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January 12, 1994

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1748-1765 by Millard Milburn Rice .. Gen. Pub. Co 1984. Though this book covers only an 18 year period, it represents a very busy court and the author has eliminated such things as petition signers and court cases that he does not deem of importance; there by eliminating many names. Yet it is over 300 pages long. The author inserts valuable comments from time to time. Though this book does not contain a large number of Harrisons, it does contain many people of importance and a number of my wife's ancestors. It is especially relevant to the 20 or so families that are detailed in MARYLAND AND VIRGINIA COLONIALS by Sharon Doliante of which she devotes about 1000 pages to my wife's direct ancestors ... but not Harrisons. This book is also very relevant to my own ancestors who ended up in Newberry Co. SC.

Frederick Co. MD is an important place. It is in the northern neck adjacent to PA and VA. The Great Wagon Trail comes by there carrying the multitudes to the Shenandoah Valley of VA and on into the Carolinas, GA,, TN, KY and points west. It is the present site of the Presidential Retreat; Camp David up on Catoctin Mountain, which, incidentally was owned by a combination of my wife's ancestors and perhaps of my Johnson ancestors. It was also adjacent to Frederick Co. VA, where many of these people moved on to from Maryland. I recognize many who later ended up in the neighborhood of Mecklenburg and Rowan Counties NC. Probably the most important family here was Beale. Another was Evan Shelby Sr. who was a pioneer and his family of future politicians for whom all the Shelby Counties were named in various states.

p 21 August Ct. 1749. Daniel Carroll signed a petition for a road. (Catoctin Mountain and vicinity was also a site of Carroll's Manor, owned by the big boss of Maryland, Charles Carroll)

The court orders the account paid...What is this? Was John Harrison executed by hanging for some crime? If so, there is no previous record of such a trial. Moreover, this court was not authorized to hang anybody except slaves. Perhaps such a trial had occurred on a higher level elsewhere, but sent back home to Frederick for hanging. p 241 Nov. Ct. 1762. William Harrison on Grand Jury.

Letters FROM JEAN HALDEN WALKER. She has a wealth of information on many lines that we share an interest in besides Harrisons. The following is miscellaneous Harrison information without known connectors:

Robert H. Harrison wit. to will of George Johnston 1776/7 Fairfax Co. VA. and wit to a will of Carson 1 772/3 same place. and Rigdon Will 1 772 along with Richard and Joseph Harrison and 1775/8 Andrew Stewart Will and with Richard Harrison the 1774/91 will of Constant Chapman .. all Fairfax Co... Will of Chapman mentions Sally Harrison dau of Robert Hanson Harrison .. Dorothy Hanson m Richard Harrison 1762; he member of MD Legislature. Col. Robert Hanson Harrison 1745-1790 was secy to General Washington during the American Revolution; Chief Justice MD General Court; Justice Supreme Ct. US; m a daughter of George Johnston Sr. member of H of Burgesses VA 1758-1765. He received 6 votes for President for first President and/or Vice President, but George Washington (for whom he was secretary) got 69 votes. Robert was the son of Richard Harrison who was married

2. Harrison

to Dorothy Hanson of Maryland 1742...In 1838 Robert Hanson Harison's heirs got a land bounty..Dorothy H. Storer and Sarah Easton. They were daughters.

A map. This is of the area of Fairfax, Loudon, Fauquier, Prince William, Stafford. and pert of Frederick Co. VA. It is labeled "From five Generations of the Family of Burr Harrison of Virginia (1650=1800)". Located on this map are various locator of members of the Burr Harrison family and associated families. One interesting location, #5, is the site of Thomas Barton 1680, Burr Harrison Jr. 1700 and THOMAS CALVERT ALIAS HARRISON 1725. (I do not know what this is all about). This is at the intersection of King's Road and Quantico Creek (or River), a branch of the Potomac downstream from Mount Vernon.

Enclosed is a few copies from the book, THE BELVILLE FAMILY by Tedcastle. 1917. This family is related to Mrs. Walker's Harrisons and a picture of Lt. Commander Horace Nephew Harrison of the US Navy is shown. He was the son of Dr. Horace Jesse Harrison and Mary Martha Pelot. He was the brother of Sarah G. (Harrison) Snow Blue Gaulding, ancestor of Mrs. Walker. Dr. Horace Jess Harrison was the son of William Harrison and E. Gignilliat...Mary Martha, daughter of James Pelot and Elizabeth Chisholm and Elizabeth was the daughter of John Chisholm. John Chisholm's son Thomas went "up the trail" with the Cherokees and had sons and grandsons who were chiefs of the Western Cherokees in TN, AR and OK. (I think she told me earlier that he was related to Chisholm of the famous Chisholm Trail from Texas to Abilene, Kansas)..Horace Nephew Harrison m Rebecca Somerville Lindenberger of Baltimore.

(Mrs. Walker is not sure of the origins of her line of Harrisons but suspects Burr Harrison line).

A map of SURRY COUNTY NC. This is most interesting. It is quite detailed and of a pert of the County. This is an area in which I have worked in regards to Hawkins genealogy, and I have a similar map but my map was of the area after a large part of it became Stokes County, and these earlier property owners of Surry were not named. Both maps give property owners and locations and dates the property acquired, but the names are vastly different because of the county in which they are recorded. On this new map there are not only Harrisons but many others in which I am interested in other lines of mine and of my wife. Let me point out a few opinions of this area.

There was a large migration to this area before the Revolution over a period of a few years. Most came from Virginia to which this area is adjacent. They came from the Shenandoah Valley and also from the Dan River area of VA. me Dan River extends through the northern pert of this area. The Yadkin River is in the southern part of this area. This is also the area in which the Moravians made their settlement I imagine that the Moravian success and their prosperity and their friendliness to the Indians and to the incoming settlers, and their rather "high-tech" civilization, were a drawing card to the settlers from other backgrounds. Much of the populace of later Burke County came from this area, and much of Buncombe came from Burke. One family of special interest to me, but unrelated to Harrisons as far as I know, was Joseph Kershaw 1775; his son-in-law John Chestnut 1775, and Reubin Mathis 1784. Some years before these dates, Joseph Kershaw and John Chestnut were very prosperous merchants headquartered in SC at what is now Camden, though they had interests in a large area. Kershaw ran the place and Kershaw County SC named for him. His lawyer was Israel Mathis. I know nothing about Reubin Mathis. I have connections (not ancestry) with Israel Mathis and his wife who was a Teague. During the Revolution, Kershaw was a famous patriot, but Cornwallis expropriated his home for his headquarters and put him in prison, but kept Kershaw's wife to run the place for Cornwallis. It is interesting to speculate that in 1775 Kershaw, Chestnut and Mathis saw what was caning the next year and sought property as a future refuge from the British.. but that is just speculation. They may have had business interests in that market. They may have even had interests connected to the Hamptons and Harrisons who had important stores at Shallow Ford of the Yadkin and at Town Creek in this area. (I do not mean to imply that these are "our" Harrisons, These

3. Harrisons

Harrisons are of the line of THE VENTURERS, HAMPTONS AND HARRISONS who are also the line of Worth Ray's Harrisons and as I call them, "the Andrew Harrisons". Other names of interest here:

Evan Jones 1792. I keep running into Evan and Wiley Jones, in Buncombe as relatives in several different combinations: Hawkins (both lines), Worley and Duckett.

Numerous Martins. These are two lines which are related, both prominent and one is the family of Alexander Martin, the Gov. of NC who also owned property here but lived in Guilford Co.

Boones. Several of them. I do not see Daniel, but he lived here for awhile after he left Augusta Co. VA

Bryans. All over the place including Morgan Bryan, the daddy of them all who moved to Rowan Co. NC and had the kids who intermarried with Daniel Boone and went to KY and and on to MO with him. (Bryan's Station, KY, the pioneer fort of Bryan and Boone). There was also Bryan's Iron Works, and Bryan's Baptist Church.

Micajah Oglesby 1786 (Rev. Nathan Harrison m Sarah Oglesby)

Numerous Bledsoes. They could have come from the Fincastle area of VA or from Culpeper Co. VA where the same family was. In Culpeper they were intermarried with the Caves and then involved with Daniel Boone and the Bryans. Ancestors of Vice President Richard Johnson, hero of the War of 1812. The Bledsoes from Fincastle were the pioneers of central TN and KY and famous as "Longhunters" but also land speculators. Bledsoe Co., TN named for them, as well as Bledsoe's Creek in Sumner Co. TN where the LGT Harrisons who were on the Robertson expedition to Nashville got their grants.

Here too are Mrs. Walker's Snows. There are two Snow Creeks. One enters into the Yadkin and the other into the Dan.

Thomas Linville 1754. Is he the one for whom Linville Creek in Augusta Co. VA is named? or Linville Falls in western NC?

Benedict Alderson 1779. Is he ne of the Aldersons of Alderson's Baptist Church of the Long Grey Trail? (which is also known as Linville Creek Baptist)

HARRISONS on the map: (and possible relatives)

Joseph Harrison 1778
Joseph Harrison 1784 (in a different location)
George Black 1783
Adam Black 1783
Joseph Harrison 1778 (?)
Robert Harrison 1779

I have no idea about Robert Harrison but Joseph Harrison (or maybe more than one) could be Joseph Harrison, son of John Harrison and father of Rev. Joseph Harrison Jr. who was the Pioneer Baptist Preacher of Watauga Co. NC at Historic Three Forks Baptist Church, along the Boone Trail. (Boone Wilderness Trail Marker on the grounds of the church). Joseph Harrison Sr. is supposed to have had a brother who went to Indiana .. could this be Robert?

Family Group sheet on Horace Jesse Harrison, mentioned earlier. He was an MD, Planter and a Colonel War of 1812. This has much more detail on children, but probably not relevant to us. Also FGS on his son Horace Nephew Harrison Lt. Commander, USN. He was b ca 1810, d 1861 in Washington DC and buried Arlington Cemetery. m 1835. After he died his widow ran a boarding house in Washington DC for professional people. Children and whom they married listed.

Mrs. Walker's pedigree chart. (partial) I will not go into this but I will mention that there is much French Huguenot connected to her Harrison branch: Gignilliat, Marion, Leserrurier, Poitou, Baluet, Cahusac, Pelot, Deville, Leger, Lecompte, Bossuer. They seem to be all of Coastal SC Huguenots, though some came from Switzerland.

4. Harrisons

LETTER FROM RUTH BOWERS. She makes reference to p 5 of my last report, Harrison Notes Oct 19, 1993. I reported on Helen Niewendorp's interest in Grigsbys/Griggsbees who were in the same location as a Thomas Harrison in Abbeville, SC. on Richland Creek. a branch of Little Saluda along with neighbors John Davis, Etheridge and Wilson... Mrs. Bowers has some information on Grigsbys. Aaron Grigsby married Sarah Lincoln, sister of President Abraham Lincoln. Sarah and Abe were descendants of Abigail Harrison and Alexander Herring, back in old Augusta Co. VA.

Mrs. Bowers also comments on Hightowers. (intermarried with her Granthams (Harrisons). Hightowers were also in Buncombe County along with William and John Grantham and the two Harrison families of the 1800 Census; Thomas and John. Hightowers also equal to McHightower, meaning son of Hightower (Scotch)...(I too have a bit of information about Hightowers of Buncombe. They were there very early and neighbors of Benjamin Hawkins, both of the upper crust. I believe that a Hightower was first sheriff of Buncombe. Apparently Benjamin Hawkins married a Hightower as his second wife. My wife had Hightower neighbors and friends, as a child near Knoxville, TN and we had one of those friends visit a few years ago. Seems to be that many Hightowers in law enforcement.)

Mrs. Bowers also comments on Hammonds. (I referred to them in regards to Joseph Hammond who publishes the Hammond Newsletter and Mrs. Walker who is also a Hammond, and both of them have the same Harrison ancestors)...She can almost "swear to it " that James Weeden of Tennessee married Elizabeth Hammond, and their son (?) John H. Weeden m Ruth Caroline Wilson d/o Joseph Carroll Wilson and Sarah Pickens. Sarah Pickens d/o John and Patience Pickens/Pickings of SC. Joseph Carroll Wilson was the son of John Wilson and Ruth Wilburn. They lived in Rowan Co. NC, Louisville, KY, Crawford Co. Indiana and Montgomery Co. IL. These are Ruth Bower's ancestors. It is believed that Elizabeth Hammond, cousin of James Weeden's wife, m James Halford in TN. These two families came to Christian Co. IL where they lost 7 to milk sickness, including James Halford, wife Elizabeth Weeden, Mary Ann Hammond and children (of Halford), Mary Ann Hammond, sister of Elizabeth Weeden. (I looked up "milk sickness". It comes from cattle eating White Snakeroot, which poisons cattle and given to humans in the milk and was frequently fatal to humans.. but this disease can be confused with others such as Ergot Poisoning which aborts cows and female humans but also seriously affects men and women and children and can be fatal)

Jacob Sights, also an ancestor of Ruth Bowers, who m Grantham (Harrison) swam the French Broad River and there lost his discharge papers (fought under General Washington)

She also has Prudence Davis b 1818 TN m James Carricker b Mecklenburg, NC. Prudence did not know how to read or write.

So, we have some interesting connections perhaps with Grigsbys, Davis, Wilson and Pickens of Abeville area of SC. I might add that Pickens is a very famous name in SC. They were Generals, Indian Treaty Makers and Statesmen/Politicians. They were in the Abbeville/Pickens Co. area.

Mrs. Bowers enclosed a family group sheet on Hugh McHightower. He was b 1803 Buncombe and m Delia Hicks b 1806 in Wilson Co. TN, where they were married 1879. They were the first settlers in Nokomis Township of Montgomery Co. IL. The eldest of their 11 children was Alfred b 1824 Franklin Co. TN. He married 1846 Sarah Grantham in Montgomery Co. IL. She was the daughter of James Grantham and Frances Sights. James was the son of Rev. John Grantham and Elizabeth Harrison d/o Thomas Harrison of Buncombe Co.

THE JOHN FAMILY JOURNAL, by Ellen John. In an editorial, Ellen John describes the progress in the genealogy of the John Family, and comments that most of those getting the Journal are descended from Ezekiel John Sr. and wife Lydia.(she does not mention that Lydia was likely a Harrison) and she does not mention the detailed work she has

5. Harrisons

done on earlier generations of the John Family. She does name the children of Ezekiel and Lydia: THOMAS, Samuel, Robert, William A., Ezekiel Jr., ELEANOR, Jonathan, Mary H., and Lydia. In another article she tells about a reunion held of the Jonathan John family. (above). He was b around 1815 Knox Co. TN. and died c 1880/1 Crockett Co., TN. He and his first wife Celia Browder (b 10 Aug 1839 McMinn Co TN d 1870/1 Knox Co. TN) had 11 children: Celina, James Bradford, Sanders Calloway, Martin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert, Zephaniah, Ruth Jane, Zadock J., Benjamin Edmund, and Ezekiel. There were two more children by his second wife, Elizabeth Hicks: Lydia and Martha. ...Jonasthan's daughter Celina m HARRISON DAVIS Clift, a Baptist Preacher. This reunion was at Reelfoot Lake in TN. (The fact that Jonathan named a son Zadock J. reminds me of a mysterious Harrison, also named Zadock. Origins unknown but he was Secy Of State of early GA., and a very prominent lawyer. Zadock had a brother who was a printer and publisher and officially so for the state of GA. This brother a very active Baptist and he was the publisher of a Baptist journal. He also wrote the book on Baptist Preachers of Georgia which is still in publication. This book is primarily sketches of the Baptist preachers of early GA, most of whom he knew personally.

HELEN NIEWENDORP has loaned to me her complete set of HARRISON HERITAGE. This is five years worth of Harrison genealogy, by which time the publication ceased. She and Betty Jo Hulse contributed considerable information to this publication. I will not attempt to cover this huge stack of material at this time, but I will start on it. I am copying significant parts of all this to keep, before returning the collection to Mrs. Niewendorp. The creator of this Quarterly was Ruth Jones of Pebble Beach, CA. Her Harrisons are from New York and so significant parts of this have to do with these Yankee Harrisons, and generally these Harrisons seemed to stay put generation after generation in that area, and therefore not of much importance to us unless their early generations were of an era that coexisted with Old Isaiah Harrison when he was in that area before he hit the Long Grey Trail.

There are many lists such as Censuses of Harrisons in various places, Revolutionary War Pensioners named Harrison, marriages of Harrisons in Counties or Colonies or states and such collections of data which are valuable tools,m though too extensive to report here.

Vol I, #1 March 1981. p 113. Thomas Harrison. This is one I wrote about when I reviewed Annals of SW Va. by Summers, described in Tazewell Co. VA. This adds more information about his ancestry, which Summers did not have. Thomas was b ca 1750 Augusta Co. VA, served as private in Capt. Smallwood's Co. of regiment of foot of Col William Gist July-Sept 1777. Re-enlisted Jan 1778. Also served in Capt. Strothers Jones Co. of Col. Nathaniel Gist's Regiment. Fought Brandywine, Germantown, Yorktown.

Thomas m Hannah Dennis 1760-1830 on Apr 7, 1779. Children:Joseph, Thomas, James, ELEANOR, Audley, Mary and Alexander, but Thomas had a first wife, not named by whom he had John, Elizabeth, Mary and Hannah. He died Tazewell Co. VA 1815 and will probated Aug 1815. comment: Up until the last few words we could consider him a possibility to be Thomas of the 1800 Buncombe Co. Census, but he and his son, Thomas Jr., were long time and prominent residents of Tazewell County. His birth in Augusta Co. suggests that he is a LGT Harrison. I note a few Denis/Dennis in LGT, but none connected with a suitable Thomas Harrison, but of course, the Dennis marriage was his second and we do not know the name of his first wife. Tazewell is getting close, however, to Sullivan Co. TN where Thomas Harrison got land on Horse Creek, so it is possible that this could be the one who did so, and sold it shortly thereafter... also, being in Nathaniel Gist's outfit, suggests to me that this may have been an elite unit. Nathaniel Gist son of Christopher Gist who was a very literate friend of George Washington but also an important man to do with Indians and explorations into Indian Territory. Related to the famous indian, Sequoia, who was George Gist.... apparently, this marriage to Hannah Dennis was recorded in Botetourt Co. VA, the parent Co. of Tazewell.

6. Harrisons

p. 125. John Harrison was a lifelong resident of Shelby Co. KY. He bought land near Mt. Eden in 1797. In 1801 he married Nancy GREER, dau of Sam and Rebecca Greer. (A Harrison who m a Greer should be thought of as a probable LGT Harrison, since there were Greers/Griers in Augusta Co. VA and especially in Mecklenburg NC in the area of McAlpin's Creek where Harrisons were numerous and had LGT Harrison ancestry and descent from Tunis Hood who was m to a LGT Harrison.

p 126. Descent from Nathaniel B. Harrison of N. or S. Carolina, by Betty Jo Hulse. I will not go into this since we already have it, but it shows the descent to her husband, and reveals that she was originally Betty Jo Underwood Braswell.

p 128. Descent from Joseph Harrison. He was b. MD?. Were in PA 1803, Jefferson Co. Ohio 1811-1814 and Union Co. OH after 1818. He m ca 1795 Bersheba/Bathsheba OGLESBY, who was b Oct 1774 in VA d 15 Apr 1851, Kalamazoo Co. Mich. They had a son Benjamin b 1799 VA and he m Jane Stilwell 1822. She was b 1804 Maryland. They had a daughter Arvilla b Kalamazoo in 1840...1 mention because of Oglesby since Rev. Nathan Harrison m Sarah Oglesby.

p 129-130. These are Caswell Co. Marriage Bonds of Harrisons, which I will not go into except to comment that there were a number of Harrison/Harrison marriages. Though we might assume that such marriages are all of the same line and some degree of cousins of the Andrew Harrison line, it is possible that some could be intermarriages with other nearby lines such as LGT just across the well traveled Blue Ridge, or with the Queen's Creek Harrisons (Skimino) who were in Lynchburg, nearby.

p 131. Bible Records of James Harrison of GA. (I suspect more than one Bible record here and combined or a later record that adds some genealogy). First, there is a list of William Harrison b 1703 with some blanks for names but including birth dates for the blanks, plus Mildred, Sussanna, John, Ann and Henry Harrison, with birthdates from 1703 to 1723, whom I presume are siblings of William, the eldest.

William b 1703 m Mary . Their children: Sarah, Mary, Benjamin, William, Ann, Mildred, Henry, Lucy and John b from 1730-1750.

John b 1750 m Anne . and their Children: Mildred, Benjamin, Henry, twins, Martin, Nathaniel, Emeline, Margaret, John, Temperance and James b 1776-1799. (This Nathaniel Harrison was b 3 Apr 1789)

James (son of John) b 1799 m 1820 Elizabeth Drake b 1798. Their ch: Drake and John ADAMS Harrison. John Adams Harrison b 1823 d 1908 m 1849 Martha Ann Ferrelle. They were the parents of?

James Harrison who m 1899 Mary Adeline Harris. (and this goes on through 1914 with more descent, but none of this gives location, and Bible date not given. In LGT there are no Drakes or Ferrelles, but Adams is a LGT connection and Adams is a common middle name in Mecklenburg NC among those descended from Old Jeremiah Harrison who ended up in Greene Co. TN.

p 133. Bible records of George Alexander Harrison of GA. This is not of particular interest except that he was a son of John B. Harrison of Putnam Co. and he had a daughter who m a Hightower from Thomaston, GA.. Also, he was a preacher and had descendents named both Isham and Jeremiah. Those two names do not seem to go together in the same family. We think of Isham as a name of the Andrew Harrison family (and a surname)and Jeremiah as a name of the LGT family (also seen in a MD family)

p 146. June 1981. On Eleanor HARRISON Wilson's gravestone, the marker reads, "In memory of Alexander and Eleanor Wilson, his wife. The former departed this life Jan 3, 1814, aged 48. The later April 16, 1820 aged 52 together with 4 of their children, Coventon

7. Harrisons

W., Lucinda H., Greenbury, Hanson B." Eleanor and her children were all killed in an Indian raid. They were buried in one grave.. The gravestones for Alexander and Eleanor Wilson were moved by Lucy Bender to Westwood Cemetery, Shawneetown, IL to prevent their destruction when the burial plot was being plowed up. This was in the 1930's. Eleanor was born in VA and first buried at Home Farm, Union Co. KY. There were six other children, not killed at that time: Harrison, Cecelia, Artemesia, Attaway, Lawson and Bluford. (Shawneetown, IL is the county seat of Gallatin Co., IL which is very south and very close to KY. This is not close to Montgomery Co. IL where the story about Ruth Bowser's ancestors - Wilson and Hammond is told on p 4. paragraph 3. but I thought this interesting anyway). Interesting name of ELEANOR and b VA c 1768. The author adds that the eldest child was Harrison b 1789 in Front Royal, VA. Removed to KY. Alexander Wilson operated ferry across the Ohio River, at his farm in Union Co. to Shawneetown, IL. She does not know the parents of Eleanor Harrison.

p 148. This is a query from Mrs. Mary T. Ayers, 14136 Telegraph Rd., Santa Paula, CA 93060. She is the one who wrote the item p 128 (my p 6. pare 3) about Joseph Harrison and Bathsheba Oglesby. She is seeking information on Bazel Harrison and his relationship to Joseph, but does not note anything about Bazel.

p 155. Sept. 1981, This is copies from HOUSE OF CRAVENS by Ruth H. McConathy. This is 3 pages and is continued in later issues. It discusses Early English Harrisons as far back as before the Battle of Hastings in 1066, and a generation or two before that. They were Danes and headquartered in Northumberland, England with other Danes, and into Yorkshire which is adjacent. There is a discussion of the arms and Crests and then a pedigree is shown as follows: (I am abbreviating)

p 168 which is a collection of data. Bazel Harrison, mentioned above is found Prairie Ronde Township 1840 Census, Kalamazoo Co. Michigan, age 60-70, family of nine.. Also in the same county but another township is NATHAN Harrison 40-50.(not too many Nathan's around). There are many Harrisons there in Kalamazoo, evidently of the family of Joseph and Bathsheba Oglesby, but other Harrison families also.

p 175. Bible Record of Edmond Harrison. He was b 8 Feb. 1769 Rockingham Co. VA. (I do not find an appropriate Edmund Harrison in LGT, though a couple of inappropriate ones. I do find a number of Stevensons but no Stinsons) He m Mary, dau of James and Mary Stinson/Stevenson, who was b 1776 in Washington Co. TN. Children: Matty, Desdemoney,

8. Harrisons

Abram Whiteside, Moses, (born Greenville, TN 1797-1802), Meriah, Matilday (born Barren Co., KY 1805 and 1806), Cynthia, Francis Porterfield, James Stinson (b 1809-1813 in Sparta, TN), Lawson, (b 1815 Franklin Co. IN), Harriet (b 1819 Brookville, IN).

Edmund Harrison m Mary Stinson dau of James in Greenville, TN Nov 1796. Desdemoney was m 1818 to General Jonathan McCarty... and other marriages, deaths etc are recorded which I will not discuss, except to point out that Matilda m Morgan JOHNS in Connersville, IN.

p 181. Sept. 1981. Descendancy of Joseph Harrison and Elizabeth Troope. Joseph b 1623 England m in Charles Co. MD to Elizabeth Troop d/o of Capt. Robert Troop. Entered land in Northampton Co. VA 1653 and the same year came to MD. Owned land Avon River and member of the Court in Charles Co. MD. Will probated 1673, and names 7 children: Francis, Joseph, Richard, Mary, Elizabeth, Katherine and Benjamin.

Son Capt. Joseph b 1655 Chas Co MD d 1718 Chas. Co. m 1. Mary Hanson d/o Randall Hanson. m 2.Catherine____. 6 ch by 1st wife: Richard, Mary, Joseph, BENONI, Francis, John. (I emphasize Benoni because that name crops up elsewhere.. SC, as I recall)

Son of Capt. Joseph; Richard. d 1734 Chas. Co m Hester (Ester) Smallwood d/o Thomas and Lettis Smallwood. She died much later in 1776. Ch: HEZEKIAH (Is this the source of the mysterious Hezekiah Harrison of wealth in KY, whom I have written about?..this could not be he because this one died infancy), Richard II, THOMAS, Joseph, Mary Elizabeth.

Son of Richard - Richard II. b Cas. Co. MD (Chas Co?) d 1772 Chas Co m Elizabeth Smallwood d/o Pryor Smallwood and Winnifred. CH: Verlinda, Thomas Smallwood, Joseph, Esther, Mary, Richard, Francis. (children evidently young at the time)

Dau. Verlinda, b 1758 Chas. Co. MD d 1831 Fountain Co. IN m William Ward who served in Continental Line, Rev. War and received land grant Scott Co. KY..(This descent continues to present day... Scott Co. KY is near Hezakiah Harrison of KY.

Betty Jo Hulse has worked on this line and has furnished me with a chart of this family. It shows Joseph Harrison who m Elizabeth Troope to be the son of BENJAMIN HARRISON, ISLE OF WIGHT, VA, and shows the same 7 children with lines of descent for the male children and not just the son Captain Joseph as above. In addition it shows more about Capt. Joseph's descendants than just Richard.

Francis m _ Riche and had Francis Jr., William, John, Diana (Price) and Videtta.

Joseph Jr. (covered above as far as his son Richard, but Richard's daughter Elizabeth m 1752 Wm. Elgin and had 11 children who are mostly named with their spouses. One of these was HEZEKIAH Elgin

9. Harrisons

p 182. Descant from William Harrison and Worlenda Davis.. Wm Harrison b 1732 VA m c 1750 to ? . m 2nd in Frederick Co. MD to Worlenda Davis.. Had at least 24 children; 10 by first wife and 6 by Worlanda and 8 more who died in infancy. One of these sons was BAZEL, who ended up in Kallamazoo, Michigan. See p 6 this report para 3, (Ogelsby) and p 7, pare 2. about Bazel.) comment: This line, as well as the last one on the previous page,if we are not LGT Harrisons, could be us! In respect to the Joseph Harrison bunch on the previous page these could also be the ancestry of the Watauga Co. NC Harrisons, who also claim rather weakly, Charles Co. VA and attribute relationship to the James River Harrisons who were in Charles Co. VA . I have tried to fit the Watauga Harrisons into this family before and they fit. In case this should be "our" line, that would make a relationship to the Watauga Harrisons if they are of this line too. Did they have a Thomas to be Buncombe Co. 1800 census?

p 183. A Query. This regards the William Harrison family above by the author of the above: Mrs. Greig A. Gowdy, 1 Marin View Ave., Mill Valley CA 94941. She is hunting for the marriage record of William Harrison and Worlenda Davis which should be in the 1760's in Frederick Co. MD, and for baptismal records there for their children. She lists the children: Elisha, Diana, Bazel b 15 Mar 1771, Shadrack, Ephriam, and JOSEPH. She also has another query: Looking for marriage record of William Harrison and Sally Hampton, ca 1820, Ohio. I do not know to whom this refers since her William died 1812. Maybe she is looking for one of the very numerous children of her William whose names have not been revealed. me name Hampton associated with Harrisons occurs in the SC Harrison family of the Andrew Harrison family of Anderson and Spartanburg/Greenville Co, in which case they are closely linked to the famous Wade Hampton family of THE VENTURERS, HAMPTONS AND HARRISONS. The Watauga Harrisons are also closely intermarried with the Hampton family of General Andrew Hampton, and the genealogist of this line of Hamptons/Harrisons of Watauga is named Winnifred Hampton. She has linked the two Hampton families of Wade and Andrew rather closely, though Worth Ray says they are not closely related (HERITAGE OF WATAUGA CO., NC, VOL II).

p 184. Mrs. Gowdy, as above, has another query. Hunting for proof of marriage of Bazel Harrison and Martha Stilwell which was supposed to have occurred 1 790 near Greencastle, Franklin Co. PA. And looking for marriage record of Cynthia Harrison and Henry Whipple c 1825 Ohio..(perhaps one of Bazel's 17 children?)

p 196, Dec 1981. This is an extensive list of all Harrisons in the 1790 census, in those states that had one or had a substitute census Of interest are: Nathan in Connecticut, Thomas in Connecticut. In KY which is not 1790 census but a reconstructed 1800 census: Hezekiah in Fayette and his father Hiram in Clark, 2 Jeremiah Harrisons in Livingston and one Jeremiah in Woodford (this would be the brother of Davis Harrison who had previously been in Mecklenburg NC and GA), mamas of Fleming, Thomas of Logan Thomas Sr. of Washington and Thomas G. of Washington. In Maryland,Thomas of Baltimore, Thomas of Charles and Thomas of Frederick, Nathaniel of St. Mary's. In NC: Caleb of Edenton (Caleb was the name of several Harrisons of the LGT Harrisons of Greene Co. TN and it was a Caleb who put up the monument to Isaiah there in Harrison Church Cemetery), Gidion in Halifax, Jeremiah in Salisbury (perhaps this was Old Jeremiah of Greene Co. TN who evidently spent some time in Mecklenburg next door to Salisbury), ISAIAH of Salisbury. (interesting - was this Isaiah Jr. about whom we know little but was at Swan Ponds in what is now Burke Co? Was Jeremiah with him? Was Salisbury referring to a large judicial district which encompassed a number of counties, including Swan Ponds? or is the town of Salisbury meant?) Also, Nathaniel and Nath. of Salisbury, Thomas of Newbern, manes of Edenton and Thomas of Hillsboro. Pennsylvania: Thomas of Philadelphia, South Carolina: Reubin of 96, manes of 96, Thomas of 96 and Thomas of Orangeburg (that is a new one to me. Orangeburg just downstream from 96, on the Savannah River.

10. Harrisons

Virginia: Natha. of Amelia, Nathaniel of Isle of Wight, Nathaniel J. of Surry, Nathaniel of Glouchester, Nathaniel of Surry,, Nathaniel of Amelia, and Nathaniel of Surry., Reuben of Amhearst, and Reuben of Amheart

p 207. A continuation of HOUSE OF CRAVENS. I will enclose this part because it is so informative about the ancestry of Isaiah Harrison of LGT, and I do not know how many of you have access to HOUSE OF CRAVENS. Note that Isaiah also had uncles Edward, who settled in Boston, Richard who settled in New Haven CT., and BENJAMIN who was Benjamin I, founder of the James River Harrisons of VA. Note also that Isaiah had a brother Thomas and a sister Katherine, a few years older than Isaiah, and perhaps other siblings

p 213. Marriages of Mecklenburg Co. NC. Most of these are too late to be of interest. These come from Brent Holcomb's book on the subject: Nehemiah Adams Harrisson & Polly Wilson 5 July 1815; Samuel Wilson bondsman and Isaac Alexander, wit.... This would be the grandson of Old Jeremiah Harrison of Greene Co. TB. Here is another Wilson marriage as in Ruth Bower's letter on p 4.... Wm McComb & Elizabeth Harrison 25 May 17988. Robert Rankin bondsman; Isaac Alexander wit....- do not know who this is but here is Isaac Alexander again, so probably in the same area as Nehemiah and probably m in Harison Methodist Church or Providence Presbyterian

p 214 Marriages of Rowan Co. NC by Brent Holcomb. Benjamin Harrison &Mary Huff 1774. Thomas Huff bond and Ad Osborn, wit.. Hezekiah T. Harrison & Margaret E. Cowan 1825, Samuel Young bondsman. M A Giles wit.... Here is Hezekiah again. Moreover his bondman is a Young. Hezekiah of Fayette Co. was very involved with Youngs. This would not be the same Hezakiah but related?...There are many more Harrisons of Rowan Co. and few look familiar but Rowan a huge place with a number of different lines.

p 225. A list of Harrison Immigrants to America (many and some were from prison or servants or indentured or "transported". But one of interest is William Harrison, from London on ship "Pied Cow" in 1635 aged 55, On the first page of the enclosed copies from HOUSE OF CRAVENS, is a reference to the "Pied Cow" about the same time that Isaiah Harrison came on the "Spotted Calf" in about 1687. If this is the same "Pied Cow", it would be a pretty old ship - at least 52 years old. I wonder about the accuracy of the dates. I would expect that in 1687 when Isaiah was a passenger, it did not smell too good, but perhaps cheap passage In this list of 3 pages, Isaiah is not mentioned and William Harrison is the only Harrison who came on that ship

p 226. Harrisons on early TN Tax Lists. In Greene Co, Isaiah 1805, Jeremiah 1 805 and 1812. THOMAS 1799..(interesting), William 1805 and 1812, Henry 1805,..In Cocke County (adjacent to Old Buncombe, now Madison Co. NC) Josiah 1821, Reuben 1821. In Jefferson (adjacent to Cocke) Benjamin 1800, C. 1822, James 1800, John 1800, Peter 1822, Sally 1822,, William 1800... Davidson and Sumner Co. TN were near Nashville and were sites of grants to those who went on the Robertson-Donaldson expedition, and we know there were Harrisons on that trip... Davidson Co: Edmund 1811, (an Edmuind had been in Greene County earlier and was Deputy Sheriff under Michael Harrison) James 1805, Lewis 1811, Richard 1811, Washington L. 1811, Zachariah 1811 ...Sumner Co: Henry 1811, James 1787, and 1792 and 1816, and 1811. Washington Co.: Daniel 1819,, Samuel 1819, William 1819, Suyllivan Co.: William 1812,, William 1797..

p 239. Continuation of HOUSE OF CRAVENS, Chap. II. This is mostly about the James River Harrisons, which I will not cover, but a few items. There is a bit more about Richard Harrison, brother to Rev. Thomas Harrison (and Benjamin Harrison I of James River).Richard lived in or near West Kirby (on the Dee) of the Brumborough neighborhood prior to coming to America. To New Haven CT. 1644 with grown children.

11. Harrisons

Benjamin HARRISON I, the founder of the James River Harrisons, used the Yorkshire Arms. He died about 1648 (rather long before Isaiah came in The Spotted Calf about 1687. Benjamin m Mary . He was clerk of the Council of VA in 1633 and member of the House of Burgesses in 1642. His son, Benjamin Harrison II m Hannah Harrison who, by tradition, was said to be the daughter of General Thomas Harrison, The Regicide, and a relative of Rev. Thomas Harrison.

p 268 June 1982. Nathaniel Harrison, NC Rev. War Vet., Stokes County, NC. This is one I already knew about, but not in such detail as this. This is his Pension papers and a number of pages in length. Once in Houston where Pension records are available on microfilm, I looked this one up. It was appropriately indexed but when I got to the microfilm, it said only "Nathaniel Harrison"and the rest of the page was blank. Evidently a fault of the microfilmers. He was m to Jemima Stewart and she as a widow applied 1842 for a pension based on his military service in the Revolution. She was the daughter of David and Mary Stewart, but she had been estranged from them in her youth because she m Nathaniel Harrison of whom they did not approve because he was alledgely of mixed blood. They eloped, in 1794, He had died in the 1820's and she was too aged and inform to come in for the application for pension. There was one surviving daughter Mary, aged about 40 Peggy Grimes, also a widow. Nathaniel was in considerable military service as a musician - a fifer and a drummer, and he served two years. He had come from Surry County. There were witnesses easily available to tell about his service, though she had no documentation of anything. The only document with his signature was his marriage bond, and he signed with an X. Subsequently, papers on this pension were involved with Blount Co. TN, where earlier Nathaniel had applied for a pension in 1832 and here there is a document which he actually signed, at which time he said that he had been living in Blount Co. for 12 years, but before that he had lived in Washington and Greene Counties, TN and says he left NC 36 years ago This was sent in by Betty Jo Hulse.

She had previously informed me about this... comment: No ancestry given for Nathaniel, but interesting that he lived in Greene and Washington Co. TN where a lots of LGT Harrisons. But born and grew up in Surry NC and apparently in that part which became Forsythe Co. Apparently no surviving sons to carry on the Harrison name, and so not of importance to us except to distinguish him from other Nathaniel Harrisons who do concern us.

p 288, Query from Betty Jo Hulse. There are two but one we know about. The other is seeking information on descendants of Thomas Harrison who m Elizabeth Hardison in Tyrrell Co, NC in 1784. (I suppose this did not pan out or we would have heard. Tyrrell is on Albermarle Sound.)

p 289. The early descendants of Robert Harrison and Alice Oliver of Talbot Co. MD. He born England and err. in MD 1679. M Alice Oliver 1683 of Talbot. He d 1717 leaving a will naming 10 children: James, dec., John, Robert, William, Joseph, Benjamin b 1710, and daughters Alice, Sarah, Abigail and Frances Jones.

This is extensive as to some of the children and descendants, but of interest is the son Robert who d 1753 had a son Joseph who died 1777-1784, and he had a son Joseph Jr . who m Mary Harrison, a third cousin and dau of Thomas Harrison and Mary Porter. He died 1815, leaving 5 children, one of which was JEREMIAH Harrison 1794-1880. Owner of passenger and freight boats plying Chesapeake Bay. This is one of the few times I have seen a Jeremiah Harrison, other than from the LGT family. Though this genealogy is extensive, there are no other Jeremiahs in the family. With few exceptions this family stayed in Maryland for many generations. I believe that there was also a Jeremiah or two in a Harrison family of Westmoreland, VA. The name Isaiah for a Harrison is virtually diagnostic of descent from the LGT Harrisons. Jeremiah, though strongly suggesting LGT is NOT diagnostic.

12. Harrisons

The Harrisons are my wife's ancestry, but now it turns out that I am related! However, I am related to the line of Andrew Harrison.. not ancestors I do not think. p 301-2 goes into Bible Records and other records of William Harrison. This is through my Woodson line of Goochland Co. VA. Harrisons, Paynes and Randolphs were neighbors of my Woodson ancestors, and all intermarried. William Harrison, son of Andrew m Anna Payne, daughter of Josias. Josias Payne was m to Anne Fleming (my Woodsons also m Flemings). Josias Payne and wife had a son John Payne who m Mary Coles and they were parents of Dolly Madison, wife of President Madison. The Bible record of William Harrison is printed here, and one of their grandsons was named Josias Woodson Harrison. Another grandson was named George Woodson Harrison who died age 2. (We have previously noted that this line of Harrisons frequently had P. as a middle initial. It turns out from this information that P. stands for Payne, though in one case the P. stood for Porter). This is the Harrison family which left Goochland along with Paynes and Woodsons and moved to the Dan River area of Pittsylvania Co. VA and neighboring Caswell Co. NC. It appears that the Paynes of Buncombe Co. NC are from these Paynes of Pittsylvania/Caswell NC and if so, Frances is related to these Harrisons through three different relationships to Paynes of Buncombe. I am also related to the infamous Jesse James. His mother was a Woodson and apparently those who are related to Jesse James are also related to Dolly Madison, though I do not have the specifics on the tip of my tongue. The Paynes are also intermarried with Randolphs as my Woodsons were. My ancestor Col. John Woodson of Dover, where all of these folks lived, was married to Dorothea Randolph. Her sister was the mother of Thomas Jefferson. Her ancestry goes back to almost genealogical infinity!

p 315 Sept. 1982. This is in answer to a query. Reuben Henry Harrison was the son of William Harrison and Ann Kirkland of Fairfield District, SC. reference KIRKLAND SOURCE BOOK and Wlliam Harrison's will... I have been curious about this Reuben. I still do not know to which family he belongs LGT? Cuthbert Harrison line? In Fairfield was a Cuthbert Harrison line with several named Burr Harrison.

p 330. Dec. 1982. Robert Hanson Harrison 1745-1790 married Johnson. He succeeded Joseph Read as secretary to George Washington in 1776. and remained in the military family of the Commander in Chief until he was appointed Chief Justice in 1781...1 do not at the moment know to which family he belongs, but I expect to run across the Harrisons who m Hansons and this is probably it.

p 332. Reuben Henry Harrison (see 2 pares above) m 1782 Sarah Burgess 1765-1831. He served as a Private in Capt. Thomas Taylor's Regt, Henderson's Brigade, SC Militia 1781. B SC died Fairfield Co. SC

p 332. James Harrison 1748-1815 m Elizabeth Hampton 1758-1799 in 1774. Served as Private in SC troops when SC was overun by the enemy. Born in VA (some say NC) and died SC. His brother Richard Harrison m Ann Pattillo. (This is the very wealthy James Harrison of Anderson Co. SC as written about in THE VENTURERS, HAMPTONS AND HARRISON, and several other books. He would have been in 96th District earlier and then Abbeville SC,, then Anderson Co. He named his plantation "Carolina Brandon" after the first Harrison Plantation in Virginia).

p 333. Ezekial Harrison 1751-1836 married 1775 Sarah Bryan 1753-1836. On pension role of IL,1831 for service as a private in VA Continental line. Born Rockingham VA died Sangamon Co, IL... This is the one I wrote about this past summer after our trip to Christian Co. KY, where he lived before Illinois. I judge that he and his family pretty well ran the County of Sangamon, IL, where his relative, young Abe Lincoln came to make his name in the practice of Law. LGT p 233. tells about Sarah Bryan, his wife. She and

13. Harrisons

other Bryans came to Augusta from Culpeper County and according to tradition were near kinfolks of Thomas Bryan Martin, the nephew of Lord Fairfax. Sarah's brothers were John, Morgan and William Bryan. William Bryan became one of the firs/Methodist ministers of Rockingham.... see p 2. this report, Letters from Jean Halden Walker. I have been into Bryans because of their connections to Johnstons and Daniel Boone. They were in Culpeper Co but then also in Surry Co. NC, and Rowan County with Johnstons and Daniel Boone. and from there they went to Kentucky with Boone (and intermarried with Boones) and formed Bryan's Station, where Robert Johnston commanded the fort for them. This Robert Johnston from Culpeper to Rowan to KY was the father of Col. Richard Johnson, hero of the War of 1812 where he fought with William Henry Harrison Congress gave Richard a Gold medal and Wm Henry a Bronze medal for that service. Richard got elected Vice President, and Wm Henry later, President. They did not like each other and were in opposing political parties. Richard was credited with slaying Tecumseh, personally in battle. I think history has decided that Richard slew an Indian and other indians put identifying paraphernalia by him to suggest that it was Tecumseh, but actually they carefully bore Tecumseh's body away for decent burial, and he was killed by someone unknown.

p 334, Dec. 1982. Gideon Harrison born 1762 in Augusta Co. VA died in Rutherford Co. TN 8 Sept. 1838. He was a private in Capt. James WILSON'S (here is Wilson again) Co.,Col. Seviere's NC Regiment, Battle of King's Mountain, Washington Co. TN (was NC). He had at least one son, Gideon Valsane, b 1790 who m Zada Wright. (This is obviously a LGT Harrison. LGT p 296 says that the name of his parents not stated (pension claim). He resided in Washington Co. (E. TN). He volunteered Sept 1780 and served 8 months. He also served several tours against the Creek and Cherokee in Capt. Wier's Co.. He lived for some years in AL, then moved to Murfreesborough, TN where he lived nearly six years. This was on his pension application dated 1832... p 297. No further record found further identifying Gideon. p 304. Zebulon and Margaret Harrison likely had a child named Gideon, who m Mary Brian (Bryans again!)with surety Josiah or Isaiah Harrison (Isaiah Jr.?, Isaiah son of Jeremiah? Other?) Migrated to NC prior to 1788 and from there, prior to 1790 to GEORGIA WHERE HE SETTLED IN GREENE COUNTY AND DIED. Letters of Adm were granted to Mary and DAVIS Harrison 1797. Mary, the widow (Brian/Bryan) remarried 1801 John Luckey whose will is dated 1808.(0bviously, I have hitched onto a different Gideon, but let me go ahead with this interesting one)Gideon's children were: Robert, William, Margaret, and Elizabeth. p 362 This is in reference to his brother Josiah who went to Christian Co. KY, died 1820/24 and mentioned in his will, his neices, Peggy (Margaret) Harrison and Betty Wright, daughters of his brother Gideon. Margaret had married Isaac Vinson and Elizabeth Isham Wright... when Josiah got married 1786 Margaret Miller, Margaret's mother Janet and William BRYAN gave consent.... So, Gideon with whom I started this paragraph is not identified.. son of Isaiah Jr?, the rather unknown and lost family? Interesting that he was in East TN as well as Old Jeremiah Harrison and his gang in what was to become Greene Co. TN, or some other LGT Harrisons in E. TN. Both of these Gideons had children who m a Wright.

p 336. Abstracts of NC Wills. Jones Co. NC. (adjacent to Onslow on the coast). John Harrison , 1793, wife Susanna. Ch: John, Cyrene, HARMON and Elizabeth...(Worth Ray makes considerable speculation about Harmon Harrisons on the E. Coast of NC)

p 337 Rowan Co. Abstracts of Wills. 1783. Peter HAMMONDS 1788 names son-in-law John Harrison

Warren Co. (I am somewhat familiar with Hawkins of Warren Co. They were of the family of the illustrious Philemon Hawkins which had Governors, Senators and Generals. These Hawkins had connections with Harrisons -more than what is shown here. This Hawkins

14. Harrisons

family had a rather prominent representative in Buncombe Co. - Benjamin Hawkins who was one of the founders, married a Chambers and a HIGHTOWER, and was for a time living adjacent to my wife's James Hawkins, but apparently unrelated. However, James Hawkins son, Thomas lived next door to Thomas Harrison and Thomas Hawkins's daughter Caroline m Thomas Harrison's son Jesse - the girl next door, and g grandparents of my wife.

I would suspect that this Harrison family is of the Granville Co. Harrison family, which is extensively discussed by Worth Ray, and with one of them named Isham, I suspect that they were related to the Andrew Harrison family.. just guessing.

Tyrrell Co. NC 1766 John Harrison. Elizabeth, THOMAS,Mary Drusilla, Susan, John

p 340. Chowan Co. or Precinct. Daniel Harrison 1726/7 Son Joseph, wife and exec Elizabeth and friend Hill Savage. Witness: Martha HAMMOND

Duplin Co. (adjacent to Onslow) James Isham 1752/3. Edward Harrison Jr. his exec and brother-in-law...So, an Isham/Harrison marriage which would explain the name Isham Harrison. (Isham, I am more familiar with, as a surname, and an important one. Ishams of VA (I am one) have an ancestry going back to virtually all of the Royalty of Europe beyond Charlemagne).

Albemarle Co. NC 1715. Frances HARRISON WIT TO Jones will. In Chowan Precinct NC 1731 Frances Harrison wit to Simons will.

Beaufort Co. John Harrison wit to will 1747

1736 W of George Phenney, Surveyor Gen of Southern Dist of America. Names Joseph Harrison as a nephew.

This completes two years of HARRISON HERITAGE More to come later.

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