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Lost Hanks

Looking for vital information and/or family relations for the following Hanks ancestors.
If you have any information about any of these lost ancestors, please email me.

    Searching for birth, marriage, death, and burial information for John Hanks and wife Hannah (nee) Hanks, of Horsley, Gloucestershire, England.

      John Hanks (a weaver), born about 1780, possibly Dursley or Horsley, Gloucestershire, England
      Hannah (nee) Hanks, born about 1780, possibly Dursley or Horsley, Gloucestershire, England.

    John and Hannah Hanks were probably non-conformists (Baptists), and it's possible they are buried at the Shortwood Cemetery in Gloucestershire. Their daughter Elizabeth Hanks was born about 1803 at Horsley (Dursley or Donnington), Gloucestershire, England. Hoping to find information about any brothers or sisters of Elizabeth Hanks.
    On 18 January 1829, Elizabeth Hanks, spinster, married William Hanks, bach; at the Horsley Parish.
    In October 1829, their son George William Hanks was born at Harleywood (Horsley), Gloucestershire, England. That same year, 1829, William and Elizabth Hanks registered as non-conformists.

    About 1835, William Hanks died at Gloucestershire or possibly Somerset.
    Searching for any birth, death and burial information for William Hanks, born about 1805 Horsley (Donnington or Dursley), Gloucestershire, England, as well as, any documented proof of his parents and/or any siblings.
    In 1839, her husband and parents now dead, Elizabeth Hanks and son George William Hanks immigrated to Australia on the Bussorah Merchant. The ship's log listed Elizabeth's parents as John Hanks, weaver and Hannah his wife there [Horsley].England.

    William Hanks, born about 1805, died about 1835, Horsley, Gloucestershire or Sommerset, England.

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