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Hanuscheck Family Research
Homepage :
J. P. H.
Hi, my name is Peter and I have been interested in genealogy and/or family research for a very long time. This homepage is meant as a presentation of myself and some of my results so far. Name:        J. P. Hanuscheck
Born:             23. may 1971
Location:   Randers, Denmark
Occupation: Tele-Engineer.
Status:             Engaged.
Hobbies:    Genealogy, amateur radio, choir singing & chess.


My father: Jörg W. Hanuscheck , born 1945, Brandenburg, Germany, Data-technician
My mother:  Birthe Ronnenberg Madsen , born 1942, Randers, Denmark, House-mum

My fathers father:
Willi Hanuscheck, born 1916, Breslau, Germany (now Poland), Auto Mechanic, died 1988, had a brother named Richard (who probably died about 1990 in Ludwigshafen, Germany).
My fathers mother:
Gerda Siebert, born 1915, Potsdam, Germany, House-mum, died 1989, had a sister named Irene.

My mothers father:
Georg Ronnenberg Madsen, born 1914, Randers, Denmark, Windmill Mechanic, died 1981, had a brother named Ferdinand and three sisters named Amalie, Paula and Else.
My mothers mother:
Kathrine Nielsen, born 1914, Bejstrup, Denmark, Sewstress, died 1979, had a brother named Niels.

This is only a first draft of my genealogy home page - Later versions will follow!!!
Any suggestions for changes updates to this page are of course very welcome!
In the aid of my family research for myself and others, who might relate their ancestors with mine, a mailing list with the name HANUSCHECK  has been running on for the last 4-5 months now.......