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By Abner Harrison of West Point MS

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About all that we know of William2 Harrison, who died in Caroline County in 1742, is a listing of recorded events compiled by JEH from the surviving records of Caroline, Essex, and Orange Counties. They include:

1710 - At the same time that Andrew1 settled 130 acres on Andrew2, he gave William2 270 acres near the head of Golden Vale Creek. In 1727, this land was subsumed into the newly-formed Caroline County.

1738 - William2 Harrison was succeeded as Constable of Caroline County.

1739 - William Christopher in February sued the William2 Harrison estate in Caroline County; and in July, Edward Spenser, gent., brought an action of trespass against him. The suit was dismissed in August, 1739. 1741 - William2 was "surveyor of the road" in Caroline County. He died before the end of the year.

1742 - His will was presented for probate by his widow, Hannah Harrison, and with Richard Hampton and Robert Talioferro as securities. The relationship of the Hamptons and the Harrisons is detailed in Meynard, and touched upon on page 29 of this document.

Confusion arises when you attempt to define the offspring of William2 Harrison. See Chart 5. Torrence (1929) gives a "purely tentative list" of six:

Andrew3 Harrison James3 Harrison

Benjamin3 Harrison Margaret Harrison

Charles3 Harrison Thomas3 Harrison

Robert Torrence (1938) omits James3 from his list.

JEH points out that there were at least three other Harrisons in Caroline County at this time, based on the county order books for the period. An Edward Harrison appears on the books in 1745; Richard Harrison appeared in 1737 and 1748; and John Harrison appeared several times between 1736 and 1746.

The writer (ACH) would like to note that there was another William Harrison and William Harrison, Jr. in Caroline County at this time, which creates some difficulties in sorting out which William was which.

The "other William" was the scion of a family that held large land patents. In 1754, he married Martha, daughter of Mark Boulware. A William Harrison, probably this one, served as deputy sheriff of Caroline County under various sheriffs from 1751 to 1769. In 1762, upon the accession of George III, a number of Virginia officials refused to take the oath to the new king. One of these was the senior magistrate and sheriff, Edward Dixon. William Harrison and John Miller, Jr., the two deputies, took the oath and served as acting sheriff until John Sutton II was appointed to complete Dixon's term.

There is a question as to which William was serving as deputy sheriff from 1764 through 1769. In 1764, the other deputies included Andrew3 Harrison, James3 Harrison, and Thomas Pollard. Andrew3 Harrison held this office with John Miller, Jr. in 1765 - 1767, and with a William Harrison in 1769.

JEH agrees with the Torrences on three of the offspring - Andrew, Charles, and Margaret and suggests three more - Elizabeth, John, and William. He disagrees with the inclusion of Benjamin Harrison, whose will was recorded in Pittsylvania County in 1779 (Torrence, 1978), and suggests that he was Benjamin "The Overseer" of Brunswick County who was mentioned in Benjamin "of Berkley"'s 1743 will. JEH points out that there is no record to even suggest a connection between Benjamin Harrison of Pittsylvania and any of the Caroline County Harrisons. Benjamin's 1779 will suggests that he was a son of Joseph Harrison, who died in Brunswick County in 1743.

JEH also points out that a James Harrison of King and Queen County was granted a patent for 400 acres in what was then King William County. The date of this transaction (1724) would put him in the same age bracket as William2 , making him a contemporary, rather than a potential candidate as a son.

As for Margaret, JEH agrees that she was the daughter of William2 , but maintains that she married Thomas Harrison, making him a son-in-law, rather than a son of William2 . Thomas died in 1747, with administration of his estate passing on to Margaret, who died in 1747.

Elizabeth's inclusion by JEH appears to be based on rather slim evidence. An Elizabeth Harrison lived with a John Terrell and bore him three children out of wedlock; he was married to Sarah Terrell. This was in marked violation of the mores of the times, and the Caroline court called the pair up in 1734, 1735, and 1737 - each time Elizabeth had another child - and each time placed a larger bond on them. Finally, the church wardens bound over the three children "at John Terrell's, commonly known as children of Elizabeth Harrison" in 1738. At this time, evidently feeling that the court wouldn't be satisfied with a peace bond, Elizabeth Harrison and John Terrell left Virginia to avoid prosecution for adultery. There is some evidence that they settled in a part of Edgecomb County, NC, that became Granville County, NC, in 1746. In 1740, the court granted Sarah Terrell the estate of John Terrell since he had fled the jurisdiction of the court.

Before continuing with the third generation, the writer would like to call attention to names that appear in official Virginia records in connection with William2 Harrison. In February, 1739, William2 was sued in Orange County court by William Christopher - William2's brother-in-law or nephew? When his will was probated in Caroline County in 1742, Richard Hampton and Robert Taliaferro were sureties for the widow. Two of the witnesses were Nicholas Ware and John Dillard. In later generations, Harrisons married Hamptons, Wares, and Dillards.

John3 Harrison (William2 Andrew1) of Halifax County, VA

John3 Harrison's will, proved on July 16, 1761, in Halifax County, VA, delineates clearly the identity of his children. Virginia Meynard gives a fairly comprehensive study of this branch of Harrisons in The Venturers.

The continuity of names of friends, business associates, and in-laws continues through the John3 Harrison line. John3 had married Sarah Daniel, daughter of John Daniel IV and Anne (Williams) Daniel of Caroline County, VA. The Daniel and Williams families had been neighbors since John Daniel I and John William I have come from England to York County, VA, in 1645. John William II had built Studley, a plantation on the Pamunkey River, in New Kent County, VA; later the place was sold and was the birthplace of Patrick Henry.

John Daniel III of York County had, in 1722, willed a plantation in Hanover County, complete with slaves, to his son John Daniel 111. His son, John Daniel IV, had married Sarah Williams, daughter of John Williams IV and Mary Keeling of York County. John IV and Sarah Daniels had five children: Sarah (Patsy), born ca. 1725, John Williams, Martha, Elizabeth, and James.

The Daniel IV family moved to Goochland County in 1732. Two years later, Daniel lost a court case to his wife's nephew, John Williams, and moved from the county in disgust in 1734. His move was to Caroline County, to join his brother, Williams Daniel, who owned a grist mill on Beverley Run, adjacent to Thomas Rucker's property. John Daniel took over operation of the mill, leaving his brother free to pursue his political ambitions. With the building of the second "rolling road" in Caroline County from Daniel's mill to Conway's warehouse on the Rappahannock, the traffic to the area increased to a degree that, in 1741, John Sneed was licensed to operate a hotel/tavern adjacent to Daniel's mill (known in 1953 as "White's Mill")

John Daniel, like many of his neighbors, had his trouble with the law. He was arrested in 1749 or 1750 for overplanting tobacco, but the jury refused to convict. The jury again refused to convict in 1753, when he was arrested for tending seconds.

Elizabeth Daniel married Christopher Dudley in 1742, and in about 1743, Sarah married John3 Harrison. John3 first appeared in the Caroline County order books in connection with a transaction involving Thomas Roy, appraiser of William2 Harrison's estate. John Roy, Thomas Roy's father, had appraised the estate of Andrew1 Harrison, William2 's father. John3 Harrison's last appearance in the Caroline records was in an account book, where he was listed with a group of men that included his brother (Andrew3 ); Richard and Thomas Hampton (father and brother? of Col. Anthony Hampton, whose daughter Elizabeth married James4, John3's son); the Longs (Benjamin, Francis, John, Ware, and Richard Sr. and Richard Jr.) who were varying degrees of cousin to John3 (his aunt Margaret Harrison had married Gabriel Long), and his cousins John and Thomas Munday (his aunt Elizabeth had married Thomas Munday, Sr.).

John3 and Sarah were married in Caroline County, and shortly thereafter moved to the Daniel plantation in Goochland, at the confluence of the Dames and Rivanna Rivers. They lived south of the James, since when Goochland was divided in 1748, they were in Cumberland County. In 1749, their neighbor's included Sarah's aunt and uncle, Samuel and Elizabeth (Williams) Henderson, John3 Harrison's uncle, Andrew2 Harrison, and Francis Luck and John Chisum, Jr., late of Caroline County.

John Chisum Jr. and John3 Harrison were close friends. Chisum had been born on Polecat Creek, near the Reddy Swamp plantation of William2 Harrison, and after finishing his education at Fredericksburg Academy, went from county to county, improving plantations and selling them at a profit. He moved to Cumberland County in 1749.

In 1754 the Hendersons moved to Granville County, NC, to the Nut Bush community, complete with a large number of slaves. Some time prior to 1760, John Chisum Jr. and Francis Luck moved to Halifax (present Pittsylvania) County, where they brought sizable landholding along Straitstone Creek.

John3 Harrison and his family moved to Halifax County also, but the exact date is not known. Many of their neighbors in Halifax came from the Polecat Creek - Reedy Swamp area of Caroline County - the Pigg, Dillard, Hurt, Collins, and Ecchols families.

On January 17, 1761, John3 Harrison bought 696 acres on Straitstone Creek from Francis Luck; the Harrisons had been living on the property for some time before he bought it. The land was in two parcels, one on either side of the creek. The home place of 296 acres include "houses, orchard, garden woods, water courses, and other appurtances; " this was where they lived, adjacent to Ecchol's corner. The other 400 acre tract adjoined Collin's corner.

"Being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory," John Harrison made out his will the same day he signed the deed to the place. His will was proved on July 16, 1761, at the Halifax courthouse. He left, as a loan, "the house where I now dwell" with 130 adjoining acres to Sarah, to pass to the eldest son, James4, on her death. Excepted from this bequest were the household goods which were to be divided among the four daughters. Sarah also received title to the chattels (slaves) and any monies from debts owed him. The remainder off the homestead, 166 acres, was left to John4 Jr., and Andrew4 Harrison, with the upper tract of 400 acres left to Richard4 and Isham4. John Chisum Jr. and John Williams Daniel, Sarah's brother, were executors.

The nine children mentioned in John3 Harrison's will were:

  1. Mary (Polly) Harrison - (b. ca. 1744) married ca. 1762, in Granville County, NC,William Cooper. They moved to Union County, SC, and lived with her brother James4 Harrison at Fairforest

    1. Elijah Cooper - d. 1797, married Susannah Greer
    2. John Cooper
    3. Andrew Cooper
    4. Richard Cooper
    5. Sally Cooper
    6. Polly Cooper
    7. Elizabeth Cooper - m. her first cousin, John Daniel, son of William and Anne (Nancy Harrison) Daniel. She was the great-grandmother of S. Worth Ray, the genealogist.
  2. Anne (Nancy) Harrison - b. ca. 1746, married in Granville County, NC, her first cousinWilliam Daniel, son of James and Sarah Daniel. They moved to Washington County, TN.
    1. John Daniel - married first cousin, Elizabeth Cooper (see above)
  3. James4 Harrison (1748 -1815) - married Elizabeth Hampton, daughter of Col. Anthony Hampton and brother of Wade Hampton. James4 moved to the frontier country of South Carolina with his bride and his in-laws, where they soon were embroiled in the border war with the Cherokees. Col. and Mrs. Hampton were killed by the Indians, as was Anthony5 Harrison, the firstborn of James4 and Elizabeth. For details of James4 Harrison's life, see Chapter IV.

    He and Elizabeth had a total of 13 children. He died in 1815 in Greenville County, SC. Details on his offspring as given in The Venturers are:

    1. Anthony5 Harrison (1775-1776) was killed by Indians.
    2. John Hampton5 Harrison (1777-1838) married Jemima Jenkins.
    3. Harriet Harrison (1778-1828) married Samuel Earle.
    4. Louisa Jane Harrison (1780-1827) married [1] John Wright [2] James Wilson.
    5. James5 Harrison (1782-1866) married Sarah Earle.
    6. Clarissa Harrison (1784-1792) died in childhood.
    7. Richard5 Harrison (1786-1829) married Catherine Sloan.
    8. Isham5 Harrison (1788-1863) married Harriet Kelly.
    9. Thomas5 Harrison (1790-1835) married Hannah Earle.
    10. Elizabeth Harrison (1792-1835) married [1] Rowland Thurmond [2] S.G. Ward.
    11. Mary Vivian Harrison (1794-1820) married Early Harris.
    12. Benjamin Harrison (1796-1812).
    13. Henry Hampton5 Harrison (1798-1808).
  4. Andrew4 Harrison - born about 1750; died unmarried, either young or as a Revolutionary soldier in the Revolution
  5. Richard4 Harrison - born 18 March 1752, died 25 October, 1791, in Spartanburg, SC.

    He married, on 22 December, 1774, in Surry County, NC, Anne (or Nancy) Patillo, (1757 - 1809), daughter of Henry Patillo, D.D., Church of Scotland and Mary (Anderson) Patillo, of VA and NC. Henry Patillo was of Huguenot origin; the family had originated in Spain, with descendants moving to France and becoming Huguenots. When the Edict of Nantes was revoked in 1685, they moved to Scotland, and from there to VA. Patillo was sent to NC as a Presbyterian missionary and was President of the NC Provincial Congress.

    Nancy was educated far beyond the norm of young ladies of her day, reading Latin and Greek. Some of her in-laws expressed concern that she was "too educated to run a household."

    Richard4 served as sergeant in the Orange County, NC, militia and later as major of NC state forces during the Revolution - probably a NC State Line Regiment. during

    After the Revolution he and his family moved to Spartanburg County, SC, in 1782. He was the county's first judge (1785), the presiding judge (1786), and commissioner (1787). In about 1789, he and his family moved to Greenville County, SC, and lived near his brother, James4, on Harrison Bridge Road.

    Post-war, he received a 1,000-acre grant in Lincoln County, Virginia, subsequently Lincoln County, KY, and then Madison County, KY). There is no evidence he ever lived on his grant.

    Their children, and their birthdates, as given in The Venturers, were recorded by Richard4 in his Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. They were:

    1. John5 Harrison, born 4 January 1776.
    2. Jane Harrison, born 27 March 1781; married Christopher Golightly.
    3. Emily Harrison, born 11 March 1782?; married James Moss.
    4. Henry5 Harrison, born 1783?; nothing further known.
    5. Mary Patillo Harrison, born 1787; married Thomas Woodruff.
    6. Dr. Richard5 Harrison, born 4 February 1787; married Maria Swan Thompson.
    7. James5 Harrison, born 1789.
    8. Sarah Patillo Harrison, born 21 January 1791; married Andrew Barry, Jr.
  6. John4 Harrison - unmarried; moved to Spartanburg, SC
  7. Martha Harrison - married James Cooper, brother of William Cooper
  8. Elizabeth Harrison - married 12 December 1781 in Granville county, NC, Reuben Daniel, her first cousin, son of James and Sarah Daniel of Granville County. They moved to Spartanburg County, SC. Their children were:
    1. Sophia Daniel - married --- Smith
    2. Jesse Daniel - married Maria Smith
    3. Jane (Jennie) Daniel - married Jehu Wells
    4. Richard Daniel - married --- Morrow
    5. Elizabeth Daniel - married --- Underwood
    6. Nancy Daniel - married --- High
    7. Martha Daniel - married --- Gallagher
    8. Sarah Daniel - married Amos Lyles
  9. Isham4 Harrison was born in VA in 1760, reared in Granville County, NC, moved to Spartanburg County, SC, and then IL, and died in Madison County, MO, on September 14, 1835. In 1780, he served as lieutenant in Captain William Gilliam's company of Granville County militia. On June 22, 1783, he married Gilliam's daughter, Anne (Amey). They moved to Spartanburg County, SC, near his brothers. There he represented the county in the SC Senate in 1797-98 and the in the SC House in 1800-02. He was sheriff in 1802-08 and a county judge subsequently. In 1810 he moved to southern Illinois with wife, their two sons, and his slaves. His farm was the site of the present-day town of Christopher, Franklin County, IL. The farms of the sons adjoined his. In 1818, he was a member of the Illinois Constitutional Convention.

    When IL became a free state, Isham4 took his slaves and moved to Madison County in southeastern MO; the sons remained in IL. He died in 1853 at the age of 75. Their children, as named in The Venturers, were:

    1. Andrew Ulysses5 Harrison, (1780-1845); married Elizabeth Rogers in SC
    2. Lucy Harrison, married Benjamin Goode.
    3. Nancy Harrison, married George Goode.
    4. Priscilla Harrison, married --- Allen.
    5. Richard Lemuel5 Harrison, (1792-1858); married Judith Woods in 1815.

    Charles3 Harrison (William2 Andrew1) of Albemarle County, VA

    Charles3 Harrison was born in Caroline County in and lived there as late as 1754. He was living in Goochland County by 1754, in an area that was to become Albemarle, on lands adjacent to those of his brother Andrew3 . JEH suggests that Charles3 was married at least twice, based on the age of the eldest son, William4 , since he was of age when his father died in 1762. The next recorded child, Richard4 , was born in 1757, with Elizabeth born in 1758, and the youngest, Nancy, born in 1762 after her father's death. JEH probably is correct, based on the span of time between William4 and Richard4 . However, several Harrison wives of this generation had a dozen or more children over a 20 to 22 year period. At any rate, if there were two wives, the name of the first is not known. At the time of his death, Charles3 was married to Frances (Hughland) Harrison. The known children of Charles3 Harrison are:
    1. William4 Harrison, born before 1741
    2. Richard4 Harrison, born in 1757 in Goochland County, VA; lived in Caswell County, NC, where he entered the military. He served with the Caswell County, NC, militia and the Pittsylvania County, VA, militia. He married Mary Clarkson in Albemarle County in 1784; he died in 1848. His children as listed in J.E. Harrison's A Comment on the Family of Andrew Harrison ... are based on Albemarle County records; they are:
      1. Elizabeth Harrison, married Weatherston Shelton.
      2. Ann Harrison, married John Clarkson.
      3. Mary Harrison, married Charles W. Maupin.
      4. Peter C.5 Harrison.
      5. Charles E.5 Harrison.
      6. John C.5 Harrison, married Fanny Rhodes.
      7. Julius C.5 Harrison, married Elizabeth Strange.
      8. Richard5 Harrison
      9. David C.5 Harrison.
      10. James5 Harrison.
      11. William A.5 Harrison
    3. Elizabeth Harrison, born 1758; married John Tuggle
    4. Nancy Harrison, born 1762.

    Andrew3 Harrison (William2 Andrew1) of Orange County, NC

    Andrew3 Harrison lived in Caroline County, VA, as late as 1751, but for the last few years of this period was maintaining a presence in King and Queen County. By 1755 he was living in Goochland County and was there as late as 1769. In 1770, he was living in Pittsylvania County, VA, but soon moved to a part of Orange County, NC, that became Caswell County, NC. He had married Jane (also recorded as Joan and Jean) Dillard; she died prior to May, 1773.

    The exact antecedents of Jane Dillard are not known. A Nicholas Dillard had received grants in 1718 and 1724 along Reedy Creek in the area that became Caroline County. John Dillard, who had served as a Caroline constable in 1741, was one of two provers of William2 Harrison's will; Nicholas Ware (d. 1744) was the other. There were a George, Edward, Nicholas and Thomas Dillard recorded in King and Queen County in 1704, and a Col. Thomas Dillard and Thomas Dillard Jr. in Pittsylvania County in the 1760s (Ray, pp. 33, 251).

    At his death in early 1774, Andrew3 left nine children, identified in his will. (Two are recorded in the Douglas Register - Mally (Mildred or Mary), baptized December 26, 1757, and Andrew4, born March 24, 1764, baptized April 22, 1764.

    1. William4 Harrison married Anna Payne, daughter of Josias Payne, Burgess for Goochland County. They were married December 26, 1763. They moved from Goochland to Pittsylvania county in 1770. William4 was recorded as serving as a captain and colonel of militia in the Revolution. A Pittsylvania Court of Claims awarded him £35 for his home having been used as a hospital for three months by Greene's troops. He lived in Pittsylvania County on the Dan River,, served as a Representative to the General Assembly, and died in 1811. JEH located a Bible record that gave the names of the children as:
      1. Robert5 Harrison, born 6/29/1765; married Anne, daughter of Robert Payne.
      2. Susannah Harrison (1/22/1768-1786); married William Ware.
      3. William Payne5 Harrison, born 1769.
      4. Andrew1 Harrison, born 1772.
      5. Ann Harrison, born 1774; married Daniel Coleman.
      6. Jane Payne Harrison (1776-1796); married Henry Stone.
      7. Anne Payne Harrison, born 1778.
      8. Mary Dillard (or Polly) Harrison, born 1783; married A.G. Walters.
      9. Josiah5 Payne Harrison, born 178-.
      10. William Porter5 Harrison, born 1785; "went further south."
      11. Nathaniel5 Harrison, born 1787: "went further south."
    2. Thomas4 Harrison possibly married (1) --- Pendleton; his widow was Mary (Kennon) Harrison, daughter of William Kennon. They were married February 2, 1768, in Goochland County (Douglas Register). He lived in Goochland as late as 1771, and served in the Revolution as Major of Militia for Orange County, NC. Wheeler records that, one winter during the Revolution, Major Harrison encamped his men on his own land. His will was proved in Caswell County, NC, in 1799. Sorley list six offspring for Thomas4 and Mary (Kennon) Harrison. They were:
      1. Thomas5 Harrison, Jr., married first Jane Burton. They had one child, Polly Harrison, who married Abish Slade. Thomas5 married second Mildred Johnson, and they had seven children. One of these was Robert6 Harrison, who was supposed to have married his cousin, Mildred Harrison. I have not yet determined who she was.
      2. Mary Harrison - died young.
      3. Louisa Harrison - died young.
      4. Charles5 Harrison - died young.
      5. Elizabeth Harrison (1772 - 1836), married in 1792 Samuel Smith Jr. of NC.
      6. Identity of this child not clear

        JEH found a listing of Thomas4 Harrison's children in Olds' North Carolina Will Abstracts. Those not duplicated above were:

      7. William5 Harrison
      8. Andrew5 Harrison, married January 1796 Mary Howard Reed, born 1779.
      9. Charles5 Harrison married Sarah Barbour.
      10. John5 Harrison married Peggy Satterfield.
      11. Robert5 Harrison
      12. Jean Harrison
      13. Patsy Harrison
    3. Ann Harrison - married John Ware, son of James Ware.
    4. Elizabeth (Betty or Betsy) Harrison - married (1) John Teague, (2) William Kennon [see 2) above].
    5. Ninian4 Harrison - in his will, Andrew3 left Ninian (also spelled Ninneon) a tract of land, two negro slaves, a stallion and a mare, two cows and calves, and two sows and pigs " ... Provided he Shold Recover his Proper Senses So as to be Capable of Managing the Same ..." and concurrently established that Ninian's brothers William and Thomas would act as his trustees until such time as he could manage properly. There are no details about what happened to Ninian either what caused this condition or if he ever recovered.
    6. Mildred (Milly) Harrison - married William Moore.
    7. Mary (Molly) Harrison - married Robert Burton.
    8. Jane (Miss Janie) Harrison - not married by 1798.
    9. Andrew4 Harrison - born 3/24/1764 in Goochland County, VA, died 1831, Caswell County, NC. Married [1] Nancy Williamson, daughter of Stephen Williamson, and [2] Mary Richardson, daughter of William Richardson. He had 13 children, according to a "Family Tree" listing JEH located in the Library of Congress. They were:
    1. Andrew W.5 Harrison, married Matilda Sharpe.
    2. Charlotte Harrison.
    3. Elizabeth Harrison.
    4. Frances D. Harrison.
    5. James R.5 5 Harrison.
    6. Jane Dillard Harrison, married Creed T. Oliver.
    7. Jesse5 Harrison.
    8. John5 Harrison.
    9. Martha W.5 Harrison, married Henry Wilkinson.
    10. Nancy W. Harrison.
    11. Stephen5 Harrison.
    12. Susan Payne Harrison.
    13. Willie Dodson5 Harrison.

    William3 Harrison (William2 Andrew1) of Prince Edward County, VA

    The Prince Edward County, VA, Order Book includes the information that William3 Harrison lived there as early as 1756. The primary information on William3 Harrison is from his will, which is recorded in Prince Edward County Will Book 1. In it he names his children, and his widow. Ray writes that William3 was married [1] to Mary ---, and [2], Mary Gray. Ray omits Fanny Harrison, the first child mentioned in William3 's will. The composite listing is:
    1. Fanny Harrison
    2. Jane Harrison, married Dave Ellington.
    3. Andrew4 Harrison
    4. Christopher4 Harrison
    5. James4 Harrison
    6. Benjamin4 Harrison married Pricilla Cary.
      [Are there two Ben Harrison and Priscilla Cary's? This is perhaps a misidenfication. See Benjamin and Priscilla and the Repository Database. bb]
    7. Charles4 Harrison
    8. William4 Harrison married Phoebe Smith
    9. Abner4 Harrison married Jane Sims of Orange County, VA. He moved to Orange (now Person) County, NC, and was prominent in Revolutionary days. Children, per Ray, were:
      1. William5 Harrison, born 1787.
      2. Ignatius5 Harrison, born 1789.
      3. Reuben5Harrison, born 1792.
      4. Benjamin5 Harrison, born 1801.
      5. Samuel5 Harrison, born 1812.
      6. James5 Harrison, born 1805.
      7. Abner5 Harrison, born 1803, married ----
          a. Philadelphia Harrison, married Joel Yancey Cain.
          b. Martha Harrison, married --- Cain
          c. Susan Harrison, married Cornelius Orin.
          d. William6 Harrison
          e. Jacob6 Harrison
          f. Joseph6 Harrison
          g. Sarah Harrison
          h. Isaac6 Harrison
          i. Rachel Ann Harrison, married Melville Russell Jones in Saline County, AK
      8. Rachael Harrison, born 1794, married Thomas Cain, Jefferson County, TN in 1811.
      9. Jane Harrison, born Person County, NC on June 25, 1796; died August, 1875; married Abraham Lilliard, born April 15, 1791, in VA; of Dalton, GA.


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