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HARRISON NOTES April 17, 1993

Charles W. Johnson.

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by Summers

I am hoping that moving west from Augusta County VA, the Harrisons and their associates left some trails that were not covered in SETTLERS BY THE LONG GREY TRAIL, AND THAT THERE may be a clue or two which would suggest earlier history of the Thomas Harrison of the 1800 census in Buncombe County, who perhaps married Eleanor, perhaps was an Indian Trader and a blacksmith and had offspring who married Grantham, John,and so on and whose descendants settled GA, NC, TN, KY, IL and KY that we have learned so much about in recent months.

By associates I mean Woodleys, Cravens, Blacks, Evans, Pattersons, Adams and some closer to my wife's more recent ancestry such as Ogelsbys, Humphries and Lord.

I would like to point out that ANNALS OF SW VA has limitations. It covers much but is rather abbreviated in detail of such records. Furthermore it does not go back to the days of Augusta County, but starts with records of Botetourt Co. and the many counties that it was broken up into. Many of these SW counties were already settled when they were originally in Augusta County or in Orange Co. VA before Augusta and Frederick Counties were carved out from Orange. Another limitation is that Summers wrote an earlier book, HISTORY OF SW VA, which has more records not covered in Annals, but this report covers only ANNALS. Yet ANNALS is itself over 1700 pages! It has a full name index but it is not always accurate and does not include many of the lists in the index.

2. Harrison

At this point let me mention that REV John Alderson, pastor of Alderson's Baptist Church also known as Smith's Creek Baptist and Linville Cr. Baptist where numerous Harrisons attended and founded in Augusta Co., left that church and moved to Botetourt Co. where he and his sons founded a rather large and prosperous Baptist movement and formed a number of churches, and are very much in the records of Botetourt Co. p 289 10 June 1779. The fine against Wm. Crawford laid aside.

3. Harrison


Interestingly, many of the largest land owners of the area have no entries in these deeds. Probably they acquired their land before there was a Botetourt Co. This is the site of the huge Borden real estate empire and John Lewis, the wealthy Irishman with all the sons who were Generals. Borden empire run by Benjamin Borden Sr., dead before Botetourt formed, then Benjamin Borden Jr., then his daughter Martha who m Benjamin Hawkins and later Robert Harvey. Also, the McDowells who were married into that family and ancestors of the General McDowells of Burke Co. NC fame and Buncombe. But no deeds in these Botetourt records involving any of those surnames, though they were very much around during these times. Perhaps these extensive records were kept separate, and many of the lawsuits involving these many deeds are in Augusta County for some reason. In Chalkley he says that those records are too extensive to include many of them in his book. Fincastle Co. records, though the existence of the county was brief, contain much more in the way of records of these important people.


In regards to the Dennises and Billups I looked them up in LONG GREY TRAIL: p 217-218. The author discusses Early Maryland Harrisons, not of the line of LGT Harrisons but had some connections with Delahayes as did LGT Harrisons. (summarized): Thomas Harrison b England 1695 had 6 sons: John, Benjamin, Thomas Jr, Samuel, Daniel and James; all in the American Revolution. All sons came to Maryland after death of their parents. John became Captain, Thomas Jr. a Colonel. Capt. John m Miss Malone in Maryland and settled Botetourt Co. VA. Capt. John had sons: Thomas, Samuel, John, Benjamin, Daniel and James. Col Thomas Harrison brother of John of Botetourt never married, but he made lots of money and invested it in Valley of VA lands. When Col. Thomas died he left those lands to his nephew Thomas son of John. This Thomas married Margaret Billups. of VA and removed with his parents (JOHN and Miss Malone) to S. Carolina. After their deaths he returned to VA and settled in Montgomery County. By wife MARGARET BILLUPS he had 10 children of which 8 survived: Edward, John, Thomas, Samuel, James, Elizabeth, Sarah and Polly. He married 2nd Nancy Crawley oft VA and had Nancy, Margaret and William D. Married 3rd Jane Childress of VA and had Cynthia, Andrew L. Eliza J. and Benjamin R. In 1819 he moved to MO (!!!) and settled on the Boonslick Road in Callaway Co. where he died in his 75th year July 3, 1840 (so born c 1765 and m Margaret Billups 1788 at age of 23. so it is not likely that the Thomas Harrison who m Hannah Dennis in 1779 would have been the same Thomas Harrison because he would have been only 14 at the time-though I suppose not impossible if his age is off a bit..his uncle got married in his old age?..but then he, the rich Col. Thomas would have had an heir other than his nephew Thomas, if she lived???) Thomas and Margaret (Billups) 's eldest son Edward died in VA. John, the second son was born in Botetourt Co, VA Oct 7, 1791. (This further suggests the Billups marriage his first

4. Harrison

So appears that there were at least two Thomas Harrisons and one was from a Maryland line and married Billups and another from LGT line and m Denis??? And John Harrison: there were at least two of them. One, Capt. John was father of Thomas m Billups. The other John was John Jr of the LGT and all of these either in, or had property in Botetourt Co! I would also like to mention at this point that the Harrisons and Hawkins of Buncombe County were connected , at least in my wife's family. Her gg grandfather was Thomas Harrison, son of Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison. Thomas Harrison lived next door to another gr gr grandfather Thomas Hawkins. Thomas Harrison's son Jesse married the girl next door: Caroline Hawkins, dau of Thomas. The Hawkins family came from Botetourt Co. VA. Thomas Hawkins was the grandson of Benjamin Hawkins and Martha Borden - she the 16 year old heiress of all of the Borden empire, including all of its many debts and lawsuits. The Hawkins and Harrisons of Botetourt no doubt knew-each other rather well. On p 2 I tell about Thomas Harrison being on four juries in one day in 1774. Were there two Thomas Harrisons that day in court? Thomas Harrison who m Billups would have been only age 9 in 1774, so not him on the jury, and maybe Thomas who m Dennis also too young at that time.

BACK TO ANNALS OF SW VA p 529 List of Ministers Botetourt Co. 1787-1844: George Adams. Chester Ballard. John Alderson. Religion not specified. p 531 a deed identifies Patterson Creek as a branch of Craig's Creek..near Fincastle.

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