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grenb.gif (1005 bytes)NOTE: This index includes Harney marriages prior to 1945, by State.
This information is provided for the private use of Harney family researchers only. If you use this data
in your family research, please state where (and when) you obtained it. 

grenb.gif (1005 bytes)These records come from: personal research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City; 
Harney Family Information Sheets submitted to me by family members by mail and email (Feedback Forms);
Family Group Records; Internet databases; shared research with various branches of the Harney families;
personal contact & correspondence by mail, phone, & email with various Harney descendants; and 
published genealogies.  The original database (dBASE) contains references to where each item was found,
as well as more detailed information.
grenb.gif (1005 bytes) Your input is needed.  If you find an error, or have some marriage records to add to this data base,
contact me at the address on the index page.  For additional information about these records, contact me.
NAME                         DATE & PLACE                   SPOUSE

Harney Eastman               1868 ,                         Juzan, Lucy
Harney Joseph                 ,                             Dunn, Mary
Harney Joseph                17-- ,                         Colt, Sarah
Harney Margaret              1785 07 Apr,                   Wescott, William
Harney Maxine                 ,                             Shook, Clyde Laverne
Harney Michael                ,                             Willison, Heather Marie
Harney Oulta Ethel           1906 ,                         Kelly, William Harrison
Harney Raymond               1940 circa,                    n/a,
Harney Thomas                192? ,                         King, Mary P
Harney Thomas James Jr        ,                             Cota, Pamela Ann
Harney Timothy                ,                             n/a, Marcia

**  AL = Alabama
Harney Alfred Alonzo         1942 04 Nov Troy (?)           Whitehead Nora Elizabeth
Harney Peter Grayson         1940 about AL                  Finley Meredith
Harney Walter Dickenson      1894 20 Oct Birmingham         Thornton Hattie

**  AR = Arkansas
Harney Glenn Allen           1917 14 Jan, Arkansas          Rice, Ann
Harney James Andrew          1937 17 Jul, Randolph co.      Grimes, Dollie Mae
Harney Kathryn A             1943 , Little Rock             Meader, Emil E
Harney Lewis Lee             1937 07 Aug, Randolph County   Grimes, Gladys Irene
Harney Lucretia "Cresy"      1876 30 Nov, Pickens co        Hardwick, John David
Harney Maude Olive           1928 before,                   Tomlin, Claudis
Harney Richard Coy           1942 17 Oct, Little Rock       Walpole, Dorothy Mae
** AZ = Arizona
Harney John C, 39            1908 24 Sep, Bisbee, Cochise   Parks, Mary A, 25
Harney Blanche               1903, Tombstone?               Merchant, Will

**  CA = California
Harney Aggie C               1887 22 Jun, Sacramento        January, Peter T
Harney Ann                   1885 08 Dec, Fern Hill         Evans, Evan C.
Harney Annie Frances         1897 20 Apr, Sacramento        Ross, Henry Clay Jr.

Harney Barbara Elizabeth     1944 , Santa Barbara?          Glover, Marvin Herschel

Harney Caroline M. 'Lena'    1901 30 Oct, Lodi, San Joaquin Menking, Harry George
Harney Catherine             1863 06 Apr,                   Long, John
Harney* Charles              1891 15 Nov, Los Angeles       Bochman, Kate M
Harney Charles J             1914 before, San Francisco?    Fisher, Alice
Harney Clara A               189- ,                         Barrett, W.B.
Harney Clarence Eugene       1916 before,                   Hanner, Ida Elizabeth

Harney Daniel T              1882 , San Francisco           Montague, Kittie
Harney David George          19-- ,                         Hile, Shari
Harney David H               1861 11 Jun, Marysville, Yuba  Clancey, Margaret
Harney David Moran           1945 circa, Los Angeles?       Turner, Evelyn

Harney Edmund Ward           1920 circa, Calif? Oregon?     Brown, Winifred
Harney Edward J              1927 before,                   Bolton, Winifred M. West
Harney Elizabeth A           19-- ,                         Bland, James R
Harney Elizabeth W           1884 , San Francisco           Doge, Fred J

Harney Fred Samuel           1939 before, Los Angeles?      Emerick, Lena Gertrude

Harney George A              1892 27 Dec, Sacramento        Kern, Maggie
Harney George A              1893 16 Dec, Sacramento        Harney, Maggie (Kern)
Harney George Edward         1937 before, San Francisco?    Lynch, Kathryn
Harney George R              1921 circa, CA or Montana      Daly, Eileen M
Harney George W              1899 27 Apr, Marysville, Yuba  Tomb, Mary Eileen
Harney Geraldine             1936 circa, Los Angeles?       Roedel, Phillip

Harney Hazel Cecilia         1927 before, San Jose          Mathiesen, Louis Walter
Harney Helen G               1917 , Sacramento              Wilson, J.C.

Harney James A               1901 20 Jun, Sacramento        Cooke, Emma E
Harney James T               1886 before, Santa Clara co.   n/a, Dellia
Harney James T               1886 before, CA or MA?         Kearney, Delia
Harney James T               1892 before,                   McKenna, Catherine E
Harney Johanna C             1895 circa,                    Wells, O.H.
Harney John                  1917 18 Jul, San Joaquin co.   Anthony, Margaret Agnes
Harney John M                1887 before,                   n/a, Elizabeth R
Harney John Patrick          1917 c., San Francisco?        Shea, Margaret Mary
Harney Joseph                1913 15 Nov, San Joaquin co.   Curtis(s), Mabel A
Harney Joseph G              1901 circa,                    Clawson, Maude
Harney Joseph G              1920 after,                    Smith, Rita

Harney Kathleen              19-- ,                         Ellithorpe, David
Harney Kimberly Susan        19- ,                          Cabral, Bruce Herbert

Harney Louisa A              189- , San Joaquin co?         Luginger, Frank
Harney Lucina                1897 before,                   Scott, Frederick

Harney Mabel                 1940 circa,                    Mestressat, n/a
Harney Madelane M 'Maddie'   1888 before, San Joaquin co?   Stein, John Frederick
Harney Mae Lucene            1922 circa,                    Hansen, Laurence
Harney Mamie E               1889 21 Jun, Marysville, Yuba  Wilson, C. B.
Harney Margie Claire         1942 ,                         St. Gaudens, Maurice Jr.
Harney Marquerite F          1927 , Sacramento              Haley, W.T.
Harney Mary A                1883 04 Nov, San Joaquin Co.   Humphrey, Charles D
Harney Mary E                1888 , San Francisco           O'Hara, C. D.

Harney Nannie R              1885 , San Francisco           Evans, Evan C

Harney Oliver T              1923 before, Monterey co.      Watkins, Edith

Harney Patricia Lillian      19-- ,                         Harding, n/a
Harney Patrick J             1883 14 May, Sacramento        Ryan, Mary W

Harney Regina I              1914 , Sacramento              Sherry, F.J.
Harney Richard James         1924 before,                   Daly, Kathryn
Harney Rosa                  1893 07 May, Los Angeles       O'Hara, Anthony

Harney Sarah H               1916 25 May, Salinas City      Bolinger, George N
Harney Stephen Lee           19-- ,                         n/a, Ofilia /Ophilia

Harney Thomas Doud           1920 before, Monterey co.      Miller, Clare Katherine
Harney Thomas F              1902 before, San Francisco?    Collum, Theresa M

Harney Walter Albert         1920 , San Diego?              Rissmiller, Ann Elizabeth
Harney Walter Albert Jr.     1943 , San Diego?              Peterson, Yvonne M. "Tootsie"
Harney Wilhemina "Minnie" S  1920 circa, San Joaquin co?    Giberson, (Mr)
Harney William               1867 Before, San Francisco     Benjamin, Catherine
Harney William               1877 , San Francisco           Gummer, Fannie M
Harney William               1887 , San Francisco           Rebmann, Mamie
Harney William D             1914 before, San Jose          Hanson, Josephine R
Harney Winifred E            1889 , San Francisco           White, William V
Harney Winifred M            1906 , Sacramento              Hardy, Ralph T
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Walker, Lori
Harny John Samuel            1869 13 Oct, San Joaquin co.   Weller/Vellar, Mary C  [Marie]
Herney Henry                 1861 30 Apr, Elmonte           Simmons, Emma

**  CO = Colorado
Harney Adelaide M. 'Addie'   19-- ,                         Donka,
Harney Anne                  1921 13 Apr, Denver            Norberry, John Carroll
Harney Doran Brice           19-- ,                         n/a, Edith
Harney Edward                1888 01 Sep, Arap. co.         Arthur, Catherine
Harney Edward Leslie         1921 circa, Pueblo?            Johnson, Thelma Lillian
Harney Evelyn                19-- ,                         Santilli, Lloyd N
Harney Everett L             1917 3 June, Monte Vista, CO   Maxfield, Rochelle G.
Harney Helen                 1919 22 Jul, Louisville CO     Demshki, Andrew Edward
Harney Helen Louise          19-- , Pueblo?                 n/a,
Harney Helen M               19-- ,                         Shaw, Allen B
Harney Helen Margaret        1915 19 Aug, Boulder Co.       Shaw, Allen B
Harney John William          1881 circa, Swallows?          McBride, Mary Margaret E.
Harney Josef                 1895 14 May, Pueblo            Zsarnay, Anna
Harney Josephine             19-- ,                         Buresch, Joseph
Harney Julia M               19-- ,                         Ragland, Fred E
Harney Kathryn Klare         1940 23 Jun, n/a               Birch, Harold Alexander
Harney Kathryn Klare         1940 after, n/a                Wright, Jeff
Harney Margaret M            19-- ,                         Knippel, John
Harney Maria                 1892 10 Oct, Pueblo            Jasko, Josef
Harney Mary Catherine        19-- ,                         Westzork, Burno
Harney Mary E. 'Molly'       1904 circa,                    Jepson,
Harney Nellie C              19-- ,                         Wallace, n/a
Harney Peter J               1935 03 Mar, Louisville        Cook, Lucille Elizabeth
Harney Stephen J             19-- ,                         Freeman, Amy E
Harney Stephen Paul          19-- ,                         Asti, Mary M
Harney Susan Rose            1944 16 Jul, Louisville        Lastoka, James
Harney Walter Frederick      19-- ,                         Gatschall, Betty
Harney Walter Thomas         1920 circa,                    Hopkins, Maude

**  CT = Connecticut
Harney Delia                 18-- ,                         Clarkin, James H
Harney Edward                192? ,                         Baldwin, Norma B
Harney Emiline D             18-- ,                         Johnson, Charles H
Harney Esther                1905 before, Waterbury?        Dunais, Peter H
Harney Frank                 193? ,                         Dalton, Anna D
Harney James                 1882 before,                   Richards, Rosella M
Harney John                  1858 before,                   Cosgrove, Ann
Harney John                  1861 10 Feb, Hartford          Brennen, Bridget
Harney John                  190? ,                         Morin, Melanie M
Harney John H                1874 08 Nov,                   McCarty, Mary E
Harney John M                1913 , Middleton?              Johnson, Esther
Harney Martin F              1892 before, Hartford co?      Guckin, Bridget Agnes
Harney Mary C                192? ,                         Hennessey, Joseph
Harney Maurice               1892 before,                   Fitzpatrick, Margaret
Harney Michael               18-- , CT or NY                Farmer, Alice
Harney Owen                  1857 , New Haven               Hennessey, Margaret
Harney Patrick               1861 10 Nov, Hartford          Rogers, Mary
Harney Rose Elizabeth        1896 , Middletown?             Knowlton, Judson A

**  DC = District of Columbia
Harney Edward T. Sr          1909 before Wash DC?           Flaherty Margaret E
Harney, Emmett J             1941 before                    n/a, Dollie
Harney, Margie Claire        1942                           St. Gaudens, Maurice Jr.
Harney Thomas Edward         1876 circa Wash DC?            Boyle Margaret Cecilia

**  DE = Delaware
Harney Jenethan              1762 about, DE                 Mills, Isabel
Harney Mills                 1773 before,                   Richey, Nancy
Harney Sarah                 1787 22*Nov,                   Shankland, John
Harney Thomas                1787 circa, Sussex co?         Hudson, Margaret

**  FL = Florida
Harney George S              1910 circa, Duval co?          n/a, Lucy A
Harney Margaret May          1905 01 Apr,                   Hubbard, Dock S
Harney Margaret May          1917 02 Feb, DeLand            Triantafellu, Nick
Harney May                   1917 02 Feb, Volusia co        Triantafello, Nick
Harney Selby D               1879 27 Nov, Orange co.        Yates, Trinity
Harney William Randolph      1900 10 Oct, Orlando?          Montague, Jane Bratton
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Puffer, Edythe
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Finerty, Cindy

**  GA  = Georgia
HHarney Charles               1857 06 Sep, Pulaski co        Mann, Zyltha
Harney Daisey                1910 before, TN or GA?         Todd, Dennie
Harney Dovie Elizabeth       19-- ,                         Herndon, Sheridan
Harney James                 1805 - 1814, Clarke co.        Smith, Alia
Harney Mary Elizabeth        1884 before,                   Reynolds, John Michael
Harney Stephen Michael       1864 before, Augusta           McDonald, Catherine

**  IA = Iowa
Harney Agnes Loretta         1917 16 Apr,                   Ballentine, Orville
Harney Ambrose F             1929 before,                   Rait, Rose
Harney Caroline "Carry"      190- circa, Iowa City?         Mead, n/a
Harney Clara Edna            1912 25 Sep,                   Riser, William Henry
Harney Eunice Elizabeth      1918 09 Jan,                   Erickson, Harry
Harney Frances               1942 14 Jun, West Liberty      Moylan, Russell
Harney George James          1900 21 Feb, West Liberty      McCarthy, Margaret Genevieve
Harney Helen                 1940 15 Jun, West Liberty?     Reier, Walter
Harney Helen M               192- circa,                    Heiden, Verne Clyde
Harney James                 1906 before,                   McNamara, Catherine
Harney James Edward          1913 26 Mar,                   Kingsley, Anna Bud
Harney James H               1915 23 Nov, Perry             Ballantine, Delia
Harney James J               1915 15 Oct, Davenport         McManus, Catherine 'Kittie'
Harney James M               1937 -- Sep, West Liberty?     Healy, Marguerite
Harney James Martin          1869 12 Apr, Iowa City         Teefy, Mary Ann
Harney James Martin          1933 06 Jun, West Liberty?     Webster, Frances
Harney James Martin          1937 ,                         Healey, Marguereta
Harney James R               1902 05 Feb, Granger           Sullivan, Mary Hannah
Harney Jim                   19-- ,                         Burton, Kathy
Harney Joan                  19-- , Madrid                  Gottschalk, David
Harney John Robert           1940 20 Nov, Perry             Smith, Marcella
Harney Joseph Peter          1929 23 Oct, Granger           Smith, Faye Mary
Harney Kate C  "Kitty"       1884 24 Feb, Oxford            McGuire, William H
Harney Lawrence M            1928 20 Jun, Granger           Bullington, Velma Mae
Harney Margaret              193- c., West Liberty?         Hood, Donald
Harney Margaret 'Maggie'     1876 02 Mar, Muscatine         Reed, Sylvester M
Harney Margaret Ellen         ,                             Tilton, John Warren
Harney Mathew Joseph         1880 circa,                    Crowley, Mary
Harney Nancy                 1866 14 Oct, Dallas co         Johnson, Wellington
Harney Robert C              193- , West Liberty?           Fitzpatrick, Marcella
Harney Ruth                  1941 08 Feb, West Liberty?     Richards, Everett
Harney Samuel Walker         1870 before, Afton?            Moore?, Cynthia A
Harney Thomas                1855 18 Jun,                   Power(s), Julia
Harney Thomas                1921 27 Jan, Davenport         LaBorde, Hannah Van Auken
Harney Thomas H              1855 16 Jul, Johnson co        Power(s), Julia
Harney William James         1930 before, Oxford?           Francik, LuLu Helen
Harney William M             1898 before, West Liberty?     Donnelly, Catherine (Mrs)
Harney William Pat           1890 23 Aug, Johnson co        Harold*, Jennie
Harney William S             1892 before, IA or NE          Haack, Ada

**  ID = Idaho
Harney Frank P.              1926 22 Dec, ID                Garner, Jossie May
Harney Nora Berfield         1916 28 Jul, Canyon Co.        Harvey, Louis
Harney Pearl L               1912 13 Dec, Boise             Bower, Jacob P
Harney Vera                  1928 03 Dec, Bannock co.       Corey, Ira Vay

**  IL = Illinois
Harney Agnes L               193? , Joliet?                 Anderson, Leroy H
Harney Albert Aaron          1873 07 May, Sangamon Co.      Hart, Emma Christine
Harney Albert G              1918 before, Chicago?          Knoedel, Evelyn Anna
Harney Alford                1856 15 Nov, Franklin Co.      Harney, America
Harney Alfred Alonzo         1876 28 Jun, Morgan County     Ashbaugh, Julia A
Harney Alfred G              1845 07 Sep, Sangamon Co.?     Wells, Mary A
Harney Alfred G              1856 16 Nov, Franklin Co.      Harney, America
Harney Alfred L              1910 20 Jan, New Berlin        Luken, Lillie Anna
Harney Ambrose J             1931 09 Aug, Joliet            Suski, Martha
Harney America               1856 15 Nov, Franklin Co.      Harney, Alford
Harney Amy Marguerite        1923 23 Sep, Morgan County     Harvey, Russell
Harney Amy Mary              1920 circa, Jacksonville?      Renner, Al
Harney Andrew J [James]      1872 22 Dec,                   Laird, Mary
Harney Angeline              1915 25 Nov, Joliet            Matthews, John
Harney Anna E                1854 12 Oct, Sangamon Co.      O'Neal, James D. Henry
Harney Anna M                1900 27 Jul, White co.         Hester, James A
Harney Anna May              1898 12 Feb, Sangamon co       Williams, Harry O
Harney Anna May              19-- ,                         Bilyeu, Rodger
Harney Anne                  1854 28 Apr, Madison co        Lambert, Michael
Harney Anne                  1865 24 Jan, Henry             Maloney, John
Harney Anne Rita             192? ,                         White, Harold P
Harney Arthur                1928 25 Nov, Morgan County     Hanger, Maple Pearl
Harney Arthur W              1861 01 Aug, Morgan County     Barr, Mary Jane Stringham
Harney August                1875 04 Jun,                   Richter, Emilie

Harney Beatrice              1901 15 May, Morgan County     Williamson, Guy B
Harney Benjamin B            1862 22 Jul, Morgan co.        McAlister, Margaret Ellen
Harney Benjamin Franklin     1886 09 Sep, Morgan County     Hester, Mary Alice
Harney Benjamin Robertson    1897 01 Jan, Streator, LaSalle Murray, Edyth
Harney Berry                 1837 , Rock Island             Barter, Ann
Harney Bridget               1870 circa, Joliet             McGrath,
Harney Bridget               1871 25 May,                   Harney, John
Harney Bridget               1880 05 Jan, Cook co           Tracy, Daniel H
Harney Bridget Marie 'Babe'  1933 19 Aug, Ireland or IL?    Murphy, Michael

Harney C. H. [Caleb]         1850 15 Jan, WI, Grant Co.     McGacha, Mariam (Whitesides)
Harney Caleb or Cabell H.    1837 31 Aug, Morgan County     Carnes, Elizabeth
Harney Caroline              1834 02 Sep, Morgan County     Thrasher, John M
Harney Caroline P            1852 19 Oct, Morgan County     Cowen, David B.
Harney Catherine             1888 circa,                    Studyvin, George
Harney Catherine             1892 19 Jan, Cook co           Sheehy, Edward
Harney Catherine "Kate"      1880 03 Feb, Saratoga          Hennessey, Joseph
Harney Catherine Alice       193? circa,                    Eich, Martin
Harney Catherine J           1869 21 Nov, Shelby co         Beem, Lewis C
Harney Catherine Mabel       1920 before,                   Cantrall, Verney Eli
Harney Charles               1884 ,                         Hitter/Hiller, Hannah
Harney Charles               1893 27 Dec, Morgan County     Magnuson*, Fannie C
Harney Charles               1925 24 Dec, Morgan County     Entriken, Martha
Harney Charles               1938 circa, Morgan County      Etherton, Mildred Fern
Harney Charles B             1897 29 Dec, Mercer co         Veach, Fannie G
Harney Charles C             1883 24 Sep, Adams             Carpenter, Lulu Isidore
Harney Charles H             1909 10 Nov, Morgan County     Price, Clara E
Harney Charles Melvin        1940 -- May,                   Douglas, Mildred
Harney Charles T             1893 27 Dec, Jacksonville      Megginson, Fannie
Harney Clifford              1922 circa,                    Woodcock, Hattie
Harney Conrad                1830 9 May, Morgan County      Sweet, Sophronia (Mrs)

Harney Daniel                1857 c., Henry                 German/Gorman, Gillian
Harney Daniel                1859 ca., Henry                McGrath, Bridget
Harney Daniel                1868 17 Mar, LaSalle Co.       Bruner, Charlotte Hallowell
Harney Daniel                1870 10 Feb, Jo Davis Co       Fitzgerald, Johanna
Harney Daniel A              1890 c., Chicago?              n/a, Anna
Harney Daniel A              1896 before, Chicago           Levy/Livey, Anna
Harney David J               19-- ,                         McFadden, Helen A
Harney David S               19-- , IL or CA?               Harney?, Gladys
Harney Debbie                19-- , Chicago?                Pierog, Larry
Harney Della Opal            1933 14 Dec, Morgan County     Schumaker, Wilber Gerald
Harney Diane                 19-- , Libertyville(?)         Lanuza, Vincent
Harney Don Sweet             1899 before, IL or MO?         Perry, Minnie May
Harney Donald Selby          19-- , Chicago?                Glitz, Helen Paula Augusta
Harney Dorothy               19-- ,                         Cloyd, Harold
Harney Dorothy               1940 circa, Joliet             McCoy, Gordon

Harney E. S.                 1872 15 Dec, Wabash co.        Harness, Margaret
Harney Edmund/Edward         1855 18 Jan, Henry             McGrath, Johanna
Harney Edna                  1930 04 Jan, Morgan County     Flynn, James
Harney Edna J                1920 c., Henry?                Elgin, Reuben
Harney Edward                1859 15 Aug, Peoria            Handerhan, Johanna
Harney Edward                1862 09 Mar, LaSalle Co.       Debolt, Elma Ann
Harney Edward                1914 , LaSalle co.             Heinz, Magdaline
Harney Edward G              19-- , Chicago                 Mayer, Lorretta
Harney Edward P              1898 ,                         Manahan, Teresa
Harney Edward W              1890 08 Jan, Rock Island Co.   Kistler, Mattie Della
Harney Elen F                1884 06 Apr, Greene co         Hull, Thomas M
Harney Elias M               1841 07 Oct, Morgan County     Clark, Mary
Harney Eliza Jane            1861 05 Sep, Morgan County     Kitner, Joseph Francis
Harney Ellen                 1910 c., Chicago?              Lisco, Richard
Harney Ernest L              19-- ,                         Maxfield, Kathryn
Harney Estella               1890 , Hazel Green             Steiner, John
Harney Esther                1837 22 May,                   Campbell, George W
Harney Esther                1846 07 Dec, Jasper co         Cummins, Joseph
Harney Esther                1852 before, Schuyler co.      Gould, Squire
Harney Eva May               1891 ,                         Claypool, John E
Harney Evelyn M              1940 c.,                       Byron, Lester

Harney Fannie L              1896 09 Jun, Galena            Lynch, Frank J
Harney Florence E            1917 circa, Elgin              McDonough, Henry E
Harney Floyd Megginson       1936 05 Sep,                   Brown, Lillie
Harney Floyd Megginson       1939 14 Feb,                   Inglehart, Ruth A
Harney Frances               1895 circa, Grant co?          Narney, Foster
Harney Frances Mae           1943 ,                         Gunterman, R. R.
Harney Francis M             1859 03 Nov, Morgan County     Kitner, Mary M
Harney Francis V             192- ,                         Tully, Agnes
Harney Fred                  19-- , IL or MI                n/a, Elva
Harney Fred                  19-- , IL or MI                n/a, Bertha
Harney Fred                  1915 circa, IL or MI           n/a, Ollie
Harney Fred L                1913 10 Dec, Joliet            Boden, Nellie
Harney Frederick             1901 06 Nov, Chicago           Hough, Lizzie E
Harney Frederick             1913 10 Dec,                   Boden, Nellie
Harney Friedrich             1876 15 Jan, Cook co           Steinmatz, Margareta

Harney George                1875 25 Mar, Morgan County     Tandy, Anna [Willie Anna]
Harney George                19-- ,                         Hawkey, Joann
Harney George Amos           1919 03 Apr, Morgan County     Shirley, Ethel Marie
Harney George E              1893 20 Sep, Morgan County     Dinwiddie, Maud
Harney George H              1892 17 Feb, Morgan County     McCurley, Mary Etta
Harney George M              1888 01 Feb, Mercer co         Epperly, Ella C
Harney George N              1906 22 Oct, Henry             Hartwig, Helen A
Harney George Robert "Bob"   1943 13 Jan, Champaign         Boyd, Elizabeth E "Bette"
Harney George Shirley        1945 circa,                    Iram, Marjorie C
Harney George W              1851 09 Jun, White co.         Miller, Nancy Ann
Harney Georgia Viola         1934 01 Sep, Belleville        Godfrey, Richard Henry
Harney Glenn  [Wm. Glenn]    1901 15 Jul, Morgan County     Sargent, Grace A
Harney Grace M               1924 30 Nov, Morgan Co.        McPherson, Jessie

Harney Harold                1944 , Stark co                Keleher, Ruth
Harney Harold R              19-- , IL or IN?               Ankey, Genevieve
Harney Harry Edward          1910 , Stark co.               Code, Mary Darlene
Harney Hattie Belle          1890 19 Sep, Morgan County     Cade, Edwin
Harney Helen M               1922 circa,                    Engelbrecht, George
Harney Henry                 1893 13 Sep, Cook co           Mathews, Julia
Harney Herbert J             1937 circa,                    McCullough, Georgia
Harney Howard  "Dee"         1928 26 Nov, Morgan County     Simpson, Kathleen [McCready]

Harney Isabel                1941 ,                         Perkins, Paul

Harney J. Alfred             1908 02 Mar, Morgan County     Lawson, Abbie Mae
Harney J. Roy                1904 08 Jun, Morgan County     Sample, Hattie G
Harney James                 1882 07 Nov, Cook co           Kovaric, Mary F
Harney James                 1890 15 May, Cook co           Green, Mary F
Harney James                 1919 before, Saggamon co.      Rivers, Minerva
Harney James Alfred          1908 02 Mar, Jacksonville      Lawson, Abbie Mae
Harney James Aloisious       1922 19 Oct, Galena, Jo Daviss Birmingham, Adele J
Harney James F               1917 circa, Chicago?           Ferger, Anges M
Harney James F W             1909 16 Jun, Chicago           Engle, Carrie E
Harney James F. Jr           19-- , Chicago                 Jones, Carol
Harney James H               1836 24 Dec, Morgan County     Anderson, Martha
Harney James H               1890 30 Oct, Cook co           Considine, Mary E
Harney James H               1890 before, Henry             n/a, Mary L
Harney James Owen            19-- ,                         Sellars, Janice
Harney James P               1872 10 Feb, Chicago           Kennedy, Ellen L
Harney James P               19-- , Chicago                 Eck, Rosemary
Harney James Robert          194- , Chicago?                Jones, Carol J
Harney James Roy             1904 08 Jun, Waverly           Sample, Hattie G
Harney James V               1919 21 May, Joliet            Lyman, Mamie S
Harney Jeannette V           19-- , Elgin                   Gartland, James
Harney Jeremiah L            1860 25 Oct, Brown co          Taylor, Margaret J
Harney Jesse F               1911 before,                   Covey, Meda Rae
Harney Johanna Mary          1881 23 Feb, Henry or Bradford Real, Thomas Stephen
Harney John                  1854 01 Jun, Peoria Co.        Baldwin, Jane E
Harney John                  1857 06 Oct, Henry             Boyce, Mary
Harney John                  1868 07 Jun, Scott co          Read, Mary A
Harney John                  1871 15 May, McLean co         Harney, Bridget
Harney John                  1896 26 Dec, Champaign co      Graham, Katie
Harney John                  1902 30 Aug, Chicago           Hanrahan, Margaret
Harney John                  1906 18 May, Chicago           Dewar, Emma
Harney John                  1920 circa,                    Earls, Jenny
Harney John "Jack" M         189- , Henry                   n/a, Bridget
Harney John Emmet            1904 , Stark co.               Mowbray, Theodora A M 'Dora'
Harney John F                1877 19 Jun, Cook co           Houseman, Josephine
Harney John F                1889 15 May, Knox co           Liden, Ella C
Harney John Glenn            19-- , Elgin?                  Ross, Adelaide
Harney John H                1868 30 Jan,                   Berry, Clara E
Harney John H                1892 before, Mercer co         Bukey/Rukey, Jennie S
Harney John Henry            1890 01 Sep, Morgan co         Granger, Lilian
Harney John Hopkins          1827 24 May,                   Wallace, Martha R
Harney John Jr.              1854 "Fall", Lacon             Baldwin, Jennie
Harney John M                1891 20 May, Mercer co         Rickey, Jennie S
Harney John Russell          1895 16 Jan, Morgan or Scott   Greenwalt, Mary Jane "Jennie"
Harney John Russell          1904 before,                   Thomas, Leatitie
Harney John Thomas           1873 09 Mar, Morgan co.        Kelley, Margaret A
Harney John W                1883 05 Sep, Morgan County     Woodall, Elizabeth
Harney Joseph A              1922 19 Oct, Galena            Birmingham, Adele J
Harney Joseph H              1889 18 Sep, Mercer co         Epperly, Mina
Harney Julia                 1917 before, LaSalle co        Roach, W. H.
Harney Julia M               1913 before, Peoria?           Monroe, George W
Harney Juretta               1940 11 Feb, Joliet            Clark, David H

Harney Kate B [Kathryn]      1869 21 Mar, Sangamon Co.      Wheeler, Mathew S
Harney Kenneth Alva          1927 27 Jun, Kincaid           Adams, Evelyn

Harney Laura May             1898 17 Jan, Morgan County     O'Haver, James Fred
Harney Leeanne               19-- ,                         Flaherty, Kevin
Harney Leila J               1920 circa, Jacksonville?      Jewsbury, Claude H
Harney Lela Jeanette         1917 26 Dec, Morgan County     Jewsbury, Claude Henry
Harney Lemuel                1841 before, Warren co         n/a, Cynthia
Harney Lena                  1913 26 Feb, Morgan County     Smock, Troy Norman
Harney Leroy                 1912 03 Sep, Morgan County     Walker, Grace May
Harney Leroy                 1929 06 Oct, Morgan County     Owens, Mary (Mrs.)
Harney Lillie                1901 12 Mar, Morgan County     Lewis, John
Harney Lillie                1910 before, Chicago?          McKenna, John
Harney Lois J                1924 04 Oct, Morgan County     Hardin, D. Leon
Harney Lola May              1915 circa,                    Davis, Jess
Harney Louis Grayson         1910 04 Jun,                   Workman, Lela
Harney Louisa                1836 14 Dec, Morgan County     Flatford, Nathanial
Harney Louisa Ann (Haggard)  1860 after,                    Fuller/Treller, Russell
Harney Lucille               1931 n/a,                      Cooper, Fairl H

Harney Mabel                 1909 04 Nov, Morgan County     Hopper, John
Harney Maggie                1888 07 Nov, Cook co           Phillips, John
Harney Margaret              1853 -- Jan, Madison Co. IL    Wyatt, William T
Harney Margaret              19-- ,                         Jezeki, Mr.
Harney Margaret "Maggie"     1888 24 Jan, Henry             Harrington, Thomas
Harney Margaret E            1915 25 Mar, Morgan County     Cleary, Jeffrey
Harney Margaret M            1938 before, Tiskilwa?         Longman, Joseph
Harney Margaret May          1919 17 Dec, Henry             Anderson, George Benton
Harney Margery               1856 15 May, Morgan County     Lombard, Gilbert
Harney Marian                19-- , Libertyville(?)         Crowe, Joseph
Harney Marian                1922 circa,                    Barlewort, Terry
Harney Marian Annette        1930 27 Dec, Virden, Macoupin  Clemmons, Elwyn Ota
Harney Marjorie L            1921 22 Jul, Joliet            Hrusosky, Edward
Harney Martha A              1871 29 Sep, St. Clair co      Snyder, Louis P
Harney Martha Beatrice       1901 15 May, Waverly           Williamson, Guy Billings
Harney Martha E              1918 10 Oct, Morgan County     DeVore/Devone, Percy B
Harney Martha M              1842 02 Feb, Morgan co         Skinner, Pleasant W
Harney Martin                1858 05 Apr, Sangamon Co.      Mathis, Catherine
Harney Mary                  1851 -- Jun, Grundy co         Berry, Michael
Harney Mary                  1856 11 Jan, Lee co.           Whalen, Patrick
Harney Mary                  1888 21 Feb, Cook co           Borresen, John
Harney Mary                  189- ,                         Townsend, Wilford
Harney Mary                  1893 01 Mar, Cook co           Magee, Robert S
Harney Mary                  1910 18 May, Chicago           Steinfeldt, Emil
Harney Mary  (Mrs)           1883 , Morgan co               Boddy, Michael
Harney Mary Ann              1870 23 Aug, Mercer co         Fender, Henry Mattison
Harney Mary Ann              189- , Henry?                  Monier, n/a
Harney Mary Ann              1892 01 Nov, Jo Daviss co      Levins/Levers, John H
Harney Mary Ann              1908 before, Henry?            Potter, Frederick Willis
Harney Mary Ann Rose         1846 02 Apr, Morgan County     Ferguson, William R
Harney Mary B                1885 10 Jun, Madison co        Walker, John R
Harney Mary Elizabeth        1886 24 Feb, Morgan County     Moxon, John Philip
Harney Mary Ellen            1940 before,                   Goldsmith, Thomas Henry
Harney Mary F                1883 19 Dec, Cook co           McDonald, David J
Harney Mary Jane             1853 09 Mar, Sangamon Co.      Stodden, William
Harney Mary Jane             1853 09 Mar,          Stadden, William
Harney Mary K                 ,                             Collins, Patrick
Harney Mary Mable            1908 24 Jun, Joliet            Mulvey, John
Harney Mary Sarah "Mae" V    1922 10 Jan, Bradford IL       Real, Mark J
Harney Mathew S              1881 08 Jun, Joliet, Will co   Giblin, Bridget
Harney Maud                  1887 24 Feb, Champaign co      Halleck, George W
Harney Maude Estella         1915 04 Mar, Morgan Co.        Nelson, Junis H
Harney Merle B               1911 10 Apr, Chicago           Major, Dora B
Harney Michael               1851 , Henry                   Marnane, Margaret
Harney Michael               19-- ,                         Wojciechowski, Patricia
Harney Milton M              1858 29 Sep, Morgan County     Wyatt, Margaret A
Harney Milton M              1903 01 Jul, Morgan County     Wyatt, Laura A
Harney Milton M  Jr          1884 08 May, Morgan County     Paris, Rhoda B
Harney Milton Mayfield       1861 23 Oct,                   Hester, Amanda J "Mandy"
Harney Minnie Pearl          1918 23 May, Morgan County     Sooy, Elmer
Harney Morris F              1904 12 May,                   O'Brien, Josie
Harney Moses                 1842 27 Oct,                   Towner, Olive

Harney Nancy                 19-- , Chicago (?)             Vogel, Ralph
Harney Nellie                1925 20 Jul, Joliet            Mauss, Michael

Harney Ohaver May            1898 17 Jan, Jacksonville      Olive, James Frederick
Harney Ormond Francis        1944 19 Oct, Chicago           Wabel, Alta Roberta
Harney Orphy Alice           1897 20 Jan, Morgan County     Arnold, Charles
Harney Othea Joy (male)      1910 21 Nov, Morgan County     Hoppin, Mary Woodford
Harney Owen Joy              1939 , Urbana, Chapaign(?)     Stanley, Mildred

Harney Patricia              1924 circa,                    Jedlicka, Albert
Harney Patrick               1863 14 Sep, Jo Daviess Co.    Mahon, Mary
Harney Patrick               1865 before, Grundy Co.?       n/a, Margaret
Harney Patrick               1867 29 Oct, Jo Davis Co.      Mahan, Margaret
Harney Patrick               1868 27 Feb, LaSalle Co.       Hallowell, Martha
Harney Patrick               1885 24 Aug, Cook co           Cody, Kate
Harney Patrick               1894 10 May, Henry             Dwyer, Margaret A
Harney Patrick               1895 12 Nov, Grundy co         Burgmaier, Teresa
Harney Patrick               191- , Chicago                 O'Connor, Bernice
Harney Patrick Ambrose       1907 30 Jan, Galena            Adams, Sarah L
Harney Patrick J             1875 03 Jan, Joliet            Bannon, Johanna
Harney Patrick J             1895 12 Nov, Grundy Co.        Burgmaier, Therescia
Harney Paul Denham           1930 20 Dec, Morgan County     Gebert, Louise B
Harney Paulina               1881 18 Jun, Morgan co         Wright, John A
Harney Paulina               1917 06 Mar, Morgan County     Wright, Theron W
Harney Paulina               1929 before, IL or Missouri    McElroy, E.F.
Harney Philip                1894 before, Grundy Co.        Donahue, Mary

Harney Raymond R             1929 before, Joliet            Clemens, Ella
Harney Rich                  19-- , Normal                  Drillon, Betsey
Harney Richard               1874 before, Chicago?          O'Reilly?, Rose
Harney Richard M             1912 18 Jul, Joliet            Maass, Ida E
Harney Rita                  194- , Stark co                Strizich, Joseph
Harney Robert D              1840 17 Sep, Morgan co         Henry, Amanda F
Harney Roy Nathaniel         1920 circa,                    Flowers, Ollie
Harney Ruth                  1920 circa, Jacksonville?      Shelburn, Fred
Harney Ruth Agnes            1934 , Waukegan                Luther, John Maurice
Harney Ruth M                191- circa,                    McCleary, Herbert

Harney Sarah                 1895 20 Feb, Grundy Co         Ryan, Patrick
Harney Sarah E (Mrs)         1898 27 Dec, Morgan County     Chapman, Samuel N
Harney Stella M              1911 11 Aug, Peoria            Sewrey, Ursen Roy
Harney Steven                1912 14 Feb, Chicago           Gromolak, Ella

Harney Thomas                1867 ,                         Carney, Mary A
Harney Thomas                1868 18 Apr, Union co          File, Nancy
Harney Thomas                1875 29 Mar, New Dublin, Jo    Flynn, Bridget
Harney Thomas                1890 18 Nov,          Power, Mary E
Harney Thomas                1894 22 Jan, Washburn          Daly/Daley, Margaret
Harney Thomas                19-- , Chicago (?)             Hunter, Grace
Harney Thomas A              1902 c., Chicago?              n/a, Lola
Harney Thomas A              1945 20 Nov,                   Bergh, Mary Ellen
Harney Thomas H              1892 05 Oct, Cook co           McKay, Zillah A
Harney Thomas J              1894 20 Jun, Mercer co         Stead, Netta
Harney Thomas M              1867 29 Oct, Galena?           Martin, Catherine
Harney Thomas M              1870 10 Feb, Galena?           Flynn, Bridget
Harney Thomas M              1907 16 Oct, Galena            Hubacher, Catherine
Harney Timothy               1879 14 Jun, Scott co          Ryan, Ellen Dudy (Mrs)

Harney Vincent R             1906 07 May, Chicago           McHugh, Mary (Mrs)
Harney Virginia              1865 19 Oct, Morgan Co.        Ferguson, Champion
Harney Virginia Lee          1934 , Jacksonville?           Simpson, William

Harney William               1841 17 Apr, Carthage, Hancock Haggard, Louisa Ann
Harney William               1859 25 Aug, IL, Shelby Co.    Tallman, Catherine J
Harney William               1899 before, Chicago area      McKone, Mary
Harney William               1944 , Stark co                Baumgartner, Doris
Harney William Albert        188- , IL or OK                Sprading, Stella
Harney William B             1858 16 Feb, Henry             Madden, Mary
Harney William Elbert        1891 25 Mar, Morgan County     Camm, Harriett "Hattie"
Harney William F             1888 before, Livingston co?    Lawless, Elizabeth
Harney William F             1936 30 Jul, Morgan County     Reematen, Elva L. (Mrs.)
Harney William Foss          1906 07 Mar, Chicago           Hammond, Alice Imogene
Harney William Francis       1887 14 Dec, Morgan County     Smith, Anna Amelia M
Harney William Glenn         1917 before, Franklin?         Jones, Mary Ella
Harney William H             1886 04 May, Seneca            Mahaffey, Ellen
Harney William H.R.          1833 10 Dec, Morgan County     Orr, Mary
Harney William Henry         1886 c., Seneca?               Macaffey, Nellie
Harney William M             1835 27 May, IL or NE?         Potts, Ophelia Jane
Harney William M             1861 07 Mar, Mercer co         Brown, Mary Ann
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Drillinger, Brenda
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Keller, Janet
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Boyer, Joyce
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Standefer, Linda
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         DeGroot, Ruth Ann

Harvey James                 1847 17 Jan, Grundy Co         Kehoe, Mary
Harvey Michael               1867 22 Oct, LaSalle co        Quilter, Johanna
Horney Alma V                1910 circa, Hancock co         Milby, Mr.
Horney Arthur Henry          1909 ,                         Wirth, Josie (Abbott)
Horney Charles               1883 , Hancock co              Gesford, Enima Ella
Horney Henry Clay            1880 31 Oct, Chicago           Foss, Mathilda C
Horney John Edmund           1878 25 Aug, Hancock           Daw, Amy Frances
Horney John H H              1868 30 Jan, Wythe, Hancock co Berry, Clara E

**  IN = Indiana
Harney A  (female)           1898 14 Aug, Madison Co        n/a,
Harney Alexander             1830 24 Oct,                   Helton, Polly
Harney Alice                 1898 17 Aug, Madison co.       Symons/Simmons, M. M.
Harney Alma S                1894 23 Dec, Blackford co.     Doster, William O.
Harney Alonzo Ellsworth      1935 circa, Parke Co.          Burkett, Lela
Harney Alvin                 1900 12 May, Grant co          Roberts, Izonra
Harney Amanda                1874 26 Feb, Parke co.         Andrew, Robert
Harney Amanda F              1872 08 Feb, Boone co          Campbell, David W.
Harney Ann                   1859 26 Jun, Rush co           Lowe, Vincent
Harney Ann                   1898 before, Madison           Marans, Joe
Harney Anna                  1896 26 Dec, Madison co.       Morano, Joseph

Harney Barton H              1834 17 Jun, Decatur Co.       Stine, Rachel
Harney Belle                 1886 before,                   Jimerson, John W
Harney Benjamin              1839 25 Apr, Parke co          Thompson, Ann
Harney Benjamin              1856 , Hamilton co.            Hutson, Ellen
Harney Benjamin              1874 -- Oct, Anderson, Madison Adams, Leander "Anna"
Harney Bertha Jane           19-- ,                         Baker, Enos
Harney Bessie                1930 circa, Parke Co           Dickey/Dewey, Samuel
Harney Betty                 19-- ,                         Levell, Joe
Harney Betty                 194- , Madison co?             Schube, Jack
Harney Billy                 1943 17 Nov, Parke co          Daniels, Vera Pauline Collier
Harney, Billy                1968, Parke co.?               Bambrough, Izora (2nd)

Harney C  (female)           1896 26 Dec, Madison Co        n/a,
Harney Carey Eugene          1937 25 Apr, Elwood, Madison   Wise, Esteleen
Harney Carey Roscoe          1912 25 May, Madison Co.       Waymire, Goldie
Harney Carey Roscoe          1923 , Madison Co.             Van Winkle, Anna
Harney Carey Thomas          188- , IN or IL                Mengel, Ida
Harney Carson                1851 05 Jan, Parke Co.         Pierce, Nancy Ann
Harney Casey R               1905 - 1920, Tipton co         n/a,
Harney Casper M              1852 09 Dec, Decatur Co        Switzer, Ann
Harney Catharine             1870 -- Sep, Madison co        Moore, James
Harney Catherine             1848 28 Dec, Rush co           Burns, Minor
Harney Cecil                 1918 circa,                    Funkhouser, Lola
Harney Charles               1888 before, Dekalb co         Haslett, Florence
Harney Charles               1901 07 Jan, Madison Co        n/a,
Harney Charles               1901 07 Jan, Madison co.       Kissinger, Carrie
Harney Charles               194- , Lapel                   McDole, Dorothy K
Harney Clara                 1915 25 Oct, Delaware co.      Chaney, Harley
Harney Clarence H            1930 circa, Lake co            Mankey, Dorothy
Harney Clarence L            1910 16 Apr, Parke co          Martin, Nellie A
Harney Cletha Mae            19-- ,                         Couden, Ed
Harney Cliffie Jane          1907 24 Oct, Tipton co.        Cook, John H
Harney Cynthia               1883 29 Mar, Parke co          Harmless, James M
Harney Cynthia A             1858 03 Mar, Greensburg        Richardson, Martin
Harney Cynthia A             1860 circa, Decatur Co.        Carson, George H
Harney Cynthia Ann           1872 25 Sep, Carbon, Clay Co   Thompson, Albert Jackson

Harney Dalton                1884 before, Hendricks co      Hardy, Celia
Harney Daniel P              1878 17 May, Tipton co         Webb, Margaret A
Harney Daniel P              1885 25 Sep, Tipton co         Runyan, Sarah J (Baden)
Harney Daniel P              1904 07 Apr, Tipton co         Washington, Jennie (Keelor)
Harney Daniel W              1892 15 Feb, Tippecanoe co.    Jordan, Augie/Angie
Harney David                 1884 02 Jan, Montgomery co     Payne, Sarah Elizabeth
Harney David R               1847 13 Jun, Parke Co.         Johnson, Mary Elizabeth
Harney David W               1881 24 Dec, Parke co          Carmichael, Rebecca
Harney Delia                 19- , Anderson                 Lemon, Earl
Harney Dema J                1884 before, Clay co           Kunckles, Geo.
Harney Dorcie A. Jr.         194- , Anderson?               n/a, Rosemary
Harney Dorothy M             1939 circa, Parke Co           Brattain, Ray
Harney Dorsie Arnell         1924 c., Anderson, Madison     Black, Dora Estle
Harney Dwight Maxwell        1930 ca., Parke Co.?           McIntyre, Maradean
Harney Dwight Maxwell        1940 25 Feb, Parke Co.         Lear, Ruth Elizabeth

Harney Edith Loretta         1923 24 Feb,                   Idle, George Leotis
Harney Edward                1897 13 Sep, Madison co.       Farmer, Mary
Harney Edward Lawson         1910 11 Jun, Parke Co          Hall, Gladys
Harney Eli                   1886 21 Aug, Wabash co.        French, Lydia
Harney Eliza Jane            1870 25 May, Greensburg,       Wood, Lewis Sylvenus
Harney Elizabeth             18-- c., Parke co              Bowsher, n/a
Harney Elizabeth             1856 13 Jan, Boone co          Caldwell, David A
Harney Elizabeth             1902 08 Jan, Madison co.       Hartman, Kilian
Harney Ella                  1884 03 Aug, Madison co.       Purtee, James
Harney Elora Penny           194- circ?, New Albany?        Sarles, Harold Edward
Harney Elsie Berniece        1920 02 May,                   Snell, Walter Irl
Harney Emma F                1898 21 Jul, Parke co          Goodin, George Voohes
Harney Erin                  19-- , Ft. Wayne?              Siples, Mr.
Harney Ernest A              1917 04 Aug, Madison co.       Short, Bessie
Harney Ernest A              1920 09 Sep, Delaware co       Fox, Lesta J
Harney Estel C               192- circa, Parke Co.?         Cleaver, Ruth
Harney Euphony E             1875 28 Mar, Parke Co.         Grubb, Henry M
Harney Eva                   1899 before, Madison           Shockley, J.A.
Harney Eva                   1903 before, Madison co        Fox, John A
Harney Eva L (or J)          1902 13 Dec,                   n/a,

Harney Fay                   1936 04 Oct,                   Naval, Georgia
Harney Fay                   1944 23 Apr,                   Stultz, Stella
Harney Forest                1939 21 Apr, Parke co          Lang, Ruth
Harney Frances               194- , Anderson?               Kelly, Harley
Harney Frances Macy          1847 30 Nov, Mongtomery co     Stover, Daniel C

Harney George                1873 23 Nov, Rush co           n/a, Mary Jane
Harney George H              1871 04 Feb, Parke co          Sutherland, Sarah E
Harney George S              1909 circa, Putnam Co.         Young, Emma
Harney George T              1909 before, Huntington        Young, Clara E
Harney George W              1850 circa, Marathon Co.       n/a, Alexandria or Amelia
Harney George W              1878 23 Nov, Rush co           Jones, Mary C
Harney George Washington     1873 24 Sep, Parke Co.         Martin, Mary Orlina
Harney Georgia L             1930 circa, Parke Co           Hollingsworth, Bud
Harney Gertrude A            1899 08 Jun, Parke co          Bruner, George A
Harney Gilbert Lane          18-- ,                         n/a, Sadie
Harney Gilbert Tennant       1839 20 Jun, Montgomery Co.    Goodnight, Sarah
Harney Gladys Maude          1926 24 Nov,                   Russell, James Hiram
Harney Glen L                1928 before,                   Pratt, Nancy Geraldine
Harney Glen L                1932 after,                    Cox, Daisy

Harney Hannah                1870 14 Apr, Tipton co.        Horton, William T
Harney Harriett E            1879 05 Oct, Parke co          Van Fossen, n/a
Harney Hazel Leah            1944 20 Apr, Rockville         Miller, Howard C
Harney Helen                 193- ,                         Moore, (Mr.)
Harney Helen L               19-- ,                         Gearig, Tim
Harney Henry                 1843 09 Jul, Decatur Co        Buchanan, Sarah Jane
Harney Henry                 1870 06 Jan, Tipton co.        Harney, Rachel
Harney Henry                 1873 11 Sep, Tipton co         Morton, Annie
Harney Henry                 1890 24 May, Tipton co         Runyan, Emma Jane
Harney Herbert Cecil         1901 ca., Parke Co             Martin, Elizabeth
Harney Herbert Cecil         1916 20 Aug, Parke Co.         Knauer, Maude Isabelle
Harney Herbert Leon          1940 before, Parke Co.         Fritz, Marjory Lee
Harney Homer Ray             1912 26 Sep, Putnam Co.        Starkey, Olive Mae

Harney Ithiel                1873 30 Jan, Parke Co          Pruett, Caroline Angeline
Harney Ithiel                1879 20 Mar, Parke Co          Thompson, Mary  "Mollie"

Harney James                 1835 29 Dec, Rush co           Aldridge, Delila Ann
Harney James                 1914 28 Feb, Madison co.       Wiseman, Mabel
Harney James Ford            1851 09 Oct, Shelby &          Harrison, America L
Harney James J               1916 before, Clay co           Webster, Claribel
Harney James R               1853 11 Sep, Parke Co          Seward, Anna
Harney James R               1866 circa,                    Kellum, Elizabeth
Harney James R               1867 06 Apr, Tipton co         Shipley, Sarah
Harney James Selby           1935 -- Nov, IN or VA?         Brown, Gladys Imogene
Harney James Selby "Seb"     1878 01 Aug, Parke Co          Van Fossen*, Virginia Bell
Harney Jane Eliza            1870 25 May, Greensburg        Wood, Lewis Sylvannus
Harney Jay                   1927 26 Aug, Parke Co          Wirth, Wilma Fern
Harney Jennie S              1874 10 Feb, Parke co          Blake, Robert K
Harney Jesse R               1919 19 Jul, Jefferson, Clark  McCarthy, Katherine Pauline
Harney Jesse S               1892 21 May, Madison co.       Samuels, Elizabeth
Harney Jessie Lee            1931 08 Oct, Parke Co          Burkett, Neoma
Harney John                  1837 28 Sep,                   Martin, Euphony
Harney John Ared             191- , Parke Co.?              Sprowl, Nettie
Harney John Mills            1837 28 Sep, Parke Co.         Martin, Euphony Ann
Harney Joseph B              1860 07 Oct, Elkhart co.       Whitehead, Lucinda A
Harney Joseph William        1890 15 Sep, Wabash co         Sparling, Lodell
Harney Joseph William        1913 before,                   Evans, Clarus A
Harney* Josie D              1899 before, Boone co          Holingsworth, M.B.
Harney Joshua "Taylor"       1870 circa,                    Abbott, Eliza
Harney Joshua "Taylor"       1874 08 Nov, Rush co           Thorp, Laura A
Harney Joshua T              1861 10 Jan, Parke Co          Berry, Margaret Rachel
Harney Julia Ann             1856 27 Nov, Parke Co          Berry, (Sgt.) McDonald

Harney Kenneth E             192- , Madison co.?            Elliot, Frances G
Harney Kenneth L             19-- , IN or FL?               n/a, Vera
Harney Kenneth L             1937 c., Anderson/Huntington   Miller, Grace

Harney Lanner?               1881 19 Nov, Madison co.       Cisson, Conrad
Harney Laura                 1854 15 Jun, Rush co           Wiley, Frances
Harney Leah                  194- 20 Apr,                   Miller, Howard
Harney Leander  "Lee"        1906 before, Anderson          Voelker, Martha
Harney Lee                   1905 30 Sep, Grant co          Neeley, Ella
Harney Lela Estella          1916 13 May, Parke Co          Smith, Richard Edwin
Harney Lessie                1931 13 Oct, Parke Co          Pollard, Orville
Harney Letitia               1857 07 Jan, Parke Co.         Martin, David Daulton
Harney Lewis E               1880 03 Dec, Decatur Co        Guley, Ezora
Harney Lewis/Louis C         1884 before, Shelby co?        n/a, Izorah E
Harney Lillie Gloe           1908 01 Jan, Parke co          Smiley, Henry A
Harney Link                  1894 ca., Tipton co?           n/a, Eva
Harney Loretta               19-- ,                         Hilligoss, James
Harney Louis                 1916 before, Parke co          Fireston, Elizabeth
Harney Louis N               1899 28 May, Parke co          Carmichael, Arminda J
Harney LuLu Ruth             1914 ,                         Jellison, Fred Ray
Harney Lucinda               1836 27 Oct,                   Butler, Noble
Harney Lucy B                1898 28 Dec, Parke co          Thorn, Court

Harney Madison Frank         1883 24 May, Parke co          Ernest, Margaret C
Harney Madison [Mathew]      1898 24 Feb, Madison co.       Cohan, Pearl
Harney Mahala                1914 24 Oct, Madison co.       Mitchel, Harry
Harney Mahala T              1864 18 Sep, Montgomery co     Stover, Daniel C
Harney Maniel E              1913 before, Putnam co         Nelson, Fred G
Harney Margaret E            1879 24 Mar, Tipton co         Philpott, Lewis W
Harney Margaret G            1940 circa, Anderson           Brown, Estel
Harney Margaret Jane         1854 30 Nov, Parke Co.         Shaw, James Harvey
Harney Margaret Jane         1863 30 Aug, Decatur co.       Jones, Levi C
Harney Margaret R            1868 28 Aug, Parke co          Shaw, James H
Harney Marie M               1918 19 Sep, Madison co.       Whitstone, Ralph
Harney Martha Cerella        1854 27 Dec, Montgomery co.    Warner, Issac W
Harney Mary                  1847 11 Jul, Parke Co.         Stith, Amos
Harney Mary Angeline         1866 25 Oct, Parke Co          Pruett, James M
Harney Mary Ann              1856 21 May, Rush co           Morgan, Cyrus
Harney Mary Ann (Folsom)     1871 07 May, Curtisville       Webb, William
Harney Mary E (or A)         1869 09 Sep, Parke co          Martin, James H
Harney Mary Josephine        1885 before, Frankton          Maugans, Charles O'Dell
Harney Mary Louise           1916 24 Jul, Lake              Cunard, Alfred B
Harney Mary Lucille          1923 09 Jul,                   Meeks, Lloyd Jennings
Harney Mary Virginia         1933 15 Jun, Parke Co.         Griffey, Robert Harold
Harney Maude                 1909 before, Shelbyville       Kuhn, John
Harney Maude                 1910 before, Madison           Tomlinson, Florence?
Harney Maudie Rose A         19-- ,                         Robertson, n/a
Harney May                   192- circa, Parke Co.?         Gorham, Harry
Harney Milton                1848 28 Dec, Parke co          Brockway, Margaret H
Harney, Mills Jr             1810, 13 Dec                   Smith, Mary
Harney Miner                 1890 05 Oct, Tipton co         Williams, Ollie L. B.
Harney Minnie                1894 20 Nov, Rush co           Pea, Elijah Jr

Harney Nancy                 1835 29 Mar, Rush co           Shepherd, Richard
Harney Nancy L               1841 23 Nov, Parke Co.         Martin, Robert Langdon
Harney, Nellie C	     19--, n/a , Colorado           Wallace, Robert James	
Harney Noble                 1877 -- Jul, Madison co        Nelson, Elizabeth
Harney Norma                 194- , Madison co.?            Turner, Morris

Harney Olive                 1883 24 May, Tipton co         Beck, Isom
Harney Oliver Miner          1871 , Curtisville             Marshall, Susanna
Harney Ora Alonzo            1900 11 Jun, Rush co           Willis, Lottie L
Harney Orville C [Orval]     1910 13 Aug, Madison co.       Wogerman, Lena

Harney Paul                  1866 15 Oct, Boone co          Hiatt, S.M.
Harney Paul E                1940 circa,                    n/a, Marlene
Harney Paul E                1940 circa,                    Minderman, Mary
Harney Peter                 1838 13 Mar,                   Coiner, Mary
Harney Phoebe                1900 circa, Allen co.?         Tomkinson, Lernard
Harney Polly                 1833 12 Oct,                   Wright, Jeremiah
Harney Prosper W             1920 circa, Indianapolis?      n/a, Lela

Harney R.E.                  1912 before, Vigo co           Barrcord, Anna
Harney Rachel                1870 06 Jan, Tipton co         Harney, Henry
Harney Rachel                1877 08 Mar, Parke co          Scott, Willis E
Harney Ralph G               1940 circa,                    Powell, Alice
Harney Ralph W               1924 26 Aug, Tipton co         n/a, Nellie M
Harney Randolph "Dolph"      1883 09 Sep, Parke Co          Martin, Mary Alice
Harney Raymond               1917 before, Vigo co           Staskey, Ollie
Harney Rebecca               18-- c., Parke co?             Brown, n/a
Harney Richard H             1883 c., Boone Co.             Nichols, Julie N
Harney Robert Lincoln        1891 31 Dec, Morgan County     Massey, Mary F 'Mamie' (Mrs)
Harney Ruth                  18-- , Parke co                Weaver, n/a
Harney* Ruth                 1917 before, Vigo co           Brown, Robert O
Harney Ruth E                193- , Milan?                  Monick, Leo

Harney Samuel                184- ,                         Smith, Nancy
Harney Samuel                1849 28 Jan, Decatur Co        Clark, Mary
Harney Samuel                1866 17 Jan, Rush co           Wilson, Matilda
Harney Sarah                 1850 22 Aug,                   Aker, David
Harney Sarah E               1885 27 Oct, Parke co          Stinger, John R
Harney Sarah Ella            1886 23 May, Boone co          McDaniel, Samuel
Harney Sarah Isabella        1876 04 Jul, Parke Co          Tuttle, Alexander
Harney Sarah J               18-- , Parke co                Smith, n/a
Harney Sarah M               1901 21 Jan,                   n/a,
Harney Scott                 1900 30 Aug, Parke Co          Martin, Dora Matilda
Harney Scott                 1904 04 Jul, Parke Co          Staggs, Nell Maude
Harney Selby                 1883 21 Jun, Tipton co         Kirtley, Serena (Dean)
Harney Selby Franklin        1921 ,                         Van Horn, Mary Ann
Harney Sibyl F               1918 06 Jul, Parke co          Newman, Paul C
Harney Soloman Selby         1883 , Rush Co.?               Kirtley, Serina
Harney Solomon               1846 17 May, Shelby co         Folsom, Mary Ann
Harney Solomon Selby         1883 21 Jun, Tipton co         Kirtley, Serena
Harney Susan L               185- circa, Montgomery co      Fuller/Fullen, Oliver
Harney Susannah (Marshall)   1886 11 Mar, Tipton co         Snook, Altert T "Bert"
Harney Susie                 1901 17 Apr, Madison Co.       n/a,

Harney Taylor                1891 27 Jul, Rush co           Reel, Dora
Harney Taylor                1894 12 Jun, Fayette Co        Kary/Carey, Christine
Harney Taylor [Joshua T]     1870 circa,                    Abbott, Eliza
Harney Taylor [Joshua T]     1874 08 Nov, Rush co           Thorp, Laura A
Harney Teresa                193- circa, Vigo Co.           Connell, George
Harney Thelma                19-- ,                         Petit, Elwood Vance
Harney Theresa Marie         1943 18 Jan, Terre Haute?      Gosnell, George
Harney Thomas                1849 06 Mar, Rush co           Bright, Angeline
Harney Thomas                1920 01 May, Delaware co.      Bockingham, Emma
Harney Tressie or Tracie     1911 16 Dec, Madison co.       Lyons, Herbert

Harney Wallace Vance         19-- , Parke Co.?              Edwards, Margaret
Harney Wallace Vance         1917 05 Aug, Parke Co.         Martin, Bessie Mae
Harney Washington            1870 31 Dec, Tipton co         Carpenter, Mary E
Harney Washington Adams      1850 before, Montgomery Co.    Lane, Mary A
Harney Wealtha Vance         1912 07 Aug, Parke Co.         Martin, Luther
Harney Will J                1898 before, Madison           Sparley, Lodale
Harney William               1836 25 May, Rush co           Worley, Catharine
Harney William               1841 09 Jun, Rush co           Folsom, Mary
Harney William               1846 ,                         n/a, Mary Ann
Harney William               1847 16 Apr, Shelby co.        Smith, Mary
Harney William               1855 11 Jan, Parke Co          Berry, Mary J
Harney William               1884 01 Jan, Wabash co         Pohlman, Metia S
Harney William               1898 27 Jan, Wabash co         Wertenberger, Eliza
Harney William H. H.         1846 06 Aug, Rush co           Lock, Rachel
Harney William Henry         1866 before,                   Kearns, Sarah
Harney William Howard        1932 ,                         Boren, Gladys Mae
Harney William Joseph        1890 15 Sep,                   Sparling, LoDell
Harney William Joseph        1913 circa,                    Evans, Clarus A
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Smith, Wanda

Harvey Clarence E            1908 29 Dec, Parke co          Harrison, Grace A
Harvey Edna Muriel           1914 30 Aug, Parke co          Smith, Frank Lee
Horney Oliver P              1895 27 Feb, Montgomery co     Dunbar, Martha B
Horney Samuel E              1884 14 Oct, Montgomery co     Conrad, Emma L
Horney William F             1895 02 Feb, Montgomery co     Graves, Eliza E
Meeks Mary L. (Harney)       19-- ,                         Kelsey, Harold Leroy

**  KS = Kansas
Harney Andrew Lee            1900 21 May, Caldwell          Hoffman, Magdelena "Lena"
Harney Charles Odes [C.O.]   1888 14 Oct, LaBette co.       Sexton, Arminda Tennessee
Harney Dorothy               1914 circa,                    Holtz, Walter Fredrick
Harney Frank Andrew          1925 09 May, Wellington        Standley, Violet Lyle
Harney James A               1891 before,                   Foust, Nancy "Nina" F
Harney James Edwin           1944 09 Dec, Cherryvale, KS    Robinson, Margaret Jane
Harney Mary                  1881 29 Dec, Eureka, Greenwood Turney, Sylvestor S
Harney Mary                  1893 13 Jul, Dickinson co      McGill, Henry
Harney Samuel                1912 12 Jan,                   Vytlacil, Emily
Harney William Jackson       1886 before,                   McMains, Samantha Loretta

**  KY = Kentucky
Haney Rebecca                1836 26 Mar, Nicholas Co. KY   Bussell, John
Harned John                  1831 14 Jun, Bourbon Co        Miller, Jane C

Harney (not given)           1829 19 May, Fayette Co. KY    Keizer, Eliza
Harney A.O. [Adison]         1901 06 Nov, Bourbon co        Conners, Lizzie W
Harney Albert Braxton        1891 20 Aug, Harrison co       Williams, Laura Ella
Harney Alberta               1920 21 Jul, Cynthiana?        Taylor, Joe N. Wayman?
Harney Allen D               1928 c., Bourbon co?           Staggs, Zeta
Harney Allen DeWitt          1918 17 May, Marysville        Sutton, Luttie Jane
Harney Alma Amazetta         1884 02 Feb,                   Williams, Jasper
Harney Alvin York            1848 before,                   Whirls, Stella
Harney Amanda                187- , Crittendon co           Hall, George
Harney Amelia Millie E       1859 ,                         Robertson, Reuben
Harney Anna Christine        1883 10 May, Harrison co       Franklin, James A
Harney Anna Dallas           1892 26 Jun, Maysville         Rogers, Ora
Harney Anna Elizabeth        1930 23 Aug, Mt. Sterling      Bramlett, Leslie
Harney Anna Lucille          1938 about, KY                 Gallager, Charles
Harney Anna T                1922 09 May, Robertson co      Richie, Clem Wm. Haley
Harney Annie Jennie          1890 04 Dec, Harrison co       Kendall, William R
Harney Anthony               1861 14 Jan, Harrison co       Griffith, Susan
Harney Arthur C              1906 before,                   Hedges, Emma
Harney Arthur M              1917 05 Apr, Bourbon co        Fisher, Ruby F
Harney Arthur M. Jr.         1944 21 Feb,                   Ammerman, Ruth
Harney Arthur Strode         190- ,                         Moore, Georgia
Harney Artie (female)        1928 14 Mar, Bourbon co        Richie, John

Harney Beatrice "Bea"        1930 c.,                       Standifer, Logan
Harney Ben Granville         192- , Kenton co?              Riley, Rose
Harney Benjamin              1909 before, Lexington         Reese/Reece, Lillie
Harney Benjamin F            1892 24 Nov, Harrison co       Fryman, Millie Elizabeth
Harney Benjamin Mills        1854 05 Aug, Middletown        Decker/Deacker, Mary
Harney Benjamin Mills        1864 18 May, Lawrenceburg      Draffin, Margaret Wellington
Harney Bertha                1919 22 Dec, Bourbon co        Oakley, John Walter
Harney Bertha                1919 after, Bourbon co?        Crump, L.W.
Harney Bertha Vida           1904 c., Harrison co?          Harney, Elza G
Harney Bessie                1905 26 Feb, Harrison co?      Varner, John M
Harney Bessie                1928 07 Nov, Harrison co       Whitaker, Elvy
Harney Blanche               1926 22 Dec, Nicholas co       Fryman, Truman
Harney Boyd                  19-- ,                         Johnson, n/a
Harney Boyd                  1910 04 Mar, Bourbon co        Kerns, Cora B [or Eva B]

Harney Carl C                1912 -- Oct, Maysville         Livingood, Anna
Harney Cassandra             1852 01 Apr, Nicholas Co. KY   Taylor, Joseph
Harney Cassius               1897 28 Mar, Bourbon co        Stewart, Ida Mae
Harney Catherine/Katharine   1813 26 Aug, Harrison co       Stewart, William
Harney Cebria                1924 30 Jan, Harrison co       Florence, Russell
Harney Charles               1905 22 Mar, Carlisle          Lawrence, Ida Lee
Harney Charles H             1854 14 Aug, Lexington Co. KY  Wallace, Mary P
Harney Charles T             1891 22 Apr, KY or IA          Wilson, Florence (McMillon)
Harney Charlotte F           1895 circa,                    Smith, William T
Harney Christiana            193- , Harrison co?            Wells, Grover
Harney Claborn C             1833 21 Jan, Harrison co       King, Hannah
Harney Clarence              192- circa, Scott co?          Rice, Malinda E
Harney Clarence Lee          19-- , Harrison co?            Edwards, Jacqueline
Harney Clarence W            19-- ,                         Hume, Elizabeth Field
Harney Claude                1925 25 Mar, Lexington         Chasteen, Alice
Harney Claude E              1905 21 Sep, Bourbon co?       Paynter, Cornelia Florence
Harney Claude E              1929 02 Jan, Bourbon co?       Downey, Gertrude
Harney Currancy Arthur       1892 13 Mar, Harrison co       Williams, Nancy A
Harney Cynthia Mary          1892 circa, Harrison co        Martin, R

Harney Darvin                1944 before, Harrison co?      England, Katherine
Harney Dorothy A             19-- ,                         Tidd, Michael

Harney Earl T                1926 23 Dec, Bourbon co        Duncan, Mamie
Harney Edis Goebel           1928 c., Nicholas co           Shumate, Emma Luna
Harney Edna A                19-- ,                         Wills, Ora
Harney Elbert [Wm. E.]       1898 28 Dec, Bourbon co        Stewart, Mary Elizabeth (McC)
Harney Eleanor               1836 28 Apr, Nicholas Co. KY   Bishop, Charles [or Geo.]
Harney Eleanor               185- ,                         Lawson, Mr.
Harney Eli Preston           1890 circa, KY or Iowa         Williams, Laura
Harney Elijah                18-- , Harrison co             Sosby, Jemina "Minty"
Harney Eliza                 1829 24 Apr, Nicholas co       Potts, Henry T
Harney Eliza Cooper Rowan    1842 06 Mar, n/a               Boone, William Pennabaker
Harney Eliza Ross            1846 10 Aug,                   Hughes, Wm. Edward
Harney Elizabeth             1829 24 Apr, Nicholas Co. KY   Potts, Henry T
Harney Elizabeth             1833 24 Sep, Nicholas Co. KY   Richey, Solomon
Harney Elizabeth             1847 11 Oct, Nicholas Co. KY   Earlywine, Daniel S
Harney Elizabeth             1860 ,                         Smith, H.T.
Harney Elizabeth             1896 28 Oct,                   Mann, Milton (Rev.)
Harney Elizabeth "Bessie"    1928 02 Sep, Lexington         McClain, Robert
Harney Elizabeth Frances     1861 18 Jun, Harrison co       Florence, Jonathan
Harney Elizabeth Rowe        1838 12 Apr, Warren co         Craig, Robert
Harney Ella                  1881 06 Nov, Harrison co       Franklin, John
Harney Elmira Elizabeth      19-- ,                         Linder, Fred
Harney Elmyra E.             1857 16 Jul, Harrison co.      Harney, John Roland
Harney Elsie                 1913 19 Oct, Harrison co       Brunker, Samuel
Harney Elza G                1904 17 Feb, Harrison co       Harney, Bertha Vida
Harney Elzy                  1829 18 May, Fayette co.       Keiser, Elisa
Harney Elzy                  1847 23 Dec, Lexington Co. KY  Elliott, Mary Ann
Harney Epsy                  1848 before, KY                Gaunce, George W
Harney Erick Allen           19-- , Lincoln co, 1916        n/a, Lulu
Harney Ethel                 1909 26 Dec, Nicholas co       Jenkins, William Jefferson
Harney Eugene Preston        1892 09 Jun, Maysville         Fields, Mary E
Harney Everett L             19-- , Bourbon co?             Keaton, Dorothy

Harney Fanny                 1821 28 Sep,                   Johnson, Hugh
Harney Florida               1909 , Daviess Co.             Johnson, Azro
Harney Floyd M               1900 16 Nov, Carlisle          Ritchie/Richey, Lucy May
Harney Floyd Oscar           1944 after, Harrison co.       Wells, Irma
Harney Floyd Oscar           1935 before, Harrison co.      Sutton, Minnie Sue
Harney Frances "Frankie"     1900 25 Apr, Carlisle          Strother, Dexter
Harney Frances E             1855 20 May, Harrison co       Lafferty, John A
Harney Frances Willard       1935 13 May, n/a               Dean, Elliott Clay
Harney Frank Forest          1904 24 Nov, Newport           Flick, Anna E.M.
Harney Freeman J             19-- ,                         McKnight, Flora

Harney Garnett R             19-- ,                         Bennett, Molly
Harney George E              189- ,                         Clouse, Bessie
Harney George Riley          1876 before,                   Herrington, Malinda
Harney George Thomas         1924 03 Dec, Ruddles Mills     Hill, Mary Lou
Harney George Walter         1940 before,                   Durbin, Amanda
Harney Gertrude              1916 before, Scott co?         Moreland, Grover C
Harney Gilbert               1857 12 Nov, Nicholas co       Bishop, Nancy S.
Harney Gilbert Tennant       1823 15 Apr,                   Kyle, Charlotte
Harney Glenda                19-- ,                         Cruise, Sid
Harney Glenn Allen           194- ,                         Rice, Ann
Harney Gooly                 1808 03 Mar,                   Temple, Robert W
Harney Grace                 1924 02 Jun, Paris             Youell, William
Harney Grover C              1908 30 Dec, Bourbon co        Owsley, Daisy
Harney Grover Granville      1907 14 Feb, Lexington         Moreland, Gertie May

Harney Hallie James          1932 24 Dec, n/a               Ullendorf, Eugene
Harney Hallie May            1927 24 Feb, Cynthiana         Coy/McCoy, Jesse
Harney Hannah                1805 05 Dec,                   Maze, John
Harney Hanson                1889 21 Feb, Harrison co       Brunker, Mentie
Harney Harriett Rosemary     1906 05 Sep, KY or TN          Blakey, Robert C
Harney Harry                 1910 before,                   Gilvin, Izetta
Harney Helen Flora           1932 25 Jul, n/a               Hunt, Kenneth
Harney Henry Foster          1900 24 Oct, KY or OH?         McCracken, Frankie E
Harney Henry Glenn           1923 before,                   Brady, Elizabeth
Harney Henry Lon             1889 28 Feb, Maysville         Gettes, Larua Belle
Harney Henry Peace           1937 before,                   Beagle, Mable
Harney Henry Thomas          1897 17 Mar,                   Fryman, Hannah
Harney Henry Thomas          1916 before,                   Zeigler, Mary E
Harney Henry [Wm Henry]      1881 01 Dec, Daviess Co.       Harlan Ogden, Ida Alice
Harney Herman Goebel         19-- ,                         Haynes, Margaret Leech
Harney Herman Lee            1912 30 Jun,                   Brunker, Anna Belle
Harney Hiram                 1791 30 Oct, Bourbon Co. KY    Cottrell, Elizabeth
Harney Hiram                 1872 before, Robertson co?     n/a, Mary
Harney Homer                 1904 before,                   Withers, Georgiana
Harney Homer                 1906 31 Oct, Lincoln co        Wilkinson, Louisa Alice

Harney Ida Mae               1936 26 Dec, KY                McCann, William J
Harney Ida Roberts           1892 24 Feb,                   Hollar, Elbridge
Harney Ira                   1930 10 Jul,                   Nave/Nable, Edwin
Harney Irvin Estelle         1938 before, Harrison co?      Garrison, Edna
Harney Isabella              1818 19 Mar, Nicholas Co. KY   Roberts, Reding
Harney Iva                   1911 29 Jan,                   Platt, Elmer

Harney James Clifton         1868 11 Aug, Harrison co       Taylor, Mary Elizabeth
Harney James Egbert          1836 16 Feb, Woodburn Warren   Jones, Hettie Cowne
Harney James Egbert          1841 20 Jul, Warren co.        Jones, Maria A
Harney James Green           1910 ,                         Marshall, Elizabeth Jane
Harney James Green           1919 28 Aug, Harrison co       Whorls/Whirls, Van Tee "Vanti"
Harney James Morton          1897 11 Mar,                   Feeback, Nancy M
Harney James R               1879 circa,                    Catlin, Mary Elizabeth
Harney James Thompson        1811 27 Jun, Warren Co.        Fraily/Frailey, Mary Ann
Harney Jane                  1891 03 Apr, Carlisle          Varner, William F
Harney Jermiah               1803 02 Sep,                   Master, Charity
Harney John                  1842 11 Jun, Fayette co.       Aubrey, Susan
Harney John                  1902 c., Nicholas co           Miller, Grace Wagnor
Harney John C                1889 08 Jan, Daviess Co.       Sapp, Nora
Harney John Charles          1894 22 Jan, KY or IA?         Henry, Sarah/Sallie M
Harney John Curtis           18-- ,                         Taylor, Arvillia
Harney John Hiram            1870 05 Jan, Harrison co       Smith, Louisa Ellen
Harney John Hopkins          1827 24 May, Bourbon Co. KY    Wallace, Martha A
Harney John Kendall          1920 circa,                    Traynor, Louise
Harney John Kendall          1926 before,                   Price, Anna Belle
Harney John Milton           1814 n/a, KY                   Rowan, Eliza Cooper
Harney John Milton           1898 c., Harrison co           Miller, Minnie Lee
Harney John R                1894 06 Sep, Nicholas co       Miller, Permelia G. Wagnor
Harney John Roland           1857 16 Jul, Harrison co.      Harney, Elmyra E.
Harney John Russell          1824 13 Feb, near Lexington KY Wilson, Eliza Ann
Harney John W                1866 06 Jun, Harrison co       White, Elizabeth F
Harney Joseph W              1905 21 Jan, Mason co.         Stockdale, Ella
Harney Joshua Taylor         1828 15 Jun, Harrison co       Peck, Louisa
Harney Julia Margaret        1836 03 May, Warren co         Scanlan, O. P.

Harney Kathleen              1923 before,                   Robinson, Floyd D
Harney Kent B                19-- ,                         Gamble, Maggie M

Harney Lafayette J. Jr       1938 before,                   Vaughn, Maud
Harney Lafayette Jackson     1891 c., Harrison co?          Robertson, Louisa F "Lulu"
Harney Larry W               19-- ,                         Snyder, Kathy
Harney Laura                 1898 30 Nov, Nicholas co       Purcell, Samuel
Harney Laura Melton          1913 31 Jul, Brooksville       Richey, Roy Wells
Harney Lawrence              1916 10 Jul, Harrison co       Fuller, Grace E
Harney Leathy B              192- , Harrison co?            McCord, Adren
Harney Leathy B              192- circa?, Cynthiana?        McCord, n/a
Harney Lee Davis             1886 09 May, Bourbon co        Endicott, Nellie
Harney Leila/Lelia           1920 15 Aug, Winchester        Sewell, Norman
Harney Leroy G               194- ,                         Games, Sarah
Harney Lettey                1815 30 Nov,                   Harman, Sarah
Harney Levira                1890 before,                   Franklin, John Daniel
Harney Lillie Belle          1894 12 Jul,                   Blackwell, James
Harney Lloyd                 1926 09 Jun, Millersburg?      Wagoner, Flossie M
Harney Lorena                1885 02 Dec, Harrison co       Robertson, Thomas Jefferson
Harney Luch Welles           1912 about, KY                 Willett, Jessie Oliver
Harney Lucius Wells          1913 05 Mar,                   Willett, Jessie Oliver
Harney Lucy Mildred          1857 13 Aug, Warren co         Benedict, Willis Austin
Harney Lucy R                1914 21 Feb, Lexington         McCauley, Ezra Wells
Harney Luther P              1926 before, Clark co?         Tuttle, Sara Naomi
Harney Lydia Ellen           1871 12 Jan, Crittendon co     Thompson, Albert T
Harney Lydia Sabina          1819 27 Nov, Harrison co       Whirles, Richard
Harney Lydia Susan           1921 01 Jan, Georgetown        Johnson, William T

Harney Mae                   1920 ,                         Moreland, Cray
Harney Mamie Alice           19-- ,                         Sterdle/Steidle, Charles
Harney Margaret              1856 14 Oct, Lexington Co. KY  Houghton, Washington C
Harney Margaret              189- ,                         Richardson, n/a
Harney Margaret "Sarah"      18-- ,                         Laughlin, Joseph
Harney Margaret Ellen        193- , Harrison co?            Rogers, James V
Harney Maria Ellen           1849 10 Apr, "Paris Hotel"     Ward, George Wm
Harney Maria Ellen           1849 10 Apr,                   Ward, George William
Harney Mariah                1817 05 Jun, Christian         Smith, Barnell
Harney Marie                 1924 09 Aug, Bourbon co        Thompson, Wilber
Harney Mary                  1871 12 Feb, Harrison co.      Florence, Newton
Harney Mary Adeline          1867 , Warren?                 Graves, John B
Harney Mary E                1852 10 Jun, Harrison co       Earlywine, David S
Harney Mary F                1890 04 Sep, Harrison co       Gregg, Joseph
Harney Mary F*               1927 27 Jan, Cynthiana         Spegal, Reynolds
Harney Mary George           1895 18 Apr, Sylvandell        Smiley, Alfred Clarence
Harney Mary I                1849 25 Sep, Lexington Co. KY  Edge, Benjamin F
Harney Mary Louisa           1920 -- Dec, Harrison co       Hyatt, George
Harney Maud                  1912 28 Jul, Carlisle,         Purcell, Russell
Harney Maurie                1910 before, Adair co.?        Wheat, Woodie
Harney May                   1904 24 Aug, Carlisle          Wagoner, John
Harney May /Mae              1912 16 Dec, Paris             Westfall, Fred
Harney Melissa A 'Mittie'    1860 after, Mercer co          Clarke, Isaac Henry
Harney Mildred               1837 12 Jun, Nicholas Co. KY   Herrington, Jackson
Harney Milley Ellen          1859 11 Sep, Harrison co       Robertson, Rubin S
Harney Millie Ellen          1859 11 Sep, Harrison co       Robertson, Ruebin S
Harney Mills Jr              1810 13 Dec, Nicholas Co. KY   Smith, Mary
Harney Milly Ellen           1859 11 Sep, Harrison co       Robertson, Rubin S
Harney Minnie                1914 25 Nov, Bourbon co        Cassity, C.B.
Harney Minnie S              1900 20 Nov, Daviess Co.       McLean, Thomas
Harney Miranda 'Randy'       1929 26 Jan, KY                Dietrich, Kennon
Harney Mora Belle "Mosie"    1935 before,                   Leeds, Charles
Harney Morton L              1859 29 Oct, Harrison co       Peterson, Elizabeth L
Harney Myrtle                1922 18 Aug, Bourbon co        Fuller, Erman

Harney Nancy                 1792 , Grant's Lick KY?        Hopkins, Samuel
Harney Nancy                 1815 25 Sep, Nicholas Co. KY   Moore, Nicholas
Harney Nancy                 1818 18 Mar, Nicholas Co. KY   Davis, Alexander
Harney Nancy                 1828 26 Oct, Nicholas Co. KY   Hazelrigg, Eli
Harney Nancy                 1860 circa,                    Neal, Dewit Clinton
Harney Nancy                 1864 22 Mar, Harrison co       Whitaker, Benjamin F
Harney Nancy                 194- c., Bourbon co?           McDaniel, Gordon
Harney Nancy Ella            1881 06 Nov, Harrison co       Franklin, John 'Jack' H.
Harney Nancy J               1866 circa, Harrison co        Neal, Dewit Clinton
Harney Nancy Wilson          1857 01 Jul, Nicholas co.      Burden, Richard Elijah
Harney Naomie Harriett       1892 02 Mar, Cynthiana         Taylor, William Henry
Harney Nellie                18-- ,                         Dial, Robert S
Harney Nettie                192- ,                         Scanlan, Denny
Harney Nettie B              1904 27 Jan, Harrison co       Fryman, Ed
Harney Noel P                1921 09 Mar, Bourbon co        Haley, Jessie S
Harney Nora                  19-- , Millersburg?            Smith, Archie
Harney Nora E                1904 09 Feb, Harrison co       Barton, Homer

Harney Opal B                1917 23 Jun, Bourbon co        Brown, Mary
Harney Opal B                1926 22 Mar, Harrison co       Ewald, Katherine "Kittie"
Harney Orval/Orville C       1904 06 Jan,                   Thompson, Eunice
Harney Orville Glasco        1880 circa,                    Platt, Mary Jane
Harney Orville Rout          1897 before,                   Florence, Margaret A "Maggie"

Harney Paul Frederick         ,                             Adams, Sylvia Nelle
Harney Pauline               19-- , Paris KY                Hinkson, William G
Harney Pearl                 1904 11 Dec, Bourbon co        Withers, Monroe
Harney Pearl                 1907 07 Mar, Nicholas co       Morris, Harry
Harney Peter                 1853 20 Jan, Nicholas Co. KY   Lucky, Catherine J
Harney Peter Hanson          1889 21 Feb, Harrison co       Bruner/Brunker, Mentie 
Harney Quincy Roy            1913 06 Feb, Harrison co?      Wiggins, Maud

Harney Ray                   1922 16 Feb, Harrison co       Courtney, Bessie
Harney Ray Barrett           19-- ,                         n/a, Sarah H
Harney Raymond               1936 before,                   Garland, Katharine
Harney Retta May             1928 28 May, Bourbon co        Lemmons, Leon
Harney Reynolds Steward      19-- ,                         Kireta, Mary Ann
Harney Rhoda                 1800 23 Dec, Harrison co       Shields, John
Harney Rhoda                 1820 14 Dec, Nicholas Co. KY   Smith, Thomas
Harney Richard Herbert       1897 26 Sep, Harrison co       Florence, Carrie
Harney Richard Wells         1927 24 Nov, Newport           Hanselman, Grace
Harney Robert Bramlett       1929 before, Nicholas co?      Talley, Mary Wilma
Harney Robert Bramlett Jr    1944 before, Bourbon co?       Buckler, Ida
Harney Robert Glasgow        1943 before,                   Wagoner, Della
Harney Robert Hiner          1905 before,                   n/a, Cassidy
Harney Robert Hiner          1911 before,                   Mastin, Elizabeth Phillips
Harney Robert Lawrence       1915 c., Harrison co?          Hayes, Mabel Celia
Harney Robert Lee            1904 12 Oct,                   Moore, Eva Gertrude
Harney Robert Lee            1917 18 Nov, Nicholas co       Sosby, Flossie Mae Fryman
Harney Robert Lee Jr         1940 circa, Paris, KY          Morton, Jo Ella
Harney Roland                1798 15 Jan, Bourbon Co. KY    Cotrile/Cottrel, Sarah
Harney Roy Leslie            1914 19 Nov, Cynthiana         Scott, Lula F
Harney Ruben                 1938 18 Sep, KY                Cox, Glady
Harney Ruth                  1924 12 Jul,                   Hall, Charles Curtis "Bill
Harney Ruth                  1936 before,                   Bramlett, Everett Henry

Harney Sallie                1817 25 Jun, Harrison co       Kirkwood, William
Harney Sallie A              1890 12 Nov, Harrison co       Dotson, James R
Harney Sally                 1829 15 Mar, Bourbon Co. KY    Hughes, John C
Harney Sally A               1890 12 Nov, Harrison co       Dotson, James R
Harney Samantha "Artie"      1928 14 Mar, Paris KY          Richie, John
Harney Samuel A              1806 25 Dec, Bourbon Co. KY    Dalzel, Betsy [Elizabeth]
Harney Samuel Jefferson      1904 23 Nov, Harrison co?      Wiggins, Annie M
Harney Samuel M              1816 30 Jun, Nicholas Co. KY   Feeback, Mary
Harney Sarah                 1844 circa,                    Gaunce, Joe
Harney Sarah "Sally"         1817 25 Jun,                   Kirkwood, William
Harney Sarah A               1865 27 Dec, Nicholas Co. KY   Westfall, Elias
Harney Sarah Ann             1889 14 Mar, Carlisle          Luckey, James Samuel
Harney Sarah Ann "Sally"     1890 16 Nov, Harrison co       Dotson, James R
Harney Sarah Catharine       1847 23 Dec, Nicholas co.      Varner, Francis Marion
Harney Sarah Catharine       1861 30 Dec, Harrison co       Varner, Noah
Harney Sarah Elizabeth       1854 02 Feb, Harrison co       Wiggins, Philip
Harney Sarah Eveline         1881 before,                   Harney, Isiah
Harney Sarah Permilia        1895 11 Apr, Harrison co       Williams, Noah
Harney Sarah Susan T         1883 02 Dec, Harrison co       Livingood, John W
Harney Selby                 1796 , Nicholas Co.            Hopkins, Hannah
Harney Selby                 1815 30 Nov,                   Harman, Sarah
Harney Selby                 1889 ca.,                      Long, Edmona
Harney Shelley [Selby?]      1815 30 Nov, Nicholas Co. KY   Harman, Sarah
Harney Shirley (male)        194- circa?, Cynthiana?        n/a, Dorothy
Harney Stanley David         1935 before, Harrison co?      Sipe, Rebecca Josephine
Harney Stella                1911 19 Mar, Harrison co       Platt, William Sharp
Harney Stella L              1911 06 Apr, Nicholas co       Teal, Florus
Harney Strauter              1929 27 Jun, Bourbon co        Wilson, Ellen Wood
Harney Susan                 1869 19 Dec, Harrison co       Harney, Willoughby Oscar
Harney Susan Rumsey          1831 22 Jul, Warren Co.        Reynolds, John

Harney Thomas                1804 19 Dec, Nicholas Co. KY   Grosvenor, Mary "Polly"
Harney Thomas                1821 08 Dec, Nicholas Co. Ky   Feeback, Annie
Harney Thomas                1832 17 Oct, Harrison co       Fryman, Anna
Harney Thomas                1848 02 Mar, Harrison co.      Fryman, Mary
Harney Thomas Jefferson      1866 22 Nov, Nicholas co?      Lucky, Elizabeth Roberts
Harney Thomas Lee            1893 14 Jun, Nicholas co       Plummer, Jennie
Harney Thomas MacKindred     1864 07 Aug, Nicholas co       Moore, Lydia F
Harney Thyra                 1927 13 Jul, Cynthiana         Moses, Marshall

Harney Violet                1930 circa,                    Klein, John
Harney Virgie (female)       19-- ,                         Kearns, J. B.
Harney Virgil                1919 before, Bourbon co        Day, Carrie Bell
Harney Virginia May          1916 30 Nov, Mason co          Ernest, Harman
Harney Vivian                1921 22 Dec, Nicholas co       Wagoner, Otis D

Harney Walter                193- circa,                    Sims, Martha
Harney Walter Ishmael        1898 04 Oct, Nicholas co       Collins, Lucy
Harney Walter Mason          1935 circa,                    Sims/Simms, Martha
Harney Washington Adams      1834 09 Jan, Nicholas Co. KY   Caldwell, Emerine
Harney Will Jean             19-- ,                         Barlow, Edna Earl
Harney Willard Neal          19-- ,                         Wells, Mary
Harney Willard Neal          1938 c., Harrison co?          Nichols, Fannie Eliza.
Harney William               1798 before,                   n/a, Margaret H
Harney William               1821 31 Mar, Christian co      Meacham, Polly
Harney William               1835 27 May, Nicholas Co. KY   Batterton, Ophelia
Harney William               1864 , Daviess Co.             Glass, Catherine
Harney William D             1930 21 Jun, Paris KY          Florence, Christine
Harney William Elbert        1898 28 Dec,                   Stewart, Mary E. McConnaughay
Harney William Granville     1856 06 Feb, Harrison co       Fryman, Seralda
Harney William Granville     1863 22 Mar, Bourbon co?       Varner, Margaret S
Harney William H.            1914 before, KY                Strobel, Anna Louise
Harney William Henry         1881 01 Dec, Daviess co        Ogden, Ida Alice (Harlan)
Harney William M             1886 circa,                    Fryman, Mattie
Harney William M             1892 25 Feb,                   Miller, Laura "Mira" E.
Harney William Newton        1900 circa,                    Robertson, J. Elizabeth
Harney William Ray           1939 before, Scott co?         Cole, Christine
Harney William Thomas        1894 c., Harrison co?          Kendall, Ida
Harney William Thompson      19-- ,                         Blake, Marilyn A
Harney William Wallace       1868 12 Aug, Louisville?       Randolph, Mary St. Myer
Harney Willoughby            1837 07 Mar, Harrison co       Herrington, Mahala
Harney Willoughby            1860 31 Jul, Harrison co       Layton, Mary Margaret
Harney Willoughby Jr         1868 24 Sep, Harrison co       Mason, Mary "Sara" Eliza.
Harney Willoughby Oscar      1869 19 Dec, Harrison co       Harney, Susan
Harney Woodford Lee          19-- ,                         King, Karen
Harney n/a                    ,                             Cummins, Charlene
Harney n/a                    , Paris                       Neal, Grace
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Cleaver, Nina
Harney n/a                   19-- ,                         Hogue, Marie

Harny Betty                  1810 08 Jan, Clark co          Fandree, Joseph
Harny Caty [Catharine]       1817 02 Oct, Nicholas Co. KY   Dalzell, Abraham
Harny Hannah                 1820 27 Jul, Nicholas Co. KY   Earlywine, Daniel
Harny* George                1827 24 Jul, Nicholas co.      Busby, Lucretia
Harvy John                   1826 12 Sep, Bourbon co        Ward, Elizabeth

**  LA = Louisiana
Harney John                  192? ,                         Thompson Thomas, Annie
Harney Margaret              1889 26 Sep, New Orleans       Navo, Joseph
Harney Theresa               1856 27 Jun, New Orelans       Oakes, James D

**  MA = Massachusetts  CLICK HERE

**  MD = Maryland
Harney Ann                   173- 04 Apr,                   Wharton, Francis
Harney Deborah               1779 06 Feb, Caroline co.      Handley, William
Harney, Caleb E              1828, 11 Dec, Allegany co.     McNeill, Rebecca
Harney, Edward               1840 26 Aug, Allegany co.      Dougherty, Margaret
Harney Henry                 184? n/a, Baltimore            Bartlett, n/a (Miss)
Harney Mary Elizabeth        194- , Baltimore               Klein, Raphael Joseph
Harney Murtaug               1693 c., Miles River, Talbot   Christison, Elizabeth
Harney Richard               1797 26 Aug, Baltimore co.     McCaskey, Mary
Harney Thomas                1710 circa, Baltimore 100      Selby, (Miss)
Harney Thomas                1732 circa,                    Mills, Hannah
Harney Timothy               1682 26 Dec, Somerset co       Green(e), Elizabeth
Harney William James         194- , Baltimore               Zimmerman, Donna

**  ME = Maine
Harney Alphonso              1937 16 Jul, Skowhegan         Lessard, Daisyline
Harney Alverdo               1930 10 May, Belfast           Boynton, Florence A
Harney Arthur Edward O       1908 21 Mar, Oxford            Fogg, Annie Laura
Harney Arthur W              1938 20 Apr, St.Francis?       Thibodeau, Annette T
Harney Dorcus E              1934 13 Oct, Harrison?         Burnell, Walter F
Harney Earl L                1940 08 Dec, Kennebunkport?    Bradbury, Florence D
Harney Elizabeth             1932 10 Sep, Auburn            Groves, Ernest
Harney Etta M                1932 30 Jan, Portland          Tibbetts, Arren A
Harney Frances               1941 01 Dec,                   Bancroft, Verner E
Harney Irene E               1939 31 May, Oxford            Greene, Roy E
Harney James E. Sr           1935 06 Jul, Gray              Copp, Maxine E
Harney John                  1919 24 Jan, Rumford ME        Hannaford, Effie
Harney John J                1942 30 Jul, Portland          Hall, Anna M
Harney John J                1942 30 Jul, Portland          Munson, Anna M
Harney John W                1925 06 Aug,                   Prendergast, Adele B
Harney Julia L               1943 14 Mar, South Paris       Burgess, Leon W
Harney Mathew J              1926 27 Sep, Lewiston          Dolley, Etta M
Harney Mathew James          1919 30 May, Lewiston          Reandeau, Cordelia
Harney Rose L                1945 14 Jul, So. Paris         Hazelton, Levi H
Harney Thomas O              1944 25 Nov, Oxford            Landry, Eva M
Harney Wilfred C             1940 28 Jun, Augusta           Valliere, Marie R

**  MI = Michigan
Harney Annie Robinson        1882 13 Aug, Bay City, MI      Newell, Ellis O
Harney Edmund Michael        1864 17 Oct, Grand Rapids      Dickinson, Isabella Brown
Harney Edward                19-- , Detroit?                Harrington, Sadie T
Harney Estelle               192- , MI, Detroit             Robinson, Ernest
Harney John Wilfred          1929 , Detroit                 Hope, Phyllis June
Harney Martha                1886 14 Jun, West Bay City, MI Sullivan, Patrick J
Harney n/a                   1905 circa,                    Hill, Ida

**  MN = Minnesota
Harney Earl                  1923 03 Feb, East Grand Forks  Propp, Vivian Elizabeth
Harney Glenn                 19-- ,                         Alle, Linda
Harney John T Jr             19-- ,                         Rietzke, Barbara Irene
Harney John Thomas           1941 circa, Duluth             McClellan, Betty
Harney Leo F                 1927 ,                         Johnson, Bertha
Harney Richard               1900 before, Duluth            Cole, Margareta
Harney Thomas E              1929 before,                   Healy, Mary Agnes

**  MO = Missouri
Harney Absalom B             1866 11 Oct, Lafayette co      Taylor, Mary E
Harney Alice "Allie"         1901 12 Nov, St. Louis         Thompson, Arthur C
Harney Ann                   1852 12 Jan, St. Louis         Cavanagh, John

Harney Benjamin B            1900 09 Aug, MO or IL          Sherrow, Martha J

Harney Caroline              18-- , Franklin co             Nordman, Julius
Harney Catherine M           1848 02 Nov, St. Charles co    Diehr, Charles
Harney Clarence H            1923 27 Oct, Kansas City       Mitterhouse, Adeline
Harney Clarence H            1942 14 Jun, Kansas City?      Jackson, Emma
Harney Clary M               1891 21 Sep, Lafayette co      Johnson, Wesley

Harney Edward Eugene         19-- , St. Louis co.           Hoffmeyer, Jean Edith
Harney Eliza                 1854 03 Dec, St. Louis         Davies, Michael
Harney Eliza Mahala          1877 25 Aug, West Quincy       McAlister, Jordan Walker Jr
Harney Elizabeth             1918 before,                   Linder, Frederick
Harney Elizabeth 'LilyBell'  1900 circa, St. Louis?         Bassett, Frederick B
Harney Eugene Charles        1902 10 Feb, St. Louis         Thompson, Helen M

Harney Fannie S              1877 06 Mar, Clark co          Leach, A.E.
Harney Francis LaMott        1924 before,                   Warfield, Charlotte M
Harney Frank LaMott          192- circa, St. Louis?         Warfield, Charlotte M

Harney George E              1920 ,                         Barlow, Mildred Katherine
Harney George Woodall        1925 29 Jun, Columbia          Haw, Mary
Harney Gerald Bagnel         1915 01 Jun, St. Louis         Cline, Isabel Violet

Harney Harold Robert         1913 18 Sep, St. Louis         Kitner, Dorothy Deane
Harney Henrietta             1889 before,                   Brady, M. J.
Harney Henry L               1820 23 May, St Charles County Morris, Elizabeth

Harney James                 1863 27 Apr, St. Louis         Kallay, Bridget
Harney James Andrew          18-- ,                         Laird, Mary
Harney John Mullanphy        1863 28 Jul, St. Louis         Kimball, Mary
Harney John Rollin           1945 12 Jan, MO or MS?         Jones, Flora
Harney Julia A               1893 01 Jan, Lafayette co      Curry, George A

Harney Margaret              1859 21 Jan, St. Charles co    Diehr, August
Harney Maria                 1865 18 May, St. Louis         Knox, Thomas
Harney Marie Adele           1898 circa, St. Louis?         Whittemore, Lawrason Levering
Harney Marie Antoinette      1889 , St. Louis?              Beauregard, Henry T
Harney Mary                  1851 27 Apr, St. Louis         Callahan, Patrick
Harney Mary                  1859 11 Sep, St. Louis         Evans, Patrick
Harney Mary Ann              1846 24 Sep, St. Charles co    Snider, Daniel
Harney Mary B                1876 16 Mar, St. Louis         Hooper, Thomas B
Harney Merle Herbert         1929 06 Feb, St. Louis         McFarland, Alma
Harney Michael               1859 08 Mar, St. Louis         Smith, Rosa

Harney Nancy                 1836 before,                   Howell, Benjamin F
Harney Nannie D              1931 17 Sep, Marshfield,       McGinnis, Hugh Leo
Harney Oepha                 1891 15 Nov, Carter co         Cotes, W.P.
Harney Oliver C              1894 19 Dec, Lafayette co      Holwell, Mary A
Harney Oliver C              1894 19 Dec, Lafayette co      Holwell, Mary A

Harney Philip                1854 13 Mar, St. Louis         Cretin, Bridget

Harney Thomas                1858 circa, Lexington?         Clark, Angeline
Harney Thomas L              1888 24 Sep, Lafayette co      Slaven, Minnie

Harney William               1870 29 Apr, St. Louis         Donohoe, Mary
Harney William H (H.W.)      1903 27 Jun, Poplar Bluff      Gossett, Vina A
Harney William Selby         1833 01*Oct, St. Louis         Mullanphy, Mary
Harney William Selby         1884 12 Nov, St. Louis         St. Cyr, Mary Eliz. Cromwell
Harney William Taylor        1922 08 Apr, Kansas City?      Miley, Cora Arvilla
Harney n/a                   19-- , Florissant?             Kirchner, Miriam Ruth

Moore Harriett (Harney)      1939 25 Feb, Bowling Green     Singbusch, Eugene B

**  MS = Mississippi
Harney Carl Henry            1934 04 Aug, Tippah            Webb, Minnie Theo
Harney Nicey                 1831 14 Jul, Amite co          James, P.R.
Harney Sarah                 1824 20 Sep, Lawrence co       Bowles, Anderson

**  MT = Montana
Harney Patricia              194- , Great Falls?            Huber, James E
Harney Robert A              1941 , Hobson                  Tubbs, Alice Marion
Harney Thomas B              1914 , Geyer                   McDonald, Ellen Mary

**  NC = North Carolina
Harney Carey W.              1902 , Pasquotank Co.          Cofield, Helen W.
Harney Catherine Isabel      1865 28 Apr, Guilford co       Ghale, William J
Harney Cedrick Holland       1932 25 Jan, Pasq. Eliza. City Reed, Winnie R. "Nettie"
Harney Clarence              1927 , Pasquotank Co.          Overton, Letiece A
Harney Clarence              1930 , Pasquotank Co.          Scott, Almita
Harney Clarence Lee          1939 ,                         Wilson, Agnes
Harney Elizabeth             1810 11 Mar, Orange co         Smith, Thomas
Harney Emily                 1914 , Plymouth?               Sills, Robert Alexander
Harney Frances               1871 18 Jul, Pasquotank Co.    Bowe, Timothy
Harney Frank Kermit          1939 before, NC                Langston, Octavia
Harney George Walter         1892 16 Aug, Plymouth NC       Hunter, Hope
Harney Isabella              1930 , Pasquotank Co.          Jones, Willie
Harney John                  1828 04 Dec, Guilford Co., NC  Pidgeon, Prudence
Harney Lurana                1794 n/a, Pasquotank co        Perkins, Joseph
Harney Martha                1898 09 Mar, Currituck co.     Gallop, Ancene
Harney Mary                  1772 circa, Onslow co?         Wise, Thomas
Harney Mary Alice            1851 ,                         Holmes, Robert Greg
Harney Maryland              1934 , Pasquotank Co.          Williams, Irene
Harney Nancy                 1820 circa, NC or St Louis MO  Tompkin, n/a
Harney Penny                 1910 25 Sep, Pasq. Eliza. City Barnes, Andrew
Harney Penny (n/a)           1891 circa, Pasquotank Co.     Baxter, Mr.
Harney Ruth                  193- , Plymouth?               Bateman, P. Burce
Harney Sarah                 1823 21 Mar, Guilford co       Stewart, Robert
Harney Sarah E               1849 16 Aug, Pasquotank Co     Waugh/Haugh, John Scott
Harney Selby                 1774 23 Jul, Pasquotank County Paddrick, Louraniah
Harney Selby                 1810 before, NC                Jackson, Rebecca
Harney Selby A               1895 before,                   Southhall, Marie
Harney Thomas                1800 circa, Camden co.         Tillett, Mourning
Harney Thomas S              1855 11 May, Pasquotank County Woodhouse, Jane
Harney Thomas Selby          1882 10 Oct, Elizabeth City    Mathews, Harriett S
Harney William Augustus      1852 -1853, Elizabeth City     Freshwater, Sarah
Harney William T             1889 circa,                    Chesson, Laura L
Harney n/a                   1870 circa, Pasquotank Co.     n/a, Penny
Harney n/a                   19-- , Eden                    Pulliam, Vickie Marie
Harney n/a                   194- circa,                    Grey, Carmen

Horney Mary                  1800 23 Mar, Mocksville        Mock, John

**  ND = North Dakota
Harney Florence              19-- ,                         Payne, James
Harney Franklin James        19-- ,                         n/a, Jan
Harney Fred Gerard           19-- ,                         Lucci, Mary Ann
Harney Frederick Erickson    1920 before, Parshall?         Buell, Beatryce
Harney Milton David          19-- ,                         n/a, Jane
Harney Patricia Ann          19-- ,                         Snyder, Steve
Harney Peggy                 19-- ,                         Zahursky, Arnold
Harney Thomas Wm "Bill"      19-- ,                         n/a, Vi
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**  NE = Nebraska
Harney Alydea Hortense       1897 15 Dec, Alliance?         Grossman, Edwin F
Harney Charles Elijah        1883 09 Nov, Lancaster Co.     Colver, [Sarah] Ella Mary
Harney Charles W             187- , Omaha?                  Chambers, Margaret M
Harney Charles W             1884 16 Nov, Tekamah, Burt co  Smith, Amanda (Mrs. T.)
Harney Francis M             1875 circa, NE                 Crawford, Mary
Harney Harriette             1937 circa, NE                 Anville, Frank
Harney Harrison O. "Harry"   1898 circa, Hamilton Co.       n/a, Rose A
Harney Harry Albin Harney    1912 circa, NE                 Snodgrass, Gertrude Alice
Harney Henry                 1884 09 Aug, Fremont, Dodge co Bauer, Fredrica
Harney John H[enry]          1877 25 Jun, Platte Co. NE     Many/Maney, Mary
Harney Louis L               1928 30 Jun,                   Hutton, Gertrude F
Harney Lucy                  191? circa, NE or AZ           Graham, Maurice
Harney Neva                  1910 circa,                    Hettler, Fred
Harney Orphelia J            1912 before,                   Taylor, Charles W
Harney Robert R              1935 circa, Julian NE          Frerichs, Marian
Harney Ruth Lenora           1928 23 Dec, Perkins co        Keller, Grant E
Harney Stephen               1903 circa, Burt co            Lydick, Evie R

**  NH = New Hampshire
Harney Frank D               1882 15 May, Manchester NH     Nicholes, Laura V
Harney Mary                  17-- circa, New Hampshire?     Brocklebank, Samuel

**  NJ = New Jersey
Harney Anna                  186? ,                         Jaquith, Charles H
Harney Anne                  1885 before, Jersey City       Flood, Theodore

Harney Beatrice C            1931 18 Apr, NJ                Storm, Clare Carter
Harney Benjamin Assel Jr     1907 15 Jun, Riverside NJ      Evans, Anna May
Harney Benjamin Assel Sr     1869 26 Jul, NY or NJ          Friedman, Hannah
Harney Bernard               1855 circa, Brooklyn           n/a, Teresa

Harney Carrol John           1936 before, Jersey City?      Flanagan, Agnes Theresa
Harney Cartherine Emiline    1898 before, Jersey City       Mannion, James E
Harney Cornelius P           1920 04 Feb, Jersey City       Thornton, Jane Irene
Harney Cynthia               19-- ,                         Marchant, Mr.

Harney Donald Neil           1938 09 Jul, NJ                Parkes, Nellie Mae
Harney Dorothy Mae           1936 21 Mar, NJ                Workman, James Carson

Harney Elizabeth             1857 circa,                    Randall, George Augustus
Harney Ellen Theresa         1890 circa, Jersey City        Lindermann, Frederick D

Harney Felix T               19-- , Trenton                 Corrigan, Ann
Harney Francis W             1874 28 Jun, Newark            Outwater, Penelope
Harney Frank                 1878 31 Jan, Elizabeth, Union  Hastings, Mary Jane

Harney George A              1908 circa,                    n/a, Maude

Harney Harold                1917 before, Boundbrook?       Christ, Gertrude
Harney Herbert               1875 07 Jul,                   Walling, Georgianna

Harney Jenny                 1915 circa, Trenton            Carney, J. Thomas
Harney Joane                 19-- ,                         Titis, Mr.
Harney John                  1860 28 Apr, Trenton, Mercer   Dilts, Catherine
Harney John                  1867 29 Sep, Jersey City       Brodell, Bridget
Harney John A                193- ,                         Lang, Lillian
Harney John Patrick          1892 before, Jersey City?      McDermott, Jane
Harney John Patrick          1894 before,                   Cunniff, Catherine
Harney John Reynolds         1935 before,                   Paullin, Amy Irene

Harney Lawrence              1866 29 Dec, Jersey City       Davis, Sarah
Harney Luke                  1851 18 Feb, South Trenton,    Quinn, Bridget
Harney Margaret              1905 circa, Jersey City        Groeder, Thomas
Harney Maria/Mary            1864 before, Jersey City       Cannon, James
Harney Martin                1862 20 Jul, Jersey City,      Kearman, Ann
Harney Martin P              1919 before, Jersey City?      n/a, Marie
Harney Mary                  1864 30 Jun, Jersey City       Mulford, Fred
Harney Mary                  1867 15 Jul,                   Gegan, Thomas
Harney Mary A                1886 before, Jersey City       Fitzgibbon, Dennis
Harney Mary E                1864 30 Jun, Jersey City       Hibbler, R. Walter
Harney Maureen               19-- ,                         McHugh, Mr.
Harney Michael               1870 29 Jul,                   Costigan, Mary
Harney Michael F             1881 before, Jersey City       Dolan, Mary

Harney Naomi Evans           1929 09 Feb, NJ                Meister, Harold
Harney Nicholas              1856 22 Nov, Lambertsville,    West, Elizabeth A
Harney Owen                  1857 circa, Jersey City        Fallon, Catherine

Harney Pat                   1864 28 Jan, Jersey City,      Donovan, Ellen
Harney Patrick               1864 circa, Jersey City        O'Neil, Ellen/Ella
Harney Patrick               1866 07 Feb, Jersey City       Naughton, Anna
Harney Patrick               1890 before, Jersey City       Hynes, Ann
Harney Peter                 1851 14 Feb, Paterson, Passaic Thompson, Rachel

Harney Robt                  1881 14 Jul, Camden            Bebee, Mary

Harney Thomas                1883, 05 Feb , Trenton, Mercer co      Sheehan, Ellen
Harney William               1897 before, Jersey City       n/a, Sarah
Harney William A             1868 17 Nov, Jersey City       Hyer, Cornelia A
Harney William Selby Jr      1945 02 Jun, Andover NJ        Waugh, Jeanne

Harvey John                  1861 15 Jun, Woodbridge,       Kinsey, Phebe A
Harvy James W                1850 11 Apr, Egg Harbor        Ireland, Phebe
Hearney Patrick              1856 29 Jan, Burlington        Curry, Margaret

**  NV = Nevada
Harney Adrianna              19-- ,                         Garate, Antonio Mancheca
Harney Antonette             19-- ,                         Cavannaugh, Mr.
Harney Bert                  19-- , Elko co                 Prior, Lucille
Harney Elizabeth             1896 23 Dec, Elko co           Baum, Edward C
Harney Katie                 1888 11 Nov, Elko co.          Conger, John L
Harney Phillip               1909 before, NV or UT?         Truett, Anna A
Harney Race                  1892 before,                   Sims, Jenny
Harney Thomas J              1912 18 Mar, Elko              Berry, Anna
Harney Verna E               1930 26 Oct, Elko              Ogilvie, Oscar O
Harney William               1866 03 Apr, Virginia City     Meacham, Benjamina C

**  NY = New York
Harney Allen Taylor          1945 18 Jan, Westfield         Peters, Selma Ruth
Harney Anna E                1870 circa,                    Bascom, Ezra Michael
Harney Anne                  1881 17 Nov, Long Island       Noon, Patrick

Harney Benjamin              18-- , NY or KY                Mills, Helen
Harney Benjamin Assel Sr     1881 20 Nov, NYC               Schwartz, Pauline Wilhemina
Harney Bernard E             1913 circa, Bronx?             Sullivan, Catharine
Harney Bridget               1889 19 May, Long Island       Reilly, Charles
Harney* Bridget              1914 07 Oct, NY, Vateran       Murphy, Joseph L

Harney Catherine Louise      1909 14 Jul, Cadyville NY      Kennedy, Edward
Harney Catherine/Kathryn     1914 17 Jun, Kingston          McDonough, Edward P

Harney Dean                  19-- ,                         n/a, Fannie M
Harney Dorothy Emma 'Dora'   1912 25 Dec, Richmond          Carver, Pleam Charles

Harney Edward                19-- ,                         n/a, Rosemarie T
Harney Elizabeth A           1927 25 Jun, Saratoga County   ,
Harney Elizabeth [Mary]      1893 14 Jun, Cadyville NY      Hanlon, Michael Joseph
Harney Ellen                 1854 before,                   Powers, Richard
Harney Ellen                 1877 Before, Cadyville NY      Powers, Richard
Harney Ellen Elizabeth       1899 circa,                    Tubbs, William

Harney Francis Xavier        1937 23 May, NYC               Schulte, Gertrude Ann
Harney Frank                 1904 circa, Yonkers?           O'Brien, Annie

Harney George Edward         1872 n/a, New York             Renshaw, Maria
Harney Grace Lorraine        1936 27 Nov,                   Freeman, Henry George
Harney Gregory Gerald        1925 10 Feb, New York, NY      Whaley, Eleanor

Harney Hattie (Thornton)     1912 16 Apr, NYC, & Ulser co.  Fuller, William L
Harney Helen Catherine       1933 20 Jan, Jackson Hts       Hicks, Walter Robert
Harney Helen Catherine       1933 20 Jan, Jackson Heights   Hicks, Walter Robert

Harney James F               1919 14 Aug, Churubisco NY     Sharson, Hazel M
Harney James Joseph           ,                             Whelan, Annie
Harney James L               1908 24 Oct, Altona NY         Kennedy, Margaret Teresa
Harney James Norman          1927 22 Sep, NYC               Havill, Helen
Harney James P               1909 15 Sep, Plattsburg NY     Lynch, Margaret M
Harney John                  1827 before, Cadyville         Boland, Honora "Nora"
Harney John                  1861 25 Nov, Plattsburg        Dillon, Mary
Harney John                  1879 circa, Putnam co          Clark, Bridget
Harney John A                1910 30 Mar, NYC, Manhattan    Geier, Theresa
Harney John Joseph           1920 circa, NYC                Kuhlman, Ann
Harney John Joseph II        1944 circa, NYC                Roche, Edna
Harney John Jr               1861 25 Nov,                   Dillon, Mary
Harney John P                19-- ,                         Hannemann, Phyllis
Harney Joseph J.             1926 23 Jun, Akron, OH         Farmer, Doris E.

Harney Madge Spaulding       1909 06 Jan, NYC               Sugarman, Abraham
Harney Margaret              1918 before, Manhattan?        Monaco, n/a
Harney Martin                1896 before,                   n/a, Elizabeth
Harney Mary                  1860 05 May, Dannemora         O'Brien, William
Harney Mary                  1860 05 May, Cadyville         O'Brien, William
Harney Mary                  1867 , Port Henry              Judge, John
Harney Mary E.               1935 n/a, Waterford NY?        Cattanach, Francis
Harney Mary Elizabeth        1915 25 Jun, St.Charles        Rooney, James Joseph
Harney Mary Helen            1909 30 Aug, Cadyville NY      Corwin, Carroll B
Harney Michael               1890 before, Orange co         n/a, Johanna
Harney Michael E             1912 18 Feb, NYC, Manhattan    Mannis?, Grace
Harney Michael J             1883 circa, Manhattan or NJ    Hearty, Mary E

Harney Nora                  1889 , Clinton co?             Buckley, Patrick C

Harney Oscar                 1937 10 Aug, Brooklyn          n/a,
Harney Owen                  1917 circa, NYC                Cahill, Elizabeth

Harney Patrick               1858 12 Nov, Plattsburg        Powers, Mary
Harney Patrick               1858 12 Nov, Clinton co        Powers, Mary

Harney Richard               1919 circa,                    Miller, Mildred
Harney Richard Bomond        1844 circa, NYC or Ireland     Hardy/Harney, Grace Annie
Harney Rita Mariane          1935 02 Sep, Cadyville NY      Haney, William P

Harney Sarah Helen           1865 25 Aug, Kingston          McCullach, Robert Jackson

Harney Thaddeus              1899 before, Bronx?            Kanaar/Karman, Margaret
Harney Thomas                1863 -- Nov, Plattsburg NY     Reed/Reid, Elizabeth
Harney Thomas                1863 -- Nov, Plattsburgh       Reid, Elizabeth
Harney Thomas                1912 09 Jun, NYC, Manhattan    Lindsey, Mary
Harney Thomas Henry          1899 Before, Cadyville NY      Kennedy, Ellen
Harney Thomas Henry          1899 before,                   Kennedy, Ellen
Harney Thomas J.             1923 circa, New York           Curran, Elizabeth

Harney Willoughby James      1907 21 Dec, New York City, NY Turman Phillips, Flora Lavina

Harney n/a                   19-- , Syracuse                Williams, Marilyn

NAME                         DATE & PLACE                   SPOUSE

**  OH
Harney Albert C              19-- ,                         n/a, Dora L
Harney Alpha Omega           189- circa,                    n/a, Ida B
Harney Alvin                 19-- ,                         Martin, Donna
Harney Alvin Craig           19-- ,                         Laszlo, Faye Emilie
Harney Benjamin Assel Jr     1954 28 Oct, Mansfield         Secnkel, Anna E (Wilson)
Harney Charles Morton        1897 25 Jul, Cincinnati        Teel, Dora
Harney Clarence              19-- ,                         Grooms, Joy B
Harney Clarence J            n/a ,                          Glymph, Amye H
Harney Cora Alice            1882 28 Aug, Aberdeen          Miller, Joseph
Harney David Ellison         1970 06 Jun, OH?               Offermann, Marilyn
Harney David Ellison         1985 24 May, Mentor OH         Poje, Anita
Harney David Ellison         1990 21 Jul, OH, Mentor        Paul, Connie T
Harney David M               1875 24 May, Cleveland,        Chroniger, Mary Ann (Sharp)
Harney Edmond S              1902 circa,                    McKain, Hellen B
Harney Edward R              194- ,                         Bolan, Margaret
Harney Edward R              n/a ,                          Boland, Margaret
Harney Edward T               ,                             Pollock, Louisa
Harney Elbert [Wm. E.]       1927 after, OH or KY?          Schall, Daisy
Harney Elijah                1857 25 Aug, Highland co.      Waits, Malinda
Harney Elizabeth "Bessie"    1913 circa,                    McDermott, Cyril T "Mac"
Harney Ellen Marie           1947 28 Feb,                   Benjamin, Robert
Harney Ethel Mae             1910 15 Jan, Tiffin            Leedy, Marvin Hayes
Harney Florence              1910 circa, Cleveland?         LaPort, Arthur
Harney Florence "Tootie"     193- , Cleveland?              McLaughlin, R.
Harney Flossie May           1945 after,                    Lowe, James Elmer
Harney Foivs??               1860 circa?,                   Williams, Esther A
Harney George                1839 before,                   n/a, Eliza.
Harney George Selby          1908 07 Jan, Canton OH         Young, Clara Emma
Harney Grace                 1919 17 Apr, Cincinnati        Coleman, Oscar
Harney Harry Frank           1893 before,                   Richardson, Harriet Judith
Harney Herman Goebel         1962 19 Jun, Dayton            Stewart, Jan
Harney Isiah/Isaah           1881 before, Aberdeen          Harney, Sarah Eveline
Harney James                 187- circa,                    Anderson, Caroline
Harney James                 1887 circa,                    Dobbins, Della Florence
Harney Jane                  1837 02 Feb, Jefferson Co.     Brown, William
Harney Jeanne Adele          1950 circa, Cincinnati?        Jockers, Clifford
Harney John                  1885 before, Springfield?      Matuspaw, Margaret
Harney John                  1890 circa,                    Costello, Anna
Harney John L                1880 circa, New Philadelphia?  McIlwaine, Jennie C
Harney Joseph                1888 before, Cleveland?        Toland, Winifred (Durkin)
Harney Joseph A              1909 circa, Cleveland          Brown, Margaret
Harney Kenneth               1941 circa, Cleveland          Speed, Alma
Harney Laura Douglas         1922 03 Apr, West Union        Muse, Armand
Harney Lawrence J            1911 29 Oct, Cleveland         Smith, Emma
Harney Lawrence Jr           1940 ,                         Caso, Sue
Harney Lee                   1961 before,                   n/a, Linda
Harney Leonard J             19-- ,                         Williams, Delores A
Harney Leonard J             n/a ,                          Rivers, Georgia
Harney Lewis Barnard         1922 01 May, Cincinnati        Earl, Rose
Harney Lucy                  1900 circa, Dayton?            Gray, Irvin
Harney Luke                  1900 circa, Massillon          n/a, n/a
Harney Mabel                 1900 circa, Cincinatti?        Stevens, Roy B
Harney Margaret              1888 before, Addison?          Gillespie, William
Harney Marvin Lee            19-- ,                         Shuster, Lori
Harney Maurice T             1982 after,                    Walden, Andrea Lynne
Harney Myron D               n/a ,                          Ballon, Nellie
Harney Nathaniel C           19-- ,                         Harney, Bernice C
Harney Opal Ray              1962 -- May, Dayton, Montg.    Williams, Wanda
Harney Patricia              194- ,                         Chaky, William
Harney Patricia L            19-- , Huntington              Sweinbagen, Karl
Harney Patrick               1888 circa,                    Raber, Ada M
Harney Raymond Ebb           1991 28 Oct, Todedo            Sprague, Frances Jean
Harney Riley                 1817 28 Aug, Butler Co         Ray, Letitia
Harney Rosa                  1859 24 Apr, Hamilton co.      Schaefer, Martin Joseph
Harney Rosaline Matilda      1867 26 Mar, Tuscarawas Co.    Hummel, John Wesley
Harney Rosaline Matilda      1867 26 Mar, New Philadelphia  Hummel, John Wesley
Harney Roy                   n/a ,                          Bell, Gussie
Harney Roy Earl              1905 circa,                    n/a, Anna
Harney Selby                 1859 17 Sep, Cincinatti?       Taylor, Carolyn R. "Carrie"
Harney Sharon                1963 ,                         Elder, James W
Harney Shelman/Sherman L     1890 13 Feb, Aberdeen          Sutton, Lutie Taylor
Harney Sida /Siddie          1881 24 Jan, Aberdeen          Earlywine, George D
Harney Theodore R Jr         n/a ,                          Hale, Margaret J
Harney Thomas                1862 23 Sep, Seneca            Hennesey, Margaret E
Harney Thomas Hayden         1952 19 Jul, Dayton            McGrew, Geraldine
Harney Thomas Jefferson      1891 24 Dec, Aberdeen          Varner, Ida Catherine
Harney Thomas R              1898 19 Oct, Cleveland         Jordan Stevens, Martha Grace
Harney Violet                1935 circa, Cincinnati ??      Brickler, John
Harney W. Duane              195? , Akron?                  Gerro, Joyce
Harney Walter A              1981 before, OH or KY?         Harrison, Betty Dorlene
Harney Wendell               1981 08 Sep,                   White, Gail Ann
Harney Wendell               n/a ,                          Freeman, Leslie D
Harney William               1834 , Hamilton co             [Shafer], Patsey
Harney William G             n/a ,                          Karasiewicz, Wanda M
Harney William J             n/a , Cleveland                Welsh, Mary C
Harney n/a                   186- circa,                    Wright, Didamia
Harney n/a                   1860 circa,                    Barrett, Mary
Harney n/a                   1860 circa,                    Lain, Mary Eliza
Harney n/a                   1885 circa,                    McConnau.., Mary
Harney n/a                   19?? ,                         Klasemer, Mary Sue

**  OK = Oklahoma
Harney Agnes                 1898 11 Dec, Hartshorne        Trover?, William
Harney Andrew Daniel         1924 24 Sep, Perry             Taylor, Gladys Junior
Harney Annie Opal            19-- ,                         Dorn, Harold

Harney Carl H                19-- ,                         Thompson, Vera
Harney Charles Odes [C.O.]   1911 11 Nov, Bartlesville,     Waggenner, Florence (Dudley)
Harney Charles Raymond       1931 13 Oct, Nowata?           Harris, Vera Irene
Harney Clarence M. "Bum"     1932 11 Jun, Nowata co         Sellars, Alice M
Harney Clarice E             1933 05 Jul, Lincoln co.       McCracken, Henry G.

Harney David F               1893 before, Lincoln co        Patterson, Frances Ellen
Harney Donna Lea             1945 26 Nov, Nowata co?        Nix, Lawrence Wayne
Harney Duane Andrew          19-- ,                         Porter, Pamela Sue

Harney Emmons F. "Hayden"    1921 22 Dec, Nowata co         Clifford, Zola
Harney Ethel B               1919 08 Sep, Lawton, Comanche  Deeds, Ralph B
Harney Eva                   1902 06 Oct, Lawton, Comanche  Stanffer, Ben R

Harney Fannie Alma           1890 circa,                    Humphries, Charley

Harney George L              1908 before, OK or TN          Riley/O'Riley, Mattie
Harney Guy                   1934 29 Sep, Elgin, Comanche   Lemans, Lillie Mae

Harney Hazel Loretta         1910 07 Jan, Alluwe, Nowata    Anderson, Frank O
Harney Henry Clay            1905 , Roger Mills co          Piper, Bertha Ann
Harney Henry D               1939 , Roger Mills co          Page, Jessie Maude

Harney James                 1912 09 Aug, Alluwe, Nowata co Smith, Effie
Harney James Ferdinand       1937 14 Aug, Tulsa             Allison, Anna Ruth

Harney Lee Ross              1935 15 Aug, Ponca City?       Miller, Grace Jeanette
Harney Leo Jesse "Dock"      1928 08 Apr, Nowata co         Eades, Zola L

Harney Mable Amanda          1909 before,                   Reed, Amos
Harney Mary (Mrs)            1898 24 Dec, Hartshorne        Cooper, John
Harney Mary Teressa "Patsy"  1921 before, Nowata co?        Wait, Dale
Harney Mary Teressa "Patsy"  1932 before, OK or KS ?        Riner, George W

Harney Nola Persis           1908 03 Jun, Blackwell         Getter, George Milton

Harney* Ray                  1938 16 Jan, Fletcher,         Flowers, Jewell
Harney Thomas Edward         189- circa,                    Newland, Winifred
Harney Tom                   1904 28 Feb, Haileyville       Jones, Annie (Mrs)

Harney Vita Teresa           1932 18 May, Moorwood          Dillon, John L

Harney William Harmon        1915 15 Jun, Nowata co         Hall, Wanda Pearl
Harney Wm James "Jim"        1936 08 Oct, Nowata co         Woods, Lucy Mae

Harney Zemana Florence       1916 circa,                    Fadler, C.

**  OR = Oregon
Harney Anna                  1909 18 Sep, Lane co.          n/a, A.
Harney Dora                  1907 15 Nov, Baker co          n/a,
Harney Edmond Ward           1917 19 Dec, Clackamas         Brown, Winifred
Harney Edna M                1928 before,                   Thornburg, Carl W
Harney Edward S              1913 18 Oct, Union Co          Nice, Elizabeth
Harney Eveline               1911 16 Dec, Lincoln co        n/a,
Harney Franklin Leslie       1930 , Oregon or Calif.        Davies, Elizabeth B
Harney Grace                 1918 28 Dec, Baker             n/a,
Harney Louis                 1916 10 May, Multnomah co      n/a, H.
Harney Lydia                 1868 31 Dec, Multonomah co     Taylor, Lot
Harney Michael               1877 24 May,                   O'Brien, Mary
Harney Thomas D              1936 , Portland?               Beauchamp, Janet L

**  PA = Pennsylvania
Harney Alicia                19-- ,                         Magee, Patrick
Harney Bridget               1745 17 Aug, Philadelphia      Collins, Charles
Harney Eben H                1942 , Altoona, Blair co.      Yammerino, Phyllis Lenora
Harney Edward                1883 before, Cherry, Sullivan  Lahey, Mary
Harney Edward W              1915 before,                   Connerton, Johanna
Harney Elizabeth "Betsy"     1856 16 Nov, PA, Williamsport  Breen, John
Harney Eugene J              1940 c., Lackawanna co         McDonnell, Helen
Harney F                     1884 02 Jan, Cherry            Collins, Mary
Harney James J               1937 before, Philadelphia?     Arr, Ruth
Harney John Edward           1917 , Altoona, Blair co       Crawford, Hilda M
Harney John Edward           1928 12 May, PA, Uniontown     Dille, Edith Elaine
Harney John Edward Jr        1945 before, Bellefonte?       Droege, Mary Matilda
Harney Joseph P              1885 , Altoona, Blair co       Nagle, Ida B
Harney Judson E              1907 before,                   Hinds, Nan A
Harney Maggie                1888 , Altoona, Blair co       Casey, George J
Harney Margaret "Peggy"      194- ca.,                      Krings, ?Bernard
Harney Mary                  1882 02 Nov, Sullivan          Fox, Frank
Harney Phillip               1897 before, Philadelphia?     Halpin, Sarah
Harney Romayne Mary          1942 , Altoona, Blair co       Steinheiser, John Thomas
Harney Shawn M               19-- ,                         Dorr, Rose
Harney Thomas Porter         19-- ,                         Wagner, S. (Groome)
Harney Thomas Porter         1925 , PA, Haverford           Mather, Dorothy
Harney Thomas Richard        1916 08 Apr, Pittsburgh        Dillon, Hazel
Harney Timothy               19-- , Bainbridge?             n/a, Stacie
Harney Willett Monroe        1941 16 Oct, Cambridge Springs Hiliwick, Naomi Eileen
Harney n/a                    ,                             Flury, Kathryn E

**  RI = Rhode Island
Harnery John F               1916 02 Dec, Providenct        Kelly, Katherine F
Harney Anastatia A           1911 25 Oct, Providence        Agnew, James L
Harney Ann                   1854 20 Feb, Providence        Donlan, Bernard
Harney Ann                   1868 12 Nov, RI                Eagan, John
Harney Ann                   1873 23 Sep, RI                Farrell, John
Harney Anna                  1874 20 Jun, RI                Daley, John
Harney Anne                  1870 22 Nov, Providence        Early, Patrick
Harney Bertha                1916 11 Mar, Providence        Harney, Thomas
Harney Catharine             1861 14 Aug, RI                Driscoll, Patrick
Harney Charles               1890 12 Mar, RI                Smith, Ada
Harney Daniel G              1883 22 Jan, RI                Clark, Mary J
Harney David                 1899 15 Apr, RI                Buchanan, Adeline
Harney Dennis                1870 20 Sep, RI                Cronin, Johanna
Harney Edith M               1936 25 Apr, Providence        Flanagan, John J
Harney Eliza                 1864 20 Jul, Providence        McCarthy, William
Harney Elizabeth             1905 31 Jul, Providence        Williams, Henry C
Harney Ellen T               1914 21 Apr, Providence        McGuinn, Michael J
Harney Frank                 1889 19 Dec, RI                Mercer, Lucy
Harney Frank L               1943 01 Jan, Providence        Stanulewich, Frances E
Harney Henry M               1866 01 Nov, RI                Ambrose, Gertrude E
Harney James                 1867 15 May, Providence        McCaffrey, Annie R
Harney John                  1852 08 Nov, Providence        Kelly, Mary
Harney John                  1871 06 Nov, Providence        White, Catherine
Harney John                  1886 23 Aug, RI                Donnelly, Catherine
Harney John E                1892 10 Jul, Providence        Richards, Margaret
Harney John Q                1933 05 Jul, Providence        Cardiff, Norbetta M
Harney Josephine F           1898 22 Nov, Providence        Hoffman, George H
Harney Mary                  1855 10 Jan, Providence        McGoldrick, Fergus
Harney Mary A                1887 14 Jul, RI                Mellon, James S
Harney Mary A                1904 15 Jun, Providence        Moriarty, John J
Harney Mary Ellen            1920 06 Sep, Providence        McGuinn, James T
Harney Mary H                1936 15 Feb, Providence        Dexter, Donald J
Harney Mary J                1864 17 Jul, Providence        McFaddon, John
Harney Mary J                1890 13 Apr, Providence        Connor, Barney
Harney Mary J                1895 24 Nov, Providence        Carpenter, Hollis J
Harney Nellie                1893 06 Jul, RI                Ousley, Albert H
Harney Patrick               1870 24 Sep, RI                Kenny, Anne
Harney Peter E               1935 01 Jul, Providence        DelSignore, Clelia B
Harney Robert                1860 04 Dec, RI                McNicol, Margaret
Harney Rose                  1892 02 Jul, RI                Jerrett, John
Harney Thomas                1877 17 Aug, Woonsocket        Sargent, Ella J
Harney Thomas                1916 11 Mar, Providence        Harney, Bertha
Harney Thomas J              1861 12 Feb, Providence        McGlennan, Bridget
Harney William               1861 03 Aug, RI                McMeekan, Eliza
Harney William H             1879 15 Jun, RI                Leach, Emma
Harney William T             1909 08 Sep, Providence        Niles, Flora Belle
Harney Winnie                1864 08 Jul, RI                Dailey, Andrew J

Harny Mary B                 1895 13 Apr, RI                Cranston, Charles L

**  SC = South Carolina
Harney Miles                 1903 15 Nov Spartnaburg co.    Cathcart Pearl
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**  SD = South Dakota
Harney Edward P              1932 ,                         Dermondy, Pauline P
Harney F. Nadine             1945 , Belle Fourche           Kindsfater, Dave
Harney Grover J              1914 27 Apr,                   Caffery, Frances Myrtle
Harney Grover James          1914 27 Apr, Belle Fourche     Caffery, Frances
Harney Hugh Martin           1913 27 Dec, Belle Fourche     Evans, Winifred
Harney John M                1900 c.,                       MacAllister, Lizzie B
Harney LeRoy James           1922 ,                         Silvis, C. Lillian
Harney Margaret              1898 c.,                       Berens, Anthony
Harney Rhoda M               19-- , Belle Fourche           Huffman, Clarence
Harney Stanley E             19-- , Belle Fourche           Myers, Nedra K
Harney Theresa               1900 c.,                       Hoffmeister, Oris

**  TN = Tennessee
Harney A.L.                  1861 before, Giles co.         Bridgeforth, Elizabeth
Harney Adaline               1869 15 Sep, Giles co          Keith, Alexander
Harney Addie M               1866 27 Mar, Sumner co.        Graves, Jno. B
Harney Amy Mae                ,                             Abshire, n/a
Harney Andrew                1848 11 Nov, Davidson county   Hutchens*, Ann
Harney Andrew T              1855 26 Dec, Rutherford co.    McCrary, Susanah/Susan
Harney Annie Ruth            1937 15 Jan, Rutherford co     Youree, James Hall
Harney Arthur Mack           1880 circa,                    Moore, Mary E
Harney Arthur Mack           1903 circa,                    Patterson, Mary Lou Hooper
Harney Catharine             1865 30 Jul, Montgomery co     Dinneen, John
Harney Daniel                1866 06 May, Giles co          Brown, Mina
Harney Elizabeth (Bridgefor  1861 after, Giles co           Bowers, James A
Harney Elizabeth E           1865 22 Dec, Giles co          Bowers, James A
Harney George                1866 26 May, Giles co          Austin, Jane
Harney George Washington     1800 03 Jun, Davidson county   McSpaddin, Janey/Jenny
Harney George Washington     1855 22 Dec, Rutherford co.    Witherspoon, Jane J.M.
Harney George Washington     1858 circa,                    Austin, Jane
Harney Hazel Marie           1933 29 Nov,                   Patrick, William Arthur
Harney Isabel                1838 03 Jan, Wilson co.        Cropper, John
Harney Israel                1866 08 May, Giles co          Jenkins, Lucy
Harney Israel                1869 22 Sep, Giles co          Brown, Louisa
Harney Israel                1872 07 Sep, Giles co          Osten, Jane
Harney Israel                1875 30 Dec, Giles co          Bledsob, Parolee
Harney James J               1867 21 Nov, DeKalb co.        Allen, Mical/Michael
Harney James Lee             1908 before,                   McNabb, Cynthia "Belle"
Harney Jane (Mrs.)           1808 14 Jun, Davidson co       Tilford, Hugh
Harney Jane Ann              1872 04 Sep, Gallatin, Sumner  Hargis, P. Fount
Harney Janey (McSpadden)     1808 05 Jun, Davidson county   Tilford, Hugh
Harney Joel                  1854 01 Jun, Montgomery co     Porter, Mary Ann
Harney John                  1856 08 Apr, Smith co.         Overstreet, Susan
Harney John                  1868 24 Sep, Giles co          Harney, Rena
Harney John Earl             1920 20 Nov,                   McNabb, Halloween
Harney John Mathews          1930 before, Pasquotank co?    Lee, Grace
Harney Judy                  1872 28 Dec, Giles co          Trotter, Benjamin
Harney Leander               1860 06 Feb, Montgomery co     Bagget, Lucy
Harney Lucy                  1898 08 Oct, Sequ. co.         Stewart, Simon
Harney Mack Monroe           1929 31 Mar,                   Parsley, Kate Evelyn
Harney Margaret              1919 circa,                    Wills, Benjamin (Dr.)
Harney Mitchell              1869 29 Dec, Giles co          Brown, Sallie
Harney Ned Trevor            19-- ,                         Millbourn, Mary Joyce
Harney Nelson                1873 06 Jan, Giles co          Ordway, Susan
Harney Paul                  1868 22 Dec, Giles co          Mason, Caledonia
Harney Perry                 1827 04 Oct, Davidson county   Owen, Lucinda
Harney Rachel                1866 03 May, Giles co          Harney, Thomas
Harney Rebecca               1853 20 Oct, Montgomery co     Cochran, James R
Harney Rebecca               1859 26 Apr, Montgomery co     Morgan, Wade
Harney Rena                  1868 24 Sep, Giles co          Harney, John
Harney Robert Burns          1831 14 Feb, Elkton, Giles Co. Miller, Mary Elizabeth
Harney Rosa Lee              1930 11 Jul,                   Richardson, Vernon
Harney Sandy                 1866 03 Jun, Giles co          Jenkins, Mary
Harney Sarah                 1872 29 Dec, Giles co          Merrell, Coleman
Harney Sarah M               1880 29 Jan, DeKalb co         Ferrell, T.L.D.
Harney Sue Belle             1928 29 Jul,                   McCrary, Herbert
Harney Thomas                1866 03 May, Giles co          Harney, Rachel
Harney Thomas Frank          1882 circa,                    Carnahan, Lillie
Harney Thomas W              1827 05 Mar, Rutherford co?    Bay, Cynthia A
Harney Washington            1859 15 Jan, Sumner co.        Boyd, Zeralda
Harney William A             1911 08 Nov, Pasquotank co     Capehart, Clara Cotton
Harney William Capehart      1941 , Pasquotank co.          Martin, Louise Neimeyer

Harny Mary A.C.              1875 04 Apr, DeKalb co         Whaley, John D

**  TX = Texas
Harney William S             1904  TX?                      Hayes Laura
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**  UT = Utah
Harney Ida Marie             1944 circa CO or UT?           Galasso

**  VA = Virginia
Harney Amelia                1938 13 Aug,                   Thompson, Lorin A
Harney Caroline Estelle      1895 03 Apr, Hampton           Zoeller, William Henry
Harney Craig                 19-- ,                         Boyd, Ann
Harney James Madison         1840 n/a, VA                   Bratton, Jane
Harney John                  1882 19 Sep, Lexington         Mutherspaw, Mary
Harney John C                1838 13 Dec, Halifax co        Hundley, Mary W
Harney Lou                   193? ,                         Shimchock, Mary
Harney Mary Elizabeth        1900 26 Sep, Lexington         Brown*, H. Rousey
Harney Robert B              1825 , Rappahannoch & Essx     Upshaw, Louisa
Harney Sarah A               1832 17 Aug, Campbell co.      Thompson, John
Harney Walter Chesson        1918 before, Norfolk?          Gregory, Grace Virginia
Harney William Thomas        1911 15 Feb, Norfolk           Rogers, Irma Mary
Harney n/a                   19-- , Norfolk?                Busch, Lucinda B
Harney n/a                   19-- , VA or SC                Isom, Andrea

**  VT = Vermont
Harney                       19-- ,                         Troy, Catherine M
Harney Eileen                19-- ,                         Lymon, Mr.
Harney Eliza                 1853 before,                   Sturtevant, Pschal
Harney Elizabeth J           1857 before, Morgan            Kelsey, William
Harney James                 1889 circa, Rutland co         Brady, Bridget
Harney John J                1896 21 Jan,                   Hannan, Johanna
Harney John J                19-- ,                         n/a, Evelyn
Harney Phillip D             19-- ,                         Wicks, Donna
Harney Sharon                19-- ,                         Cassady, Mr.
Harney Theresa H             19-- ,                         Larkin,
Harney Thomas                19-- , Rutland co?             n/a, Stella
Harney Thomas P              19-- ,                         Ordes, Caroline C

**  WI = Wisconsin
Harney Alice Ruby            1892 06 Jun, Fond du Lac       Powell, Reginald Wardrop
Harney Byron W               1887 17 Mar, Milwaukee         Hall, Adelia A
Harney Cabell H.             1883 20 Feb, Waupun, Dodge Co. Harney, Mariam (Whitesides)
Harney Caleb H               1850 15 Jan, Wisc.             McGauchey, Mariam (Whitesides)
Harney Catherine Mary        1898 25 Aug, Racine            Johnson, Julius S
Harney David John            1888 before, WI or NY          Reynolds, May
Harney Edith K               1905 02 Oct, Wausau            Cleveland, Herbert C
Harney Edna                  1906 29 May, Chippewa Falls    Green, Egbert
Harney Elizabeth A. H.       1859 08 Jun,                   Randall, George A
Harney Ellen                 1898 03 Aug, Watertown, Jeff.  Buffmire, Frederick
Harney Estelle E             1890 04 Mar, Hazel Green,      Steiner, John
Harney Eve                   1890 23 Apr, Muscoda, Grant co Fouer, George
Harney F.                    1906 29 Nov, Milwaukee         Adams, C.
Harney Francis DeSales       1875 -- May, Winneconne        Ketchum, Ettie
Harney Frank L               1907 25 Jun, Mather, Juneau    Chilson, Susie E

Harney George C              1872 05 Oct, Wausau, WI        Lemma, Vianna "Minnie"

Harney Harrison A            1863 24 Dec, Jamestown Grant   Coyle, Mary J. [or I.]
Harney Helen [Eliz. Ellen]   1867 28 Jan, Jamestown Grant   Norton, Charles W
Harney Howard                1860 08 May, Pierce co         n/a,
Harney Isabella H            1867 16 Nov,                   Morgan, William Montrose
Harney James                 1891 18 Nov, Buchanon,         Ryan, Anne
Harney Johanna               1899 24 Jan, Fennimore, Grant  McCormick, James
Harney Johanna               1904 10 May, Milwaukee         Wallace, William Henry
Harney John                  18-- ,                         Belscamper, Emmaranza "Emma"
Harney John                  1880 03 Feb, Mineral Point     Cullen, Margaret
Harney Julia                 1861 03 Sep, Marion            France, John Jr.
Harney Katharine Mary        1898 25 Aug, Racine            Johnson, Julius S
Harney Katherine Mary        1906 06 Aug, Madison, Dane co. Rhodes, Alfred J
Harney Kathryn Genevieve     1904 06 Apr,                   Weaver, David Elmer
Harney Laura Lucille         1903 ,                         Rathbone, Henry Riggs
Harney Lillian Cecelia       1909 27 Dec,                   Newberry, Thomas
Harney Mabel J               1899 27 Jun, Schofield WI      Bucklin, George L
Harney Marie [Mary Caroline  1850 10 Jun, Brown co          Parenteau, Abraham
Harney Marienne              1883 20 Feb, Dodge co          n/a,
Harney Martin                1934 before, Cloquet           n/a, Rosella
Harney Mary Elizabeth        1893 14 Jun, Marshfield        Hanlon, Michael J
Harney Mary Ellen            1904 16 Nov,                   Edinger, Walter
Harney Mary F                1861 03 Jan, Jamestown Grant   Muffley, Leibbins "Leb"
Harney Mary Jane Louisa      1852 26 Mar, WI, Black Wolf    Marshall, Thomas
Harney Octavia               1873 25 Oct, Jamestown Grant   Woods, John T.  'Jack'
Harney Owen                  1844 10 Oct, Mineral Pt        Cawfield, Mary
Harney Owen                  1852 06 Jun, Mineral Pt., Iowa Corcoran, Bridget
Harney Richard James         1859 08 Jun, Oshkosh           Stroud, Amanda
Harney Sadie Madge           1901 05 Jun, Racine            Drexler, Leopold Frank
Harney Thomas                1896 20 Oct, Eau Clair co.     O'Connor, Bridget
Harney Thomas Albert         1893 30 Jun, Racine            Ward, Ida Jeannette
Harney Thomas Andrew         1860 10 Oct, Black Wolf twp.   Morgan, Mary Orissa
Harney William               1898 before, St. Croix co      Erickson, Mary (Welch)
Harney William (Rev.)        1850 27 Nov, Grant co.         Necollins, Caroline
Harney William F             1896 25 Nov, Patch Grove,      Lawless, Rosalind

**  WV = West Virginia
Harney, Millard Clay         1930 29 Jun Clarksburg         Herrick, Irene
Harney, Sarah Florinda       1892 17 Feb Jackson co.        Watson, Charles
Harney, William J            1888 13 Jun Jackson co.        Hornbeck, Ellen

**  WY = Wyoming
Harney Howard M              1942  Laramie                  Clark Naty Eleanor
Harney Martin Hugh           19--  near Colony              Lindsey Anne

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