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This page is primarily about my branch of HARDCASTLEs in and from Texas.  They moved from Virginia to North Carolina to Alabama to Texas.   But I have included many other Hardcastles not from the Lone Star state as I am addicted to finding all our connections to the European progenitor.

My GGGgrandparents, Eli Hardcastle & Susan Bimly PATE, (Picture of Eli) moved from Alabama to Texas in 1851 with 7 other families (Fowlers, Pates, Worcesters, Loftins, Smiths, Calhoun), by ox drawn wagons and on foot.  Their son Elias Hardcastle wrote about the trip to Texas and other stories in his memoirs written in the 1930s.  The memoirs were thought to be buried with Elias but one copy was later found and transcribed by Elias' grandson Marcus M. Lowthorp in The Life of Times of Elias Hardcastle.  All four versions of the memoirs provide a valuable resource for all descendants of Eli & Susan Bimly PATE Hardcastle. 

I have found that most Texas Hardcastles are from the same line and we are all descendants of John Hardcastle who left a will dated 15 Aug 1780 in Johnston county, North Carolina.  The only line that does not seem to connect to us (at least in America) before 1850 are the Maryland area Hardcastles.

My other lines (noted by ">") include the KERRsthe HINES' and the HERBERTs . Other branches I am interested in: HATHHORN/HAWTHORNs, PATEs, SHAWs/BELLs, MINGINs/SMALLs(NJ), NORMANs TERRILLs, VAN SANTs (Buck, PA), THRAILKILLs, JORDANs (VA), HUBERs & McENROEs (OH) and SMITHs (NJ).

I hope to use this page for sharing the resources I have collected through the years so that others will not have to duplicate mine and many other researcher's efforts.  Enjoy, send your updates and please sign the Guestbook!


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