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Code of Ethics

I believe people on the internet, as everywhere else in life, should be treated fairly and with respect for the individual, their rights, their safety and their privacy.

Please see below for specific site purpose, ethics, copyright and privacy policies.



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  2. Ethics & Site Policy
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O'Hanlon boar facing right 1: Site Purpose O'Hanlon boar facing left

This site's purpose is to document and advance the genealogical research of the Hanlon and O'Hanlon surnames and their variants.

I support Free Genealogy: I enjoy exchanging information with fellow genealogists, and this site is about sharing my information. There is no other purpose to the site. The site is free to view and I have nothing on this site which generates income for me in any way.

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O'Hanlon boar facing right 2: Ethics & Site Policy O'Hanlon boar facing left

To enhance the quality and user friendliness of the site, I adhere to the following policies:

  • Everything within this site is fully family friendly: no images of hate, violence, nudity or links to any such things. Some pages may refer to historical acts of violence, e.g. accounts of battles in Ireland; these events will be described in an educational/historical context, and pages containing this kind of material are duly labelled as such. (If anyone should find that one of my links has changed and now includes unsuitable content please contact me so I can remove it.)

  • The site is formally accredited as a child safe site, with the necessary tags to comply with parental controls.
ICRA logo: link to Internet Content Rating Association In July 2005 we received the new generation RDF label from the Internet Content Rating Association, ICRA. This can be tested by the ICRA Label Tester. The site also maintains its older generation PICS accreditation from ICRA
RSACi logo: link to Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet The site has PICS labelling from the Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet, RSACi. This was the international standard from 1996 to 2000 and remains in use by some child safety software and browsers, e.g., Netscape's NetWatch.
  • The site is hosted on a free server so I have a banner at the top and bottom of each page and up to two pop-ups which I have no control over. However, I have specifically chosen for a server with a strict "family friendly" policy for all its advertising so I know the banners and sites they link to are child safe. (In their own words: "RootsWeb is a family-oriented server, so absolutely no pornographic or adult-oriented material will be permitted.")

  • In order to ensure the message board is free of inappropriate content I have opted for a fully moderated board. This means messages are not visible until I have reviewed and approved them. Please forgive the inconvenience of waiting for your posting to show up - I usually check it daily, so just check back in a day or two.

  • Pages were hand coded in HTML for the widest possible browser compatibility. This also keeps page load times down as it avoids all sorts of redundant code.

  • Graphics have been kept to a minimum unless they really add something (e.g. headstone photos). Again, this should help keep page load times down.

  • The background, fonts and colours are simple and easy to read. I consider it a matter of courtesy not to exclude part of the public with impossibly difficult colour contrasts and tiny text. (I have glaucoma so I know there are people of every age whose eyesight is less than perfect.)

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O'Hanlon boar facing right 3: Copyright O'Hanlon boar facing left

a) All contents of this site are copyright of the author, except where specifically stated otherwise.

If you are not clear on what exactly this means, please see what is copyright?

b) Special Waiver!

I do, however, give anyone who so wishes permission to use and reproduce this information, provided that

  1. It is for personal use, e.g. a personal website
  2. You give credit to the source, i.e. name me/whoever the author was, and where you found it.
  3. If this information is passed on to others it must be done for free and not redistributed for profit.

Persons unable to comply with all three requirements above, are kindly requested to obtain written permission from the author before reproducing anything you find on this site.

c) I respect other people's copyright, and give credit where credit is due.

Credits for material not my own appear alongside or immediately after the photo, graphic or data concerned. Where an item appears several times, a credit is listed separately in the credits section.

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O'Hanlon boar facing right 4: Privacy O'Hanlon boar facing left

I value my privacy and fully respect that of others. Personal information (name, email address, mail address etc.) will never be used for commercial purposes, e.g. spamming.

Trust Worthy Site: link to site

This site complies with strict anti-spam and other privacy-related policies to qualify as a "Trust Worthy Site". This includes:

  • no unsolicited commercial mail
  • no unsolicited bulk email
  • using updated anti-virus software to avoid infected email

Although I live in Europe and am not bound by US legislation, I voluntarily abide by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, C.O.P.P.A., as I fully agree with the principles behind it. I therefore will not correspond directly with a minor (under the age of 14) unless I have the written permission of their parent or guardian. Kids: please get mom or dad to send an email first!

If you have any further questions about your privacy please contact me.

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O'Hanlon boar facing right 5: Links To This Site O'Hanlon boar facing left

You are welcome to link to this site.

You may link to the index page, or indeed to any other page of your choice. This information is here to be shared. I would appreciate hearing about where the link will be posted, but this is not a requirement.

If you would like to use a banner to link to this site, feel free to copy the image below. Please right-click and save it on your own computer. For convenience file size and image dimensions are given below.

Hanlon Homepage Logo
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O'Hanlon boar facing right 6: Links From This Site O'Hanlon boar facing left

All links have been selected as being relevant to this site's purpose as well as being legal, inoffensive and child friendly.

For a collection of useful links grouped by topic, see the genealogy links page. There are also links throughout the site citing sources of information and recommended additional reading.

Other people's sites are, of course, maintained by other people. As a result I cannot be held responsible for their contents, or changes in their contents. If one of the links from this site is found to have changed such that it includes unsuitable content, it will be removed immediately. (Please contact me if you come across any such cases.)

As this site is posted on a free server there are links to advertisers at the top and bottom of each page, and in any pop-up or pop-under advertisements. Although I have no control over where these links lead, I have chosen webspace sponsored by a reputable genealogy firm, so many of the links remain relevant to genealogy, and all links should be family-friendly (see ethics and site policy paragraph, above).

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