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HARNIE, Michael, Farmington twp. Van Buren co., p.301. (Soundex)

1860 CENSUS INDEX, Iowa  -  copied 11/2/95, FHL
HARNEY/HARVEY, James, 42, farmer, b. Ireland. Res: Green twp. Iowa co. 491
Hannah (Cohen), 42, b. Ire
James, 19, b. Ire
John, 13, b. MA
Hugh, 11, b. ME
Ellen, 7 mos/12, b. IA

HARNEY, John, 21, male, blacksmith, b. Ireland. Res: City and county of Dubuque, p.399.

HARNEY/HARNIE, John L., 54, male, grocer, b. Ohio. Res: Keokuk, Lee co. p.213.
Martha, 53, female, b. Ohio
Leonard?, 28, male, b. Ohio
Calvin, 23, b. Ohio
Sallie, 20, female, b. Ohio.

HARNEY, Michael, 27, male, farm laborer, b. Ireland. Res: Des Moines twp. Polk co. p.74.
with William F. Agaes family.

HARNEY, Robert, 20, male, farm laborer, b. Ohio. Res: Lee twp, Polk co. p.161.
with John Barlow family. (b. Indiana)

HARNEY/HANBY, Rosanna, 22, female, servant, b. England, Res: City and county of Dubuque, p.399.

HARNEY, William, 28, male, day laborer, b. Germany. Res: Julian twp, Dubuque co. p.687.
with Walter & Asenth Philips (b. Ohio).

HARNEY, William C., 41, male, white, merchant, b. Indiana. Res: 4th Ward Keokuk, Lee co. p.178.
Rowana, 35, female, b. IN
Emma, 21, b. IN
William, 19, b. IN
Oscar, 17, b. IN
Galata, 12, female, b. IN
Cina//Cira?, 5, b. IN
Effie, 3, b. Iowa


1870 CENSUS, Iowa

HARNEY, Albert, 44, m, w, farmer, b. New York. Res. Dakota twp, Humboldt co. p.91
Sarah A, 36, f, keeping house, b. New York
Alice, 17, f, b. NY
Alfred, 13, m, b. NY
Andrew, 10, m, b. NY
Adline, 7, f, b. NY

HARNEY, Charles, 38, m, w, farmer, b. Maryland. Res. Irvington twp, Kossuth co. p. 545.
Minerva, 30, f, keeping house, b. Illinois
Mary, 12, f, b. Iowa
William, 10, m, b. IA
Joseph, 7, m, b. IA
James, 5, m, b. IA
Rachael, 3, f, b. IA
Sarah, 1, f, b. IA

HARNEY, D., 60, m, w, Farm labor, b. Ireland. Res. Grant twp, Franklin co. p.375.
Catherine, 60, f, w, keeping huse, b. Ireland
[next door to Hannah & John Clemmens family, also from Ireland].

HARNEY, John, 19, m, w, works in grist mill, b. Ohio. Res. Osceola twp. Clarke co. p.82
[with W.G. & Catharine Kennedy family].

HARNEY, John, 24, m, w, works in brk yd. b. Ireland. Res. Valley twp, Polk co. p.402
[with other Irish laborers in Abraham Russell=s Brickyard].

HARNEY, John, 52, m, w, farmer, b. Ireland. Res. York twp, Iowa co. p.346.
Hannorah, 53, f, keeping house, b. Ireland
Hugh, 21, m, b. Maine
Ellen, 10, f, b. Iowa

HARNEY, Mary, 30, f, w, keeping huse, b. Ireland. Res. Des Moines 4-w, Polk co. p.236.
William, 12, m, b. Iowa
John, 9, m, b. IA
Michael, 7, m, b. IA
Maggie, 6, f, b. IA
James, 4, m, b. IA
Katy, 7 mo/12, f, b. IA
[next door is Catharine Hughes, 30, & family, also from Ireland]

HARNEY, Robert, 45, m, w, farmer, b. Ireland. Res. Great Oak twp. Palo Alto co. p.9.
Mary, 34, keeping house, b. Ireland
John, 10, m, b. Wisc.
Robert, 8, m, b. Wisc.
William, 6, m, b. Wisc.
Mary, 4, f, b. Iowa
James P, 5mos/12, m, b. Iowa

HARNEY, S.W., 25, m, w, telegraph opr. b. SC. Res. Afton, Union co. p.180. [Samuel Walker Harney]
C.A., 18, f, keeping house, b. Ohio   [Cynthia A. Moore Harney]

HARNEY, Thomas, 40, m, w, farm renter, b. Ireland. Res. Union twp, Johnson co. p.542.
Julia, 35, f, keeping house, b. Ireland  [Chart IATJP.WES]
William, 14, m, b. Iowa
Thomas, 12, m, b. IA
Mary A, 8, f, b. IA
Catherine, 6, f, b. IA
James, 1, m, b. IA

HARNEY,/HAINEY, Van, 21 m, w, farmer, b. Ohio. Res. Allen twp, Polk co. p.68.
Mary, 60, f, keeping house, b. Ohio

1880 -1920 will be added at a later date.


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