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O'Hanlon boar facing right 1: Credits O'Hanlon boar facing left

Celtic Knot Round

Celtic Web Art: copyrighted 1997-2002 by Karen Nicholas with permission to use on personal or non-profit pages, provided a link is given back to the site.
(Site was previously at, but is now offline).

3-dimensional fonts: link to source, images created with the 3D Text Maker can be used for free on personal and commercial pages.

O'Hanlon coat of arms: link to source,
Copyrighted Irish coats of arms with permission to use a single item on a homepage for non-commercial use.

O'Hanlon coat of arms with ermine boar: link to source website Coats of Arms
Over 2,000 coats of arms from Ireland and around the world. Copyright Eddie Geoghegan with permission to use for non-commercial purposes, provided no more than 10 images are displayed per project.

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O'Hanlon boar facing right 2: Memberships O'Hanlon boar facing left

ICRA logo: link to Internet Content Rating Association

Internet Content Rating Association:
registered as a child friendly site
29 Jul 2002

iClass logo

iClass Sites:
rated as a "AA" child friendly site
12 Aug 2002
Site closed 2005

Seal of Real Genealogy - Not Just Links: link to source site,'s
campaign for Real Genealogy Sites

accepted 4 Aug 2002

Search the Helpware member's directory
People committed to helping others on the net.
registered 15 Nov 2002
Malfunctioning July 2005

Ancestry Connections Surname Registry: link to site

Ancestry Connections Surname Registry
registered 29 Jul 2002

Surname Genealogy Archive: link to site

Surname Genealogy Archive
registered 6 Sep 2002

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O'Hanlon boar facing right 3: Registrations Pending O'Hanlon boar facing left

Nominee badge for 4 Elements Award: link to award site

4 Elements Award
This is an upgrade request. The Demiurgus of Content Award was received on 29 Nov 2002 at AS! Level 4.0, but the award program has since been upgraded to Elite level 5.0.
application submitted 1 Sep 2004

Trust Worthy Site: link to site

Trust Worthy Site:
Submitted for certification as a Trust Worthy Site.
28 Sep 2004

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O'Hanlon boar facing right 4: Links Back to Hanlon Homepage O'Hanlon boar facing left

  • DMOZ Open Directory Genealogy/Surnames/

  • The Irish Times: fuseaction=ShowListing&startletter=h


  • Rootsweb Surname Resources:


  •'hanlon&mh= 25&bool=or&substring=0

    (Irish Surname Pages):





  • Cyndi's List:

  • Lifespan Surname Register:

  • command=specific&category=Educational&letter=h

  • Families Connect Surname Registry:

  • Hugh Daly's Homepage:

  • Puslinch Historical Society, Canada:

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O'Hanlon boar facing right 5: Links Back From Awards Won O'Hanlon boar facing left

  • Pete Leach's Award winners page:

  • Celtic Heart Award winners page:

  • Clan McLean's Award winners page:

  • The Internet Beacon Award winners page:

  • FAN-tastic Award winners, page 23:

  • Fartown School's Award winners page:

  • Joschi's Family Award winners page:

  • Morning Mist Ruby Red Heart Award winners page:

  • AJCF Bronze Award winners page:

  • Private Eye Excellence Award Sept 2002 winners page:

  •'s Heart & Soul Award winners page:

  • GeethaZone award winners page:

  • WCGAP Award winners page:

  • Jim Whalen Graphics Award winners page 45:

  • Doc Jim's Help Page Award 2002 winners page:

  • Mothers of Addicts Award winners page Sep 2002:

  • Lady Dorothea's Celtic Castle award winners page:

  • PBSCO's award winners page:

  • Rose Award winners page:

  • WM8C's Ham Links Website Award winners page:

  • Weis Awards Gold winners page:

  • Dusilla Award winners page:

  • Whyte Myst's Award of Excellence winners 2002 page:

  • Texas Precancel Club Excellence Award Bronze winners page 6:

  • Uwe's Award (Silver) winners page:

  • 4 Elements 2002 winners page:
  • Nancy's Celtic Award 2003 winners page:
  • Tim's Spider Award winners Sep 2004:
  • My Home is Kentucky Award winners:

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