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Re: Harrison Genealogy

The 3rd Simeon

		First Generation

	1	Simeon Quinn HARRISON - 2562. Born 27 Sep 1816 in Christian Co. KY. Died
1 Jun 1883. Residence Ky > Sangamon Co., IL. Sources67. He married Mary A.

		Second Generation

	2	Fielding HARRISON - 2200. Born About 1777 in Rockingham Co., VA. Died 11
Jun 1829. Residence Rockingham Co. VA;  KY 1805 ;  IL In 1822. Sources67 P399. 

		Marriage Bond: James Quinn, dau of James, Rockingham Co. VA; minister:
John Walsh.420
		He married Ann QUINN, 1 Oct 1800 in Rockingham Co., VA 420.

	3	Ann QUINN - 2201. Born About 1779 in Culpepper Co., VA. Died Aug 1835 in
Alton, IL. Residence Culpepper Co; Rockingham Co., VA ; KY; Sangamon Co.,
IL. Sources67. 

		Third Generation

	4	Benjamin HARRISON Col. - 269. Born 1741 in Dayton, Rockingham Co., VA.
Died 1819 in Rockingham Co., VA. Occupation He Became One Of The Greatest
Known Officers In Rev War. Residence Dayton, Rockingham Co., VA. Sources67,224. 

		419  Complier's note:  There is so much which differs in the various
references that each one is given separate:
		Benjamin, b. 1750 Williamsburg, Va; d. 1808, Washington Co;  Capt in Rev.
War. m. Mary McClure.  DAR No. 83 980.
		Benjamin, 1741, d. 1819, son of Daniel and Margaret Cravens m. Mary
McClure, Lofland, p. 59.
		Lt Col. Benjamin, b. 1741; d. 1819; m. Mary McClure. Dar No. 28 057.
		Lt. Col. Benjamin, b. 1740 Maryland;  d, 1819, Dayton, VA.;
		in Rev. War. m. Mary McClure, b. 1745, d. 1815. Dar 83 120.
		He married Mary McCLURE, 8 Aug 1763 in Rockingham Co. VA  224.

	5	Mary McCLURE - 266. Born 1742456. Died 1815. Residence Dayton, Rockingham
Co VA. Sources67. 

	6	James QUINN - 2202. Sources67 420. 

		Fourth Generation

	8	Daniel HARRISON Sr., Capt. - 271. Born About 1701 in Smithtown, Long
Island, NY. Died 10 Jul 1770 in Near Present Day Dayton, VA. Buried in
(Thought To Be Episcopal Churchyard Submerged). Occupation Pioneer Of Old
Augusta Co, VA, French And Indian War Soldier. Residence Sussex County, DE;
1738- Augusta Co., VA. Sources67 P. 213   441 (See Notes ). 

		With John, Thomas, Jeremiah and Samuel left Delaware.  First to patent
land in Rockingham Co, Va  Dec 8, 1738, Orange Co, Va Record.
		Under sheriff of Augusta Co 1751;  qualified Captain Aug 19 1752, for the
second time, having first been appointed under the jurisdiction of the
Orange Co.
		French & Indian War soldier and pioneer to Old Augusta Co. died July 10,
1770 (Booger).  Buried  in the early Episcopal churchyard near his home at
the present town of Dayton, north section of today's cemetery.  The site of
Old Erection, the church of the early Presbyterians, in the same locality
has become submerged under Silver Lake.  All bodies were moved to the newer
part of the cemetery, but no trace of Daniel's grave can now be located.  In
1767 he signed his Will rec Aug Co Will Bk 4 p. 408 at Staunton. (Original
Will also on record)224
		1889 letter of Judge Harvey Harrison,a son of Joseph Harrison (son of
Gideon Harrison), wrote that great grandfather was Daniel, Sr. of Rockingham
Co, VA.   Harvey said, "five sons of Daniel, Sr. came to Madison Co, AL in
1806, from E. TN: Daniel, Jesse, James, Gideon, and Michael,"  45
		Chalkley 441 
		Page 553. - 14 Nov 1763.  Daniel Harrison and Sarah to Daniel and Jesse
Harrison, his grandchildren, sons of Jesse Harrison, L20, 400 acres on head
Linville's Creek, Jos. Hite's line.  Delivered: Benj Bowman, by order of
Jesse Harrison, 18 Feb 1793.
		Page 556 - 22 Mar 1764.  Same to Jesse Harrison, his son, L40, two tracts,
one containing 200 acres on a branch of Muddy Creek, patented to Daniel, 5
Dec 1749; corner said Daniel, the other containing 200 joining the former,
being part of 400 acres patented to Daniel, 25 Sep 1746; Love's line, corner
with Daniel Harrison's part of said tract, Delivered:  Jessey Harrison,
March, 1783.
		Page 699. - 21 Aug 1764.  Daniel Harrison and Sarah to Daniel Harrison,
his son, L20, 200 acres, part of 400 patented to Daniel, 25 Sep 1746; corner
Jesse Harrison's part of same tract.  Teste:  Joseph Gamwell.
		Page 398 - 14 Oct 1765.  Daniel Harrison to Daniel Smith, L50, 200 acres
on Muddy Creek and Dry River, high bank of rocks opposite an island.
Delivered:  Daniel Smith, March Court 1772..
		441 Page 408. - 8 June, 1767.  Daniel Harrison's will -  To wife; to Sarah
Stevenson, his wife's daughter;  to son, Benjamin Harrison, youngest son; to
children.  Teste:  Andrew Johnson, John Johnson, Robt. Brown, Andrew
Johnson's deposition taken in Culpeper Co. 13 May 1771, before James
Barbour, Jr. and Robert Throckmorton.  Proved, 25 Aug 1770 by John Johnson.
Executors qualified as above, vid., pages 339,340.
		Page 339 (vid pp. 409-10}. 25 August 1770.
		Benj. Harrison's bond (with Andw. Bird and David Bell) as administrator of
Danl. Harrison.
		          Page 340 (vid pp. 409-10) - 25 August 1770. 
		Sarah Harrison's bond (with Abrm. Smith) as executrix of Daniel Harrison.
		He married Margaret CRAVENS, 1724 in Sussex Co, DE.

	9	Margaret CRAVENS - 254. Born 1702. Died 1753. Occupation Sister Of Robert
Cravens, Sr, Md Daniel's 1/2 Sister, Mary. Residence Sussex County,
Delaware. Sources67,224. 

	10	John McCLURE - 2046. Born in IRL. Residence To Augusta VA In 1738.

		Fifth Generation

	16	Isaiah HARRISON - 328. Born 25 Sep 1666 in Chester, England. Died 1738
in Shenandoah Mts., VA. Occupation Founder Rockingham  VA Line Of Harrisons.
Residence 1687-NY; 1702 Smithtown, NY;1721 Sussex Co. Del; 1737 VA.
Sources8,21,67 P 122,320 67. 

		As a refugee from Dublin sailed from Chester or nearby Liverpool, Eng, on
the ship "Spotted Calf" in 1687.  Landing frist at Oyster Bay, Long Island,
NY.  As was the custom boys of genteel families and younger sons of noble
families were trained to some trade, he was a blacksmith.  His full
signature appears on all deeds and papers at Oyster Bay, evidence that he
had been taught to write in his youth.
		A freeholder in Oyster Bay Town records Jan 2, 1687. Purchase of 100 acres
at Suckscalls" Wigam from John Wright, his first wife's cousin, Jan 16, 1688
for sixty pounds current money of NY.  The land was part of the general
purchase from the Matenacocke Indians made Jan 9, 1685.  Suckscall was an
Indian Chief and his Wigwarm was located at what is now known as Brookville
(Wolver Hollow), Long Island.  Isaiah was the first white man to live on the
site.  Recorded in Book "B" of the Ancient Town Book of Oyster Bay Jan 2,
		Apr 20, 1702 sale of Oyster Bay land recorded , purchase of land at
Smithtown from William Lawrence, 500 acres Suffolk Co, NY .  Jun 12 1721
sold to Amos  Willitts, and purchased 900 acres in Sussex Co, Delaware.
"Maiden Plantation".  Deeded to sons, Daniel, Thomas, & Jeremiah, 250 acres
		Sold  May 7, 1736.  With the exception of Elizabeth & Gideon (who had
died), He departed for Virginia with a party of sixteen.  He arr. in what is
now Alexandria, VA, crossed the Blue Ridge at Thornton's Gap and settled
near Lewes, an early colonial port (oldest light house in America).  For two
years they surveyed the area and camped near Linville's Creek  where Isaiah
died in 1738.    The Harrisons explored the region between the North River
and the South Fork into high lands in the present vicinity of Harrisonburg,
VA, in 1738. 
		Other early settlers included the Cravens, Smiths, Herrings, and Lincolns.
Paraphased from House of Cravens. 224
		Alexander Herring, Senior, and Isaiah Harrison passed away while residing
in Delaware. Both died within the three year period beginning in 1735 and
concluding in 1738. Shortly after their deaths, the migration of their
children to Virginia began.  Some of the Harrisons were settled in the
vicinity of what is now Harrisonburg, Virginia in Rockingham County as early
as 1738.
		House of Cravens: 5 brothers from Delaware are John, Daniel, Thomas,
Jeremiah and Samuel the first to locate in Rockingham Co, VA.  Later Isaiah,
Jr, and Mary, the eldest dau md to Robt Cravens, Sr came.  All of Isaiah's
living descendants settled here.  Thomas named the present Harrisonburg town.224
		A tradition exsist  in the descendant families to the effect that Pres. Wm
Henry Harrison and his grandson, Pres. Benj Harrison were descendants of
Isaiah Harrison.  No reliable evidence confirming such tradition has been
found.  J. Houston Harrison had heard of the same tradition, and devoted
considerable research in that connection, his findings failed to
substantiate the tradition.  Those Harrison families were descendants of
Harrisons who settled early in Eastern Virginia, and were known as the James
River branch of Harrisons.  It is quite possible, however that there may
have been some distant relationship between them and Rev. Thomas Harrison,
the probable father of Isaiah Harrison.320
		Research: A tradition exsist  in the descendant families to the effect
that Pres. Wm Henry Harrison and his grandson, Pres. Benj Harrison were
descendants of Isaiah Harrison.  No reliable evidence confirming such
tradition has been found.  J. Houston Harrison had heard of the same
tradition, and devoted considerable research in that connection, his
findings failed to substantiate the tradition.  Those Harrison families were
descendants of Harrisons who settled early in Eastern Virginia, and were
known as the James River branch of Harrisons.  It is quite possible, however
that there may have been some distant relationship between them and Rev.
Thomas Harrison, the probable father of Isaiah Harrison.320
		He married Abigail SMITH, 1702 in Smithtown, Long Island, NY320.

	17	Abigail SMITH - 35. Christen in Presbyterian/ Independant Or
Congregational. Residence Smithtown, NY; Sussex, DE; Rockingham, VA.
Sources21,67  224. 

		Both Jonathan and Adam Smith owned land adjoining Isaiah Harrison, and it
may be said that Abigail was the daughter of Adam Smtih, and a sister of
Edmund Smith who married Mary Smith.  However, as Aabigail was much older
than Mary Smith, she is most probably the daughter of Jonathan Smith and
Sarah Brewster.
		Through the relationship of the Smiths and Lawrences, Isaiah Harrison
acquired all of his Smithtown land from the Lawrences.  (note Lawrence
Harrison in VA, Draper Manuscripts)
		The genealogical accounts of Richard Smith's family, the immigrant, is
fragmentary.  Thompson's History of Long Island is far from complete.
However, the Smiths migrated to Augusta Co. VA about the time that Isaiah
Harrison and his wife Abigail Smith, removed from Long Island.    224

	18	Joseph CRAVENS - 7830. Sources 456. 

	20	James McCLURE - 2047. Born About 1690 in North Of Ireland. Residence To
Augusta VA In 1738. Sources67 P 135. 

		Sixth Generation

	32	Thomas HARRISON Rev. - 333. Born 1619 in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire,
ENG. Christen 1619 in Angelican, Episcopal. Died 1682 in Dublin, Ireland.
Buried 1682 in Dublin, Ireland. Occupation Minister, Established Church Of
England. Residence Hull,ENG; Jamestown, VA; Ipswich, MA;Chester,ENG;Dublin,
IRE. Sources224,320   67. 

		Rev Thomas H. came to the early Jamestown, VA settlement about 1640 as
minister of Elizabeth River parish (Anglican, Episcopal).  chaplain to
Governor of Berkeley (1645-1652).  
		Rev Thomas , a native of Kingston-Upon-Hull, England, he was of Yorkshire
parentage, with residence in London, and was descended from the Durham
family of Harrisons, entitled to bear the Yorkshire (London) Arms.  He came
from the same family as the line of Alderman and Burgess of the city of
Hull, which was granted a charter by Edward I in 1299.  He  was an intimate
of the Cromwell family .  
		Following the second Indian massacre, April 18, 1644, he turned Puritan
himself, and in 1648, after refusing to read the Book of Common Prayer, or
Administer the Sacrements, abondoned his ministrial office.  
		He removed to New England where he married Dorothy Symonds, daughter of
Samuel Symonds of Ipswich, MA, Deputy Governor of MA, and a native of Great
Zeldham, Essex Co, England.  He became an  Independent or Congregational
minister of the gospel.
		From MA in 1650, Thomas returned with his family to England as minister at
St. Dunstans-in-the-East, London.  He then removed to Bromborough Hall,
Warrall, Cheshire, and in 1655, accompanied Henry Cromwell (son of the
Protector) to Ireland.  
		Upon the Restoration, Rev. Harrison returned to Chester, where he preached
to large congregations in the Cathedral.  Following the passing of the "Act
of Uniformity" in 1662, he settled permanently in Dublin, and founded there
a flourishing dissenting church.
		With the rise of the Catholic element under James II, there was little
hope for any former followers of Cromwell, or his children.  Having been so
closely allied with the Cromwell party, Thomas's fortunes were doubtless
depleted by the time Isaiah came to America.
		Rev. Thomas Harrison died in 1682 in Dublin, Ireland - "A midst general
mourning."  "He was a complete gentleman", "Much courted for his
conversation."  He was the author of several works, among them "Old Jacobs
Account Cast Up."  He left a valuable library.  His will recorded in 1682,
and other family records was destroyed in the courts' fire of Public Records
office of Ireland in the late rebellion of 1922,     224
		Identified by J. Houston Harrison, Settlers By The Long Grey Trail, as the
ancestor of the Rockingham Co Va Harrisons is circumstantial, but a good
case for his findings, thus this author has accepted the results as
reasonably adequate. 320
		J. Houston Harrison conducted a thorough research of the origin of the
Harrison families of England and Scotland, see CVii, pp. 77-78.  The
Harrisons came into England with the Norse Viking Sea Kings 1016-1035.  They
were among the free Danes of whom Kingsley's hero, Hereward the Wake was
one, and the last to withstand William the Conquerer.  
		Northumberland is the Danish section of England and filled with Harrisons.
The name being of Danish patronymic origin more properly spelled Arysen
(Aertzsen) and common to this day in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.(Richmond,
Va Standard, No. 41, june 12, 1880)320
		In 1650 he returned to England and became minister of St.
Dunstans-in-the-East London.  He came an intimate of Henry Cromwell and
accompanied him in 1655 to Ireland where he settled permanently in Dublin
		After the Restoration and assumption of the English throne by Charles II,
He preached to large congregations in the Cathedral at Chester, England, was
the author of several works of note, and left a valuable library.  67
		He married Katherine BRADSHAW, 28 Feb 1660 in Chester, ENG320.

	33	Katherine BRADSHAW - 4. Born 1637. Christen 10 Sep 1637 in St Peter's
Church, Chester, England. Died After 1682 in Chester, England. Occupation
Pedigree, Coat Of Arms. Residence Chester, ENG. Sources224,320. 

		The daughter of Edward Bradshaw of London and Bromborough England.
Complete pedigree, naming Katherine is in the Piccope MMS of the Chetham
Collection, in which her family is traced from Robert de Bradshaw, Lord of
Bradshaw, 23 Edward I,  (1295).  Ref:  The Genealogist, New Series, Vol.
XVII, pp. 14-15, London, 1901.  224

	34	Johnathan SMITH - 5484. Residence Smithtown, Long Island, NY.
Sources291. He married Sarah BREWSTER   .

	35	Sarah BREWSTER   224 - 5485. Residence Smithtown, Long Island, NY.

		Brewster last name not proven:   Cravens Chart By Ruth Holmark McConathy.224

	36	Richard CRAVENS - 7831. Sources 456. He married Rachel.

	37	Rachel - 7832. Sources 456. 

		Seventh Generation

	64	Richard HARRISON - 500. Born About 1595. Died 25 Oct 1665. Occupation
Coat Of Arms. Residence Northumberland, England. Sources224    (SEE NOTE). 

		Another son Benjamin Harrison  d. 1648; m. Mary ------; settled in the
James River, Virginia Colony.  He was the ancestor of the Presidents
Harrisons and Signer of the Declaration of Independence.  1st Clerk of the
Council of Virginia in 1633 and Member of the House of Burgesses in 1642.  A
land grant on record in the Virginia Land Registry Office was made to him
for 200 acres in "Warrosquinoake County", July 20, 1635.  The house was
known as "Wakefield", now Surrey County, on the James River and is the oldes
of the many Harrisons homes in Virginia.  It was burned by Benedict Arnold
during the Revolution, but has since been rebuilt and still remains as one
of the famous beautiful old houses along the James.223 224
		See record # 495 for details of the differences in authors documentation
of this line.

	66	Edward BRADSHAW - 6004. Born 1604. Died 1671 in Chester, England.
Occupation Coat Of Arms. Residence London, & Bromborough Hall, England.
Sources224  320. 

		Lineal descendant of the "Bradshaw of Pennington" line.  His pedigree is
found in Dugdale's Visitation of Lancashire - 1664-65
		A more complete pedigree naming Katherine hereself directly occurs in the
Piccope MMS of the Chetham Collection in which her family is traced without
a break in the line, from Robert De. Bradshaw, Lord of Bradshaw, 23, Reign
of Edward I (1272-1307).  (See the Genealogist, New Series, Vol. XVII,
London, pp. 14-15)  320
		He married Sussanah BLEASE Of Chester.

	67	Sussanah BLEASE Of Chester - 6097. Born in Chester, England. Residence
Chester, England. Sources320,456. 

	68	Richard SMITH - 5486. Born in ENG. Occupation 1648 PatenteeOf Smithtown,
Long Island, NY;Coat Of Arms. Residence ENG > Smithtown, Long Island, NY.

		Came To New England Early Part Of 1600 A Patentee Of Smithtown, Long
Island, NY
		Coat of Arms:  Pictured in William S. Pelletreau's "Records of Smithtown",
show on the shield six fleur-de-lis set in three, two and one.  The
fleur-de-lis was also a prominent figure on the Arms of the Augusta County
early Smiths, who settled there from PA, as shown by the seal on Captain
John Smith's Will.   Son, Col. Daniel Smith b 1724 in Ulster; m. c 1751 Jane
Harrison, dau Capt. Daniel Harrison and his wife, Margaret Cravens, sister
of Robert Cravens, Sr.
		  It is likely there was a relationship between the immigrant, Richard
Smith of Smithtown, and the immigrant, Capt. John Smith, both of whom were
born in England in the 1600's.  Capt. Smith died in Smithland, VA, the home
of his son, Daniel, shortly after the beginning of the Revolution.    224
		He married Sarah.

	69	Sarah - 5487. Sources291. 

	70	William BREWSTER Master - 6007. Born 1566 in Probably Scrooby, England
Or Vicinity. Christen in Mother's Name Was Prudence, Father  Unk. Died 16
Apr 1643 in Plymouth, Mass. Occupation SecOf State To Queen Elizabeth,Master
Of Mayflower Compact. Residence London, Amsterdam, Leyden, Plymouth, Ma.

		Wise, Discreet, and well spoken--qualified above many.  Attended
Peterhouse College, Cambridge 1580-1583.  Employee of Sir Wm Davison
c1583-89, postmater, bailiff, receiver, operated choir alley press 1616,
flight to hiding in England 1619, purchaser 1626, undertaker 1627-41; argued
against Roger Williams retention as a teacher in 1623.
		He lived at great manor house owned by the Archbishopric of Yorke
(Doomesday Book, 1066) from 1588-1608, where he organized the Pilgrim Church
of which he was a ruling elder, and which he removed to Amsterdam in 1608 ,
to Leyden at Green Gate in 1609, and to Plymouth in 1620.
		The manor, locabed beside Ryton in the northern tip of Nottinghamshire,
halfway between London and the Scottish border on the River Ryton.  He left
London in 1589, following his many years in the Court of Elizabeth, as
Secretary of State, charged with the conduct of foreighn Affiars.   After
leaving London, Brewster settled down in Scrooby where in 1591, he married
Marry.  He escaped to Amsterdam in 1608.
		He and his wife, Mary, sailed aboard the Speedwell, then transferred to
the Mayflower, after the Speedwell's ill-fated return to England.  His 3
children:  Jonathan, Patience & Fear were  left at Scrooby with a relative
when Brewster joined the Mayflower Compact.  They came later on other ships.
Another son, Wrestling Brewster was born at sea or shortly after arr. at
Plymouth.  He was accompanied by one servant - Richard More (ca.1613-1648)
of London, on the Mayflower.  When he died in 1643 at Plymouth, Ma, his
wife, Mary and daus Fear & Patience and son, Wrestling had prececeased him,  224
		He married Mary, 1591 in Scrooby, England.

	71	Mary - 6008. Residence Scrooby, Eng. Sources224. 

	72	Thomas456 CRAVEN - 7952. Born About 1585. Christen 3 Oct 1585456. Died
1636456. Buried 14 Apr 1636. He married Margaret CRAVEN.

	73	Margaret456 CRAVEN - 7953. Born About 1603. Christen 3 Oct 1603. 

		Eighth Generation

	128	Rowland HARRISON - 501. Born 1550 in ENGLAND. Residence Northumberland,
ENGLAND. Sources224. 

		In 1381, Edward III granted the Burgess power to choose a mayor,  of
Durham, but it was not until 1576 that the present city was incorporated.
In 1511, Robert Harrison, and in 1537, John Harrison were the Mayors.  Among
the Alderman were John Harrison, 1548; John Harrison 1576; Christopher
Harrison, 1593; and Thomas Harrison in 1687. (History of Kingston-Upon-Hull.)
		A curious sepulchural brass in memory of John Harrison, the mayor of 1537,
who died in 1545, is yet in the church of Saint Mary.  His son, John
Harrison, the Alderman of 1548, died in 1550, leaving a will, naming wife,
Elizabeth and established Harrison's Hospital of Chapel Lane, the first
charitable institution founded in Hull after the Reformation.   224

	134	Christopher BLEASE Of Chester - 6098. Residence Chester, England.

		 of the "Bradshaw of Pennington" line.  Dugdale's Visitations of
Lancashire, 1664-5.  224

	144	Anthony456 CRAVEN - 7954. Died 1636. 

	146	Robert456 CRAVEN - 7960. Born About 1574. Christen 3 Oct 1574456. Died
1660456. Buried 9 Feb 1659/1660. He married Mary BROCKDEN.

	147	Mary456 BROCKDEN - 7961. 

		Ninth Generation

	256	John HARRISON - 3814. Born 1530 in England. Occupation Vicar In 1564.
Residence Northumberland, England. Sources224. 

	288	William456 CRAVEN - 7955. Died 1596456. Buried 12 Mar 1595/1596. He
married Beatrix HUNTER.

	289	Beatrix456 HUNTER - 7956. Died 1597. 

	292	Henry456 CRAVEN - 7958. Born 1543456. Died 1603456. Buried 15 Mar
1602/1603. He married Margaret SHERWOOD.

	293	Margaret456 SHERWOOD - 7959. Died 1613. 

		10th Generation

	512	Thomas HARRISON - 5886. Born in England. Died Circa 1595. Occupation
Lord Mayor Of Yorke 1575 & 1592. Residence Northumberland, England. Sources224. 

		The pedigreees of the Harrisons of Cayton (Eaton), County of York, appears
in the "Visitations of Yorkshire" in 1612.  This pedigree begins with Thomas
Harrison, who died about 1595, son of John Harrison and his wife Margaret,
Lord Mayor  of Yorke in 1575 and 1592, and continues in a direct line
through 1666, the year of the birth of Isaiah Harrison, the immigrant
ancestor of the Harrison Line in America of whom the Harrisonburg VA is
directly descended.
		The pedigree progresses through John Harrison, who died in 1595, son of
Thomas above to son Rowland Harrison, born circa 1550, to Richard Harrison,
born circa 1595, to Reverend Thomas Harrison, born in 1619 and died in 1682,
the father of Isaiah Harrison.67  223 224

	576	John456 CRAVEN - 7962. Born 1485456. Died 10 Mar 1585/1586. He married
SIMPSON, 1539.

	577	SIMPSON456 - 7963. 

	578	John456 HUNTER - 7957. 

	584	same as ahnentafel number 288

	585	same as ahnentafel number 289

Reference Note 8
Genealogies of Virginia Families,  (Baltimore, 1981), vol. III, p. 691
(reprint of W.G. Stanard, "Harrison of James River", _VA Mag. of Hist. and
Biog._ vols. 30-40)

Reference Note 21

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>(born 1840 Indiana); Charlotte HARRISON (born 1842 Indiana); Martha HARRISON
>(born 1845 Indiana); Francise HARRISON (born 1848 Lee Cty, IA); Mary Amanda
>HARRISON (born 1850 Lee Cty., IA); Simeon HARRISON (born 1854 Lee Cty., IA);
>Lewis HARRISON (born 1855 Lee Cty., IA); Miriam HARRISON (born 1858 Lee Cty.,
>IA); Jane K. HARRISON and Mary HARRISON (born 1863, Lee Cty., IA); and Celia
>HARRISON (born 1866 Lee Cty., IA).
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