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1 Alexander Dew b. abt. 1805 in England m. 12 December 1825 Jane Jennings Downton WIL. He was a blacksmith and Jane was a lacemaker on the immigration record.

1.1 Jane Luanna Dew b. 19 August 1827 in England m. 12 May 1845 William Dredge Sydney NSW d. 18 May 1873 Blues Point NSW, drowned, see Sydney Morning Herald 20 May 1873.

1.2 Frederick Dew b. 1830 m(1). 1851 Mary Cunningham (d. Sep 1861 Milsons Point NSW) Sydney NSW m(2). 1863 Emmeline Florence Humphrey St Leonards NSW d. 1917 North Sydney NSW, boatman.

1.2.1 Harriet E Dew b. 1852

1.2.2 Frederick J Dew b. 1855 d. 1895 Liverpool NSW.

1.2.3 Amelia Dew b. 1857 St Leonards NSW.

1.2.4 George Dew b. 16 December 1863 St Leonards NSW d. 1946 Sydney NSW

1.2.5 Florence Dew b. 1866 St Leonards NSW d. 1938 Auburn NSW

1.2.6 Lucy Eva Dew b. 13 January 1868 St Leonards NSW

1.2.7 Charles Dew b. 1870 St Leonards NSW d. 1934 Bowral NSW

1.2.8 Henry Dew b. 1873 St Leonards NSW d. 1937 Waverley NSW

1.2.9 William Sydney Dew b. 1876 St Leonards NSW d. 1925 Ryde NSW

1.2.10 Clara Maud Dew b. 1879 St Leonards NSW d. 1942 Rockdale NSW

1.2.11 Ethel Emmeline Dew b. 22 October 1881 St Leonards NSW

1.2.12 Stanley N Dew b. 1884 St Leonards NSW d. 1884 St Leonards NSW

1.2.13 Grace H Dew b. 1885 St Leonards NSW

1.2.14 Ella G Dew b. 1889 St Leonards NSW

1.2.15 Theresa P M Dew b. 1892 St Leonards NSW

1.3 Emanuel Dew b. 1833 in England m. 3 March 1851 Mary Bridget Quinn, Sydney NSW d. 21 November 1882 Hunters Hill NSW. Buried at St Annes Ryde. He was a mariner living in Pyrmont NSW on his daughter Mary Jane’s baptism certificate in 1851.  He competed in rowing regattas on Sydney Harbour see SMH 25 May 1852 & 27 June 1856. He was a waterman living in Milsons Point on his daughters Rosanna and Emily’s baptism and birth certificates in 1854 and 1856. Sawyer on his son Emanuel’s birth certificate in 1859.  Labourer on his own and his daughters’, Theresa and Emily, death certificates in 1881 and 1888.  He signed the petition to incorporate the municipality of North Willoughby in 1865.

1.3.1 Mary Jane Dew b. 12 December 1851 m. 1872 John Monks.

1.3.2 Rosanna Dew b. 6 June 1854 m. James Middleton d. 1884

1.3.3 Emily Dew  b. 3 November 1856 Milsons Point NSW m. 21 November 1874 Robert Naylor Jackson Sydney NSW d. 18 January 1888 St Leonards NSW buried in Gore Hill Cemetery along with her mother.  She was living in Hunter’s Hill in 1874.

1.3.4 Emanuel Dew b. November 1859 Lane Cove NSW m. 1883 Mary Amelia Hensby d. June 1931 buried in Macquarie Park Cemetery. Left home in 1877 see SMH 14 July 1877. Lived in 44 Alexander Street Crows Nest in 1931. Therese Emily Dew b. 1884 St Leonards NSW m. 1901 Edward J Chambers Elizabeth R Dew b. 1886 St Leonards NSW m. 1905 James H McEvoy, Helensburgh NSW. William J Dew b. 1889 St Leonards NSW Alexander Dew b. 1892 St Leonards NSW Emanuel Dew b. 1895 St Leonards NSW Reuben C Dew b. 1897 St Leonards NSW

1.3.5 Theresa Dew b. 1863 Lane Cove NSW d. 20 August 1881 Hunters Hill NSW buried at St Charles Cemetery in Ryde.

1.3.6 Rueben Dew b. 1863

1.3.7 Frederick Dew b. 1866 m. 1900 Nellie Turner Chatswood NSW d. 1942.  Buried in Macquarie Park Cemetery in the same grave as Ellen Edwards (nee McMahon) his mother-in-law. Rose V Dew b. 1902 St Leonards NSW. Alexander Dew b 1904 St Leonards NSW d. 1926 Mosman NSW. Alfred Frederick Dew b. 1906 St Leonards NSW d. 1949 Chatswood NSW. Charles Dew b. 1907 St Leonards NSW.

1.3.8 William T Dew b. 1870 m. 1896 Elizabeth Mary Foran Sydney NSW. Millie G Dew b. 1896 d. 1896 St Leonards NSW. Michael L Dew b. 1897 Robert N F Dew b. 1904 Victoria M Dew b. 1908

1.4 Reuban Dew b. 1834 England

1.5 Julia Dew b. 1836 England

1.6 Rosanna Dew b. 1840 England


Alexander and Jane Dew arrived in Sydney on 11 March 1841 on the Portland with their six children. Thanks to Pat Hase, Norma Webb, Ron Gatley and Garnet Dredge for some of this information.