HANKS Surname Origin
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Hanks Surname Origin
The following references at Family History Library provide definitions and origins of the Hanks surname.

[ Hanks Coat of Arms ]

Hanks Coat of Arms

         Hanks Coat of Arms (medium)
      Reaney, Percy Hide. A DICTIONARY OF BRITISH SURNAMES, London, Routlege and Kegan Paul, 1958, p. 153.

          Hanke, Hanks:
          Anke Hy 2 DC (L);
          Hanke 12th ib.;
          Anke de Ankinton' 1194 P (L);
          Hank' carpentarius 1280 Oseney (O);
          Roger Hanks 1275 RH (Nf);
          Ralph Hancks 1642 PrGR.
          Hank is usually regarded as a Flemish pet-form of John.
          The early examples above are undoubtedly of Scandinavian
          orgin, from ON Anke, a diminutive of some name in Arn- . . ..

      Reaney, Percy Hide Reaney, Litt.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. The Origin of ENGLISH SURNAMES. New York, Barnes & Noble, Inc., 1967.
          Anki, a dimunutive of Arn-, found also as Hanke and surviving as
          Hanke and Hanks . . . (p. 120).

          The scandinavians, unlike the Anglo-Saxons and the continental Germans
          had a habit of using the same personal-name in different
          generations and branches of the same family. It was a common practive,
          too, for a man to name his son after some notable chief or a
          particular friend. 'The departure of the Scandinavian peoples from
          common Germanic custom is at . . .. (p. 121).

            In A Dictionary of British Surnames (pp. xxxv-xxvi) is given a list of
            some 148 different Scandinavian personal-names which still survive
            in a variety of forms as modern surnames. Unfortunately a few names
            were omitted and others have since been identified. To this list should
            be added:
            ON Anki (Hanks), IDa, OSw Anund (Annand), . . .. (page 127).

      Bardsley, Charles Wareing, M.A. A DICTIONARY of ENGLISH AND WELSH SURNAMES with special American Instances. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1967.
        Hanks. --Bapt. 'the son of John'; v. Hankin and Hanson. (t) A corruption of Hankins;
        cf. Perks from Perkins, Dawks from Dawkins, Hawks from Hanksins, &c.
        (2) Hanka or Hanke was an early Low Country pet-name for John (v. Yonge's Glossary).
        Introduced into England the patronymic would be Hanks. In either case the origin is practically the same.
        We find it early on the south-east coast, where we should naturally expect it to appear.
          Roger Hanke, co Norf., 1273. A.
          1564. Bapt--Eliz. Hanckes, borne in the feildes: St. Jas. Clerkenwell, i. 2.
          1585.   -- William, s. Richard Hanckes: ibid. p. 17.
          1789. Married -- William Hanks and Lucy Edwards: St. Geo. Han. Sq. ii. 18. London, 7; Oxford, 4; New York, 5.

    Guppy, Henry Brougham, M.B. (EDIN). HOMES OF FAMILY NAMES IN GREAT BRITAIN. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1968.
      PECULIAR NAMES (confined mostly to this county).
        Gazard. . . Goulding. . . Hanks. . . Pegler. . . Ricketts. . . Stinchcombe. . .etc. (p. 195).
        ......HANKS was the name of a family possessing an estate in the parish of Church Down in the reign of Elizabeth (R.)......(p.199).

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