATHERINE HARRISON, daughter of THOMAS AND ELIZABETH HARRISON, and 14 other children (listed with their marriages).

William Crowson m Katherine/Catherine Harrison 6 December 1812, he 19 and she 13. Catherine was reportedly a near relative of (guess who) President William Henry Harrison, perhaps first cousin. The author of the book has been unable to establish this old rumor as fact.

The Family Bible of William and Catherine (Harrison) Crowson was found in Sulfur Springs, TX. In the Bible it states "THOMAS HARRISON DEPARTED THIS LIFE Oct. 7, 1823, and ELIZABETH HARRISON departed this life the 23red day of March, 1831". (And buried at Richard Crowson's homeplace?)

In 1848 William and Katherine (Harrison) Crowson and all of their children except Rev. Richard T. Crowson and William B. Crowson moved to Saline Co. Arkansas, where other Crowson relatives had moved earlier. William and Catherine (Harrison) Crowson are listed in the 1850 census of Saline Co. AR and both died in 1858 and buried at Ebenezer in the Tull Community, near Benton in unmarked graves.


14. Harrisons

presume from the 1850 census) and died 9 Nov. 1858. They had 12 children:

I wonder if any of these names represent the surname of their grandmother Elizabeth Harrison? There is the unexplained name of Farris as a middle name as well as F. as a middle initial; also M, B, and T.

Cross is a Buncombe name. Rogers is a prominent Cherokee name (ancestors of Will Rogers). Orr in Mecklenburg NC and elsewhere associated with Harrisons. Elrod a Watauga name and m to Harrisons. Nabors/Neighbors .. I have some familiarity. Were in Laurens SC and moved to AL and also to Buncombe. As I recall, they had Cherokee blood in AL. I note that Richard Crowson and his wife Huldah Lindsey had a son John Clarence Crowson who also m a Nabors: Annie Levonia.

Was Elizabeth Harrison a Cherokee and all that implies? Was she a 2nd wife of Thomas Harrison of 1800 Buncombe who was m to Eleanor? As an Indian Trader did he have two wives at the same time: Eleanor, white and Elizabeth Cherokee? It's possible.

ROSTER OF SOLDIERS AND PATRIOTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION BURIED IN TENNESSEE The list includes Barzilla, Gideon, Charles, two Josephs, Nathaniel, 4 Thomas and two William Harrisons. Of interest:

Mrs. Hulse says: We know that there were at least three Thomas Harrisons in Rutherford Co. NC 1780-1790... Thomas who died in 1819 with the land on the state line between N & S Carolina; Thomas whose wife was Nancy Pack (above) and who left NC c 1790, and the Thomas who signed Joseph Harrison and Margaret Hill's marriage bond before they married and settled in Buncombe. This last Thomas Harrison is also the most logical one to be the one who was in Sullivan Co. TN in 1782... also in 1788 an Elizabeth Harrison got 50 acres on Hinson's Creek in Rutherford Co, on Main Broad River. This land appears to be the same as was first given to Ane Hall in 1783. She asks: Is it possible this Elizabeth was the mother of the Catherine Harrison who m Wm Crowson?.. perhaps getting some land on her own since her husband Thomas Harrison had taken out a grant in Sullivan Co. TN... perhaps had given the one in TN up for some reason.

She has sent some information about the above:

TENNESSEE COUSINS by Worth Ray, p 166: Thomas Harrison by Jonathan Mulkey sells land in Sullivan County. Jonathan Mulkey, another pioneer minister of Tennessee, acting as an attorney for one THOMAS HARRISON, on Sept 8, 1788,

15. Harrisons

transferred certain lands in Sullivan County to Jesse Holland for 200 pounds for 400 acres (Horse Creek). Signed Thomas Harrison by his attorney Jonathan Mulkey. Wit: George Vincent.


RUTHERFORD CO NC GRANTS (the originals copied)

#935 to ELIZABETH HARRISON. 50 a grant # 873 9 July 1794 Entry # 376 10 Oct 1788 Book 82 p 320 on Hinson's Creek of First Broad River. In or near Thomas Hall's Line. Survey Riggs, CB's: Jacob Walker and Paten Harris.

#376 David Miller's entry office of claims for Lands in the County of Rutherford. To the Surveyor of the said county, greeting... to survey for Ane Hall 50 acres on Hinton's Creek of Main Broad River beginning at Thomas Hall's line running up the creek for complement. Signed David Miller 10 October 1788.

A map of Rutherford shows this to be in NE Rutherford Co.- not a part of what would later become Buncombe.

Mrs. Hulse says that there is supposed to have been Indian blood back somewhere in Nathaniel Harrison's family (of Buncombe NC/Shelby AL). The Nathaniel Harrison of Stokes County NC seemed to have fit that (m Jemima Stewart) since the Stewarts thought he looked to be "of mixed blood". Another comment: In thinking about Thomas Harrison of the area of Gunter's Landing - the Thomas Harrison of Shelby County AL died in 1823, his wife in 1831, so he was NOT the one in TN near Gunter's Landing whose wife was gone by 1821... Some earlier research on Packs (Nancy m Thomas Harrison and Elizabeth Pack was an Indian with considerable property in Marion Co. TN). There were not many Packs in NC. Nancy Pack must have come from Maryland with her Thomas Harrison . ... There was Jacob Gardnier, Wm Black and Thomas Harrison all on various creeks in Sullivan Co. TN 1782, 1784, 1790.. We know Jacob Gardnier was affiliated with the Harrisons in York Co. SC and there are Gardeners in the deed books of Buncombe Co. - not Jacob but Thomas and others. (Gardnerw and Gardiners are also in LGT, including Jacob Gardiner who patented land adjacent to Daniel Harrison on Dry Fork of Smith's Creek in 1756 - p 209

16. Harrisons

LGT. Also p 262 Gardiner sold that land to John Cravens and John Wright. Gardiners are also mentioned on p 14 and 31 in New York when Isiaiah Sr. was there). She wonders if Thomas Harrison of Rutherford County is the one who went to Term. and got a grant on Horse Creek, then went back to Buncombe. There was a Thomas Harrison in the 1782 Rutherford Tax list but that may have been the one wqho died 1819. The 1790 census of Rutherford lists a Jacob Gardner on p 14, a James and a Wm. Gardner on p 9. There is a Thomas Hamson on p 9. .. also, Shirley Reed (from Kilpatricks m Harrison of Buncombe) and Mrs. Hulse checked on the actual census on microfilm about this "Hamson" and it could have been Harrison instead of Hamson.

FROM HELEN NIEWENDORP. She received information from Tressie Nealy in reference to Sgt. Thanas Harrison, commandant of Fort Prince George near the Cherokee town of Keowee in SC. (p 30 Harrison Notes, November 1996). Page 75 of OLD FRONTIERS (E. TN Hist. Soc): Governor Glen accompanied by Copt Raymond Demere, an officer of "winning personality" and the eighty British regulars of his Independent Company of Charleston. These troops were to garrison the fort Gov. Glen was going to build. To do the actual construction, two provencial militia companies of sixty men each were enlisted and ordered to meet Glen and Demere at FORT PRINCE GEORGE. This was the summer of 1756, two years after the letters of Sgt Thanas Harrison to Gov. Glen and others. So. Sgt. Thomas Harrison could be one of the British Regulars and (Helen says) and maybe the same as the Thomas Harrison stationed in the Cherokees ca 1760's. Plus this could be the Thomas Harrison who got that grant 1773-1775, Richland Creek of Little Saludy. Helen lives near there and is threatening to go to Edgefield county and check it out. They did make a trip to see where Chinquapin Creek was - the location of James Harrison and ancestor of Zadoc Harrison (of Bo Smith's wife).

PART II. THE SETTLEMENT AT THE HEAD OF THE FRENCH BROAD RIVER OR THE BIZARRE STORY OF THE FIRST WALTON COUNTY. GEORGIA by Robert Scott Davis Jr. Helen has sent information on this subject before but this rather extensive article sheds new light and more names of people.

The article starts with an interesting comment.. In the early national period, private individuals, individual states and the federal government clashed over the limits of their authority on the expanding southern frontier. Among the most famous of these rather confused episodes were the State of Franklin, The Yazoo Land Fraud, the Trans-Oconee Republic, the Galphin Claim, the Montgomery County Speculations and the Florida intrigues. Less well known but no less interesting is the strange history of the first Walton county, Georgia - a community that was first a part of South Carolina, then an independent government, later a Georgia county and after a long dispute, a part of North Carolina .... Many of these are new to me. I would like to know more. I know who Galphin was - an early trader of SC and GA in the area near Keowee and very successful. Trans-Oconee I have never heard but Oconee River is in the Georgia/ NC/ TN area where we are concerned with Cherokees and Thomas Harrison.

I will skip much of the history since I have gone into it before, but a bit. Before 1786, several families banded together and formed a company for settling this area at the head of the French Broad in Cherokee country but they thought this was in SC. SC did issue grants but shortly thereafter realized it was not in SC and so annulled the grants and ceded any claims to the land to the US Government. Nothing much happened and in 1793 these families formed their own government similar to the State of Franklin. That

17. Harrisons

failed as did the State of Franklin. No state claimed them and their area became known as "The Orphan Strip". In 1803 Georgia took them over and named the new county "Walton" and they did a census of the area which is enclosed in this article but one page of this is missing from the article. The population was about 760 whites and a few slaves. I will give a few of the names that attract my attention:

Matthew Patterson, Benjamin Odell Sr., Benjamin Odell Jr, Alexander Patterson, Zachariah Candler, Will and John Davis, Robert Orr, Jo: Pattn, Reb. Orr, ISAAC DAVIS, Ab and James Kirkindall.

Legislators to the state of GA from Walton County included JOHN DAVIS, in 1806, 1807, 1809, part of 1810 and 1811. In 1810 the population was 1026.

John Clayton was one of the first settlers. Benjamin Odell was a J.P. in Buncombe County, which also claimed this area and issued grants there. In 1804 the commander of the Buncombe Militia ordered Major James Brittain to raise militia to go into the area to suppress unruly Citizens. This was a haven for the lawless since there was no effective law there. He led a force of 60 men there and they are listed in the article. I will mention a few:

Capt. William Merrill, Lt. Joseph Brittain, Ensign Samuel Murray. Privates Phillip Brittain, John and Samuel Murray, John Orr,, Thomas Murray. In this outfit were a number of residents of Walton County including: John Odell, Joseph Patton and Robert Orr.

In 1807 Walton County residents petitioned the Gov. of GA for an accurate survey and granting of land to the settlers of 200 acres each family - in cooperation with NC authorities. This was signed by a considerable number of citizens including: Sterling and Epapthroditis Hightower, Samuel Davis, Samuel Davies,

In 1809 another petition from residents which stated that two men identifying themselves as Sheriffs of Buncombe County appeared with about 75 executions to be levied on the property of the citizens and they claimed about $15.00 per property (taxes I presume), only some of whom paid. Signed by: John Davis, Jonas Dawson, Reuben Allen, William Allen, John Nicholson.

When NC successfully claimed the area they proposed to name it Hawkins County, but this never happened.

A list of grants in Buncombe 1802 to June 1807 include:

18. Harrisons

The above list which took 12 original pages to name then was a report to the NC Secretary's Office 2 June 1807, apparently for the whole of Buncombe and not just for the Walton County area. However, this list does not entirely correspond to the deed books of Buncombe County. Helen has compared the two lists and has cross checked these grants. More to come as to her results.

An earlier petition of Walton County folks was October 1798 to NC included Matthew Patterson as a signer. Signers of the petition to create Hawkins County NC 1813 include: Samuel Patterson, REVEREND SAMUEL DAVIS, Robert Orr, William Orr, Matthew Patterson.

The names I selected to mention above have some significance to me. Pattersons connected to Harrisons in Augusta VA and York SC; Odells closely related to Ducketts; Zachariah Candler part Indian and related to Daniel Boone and obviously a big landowner and had property at Sandy Bottom, later the site of the Harrison Barytes Mine; Orrs and Kuykendalls from Lincoin/Mecklenburg area and were part owners of the Buncombe Turnpike; Merrills descended from Benjamin Merrily military leader of the Jersey Baptist Settlement in the War of the Regulation and was hanged, drawn and quartered by Gov. Tryon of NC; Murrays from Newberry SC and intermarried with Johnstons there and Hawkins in Buncombe. Hightowers, Davidsons, Robert Love were major citizens of Buncombe; Roberts m Harrisons; Thomas Foster my wife's ancestor from Maryland; Waightstill Avery Attorney General of NC and huge property owner in a number of counties. His home at "Swan Ponds" in Burke County but also owned "Swan Ponds" in Buncombe which he sold to Benjamin Hawkins and became part of the Biltmore Estate; John Strother headed the survey of the NC/TN border and was agent for Gov. Blount of Territory South of the Ohio (Tennessee) and had perhaps a million acres in Buncombe especially in that part which became Madison, in his name but for Blount and himself; John Davis had a daughter who married John Harrison of the 1800 census. He was at Davis' Ferry on the French Broad but near Asheville - not in Walton County unless he also owned property there and was state legislator of GA for Walton. Uriah Davis, as I recall, was from Iredell with Harrison connections there.

Helen has made a list of the land grants April 1801-December 1802 which are on that list on p 17 and 18 but not listed in the Deed Book Index of Buncombe. I am not sure how important this is for our problems but this could be very important to many other Buncombe researchers. Some of these are "maybes"
I will give the whole list:

19. Harrisons

As part of this calculation Helen Niewendorp has also listed the land grants of Buncombe April 1792-June 1, 1907 which have been perfected with their grant numbers. I will not go into this list which does correspond with the Deed books, I presume.

Another list is of names listed on Land Grants in Buncombe but NOT in the deed book for 1803. This has 54 names - too many to list, but one of special interest:

(part of the reason for Helen doing all this work is that it has appeared that Thomas Harrison sold more land than there is a record of him owning)

Another list is of 1803 grants presumably in the deed book. Of interest there:

Land Grants Buncombe 1804 and NOT in the deed books..

Land Grants Buncombe 1804 and in the Deed books.

20. Harrisons

1805 Grants Buncombe NOT listed in deed books

1805 Grants Buncombe in deed books
#1492 and #1493 12-20-1805 Robert Orr Sr 50 a each

1806 NOT listed.- none of special interest 1806 listed in deed books

ANOTHER LETTER FROM HELEN. She has received a couple of grants of Thomas Harrison in Buncombe County that she sent off for to the NC Archives.

#1433 but these numbers are fouled up. The deed book index gives this as Thomas HARRIS #1417. On the outside of the folded original grant it also says #1417 but in another place entry #8822 and No. 1433 and grant # 1917. This is book #120 p 124. The date of issue is 19 Dec. 1804, but entered date 14 Dec 1801. In one place it appears that Harrison was mispelled and crossed out then spelled correctly. This is for 250 acres on the Bee Branch, including Old Blackhome Trail between Sy--de Mellons land and Sandy Mush. Joseph Henry signed authorization as Entry Taker 15 March 1802.

This was surveyed by James Gudger 9 October 1802, Deputy Surveyor and John Patton. Chain bearers: Joshua Freeman and EZEKIEL JOHN .

...So.. this adds 250 acres because of the false listing of thie as Harris. It also was earlier than the 1804 in the deed book index. Thomas was there by 1801. Perhaps this was where he was in 1800 census with a huge household of 14.

#1075 200 acre grant #1128 10 Dec. 1803 Entry Number 8811 and entered 4 Dec 1801 book # 117 p 377 North side of North fork of Turkey Creek. Joseph Henry Entry Taker who gave a warrant to survey. Beginning on John Jarrett's corner and running west "on my own line" (Joseph Henry) to Alexander Ramseys corner then north for complement. (Now I think I know what the term "complement" means.. it means for completion back to the starting point.. I think)

On the survey it says Thomas Harrason one place and Harrison another place. This is also on Harrison's own line (meaning that he already had land adjacent - This was surveyed 13 Sept 1803, therefore after the survey above and so perhaps this is adjacent to the above). Survey by John Patton D.S. with ROBERT HARRISON and JEREMIAH HARRISON as Chain bearers... I read this to imply that Robert Harrison and Jeremiah Harrison were there and perhaps had adjacent property, though perhaps they both lived in that 14 person household of 1800 of Thomas Harrison. Neither are listed on the 1800 census by name. This grant is not listed in the Buncombe County Deed index. In view of this, one should be leary of anything in the early deed index of Buncombe! (Note also that William Harrison has a deed in the index 7-8-1806 for 200 acres on Sandy Mush that he bought from Joseph Harrison.

Helen also sent a copy from the Census of Indiana Territory for 1807 for Knox County. Knox County was most of the future state of Indiana and part of Illinois. On that list was JEREMIAH HARRISON 2 (adults?). This is a mystery to me who he is. There was a Jeremiah Harrison son of Jeremiah Harrison Sr. of Greene Co. TN and we do not know where he went. But no doubt others are possible in LGT Harrisons and non-LGT Harrisons. Helen also says that she


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