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Hanks Wills

The following wills are under copyright with the Gloucestershire Record Office (GRO), Gloucester, England.
The original documents are part of the Gloucester Diocesan Archives held at the
Gloucestershire Record Office, Clarence Row, Alvin Street, GLOUCESTER GL1 3DW, UK.  
Copies of the original documents were purchased and transcribed.
Permission to display the transcriptions on my website was granted 8 May 2002,
by Mrs J V Thorpe, Archivist & Record Agent, Gloucestershire Record Office.
Note: No attempt has been made to change and/or correct grammar or spelling.
  Old English Alphabet

Parish Name

Gloucestershire Record Office Reference
    Addlestrop    Henry Hanks,  Addlestrop  1729-426
    Bourton on the Water    John Hanks,  Bourton on the Water  1757-126
    Cheltenham    Margaret Hanks,  Cheltenham 1818-176 ( Admin. only )
   John Hanks,  Cheltenham 1834-127 ( Admin. only )
    Cold Aston    John Hanks,  Cold Aston 1773-136 ( wife Sarah; daughters Elizabeth Reynolds, Ruth, Hannah, Ann and Martha )
   Thomas Hanks,  Cold Aston 1786-138
   John Hanks,  Cold Aston 1802-117
   John Hanks,  Cold Aston 1816-61 ( Admin. only )
   Mary Hanks,  Cold Aston 1826-60
    Dursley    John Hanks,   Dursley 1787-85   (wife Mary; children first marriage John and Hannah)
   Stephen Hanks, Dursley 1788-74  (wife Katherine intermarriage; grandchildren John, Hannah)
   William Hanks,  Dursley 1798-171   (wife Mary)
    Gloucester    Thomas Hanks,  Gloucester  1747-73
    Horsley    Thomas Hanks,  Horsley (Early Wood)  1816-127 ( 8 children living )
   Thomas Hanks,  Horsley  1824-97 (granddaughters Hannah and Elizabeth Hanks )
    Little Compton    John Hanks,  Little Compton  1749-103
    Lower Slaughter    Robert Hanks,  Lower Slaughter  1816-42
    Lower Swell    William Hanks,  Lower Swell  1749-104 ( wife Ann )
    Naunton    John Hanks,  Naunton  1769-195
   John Hanks,  Naunton  1793-3
   Thomas Hanks,  Naunton  1830-13
    Nether Swell    Thomas Hanks,  Nether Swell  1670-191    ( 3M image )
    North Nibley    Thomas Hanks,  North Nibley 1770-85
   Betty Hanks,  North Nibley 1777-210
    Painswick    Joseph Hanks,   Painswick  1819-192
   Charles Hanks,  Painswick  1850-196
    Salperton    John Hanks,  Salperton  1785-41
    Stow on the Wold    Hercules Hanks,  Stow on the Wold 1791-15 ( son John Hanks )  ( 2M image )
    Wotton under Edge    William Hanks,  Wotton under Edge 1817-160
    (wife Mary; sisters Jane Smith, Keziah Lawrence; Uncle Thomas Hanks of Horsley )
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     William Hanks of Bedford Co. Providence township and State of Pennsylvania


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