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p. 195 December 1981


We received from Ron D. Harrison, 1174 Melvina Way, Eugene Oregon 97404 a very nice little book THE HARRISON FAMILY, published by American Genealogical Research Institute, 1972; 1501 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209. Portions of the book are printed here. More to come in the March Issue. (Thanks Ron).

Census of 1790

Below are listed the names of all the heads of families bearing the name Harrison in twelve of the thirteen original states (the schedules of Delaware having been destroyed in 1812 and those of Virginia having been reconstructed from state enumerations taken in the years 1782, 1783, and 1785). The list numbers over 450 family heads in the states of Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia. Following the name is the county or district (in the case of North and South Carolina) of domicile of the particular individual. Additional names from a reconstructed 1800 census schedule (compiled from lists of taxpayers) for the state of Kentucky are also included. Unfortunately, the Capitol was burned by the British forces during the War of 1812, and the schedules for the areas that constituted the present states of Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Virginia were destroyed.


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Amos New Haven CT   John New Haven CT
Asael New Haven CT   Justice New Haven CT
Daniel F. New Haven CT   Lemuel New Haven CT
David Hartford CT   Levi Litchfield CT
David Litchfield CT   Levi New Haven CT
Edward New Haven CT   Mark Hartford CT
Elihu New London CT   Nathan Middlesex CT
Elihue Litchfield CT   Peter Middlesex CT
Farr Middlesex CT   Philemon New Haven CT
Gideon Litchfield CT   Samuel New Haven CT
Hester Middlesex CT   Samuel New Haven CT
Hipsebah New London CT   Silas Windham CT
Jabez Hartford CT   Stephen Litchfield CT
Jacob New Haven CT   Theodore Hartford CT
James New Haven CT   Thomas Litchfield CT
James New Haven CT   Timothy Middlesex CT
Jared Litchfield CT   Timothy, II Middlesex CT
Jerad New Haven CT   William Middlesex CT
Jeras New Haven CT   Wooster New Haven CT

KENTUCKY 1790 Census

HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Andrew Clark KY   John Mason KY
Benjamin Harrison KY   John Shelby KY
Benjamin Washington KY   John Shelby KY
Carter Warren KY   Joseph Scott KY
Cuthbert Nelson KY   Joshua Hardin KY
Cuthbert Washington KY   Lawrence Harrison KY
Daniel Clark KY   Lawrence Harrison KY
Davis Woodford KY   Luke Woodford KY
Elisabeth Harrison KY   Micajah Montgomery KY
Elisha Nelson KY   Peter Hardin KY
Carret Nicholas KY   Robert Harrison KY
George Bourbon KY   Robert Woodford KY
George Nelson KY   Sarah Mason KY
Grove Nelson KY   Solomon Green KY
Henry Fayette KY   Taverner B. Nelson KY
Henry Woodford KY   Thomas Fleming KY
Hezekiah Fayette KY   Thomas Logan KY
Hiram Clark KY   Thomas, Sr. Washington KY
Jeremiah Livingston KY   Thomas G. Washington KY
Jeremiah Livingston KY   William Fayette KY
Jeremiah Woodford KY   William Harrison KY
John Fayette KY   William Logan KY
John Garrard KY   William Nelson KY
John Jefferson KY        


HARRISON County State
(Widow) York ME


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Alex Hartford MD   John Worcester MD
Ann Charles MD   John W. Talbot MD
Benjamin, Sr. Ann-Arundel MD   Jonathan Baltimore MD
Benjamin Ann-Arundel MD   Joseph Prince Georges MD
Benjamin St. Marys MD   Joseph Prince Georges MD
Catherine Frederick MD   Joseph St. Marys MD
Edward Talbot MD   Joseph Talbot MD
Elisha Kent MD   Joseph Talbot MD
Elisha Prince Georges MD   Joseph White Charles MD
Elizabeth St. Marys MD   Martha Baltimore MD
Erasmus, Ju. Worcester MD   Nathaniel St. Marys MD
George Ann-Arundel MD   Nicholas Caroline MD
George Talbot MD   Richard Jn. Ann-Arundel MD
Grace Charles MD   Richard Frederick MD
James Baltimore MD   Richard E. Queen Anns MD
James Caroline MD   Robert St. Marys MD
James Caroline MD   Samuel, Sn. Ann-Arundel MD
James Frederick MD   Samuel, Ju. Ann-Arundel MD
James Queen Anne MD   Thomas Baltimore MD
James Talbot MD   Thomas Charles MD
John Caroline MD   Thomas Frederick MD
John Caroline MD   Rev. Walter Charles MD
John Dorchester MD   William Charles MD
John Prince Georges MD   William Talbot MD
John St. Marys MD        


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Abel Berkshire MA   Rebecca Essex MA
Abel, Jun. Berkshire MA   Reuben Hampshire MA
Almon Berkshire MA   Robert Essex MA
Francis Bristol MA   Samuel Berkshire MA
Hulda Berkshire MA   Stephen Hampshire MA
Joseph Bristol MA   Titus Berkshire MA


HARRISON County State
None None NH


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Charles New York NY   John New York NY
Daniel Orange NY   Joseph Montgomery NY
Elisha Montgomery NY   Joseph Montgomery NY
Elizabeth Westchester NY   Mary New York NY
Harmanus Montgomery NY   Peter Montgomery NY
Isaac Orange NY   Richard New York NY
Jesse Orange NY   Theresa Mary New York NY
John Albany NY   Thomas Montgomery NY
John Albany NY   William Dutchess NY


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Andrew Salisbury NC   John Edenton NC
Andrew Hillsborough NC   John Halifax NC
Benjamin Hillsborough NC   John, Jr. Halifax NC
Caleb Edenton NC   John W. Edenton NC
Collier Halifax NC   Joseph Newbern NC
Daniel Newbern NC   Joseph Salisbury NC
Demsey Edenton NC   Joseph Edenton NC
Edward Newbern NC   Josiah Edenton NC
Elizabeth Edenton NC   Mary Hillsborough NC
Elisha Halifax NC   Mary Ann Halifax NC
Ellin Hillsborough NC   Nathaniel Salisbury NC
Gidion Halifax NC   Nath. Salisbury NC
Hanah Halifax NC   Ninian Hillsborough NC
Henry Halifax NC   Peter Edenton NC
Isaac Edenton NC   Robert Edenton NC
Isaiah Salisbury NC   Samuel Newbern NC
Isham Hillsborough NC   Sarah Hillsborough NC
James Newbern NC   Saria Hillsborough NC
James Newbern NC   Stephen Newbern NC
James Halifax NC   Susannah Newbern NC
James Hillsborough NC   Thomas Newbern NC
James, Sen. Newbern NC   Thomas Edenton NC
Jeremiah Salisbury NC   Thomas Hillsborough NC
Jesse Halifax NC   William Edenton NC
Jesse Morgan NC   William Salisbury NC
Jethro Halifax NC   William Salisbury NC
John Wilmington NC   William Newbern NC
John Hillsborough NC   William Newbern NC
John Hillsborough NC   William Halifax NC
John Newbern NC   Zorobabel Edenton NC
John Halifax NC        


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Benj. Berks PA   John Northumberland PA
Elias Northumberland PA   John Philadelphia PA
George Chester PA   John Philadelphia PA
George Northumberland PA   Jn. Philadelphia PA
Isaac Dauphin PA   Mary Philadelphia PA
James Bucks PA   Matthias Philadelphia PA
James Chester PA   Rich. Berks PA
James Cumberland PA   Robert Fayette PA
James Montgomery PA   Samuel Dauphin PA
James Northumberland PA   Stephen Luzerne PA
James Philadelphia PA   Tho. Philadelphia PA
Jn. Berks PA   (Widow) Fayette PA
John Fayette PA   (Widow) York PA
John Lancaster PA   W. Franklin PA


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Ann Newport RI   John Newport RI
George Kent RI   Robert Providence RI


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Barzilla Ninety-six SC   John Charleston SC
Benj. Camden SC   John Charleston SC
Burr Camden SC   John Ninety-six SC
Burr Ninety-six SC   Raichel Ninety-six SC
Henry Beaufort SC   Reubin Ninety-six SC
Henry Orangeburgh SC   Richard Ninety-six SC
Isaac Charleston SC   Robert Ninety-six SC
James Ninety-six SC   Thomas Ninety-six SC
James Ninety-six SC   Thomas Ninety-six SC
James Ninety-six SC   Thomas Orangeburgh SC
Jessee Ninety-six SC   W. Camden SC


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Lemuel Rutland VT   Samuel Rutland VT


HARRISON County State       HARRISON County State
Alexander Sussex VA   Jones Sussex VA
Anna Nansemond VA   Jo. W. Fairfax VA
Benjamin Isle of Wight VA   Josiah Rockingham VA
Benja. Rockingham VA   Lucy Gloucester VA
Benj. Prince Edward VA   Mary Isle of Wight VA
Benjamin, Jun. Isle of Wight VA   Mary Gloucester VA
Benja. Rockingham VA   Mary Prince Edward VA
Benjamin Richmond VA   Moses Charolotte VA
Benjamin Richmond VA   Natha. Amelia VA
Burr Shenandoah VA   Nathaniel Isle of Wight VA
Burr Princess Anne VA   Nathaniel, J. Surry VA
Carter H. Charolotte VA   Nathaniel Gloucester VA
Cary Cumberland VA   Nathaniel Surry VA
Cary Gloucester VA   Nathaniel Amelia VA
Charles Greenville VA   Nathaniel Surry VA
Christopher Amelia VA   Nehemiah Rockingham VA
Christopher Amelia VA   Peggy Isle of Wight VA
Clifton Greenville VA   Precilla Cumberland VA
Daniel Northumberland VA   Precilla Gloucester VA
Elizabeth Princess Anne VA   Presley Halifax VA
Ezekiel Princess Anne VA   Reubin Amherst VA
Franca Amherst VA   Reuben Amherst VA
Frances Prince Edward VA   Richard Amelia VA
Frankey Amherst VA   Rich. Sussex VA
George Northumberland VA   Rich. Surry VA
George Princess Anne VA   Robart Rockingham VA
Hannah Sussex VA   Rob. Rockingham VA
Henry Nansemond VA   Sady Richmond VA
Henry Princess Anne VA   Samuel Halifax VA
Henry Northumberland VA   Sarah Pittsylvania VA
Henry, Sen. Princess Anne VA   Sattey Richmond VA
James Frederick VA   Simeon Nansemond VA
James Mecklenburg VA   William Pittsylvania VA
Jesse Mecklenburg VA   William Surry VA
Jesse Northumberland VA   William Sussex VA
Jesse, Sen. Northumberland VA   W. Sussex VA
John Fairfax VA   W. Sussex VA
John Mecklenburg VA   William Nansemond VA
John Surry VA   William Nansemond VA
John Amherst VA   William Surry VA
John Nansemond VA   William Amherst VA
John R. Northumberland VA   William Pittsylvania VA
John R. Northumberland VA   William Pittsylvania VA

Many thanks to Melody Deocampo for transcribing this issue.

HARRISON HERITAGE (ISSN 0740-9001) was a family genealogical quarterly.
Published in March, June, September and December 1981-1986.
RUTH HARRISON JONES, Editor and Publisher.

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