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By Abner Harrison of West Point MS

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Battaile3 Harrison, the heir-at-law of Andrew2, married Francis White, daughter of Daniel White of Culpepper County. He owned land in Orange County, VA, as early as 1741, and lived there as late as 1761. During this period, he also maintained a presence in Culpepper County in 1755. In 1766, he bought 266 acres from Duncan Graham on Harris Creek in Amherst County, and lived there the remainder of his life.

In 1768, he, George McDaniel, and John Rucker were instructed by the court to select a road route from John Nogg's to Harris Creek. In 1768, he was licensed to keep an ordinary (inn or tavern), an occupation reserved at that time for gentlemen.

He died in 1776, leaving his widow, Francis (White) Harrison, and seven children. They were:

  1. Reuben4 Harrison, heir-at-law and executor of his father's will. The way he executed it didn't find full agreement from the other heirs, since post-Revolution, in the period 1787-1789, he was sued in Amherst County court by his cousin, Richard5 Harrison, for Richard's father, Charles4 Harrison (Richard4's brother). He also was sued by his brothers, James4 and Richard4 of Poplar Creek. Extant records do not show what the argument was about, but evidently it was resolved.

    During the Revolution, Reuben4 served with the Amherst County militia. He had married Margaret (Peggy), daughter of Henry Franklin, in 1769. He and his family lived in Amherst County until 1805, when he moved to Franklin County, Virginia, and by 1811, to Barren County, KY.

    His children were:

    1. Elizabeth Harrison, born 1771, married John George Weise (Wyatt).
    2. Andrew5 Harrison, born 1773, not mentioned in his parent's will.
    3. Matilda Caroline Harrison, born 1775, married Reuben Franklin.
    4. Frances White Harrison, born 1776, married Elijah Brockman.
    5. Robert5 Harrison, born 1779, died 1860, of Barren County, KY; married Nancy Payne.
    6. William5 Harrison, born 1781, married Elizabeth Thurman.
    7. Reuben5 Harrison, born 1786, died 1844, of Miller County, MO, married Elizabeth Hill.
    8. Polly Harrison, born 1786, married Matthew Pate.
    9. Sally Harrison, born 1789, married John Ninuno.
    10. Judith Harrison, born 1791, married Seth Bradshaw.
    11. Samuel5 Harrison, born 1794, married [1] Lucy Bradshaw, [2] or Harriet or Hannah Pickett, [3] Martha Nuckols.

  2. John4 Harrison, married Sarah (Sally) Ellis, daughter of Charles Ellis.

    They had eight children, according to Torrence and Allied Families.

    1. Ann Harrison, married --- Wilmer, moved to GA.
    2. Mary Harrison
    3. Battaile5 Harrison, also known as Battle Harrison; lived in Amherst and Bedford Counties, VA, and then in Adair County, KY. He married [1] Sarah Tinsley, [2] Martha(?) Slade.
    4. Josiah5 Harrison, married Millie(?) Davis; moved to Franklin County, KY.
    5. James5 Harrison, married Rhoda Morris, moved to GA
    6. Ellis5 Harrison
    7. Reuben5 Harrison
    8. Rodney5 Harrison

      JEH found another son mentioned in the papers connected with John4 Harrison's will. He was:

    9. Zachariah5 Harrison, whose name was found in proceedings of the estate of John4 Harrison.

  3. Richard4 Harrison of Patrick County, VA

    Born in Amherst County, VA, he lived on Harris Creek. He appears on the list of officers of Amherst County militia in 1789 and is thought to have been a major. When General La Fayette began the campaign that would end with Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown, Major Richard Harrison served with the contingent of Amherst militia that was called to duty there. He served as a substitute for his brother, William4, who evidently was quite ill; William died the next year.

    He married Susanna Lee, daughter of Ambrose and Francis (Penn) Lee. (Francis Lee subsequently married Drury Tucker, a widower. Tucker's daughter by his first marriage, Milly Tucker, married Richard4 (Charles3 Andrew2) Harrison. See page XXX.) About 1805, he moved to Patrick County, VA, where his will was proved in June, 1820. His widow and seven children were named; they were:

    1. George5 Harrison; married Mary --- ; lived in Marion County, IL, in 1850. George5's children were:
      1. Sarah Jane Harrison, married Absolom Steele
      2. Elizabeth Harrison
      3. Susanna Harrison
      4. Benjamin6 Harrison
      5. George6 Harrison
      6. Samuel6 Harrison
    2. Nicholas5 Harrison, born 1776, married Ann (Nancy) Woodruff, daughter of Captain Daniel Woodruff and ---, widow of Taliaferro Hill. She died in Wilson County, TN, he died at Banbridge, AL, in 1826. Their children were:
        a. Martha A.N. Harrison; married James Rice
        b. Susan K. Harrison; married Rev. Marcus C. Henderson.
    3. William5 Harrison; moved to TN.

    4. (4) Francis B.5 Harrison; married Frances Crutcher, his cousin, and moved to Monroe County, MO. Their children were:
      1. Martha Harrison
      2. Mary Harrison
      3. Matilda Harrison
      4. Sophia Harrison
      5. Nicholas6 Harrison, born 1813, died 1898
      6. Charles A.6 Harrison, born 1823
      7. Francis M.6 Harrison, born 1826, died 1908
      8. Lee6 Harrison, born 1828, died 1886

    5. Col. Richard5 Harrison of Amherst County, VA; married Sophia (Lee), widow of Seaton Penn. Of six children, names are known for only four:
      1. Caroline T. Harrison
      2. Sophia L. Harrison
      3. Richard Pollard6 Harrison
      4. Paulus E. Harrison
    6. Benjamin5 Harrison; living in Amherst County, VA, in 1818.
    7. Harrietta Harrison; married [1] William Franz, [2] William Edward Murphy.

  4. James4 Harrison, born 1755 in Culpepper County, VA. He served with the Amherst militia, including guarding British prisoners-or-war at Albemarle barracks. He was present when Cornstalk was killed at Point Pleasant in 1777. He married Polly Penn in Amherst County, VA, in 1780. In 1832, he lived in Rockbridge County, VA. According to Ray, he married Jane Todd of Jefferson County, TN. Their children included:
    1. James5 Harrison of Loudon County, TN
    2. John5 Harrison of Loudon County, TN
  5. Lawrence5 Harrison served in the Amherst militia [see 2) above]. He died young and unmarried in 1782.
  6. Elizabeth (Betty) Harrison married William Tinsley.

  7. Francis (Frankey) Harrison married Richard Lee.

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