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from memorial service card


photocopy -Federal Census of 1800, Precinct #1, Anderson Co., Texas Pg.#72


Letter written to Hulda & Frank Gracy Harrison 5/9/46


1880 Federal Census District 186, p. 95, film roll #1316


headstone in cemetery at Augusta, Texas as researched by Mrs. Betty McKlenny


Mrs. Betty McLenny research & interview with Inez & & Lena McLenny


Mrs Betty McLenny Research suggests this


per Mrs Betty McLenny research


Recorded Nash Co. NC microfilm #809, #206, Item 201, dated 1811. Nash County, August Court 1811; "photocopy" of Jethro's will.


Abstracts of Wills Bk#1, 1778-1868 per Lucille Harrison Sanders research


Mary Stoddard Trigg email: 11/14/1999


Frank Payne Harrison genealogy notes, given to daughter Lucille Harrison Sanders.


Per Lucille Harrison Sanders research


Leon Hunter's dispatch 12/19/1983


Abstracts of will book 1, Nash Co., North Carolina 1778-1868 by Ruth Smith Williams and Margaret Glenn Griffin published by Joseph W. Watson


photocopy of Twelfth U.S. Census, Justice precinct 3, Burnet Co. Texas-1900, p234 family #68


photocopy of Clinton Precinct, Co. of Greene, Alabama-July 30, 1860 p. 98, line 12-21, family #702


photocopy of Schedule I. Census of 1850 Greene Co. Alabama Dec. 27, 1850 p. 387, family # 1470, line #10-16


1900 census lists Etta as mother of (5), (4) living.


photocopy of 1880 census July 1880, Precinct #1, Anderson Co. Texas p. #71, line #1


photocopy of 1880 census July 1880, Precinct #1, Anderson Co. Texas Family #596


photocopy of 1880 census July 1880, Precinct #1, Anderson Co. Texas p.61? line #1


Letter from Ettie Weir (Ware?) to Pat harrison Scott dated 1934 per Trish Remington


copy of memorial service


(Excerpted from "Houston County History" By Miss Eliza N. Bishop 1979)


1850 Greene Co. Alabama Census pg. #250 M-432, roll #6


Historical colections of the Georgia Daughters of the American Revolution Vol. "V" 975.8, D269G , LA Temple L.D.S


page 1643 Texas Society DAR Roster Vol III, I-Q 976.4, C4dar VIII


Per Lucille Sanders research, ref. Marriage records of Greene Co. Alabama


per Lucille Sanders research in "Abstracts of Records of Nash Co. 1777-1859 by J.W.watson


per Lucille Sanders research in Nash Co., N.C. Kinfolks 1778-1854


Nash Co. Kinfolks 1778-1854 by Watson


"Harrison"- by Waterman, photocopy provided by Lela Costa 8/86


Photocopy of Thomas Harrison's Will


U.S. Geological Survey - National Mapping Information


1790 census shows "2 free white males of 16 years & upward" and William & Dempsey wer born later


History of Wilson County "Contentnea Primitive Baptist Church"


derived from Norwegian newspaper articles translated 7/97


Thomas is listed in Snedecor's 1855-1856 Directory, page 21, as living in Clinton Precinct, his residence indicated on Snedecor's map at section 28, township 23, Range 1 east


Les Harrison email: 1/20/98


Patrick Harrison


VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY & BIOGRAPHY, JULY 1981, vol. 89, no. 3, pps. 294-307


Victoria Moss 29 Jan 1998


"HARRISONS of Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana... Genealogy of John, Thomas, and Their Sister Nancy Pell, Their Descendants and Some Allied Lines" by Leona Grace Ellis Johnson, pub .1988.


"The John and Thomas Harrison Families of Lewis County Kentucky" by Betty Harrison Secrest, pub.1983.


US Federal Census


Virginia Genealogies, Vol. III


Johnson's Harrison History, pub. 1988.




Charlie Harrison 2/15/98 email:


Jennifer Boynton 20 Feb 1998


Richard Koontz 30 Nov 1996


Beatrice C. Emerson EMail: Granddaughter of Newton Francis Harrison b 1860 CA > John Eubank Harrison b 1824 TN.


Barb Ledbetter; EMail: 10/96


Gerard F. Harrison Email: 8/26/2001 Great grandson of John William Harrison b NC 1833 (son of Bentley Harrison). First contact: 10/96


Don Brownlee; EMail: 10/96 Descended from Martha Harle, sister of Sally > Baldwin harle II b 1767.


Sharon Harris - EMail: 10/96 gggranddaughter of Ananias Hankins of Jefferson Co. TN.


Phyllis (Holley) Blickensderfer Fwd Harrison Text, PAF Doc, 45 pages. EMail: 7/8/1999 formerly: I have another address for her from Oct 1997: PHYLLIS@SDT.COM


Sheila Carlson 2/96 submitted by Richard Harrison: (formerly


Charles D. Lodge 9/96 ggrndson of Sara Katherine Ferguson


Frank G. Jansen EMail: 9/96 gggrandson of Mary Harrison.


Denise EMail: Bryant Servies 9/96


Harold C. Fisher, Yazoo City, MS; EMail: 5/22/1999 formerly 8/97


Barbara Sturgeon, 7083 Henley Rd., Klamath Falls, OR 97603 in 1988. Descendant of Richard Harrison & Sophia Penn. Sent by Angela ggdau of Judith Frances Harrison.


Anne Coady EMail: 1/96


Kelley, EMail: 1/96


Ancestral File, Descendancy Chart; c 1987, Aug 1993 by the Church of LDS.


June Smith, Research of Elmer Bell and James Aye. BoJu2325@aol or 12/97


BIO copied from Centennial History of Arkansas, Vol. II, pub. 1922 by S.J. Clarke Pub Co. Chicago-Little rock. Pages 478-9,


Charlotte Broze EMail: 3/98


Geraldine Wilson Ward; EMail: 3/98


Tony & Kay Harrison; EMail: 3/98


Jana Lee Peterson-Pawlowski 11 Mar 1998 Louise Weeks, Personal knowledge and records Jan 1992. LDS Ancestral File.


Penny Dennis Holmes; EMail: Most of the marriage info came from Family bible of Isaac Dennis. 6/96


Mary Harrison Gibson; EMail: 11/4/2001 formerly; 75451.3476@compuserve. com 6/1996; granddaughter of Edward Landon Harrison.


Ron D. Harrison; 6/96 grandson of William A. Harrison, of MO.


Wesley D. McMichael; EMail:


Recollections of N. AL: submitted by Mrs. R. N. Reynolds, Jr of Rt 1 box 865, Camden, AR 71701 to Harrison Heritage, Dec 1984, p. 530.


Albon Wayne Harrison, Jr; EMail: /P>


Biographical and Historical Memoirs of MS pub in 1891 by Goodspeed. "Abstract" by Irene and Norman C. Gillis, 1962; printed in Harrison Hereitage Jun 1982, p. 265.


Battaile Harrison will, probated 7 Oct 1776, Amherst Co.VA


PA Gen MAG, Vol 1, page 57; submitted to Harrison Heritage Sep 1982, p 295.


PA GEN MAG, Vol I, p. 75; submitted to Harrison heritage Sep 1982, p. 295.


PA GEN MAG, Vol I, p. 383; submitted to Harrison heritage, Sep 1982, p. 295.


Harrison Heritage Sep 1982, p. 313; Submitted by Betty H. Secrest, R. R. 7, Vanceburg, KY 41179.


The Family of Pres. Benj. Harrison; pub in Harrison Heritage, Dec 1982, p. 324.


Charles W. Johnson, MD Harrison Notes Dec 1997, p. 7


Pension Case of NC Service W 2934; he applied in Allen Co. KY 10 Jun 1833. Rachel applied in Allen co. KY 20 Mar 1840.


Bible Record submitted by Luke Daniels 3/98


Thomas J. McBryde; EMail: 6/22/1997

{Thomas J. McBryde 6507 Huckleberry Cove Austin, Texas 78746-7127 512-328-8227}


History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Her People by Rankin p 125.


Abstracts of Marriage Bonds and Additional Data - Guilford County, North Carolina 1771 - 1840 compiled by Ruth F Thompson and Louise J Hartgrove Vol I, Pg vi.


Harry J. Wells 5/6/98


Terry Wright email: 4/10/96

[S802] "Colonial Families of the United States", Volume V; by Mackenzie, George Norbury, 1907. Borderbund CD. 189, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc.




Henry County Museum [MO] genealogy dept. 3X5 index card that was hand written by a County official. The Court house was about to dispose of them when they offered them to the Henry County Geneaology organization.


Bill Harrison MRBIL1@JUNO.COM 6/13/98


Marriage Lic., Death Cert., Civil War Records & photocopies of Family Bible. LDS IGI fiche Indiana, ver 1988, pg 7,835. Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN Court House Marriage record Book H, pg 348.

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