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[S1113] "Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants" by Marcellus Donald Alexander R. von Redlich, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore 1988 Vol. 1, p 127: John Bruen IV

[S1114] "Records of the Town of Newark, New Jersey, 1666-1836"; 1834 NJ Historical Society

[S1115] Descendants of Nicholas Gaylord

[S1116] Papers of William Penn

[S1117] The Short and Itinerary Journals of George Fox

[S1118] Judy Gluck /

[S1119] Jack Mount

[S1120] Gordon Fisher /

[S1121] Dick Weisiger

[S1122] DAR Patriot Index

[S1123] LeGrand Gould

[S1124] Rolls Website

[S1125] Church Records and Church Tablet

[S1126] Porter-Pemberton Genealogy

[S1127] The Ball - Bruen Genealogy

[S1128] Anceestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700


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[S1130] Dale Lutz /

[S1131] Ball Beginnings

[S1132] 31 May 1698 will of Samuel Rose (b. 1625 of Newark)

[S1133] Gen-Medieval

[S1134] Mrs. J.H. Frossard, Box 696, Madisonville, TX 77864

[S1135] "Genealogies of Connecticut Families, From the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol I"

[S1136] Robert L. Ward, 12236 Shadetree Lane, Laurel MD 20708

[S1137] Melissa / / The Ogden Book, by William Ogden Wheeler ("The Ogden Family in America" by William Ogden Wheeler, published in 1906)

[S1138] Cragg Webpage

[S1139] John Ward, Jr., Son of John Ward, Serg't. and Some of His Descendants

[S1140] John Warde and John Ward of Newark

[S1141] 'Some Early Families of Bloomfield, New Jersey - Baldwin - David - Dodd ?'

"SOME EARLY FAMILIES OF BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY Baldwin - Davis - Dodd - Morris - Ward" Excerpts from "Bloomfield, Old & New" An Historical Symposium by Several Authors Published by the Centennial Historical Committee Bloomfield, New Jersey 1912

[S1142] 5 Generations of Harrison

[S1143] "Ancestors and Family of Fillmore Condit (1855-1939) and Jane Condit Robison (1882-1972). Part II of Robison Family History" by William Condit Robison and Elizabeth Robison Jennings, Berkeley, CA: Privately Published, 1985.

[S1144] NJ Archives, First Series, Vol. 21

[S1145] Williams Families and Related Lines

[S1146] 'Cyclopedia of New Jersey Biography'

[S1147] The Ogden Family in America

[S1148] Ackerman Genealogy

[S1149] Research by Sybil Pass Holland of Tulsa, assisted by Ninetta Porter of Midwest City

[S1150] Barbara Perry: Jim White

[S1151] Research of Thomas Hamm, archivist and asst. prof. at Earlham College, Richmond Indiana.

[S1152] Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey

[S1153] Rockaway Records of Morris County, New Jersey Families

[S1154] Ancestral Roots of Sixty American Colonists

[S1155] Britain's Royal Families. The Complete Genealogy.

[S1156] Kitchell Family History

[S1157] Jeremy Clark of Rhode Island and Dungan Genealogy

[S1158] Williams-McKeehan Genealgoy

[S1159] The Official Baronage of England 1066-1885

[S1160] Waters I

[S1161] Basset Genealogy

[S1162] Richard Williams of Taunton

[S1163] Brandenburg.

[S1164] Brandenburg 52-56

[S1165] John Matthews / / United HealthCare Corporation, Minnetonka, MN 55343 voice: 612/945-6461 fax: 612/945-6502

[S1166] In Old Southampton

[S1167] Pascal

[S1168] family papers.

[S1169] Genealogy of the Bigelow Family

[S1170] Axtell Genealogy

[S1171] (?), Barbara Petty

[S1172] Matthews, John K.

[S1173] Andy Miller

[S1174] Harrisons by Sayre

[S1175] Revolutionary War Period Bible, Family and Marriage Records

[S1176] Cemetery Records

Alexander Library, New Brunswick, NJ

[S1177] Marriages and Deaths From Long Island Patriot

[S1178] Gardner Collection

Alexander Library, New Brunswick, NJ and NJHS, Newark, NJ

[S1179] Mrs. E. C. Harrison, Life Long Caldwell Resident, Dies on Eve of 85th Birthday

[S1180] 'Caldwell Scholars 87 Years Ago'

[S1181] Series of pictures published by the Progress

[S1182] Gould, Olive C. Wedding Announ

[S1183] Tichenor Web Site

[S1184] Joe S. Creager / JoeC@U.Washington.Edu

[S1185] EdBall: Eileen Tribble

[S1186] Terence Day /

[S1187] Courter Genealogy

[S1188] Lee Gould Mss

[S1189] Letter from Raymond F. Dey to Samuel Seiber, Attorney regarding the Old Burying Ground at Caldwell. 16 Aug 1985

[S1190] Bartle, Dorothy Budd

[S1191] Letter to All from Moses Bigelow, 569 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, NJ

Cites error in Crane Genealogy by EB Crane and Dodd Genealogy by JF Follsom regarding Mary Camp. She should be listed as the daughter of Timothy A. Crane and his wife Matilda Camp Crane of Montclair (Cranetown). Instead she was listed as the daighter of Timothy A. Crane and his wife Sarah Gould. The letter was written Feb 8, 1949 and bound into the EBC book at NJHS, Newark.

[S1192] Reminiscences of Montclair

[S1193] History of Montclair Township

[S1194] Carol Comfort

[S1195] Parent Directly

[S1196] Hiler Family Bible and Hilers

[S1197] Spouse Directly

[S1198] The person directly

[S1199] Hiler Family Bible

[S1200] Sibling Directly

[S1201] Kay Burnett

[S1202] Burnet's Journal

[S1203] Rockaway Church Records: LDS microfilm

[S1204] Rockaway Church Records - LDS Microfilm

[S1205] "Rockaway Records of Morris County, NJ, Families"; by J. Percy Clayton; Rockaway, NJ: Rockaway Publishing Co. 1902

[S1206] LDS IGI Records

[S1207] "Burnet's Journal" circa 1850, by John Robertson Burnet; 'Notes Concerning the Ball Family of Essex & Morris Cos., NJ'; from John Myer /

[S1208] Rockaway NJ First Presbyterian Church Records

[S1209] Jim Ball, 131 Spg Farm Road, Huntsville, AL 35811

[S1210] The "DAR Patriot Index" from Sam, Genie, and Michele /

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