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BRENNAN, Walter 1882 - 1965

Walter Brennan

The family history for Walter BRENNAN and Verbena May WARNER of Tamworth NSW is dedicated to my cousin Ainslie POPPLEWELL, daughter of Douglas Ronald BRENNAN and the grandaughter of Walter and Verbena BRENNAN.

Walter BRENNAN was born on the 28th April 1882 at theTamworth Base Hospital in NSW. His parents were Martin BRENNAN and Emma AYRE. He married Verbena May WARNER at Tamworth in 1909. They had 6 children. Walter Brennan was a boundary rider for the Goonoo Goonoo Station near Tamworth NSW. He was well respected by his colleagues and the Australian Agricultural Company (AAC) Administrators at Goonoo Goonoo. In 1942 he showed his patriotism for his country when he enlisted into the 6th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps for part time duty during WW11, at the age of 60. He was discharged in 1945 at the end of hostilities and Australia was safe from invasion.
In 1947 Walter retired from his work at Goonoo Goonoo station to reside at 41 Macquarie Street, Tamworth. Walter BRENNAN passed away on the 22 December 1965 at Tamworth Base Hospital; his wife Verbena May WARNER survived him.

Martin BRENNAN was born at Paterson NSW on the 2nd June 1855. His parents were Michael BRENNAN who was born in 1821 at Tipperary, Ireland and was baptised in Lloydsborough, Templemore County Tipperary. He arrived in Australia in December 1841, aged 20 on the Sailing Ship "William Jardine". He was recorded on the ship's log as an Unmarried Male Immigrant, his calling was as a labourer and could not read or write. Michael BRENNAN married Ellen (Helen) KILFOYLE on the 8th October 1843 at St. Patricks' Roman Catholic Chrich in Parramatta NSW. According to records on the Web Site he died aged 79 at Bingara NSW, near Tamworth. His parents were recorded on the shipping log as James BRENNAN and Mary PRIORY. The ships log also recorded that James BRENNAN was deceased at the time of Michael's voyage to Australia in 1841.

The BRENNAN Name and Early Australia

Many Variations of the name Brennan have evolved since the time of it's initial creation. In Gaelic the name appeared as " O BRAONDIN" from the word "BRAON" that has several meanings, possibly meaning sorrow in this case.

The name was first found in County Kilkenny, Ireland where they held a family seat from very ancient times, long before the Norman Conquest of 1066. People who were accounted for by Scribes and Church Officials often had their names recorded in many different ways because pronunciation was the only guide those Scribes and Church Officials had to go by. This resulted in the problem of one person's name being recorded under several different variations, creating the illusion of more than one person. Among the many spelling variations of the surname BRENNAN that are preserved in archival documents are; BRENNAN, McBRENNAN, BRANNON, BRANNIN, BRENNYN, BRANNYN, MacBRENNAN, BRENAN, BRANON, BRANAN, BRANEN and many more.

Ireland became inhospitable for many native Irish Families during the 19th Centuries. Poverty, lack of opportunity, high land rents, and discrimination forced thousands to leave their native Ireland for a better life in the New World in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. The great Irish Potato Famine of the 1840's forced many more onto the coffin ships for a long and dangerous journey across the seas to the hope of a better life. Thousands did not make the voyage and were buried at sea.

Besides the free settlers bearing the name of BRENNAN there were also the convicts who were sent to the Australian colonies for the most trivial offence. Convict records as far back as 1790 records a Sarah BRENNAN being sentenced to 7 years transportation in a Dublin Court. The full records are unavailable or untraceable. In 1801 the Convict Transport "ANNE" landed 3 BRENNAN convicts in NSW. ( 1.) Cath BRENNAN - 7 years. (2.) Michael BRENNAN - Life and (3.) Moses BRENNAN - Life.

The above recordings may be possibly the first European's named BRENNAN to set foot in Australia. Many more were to follow over 61 years of convict transportation, not to mention the BRENNAN free settlers who arrived in the early 1800's. The name itself spread across Australia and played a huge role in the development of this great nation.

The grandfather of Walter BRENNAN was Michael BRENNAN who was born in 1821 in Templemore Tipperary, Ireland. He arrived in Sydnery Australia during December 1841 on the Sailing Shp "William Jardine". This arrival was the commencement of my cousin Ainslie BRENNAN'S family line in Australia.

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Thumbnails 1- 4 These are samples of the variations of the BRENNAN Coat of Arms in ancient Irish Hereldry

Martin BRENNAN and Emma AYRE

Martin BRENNAN and Emma AYRE were married at Tamworth NSW during 1880. There were seven children in the BRENNAN family. Four boys and three girls. Walter was the second oldest. I believe that Martin Brennan died in 1940 at Tamworth and that he was the son of Michael BRENNAN with his mothers name was Ellen (Helen) KILFOYLE. Emma AYRE was born in the Tamworth Base Hospital during 1853, the daughter of William AYRE who died in Tamworth during 1895 and Ellen AYRE who died in 1883 also at Tamworth. Emma BRENNAN (nee AYRE) died on the 10th April 1928 aged 75 and is buried in Quirindi Cemetery NSW

The other Children of Martin BRENNAN and Emma AYRE

Herbert James BRENNAN was born in 1880 at Tamworth. In 1909 he married Isabella Jane McEACHERN at Gunnedah NSW. Isabella died in 1932 at Tamworth. In 1935 Herbert then married Catherine Mazel OLIVER at Tamworth. In 1930 Herbert and Isabella Jane resided at 42 Bourke Street in Tamworth where his occupation was given as a "trollyman". After Isabella Jane BRENNAN died in 1932 he remarried and Herbert and Catherine Mazel BRENNAN resided at the same Bourke Street address. His occupation changed to lorry driver on the 1943 and 1949 rolls. Herbert James BRENNAN died at Tamworth in 1949.

Mary Ann BRENNAN was born in 1884 at Tamworth. In 1913 she married David McCULLOCH at Tamworth. She died at Quirindi on the 14th March 1960. The McCULLOCH'S resided at Oakey Creek, Gaspard near Quirindi where David was a station hand at nearby Wallabadah. David McCULLOCH died at Quirindi on the 13th March 1953. Both are buried at Wallabadah Cemetery NSW.

Michael W. BRENNAN was born in 1886 at Tamworth. He died aged 17 at Tamworth in 1903.

Edward BRENNAN was born in 1888 at Tamworth. He died at Quirindi in 1963. He was a labourer and he lived at Quirindi, between 1930-1936 in Allan Street, 1936-1943 North Street and in 1953 at Hill Street.

Elsie Ellen BRENNAN was born in 1893 at Cassilis. She died in 1975 a spinster. In 1930 she lived with her brother Edward at Allan Street Quirindi. In 1936 she was at a dressmaker at 111 Walker Street, North Sydney. In 1943 she resided at Bourke Street Tamworth and from 1949-1953 was back living with her brother Edward at Hill Street, Quirindi. They are buried together at Quirindi Cemetery.

Emma M. BRENNAN was born in 1896 at Cassilis. There is a record that she died at Stockton NSW in 1936.

Walter Warner and Charlotte Jane CHILLINGWORTH

Walter WARNER and Charlotte Jane CHILLINGWORTH married during 1885 at Tamworth. The marriage record shows her as Jane CHILLINGWORTH. The Warner's had ten children. Between 1930 and 1943 Charlotte Jane WARNER was residing at 41 Macquarie Street, Tamworth. Charlotte Jane WARNER died at Tamworth NSW during 1945 and Walter WARNER died in 1926 also at Tamworth.

Charlotte Jane CHILLINGWORTH was born at Tamworth in 1867. She was the daughter of Jacob CHILLINGWORTH and Susannah PENTLEY who were married in the Church of England Richmond during 1846. Jacob died in 1880 at Black Creek (near Tamworth) aged 81 which would have had him born c1799. Susannah CHILLINGWORTH died in 1887 at Tamworth aged 58; this would have had her year of birth c1829. Jacob was near 30 years older than her when they married, this was common at this stage of our history and development. Besides Charlotte Jane, they had the other following children.
Mary born 1847 and she married Peter BURNES in 1868. No other records have been found. - George J. born 1851, George Number 2 was born 1858. (George J. who was born in 1851 had died and it was common for a dead child to be replaced by a child of the same name.) Emma Maria was born in 1860, she married James STANDRING at Tamworth in 1878. She died at Tamworth in 1938. John was born in 1862, he died aged 29 at Tamworth during 1891. Charles Henry was born in 1864, he married Susan LENNON at Tamworth in 1887. He died in 1943. Charlotte Jane born 1867, Adeline R. born in 1872 and Henry Alfred born in 1874. He died at Islington, Newcastle in 1956.

Jacob CHILLINGWORTH (Jnr) was born in 1852 and he died at Tamworth during August 1938 aged 86. He married Elizabeth BRAND in Tamworth during 1881. Both Jacob and Elizabeth died within 1 week of each other in 1938.

Walter WARNER was born in Tamworth in 1861. His parents were James WARNER and Sarah A. BAKER. James and Sarah married in 1852 in the C of E Hunter District, Black Creek-West Maitland Region. Besides Walter they had another eight children, at least.
James born 1853, he married Sarah WRIGHT in 1880 at Tamworth and he died at Parramatta NSW in 1906. Thomas Henry was born in 1856, he married Emily FLEMING in 1881. He died in 1932 at Gunnedah NSW. Levi was born in 1859 (Warialda NSW),he marrried Fanny HAWTHORNE in 1894. Levi died during 1940 at Tamworth and Fanny died in Petersham NSW during 1948. Walter born 1861, Sarah Ann was born 1865 and she died 1868, Esther was born in 1867 and she died at Tamworth in 1882. Mary Ann was born in 1869, she possibly married William BOWMAN during 1885 at Tamworth. Jessee was born 1871 and he married Mary Ellen HALES in 1893. He died in June 1963 aged 89. Arthur G. was born in 1877. He married Emilie KUHNE in 1900 at Tamworth. He died in 1943. All were born at Tamworth except Levi who was born in the Warialda district of NSW. James WARNER died in Tamworth during 1891 and his parents are unknown on the DC. Sarah A. WARNER died in Sydney in 1905 and her DC shows she was the daughter of Abel and Mary BAKER.

The children of Walter WARNER and Charlotte Jane CHILLINGWORTH

Walter Bunton WARNER was born in 1886 at Tamworth. He married May Ethel BRANN in 1913 at Tamworth. He died in 1972 at Tamworth. From 1930 to 1954 they lived at Cohen Street, Tamworth. He was a labourer.

Esther Jean WARNER was born in 1888 at Tamworth. She married Benjamin Harold SALMON in 1914 at Tamworth. She died at Tamworth in 1968. In 1930 they resided at The Nursery, Nemingha via Tamworth. From 1943 to 1954 they lived in Rawson Avenue Tamworth where Benjamin Harold SALMON was a Shire Council Employee.

Verbena May WARNER was born in 1890 at Tamworth. Her birth record shows her recorded as Perbina Warner. Aged 19 in 1909 she married Walter BRENNAN. She died at Tamworth in 1973 aged 83.

Richard Henry WARNER was born in 1892 at Tamworth. Joined 1st AIF in March 1915 and was wounded in the right arm and wrist at Gallipoli on 26 August 1915, sent home to recuperate as an invalid. He married Florence Jean MICHIE at Tamworth in 1940. He died at Tamworth in 1966.
In 1930 he was living at 41 Macquarie Street, Tamworth where he was a labourer. He resided with his brother Norman Andrew WARNER and Norman's wife Mary. In 1936 they had all moved address to Johnston Street, Tamworth and by 1943 Richard Henry WARNER was alone at this address. In 1949-1954 he was residing at "Glen Hope", Moor Creek via Tamworth as a farmer. His second wife Florence Jean WARNER was with him.

Ruby Pearl WARNER was born in 1895 at Tamworth. In 1915 she married Alexander PATTERSON in Tamworth. She died in Sydney during 1958. From 1930 to 1954 they resided at 5 Cohen Street, Tamworth where Alexander was employed as a labourer.

Norman Andrew WARNER was born in 1898 at Tamworth. He married Mary ABRA at Tamworth in 1924. He died in 1976. In 1930 he was residing with his wife Mary and older brother Richard Henry at 41 Macquarie Street, Tamworth. In 1936 they had all moved to Johnston Street, Tamworth. In 1943 Norman Andrew and Mary were residing at 21 Macquarie Street and from 1949-1954 they were living at 132 Prince Street, Tamworth. His occupation was recorded as a labourer.

Stanley A. J. WARNER was born in 1900 at Tamworth. He died aged 3 at Tamworth in 1903.

Frances V. WARNER was born in1903 at Tamworth. She married Theodore WOOD at Tamworth in 1921. Date of death after 1979.

Gladys F. WARNER was born in 1906 at Tamworth. In 1922 she married William A. WOODWARD at Tamworth. She died in 1925 at Tamworth.

Lily B. (Lillian Blanche) WARNER was born in 1909 at Tamworth. In 1937 she married Carl William Richard LEARD in Tamworth. She died in 1976. They resided at 87 Johnston Street, Tamworth where Carl was a labourer.

The Children of Walter Martin BRENNAN and Verbena May WARNER

Walter George BRENNAN was born in Tamworth NSW during 1910. He worked all his life with the NSW Government Railways.There are three marriage records for Walter George BRENNAN. The first in 1936 at Newcastle NSW to Doris Beryl ALFRED. In 1936 he was stationed at Moss Vale NSW living at Browley street with Doris. In 1937 he was stationed as the Night Officer at Weethalle Railway Station living in Bulga Street. Doris Beryl BRENNAN died in 1947 at Tamworth. The second marriage was in 1950 to Alma May WATTS at Manilla NSW. BDM Record 1950/7597. There is also a record that Alma May BRENNAN died in Sydney NSW in 1950. The third marriage took place in Tamworth during 1952. Record 1952/7521, to Doris Elaine GORTON. The 1943 Electoral roll has Walter George and Doris Beryl BRENNAN at Kootingal NSW where he was a railway employee.The1949 Electoral roll has Walter George BRENNAN at Quirindi and Tamworth as a single man (widower) and railway employee.The1954 Electoral roll records show that Walter George and Doris Elaine BRENNAN were living at Ungarie Street, Ungarie NSW where he worked on the NSW Government railways. He is also on the 1954 Electoral roll at Tamworth NSW residing at 499 Peel street, as a railway employee but no Doris Elaine BRENNAN present at this address. Perhaps in his occupation with the NSW Government Railways he held a relief position and went as required to railway stations. Before retirement he was Station Master at Strathfield in Sydney NSW. This explains his death at nearby Belmore in 1993.

Clarence Martin BRENNAN was born in Tamworth, NSW Australia. He married Mary Helena WALLWORTH in 1933 in Tamworth. In 1936 he was a boundary rider at Belmont, in Dungowan, NSW Australia. In 1949 he was a boundary rider at Goonoo Goonoo Tamworth. In 1954 he was a carpenter at 28 Norwood Street, in Pittsworth, Queensland, Australia. He died "Date Unknown"

Florence Muriel BRENNAN was born in Tamworth, NSW Australia. She married John (Jack) Owen MCPHERSON in 1933 in Tamworth. In 1936 she was a housewife at Goonoo Goonoo Station, in Tamworth. In 1943 she was a housewife at Segenhoe, in Scone, NSW Australia. In 1954 she was a housewife at Goonoo Goonoo Station, in Tamworth. She died in 1964 in Tamworth.

Donald Kenneth BRENNAN was born in Tamworth, NSW Australia. In 1936 he was a station hand at Goonoo Goonoo Station, in Tamworth. He married Isabel Mary PORTER in 1937 in Quirindi, NSW Australia. In 1943 he was a labourer at Iona, in Niangala, NSW Australia. In 1954 he was a labourer at Goonoo Goonoo Station, in Tamworth. He died in 1979 in Tamworth.

Douglas Ronald Brennan was born in Tamworth NSW on 2 November 1917. He was the fourth son and fifth child of the six children of Walter Martin and Verbina May (nee Warner) Brennan. He grew up on Goonoo Goonoo Station, outside Tamworth NSW.

He commenced a wool shearer's apprenticeship with the Australian Agricultural Company in 1936, at Goonoo Goonoo Station. In June 1940, he enlisted in the Australia Army at the rank of Private but was medically discharged in March 1941, without seeing active service. Whilst an army patient in South Sydney Hospital, he was in the ward where Sister Marie Hanna worked and where her sister, Grace Hanna, regularly visited soldiers from country regions that otherwise had few visitors.

After his discharge from the army, he stayed in Sydney working at Union Carbide and then Burlington Mills (which later became Bradford Cotton Mills and then Bradmill). He boarded at William Hanna's home in Rosebery. He married Grace May Dorothy Hanna on 29 April 1944 in St Philips Church, Church Hill, Sydney. They had three children- Kevin Douglas (1945), Yvonne (1947) and Ainslie (1950).

In 1946, Doug accepted a promotion and transfer to Burlington Mills, Rutherford (outside Maitland NSW). Doug completed formal studies in textiles and continued to be promoted over the years, spending many years as the manager of the Spinning Division. The family lived on site in company subsidised accommodation until 1977, when Doug and Grace built their own home at 30 Station Lane in nearby Lochinvar.

Doug spent the last few years of his working career at Bradmill, Kotara, retiring at age 65.
Doug was a passionate and locally well recognised amateur gardener and also enjoyed participating in various amateur sports, including tennis, cricket and bowls. He died of Lymphoma in Maitland Hospital on 25 July 1996, aged in his 79th year. Both Grace and Douglas are interred in a double grave with a single headstone in the grounds of the Holy Trinity Church, Lochinvar, NSW.

Andrew Norman BRENNAN the youngest son of Walter Martin BRENNAN and Verbena May WARNER was born on 24 August 1919 in Tamworth, NSW Australia. In 1943 he was a labourer at Goonoo Goonoo Station, in Tamworth. In 1943 he was a lance corporal for WW11 service, in the Australian Army and was an original "Rat of Tobruk". He was discharged on the 13 November 1945 attached to the 2/24th Australian Field PK Coy. He married Doris Daphne LEMON in 1947 in Tamworth. In 1949 he was a labourer at 57 Raglan Street, in Tamworth. In 1949 he was a railway employee in Geurie, NSW Australia. In 1954 he was a railway employee at Pangee Street, in Nyngan, NSW Australia. He died on 2 October 2003 in NSW, Australia.

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Thumbnail 1 Douglas BRENNAN and friends. The photo was sent to him "from old friends Colin and Duncan circa mid 1930's.

Thumbnail 2 A young Andrew Clarence BRENNAN taken in the early 1930's.

Thumbnail 3 Florence Muriel BRENNAN only daughter of Walter and Verbena. She married Jack Owen McPHERSON.

Thumbnail 4 Verbena BRENNAN taken in about 1920.

Thumbnail 5 Walter and Verbena BRENNAN at their home in Tamworth NSW during retirement in 1960.

Thumbnail 6 Walter and Verbena BRENNAN with their son Clarence (Clarrie) and his family. Taken in about 1950.

Thumbnail 7 Verbena and Walter BRENNAN 50th Wedding Anniversary at Tamworth during 1959 with daughter Florence. On the left hand side of the photo is Benjamin Thorrold SALMON and his wife Ester (nee WARNER). The two other ladies on the right hand side in the photograph are unknown.

Thumbnail 8 Cutting of the 50th Wedding Anniversary cake by Verbena & Walter, watched closely by their only daughter Florence Muriel McPHERSON.

Headstones of BRENNAN and WARNER Family Members

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Thumbnail 1 The grave of Doris Beryl (Dot) BRENNAN (nee ALFRED) the first wife of Walter George BRENNAN who died in 1947. She is buried at Tamworth Cemetery.

Thumbnail 2 The grave of Edward and Elsie Ellen BRENNAN who are buried at Quirindi Cemetery. The brother and sister are buried together and were the children of Martin BRENNAN & Emma AYRE, making them the brother and sister of Walter BRENNAN.

Thumbnail 3 The grave of Emma AYRE who died in 1928 and buried at Quirindi. She was the mother of Walter BRENNAN.

Thumbnail 4 The grave of Isabella Jane McEACHERN who was the wife of Herbert James BRENNAN the older brother of Walter BRENNAN. She died in 1932 and is buried at Tamworth Cemetery.

Thumbnail 5 The grave of David McCULLOCH who died in 1953 and buried at Wallabadah Cemetery. David was the husband of Mary Ann BRENNAN the sister of Walter BRENNAN.

Thumbnail 6 The grave of Mary Ann McCULLOCH (nee BRENNAN) the wife of David McCULLOCH and sister to Walter BRENNAN. She died in 1960 and was buried at Wallabadah in 1960.

Thumbnail 7 The grave of Charlotte Jane WARNER (nee Chillingworth) who died on the 9th March 1945 aged 78. She is buried inTamworth Cemetery. She was the Mother to Verbena May BRENNAN.

Thumbnail 8 The graves of Walter Bunton WARNER, son of Walter WARNER and Charlotte Jane CHILLINGWORTH also he was the brother of Verbena May BRENNAN. His wife Ethel May WARNER (nee BRANN) is buried with him. Their graves are located at Tamworth Cemetery.

Thumbnail 9 The grave at Tamworth Cemetery of Walter WARNER who died on the 11th March 1926. He was the father of Verbena May BRENNAN.

Thumbnail 10 The grave of George CHILLINGWORTH who was born in 1858 to Jacob CHILLINGWORTH and Susannah PENTLEY. He was the brother of Charlotte Jane WARNER. He died on the 1st June 1931 aged 73. He is buried at Tamworth Cemetery.

Thumbnail 11 Gladys Florence WARNER, the sister of Verbena May WARNER was only 19 years old when she died on the 20th July 1925. She married William A. WOODWARD at Tamworth in 1922 aged 16. The grave is located inTamworth Cemetery.

Thumbnail 12 The grave of Ester Jane SALMON (nee WARNER) who was the sister of Verbena May BRENNAN. She married Benjamin SALMON in 1914. Ester Jane SALMON died in 1968 and is buried in theTamworth Cemetery.

Thumbnail 13 The grave of Ruby Pearl WARNER and her husband Alexander PATTERSON. She was the sister of Verbena May BRENNAN. Ruby died in Sydney NSW in 1958 and Benjamin PATTERSON passed away in 1956. Ruby Pearl WARNER may be buried in Sydney and the headstone- marker with her husband at Tamworth Cemetery may be for commerative purposes.

Thumbnail 14 The grave of little Evelyn Elizabeth CHILLINGWORTH who died in December 1908 aged 7 years and 8 months. She was the daughter of Henry Alfred and Catherine Agnes CHILLINGWORTH. Henry Alfred was a brother of Charlotte Jane WARNER.

Thumbnail 15 The grave of Alma May BRENNAN (nee WATTS) who died on the 29 November 1950 aged 42. She was the second wife of Walter George BRENNAN, the oldest son of Walter and Verbena May BRENNAN. The grave is located at Manilla Cemetery NSW, near Tamworth.

Thumbnail 16 Michael William BRENNAN was the younger brother of Walter BRENNAN. He died on the 23 July 1903 at the very young age of 17. His grave is located in Tamworth Cemetery.

Thumbnail 17 Henry Herbert CHILLINGWORTH was the son on Jacob CHILLINGWORTH and Elizabeth BRAND. Jacob was the brother of Charlotte Jane WARNER. Henry Herbert CHILLINGWORTH married Elizabeth Rose NORTHERN in Tamworth during 1919. This is their final resting place at Tamworth General Cemetery.

Thumbnail 18 The grave of Jacob CHILLINGWORTH (born 1852) the brother of Charlotte Jane WARNER. He married Elizabeth BRAND in 1881. Here is their grave together in Tamworth General Cemetery

Thumbnail 19 Ernest Arthur CHILLINGWORTH was the brother of Charlotte Jane WARNER. He married Lavellette Hannah May GREEN at Scone during 1919. Ernest died at Scone in 1952 and is buried at Gundy Cemetery, outside Scone NSW. Lavellette Chillingworth (nee GREEN) died in 1974.

Thumbnail 20 The Cemetery at Gundy near Scone NSW where Ernest Arthur CHILLINGWORTH is interred.

Thumbnail 21 Grave of Mary Ellen WARNER (nee HALES) who married Jessie WARNER in 1893. Her grave at Tamworth General Cemetery.

Thumbnail 22 Grave of Jessie WARNER, the brother of Walter WARNER. He was born in 1871 and died in 1944. Buried in the Tamworth General Cemetery.

Thumbnail 23 Arthur George WARNER born in 1900 was the son of Jessie WARNER and Mary Ellen HALES. He married Carol Bessie CHAFFEY in 1926. This is their grave at Tamworth General Cemetery.

Thumbnail 24 Thomas Henry WARNER son of James WARNER and Sarah A. BAKER. Brother of Walter WARNER. He was born in 1856 and Married Emily FLEMMING. He died at Gunnedah NSW in 1932, his grave is at Gunnedah General Cemetery.

Thumbnail 25 The grave of Emily WARNER (nee FLEMMING) the wife of Thomas Henry WARNER. She died in 1913 and buried at Gunnedah General Cemetery.

Thumbnail 26 The grave of Alice Eva McPHERSON, at Quirindi Cemetery NSW, the mother of Jack (John Owen) McPHERSON who married Florence Muriel BRENNAN, the daughter of Walter & Verbena BRENNAN.

Thumbnail 27 The grave of James McPHERSON, at Quirindi Cemetery NSW, the father of Jack (John Owen) McPHERSON who married Florence Muriel BRENNAN, the daughter of Walter & Verbena BRENNAN.

Thumbnail 28 This is a photograph of graves at Quirindi Cemetery NSW that contains the final resting places of some of the BRENNAN and WARNER family.

History of Goonoo Goonoo Station

Goonoo Goonoo (pronounced as "gunny gun oo") Station became the home and life blood of the Brennan family who were employed there in the early 1900'S. They found employment there as boundary riders, stockmen and general farm hand labourers. Walter BRENNAN commenced work at the station as a boundary rider in 1910 after marrying Verbena May WARNER at TAMWORTH during 1909. Walter and Verbena raised their family of five sons and one daughter supported by the income he received as a boundary rider. Walter remained at Goonoo Goonoo for the next 37 years until his retirement in 1947. Several of their sons were also engaged in employment at Goonoo Goonoo during stages of their working lives. Their only daughter Florence Muriel BRENNAN married Jack McPHERSON a boundary rider and stockman who then spent their lives together at Goonoo Goonoo.

Goonoo Goonoo is located 25 km south off the New England Highway near Tamworth NSW, the name is said to mean "plenty of water". It became one of NSW'S most historic sheep stations. The property was granted to the Australian Agricultural Company in 1832. They received 600 000 acres here and at Warrah, west of Willow Tree, in exchange for a portion of their one-million acre Port Stephens grant. The land was selected and surveyed for the company by explorer Henry Dangar and stock began to arrive in 1834. Goonoo Goonoo became the company's regional headquarters in 1841. What remained of the old property was sold by the company into private hands in 1985.
A number of old buildings, which once formed a semi-autonomous village, remain. The chapel is to the rear of the homestead (1840). There is a gabled rubble stone store cum post office with brick arches (1853), a large brick woolshed (divided into three gabled sections) on a hill, and a memorial fountain in remembrance of G.B. King, the son of Elizabeth Macarthur and Philip Gidley King. The property is halfway to Wallabadah, just east of the highway along a side road.
Squatters began to arrive in 1830 but they were removed when the Australian Agricultural Company (AAC) was awarded an enormous grant. The land was selected by Henry Dangar and the first 6000 sheep arrived in 1834. It was allocated in two separate parcels, the larger being Goonoo Goonoo, on the southern bank of the Peel River, which became the company headquarters in 1841.
Tamworth was established as a company station and camp on the Goonoo Goonoo grant. A private village began to develop on the western bank of the Peel River in the late 1830s with a few huts and stores on the eastern bank to cater for teamsters who crossed the river at that point. A lock-up was established and a postmaster employed in 1840. A survey for a townsite was carried out in 1849 and Tamworth was gazetted in 1850 with a population of 254 recorded the following year when the first school was set up. The town name comes from a town in Staffordshire, England, represented in the British parliament by Robert Peel.
The gold finds at Nundle in 1851 proved a boon to the town. The first newspaper was established in 1859 and, the following year, the first decent bridge over the Peel River was built. Tamworth became a major coaching station and milling centre in the 1860s. The population increased from about 650 in 1866 to about 3000 in 1876 when it was declared a municipality. In 1878 the railway from Newcastle was extended to West Tamworth.
In 1888 Tamworth became the first town in the Southern Hemisphere to have a municipally-operated electric street lighting, earning it the nickname 'The City of Light'. In the 1920s Tamworth became the centre of the New England New State Movement which wanted to create a separate state. It resurfaced in the 1960s. During World War II the showgrounds were used as an army-training camp and an RAAF flying school was set up at the aerodrome which had opened in 1932. Tamworth was declared a city in 1946 and enjoyed significant growth in the 1960s and 1970s

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Thumbnail 1 The Homestead at Goonoo Goonoo Station.

Thumbnail 2 This is the Old Post Office and store at Goonoo Goonoo Station.

Thumbnail 3 Letter confirming the 20 years service provided to Walter BRENNAN by the Peel River Land and Mineral Co, LTD at Goonoo Goonoo Station in 1930.

Thumbnail 4 Walter BRENNAN retired in 1947. This is the reference given to him on his retirement by The Peel River Land and Mineral Company Limited.

Thumbnail 5 Workers at Goonoo Goonoo Station cutting firewood. Their identity is unknown.

Thumbnail 6 This title may be incorrect, as the photograph was not identified on the back. Douglas BRENNAN aways spoke of Black Tracker Dave KENNEDY with affection to his daughter Ainslie. However, there was another photograph of a Goonoo Goonoo tracker in the family album. We only know that one of these photographs is the actual Dave KENNEDY.

Thumbnail 7 Refer to Thumbnail 6

Thumbnail 8 The letter signed by Douglas BRENNAN in 1936 consenting that his age was 18 and eligible to work at Goonoo Goonoo Station.

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