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[S1211] DAR Patriot Index: Sam, Genie & Michele 70324.341@compuserv

[S1212] Colonial Census Index - 1784

[S1213] Myrle S. Perry (Sam, Genie, Michele) / / Michele:

[S1214] "History of Morris County, NJ"

[S1215] David Kanouse /

[S1216] "Helen Smith Listing" from John Myer

[S1217] Martha Huyler

[S1218] "The Centry Biographical Encycolpedia", Vol II; published by The Historical Press Association, Inc. NY, 1926

[S1219] "Historic Morristown, New Jersey"; pg. 54,186,265,322

[S1220] BigEdCOM


[S1221] Memoirs of Frank Clayton Ball

[S1222] The "Charles Carroll Gardiner Collection"; Gardner's early work, completed before 1911, is on 32 microfilms at the Family History Library.

(Also owned by NEHGS). A separate section includes about 30,000 cards that index individuals listed in New Jersey records. Original papers at NJHS.

[S1223] Descendents to the Third Generation of EDWARD BALL, one of the original settlers . . .

[S1224] Jane R. Elliott /

[S1225] Weber, Dick /

[S1226] Colonial Census Index - 1780

[S1227] Colonial Census Index - 1783

[S1228] Descendants of Edward Howell 1584-1655

[S1229] Letter by Edward E. Ball of Bloomingdale, NJ, published in "The Union Record"; Oct. 1901

[S1230] Union Record

[S1231] Ball Beginnings film # 14811074

[S1232] Colonial Census Index - 1781

[S1233] Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications in the National Archives

[S1234] Newspaper article quoting Glen Ridge Hist. Society

[S1235] Stephen B. McNally /

[S1236] "Burnet's Journal" circa 1850, by John Robertson Burnet; 'Notes Concerning the Ball Family of Essex & Morris Cos., NJ'; from John Myer /

[S1237] "The Ball and Burnet Families"; edited by Kate L. Burnet. from Stephen B. McNally /

[S1238] Biographical and Genealogical History of the City of Newark and Essex County, NJ.

[S1239] "Collections of the New Jersey Historical Society, Vol VI, 'Records of the town of Newark'. / David L. Gallit, Ph.D. /

[S1240] Carl Spiess /

[S1241] James Shoemaker /

[S1242] "Notes about the KITCHELL family"; As published in "Whallon and Kitchell Families"; by Edward Payson Whallon, 1932

[S1243] Gordon Andrew Hamilton /

[S1244] Plume Gen Chart

[S1245] "The Meeker Family", E.M. Graham; N.J.H.S

[S1246] Tomkins/Tompkins Family Genealogy

[S1247] Genepool Website

[S1248] Families of Ancient New Haven

[S1249] Sally Wilbur AKA

[S1250] Bob Martin (based on research by his uncle, Robbert Wrigg?

[S1251] The Horseneck Tract

[S1252] Ball Papers: NJHS

[S1253] Harrison Homestead, in Family for a Century, Has Interesting History

[S1254] notes

[S1255] Family Group Record

[S1256] Note Re Greener - Family of Gould AKA The Gould Family

[S1257] AG 24:37, 31:15

[S1258] Genealogies of NJ Families

[S1259] 'Ninety Years Old'

[S1260] Amos A. Harrison Letters

[S1261] William Pryor Charts

[S1262] Canfield, I N Obituary

[S1263] Canfield, Cyrus obit

[S1264] Note penciled into the margin of a book

[S1265] Jones, J. Kelsey

[S1266] History of the Oranges

[S1267] The Ward Family

'From a family Bible (Am. Bible Society, 1850) bought at an auction and now in the possession of Thomas J. Courter, Esq., 72 Valley Road, Montclair, N. J. The bible is inscribed on the cover: 'Clara A. Ward From her mother.' '

[S1268] DAR Book

[S1269] Obituary of Phebe Farrand Mulford Condit

[S1270] Letter from Stephen Wickes to Rev. C. T. Berry dated 13 Sept. 1880.

[S1271] Frank Bruen Manuscript Collection: Box #4

[S1272] Personette Gould Baldwin

[S1273] Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Newark, NJ

[S1274] 'A Pleasant Meeting in the 90's'

[S1275] Harrison, Harriet obit

[S1276] Crane, Caleb Sketch

[S1277] Lockward Profile

[S1278] Lockward, LG Obituary

[S1279] Big Celebration for Returned Caldwellite

[S1280] 'Passing Memories'

[S1281] Two Brothers, Aged 75 and 73, Veterans of Civil War, Observe Birthdays this Month

[S1282] 'Enthusiastic Anger'

[S1283] Crane, Ruth Edna Obit

[S1284] Caldwell Progress

[S1285] Camp Wyanockie Picture

[S1286] M. H. Canfield Passes Away

[S1287] Gibbs: DAR Chart

[S1288] Gen Genealogy Fidonet

[S1289] The Israel Crane Family

[S1290] Caldwell Observer

[S1291] Clocks and Watches of New Jersey

[S1292] CREAJSL database

Joe S. Creager 6320 NE 157th St. Bothell, WA 98011 206-488-7883

[S1293] The Early Spier Family

[S1294] Spier

[S1295] Roselander Observes His 84th Birthday

[S1296] Political Gossip 5 May 1917

[S1297] Robert Bush chart

[S1298] Force MSS: NYG&B

[S1299] Families of Early Milford, Connecticut

[S1300] Lindsley, Virginia Obituary

[S1301] 'Backus Pond'

[S1302] 'Long Forgotten Landmark'

[S1303] Obituary: Charlotte Backus, Braille Student

[S1304] Obituary: Charles Bach

[S1305] Caldwell City Directory 1920

[S1306] New Jersey Bos, Bosch, Bush Family

[S1307] The Mead Family of Northern New Jersey

[S1308] Letters from Mr. and Mrs. Mead to Samuel Saiber regarding Old Burying Ground, Caldwell 18 Aug 1985

[S1309] J. Monroe Harrison Dies at His Home

[S1310] Descendants of Robert Goold Who Came to America in the Year 1665

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