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Last Name: Kennedy

Date of Birth:

Birth Information: USA, Georgia.

Date of Death:

Death Information:

Discharge Date:

Discharge Information:

Branch: Infantry

Regimental Unit: 48th Alabama Regiment

Company Unit: 2nd G

Co. Unit Name:

Pension Rec:

Authority: Record roll near Richmond, Virginia, 1865/01/01.

Note by Joseph Hammond: Residence was probably Bennettsville, not Blainsville. No record of a Blainsville can be found. Bennettsville was about 5 miles from Gadsden. If this is Jane Hilton’s husband it would be logical. We know that “Jane’s man” bought land somewhere in that area.

First Name: James MI:

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Farmer

Enlistment Date: 1862/05/10

Enlistment Information: Alabama, Gadsden.

Engagements: Absent Sick: Cedar Run, 1862/08/09. Present: 2nd Manassas 1862/08/29. Severely Wounded: 2nd Manassas, 1862/08/30. Absent Wounded: Germantown 1862/09/01 to Fredericksburg 1862/12/13. Present: Suffolk, 1863/05/03 through Dandridge, 1864/01/16.

Engage. con't: Deserted: New Market, 1864/02/24.

Remarks: Age: 30. Rank: Private. Residence: Blainsville, Alabama.

Remarks con't:

Other Info:

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Updated: May 9, 2011