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Awards - AS Level 4.0

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With thanks to everyone who considered this site worthy of a visit - and especially to those kind souls who considered it for an award! For a list of all our awards won, see our awards index page.

Our awards received are displayed on separate pages according to their rating by Award Sites:


Contents: Awards at AS Level 4.0

no. award name date level
1. Internet Beacon Award (Silver) 21 Aug 2002 4.0
2. Home Grown Award 1 Sep 2002 4.0
3. 1SG Encouragement Web Award 12 Nov 2002 4.0
4. 4 Elements Demiurgus of Content Award 29 Nov 2002 4.0
5. Lofty Webgod Award 2002 16 Dec 2002 4.0
6. WM8C Ham Links Stamp of Excellence 22 Aug 2004 4.0

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Internet Beacon Silver Award: link to award site

received 21 Aug 2002
thankyou, Vance Elderkin

You have a tremendous amount of information on this site, all well-researched and easy to access and use. In addition, your site was easy on the eyes and pleasing to see. If there's a better resource on the Web for this surname, I don't know where it is. Very nicely done.

Home Grown Award: link to award site

received 1 Sep 2002
thankyou, Paul Moss

You've put quite a bit of effort into your site and it shows! Your design and presentation is simple and to the point... no frills. I found your content to be very informative and, no doubt, helpful to anyone researching the Hanlon family. Navigation tools were consistently available to me... making the site easy to move around in... Well done!
Note: Website still active, but award program closed May 2004.

1 Simple Guide's Encouragement Award

received 12 Nov 2002
thankyou, Iza

Congratulations! Your site "Hanlon - O'Hanlon Homepage" has been reviewed by all our judges & we are proud to reward you with our 1SG Encouragement Web Award! Once again, congratulations & thank you for the opportunity of judging your site.
Note: website closed 2005.

4 Elements Demiurgus of Content Award: link to award site

received 29 Nov 2002
thankyou to the 4 elements: Vina Galindo, Vitor Oliveira, Cheryl Inscore, Vanessa Byrd

Congratulations Annemarie! We, the Elements, reviewed your site and this is what we found: A huge resourceful site based on the name O'Hanlon and it's history. It is nice to see a site with substance in its content. Great use of colors, fast load time and navigation good. *** We proudly honor your website with the DEMIURGUS OF CONTENT AWARD ***

Lofty Webgod Award 2002

received 16 Dec 2002
thankyou, Valerie Cochran

lofty's comments--hanlon homepage contains the history, stories, and several resource links for people with the surname. the site is simply designed with good navigation, and an impressive amount of content that will be interesting to anyone interested in the surname's history. this is a fine example of a genealogy site by a family member that should make the family proud.
Note: website closed 2004.

WM8C Ham Links Stamp of Excellence: link to site received 22 Aug 2004
thankyou, Todd

First let me say thank you for allowing me the privilege to evaluate your site for an award, it's not easy to win and many do not but... drum roll... Congratulations! Your site has qualified for the WM8C's Ham Links Stamp of Excellence Award. Your site is extremely well done, very easy to navigate and a great addition to the world wide web. I can see you have spent a lot of time perfecting your site. Once again, congratulations!

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