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The following gaol records are under copyright with the Gloucester Record Office (GRO), Gloucester, England.
The original documents are part of the Gloucester Diocesan Archives held at the
Gloucester Record Office, Clarence Row, Alvin Street, GLOUCESTER GL1 3DW, UK.  
Copies of the original documents were purchased and transcribed.
Permission to display the transcriptions on my website was granted 8 May 2002,
by Mrs J V Thorpe, Archivist & Record Agent, Gloucester Record Office.
Note: No attempt has been made to change grammar or spelling.





By Whom



  Marks Stature  

 When Tried and ? 

  When Discharged 



July 9, 1816 55 William Hanks
  alias Brinkworth
21 Horsley Edwd. Hillrahain ? Esq.
 Charged on the oath of Isaac Lockier and
 Martha his wife on suspision of stealing from
 the till of the said Isaac Lockier one bank?
 of England token or five shilling dollar
 and one piece of silver ealied ? a French
 half crown and various other pieces of silver
 the property of the said Isaac Lockier
 Brown hair, dark grey eyes, fresh
 complexion, round small face a large
 scar inside his right leg.
 Has been a marine for six years served
 last on board the Venglaur? of 74 guns
 Mason    Heighth  5-4 1/2
Trinity Sessions
July 16. 1816
 Six months in Penetenty
 See penitentiery Register
 20 thJuly
 -  not read nor write
5 March 1827 234 Richard Hanks 45 Fulbrook R. W. Ford Clerk
Charged with stealing a quantity of
 wheat in the chaff at Little Rissington
 in the County of Gloucester on the
 fourth day of December one thousand
 eight hundred and twenty six
 Dark hair, dark eyes, fresh complexion
 oval face acquiline nose a small scar on
 his nose a mole on right cheek scar on the
 same cheek a mole rt corner rt eye scar rt
 side his forefr mole on his breast scar rt
 hand wrist
 Read   Labourer   Heighth 5.5 1/2
 Sent Assizes
 April 9, 1827
 Admitted evidence for the Crown
Then discharged
 18 thApril 1827
 Orderly  Delivered him to the constable of Fulbrook
 he was chared with stealing
 timber in Oxfordshire
15th Janry 1833 180 Esther Hanks 18 Painswick R Bransby Cooper Esqr
Thos J. Baines Esqr

 Charged on the oaths of Susan Lake and
 another with her on the 10th day of Janry
 last in the parish of Cheltenham feloniou--
 stolen taken and carried away a muslin
 gown the property of the sd Susan Lake
 and a calico petticoat the property
 of Susan Sledham
 Brown hair grey eyes fair complexion
 broad face seven moles on her right arm
 five moles on her left arm a mole on her
 breast stout made - read a little
 not write
 Servant      Heighth 5.4
 Sent Assizes
 March 28, 1833
 Six calr months in the Gaol
 5 thApril 1833
 See penitentiary register
25th March 1834 270 Abel Hanks 11 Wotton underedge Wm Seman Esqr
J. B. Barris Esqr.

 And the said Abel Hanks charged with
 receiving the said articles (except
 the said brass pallet?) of the said
 Lewis Riddiford well knowing the
 same to have stolen
 Light brown hair grey eyes round face
 marked with the smallpox a mole on his
 neck a mole on his shoulder twelve moles
 on his rt arm three moles on his side
 four moles on his body two moles left
 side of the neck two moles left arm
 read not write
 Labourer      Heighth 4.5
 Sent Assizes
 March 29, 1834
 Transported seven years
When discharged
 5 thMay 1834
  See peniteniary register
December 21 1837 153 George Hanks 20 Horsley T. Kingscots Esq.
B. C. Browne Esq.
W. Playne? Esq.
 Charged on the oath of John Alley and
 George Chapman with feloniously stealing
 at Horsley five bags of Potatoes the
 property of the said John Alley
 Sandy hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion,
 round visage, scar on the right wrist.
 Labourer 5-5 3/4
 Epiphany Sessions
 January 2nd 1838
 Three Calendar Months
 January 3, 1838
 Orderly  -
17 December 1838 166  Harriett Hanks 29 Cheltenham J E Viner? Esq.
C. Holland Esq.

 Charged on the Oath of Robert
 Davey and another with having at
 Cheltenham on the fifteenth day of
 December feloniously stolen
 eleven yards of printed cotton the
 property of Samuel Price
 Light brown hair, grey eyes, fresh
 complexion, scar over the left eye
 Washerwoman      4.2
 Epiphany Sessions
 Two Calendar Months
Then discharged
 January 4th 1839
 Orderly  -
August 10th 1840 183  John Hanks 59 Horsley W. Playne ? Esq.
J. Hort ? Esq.

 Charged on the oath of John Alley and
 others with having at Horsley on the
 5' day of December 1837. feloniously stolen
 five sacks of potatoes, the property
 of the said John Alley.
 Scanty brown hair, small grey eyes
 round visage, fresh complexion
 Laborer    5.4
 Summer Assizes
August 15, 1840
Six Calendar Months
 August 17, 1840  Orderly  -
July 9, 1842 180  John Hanks 61 Horsley J. Hird ? Esqr.
 Charged on the Oath of John Harvey and
 others with feloniously stealing at Horsley
 on the 20th day of --- last various pieces
 of ash wood the property of Thomas Henry,
 Kingscote Esquire
 See 183 Summer 1840  Summer Assizes
 August 6th 1842
 Not Quilty
 August 12, 1842  Orderly  -
December 15, 1846 1508 Charles Hanks 18 Wormington E. F. Witts Clk
 Charged on the oath of Henry Drinkwater
 and other with feloniously stealing at
 Wormington on the 5th day of December
 1846 one cheese the property of the
 said Henry Drinkwater
 Brown hair, hazel eyes, long visage
 fresh complexion
 moles on both arms
    Farm Labourer   Heighth 5.6
 1 Quarter Sessions
 Jan 5, 1847
Six Calander months hard labor
in the Penitentiary
When discharged
 1847 July 5th
 Term Expired
 Orderly  Native of Yanworth
 F. lives at Cleave
 has been working for Hry Drinkwater at Wormington - --
  "Go to Wormington Church"

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