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"Harney Update"
Family Newsletter

by Linda Harney MacDonald

The "Harney Update" was a quarterly family newsletter, published from 1987-2003.   A few issues are listed below.  Click on the Issue that interests you, and you will see a table of contents, usually with one short abstract from each issue. To see additional issues or articles, contact me at

Harney Update Newsletters 2000
HU Issue 53, Jan-Mar 2000    Entire issue reproduced on this web site.
HU Issue 54, Apr-Jun 2000
HU Issue 55, Jul-Sep 2000
HU Issue 56, Oct-Dec 2000   Hard copy only.

Harney Update Newsletters 1999
HU Issue 49, Jan-Mar 1999
HU Issue 50, Apr-Jun 1999
HU Issue 51, Jul-Sep 1999
HU Issue 52, Oct- Dec 1999 



Very few people wake up to find themselves famous. They generally dream they're famous, then wake up. - Author

To most of the world, the name HARNEY is considered quite rare. While a few Harneys have become locally famous or
infamous, the majority have led quiet lives, undistinguished from the masses. Few of us have the greatness to change history,
but each of us has an effect on the small portion of events that surround us, and the total of all those events will become the
written history one day.

In Ireland's history, Harneys played a part in land reform, which resulted in the make-up and politics of today. And even
today, Mary Harney is Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland, and continues to make small changes that will result in the make-up of
the Ireland of tomorrow. In American history, Harneys fought in the Revolutionary war, thereby helping establish the United
States we know today. Harneys were instrumental in bringing many Irish to America during the "troubles" and famine of the
mid-1800s. Later, Harneys, broth Irish and American, fought in the Civil war and brought about needed changes to American
society. Harneys moved west across the continent, pioneers, who became miners, farmers, homesteaders, and members of
numerous communities from coast to coast. Harneys have been, and are presently, involved in politics in the U.S., Australia,
Canada, England, and Ireland.. Each contributing to the history of their country in some small, but significant, way.

It is not only the political leaders who have influence on our society. I read an article recently that said, each time an individual
stands up for his/her beliefs or ideals, he/she creates a tiny ripple, and those ripples combine to build a current, which eventually
cause a small change in society. So while the lives of our ancestors may not be glorified in the history books, the contributions
of each individual on his local community, became part of the overall history of that time. Each has made, and is making, their
own contribution, to society. Whether this contribution is good or bad, will be left up to the future writers of the history books.

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