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Fwd: Song - "Family Tree"

This message was posted on the SUTTON List.  Thought  some of you might enjoy

Take care,
Margaret (Sutton) Bourns
(Darrell's cousin)
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From: (Meyer Family)
To: (SUTTON family genealogy list)
Date: 97-03-14 19:44:49 EST

I finally got the CD and the words to "Family Tree" by Lionel Cartwright
from his album "Chasin' the Sun":


One thing is for certain these are uncertain times
And this world in which we're livin' offers little peace of mind
We sail on troubled waters and walk on shaky ground
But there is a source of strength that I have found

There hangs inside my father's house a picture on the wall
Of my grandfather's father standin' strong and tall
I stare into his face sometimes and gaze into his eyes
There's just something there that helps me realize

There's a family tree surrounding me
Reminding me that I do not stand alone
And in my darkest hour in my greatest time of need
I'm strengthened by the roots of my family tree

I think of mom and dad how they worked hard to provide
Now I see how much they loved us and just how much they sacrificed
To know their love is timeless though we're far away and grown
Helps me see that I am never all alone



If God should grant me children to raise upon this earth
I pray that I could teach them the measure of their worth
Not in terms of money or what they may achieve
But in being one more branch of the family tree



Charlotte M. Meyer

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