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(Boggs?), Dorothy Dean Crapps (marriage to Edgar Earl Prestage Sr.) (i1923)


? (marriage to Timothy Wayne Hubble) (i9314)


?, Julie Ivy (marriage to Elmer Joseph Montgomery) (i13761)
?, Linda May (marriage to William (Bub) Royce Yielding) (i13986)
?, Mitzie Gail (marriage to Larry Frank Underwood) (i13894)
?, Tonie Leigh (marriage to David Wayne Funderburk) (i14002)


( ), Alma (marriage to Alphesus Sasser) (i26987)
( ), Cordelia (marriage to Marl M. Prestridge) (i28200)
( ), Deirdre (marriage to Mark Jay Devilbiss) (i27145)
( ), Helen (marriage to Ralph Daniel Green) (i27176)
( ), Kitty (marraige to William R. Liberto) (i40199)
( ), Martha A. (marriage to Samuel Prestridge) (i27925)
( ), Mary (marriage to Donald Ray Allred, Sr. (i40042)


Aaron, Retha (marriage to Charlie Freeman) (i22959), b.1903-


Abbott, Athalea (i2906), b.1934-
Abbott, Bertis C. (marriage to Ruby Ora Brown) (i2902), b.1912-d.1931
Abbott, Ema Lea (i2903), b.1932-
Abbott, Geraldine (i2907), b.1936-
Abbott, James William (i27163)
Abbott, Paul (i2909)


Abell, Brandon Alan (i27730), b.1976-
Abell, Kristin Lea (i27731), b.1981-
Abell, Rick Alan (marriage to Marguerite Joyce Sullivan) (i27729), b.1950-


Abner, Charles (marriage to Marie Ophelia Prestridge) (i27840)


Abrasley, Edward S., Jr. (i3477)
Abrasley, Edward S., Sr. (marriage to Mary Magdeline Prestridge) (i3466)
Abrasley, George Sam (i3479)
Abrasley, Infant Daughter (i3480)
Abrasley, Mikal Sam (i3478)


Absent, Jimmie (marriage to Marie Prestridge) (i10197)


Absher, Nell (marriage to Hollie Edward Carlisle) (i27801)


Ackerman, Frank (marriage to Annie Merl Parkman) (i40515)


Ackerson, Christopher Carr (marriage to Clarissa Ann Henderson) (i12727)
Ackerson, Sterling Franklin (i12728)


Ada (marriage to Gary L. Prestridge) (i2649)


Adams, A. M. (marriage to E L Summit) (i23261)
Adams, Adrain Grant (i18855)
Adams, Alfred (i18858)
Adams, Allie (i13037), b.1905-d.1923
Adams, Alton Bee (i23489)
Adams, Audie (i2092), b.1912-
Adams, Audrey Louise (i18856)
Adams, Bettine Janette (i28694), b.1959-
Adams, Beulah (i23480), b.1872-d.1873
Adams, Billy (i13153)
Adams, Bobby Gene (i13146), b.1942-d.1994
Adams, Bobby Keith (i13148)
Adams, Bonnie Roy (i12964), b.1907-d.1969
Adams, Bradley Grant (i13152)
Adams, Calista (i9796), b.1838-
Adams, Cameron (i13159)
Adams, Carl A. J. (marriage to Emily Izora Prestage) (i9559), b.1880-d.1969
Adams, Carolyn Sue (i18870)
Adams, Catherine (i15346)
Adams, Charles (i11078), b.1965-
Adams, Charles (i23477), b.1864-d.1951
Adams, Charles Lamb (i18871)
Adams, Cheryle Annette (i28696), b.1966-
Adams, Chris (i13155)
Adams, Christine Ruth (i2097), b.1954-
Adams, Christy Dawn (i13144)
Adams, Clara Fay (i13185)
Adams, Clara Mae (i9524), b.1901-d.1985
Adams, Clara Mae (i28379), b.1903-d.1985
Adams, Clarence H. (i9523), b.1898-
Adams, Claude H. (i9522), b.1897-
Adams, Cora (i23482), b.1876-d.1902
Adams, Dennis Roy (i13106)
Adams, Denny Dean (i18867)
Adams, Don (i3954)
Adams, Donald Lee (i18868)
Adams, Donna Muriel (i5920)
Adams, Eileen Marie (i2096), b.1951-
Adams, Elliot (i23493)
Adams, Emma (i23478), b.1870-d.1900
Adams, Fay (i15345)
Adams, Frances Lamartina (marriage to James Derward Prestridge) (i11072)
Adams, Gary (i13158)
Adams, Gary Lynn (i18850)
Adams, Gary Stanton (i2098), b.1928-
Adams, George (i18853)
Adams, George (i18857)
Adams, George Perry (i11811)
Adams, George Washington (marriage to Lou Reva Bell Prestage) (i12939), b.1886-d.1925
Adams, Goldie Mae (i18873)
Adams, Grady Lynn (i18872)
Adams, Harry (marriage to Annie Kate Rowland) (i11808), b.1895-d.1969
Adams, Henry Jasper (i18844)
Adams, Ira (i23484)
Adams, Irene (i9800)
Adams, J.r. (i23494)
Adams, James (i23485)
Adams, James Asa (i18852)
Adams, James Glynn (i23502)
Adams, James J. (marriage to Martha Melvini Prestage) (i18843)
Adams, James Oliver (i2090), b.1908-
Adams, James P. (marriage to Cynthia Darlene Prestridge) (i2978)
Adams, James Rawdin (i13137)
Adams, Jane (i9799), b.1847-
Adams, Janis Lee (i18849)
Adams, Jean (i23503)
Adams, Jean (marriage to Alva Lee Robinson) (i23442)
Adams, Jessie Lorain (i23525), b.1897-d.1959
Adams, Jessie Lorain (i23527)
Adams, John (i23486)
Adams, John Henry (i18851)
Adams, John Nathan (marriage to Doris Anita Matthews) (i27118)
Adams, John Q. (i23481), b.1873-d.1950
Adams, Joseph Clayton (i2089), b.1901-
Adams, Joseph Harrison (marriage to Mary (Eliza) Louisa Prestage) (i9521), b.1876-d.1955
Adams, Judy Renee (i13109)
Adams, Julie (i13154)
Adams, Karen Ann (i13140)
Adams, Kelsey Lauren (i13151)
Adams, Lelia (i23497)
Adams, Leslie Lentern (i9563), b.1901-d.1962
Adams, Lester (marriage to Cletice Muriel Kendall) (i1859)
Adams, Lillie May (i23487), b.1907-d.1979
Adams, Limbert (i23499)
Adams, Linda Fay (i13161)
Adams, Lionel Lee (i18861)
Adams, Lisa Carol (i13139)
Adams, Lula (marriage to David Daniel Williams) (i737)
Adams, Luther (i13092), b.1911-d.1984
Adams, Mabel (i23498)
Adams, Marjorie (i12965)
Adams, Marshall O. (i9798), b.1844-d.1917
Adams, Mary L. (i9797), b.1840-d.1914
Adams, Melissa (i11082)
Adams, Mertie Mae (i13002), b.1901-d.1983
Adams, Micele Elaine (i2104), b.1964-
Adams, Michael (marriage to Karen Elizabeth Prestridge) (i2241), b.1970-
Adams, Michael Gary (i2103), b.1964-
Adams, Michel Lynn Adams (i18860)
Adams, Newell Wayne "Bill" (i2091), b.1911-
Adams, Oliria Laren (i13108)
Adams, Ossie Copurum, Jr. (i2094), b.1925-
Adams, Ozzie P. (i9561), b.1901-d.1989
Adams, Peggy Joyce (i13094), b.1937-d.1972
Adams, Pink A. (i23479), b.1867-d.1958
Adams, Quincy L. (i23492), b.1894-d.1979
Adams, R. Earl (i23495)
Adams, Rawdin (i13035), b.1917-d.1926
Adams, Robert (i11077), b.1970-
Adams, Robert Dan (i23501)
Adams, Rodney Daniel (i13184)
Adams, Roland (i11073), b.1948-
Adams, Roland (i11075), b.1969-
Adams, Rosie Ripple (i13027), b.1913-d.1987
Adams, Roy (marriage to Sandra Kay Senter) (i13183)
Adams, Roy Virgil (i13104)
Adams, Ruthie Beatrice (i13115)
Adams, Sean Leslie (i2105), b.1973-
Adams, Stephen Keith (i13150)
Adams, T. F. (marriage to Nancy Penelope Prestridge) (i8957)
Adams, Tammy Lynette (i28697), b.1969-
Adams, Tayler Darlene (i2980), b.1996-
Adams, Tommy Dwayne (i5919)
Adams, Travis (i13036), b.1921-d.1921
Adams, Travis Andrew (i2979), b.1994-
Adams, Troy Virgle (i13102), b.1903-
Adams, Valerie Jeane (i2101), b.1956-
Adams, Velma (i23488)
Adams, W. Hubert (i23496)
Adams, William B. (marriage to Mary Denman) (i9795), b.1817-
Adams, William Edward (i18846)
Adams, William Henry (i28695), b.1961-
Adams, William Henry (marriage to Geneva Mae Gardner) (i9138), b.1937-
Adams, William Quitman (i13135), b.1913-d.1963
Adams, Willie Odis Bertha Bernice (i13040), b.1918-
Adams, Wyatt Allen (i28698), b.1972-
Adams, Zane Ellen (i18848)


Addras, Linda (marriage to Roland Adams) (i11074)


Agee, Ardelia Evelyn (i26757), b.1892-
Agee, Carl Edward (i26765), b.1909-d.1967
Agee, Charles William (i26767), b.1919-d.1955
Agee, Cora Bernice "Jack" (i9207), b.1922-d.1951
Agee, Daniel Cooper (marriage to Minerva Lois "Topsy" Prestridge) (i8541), b.1889-d.1969
Agee, Dovie "Johnnie" Lee (i9212), b.1927-
Agee, Flora Margaret "Jill" (i9211), b.1924-
Agee, Georgia " Georgie" Elizabeth (i9200), b.1921-d.2003
Agee, Jasper Mathias O. (marriage to Martha Ann Roden) (i26751), b.1854-
Agee, John Daniel (i26752), b.1879-d.1946
Agee, Joseph Ryan (i26754), b.1886-
Agee, Luther Methias (i26753), b.1881-d.1954
Agee, Mable Ann Elizabeth (i26763), b.1905-d.1976
Agee, Mattie (i26756), b.1890-
Agee, Noah Webster (i26755), b.1888-
Agee, Pauline (i26762), b.1916-d.1969
Agee, Viola (i26758), b.1894-
Agee, William W. (i26759), d.1932


Agnes (marriage to Harbert Hodges) (i14354)


Akin, Donna Suzann (i12528)


Alabama (marriage to Thomas Benton Prestridge) (i11235), b.1850-


Albritten, Matthew (marriage to Josephine Prestridge) (i10505), b.1848-d.1876


Albritton, ? (marriage to Pricilla Prestridge) (i10121)
Albritton, Arie Hazletine (i20301), b.1879-d.1947
Albritton, Benjamin (i27017), b.1881-d.1961
Albritton, Bertha (i27018), b.1882-d.1976
Albritton, Betty (i27084)
Albritton, Cecil (i27028)
Albritton, Charlie (i27026)
Albritton, Cleo (i27023)
Albritton, Henry Harrison (i27019), b.1893-d.1966
Albritton, James Norris (i27033)
Albritton, James S. (i27016), b.1874-d.1938
Albritton, Jessie Lee (i27032)
Albritton, Joe (i27076)
Albritton, John (i27077)
Albritton, John (marriage to Mary Jane (Deliah) Prestridge) (i10508), b.1846-d.1919
Albritton, John Henderson (marriage to Deliah Prestridge) (i10207), b.1859-d.1919
Albritton, John L. (i27015), b.1872-d.1956
Albritton, Juanita (i27025)
Albritton, Lee (i27027)
Albritton, Lillian (i27024)
Albritton, Lula Belle (i27021)
Albritton, Mildren (i27030)
Albritton, Myrtis (i12222), b.1890-d.1975
Albritton, Nathan (i27022)
Albritton, Norwood (i27031)
Albritton, Paul (i27083)
Albritton, Pauline (i27075), b.1925-d.2000
Albritton, R. E. (marriage to Avery Prestridge) (i10165)


Aldredge, Mytrilla Lafayette "Tillie" (marriage to Hollie Edward Carlisle) (i27802)


Aldridge, Mildred (marriage to Burton Eldridge Crosby) (i929)


Alexander, Arthur Lee (marriage to Bobbie Jean Freeman) (i11904)
Alexander, Beth Ann (i11905)
Alexander, Florence (i3833), b.1887-
Alexander, James (i3834), b.AUG-
Alexander, Jesse (i3835), b.1893-
Alexander, Lee (i3836), b.1897-
Alexander, Mary Fances Massey (marriage to Boyce Darrel (Bud) Prestage) (i9422)
Alexander, Stefanie Kay (i12596)
Alexander, Stephen Leon (marriage to Debra Kay Stone) (i12595)
Alexander, Thomas (marriage to Fronia Prestridge) (i3832)


Alfaro, Carla Marie (i13574)
Alfaro, Victor Manuel (i13573)
Alfaro, Victor Manuel, Sr. (marriage to Jeannie Lou Allred) (i13531)


Alford, Becky (marriage to Jerry Ray Morgan) (i2931)


Alice (marriage to Thomas J. (Or T) Prestridge) (i2375), b.1894-d.1982
Alice Gordon (i12927)


Allen, Abner Booker (marriage to Ella L. Carlisle) (i3238), b.1873-d.1936
Allen, Angela Quay (marriage to Edward Lamra Roberts) (i12118)
Allen, Billy Dale (marriage to Benja Louise Lightfoot) (i15250)
Allen, Copper Lee (i3257), b.1913-d.1975
Allen, Debra Ann (marriage to Kenny Joe Prestage) (i2061), b.1964-
Allen, Edd (i3258), b.1915-
Allen, Elinor (marriage to Wilton "Ed" Edgar Freeman) (i40456)
Allen, Ella Louise (marriage to Copper Lee Allen) (i27835)
Allen, Ella Mae (i3255), b.1910-d.1974
Allen, Ethel (i3259), b.1915-
Allen, Grady (marriage to Velma Melinda Freeman) (i40458)
Allen, Horace (i3244), d.1988
Allen, James Virgil (i3249), d.1970
Allen, John E. (marriage to Miranda E. Nichols) (i2048)
Allen, Lizzie L. (marriage to John Elmore Prestage) (i9066), b.1884-d.1975
Allen, Lois (i3256)
Allen, Lola B. (i3245), d.1973
Allen, Mary A. (marriage to William Cleve Prestage) (i9080), b.1895-d.1935
Allen, Minnie L. (i3247), b.1904-d.1937
Allen, Mr. (marriage to Thaola Prestridge) (i3154)
Allen, Oma Elizabeth (i3252), b.1908-
Allen, Ona Ola (i3251), b.1908-
Allen, Violet (marriage to James Edwin Crosby) (i931)
Allen, William Walter (i3242), d.1919


Allford, Mildred (marriage to Eugene Hewitt Prestridge) (i10021), b.1911-


Allison, Joyce (marriage to Marty Christian James) (i14072)


Allmand, Lucile (marriage to Benjamin Exel Daughdril ) (i40562)


Allred, "Billie" Wilma Juanita (i13544), b.1924-d.1982
Allred, "Bon" Bonnie Boyd (marriage to Hattie Marie Viola Underwood) (i13592), b.1894-d.1968
Allred, Alma Mae (i27123), b.1927-
Allred, Amy Dawn (i13567)
Allred, Audis Elaine (i27125), b.1933-
Allred, Belinda Kay (i13510)
Allred, Bobbie Jo (i13570)
Allred, Carolyn Rose (i40027), b.1940
Allred, Cassandra Lynn (i13581)
Allred, Cherie (i40045), b.1971
Allred, Donald Ray, Jr. (i40043) b.1968
Allred, Donald Ray, Sr. (i40041), b.1946
Allred, Edna Videlia (i27124), b.1928-
Allred, Elma Marie (i27122), b.1925-
Allred, Elmer Washington "Zack" (marriage to Pluma Brown) (i27119), b.1902-
Allred, Georgia Anne (marriage to John Henry "Johnnie" Freeman) (i11842)
Allred, James Edward (i27120), b.1922-d.1922
Allred, Janella Evelyn (i40036) b.1944
Allred, Jeannie Lou (i13508)
Allred, Luther Arlen (i14202)
Allred, Malvin (i11851)
Allred, Michael (i40044) b.1970
Allred, Mildred Louise (i13488), b.1920-d.1974
Allred, Misty June (i13569)
Allred, Polley (marriage to Gladys Freeman) (i11850), b.1901-d.1965
Allred, Rebecca Faith (i13513)
Allred, Robert Boyd II (i13495), b.1933-d.1987
Allred, Robert Boyd III (i13507)
Allred, Robert Kyle (i13572)
Allred, Robin (i11975)
Allred, Sharon Kathryn (i13571)
Allred, Thomas Wayne (i27121), b.1938-d.1939
Allred, Tina (i13506)
Allred, Trudy Ann (i13512)
Allred, Victoria Michelle (i13582)
Allred, William (Bill) Don (i13509)
Allred, William Don (i13580)
Allred, Winton "Windred" (i11852)


Alma Eliza (marriage to Joseph S. Prestridge) (i11275), b.1854-d.1928


Almon, Grady (marriage to Roxie O. Prestridge) (i2836)


Alsabrook, Melvin (marriage to Euna Causey) (i2767), b.1917-d.1974
Alsabrook, John Henry (marriage to Ocatvia Causey) (i2767a) b. 1909-d.1990


Alsy (marriage to John Prestridge III) (i2372)


Alsy, (marriage to John Prestridge III) (i26618)


Altorfer, Braydon Charles (i28387)
Altorfer, Eric James (marriage to Jill Andrea Schwafel) (i28386)
Altorfer, Zachary James (i28388)


Amason, Donna Sue (marriage to Stephen Dennis Williams) (i1894)


Ambrose, Connie Louise (i18865)
Ambrose, John (i18864)
Ambrose, John (marriage to Audrey Louise Adams) (i18862)
Ambrose, Linda Jane (i18863)


Ames, James Micahel (i40827), b. 1970
Ames, Jennifer Kay (i40825), b. 1965
Ames, Mae (marriage to Robert Edward Prestridge Jr.) (i9877)
Ames, Thomas Graham (i40826), b. 1967
Ames, Thomas Sloat (marriage to Sharon Kay Graham) (i40824)


Anders, James Glenn (marriage to Ruby Irene Williams) (i23521)
Anders, Morris Wayne (i23522), b.1939-d.1956


Anderson, ? (marriage to Martha Ann Prestridge) (i11089)
Anderson, Alice E. (marriage to John Thomas Prestridge) (i11215), b.1906-
Anderson, Audra Lometa (i20207), b.1928-d.1988
Anderson, Christopher Alan (i1265), b.1979-
Anderson, George Ersken (marriage to Annie Prestridge) (i18993), b.1899-
Anderson, Iona (i20206)
Anderson, J.c. (marriage to Margie Madora Sullenger) (i4226)
Anderson, James Randall (i11090), b.1955-
Anderson, Marianne Elizabeth (i1264), b.1983-
Anderson, Mildred (marriage to Foy Joseph Hopkins) (i27610), d.1994
Anderson, Rodney Val (i11091), b.1961-
Anderson, Stacey Rea (i11093), b.1962-
Anderson, Victor Alan (marriage to Brenda Sue Prestridge) (i1263)


Anding, Anner Lara (marriage to Robert A. Prestage) (i9064), b.1865-


Andrews, Edmund (i23420), b.1849-
Andrews, Fanny (i23422), b.1852-
Andrews, Hannah (i23423), b.1857-
Andrews, Hannah (marriage to Edmund Leander Andrew Wilson) (i23431)
Andrews, James (i23421), b.1851-
Andrews, James (marriage to Hannah Rita Wilson) (i23419), b.1824-
Andrews, Todd (marriage to Tracy Leigh Prestage) (i2073)


Ann Marie (marriage to Charles Gary Carpenter) (i13207)


Ann, Jane (marriage to Buddy Roy Mercer) (i28407)
Ann, Patsy (marriage to Zell Keith Prestridge) (i28248)


Anne (marriage to Thomas Prestridge Jr.) (i8567)


Anthony, Alice (marriage to Forrest Franklin Killingsworth) (i3933)


Antley, Irene (marriage to James Earl Prestridge) (i3041)


Arender, Peggy Adair (marriage to Gerald Wallace "Smokey" Prestridge) (i10929)


Argo, Claire Leah Elizabeth (i28663), b.2000-
Argo, James Clark (marriage to Burnis Maude George) (i8524), b.1938-
Argo, James Harold (i8529), b.1969-
Argo, John Preston (i8530), b.1976-
Argo, Kathleen Mary Margaret (i14614), b.1998-


Armstrong, Beth Ellen (marriage to Ricky Alan Underwood) (i13796)
Armstrong, George (marriage to Linda Prestridge) (i2442)
Armstrong, Melissa Renee (i12875)


Arnold, Bailey (i22999), b.1905-d.1983
Arnold, Bennie (i22998), b.1902-d.1991
Arnold, Bertie (i22996)
Arnold, Billie Jean (marriage to Leo William Smith) (i1253)
Arnold, Charlie (i23001), b.1918-d.1970
Arnold, Dolly (i22995)
Arnold, Ernest (i23000), b.1907-d.1988
Arnold, Ernest (i23003), b.1933-d.AUG
Arnold, Ernest Jackson, Jr. (i1590), b.1982-
Arnold, Ernest Jacson, Sr. (marriage to Carol Elaine Prestridge) (i1588)
Arnold, Imogene (marriage to Ted Hodges) (i14313)
Arnold, Larry (i27795)
Arnold, Lennie (i22997)
Arnold, Lucy N. (marriage to Prestidge Denman) (i9751)
Arnold, Mary (marriage to William Gordon) (i8998)
Arnold, Michael Eric (i1592), b.1984-
Arnold, Robert Needham (i1591), b.1983-d.1983
Arnold, Robert S. (marriage to C. Ella Freeman) (i22994)
Arnold, Sylvia (i27796)
Arnold, Verna (marriage to Albert Larcus Prestridge) (i2493)
Arnold, Weldon (marriage to Hazel Pearl Carlisle) (i27794)


Arrington, Dovie (i40449)
Arrington, Elizabeth Matilda (marriage to William H. Prestridge) (i10810), b.1860-d.1927
Arrington, Eris (marriage to Earmis Prestridge) (i2702), b.1920-d.1971
Arrington, Harvey Jefferson (i40447)
Arrington, Isham L. (i40445)
Arrington, John J. (marriage to Mary Catherine Prestridge) (i18708), b.1849-
Arrington, Lizzie (i40443)
Arrington, Mary "Mollie" (i40446)
Arrington, Nancy (i40442)
Arrington, Sarah Melinda (marriage to James L. Prestridge) (i2629), b.1865-d.1940
Arrington, Sarah Odessa Elizabeth (i40392)
Arrington, William (i40444)


Arron, Mr. (marriage to Wende Black) (i12819)


Arthur, Laura (marriage to Morris Steele Prestridge) (i3501), b.1955-


Artie G. (marriage to Joseph William Prestridge) (i11290), b.1857-


Ascraft, Debbie (marriage to Cleveland Earl Smith) (i12075)


Ashcroft, J. (marriage to G. D. Summit) (i23264)


Ashley, Frank Leo (marriage to Louise Davis) (i23059), b.1917-d.1985


Atwood, J. R. (marriage to Iva Maxwell) (i20446), b.1901-d.1952
Atwood, Joyce (i20447)


Aubun, Lorena (marriage to Charles Lee Prestridge) (i10172), b.1897-d.1966


Austin, Dela Mae (marriage to John Earl Prestage) (i9591)


Avent, Benjamin Edward (marriage to Sara Jane Maples) (i1960)


Axton, Tab (marriage to Garland Daughdril) (i40547)


Azvedo, Mary Katherine (marriage to William Cicero "Bill" Prestidge) (i40339)


Ayneta (marriage to Travis Prestridge) (i2504)


B., P. (marriage to William D. Prestridge) (i28201)


Bacon, Alicia Joy (marriage to Kieth Michael Willieford) (i40856)


Badon, Lorraine (marriage to Charles Spurgeon Prestridge) (i10006)


Baetge, Sandra (marriage to Jimmy Lee Gibbs) (i13388)


Bagley, B. F. (marriage to Bettie Prestridge) (i3514)
Bagley, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph W. Prestridge) (i11105), b.1798-d.1874


Baier, Tina Ruth (marriage to Robert Dale Brown) (i27749), b.1957-


Bailey, Charles (i3871)
Bailey, Clemie Estelle (i3874), b.1877-d.1956
Bailey, Florence (i3872)
Bailey, Gracie Lena (i3876), b.1884-d.1970
Bailey, Jams H. (i3875), b.1879-d.1883
Bailey, Lucy (i3877), b.AUG-d.1972
Bailey, Patricia (marriage to James Nathaniel Prestridge) (i2577)
Bailey, Ruby (i3870)
Bailey, Zacharia Reid (marriage to Mary Jane Killingsworth) (i3311), b.1859-d.1923


Baily, Daniel Hughes (marriage to Tamara Lynn Henderson) (i12724)


Baird, Ray Lewis (marriage to Tammie Lynn Clark) (i12918)


Baker, Alene (marriage to Frank A. Prestage) (i40067)
Baker, Charlie (marriage to Emily Callie Ray) (i12369)
Baker, Jane (marriage to Milton Dwight Prestridge) (i12691)
Baker, Marilyn (marriage to William Prestridge) (i10028)
Baker, Michael Donald (marriage to Susan Prestridge) (i2427)
Baker, Samuel (i2225), b.1996-
Baker, Sarah Elizabeth (i2226), b.1998-
Baker, William Newton (marriage to Terri Ruth Hutchinson) (i2214), b.1970-


Baldridge, Teresa A. (marriage to Paul Kane) (i9367)


Ballenger, Ora Maddie (marriage to Henry Jasper Adams) (i18847)


Ballew, Clara (i40579)
Ballew, Durett W. (marriage to Martha Ann Elizabeth Parkman) (i40567)
Ballew, Hebert Fore (i40608)
Ballew, James Earl (i40582)
Ballew, James Luther (i40570), b.1878
Ballew Sr., John Lloyd (i40597)
Ballew Jr., John Lloyd (i40605)
Ballew, Joyce Arlene (i40603)
Ballew, Lawrence Fore (i40581)
Ballew, Mary Emily (i40568), b.1873
Ballew, Marty (i40600)
Ballew, Mary Virginia (i40604)
Ballew Sr., Maston Leland (i40571), b.1887
Ballew Jr., Maston Leland (i40596)
Ballew III, Maston Leland (i40599)
Ballew, Mattie Priscilla (i40583)
Ballew, Mattie U. (i40569), b.1877
Ballew, Richard Earl (i40611)
Ballew, Robert Bradford (i40606)
Ballew, Ronnie (i40612)
Ballew, Sarah Alice (i40609)
Ballew, Sletta Ann (i40580)


Balzell, Judith (marriage to Ricky Alan Underwood) (i13794)


Banks, Fair Ellen (i13928)
Banks, Jimmy Darrell (i13929)
Banks, John (marriage to Lura Bell Davis) (i13630)
Banks, John Travis (Buddy) (i13925), b.1945-d.APR
Banks, Julie Ann (marriage to Michael Douglas Smith) (i12921)
Banks, Kathryn Kay (i13930)
Banks, Linda Faye (i13927)
Banks, Pernie Christine (i13924)
Banks, Rhonda Renee (i13931)
Banks, Shelby Jean (i13926)


Bankston, Hilda Elizabeth (marriage to John Wilson Kenna) (i23454)


Barbara (marriage to Lloyd Alva Prestridge) (i5349)
Barbara (marriage to Ronald Dean Hale) (i4259)


Barber, Joe (marriage to Eva Lois Prestage) (i12972)
Barber, Mr. (marriage to Lucy Prestridge) (i2171)
Barber, Sarah Adaline Nee Williams (marriage to Benjamin Bagley Prestridge Sr.) (i11168), b.1823-d.1873


Barbour, Lyndia Jo Ann (marriage to Christopher Alan Blackburn) (i27601), b.1959-


Barfield, Jeffery Linn (i2071), b.1970-
Barfield, Larry (Buddy) (marriage to Shirley Ann Prestage) (i9420), b.1943-
Barfield, Larry Wayne, Jr. (i2069), b.1967-


Barfiled, (marriage to Elan E. Prestridge) (i27157)


Barger, Gene (marriage to Marjorie Senter) (i12281)
Barger, Rhonda Christine (i12283)
Barger, Rosalind Dawn (i15259)
Barger, Russell (i12282)


Barker, David (marriage to Kelli Fitzgerald) (i11051), b.1965-
Barker, Justin (i11053), b.1989-
Barker, Lee Patrick (marriage to Bamma Hester "Bernice" Miller) (i27449)
Barker, Paul (i11052), b.1984-

Barnes Martin

Barnes Martin, Beverly (i13497)

Barnes Smith

Barnes Smith, Doris Marie (i13498)


Barnes, "Doc" Melvus Ardell (marriage to Mildred Louise Allred) (i13494), b.1919-d.1990
Barnes, Beverly (i13503)
Barnes, Bobbie Jean (i13504)
Barnes, Bobby Jean (i13921), b.1944-d.1944
Barnes, Branndon Lynn (i13548)
Barnes, Child 1 (i12469), d.1944
Barnes, Child 2 (i12470)
Barnes, Child 3 (i12471)
Barnes, Child 4 (i12472)
Barnes, Child 5 (i12473)
Barnes, Earl Francis (marriage to Verna Pauline Corcoran) (i12483)
Barnes, Kenneth Edward (i13501)
Barnes, Kenneth Edward (i13545)
Barnes, Kenneth Edward, Sr. (i13496), b.1942-d.1994
Barnes, Nancy (i13502)
Barnes, Raymond V. (marriage to Sarah Agnes Corcoran) (i12467)
Barnes, Sarah Ann (marriage to Michael Prestridge) (i11312)
Barnes, Shannon (i13547)


Barnett, Ethridge (marriage to Vernice Prestridge) (i2570)
Barnett, Fred Vernon (marriage to Billie Wyatt Prestridge) (i3376)
Barnett, Herbert (i2590)
Barentt, Jewel (marriage to Henry Mayfield Moore)


Barrient, Christopher G. (i20419), b.1971-
Barrient, Debra Ann (i20417), b.1960-
Barrient, Laren Rice (i20420)
Barrient, Percy Joseph (marriage to Margie Nell Murphy) (i20416)
Barrient, Steve Joseph (i20418), b.1961-d.1985


Barron, Ernest (marriage to Betty Elaine Jones) (i27437)


Barthold, Clarrisa Nicole (i12925)
Barthold, Erwin, II (marriage to Michell Lynn Smith) (i12924)


Bass, (marriage to Child Freeman) (i22964)
Bass, (marriage to Claude Freeman) (i22961)
Bass, Loraine (marriage to Clem Steele) (i11951)
Bass, Patrick David (i18837)


Battaglino, Alex (i11992)
Battaglino, Michael (i11993)
Battaglino, Mr. (marriage to Dianna Vestal) (i11991)


Baugh, Jack (marriage to Linda Fay Prestridge) (i2885), b.1937-
Baugh, Mitizi Star (i2890), b.1966-
Baugh, Ryan Tillman (i2893), b.1975-
Baugh, Tammie Shireen (i2886), b.1964-


Baumgardner, John Lay (marriage to Monica Katheryn Prestridge) (i10559)
Baumgardner, Van (marriage to Nina Prestage) (i9655)


Beach, Joy (marriage to George Earl Prestridge) (i28202)
Beach, Revis "Bo" Irvin (i27186), b.1974-
Beach, Revis Irvin (marriage to Nancy Jane Green) (i27185)


Beadle, Denis (i27478)
Beadle, Walter (marriage to Aleen Prestidge) (i27477)


Beall, Thomas N. (marriage to Elizabeth Prestridge) (i9011)


Beam, Annie Lou (marriage to Roy Malone Prestage) (i12954)
Beam, Ethel (marriage to Earl Laverne Waddle) (i11489)
Beam, Willie (marriage to Amanda Arlene Prestridge) (i10419)


Bean, Diane J. (marriage to Barry William Prestridge) (i10592)


Beane, Lola Mae (marriage to Alvie Cutee Pinkerton) (i9496), b.1925-d.1978


Beasley, Carl "Buddy" (marriage to Mattie Levade Parkman) (i40505)
Beasley, Clyde Robert (marriage to Allie Adams) (i13038), d.1979
Beasley, Jane Ellen (marriage to Hamiton Swayne "Butch" Prestridge) (i2238), b.1947-
Beasley, Ruby Marie (i13039)


Beavers, Elverine (marriage to William Jesse Hale) (i4253)


Bednarvic/Michals, Rozella (marriage to Lancett Aaron Prestidge) (i40054)


Bel, Jimmie Lee (marriage to Suzanna Frances Prestridge) (i10608)


Belcher, Effie Lee (marriage to James (Jim) Franklin Nash) (i10484)
Belcher, Jack (marriage to Lou Ann Norris) (i4402)


Belew, Stacy (marriage to Kevin Fenn Crosby) (i2184)


Bell, Bertha Pearl (marriage to Warren Holly "Warney" Prestage) (i13353), b.1889-d.1974
Bell, Mary Lou (marriage to Mitchel Lee Wallace) (i11999)


Bellucci, Greg Alan (marriage to Nancy Jane Green) (i27188), b.1952-


Belt, Martha (marriage to David Williams) (i9240)


Benefield, George (marriage to Josephine Prestridge) (i12203)
Benefield, May (marriage to Vernon Ray Underwood) (i14016)


Benham, Cynthia A. (marriage to Fred Daniel "Dan" Williams) (i40208)


Bennett, (marriage to Alice M. Prestage) (i20221)
Bennett, Larry (marriage to Joyce Bernice Prestridge) (i28637)
Bennett, Lawrence Lee (i20223), b.1927-d.1986
Bennett, Lula (marriage to Grady Ferguson Parkman) (i40486)
Bennett, Miss (marriage to Okee Bingham Prestridge Jr.) (i3059)
Bennett, R. J. (i20222), b.1925-d.1972


Benningfield, Larry (i27824)
Benningfield, Rody Leroy (marriage to Helen Doris "Joy" Carlisle) (i27823)
Benningfield, Vicki Lynn (i27825)


Benson, Judy Ann (marriage to Hershel Earl Prestridge) (i13462)


Bentley, Iseballa (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Prestridge) (i10634)
Bentley, Matthew (marriage to Dena Marie Smith) (i28414)
Bentley, Ryan Matthew (i28415)


Bently, Jessica (i28219)
Bently, Patrick (marriage to Marilyn Manning) (i28217)
Bently, Robert (i28218)


Berger, Walter Charles (marriage to Ruth Pearl Emily Kane) (i9378)


Berlin, Jr. Alfred E. (marriage to Mabel Protho) (i40772)
Berlin, III Alfred E. (i40773)
Berlin, Belva (i40778)
Berlin, Brian Douglas (i40775)
Berlin, Kpjm Caldwell (i40777)
Berlin, Michael (i40774)


Berryman, Barry Loren (marriage to Valerie Ellon Hale) (i4261)
Berryman, Geoffrey William (i4264)
Berryman, Michael Loren (i4263)


Berthelot, David Keith (marriage to Barbara Cecile Prestridge) (i10600)


Bethany, Kaitlyn Alexandra (i14437)
Bethany, Michael Tom (marriage to Sandra Ann Nethero) (i14430)


Bethea, William (marriage to Mary Bonner Prestridge) (i3371), b.1908-d.1981


Betsy (marriage to Herbert Barnett) (i2591)
Bettie E. (marriage to Franklin Prestridge) (i3072), b.1890-d.1909
Betty (marriage to Marvin Bagley Black) (i12751)
Betty (marriage to Waymon Claudie Prestridge) (i5832)


Bice, Colton Alexander (i14154)
Bice, Robert Stanley (marriage to Jennifer Scott) (i14153)


Bickerstaff, Kathy Jo Hogarad (marriage to Kevin Fenn Crosby) (i9930)


Bicknell, Jesse W. (marriage to Lizzie Mcmackin Prestridge) (i3530)


Bien, Elsie Lucille (marriage to Homer Grady Carlisle) (i27818)


Biggs, Rueben G. (marriage to Lettie L. Prestridge) (i2621)


Bilbrey, Gladys Lennie (marriage to Adrain Grant Adams) (i18859)


Biles, Mr. (marriage to Cindy Caston) (i2359)


Billman, Bradley Jay (i2120), b.1974-
Billman, Bryan Lee (i2119), b.1971-
Billman, Gary Steven (i2127), b.1977-
Billman, Jerry Dean (marriage to Suzanne Hendricks) (i9529)
Billman, Laurie (i2117), b.1969-
Billman, Rodney Dean (i2118), b.1970-
Billman, Wayne Jorgen (i2128), b.1978-
Billman, Wendy (i2126), b.1975-


Bills, Donna (marriage to Paul Thomas Sullenger) (i4235)


Birtchfield, Ladale (marriage to Elmer Leslie Prestridge) (i28277)
Birtchfield, Lela (marriage to Oscar Columbus Prestridge) (i10799), b.1888-


Bishop, Mr. (marriage to Rebecca Jean Prestridge) (i3036)
Bishop, Willie J. (marriage to Thelma Hodges) (i14324)


Bissett, Eula Lee (marriage to Joel Norman Black) (i12806)


Bjorn, Lee Thomas (marriage to Cynthia Gaye Prestidge) (i28381)


Black, Anna Cathryn (i25047), b.1997-
Black, Austin (i12785)
Black, Austin Russell (i12888)
Black, Becki Jo (i12832)
Black, Billy Carroll (i12811)
Black, Charles Lee (i12807)
Black, Cynthia Jeanne (i12815)
Black, Dalton Fraiser (i12776)
Black, Darold (i12755)
Black, Dave (i12750), b.1905-d.1989
Black, Donald Lynn (i12781)
Black, Donald Rae (i12833)
Black, Doris Ann (i12813)
Black, E. A. (i12752)
Black, Elijah Andrew (marriage to Nancy Ann Prestridge) (i11224), b.1861-d.1955
Black, George Andrew Coke (i12743), b.1892-d.1964
Black, George Lee (i12787)
Black, Isaiah Davis (i12774)
Black, Jennifer Nell (i12842)
Black, Joe Ed (i12773)
Black, Joel Alec (i12749), b.1902-d.1978
Black, Joel Norman (i12771)
Black, John Lester (i12741), b.1888-d.1955
Black, Keatin Elizabeth (i12889)
Black, Leah (i25048)
Black, Lee (i12762)
Black, Lee Carroll (i12874)
Black, Lela Zella (i12748), b.1899-d.1996
Black, Lerlyne (i12754)
Black, Leslie (i12821)
Black, Lizzie Nell (i12747), b.1898-d.1988
Black, Maggie Ruth (i12758)
Black, Martha Ann (i12780)
Black, Marvin Bagley (i12740), b.1885-d.1917
Black, Marvin Billy (i12772)
Black, Mary Ellen (i12782)
Black, Merle (i12763)
Black, Michael Joel (i12876)
Black, Nancy Ann (i12775)
Black, Randall Harvey (i12816)
Black, Robin (i12820)
Black, Sherry Gail (i12810)
Black, Stephanie (i12784)
Black, Susan (i12840)
Black, Susie Ida (i12744), b.1895-d.1983
Black, Tommy (i12760)
Black, Wallace Dale (i12778), b.1937-d.1989
Black, Walter Towson (i12742), b.1889-d.1983
Black, Wende (i12818)


Blackburn, Andrea (i28594), b.AUG-
Blackburn, Angela Yvonne (i27596), b.1957-d.1957
Blackburn, Brandon James (i27604), b.1986-
Blackburn, Christopher Alan (i27599), b.1962-
Blackburn, Christopher Alan (i27602), b.1985-
Blackburn, Crystal Liane (i27594), b.1963-d.1963
Blackburn, Faye (marriage to Hollis Conwill) (i11542)
Blackburn, John Maurice (i27595), b.1957-
Blackburn, Johnnie Maurice (marriage to Janice Louise Hopkins) (i27593), b.1936-
Blackburn, Johnny Delano (i27605), b.1990-
Blackburn, Kenneth Ray (i27600), b.1964-
Blackburn, Melissa (i27606), b.1994-
Blackburn, Paul Darren (i27598), b.1960-
Blackburn, Sebastian (i28593), b.2001-
Blackburn, Sheri Lyn (i27597), b.1959-


Blackmon, Miss (marriage to Jackie Prestridge) (i3034)


Blackwell, Chell (marriage to Mary Beth Senter) (i15268)


Blair, Celia (marriage to James Fred Prestridge) (i10355), b.1912-


Blanch (marriage to Billly Payton Nash) (i10499)
Blanche (marriage to William Lee "Willie" West) (i1840)


Blankenship, Danielle Nichole (i1573), b.1983-
Blankenship, Jessica Diane (i1574), b.1985-
Blankenship, Jimmy Wayne (marriage to Terry Allane Prestridge) (i14220), b.1959-


Blankership, Walter (marriage to Willie "Billie" Prestridge) (i3448)


Blanton, Bobbie Lee (i2002a), -
Blanton, Deborah (i40000), -
Blanton, Wilbur Alexander (marriage to Josephine Milam Saunders) (i2004), b.1900-d.1977
Blanton, Jr. Wilbur Alexander (i2001a), -


Blaylock, Conny (marriage to Chelcie Prestage) (i12948)
Blaylock, Jeanette (i12989)
Blaylock, Jeanette (marriage to Jimmy Wayne Senter) (i12989)
Blaylock, Jimmie Nell (marriage to Leonard Curtis "L.c." Prestage Jr.) (i12952)
Blaylock, Paul (i12988)


Bleeker, Everett Lewis (marriage to Carlenia Marie Lancaster) (i12645)
Bleeker, Marica Ann (i12648), b.1989-
Bleeker, Trenton Lee (i12647), b.1987-


Blevis, Howard Monroe (marriage to Frances Taylor Prestridge) (i9880)
Blevis, Howard Monroe, Jr. (i9883)
Blevis, Sarah Frances (i9881)


Blocker, Alice Inez (marriage to Timothy Harold Haynes) (i4324)


Bloxom, Altha Anna (i22513), b.1885-d.1972
Bloxom, Douglas (i22542), b.1926-d.1928
Bloxom, Elizabeth Irene (i22535), b.1914-d.1989
Bloxom, George Albert (i22512), b.1884-d.1917
Bloxom, Grover Cleveland (i22515), b.1889-d.1973
Bloxom, Harold Hill (i22537)
Bloxom, Ida Viola (i22511), b.1882-d.1956
Bloxom, India Zelma (i22517), b.1893-d.1987
Bloxom, Leota Francis (i22541)
Bloxom, Leslie Frank (i22514), b.1888-d.1933
Bloxom, Leslie Frank (i22543), b.1930-d.1981
Bloxom, Lewis (i22544), b.1933-d.1992
Bloxom, Lonnie Calvin (i22516), b.1891-d.1984
Bloxom, Mary Blanche (i22519), b.1900-d.1985
Bloxom, Metta Mae (i22533)
Bloxom, Ruth (i22520), b.1903-d.1985
Bloxom, Servica (marriage to Cornelia Prestridge) (i2191), b.1855-d.1938
Bloxom, Stella Frances (i22536), b.1916-d.1973
Bloxom, Thomas Cameron (i22518), b.1896-d.1978


Bobbitt, Angela Dawn (i13811)
Bobbitt, Leonard Guy (marriage to Becky Denise Underwood) (i13809)
Bobbitt, Tonya Renee (i13810)


Boddie, Doris (marriage to John William Prestridge) (i28423)


Bohn, Bill Robert (marriage to Margaret Elizabeth "Margie" George) (i8562)
Bohn, David Eric (i9229), b.1970-


Bohr, Jamie Lynn (marriage to James Edward Mcmillen) (i13876)


Bolan, Jo Ann (marriage to Henry Russell Prestage) (i9453)


Bolin, Katy (marriage to James Ernest Hallman) (i15286)


Bomar, Donna Jan (i14453)
Bomar, Eugene Dennis (marriage to Mabel Voncille Prestage) (i14451)
Bomar, Joyce Elaine (i14452)


Bond, Don (marriage to Ethyl Elvira Miller) (i27451)


Bonds, Della Mae (marraige to Joseph Dothard) (i40225)
Bonds, Minvera (marriage to Joseph Dothard) (i40226)
Bonds, Mollie (marriage to William Oliver Powell) (i9791)


Bonner, William Harold (marriage to Valerie Prestridge) (i2710)


Boone, Female (i20359)
Boone, Female (i20360)
Boone, Mr (marriage to Female Thomasson) (i20358)


Booth, Daughter (i28705)
Booth, Jack (marriage to Sandra Kay Prestridge) (i9154)


Bordelon, Haleigh (i40676)
Bordelon, Mike (marriage to Jennifer Prestridge) (i40675)


Borgstede, Jeffrey Paul (marriage to Beth Ann Alexander) (i12025)


Boroughs, Benjamin Bryan (i13397)
Boroughs, Bryan Bishop (marriage to Diana Lynn Van Cleave) (i13395)
Boroughs, Laura Beth (i13396)


Boteler, Frances Lorraine (i15237), b.1937-
Boteler, Walter Isbel "Rip" (marriage to Rachel Almeida Prestridge) (i15236), b.1912-


Bourland, Myra Jean (marriage to Erval Conwill) (i11560)


Bourne, (marriage to Raiford Lee Freeman) (i22985)


Bowen, Elizabeth (Mollie) (marriage to William Wallace Prestridge) (i10912), b.1873-d.1970
Bowen, W. (marriage to Matilda Ann Prestridge) (i8953)


Bowlin, (marriage to Shellie H. Freeman) (i22957)
Bowlin, Alice M. (i11663)
Bowlin, Ezekiel (marriage to Amanda Massey) (i11659), d.1841
Bowlin, Maranda Ellen (i11662), b.1835-d.1909
Bowlin, Mary Anne "Polly" (i11665), b.1838-
Bowlin, Trinthony (i11664), b.1841-


Bowman, Hudson (marriage to Mary J. Hodges) (i14253)


Boxly, Jennifer Paige (i13787)
Boxly, Robert Wyatt (marriage to Lisa Kathleen Swan) (i13786)


Boyd, Mr. (marriage to Jeri Prestridge) (i3046)


Boyette, Mary (marriage to James Steen Prestridge) (i3524), b.1840-d.1901


Boyington, Mollie (marriage to Wiley P. Prestridge) (i10202), b.1880-


Boyle, Marie Louis (marriage to Charles Burnell Freeman) (i11906)


Boyt, James (i26867), b.1876-
Boyt, Tom (marriage to Nancy A. Prestridge) (i7593)


Bozeman, Sara (marriage to John Hubert Prestridge) (i3358)


Brabham, Leona (marriage to William A. Prestridge) (i11294), b.1886-


Brace, Barbara (marriage to Nooman Clifton Prestage) (i213)


Bradford, La Dona (marriage to Archie Lee Prestage) (i14531)
Bradford, Lennie (marriage to Quincy Dewey Prestridge) (i9899), b.1900-d.1991


Bradham, Lindora (marriage to William Anderson (Andy) Prestridge) (i9985)


Bradley, Cathy Aldridge (marriage to Gary Mac Franks) (i14013)


Bradshaw, Cherry Lynn (marriage to Dennis Dale Corcoran) (i12503)


Braggs, Melvin (i11697)
Braggs, William (marriage to Mary Anne "Polly" Bowlin) (i11689)


Branan, Gloria Jean (marriage to Hershel Earl Prestridge) (i13463)


Branch, Perla (marriage to Robert Ernest Prestridge Jr.) (i10042), b.1883-d.1956


Brannon, Jewell (marriage to John Byron Prestridge) (i3143), b.1900-d.1938


Branson, Katheryn Sinclair (marriage to Roger Meridith (Micky) Prestridge) (i10942)


Branton, Latiness (marriage to Hattie Sasser) (i26986)


Brasfield, Luckie Lee (marriage to Jeraldine Underwood) (i13888)


Brasher, Mary Ann (marriage to Charles Raymond Prestridge) (i2991), b.APR-
Brasher, Mary Ann (marriage to Roy Marvin Prestridge Sr.) (i2991), b.APR-
Brasher, Rose B. (marriage to Andrew Jackson Prestridge) (i12208), b.1875-d.1965


Brazile, Bedie L. (marriage to Paul Edward Underwood) (i14203)


Breazeale, Beulah (i23373)
Breazeale, Emma Lou (i23368)
Breazeale, Emma Lou (marriage to James Carlisle) (i23368)
Breazeale, John "Jack" Marion (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Carlisle) (i3233), b.1876-
Breazeale, John "Jack" Marion (marriage to Laura Carlisle) (i3233), b.1876-


Breeland, Cicero M. (marriage to Sarah Frances Powell) (i9783)
Breeland, Jimmy Daryl (marriage to Robin Taylor) (i11021)


Breland, Dan (marriage to Carolyn Helene Grice) (i40554)


Brenda (marriage to Wendell Wayne Crusenberry Sr.) (i10298)


Brent, Bessie (i14329), b.1892-
Brent, Clottee (i14337), b.1899-
Brent, Efffie (i14331), b.1892-
Brent, Fred (i14332), b.1894-
Brent, J (i14341), b.1907-
Brent, Jesse (i14335), b.1897-
Brent, May (i14327), b.1890-
Brent, Ralph (i14339), b.1902-
Brent, W. J. (marriage to Julia C. Price) (i14326)


Brewer, ? (marriage to Katherine Milan) (i9468)
Brewer, Cindy (i15104)
Brewer, Franz G. (i2938), b.1968-
Brewer, Glenn (i15111)
Brewer, Helen Ozella (i2928), b.1932-d.2003
Brewer, Jessie Glenn (i15098)
Brewer, John Michael (i2937), b.1967-
Brewer, Karen (i15108)
Brewer, Mary Brenda (marriage to Jerry Lamar Underwood) (i13866), b.1945-d.1992
Brewer, Michael (i15109)
Brewer, Michael Alatar (i3762), b.2000-
Brewer, Michelle (i15105)
Brewer, Oscar Underwood (marriage to Flora Beatrices Prestridge) (i12221)
Brewer, Richard Allen (i15102)
Brewer, Roy (marriage to Zelma Prestridge) (i15097)
Brewer, Royce (i15101)
Brewer, Sherri (i15106)
Brewer, William Eugene (i2935), b.1934-
Brewer, William Matthew (i2939), b.1972-


Bridges, Julia Ann (marriage to Bobby Neal Corcoran) (i12453)
Bridges, Linus M. (marriage to Mary Lillian Prestridge) (i9994)


Bright, (marriage to Ella J Steen) (i28373)


Brimer, Louise (marriage to Homer Grady Carlisle) (i27814)


Briscoe, Mr. (marriage to Louise May) (i2259)


Brister, Barbara Ellen (i14385)
Brister, Charles (i14347)
Brister, Cleon (i14350), b.1912-d.1986
Brister, Cordie Mae (i14363), b.1906-
Brister, Curtis Harold (i14390)
Brister, Della Mae (i14393)
Brister, Eddie (i14382)
Brister, Emmie Lou (i14386)
Brister, Eugene (marriage to Lena Hodges) (i14343)
Brister, Francis (i14388)
Brister, George (i14383)
Brister, Gjmelcher @@ (i3958)
Brister, Grace (i14353), b.1919-
Brister, Harold (i14351), b.1913-d.1971
Brister, Harry Lee (i14349), b.1905-d.1986
Brister, Harry Lee, Jr. (i14384)
Brister, Helen (i14352), b.1916-
Brister, J. E. (i14344)
Brister, James T. (marriage to Lizzie Hodges) (i14362)
Brister, Judy Diane (i10064), b.1967-
Brister, Lejeanne (i10062), b.1960-
Brister, Martin Lee (marriage to Betty Lou Prestridge) (i10061), b.1933-
Brister, Mary Tony (i10063), b.1963-
Brister, Pauline (i14346)
Brister, R. W. (i14391)
Brister, Rufus Walter (marriage to Cora Elizabeth Hodges) (i14348)
Brister, Winnie Bell (i14364), b.1912-


Britten, Debra (marriage to Harold Gilbert Haning Jr.) (i12565)


Brochu, Delores Ann (marriage to Raines Candler Hayes Jr.) (i12843)


Brock, Addie Rea (marriage to Lewis Edward "Ed" Green) (i1240), b.1929-d.1963


Brockman, Lloyd Ray (marriage to Ida Lou Smallwood) (i28506)


Brooker, Joel W. (marriage to Minnie Ethel Prestridge) (i11189)


Brooks, R. C. (marriage to Regina Belle Broussard) (i27578)
Brooks, Walter (marriage to Louise Scott) (i12220)


Brookshire, Georgia Edna (marriage to George Edward Carlisle) (i27777), b.1882-d.1930


Broom, Vickie Sue (marriage to Gary Mac Franks) (i14009)


Broussard, Connie Elyse (i27573), b.1955-
Broussard, Florence (marriage to Woodrow Wison Hopkins) (i27590)
Broussard, James Robert (i27568), b.1942-d.1976
Broussard, Jo Ann Marie (i27576), b.1963-
Broussard, John W. (marriage to Constance Lee Hopkins) (i27566), b.1918-d.1978
Broussard, John Walter (i27567), b.1941-
Broussard, Joyce Louise (i27574), b.1957-
Broussard, Louis Ra (i27572), b.1953-
Broussard, Regina Belle (i27571), b.1951-d.1993
Broussard, Thomas Allen (i27575), b.1960-
Broussard, William Lloyd (i27570), b.1950-d.1991
Broussard, Wilson Lee (i27569), b.1944-d.1984


Browing, Benjamin Clarence (marriage to Mary Belle (Molly) Nash) (i10488)


Brown, Alma (i2792), b.1909-d.1998
Brown, Alma L. (i2194), b.1893-
Brown, Anne (marriage to James Commodore Hodges) (i14264)
Brown, Arthur Carl (i2912), b.1915-
Brown, Barbara (i28457)
Brown, Barbara Anastasia (marriage to Hubert Garland Corcoran) (i12460)
Brown, Barry (marriage to Sonja Prestridge) (i10340)
Brown, Beaztil (Beekston) W. (marriage to Julia Ann Prestridge) (i10636), b.1829-
Brown, Blanche (marriage to Nathan Albritton) (i27029)
Brown, Bobby Gene (marriage to Carline Ann Harp) (i27747), b.1931-d.1983
Brown, Cameron Robert (i3433), b.1994-
Brown, Clayton David (i3434), b.1997-
Brown, Connie (i27005)
Brown, Dee Hewitt (marriage to Mazie Moak) (i27004), b.1925-
Brown, Delilah M. (marriage to John Hodges) (i14262)
Brown, Dorothy Wright (marriage to Charles Frank Seale) (i3915)
Brown, Doyle (i2791)
Brown, Earl Lee (i27094), b.1916-d.1974
Brown, Eathel Myrtice (i2794)
Brown, Edward Luther "Luke" (marriage to Delia Prestridge) (i27086), b.1876-
Brown, Edward Luther (marriage to Lizzie P. S. Prestridge) (i10134), b.1876-d.1948
Brown, Ellen (marriage to Harry Lee Brister) (i14381)
Brown, Elmer Leo (i27035), b.1921-
Brown, Enoch (marriage to Lula Belle Albritton) (i27034), b.1896-
Brown, Eric Robert (marriage to Pamela Susan Dietlein) (i3431), b.1965-
Brown, Eva Clara (i27096), b.1922-
Brown, Fayreen (marriage to Bobby Jack Heard) (i2697)
Brown, Flora (i27089), b.1906-
Brown, Gary Michael (i14422)
Brown, Gaynell (i26993)
Brown, Georgia (marriage to Elmo Troy Prestridge) (i1507), b.1896-d.1935
Brown, Gladys (i27088), b.1905-
Brown, Grover (i2795)
Brown, Harvey William (marriage to Oma Elizabeth Allen) (i3253), b.1898-d.1984
Brown, Ira (i26990)
Brown, J.l. (i27093), b.1914-d.1944
Brown, James Monroe (marriage to Lizzie Prestridge) (i2297)
Brown, James O. (i2915)
Brown, Jeanette (i2797)
Brown, Jessica Danielle (i2319)
Brown, Jim (marriage to Nancy Elizabeth Prestridge) (i2726), b.1880-d.1957
Brown, Jimmy Lawrence (marriage to Bettye Jean Sasser) (i14419)
Brown, John Regan (i10308), b.1948-
Brown, Joyce (i2910)
Brown, Karyn D. (i14425)
Brown, Kate Elois (marriage to Fenton Lee Kenna) (i23458)
Brown, Laura Belle (marriage to Henry Harrison Albritton) (i27074)
Brown, Lenox Ray (i27036), b.1925-
Brown, Leonard (marriage to Ora Belle Rogers) (i28456)
Brown, Louie (i27090), b.1908-
Brown, Louise (i26994)
Brown, Louise (marriage to Donald Ray Allred, Sr.) (i40046)
Brown, Loy (i27091), b.1910-
Brown, Lurline Agnes (i27037), b.1923-
Brown, Lynus (i27095), b.1920-
Brown, Martha Elizabeth (marriage to James M. Hodges) (i14236)
Brown, Marvin John (marriage to Inez Prestridge) (i10307), b.1920-d.1990
Brown, Marvin Roy (i10311), b.1954-
Brown, Mary Catlin (i27750), b.1996-
Brown, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Hiram Benjamin Freeman) (i11751), b.1885-d.1960
Brown, Mary Hester (marriage to Robert Claud Prestridge) (i2865), b.1891-d.1982
Brown, Marzie (i27097), b.1924-
Brown, Maxine (i26996)
Brown, Motis (i2793)
Brown, Ollie (i2790), b.1905-d.1971
Brown, Orvellie Dille (marriage to William Anderson (Andy) Prestridge) (i9986)
Brown, Otis (i2786)
Brown, Peter Paul (i27106), b.1967-d.1967
Brown, Phillip (marriage to Kathryn Kay Banks) (i14183)
Brown, Pluma (i27087), b.1903-
Brown, Quilla Dell (marriage to William Elijah (Liege) Prestridge) (i10191), b.1889-d.1935
Brown, Robert (marriage to Calista Adams) (i23474)
Brown, Robert Dale (i27748), b.1958-
Brown, Ruby Ora (i2901), b.1916-d.1997
Brown, Sarah Kittrubel (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Prestridge) (i10536), b.1836-d.1883
Brown, Sharon Gay (i11897)
Brown, Shirley Lansell (i10310), b.1951-
Brown, Stalla (i2916)
Brown, T. V. (i2796)
Brown, Talmage (i26992)
Brown, Tecie (marriage to Joseph Jewell Prestage) (i9410), b.1911-
Brown, Tressia (i27092), b.1912-d.1974
Brown, Troy (i26991), d.1944
Brown, Troy (marriage to Katherine Olivia Freeman) (i11896)
Brown, Truett (i26995)
Brown, Venice (marriage to Rufus Causey) (i2762)
Brown, Vescie (i27098), b.1918-
Brown, W. A. (marriage to Dorcas Floretta Prestridge) (i2193)
Brown, W. L. (i2914)
Brown, Waller (marriage to Helen Francis Wynne) (i14197)
Brown, Wanda Gail (marriage to James Ray Prestridge Sr.) (i2948)
Brown, William (marriage to Martha Denman) (i9741)
Brown, William Barney (marriage to Margaret Prestridge) (i12206), b.1884-d.1946


Bruce, Dale (i40084)
Bruce, Sarah Inez (i18836)
Bruce, Sherman Monroe (marriage to Dimple Ruth Prestage) (i40083)


Brumfield, Beverly (i27070)
Brumfield, Carey (i27063)
Brumfield, Deliah (i27067)
Brumfield, Eurnice C. (marriage to Lida Estell Prestridge) (i2337), b.1906-d.1974
Brumfield, Francis Eugene (i27062), b.1923-d.2003
Brumfield, Harry (i27069)
Brumfield, Henry Harrison (marriage to Myrtis Albritton) (i12224), b.1890-
Brumfield, Mabel Edith (i12225)
Brumfield, Randall (i27066)
Brumfield, Roger (i27068)
Brumfield, Woodrow (i27064)


Brumoloe, Dwayne (i2610)
Brumoloe, Ed (marriage to Dana Prestridge) (i2607)
Brumoloe, Ted (i2609)


Brunette, Julia Lorraine (marriage to Robert Earl Prestridge) (i27153)

Bryan Evans Barton

Bryan Evans Barton, Judith Diane (marriage to Buddy Calvin Evans) (i13490)


Bryan, Durell (i2740)
Bryan, Hoyt (i2741), b.1926-d.2002
Bryan, Ibera (i2742)
Bryan, Lorene (i2739)
Bryan, Maebell (i2738)
Bryan, Mr. (marriage to Cheryle Thompson) (i15610)
Bryan, William Wyatt (marriage to Cordie O. Prestridge) (i2737)


Bryant, Alex S. (marriage to Matilda Emaline Prestridge) (i15271)
Bryant, Bettie (i15273), b.1879-
Bryant, Ginifer (marriage to William Jefferson Prestridge) (i2268)
Bryant, Ola (i15272), b.APR-


Bucek, Blanche L. (marriage to Ernest Hubert Nash) (i10497)


Buckely, Ariel Nicole Turner (i13113)
Buckely, Danielle Leigh Adams (i13114)
Buckely, Turner (marriage to Judy Renee Adams) (i13111)


Buckles, Lula (marriage to Ezechial David "Zeke" Montgomery) (i11737), b.1871-d.1936


Buford, Earl (marriage to Beverly Jo Daughdril ) (i40560)


Bullard, Jimmy Jack (marriage to Dorothy Geraldine Prestage) (i14465)


Bullock, Claude (i40788)
Bullock, Claude Erestus (i407790)
Bullock, Conrad Ray (i40792)
Bullock, Eddie (i40788)
Bullock, Edward G. (marriage to Martha Ann Marsalis) (i40783)
Bullock, Edward J. (i40785)
Bullock, John Byrant (i40798)
Bullock, John D. (i40786)
Bullock, Mary Ella (i40796)
Bullock, Mattie Gertrude (i40791)
Bullock, Muriel Ester (i40799)
Bullock, Nannie Iva (i40794)
Bullock, Nora Ollie (i40795)
Bullock, Ruth Ennis (i40793)
Bullock, Sally (marriage to Howell Prestridge) (i10829), b.1782-d.1860
Bullock,Jr William Samuel (i40789)
Bullock,Sr. William Samuel (i40784)
Bullock, Yeoda Jack (i40797)


Bulls, Louise Edith (marriage to Francis Obie Rogers) (i27624), b.1923-


Bumon, Lois Lee (marriage to Reggie Dickey) (i9401)


Burchfield, Rodger (marriage to Beth Caston) (i2355)


Burge, Nancy H. (marriage to John J. Prestridge) (i10884)


Burkhalter, Amanda (i13070)
Burkhalter, Christie (i13069)
Burkhalter, Melody (i13071)
Burkhalter, Rhonda Kay (i13068)
Burkhalter, Teddy (marriage to Marilyn Earnesteen Parham) (i13066)


Burks, Leslie (marriage to Bruce G. Prestridge) (i10618)
Burks, Roy Allen (i2964), b.1970-
Burks, Roy Alton (marriage to Betty Sue Prestridge) (i2958)
Burks, Terri Lynn (i2960), b.1967-


Burleson, Donna (marriage to Joey Dale Stone) (i12592)


Burns, Alan Cole (i13724)
Burns, Alfred F. (marriage to Margaret Green) (i1238)
Burns, Allison Kelly (i13727)
Burns, Austin Tyler (i13725)
Burns, Betty Jane (i27204), b.1946-
Burns, Billy (marriage to Shelby Jean Banks) (i14179)
Burns, Carrie L. (marriage to Harbert Hodges) (i14355)
Burns, James Dennis (marriage to Ivanell Underwood) (i13719), b.1935-d.1995
Burns, Jerry Alan (i13720)
Burns, Jo Lyn (i27202), b.1945-
Burns, Kenneth Wayne (i13721)
Burns, Lillie Laura (marriage to Samuel Reuben Hodges) (i14365)
Burns, Nicholas James (i13729)


Burr, Fred Lucius (marriage to Norma Gladys Freeman) (i22991)


Burrier, Albert (i40641)
Burrier, John William (marriage to Lucy Viola Prestridge) (i11193)
Burrier, Lona (i40642)
Burrier, Milton (i40643)


Burris, Ernest (marriage to Patricia Prestridge) (i10034)
Burris, George Ernest (marriage to Mattie Cora Prestridge) (i10036)
Burris, Laura Estella (marriage to Fenton Lee Kenna) (i23457), b.1890-
Burris, Maida Lee (i10039)
Burris, Mathew Courtney (i12610)
Burris, William Bryant (i10038), b.1896-d.1967


Burrus, Lucille (marriage to Gus Wesley Kane Sr.) (i9373)


Burton, Deanna Rae (i9165), b.1948-
Burton, Emmett M. (marriage to Maggie Myrtle Miller) (i27453), b.1887-d.1958
Burton, James Dee (marriage to Lillie Rae Prestridge) (i9164), b.1918-d.1979
Burton, Janet Ruth (i9167), b.1950-
Burton, Jesse B. (marriage to Lily B. Miller) (i27447), b.1890-d.APR


Buse, Joyce (marriage to Ricky Wayne Underwood) (i14033)
Buse, Joyce (marriage to Steve Allen Smith) (i14033)


Bush, William (i27061)
Bush, William (marriage to Ethel Moak) (i27060)


Bussell, Angela (i1558)
Bussell, Kenneth (marriage to Joann Donaldson) (i1557)
Bussell, Lisa (i1559)
Bussell, Michael (i1560)


Butler, Arnold (marriage to Edna Earl Prestridge) (i3863)
Butler, Infant Son (i3864), b.1942-d.1942
Butler, Michella (marriage to Robert Lee Crim) (i3429), b.1970-
Butler, Rebecca (marriage to Jessie Lorain Adams) (i23526)


Byas, Elizabeth Vera (marriage to Roland Virgil Nilchols) (i2049)


Bynum, Julia "Jinks" (marriage to John Hubert Prestridge) (i3357)


Byrd, Cage (i22919), b.1896-
Byrd, H. T. (marriage to Maggie Ruth Black) (i12759)
Byrd, Letha (i22918), b.1895-
Byrd, Myrtis (i22917), b.1893-
Byrd, Paul Murry (marriage to Tina Louise Prestridge) (i3051), b.1968-
Byrd, Robert (i22916), b.1892-
Byrd, Tom (marriage to Minvera Smart Freeman) (i22915), b.1850-


Byrne, Albert Morgan (i40910)
Byrne, Cornelius (i40901)
Byrne, Edna (i40904)
Byrne, Frank (i40905)
Byrne, Richmond Oliver (marriage to Minerva Prestridge) (i3218)
Byrne, Richmond Oliver (i40906)
Byrne, Robert Oliver (i40909)
Byrne, Robert Prestridge "Preston" (i40908)
Byrne, W. Anthony (i40902)


Caber, Permelia (marriage to William F. Prestridge) (i10831), b.1814-d.1884
Caber, Permelia (marriage to William F. Prestridge) (i10831), b.1814-d.1884


Cable, Melba Jeanne (marriage to Wilbur Lloyd Prestage) (i14563)


Cain, Foutain Fairchild (marriage to Thaola Prestridge) (i22508), b.1908-
Cain, Louise (marriage to John Bryant Prestridge) (i2286)
Cain, Mildred (marriage to John Bryant Prestridge) (i26331)


Calahan, Justin Cash (i15147)
Calahan, Justin Wayne (marriage to March Ann Mahanay) (i15146)


Caldwell, Edward Andrew (marriage to Lola Lois Mankin) (i222), b.1929-
Caldwell, Gaila (i227), b.1959-
Caldwell, Kathryn Marie (i223), b.1953-


Calloway, Beatrice (marriage to James Raymond Rogers) (i28450)


Calock, Alton Cornelius (marriage to Child 4 Freeman) (i22987), b.1911-d.1991


Camer, Cindy (marriage to Dennis Roy Adams) (i13107)


Camp, Georgia (marriage to Otis Brown) (i2787)
Camp, Lucy Tommie (marriage to Thomas Frost Prestridge) (i3786), b.1878-d.1972


Campbell, (marriage to Norman Freeman) (i23017)
Campbell, Alcy (marriage to Larkin Prestridge) (i7417), d.1853
Campbell, C. H. (marriage to Susan Prestridge) (i10168)
Campbell, Carole Nola (marriage to Thomas Andrew Prestridge) (i9218), b.1935-
Campbell, Emily (marriage to Gabriel Freeman) (i23041)
Campbell, Hettie (marriage to James Virgil Allen) (i3250)
Campbell, John Clyde (marriage to Zelma Freeman) (i23025)
Campbell, Luther (marriage to Dolly Arnold) (i23006)
Campbell, Tara Leigh (marriage to Donnie Neal Underwood Jr.) (i13706)


Camreth, Shirley (marriage to James Duke) (i9576)


Canchola, Dominique Rachel (i28418)
Canchola, Louis (marriage to Stacey Ann Smith) (i28416)
Canchola, Victoria Hannah (i28417)


Candie (marriage to Wyatt David Prestridge) (i2419)


Cannady, Gerald Lee (marriage to Dorothy Ann Frost) (i3442)


Cardwell, Dora (marriage to Mattie Wilson Prestidge) (i27461), b.1874-d.1937


Carlisle, Alma (i27778)
Carlisle, Alton Theodore (i27782), b.1912-d.1975
Carlisle, Arthur (marriage to Jennifer Ann Pace) (i40526)
Carlisle, Billie Wayne (i27815)
Carlisle, Charles Ray (i27816)
Carlisle, Clayborn Lance (i27792)
Carlisle, Clyde Martin (i23372)
Carlisle, David Dell (i27822)
Carlisle, Dell (i27821)
Carlisle, Dennis Doyle (i27827)
Carlisle, Doyle (i27819)
Carlisle, Edna Faye "Koochie" (i27799)
Carlisle, Elizabeth Ann (i3231), b.1848-d.1929
Carlisle, Ella L. (i3237), b.1878-d.1916
Carlisle, Frank Cedric (i27803)
Carlisle, Gary Lynn (i27808)
Carlisle, Gayland Lynn (i27828)
Carlisle, George (marriage to Jo Prestridge) (i2499)
Carlisle, George Edward (i3241), b.1878-d.1957
Carlisle, Hazel Pearl (i27786), b.1921-d.1995
Carlisle, Helen Doris "Joy" (i27820)
Carlisle, Hollie Edward (i27781), b.1910-d.1970
Carlisle, Homer Grady (i27780), b.1907-d.1990
Carlisle, James (i23369), b.1870-d.1961
Carlisle, James (marriage to Emma Lou Breazeale) (i23369), b.1870-d.1961
Carlisle, James (marriage to Huldah Prestridge) (i3205)
Carlisle, James Edward (i23370), b.1899-
Carlisle, James Grady (i27817)
Carlisle, Jerry (i27800)
Carlisle, John (i3234)
Carlisle, Laura (i3236)
Carlisle, Lina Mae (marriage to Harold Brister) (i14392)
Carlisle, Lou Cinda (i23371)
Carlisle, Luther (i27779)
Carlisle, Mary Ann (i27791), b.1953-d.1965
Carlisle, Mary Frances (i3235)
Carlisle, Michael Alton (i27790)
Carlisle, Pamela Susan (i27806)
Carlisle, Quentin Roosevelt (i27785), b.1919-d.1985
Carlisle, Rachel June (i27784), b.1916-d.1988
Carlisle, Robbie Eugene (i27787), b.1923-d.1980
Carlisle, Robert (i27793)
Carlisle, Ruby (i27783)
Carlisle, Sandra Jean (i27809)
Carlisle, Stonewall Jackson (marriage to Maggie Myrtle Miller) (i27455)
Carlisle, Susan Christine (i27829)
Carlisle, Travis Edward (i27804)
Carlisle, William R. (i3228)


Carlock, (marriage to Keener Freeman) (i23037)
Carlock, Parley Hartley (marriage to Child 3 Freeman) (i22982), b.1908-d.1984


Carlton, Ella Mae (marriage to Elmer Kane) (i9349)


Caroleen (marriage to Fred Fore) (i10279)


Carpenter, Barbara Fay (i13208)
Carpenter, Charles Gary (i13193)
Carpenter, Charlotte Fay (i13196)
Carpenter, Cynthia Kay (i13194)
Carpenter, Jenni Lynn (marriage to Michael Robert Reece) (i9545)
Carpenter, Jerry Dewayne (i13187)
Carpenter, Joseph (i11009)
Carpenter, Julia (i13210)
Carpenter, Marshall Junior (marriage to Clara Fay Adams) (i13186), b.1928-d.1991
Carpenter, Millisa (i13209)
Carpenter, Steve (marriage to Penny Taylor) (i11008)
Carpenter, Tammy (i11010)
Carpenter, Terry Marshall (i13195)
Carpenter, Timothy Marshall (i13203)
Carpenter, Tina Fay (i13202)
Carpenter, Virginia Lynn (i13192), b.1953-d.1953


Carr, (marriage to Child 2 Freeman) (i23023)
Carr, Bessie Florine (i1843), b.1913-
Carr, John Louie (i1848), b.1925-
Carr, Laura Maxine (i1846), b.1918-d.1970
Carr, Louis Burton (marriage to Minerva Rachel West) (i1842), b.1887-d.1933
Carr, Sarah (marriage to James Washington N. Conwill) (i9728)


Carriere, Verna marriage to Christopher Stephen Dunbar) (i40766)


Carroll, Addie May (i23464)
Carroll, Alfred Milton (marriage to Cholorinda Malissa Wilson) (i23461), b.1847-d.1925
Carroll, Alma Elise (i23465)
Carroll, Ellen Lee (i23462)
Carroll, Sarah Juliette (i23463)


Carruth, Mary Georgia (marriage to William T. Denman) (i22899)
Carruth, Myrtis Lucretia (marriage to William T. Denman) (i22903)
Carruth, Norma Catchings (marriage to Edgar Douglas Kenna) (i23453)


Carson, Amanda Marie (i27720), b.1983-
Carson, Phillip James (i14554)
Carson, Robert (marriage to Denise Carol Richardson) (i27718)
Carson, Thurman (marriage to Marie Eyelyn Lueb) (i14553)
Carson, Tyler Alan (i27719), b.1981-


Carter, Fern Avis (marriage to William Arthur Prestridge) (i10955), b.1912-d.1943
Carter, Issac F. (marriage to Mary Ann Powell) (i9774)
Carter, Jacque Dee (marriage to Charles Gilbert Gardner) (i9141), b.1946-
Carter, Jennifer Lou (marriage to Earnest Aaron Lancaster) (i12641)
Carter, Labor (marriage to Sarah Frances Powell) (i9781)
Carter, Margaret Kay (marriage to Jefrey Dale Corcoran) (i12604)
Carter, Mary Ollie Elizabeth (marriage to James Willard Prestridge) (i10905)
Carter, Mary Rose (marriage to Hamilton Swayne Prestridge Sr.) (i1194)
Carter, Sharla Marlaine (marriage to Paul Craig Ogden) (i12636)


Carylon, Laura Lee (marriage to Roy Bryant Shilling) (i13375)


Casey, Jack Edward (marriage to Glenne Mae Gray) (i18876)
Casey, Wayne Edward (i18877)


Cash, Carol (i20348)
Cash, Edwin B. (marriage to Lavell Prestridge) (i20339)
Cash, Elizabeth (i20346)
Cash, Martha (i20347)
Cash, Mary Kay (i20345)
Cash, Rhonda (i20340), d.2001


Cassanova, (marriage to Julie Christine DeJean) (i40742)
Cassanova, Carolyne Christine (i40743)
Cassanova, Katelyn Claire (i40744)
Cassanova, Laura Lynn (i40746)
Cassanova, Lindsey Anne (i40745)


Cassidy, Elaine (marriage to Price Wood) (i15214)


Castillo, Brian Densil (i40850)
Castillo, Kathryn Olivia (i40851)
Castillo, Roberto (marriage to Patti Jeanne Fennell) (i40848)
Castillo, Sean Michael (i40849)


Castleberry, Beulah Lee (marriage to Grover Cleveland Prestage) (i12942), b.1897-d.1989


Caston, Beth (i2354)
Caston, Cindy (i2353)
Caston, Edward Lea "Brother" (marriage to Mary Elaine Prestridge) (i2350), b.1919-
Caston, Eleanor Rae (i2352), b.1937-d.2001
Caston, Jerry Glenn (i2351)
Caston, Sarah M. (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Robinson) (i3979), b.1861-d.1923


Catalano, Kenneth Anthony (i11971)
Catalano, Lenard Anthony (marriage to Margaret Marie Murray) (i11970), b.1929-d.1996
Catalano, Mary Theresa (i12093)
Catalano, Sarah (i12094)


Causey, Austin (i2759), b.1917-
Causey, Carrie (i2753), b.1910-
Causey, Era (i2752), b.1908-d.1983
Causey, Euna (i2765), b.1921-d.1994
Causey, Genene (i3776)
Causey, Noah (marriage to Mary O. Prestridge) (i2719), b.1878-d.1960
Causey, Obera (i2756), b.1911-d.1997
Causey, Octavia (i2758), b.1913-
Causey, Paul (marriage to Edith Mae Prestridge) (i1515)
Causey, Rufus (i2761), b.1919-
Causey, Walton E. (i2751), b.1907-d.1974
Causey, Wayne (i3777), b.1941-


Cawthon, Terrell Shane (marriage to Buffy Ann Hale) (i4271)


Celia (marriage to John Bunion Prestridge) (i3867)
Celia (marriage to Ryan Prestridge) (i2509)


Cements, Clayton (marriage to Lois Moak) (i10186)


Chaddick, Ada(i40879), b.1878
Chaddick, Amos L.(i40877), b.1874
Chaddick, Bula L.(i408786), b.1875
Chaddick, Ella L.(i40876), b.1872
Chaddick, Elizabeth Ann (Ann Elizabeth) (i722), b.1851-
Chaddick, Eugene (i40866), b. 1869
Chaddick, Genica (i40869), b. 1876
Chaddick, Henry R. (i735)
Chaddick, Ida O. (i732), b.1863-
Chaddick, James S. (i731), b.1851-
Chaddick, James T. (i720)
Chaddick, John (i11667)
Chaddick, Joshua L. (i11669)
Chaddick, Lily (i40867), b. 1872
Chaddick, Lavina (i725), b.1853
Chaddick, Mary P. (i733)
Chaddick, Nick (i730)
Chaddick, Prudence (i726)
Chaddick, Richard (marriage to Amanda Massey) (i11666)
Chaddick, Robert E. (i728), b.1860
Chaddick, Sarah (i40868), b. 1874
Chaddick, Synthia E. (i11670)
Chaddick, Thomas P. (i719)
Chaddick, Victoria (i727)
Chaddick, William Hewett (i721), b.1847-
Chaddick, William J.(i40880), b.1880
Chaddick, William M. (i729), b.1864
Chaddick, William M. (i40889), b.1878
Chaddick, William Monroe (marriage to Elizabeth Gordon) (i345)
Chaddick, William T. (i40865), b. 1867


Chambers, Alvin Lloyd (marriage to Lura Mae Hale) (i4382)
Chambers, Betty Lynn (i4386)
Chambers, Cleve (i4387), b.1951-d.1996
Chambers, Janette (i4383)
Chambers, Steve (i4389)


Chamblee, Johnny R. (marriage to Eula Allene Conwill) (i11452)


Chandler, Roy Spurgeon "Chan" (marriage to Ethyl Elvira Miller) (i27452)


Chapman, Florence (marriage to Alex Prestridge) (i10155)


Chastain, Fred Allen (i40292)
Chastain, Huey Lloyd (Dothard) (i40291)
Chastain, Melissa Mae (i40301)


Chasteen, Lynn (marriage to Bradley Dale Flournoy) (i3131)


Cheatham, Elizabeth (marriage to Hershall Flavous Prestridge) (i28628)


Cheek, Francis (marriage to Truman Emmett Prestidge) (i27485)


Chenault, Mae Belle (marriage to James Herbert Prestridge Sr.) (i25938), d.2003


Cherry, F. M. (marriage to Beulah Benton Prestridge) (i11183)


Childers, Pamela Jean (marriage to David Kyle Underwood) (i13877)


Childress, Brenda (marriage to Ralph Daniel Green) (i27182)
Childress, Carol Beth (marriage to Dennis Dale Corcoran) (i12499)


Chisholm, Peggy Darlene (marriage to Earl Woodrow Riley Jr.) (i12542)


Chism, Sula Savannah (marriage to George Esco Conwill) (i11442)
Chism, Tina (marriage to Roy Horn) (i28581)


Christensen, John Sidney (marriage to Patsy Lou Williams) (i744)


Christian, Marsha (marriage to John Mike Underwood) (i13903)


Christin (marriage to U. T. Dickey) (i9399)


Ciccarone, Carlo (marriage to Gaila Caldwell) (i4149)
Ciccarone, Giancarlo (i4150), b.1982-
Ciccarone, Melina Nicole (i4153), b.1987-
Ciccarone, Michael Francis (i4152), b.1984-


Cindy Ruth (marriage to Terry Marshall Carpenter) (i13199)


Clack, Charles "Sonny Boy" (i3858)
Clack, Elda Jean (i3857)
Clack, Hollis (marriage to James Isaac "Ike" Prestridge) (i3846)
Clack, Joe (marriage to Ethel Bell Prestridge) (i3830)
Clack, Jolene (i3856)


Clampett, Mildred Authula (marriage to Wilson C. Prestidge) (i40335)


Clanton, Nellie (marriage to Jesse Willard Conwill) (i11475)


Clardy, Fannie (marriage to John Newton Prestridge) (i3516)


Clark, (marriage to Alma Mae Allred) (i27128)
Clark, ? (marriage to Mrs W. E. Prestridge) (i11185)
Clark, Angela Christinia (marriage to Timothy Russell Malone) (i13976)
Clark, Ashlie Brook (i12920)
Clark, Bennie Oren, Jr. (i12854)
Clark, Bennie Oren, Sr. (marriage to Zelda Carrolyn Hayes) (i12851), d.2002
Clark, Charlie (marriage to Marie Prestridge) (i10198)
Clark, Cheryl (i10973)
Clark, Christopher Holmes (i10975), b.1981-
Clark, Ebey Leroy (i12363), b.1923-d.1944
Clark, Elizabeth (i2161)
Clark, Emerson (i12362)
Clark, Everett H. (i12361)
Clark, Forrest David (i10974), b.1954-
Clark, Harbard (i2160)
Clark, Herbert H. (marriage to Ruth Yvonne (Kitten) Prestridge) (i10972), b.1930-
Clark, John Harden (marriage to Jennie Ilar Ray) (i12359)
Clark, Joshua David (i10976), b.1989-
Clark, Mattie Lorena (i12360), b.1901-d.1980
Clark, Merida (i2162)
Clark, Mr. (marriage to Mahala Prestridge) (i2159)
Clark, Pennie Dianna (i12852), b.1964-d.1980
Clark, Tammie Lynn (i12853)
Clark, Vallie (marriage to Edwin Earl (Buddy) Prestridge) (i10076), b.1939-
Clark, Vashti Virginia (marriage to Samuel P. Prestridge Jr.) (i10522), b.1877-d.1962


Clark-Moore, Raylie Alexis (i28595), b.2000-


Clarke, Carrie Josephine (marriage to William Alexander Prestridge) (i12370), b.1868-d.1932


Clausen, Bonnie Elise (marriage to Douglas Nott Hopkins) (i27581), b.1920-


Clement, ? (marriage to Irene Prestridge)(i40127)
Clement, Ila L. (marriage to Edgar A. Prestage) (i2145), b.1908-


Clifton, Beder Coleman (marriage to Constance Harriett Sullivan) (i27732), b.1938-
Clifton, Monique Rachelle (i27734), b.1976-
Clifton, Renee Dee (i27733), b.1972-
Clifton, Ronald Coleman (i27735), b.1977-


Clingan, Otha Velsie (marriage to Alta Mae Prestridge) (i2408), b.1930-


Clodfelter, Jesse (marriage to Opal Prestage) (i14497)
Clodfelter, Jesse Carroll (i14498)
Clodfelter, Kenneth Ray (i14501)
Clodfelter, Stephen Carroll (i14502)


Cloud, ? (marriage to Richard Hollis Prestage) (i12971)


Clowdus, Lula Fidela (marriage to Charles Henry Prestridge Sr.) (i11187), b.1866-d.1944


Cobb, Parris Sue (marriage to Autsin Causey) (i2760)


Cockerham, E. T. (marriage to Katie Faye Prestridge) (i2303)


Cockrell, James Lamar (marriage to Helen Elizabeth Franklin) (i9057)


Cofer, Lula Maude (marriage to Andrew "Andy" Chislum Prestridge) (i9235), b.1876-d.1953


Cofield, Barbara (marriage to John Louie Carr) (i1849)


Cogburn, Arnold Earl (marriage to Bonnie Bell Prestridge) (i28522)
Cogburn, Charles Fayette (i28523), b.1941-
Cogburn, Gaylord Earl (i28525), b.1948-
Cogburn, Jerry Don "Rooster" (i28524), b.1944-
Cogburn, Katie Sue (i28526), b.1953-


Coke, Carey Cecil (marriage to Caroline "Carrie" Hart) (i4504), b.1880-d.1973


Cokely, Ann (marriage to Kenneth Aaron Lancaster) (i18834)


Coker, Cynthia Kay (i12683)
Coker, Lawrence Edward (i12682)
Coker, Lawrence Jerome (marriage to Barbara Francis Prestridge) (i12681)
Coker, Misty Michelle (i12708)
Coker, Shirley (marriage to Joel Cecil Pace) (i40524)
Coker, Terry Jerome (i12709)


Colan, Thelma Pauline (marriage to William Clifton Prestridge) (i40001)


Colburn, Linda Karen (marriage to Eric Dwyer Prestidge) (i28742)


Colcote, Love (marriage to John Benjamin Prestridge) (i10090)


Cole, ? (marriage to Peggy Prestridge) (i40126)
Cole, Doris Lee (marriage to Lancett Aaron Prestidge) (i40049)
Cole, Florence (marriage to Charles Adams) (i23524)
Cole, Herman (marriage to Leatrice Waddle) (i11507)
Cole, Inez (marriage to James Earl Ballew) (i40610)
Cole, Ive May (marriage to John William Nash) (i10481)
Cole, James Lee Jr. (marriage to Cathy Lynn Smith) (i13957)
Cole, Lucas (marriage to Mary A. Hart) (i4510)
Cole, Mr. (marriage to Lizzie Nell Black) (i12764)


Coleman, Ronald Dexter (marriage to Angelia Annette Smith) (i14052)
Coleman, Samantha Ann (i14053)
Coleman, Sarah P. (marriage to Aaron Newton Conwill) (i9701)
Coleman, Soloman (marriage to Sarah Jane Freeman) (i23031), b.1893-d.1968
Coleman, William Hank (i14054)


Coley, Jeffrey Lane "Jeff" (marriage to Julie Frances Williams) (i26780), b.1959-
Coley, Valerie Lane (i40202)


Collette (marriage to Raines Candler Hayes Jr.) (i12846)


Collier, Ronald Glenn (i11828)


Collins, Chad Michael (marriage to Krista Leigh Prestage) (i1943)
Collins, Hamp (marriage to Alma Sandford) (i3165)
Collins, Lela (marriage to Wylie Y. Prestridge) (i10353), b.1889-d.1927
Collins, Lillian (marriage to Willie Wilkins Prestridge) (i10631), d.1959
Collins, Mary (marriage to William Anderson Prestridge) (i10470), b.1828-
Collins, Moses, Jr. (marriage to Matilda Prestridge) (i3189)


Colter, Johnnie Rene (marriage to Davis Taylor Prestridge) (i9885)


Colville, Dwight Charles (i27709), b.1949-
Colville, Edward Hinkle (marriage to Eva Dora Harp) (i15325), b.1896-d.1973
Colville, Jack Charles (i27705), b.1920-
Colville, Jacqueline Charolette (i27707), b.1945-


Combes, Dowell J. (marriage to Dovie Deliah (Delina?) Prestridge) (i11212)


Combs, Betty Elwanda (marriage to Calvin Oswald Mahanay) (i15126)


Compton, George Ann (marriage to Benjamin Bagley Prestridge Sr.) (i11166), b.1827-d.1849


Conley, Warren (marriage to Rosillie Prestridge) (i10132)


Conner, Anna Jeanette (marriage to Billy Joe Smith) (i13963)
Conner, Whitney Michell (i13964)


Conners, Mary (marriage to Henry Lee Prestridge) (i7598)


Conwill, Aaron Calvin (i9714), b.1878-d.1899
Conwill, Aaron Newton (i9700), b.1836-d.1905
Conwill, Alfred (Pete) (i9702), d.1856
Conwill, Alice L. (i11320)
Conwill, Allen L. (i11326)
Conwill, Amanda "Mandy" (i11338)
Conwill, Amanda Elizaberth (i11589)
Conwill, Andrew (i11591)
Conwill, Bobby (i11534)
Conwill, Bobby (i11566)
Conwill, Boyce Burley (i11553)
Conwill, Calvin (i11342)
Conwill, Charles Monroe (i11331)
Conwill, Claudia Francis (i11420)
Conwill, Clem (i11348)
Conwill, Cleo (i11336)
Conwill, David Erval, Dr. (i11561)
Conwill, Don (i11569)
Conwill, Douglas (i11544)
Conwill, Earnest Franklin (i11421)
Conwill, Ellis Francis (i11552)
Conwill, Elmer Vaughan (i11426)
Conwill, Emma F. (i11325)
Conwill, Erval (i11469)
Conwill, Eula Allene (i11450)
Conwill, Evie Sue (i11476)
Conwill, Ezekiel C. "Fattie" (i11470)
Conwill, Floyd (i11341)
Conwill, Floyd C. (i11328)
Conwill, George Eldred (i11459)
Conwill, George Esco (i11332)
Conwill, George Washington (i9711), b.1873-d.1966
Conwill, George Washington King (marriage to Elizabeth Prestridge) (i7586), d.1882
Conwill, Geraldean (i11515)
Conwill, Glenna Eudora (i11461)
Conwill, Hazel (i11345)
Conwill, Henry Joel (i11402)
Conwill, Hezekiah Wiley (i9725), d.1859
Conwill, Holland (i11344)
Conwill, Hollis (i11541)
Conwill, Hoyse (i11473)
Conwill, Hubert (i11533)
Conwill, Hugh, Rev (i11403)
Conwill, Idar Melviney Elizabeth (i9717), b.1883-d.1936
Conwill, Issac Brinkley (i9705), b.1845-d.1912
Conwill, Issac William (i9713), b.1877-d.1955
Conwill, James (i11547)
Conwill, James Edward (i11573)
Conwill, James Orville (i11455)
Conwill, James Washington N. (i9727), b.1851-d.1873
Conwill, Jasper Lafayett "Bud", Rev (i9685), b.1863-d.1918
Conwill, Jeremiah Alonzo (i11532)
Conwill, Jeremiah Alonzo, Rev (i9709), b.1871-d.1929
Conwill, Jeremiah M. (i9703), d.1862
Conwill, Jesse Willard (i11474)
Conwill, Jessie Calvin, Rev. (i9679), b.1834-d.1909
Conwill, Jimmy (i11576)
Conwill, Joe Thomas (i11334)
Conwill, Joyce (i11554)
Conwill, Judson (i11405)
Conwill, Kathy (i11572)
Conwill, Kermit Allison (i11445)
Conwill, Lafayett Barhard (i11448)
Conwill, Laverne (i11472)
Conwill, Lawrence (i11529)
Conwill, Leona (i11321)
Conwill, Lillie Mitta Cloe (i9724), b.1892-d.1893
Conwill, Lloyd Harold (i11463)
Conwill, Lloyd N. (i11329)
Conwill, Louis Arthur (i11322)
Conwill, Lucy E. (i9698), b.1880-d.1946
Conwill, Lula (i11410)
Conwill, Lula (i11536)
Conwill, Maggie (i11337)
Conwill, Marcus James (i9722), b.1889-
Conwill, Marieda Columbus (i9687), b.1865-d.1944
Conwill, Martha (i9677)
Conwill, Martha (marriage to Jeremiah Prestridge) (i3000), b.1812-
Conwill, Martha Alice (i9696), b.1876-d.1926
Conwill, Martha Jane (i9719), b.1884-d.1886
Conwill, Martha Teresse (i9707), b.1869-
Conwill, Marvin (i11531)
Conwill, Mary Melissa Parilee (i9694), b.1874-d.1950
Conwill, Mavis (i11440)
Conwill, Mavis (i11521)
Conwill, Michael (i11574)
Conwill, Michael David (i11587)
Conwill, Milburn (i11406)
Conwill, Milton Hugh (i11549)
Conwill, Morgan (i11517)
Conwill, Myrna Kay (i11562)
Conwill, Nellie (i11514)
Conwill, Nettie (i11343)
Conwill, Oliver A. (i11404)
Conwill, Omie (i11330)
Conwill, Pam (i11575)
Conwill, Pearly M. (i11327)
Conwill, Peggy (i11526)
Conwill, Rader (i11408)
Conwill, Rex (i11519)
Conwill, Ruby Lee (i11425)
Conwill, Ruth (i11441)
Conwill, Samuel Monroe (i9716), b.1883-d.1892
Conwill, Saphrona Ametta (i9691), b.APR-d.1920
Conwill, Sarah Evaline (i11422)
Conwill, Sarah Ovedell (i11453)
Conwill, Serena Madeline (i9689), b.1868-d.1929
Conwill, Sister Mary (i9720), b.1887-d.1948
Conwill, Sybil (i11539)
Conwill, Truitt (i11530)
Conwill, Unnamed Child (i9681), b.1859-d.1859
Conwill, Unnamed Infant (i11340)
Conwill, Unnamed Infant (i11349)
Conwill, Unnamed Infant (i11449)
Conwill, Viola (i11414)
Conwill, Willadean (i11513)
Conwill, William Andrew (i11333)
Conwill, William Henry (i9683), b.1861-d.1913
Conwill, William Hester (i11419)
Conwill, William L. (i11323)
Conwill, Willie James (i11511)
Conwill, Wister Curtis (i11417)


Cook, Ada (marriage to William Oliver Powell) (i9792)
Cook, Fuller (i28649), b.1918-
Cook, Geraldine Elizabeth (marriage to William Wesley Crim) (i3417)
Cook, Gertrude (i28646), b.1921-
Cook, Johnny (i28648)
Cook, Maggie (i28647), b.1924-
Cook, Wallace (marriage to Ethel Lee Prestridge) (i13475), b.1900-


Coon, Brandi (i11038), b.1980-
Coon, Clifton (marriage to Margaret Valena Shively) (i11027), b.1928-
Coon, Johnathan (i11032), b.1982-
Coon, Larry (i11028), b.1952-
Coon, Sam, Jr. (i11037), b.1983-
Coon, Sam, Sr. (i11034), b.1957-
Coon, Tiffany (i11033), b.1985-


Cooper, Bill (marriage to Lula Mae Hale) (i4376)
Cooper, Christine Elizabeth (marriage to Horace Watson Prestage Jr.) (i1936)
Cooper, George (i4378)
Cooper, Hattie (i40055), b. ca.1861
Cooper, Mary Ann (marriage to John H. Prestridge) (i9013)
Cooper, Mertie Jean (marriage to Harold Haynes) (i4322)
Cooper, Sarah Jane (marriage to Robert C. Prestridge) (i3210), b.1834-
Cooper, Walter (i40057), b. ca.1869
Cooper, William (marriage to Myram Prestridge) (i3212)
Cooper, William, Jr. (i40056),
Cooper, Willie Henry (i4377)


Copeland, Amon (marriage to Minnie L. Allen) (i3248)
Copeland, Robert (marriage to Madge Lena Ray) (i12311)


Copp, Luwella Catherine (marriage to John Franklin Haning Jr.) (i12439)


Cora (marriage to Menton Prestridge) (i2374), b.1891-d.1916


Corbin, Lindsay (marriage to Bertie Arnold) (i23005)


Corcoran, Alford Paul (i12399)
Corcoran, Allie Frances (i12397)
Corcoran, Arica Ann (i12414)
Corcoran, Ariza Earnest (i12352)
Corcoran, Barbara Elise (i12392), b.1939-d.1973
Corcoran, Barry David (i12507)
Corcoran, Bessie Bell (i12349)
Corcoran, Bobby Neal (i12388)
Corcoran, Brandee Nicole (i12608)
Corcoran, Brekkyn Elizabeth (i12602)
Corcoran, Callie (i12351)
Corcoran, Charlie Tenton (i12348), b.1908-d.1990
Corcoran, Clara (i12354)
Corcoran, Clayton Paul (i12514), b.1965-d.1965
Corcoran, Clytia Florence (i12387)
Corcoran, Coby Dale (i12606)
Corcoran, Cody Brice (i12613)
Corcoran, Connie Michelle (i12516)
Corcoran, Cristie Kay (i12455)
Corcoran, Darrel Ray (i12540)
Corcoran, Deanne Marie (i12495)
Corcoran, Dennis Dale (i12401)
Corcoran, Earnest Ray (i12415)
Corcoran, Ellen (i12318), b.1900-d.1981
Corcoran, Evelyn Lorene (i12353)
Corcoran, Hubert Garland (i12390)
Corcoran, Jason Brian (i12498)
Corcoran, Jefrey Dale (i12505)
Corcoran, Jessie Lee (i12605)
Corcoran, John Benjamin (i12344), b.1902-d.1983
Corcoran, John Benjamin, Jr. (i12386)
Corcoran, Justin Lloyd (i12614)
Corcoran, Kathryn Elizabeth (i12456)
Corcoran, Kayle Marie (i12616)
Corcoran, Kelley Suzanne (i12462)
Corcoran, Kevin Duane (i12506)
Corcoran, Lacee Dawn (i12607)
Corcoran, Lena (i12347)
Corcoran, Lori Renee (i12458)
Corcoran, Marjorie Ellen (i12391)
Corcoran, Maude May (i12350), b.1912-d.1994
Corcoran, Michael Paul (i12494)
Corcoran, Paul Phillip, Jr. (i12346), b.1904-d.1983
Corcoran, Paul Phillip, Sr. (marriage to Sarah Francis Ray) (i12317)
Corcoran, Rayburn Lee (i12402)
Corcoran, Rebecca Marnell (i12515)
Corcoran, Robbin Gay (i12454)
Corcoran, Ryan Neal (i12459)
Corcoran, Sarah Agnes (i12396)
Corcoran, Scott Marc (i12508)
Corcoran, Shonda Lynn (i12520)
Corcoran, Stephanie Diane (i12461)
Corcoran, Steven Ray (i12517), b.1976-d.1976
Corcoran, Steven Wayne (i12541)
Corcoran, Susan Camile (i12497)
Corcoran, Tammy Renee (i12519)
Corcoran, Tommy George (i12404)
Corcoran, Verna Pauline (i12398)
Corcoran, William Edward (i12355), b.1926-d.1995


Corken, (marriage to Audis Elaine Allred) (i27131)


Corley, C. L. (marriage to Ruby Lutishie Prestage) (i40041)
Corley, Doris Faye (i40073)
Corley, Doris Virginia (marriage to Benjamin Toledo Prestridge III) (i2207), b.1953-
Corley, Kenneth Durvain (i40092)
Corley, L. C. (i40074)


Cosgrove, Zelma Pearl (marriage to Willi Dier "Bill" Prestridge) (i8544), b.1914-


Cothern, Mitchell (marriage to Minnie Floretta Prestridge) (i2201)


Cotten, Pauline (marriage to Solomon Perry Rowland Jr.) (i11827)


Cotton, Keith Richard (marriage to Tiffany Elaine Hutchinson) (i2216), b.1972-
Cotton, Thomas Keith (i2227), b.1995-
Cotton, Timothy Mikhail (i2228), b.1998-


Coultas, Glenna Aline (marriage to Billy Roy Graham) (i19055)


Count, Randy (marriage to Debbie Sue Crusenberry) (i10303)


Countryman, Emma Lavona (marriage to George William "Nip" Seale) (i3393)
Countryman, Louise (marriage to Owen Mason Seale) (i3395)


Court, Melanie Jill (marriage to David Arlis Odom) (i4314)


Courtney, (marriage to Audra Lometa Anderson) (i20208)
Courtney, Tony (i20209)


Cousin, Jack Randolph (marriage to Charlene Prestridge) (i10008)


Covender, Ruth Strahan (marriage to Hubert Henry Vernon) (i27704)


Covey, Karie (i12905)
Covey, Kathy Wynn (marriage to Melvin Wade Cowan) (i12898)
Covey, Katie (i12904)
Covey, Rob (i12903)


Cowan, Carl Vincent (i12829)
Cowan, Curtis Dale (i12828)
Cowan, Jacob Curtis (i12900)
Cowan, Kasey Lyn (i12908)
Cowan, Leslie Ann (i12830)
Cowan, Matthew Russell (i12902)
Cowan, Melvin J. R. (marriage to Martha Ann Black) (i12826)
Cowan, Melvin Wade (i12827)
Cowan, Nathan Wade (i12899)
Cowan, Samantha Nichole (i12907)
Cowan, Trent Dave (i12910)


Cowart, Lenora Kay (marraige to John Loten Stewart Jr.) (i40590)


Cowsert, John B. (marriage to T. Albertina Ricketts) (i40899)


Cox, Aresea (Tea) (marriage to Joseph Newton (Joe) Prestage) (i9391), b.1867-d.1946
Cox, Carrie Lynn (i9302), b.1959-
Cox, Elizabeth Diane (i28590), b.2000-
Cox, Eston (marriage to Maurine Dickey) (i9397)
Cox, Helen Catherine (marriage to George Thomas Underwood) (i26771)
Cox, James E. (marriage to Claudine Gladys Prestridge) (i7612)
Cox, James Lynn (marriage to India Patton) (i22531), b.1910-d.1976
Cox, Jamie Ann (i9300), b.1957-
Cox, Juliet (marriage to Julien Cleveland Green) (i27173)
Cox, Mary Louise (marriage to James Horace Jr. Scott) (i14150), b.1942-d.1995
Cox, Patricia Kay (i9304), b.1964-
Cox, Perry (marriage to Margaret Prestridge) (i2516)
Cox, Raymond Franklin (marriage to Sarah Agnes Corcoran) (i12466)
Cox, William Joseph, Sr. (marriage to Diane Patricia Dietlein) (i3436), b.1946-


Coy, Andy (i1928), b.1977-
Coy, Chris (i1926), b.1971-
Coy, Robert Elton (marriage to Linda Faye Prestage) (i1925)


Crabb, Karen Amelia (marriage to Kenneth Wayne Burns) (i13728)


Craft, Ella (marriage to James T. Dothard) (i40234)


Crafton, Sheila Renea (marriage to Kenneth Wayne Burns) (i13726)


Craig, Janet (marriage to Daryl Prestridge) (i10284), b.1957-
Craig, Missouri (marriage to Albert Prestridge) (i9964)


Crane, Laura (marriage to Douglas Conwill) (i11545)


Cranfill, Kevin Lee (i40845)
Cranfill, Kylie Ann (i40844)
Cranfill, LeRoy (marraige to Kathy Lynn Fennell) (i40842)
Cranfill, Shannon Leigh (i40843)


Crawford, Ella (marriage to John Thomas Prestidge) (i10667), b.1878-
Crawford, John Mikal (marriage to Marty Ballew) (i40601)
Crawford, Mr. (marriage to Linda May) (i2265)
Crawford, Myrtle (marriage to Arthur Prestridge) (i10421)


Credille, Dessied (marriage to Marvin Parham) (i13063)


Crim, Carmen Robert "Dick Or C.r." (i3405), b.1912-d.1998
Crim, Carmen Robert, Jr. (i3423), b.1946-
Crim, Clara Malvina (i3403), b.1907-d.1983
Crim, Garland Lee (i3404), b.1909-d.1914
Crim, Gretchen Rebecca (i3426), b.1966-
Crim, Helen Lucile (i3409), b.1915-
Crim, Infant (i3401), b.1905-d.1905
Crim, Infant (i3414), b.1919-d.1919
Crim, Jesse Lee (marriage to Malvina Jane Prestridge) (i3340), b.1879-d.1953
Crim, Jessie Odell (i3415), b.1920-d.1926
Crim, Patricia Marie "Pat" (i3420), b.1938-
Crim, Robert Lee (i3428), b.1970-
Crim, William Wesley (i3416), b.1923-


Crook, Charles (marriage to Bessie Ruth Haning) (i12442)


Croom, Joe (marriage to Mildred Lucille Eddins) (i9336)


Crosby, Audrey Marie (i9942), b.1907-d.1988
Crosby, Burton Eldridge (i928)
Crosby, Charles Dewey (i9934), b.1925-d.1925
Crosby, Charlotte Marie (i9931), b.1923-d.1983
Crosby, Debra Renae (i932)
Crosby, Dewey Lamar (i9923), b.1898-d.1976
Crosby, Gena Margarette (i9938), b.1903-d.1968
Crosby, Infant (i9916), b.1865-d.1865
Crosby, James Edwin (i930)
Crosby, Jeanne Lee (marriage to James Allen Hale) (i4269)
Crosby, Jessie Mae (i9949), b.1912-d.1982
Crosby, John Wesley (i9917), b.1867-d.1929
Crosby, Judge Thomas (Doc) (i9951), b.1875-d.1957
Crosby, Kevin Fenn (i9928), b.1956-
Crosby, Lucius Olen (i9919), b.1869-d.1948
Crosby, Netwon Levi, Jr. (i9944), b.1910-d.1970
Crosby, Newton Levi (i9920), b.1872-d.1958
Crosby, Ralph (i9925), b.1921-
Crosby, Robert Lee (i9935), b.1900-d.1971
Crosby, Rosalie (i9953), b.1878-d.1886
Crosby, Samantha Nicole (i2185), b.1987-
Crosby, Thomas Jefferson (marriage to Matilda Prestridge) (i9914), b.1833-d.1902
Crosby, Thomas Leroy (i9940), b.1905-


Crossland, Stella (marriage to Charles Prestridge) (i9634)


Crossman, Mary (marriage to Kevin Lane Tophan) (i12103)


Crosson, Mozell (marriage to Jesse Franklin Wilson) (i4248)


Crouse, Mary (marriage to Henry H. Prestridge) (i10473)


Crow, Amber Ruth (i14216)
Crow, Brad Nolan (i14215)
Crow, Gary Randall (marriage to Kim Regina Weldon) (i14210)
Crow, Linda Carol (marriage to Justin Miles Underwood Sr.) (i13676)


Crowe, (marriage to Bernard Eugene Matthews) (i27117)
Crowe, Danny (marriage to Connie Elyse Broussard) (i27577)


Croxton, Dorthey Lucille (marriage to Peerless Calvin Prestridge) (i15478), b.1925-d.1988


Cruce, Robert (M.t.) (marriage to Mary A. Williams) (i9237), b.1855-d.1930


Cruse, Elizabeth (marriage to Walter Denman) (i22897)
Cruse, Mark (marriage to Amy Denae Riley) (i12651)


Crusenberry, Debbie Sue (i10301), b.1958-
Crusenberry, Dennis Wayne (i2317), b.1978-
Crusenberry, Gregory (i10300), b.1959-
Crusenberry, Louis (marriage to Eva Lois Prestridge) (i10296), b.1933-
Crusenberry, Randall Louis (i10299), b.1956-d.1974
Crusenberry, Wendell Wayne, Jr. (i2316), b.1975-
Crusenberry, Wendell Wayne, Sr. (i10297), b.1953-


Cuellar, John Michael (marriage to Kylie Ann Cranfill) (i40847)


Culpepper, Paula (marriage to Charles Edward Jones) (i27432)


Cultrer, Margaret Louise () (i40592)


Culver, Terri Lee (marriage to Mark Whitmal Mccutcheon) (i3387)


Cloria C.Cummings (marriage to Leonard Prestridge) (i3013), b.1919-d.1979
Cummings, Flora Bell (marriage to Jesse James Prestridge) (i3010), b.1920-d.1972
Cummings, Gregory Britt (i13026)
Cummings, Kenneth (marriage to Marjorie Adams) (i12975)
Cummings, Kenneth Randel "Randy" (i13024), b.1964-d.1967
Cummings, Paula (marriage to Fred Reese Seale) (i3398)
Cummings, Terina Lawanna (i13025)


Currie, J. (marriage to Cular Dialtha Prestridge) (i8950)


Curtis, Jacky Lynn (i13844)
Curtis, James (marriage to Audie Prestridge) (i2521)
Curtis, Jeffery Allen (i13843)
Curtis, John (marriage to Linda Fay Underwood) (i13842)
Curtis, Rodney Scott (i13846)


Cushing, Auther (i3994)
Cushing, Clarence (i3992)
Cushing, Hellen (i3991)
Cushing, Ray (i3993)
Cushing, Timothy (i3990), b.1910-d.1950
Cushing, William (marriage to Mary Hattie Robinson) (i3985)


Cynthia (marriage to John Michael Brewer) (i3761)


Daigle, Aline (i40727)
Daigle, Birdie (i40728)
Daigle, Bryan (i40729)
Daigle, Cecelia (i40722)
Daigle, Etiene (marriage to Marie Cora) (i40721)
Daigle, George (i40725)
Daigle, Laura Belle (i40726)
Daigle, Levi (i40723)
Daigle, Lloyd (i40724)
Daigle, Paul Joseph (marriage to Debra Ann Barrient) (i20422)
Daigle, Ruby (i40730)


Daine, (marriage to Richard Allan Lee) (i28655)


Dalfiume, Dianne (i10918), b.1945-
Dalfiume, Elmer Joseph, Jr. (i10926), b.1948-
Dalfiume, Elmer Joseph, Sr. (marriage to Muriel Bennett Prestridge) (i10917), b.1919-
Dalfiume, Kristen (i10927), b.1983-


Dalkie, Patty (marriage to Mark Daniel Horne) (i28572)


Dallas, Thomas Leslie (marriage to Alma Ruth Prestridge) (i11118), b.1887-d.1951


Dalton, Judy (marriage to Billy Eugene Jones) (i27422)


Dampeer, Eula (marriage to William Bernard Kenna) (i23455)


Daniel, Cynthia Suzanne (i1527), b.1962-
Daniel, Dorothy Louise (marriage to Quincy Dewey Prestridge) (i9901), b.1944-
Daniel, Joel Thomas (i1524), b.1954-
Daniel, Patricia Diane (i1523), b.1951-
Daniel, Sandra Elaine (i1521), b.1949-
Daniel, Scherie Diane (i14506)
Daniel, Silias Edward (marriage to Autie B. Prestridge) (i13448), b.1929-d.1996
Daniel, Stanley (marriage to Martha Nell Fox) (i14505)
Daniel, Toni Gail (i14507)


Danielle, (i18317), b.1991-


Daniels, Mr. (marriage to Lilian Ruth Prestridge) (i27134)


Darbone, Delores (marriage to Wilson Lee Broussard) (i27579)


Darling, Bettie Ann (marriage to Herbert Lee Prestridge) (i13451), b.1942-


Darnell, Hal (marriage to Ruth Prestridge) (i15229)


Daufen, Malanie (i11995)
Daufen, Mr. (marriage to Jane Vestal) (i11994)
Daufen, Robert (i11996)


Daughdril, Andy (i40532)
Daughdril, Benjamin Excel (i27917), b.1902-
Daughdril, Beverly Jo (i40558)
Daughdril, Bobbie Nell (i40541)
Daughdril, Clinton Marie (i40559)
Daughdril, Curtis Hope (i40530)
Daughdril, daughter (i40543)
Daughdril, Dezzie Irene (i40529)
Daughdril, Eula Murl (i40531)
Daughdril, Garland (i40540)
Daughdril, Harold Eugene (i27918), b.1931-
Daughdril, Lena (i40528)
Daughdril, Newland Durrett (i40527)
Daughdril, Newland Elizabeth (i40542)
Daughdril, Jessie Dean (i40537)
Daughdril, Jessie Francis (marriage to Martha Ann Parkman) (i26115)
Daughdril, Margie Lee (i40538)
Daughdril, Jessie Marie (i40533)
Daughdril, Robert Lane (i40563)
Daughdril, Ruby Ione (i40536)
Daughdril, Woodrow (i40539)


Daugherty, Etta Ethel (marriage to Uburn Moore "Jack" Prestridge) (i8536), b.1891-d.1968


Davee, Michael Otto (marriage to Tammie Lynn Clark) (i12917)


Davenport, Imogene (marriage to Cecil Shelby Stewart) (i40594)


Davis, Addie (marriage to William Barney Prestriedge) (i2864)
Davis, Audie Arthur (marriage to Pernie Beulah Underwood) (i13617), b.1900-
Davis, Betty Jane (marriage to D. C. Pyle) (i40139)
Davis, Bonnie Jean (i13737)
Davis, Bonnie Ruth (marriage to Joel Alec Black) (i12770)
Davis, Catherine (marriage to Archie Dean Prestridge) (i11120)
Davis, Charles Richard (i14138)
Davis, Charles W. (marriage to Virginia Lou Scott) (i14135), d.AUG
Davis, Charlie Forest (marriage to Pauline Prestridge) (i23057), b.1905-
Davis, Cynthia Rose (i14136)
Davis, Dillard (i13738)
Davis, Donald Scott (i14137)
Davis, Durell (i2734)
Davis, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (marriage to William Arrington) (i40448)
Davis, Gertrude (i2735)
Davis, Glady Ethel (i2731), b.1911-
Davis, Helen Eugene (i13618), b.1923-d.1987
Davis, Hesta Louise (marriage to Virgil Eugene Mahanay) (i15135)
Davis, Hester "Hess" Jasper (marriage to Alcie May Underwood) (i13736)
Davis, James (marriage to Donna Sue Russell) (i13033)
Davis, Jeffery "Bodean" (marriage to Barbie Falyn Rollins) (i12108)
Davis, Jim (marriage to Francis V. Prestridge) (i2730)
Davis, Jodi (i12109)
Davis, Little Frank (marriage to Dessa Mae Mitchell) (i9264), d.1989
Davis, Lizzie Victoria (marriage to Effie Montgomery) (i11733), b.1887-d.1931
Davis, Louise (i23058), b.1931-d.1986
Davis, Lura Bell (i13619)
Davis, Mack (i13620)
Davis, Martha Lane (marriage to Paul Jack Underwood) (i13788)
Davis, Michael Dewayne (i13933)
Davis, Miriam S. (marriage to William Jasper Prestridge) (i10862)
Davis, Mr. (marriage to Susan Black) (i12841)
Davis, Nancy Catherine "Kate" (marriage to James Ezell Prestridge) (i11144), b.1868-d.1963
Davis, Nellie (marriage to Joseph J. Ray) (i12315), b.1889-d.1976
Davis, Nona Lee (marriage to Charlie Monroe Underwood) (i13663), b.1909-
Davis, Robert Jefferson (marriage to Dovie Arrington) (i40452)
Davis, Rosaland Rene (marriage to Randy Nick Denley) (i12098)
Davis, Shane (i12110)
Davis, Stephanie (marriage to Justin Jarvis Tomlin) (i4360)
Davis, Susan (marriage to David Eugene Hale) (i4290)
Davis, Susan C. (marriage to George William Prestidge) (i7519)


Davlin, Irene Martilla (Martiller) (marriage to John M. Prestridge) (i27934), b.1875-d.1944


Dawson, Dock (marriage to Lou Ann Norris) (i4401)


Day, Demaris (marriage to Elisha Gardner) (i40654), b.1873-d.1970
Day, Jane (marriage to Gerald "Brother" West) (i40509)
Day, Steve (marriage to Johnnie Gordon) (i20329)


Dean, Sarah Ida (marriage to Wilson M. Prestridge) (i9956), b.1845-d.1881
Dean, Simon Francis (marriage to Myrtle Prestridge) (i15078)


Deapen, Brenda Janene (i15228)
Deapen, Dennis Gary (i15226)
Deapen, John (marriage to Edna Earl Wood) (i15223)
Deapen, John Doran (i15227)
Deapen, Judith Anette (i15224)
Deapen, Michael Dale (i15225)


Deathridge, Allie Elizabeth (i3809)
Deathridge, Charles Baur (i3806)
Deathridge, Jenny Catherine (i3808)
Deathridge, John Dennis (marriage to Beverlee Prestridge) (i3805)


Deaton, ? (marriage to Linda Maxine Rouse) (i14095)
Deaton, Amanda Jo Lynn (i12576)
Deaton, Charles Leroy (marriage to Marjorie Ellen Corcoran) (i12463)
Deaton, Charles Lincoln (i12465)
Deaton, David Garland (i12464)
Deaton, David John "Dj" (i12577)


Deborah (marriage to Person C. (Possible Son) Prestridge) (i2364), b.1832-


Decker, Gina Louise (marriage to Michael Kevin Mccarver) (i3278), b.1965-


Deeaiss, Jorge (marriage to Monica Prestridge) (i2558)


Deer, Rochelle Lynn (i11998)
Deer, Wayne Daniel (marriage to Carolyn Inez Wallace) (i11997)


Dees, Katherine (marriage to Hulet Tilton Prestriedge) (i5828)


Deirdra (marriage to William Prestridge) (i2396)


DeJean,III Felix A. (i40736)
DeJean,IV Felix A. (i40739)
DeJean,V Felix A. (i40753)
DeJean, Jennifer Lynn (i40741)
DeJean, Julie christine (i40737)
DeJean, Kathryn Ann (i40740)
DeJean, Lauren Elizabeth (i40738)

Del Tow

Del Tow, Daryl Lyn (i28700), b.1962-
Del Tow, Roger (i28699), b.1959-


Delaney, Billie (marriage to Catherine Elizabeth Stewart) (i40591)


Delk, Amanda Nicole (i27200), b.1991-
Delk, Howard Earl (marriage to Carol Ann Green) (i27195), b.1943-
Delk, Kenneth Ian (i27196), b.1968-d.1996
Delk, Phillip Adrian (i27198), b.1970-


Della (marriage to James F. Prestridge) (i2638)


Deloach, Christopher Anthony (i1594)
Deloach, Kevin Lee (i1595)
Deloach, Tony A. (marriage to Joyce Irene Prestridge) (i1593)


Demeuse, Patricia (marriage to Gary Dwayne Freeman) (i12014)


Demoss, George (marriage to Margaret A. Prestridge) (i10734)


Dener, Gail Leona (marriage to Perry Lee Evans) (i13604)


Denham, Kathy (marriage to Bartley Allen Stallings) (i28513)


Denley, Jermy Scott (i12099)
Denley, Larry Dale (i11977)
Denley, Larry Douglas "Doug" (i12096)
Denley, Linda Carol "Cissy" (i12097)
Denley, Nick (marriage to Barbara Ray Freeman) (i11976)
Denley, Randi Nicole (i12102)
Denley, Randy Nick (i11978)


Denman, Agnes (i22900)
Denman, Amielia (Millie) (i9730), b.1804-d.1838
Denman, Angeline (i9753)
Denman, Blanche (i22890)
Denman, Clemon (i9752)
Denman, Colden (i9757)
Denman, Elizabeth (i9769), b.1816-d.1885
Denman, Emma (i22891)
Denman, Hannah Ritta (i9801), b.1820-d.1862
Denman, James (marriage to Hannah Prestridge) (i9729)
Denman, James Colden (i22895), b.1875-
Denman, James Evander (i9746), b.1839-d.1927
Denman, Julia (i22889)
Denman, Lucy Elizabeth (i9758), b.1812-d.1867
Denman, Lynda Ann (marriage to Donnie Neal Underwood Sr.) (i13708)
Denman, Malissa (i9754)
Denman, Martha (i9740)
Denman, Mary (i9794), b.1819-d.1882
Denman, Prestidge (i9750), b.1802-
Denman, Prudence (i22892)
Denman, Retta (i9756)
Denman, Richard (i9745)
Denman, Ruby (i22901)
Denman, Samuel (i22894), b.1873-
Denman, Sarah (i9761), b.1813-
Denman, Sarah E. (i9742)
Denman, Temperance (i9755)
Denman, Walter (i22896)
Denman, William (i9738), b.1807-d.1860
Denman, William Colden (i9744), b.1835-
Denman, William T. (i22893), b.1870-


Dennis, Dan (marriage to Pearl Mae Freeman) (i11909)


Dephillips, Mr. (marriage to Linda Jean Steele) (i11917)


Devilbiss, Chalres J. (marriage to Kathy Lou Prestridge) (i27140)
Devilbiss, Mark Jay (i27142)
Devilbiss, Mavis (i27141)
Devilbiss, Roger S. (i27143)


Dewberry, Dora (marriage to Mark Leonidas Prestridge) (i10697), b.1880-d.1964


Diane (marriage to Billy Braxton Prestridge) (i2580)
Diane (marriage to Lloyd Alva Prestridge) (i5382), b.1940-d.1993


Dickerson, Dona (marriage to Ernest Moak) (i26998), b.1907-
Dickerson, Pearl (marriage to Charlie Harrison Freeman) (i11784), b.1899-d.1954
Dickerson, Ruby Corine (marriage to Henry Clay Freeman) (i11773), b.1896-d.1971


Dickey, Barney Boudy (i9405)
Dickey, Elaine (i9402)
Dickey, George Joseph (marriage to Minnie Emily Prestage) (i9657)
Dickey, J. M. "Joe" (marriage to Emily Zora Prestage) (i2051)
Dickey, Jimmie (marriage to Annie Duke Prestage) (i9476)
Dickey, Joe (J.m.) (marriage to Levester (Birdie) Prestage) (i9473)
Dickey, Lela E. (marriage to Jonathan Mark (Mack) Prestage) (i9458), b.1902-d.1970
Dickey, Maurine (i9396)
Dickey, Reggie (i9400)
Dickey, T. J. (marriage to Ida Leona Prestage) (i9394), b.1892-d.1948
Dickey, U. T. (i9398), b.1920-
Dickey, V. J. (i9395)


Dickson, Dony (marriage to John F. Ray) (i12364)


Dietlein, Diane Patricia (i3435), b.1965-
Dietlein, Pamela Susan (i3430), b.1964-
Dietlein, Robert John "Bob" (marriage to Patricia Marie "Pat" Crim) (i3422), b.1933-


Dilks, Cherie (marriage to Wayne David Smith) (i12066)


Disch, Chad A. (marriage to Kathryn Annette Lessner) (i4305)


Dockery, Doris Nell (marriage to Donald Joe Melot) (i40130)


Dodd, David (marriage to Dana Prestridge) (i2608)


Dodson, Deborah Kay (i13862)
Dodson, Larry Bennett (i13863)
Dodson, Larry Bennett (marriage to Martha Jo Underwood) (i13861)
Dodson, Martha Edith (marriage to Carl Henry Harp) (i27759)


Doggett, Frank Edwin (i3963), b.1928-
Doggett, William Clyde (marriage to Beulah Inez Sandford) (i3961), d.1946


Dolly (marriage to Lee Prestridge) (i10269)


Dominich, Doris (marriage to Ralph Marshall Prestridge) (i10579)


Dona (marriage to Chris Adams) (i13157)


Donahue, Pat (marriage to Mary Hattie Robinson) (i3986)


Donaldson, Joann (i1520), b.1953-
Donaldson, William Lee (marriage to Edith Mae Prestridge) (i13446)


Dorow, Bessie Lydia (marriage to James Emmit Prestridge) (i6529), b.1904-d.1975


Dorrough, Wilie Joe (marriage to Lori Minnette Pope) (i27679)


Dorssett, (marriage to Ruby Doris Whittington) (i22950)


Dot (marriage to Mark Wayne Prestridge) (i2542)


Dothard, Annie Mae (i40219)
Dothard, Billie (i40217)
Dothard, Catherine (i40231)
Dothard, Eula Mae (i40232)
Dothard, Fred (i40212)
Dothard, Hazel (i40220)
Dothard, Hugh (i26501), b.AUG-
Dothard, Hugh (marriage to Nancy Ann Prestridge) (i8939)
Dothard, James T. (i40210), b.1876-d.1949
Dothard, Jane (i26499), b.1879-
Dothard, Jennie Lou (i40229)
Dothard, John Willie (i26498), b.1877-d.1928
Dothard, Joseph (i26500), b.1881-d.1976
Dothard, Paul (i40228) Dothard, Pearl (i40218)
Dothard, Ray (i40230)
Dothard, Rena (i40213)
Dothard, Susie (i40221)
Dothard, Violet (i40214)
Dothard, Willie (i40211)


Doughty, Mary Jane (marriage to Marl M. Prestridge) (i10750), b.1853-d.1893


Doyle, Floyd Eugene "Gene" (marriage to Carline Ann Harp) (i27751), b.1937-


Drake, Jo (marriage to Davis Taylor Prestridge) (i9891)


Dreggors, Avis Wilkie (marriage to Diane Elizabeth Prestage) (i1934)


Driver, Lila Wayne Lawley (marriage to Owen Mason Seale) (i3396)


Drummond, Bonner (marriage to Obera Causey) (i2757), b.1907-


Drury, Kinny Lou (marriage to Ralph Killian Motheral) (i27700), b.1943-
Drury, Melissa Ellend (marriage to Martin V. Payne) (i40635)
Drury, Opal (marriage to Earl Richard Prestridge) (i27147), d.1988


Dube, Clarence Oscar (marriage to Betty Sue Smith) (i1258)


Dugger, Margaret Neal (marriage to Milton Markas Prestridge) (i12672)


Duke, Edward (i9570)
Duke, Eugene (i9577)
Duke, James (i9575)
Duke, Junior (i9573)
Duke, Rufus (marriage to Natha Mae Prestage) (i9569)


Dulaney, Abbie Lavee (marriage to Bonnie Roy Adams) (i13022), b.1917-
Dulaney, Vetress (marriage to Luther Adams) (i13093), b.1912-


Dumas, Christopher Allen (i12655)
Dumas, Matthew Wade (i12656)
Dumas, Mr. (marriage to Shawn Marshall) (i12654)


Dunbar, Carolyne Prestridge (i40732)
Dunbar, Catherine Ann (i40733)
Dunbar,Jr Christopher Stephen (i40767)
Dunbar,Sr Christopher Stephen (i40735)
Dunbar, Heather (i10345)
Dunbar, Matthew (i10346)
Dunbar, Rita Melinda (i40734)
Dunbar,Jr Robret Preston (marriage to Cecelia Daigle)(i40731)
Dunbar, Sarah Elizabeth (i40768)
Dunbar, Stephanie (i10344)
Dunbar, Steve (marriage to Gail Prestridge) (i10343)


Duncan, Daisy Lee (marriage to Prestridge Kane) (i9355)
Duncan, Donald (marriage to Joan Wells) (i2583)
Duncan, Kathleen (marriage to Fred Daniel "Dan" Williams) (i40203)


Dunn, Connery Dwayne (i40039), b.1964
Dunn, Delia (marriage to Thomas "Tom" Montgomery) (i11748), b.AUG-
Dunn, Emma Lee (i9550), b.1909-
Dunn, George William (i9555), b.1914-
Dunn, James Monroe (marriage to Emily Izora Prestage) (i9548), b.1871-d.1949
Dunn, Joesph Monroe (i9552), b.1911-
Dunn, Mary Ellen (marriage to John Quincy Prestridge Sr.) (i9868), b.1860-d.1930
Dunn, Ora Vonda (i9554), b.1913-
Dunn, Richard (marriage to Janella Evelyn Allred) (i29037)
Dunn, Richella Lynn (i40040), b.1967
Dunn, Sarah Larene (i9557), b.1918-


Durano, Vickie Josephine (marriage to Douglas James Hopkins) (i27587)


Durbin, Deloise (marriage to Lenox Ray Brown) (i27039)


Dutton, Jamie Lynn (i12720)
Dutton, Jessica Ann (i12721)
Dutton, John Mills (i12719)
Dutton, William James (marriage to Patricia Gail Henderson) (i12718)


Dykes, Lapearl (marriage to Quinn Prestridge) (i10057), b.1911-d.1997


E., Ruby (marriage to Walter S. Prestridge) (i18991), b.1893-d.1948


Eason, Lena Butler (marriage to Quincy Dewey Prestridge) (i9898), d.1929


East, Roena (marriage to Charles D. Hodges) (i14271)


Eaton, Alpha Ann (marriage to Thomas Emmett Prestridge) (i3138), b.1884-d.1904


Eddington, Treca (marriage to Russell Barger) (i15256)


Eddins, Carlton Wilbur (i9333), b.1906-
Eddins, Charles Robert (marriage to Susan Maude Kane) (i9332), b.1879-d.1967
Eddins, Mildred Lucille (i9334), b.1908-


Edington, Maxine (marriage to Billy Frank Prestage) (i40070)


Edwards, Alma Saltia "Ludie" (marriage to William Arthur Steen) (i28368), b.1898-
Edwards, Earl Stephen (marriage to Rebecca Ann Hale) (i4292)
Edwards, Edna Lee (marriage to Herman Lee Phelps) (i4183)
Edwards, Ota C. (marriage to Jalisco Mexico Mcbride) (i28612), b.1905-
Edwards, Willie Lee (marriage to Thomas Emmett Prestridge) (i3139), b.1888-d.1973


Eernisse, Joyce (i27618)
Eernisse, Mangum (i27622)
Eernisse, Michael (i27620)
Eernisse, Milton A. (marriage to Berlie Josephine Rogers) (i27617)
Eernisse, Ralph (i27623)
Eernisse, Roger (i27621)
Eernisse, Sarilda (i27619)


Eisman, Sheryl Ann (marriage to Charles Eddie Lee) (i1550)


Elizabeth (marriage to Isaiah Davis Black) (i12817)


Elkins, Loutisha (marriage to Henry Roland Sullenger) (i4215)


Ella R. (marriage to Franklin Prestridge) (i10793), b.1890-d.AUG


Ellington, Mary (marriage to Willie Willard Prestridge) (i25944)


Elliott, Jim R. (i9864)
Elliott, Marshall A. (marriage to Kate Prestridge) (i9863), b.1891-d.1982


Ellis, Libby (marriage to Buck (Francis) Starnes) (i10385)


Ellison, Teri Anne (marriage to William Ray Hale) (i4288)


Elrod, (marriage to Anita Verda Ann Neece) (i28713)
Elrod, Anita (i28718)
Elrod, Catherine Raquel (i28719)


Elsberg, Bonnie Lee (marriage to Robert James Prestridge) (i27553)


Elsie (marriage to Harry Lee Brister) (i14380)
Elsie (marriage to Joseph Arron Prestridge) (i11205)


Elzy, Maggie (marriage to Benjamin Albritton) (i27055)


Emanuel, Allen Damon (marriage to Marjorie Helen Prestridge) (i9180), b.1918-d.1979
Emanuel, Deborah June (i9185), b.1952-
Emanuel, Gina Gay (i9187), b.1961-
Emanuel, Jeanne Carol (i9182), b.1951-
Emanuel, Julie Ann (i9186), b.1959-
Emanuel, Majorie Ethly (M'Lynn) (i9181), b.1949-


Enderli, Herman Henry (marriage to Ona Ola Allen) (i27834)


Engelhardt, Dorothy Helen (marriage to Marvin Leslie Smith) (i1247)


England, Louise (marriage to George Adams) (i18854)


Ensley, Ida (marriage to Joel James Prestridge) (i9274), b.1877-


Erwin, Carl (marriage to Amy Michelle Prestridge) (i3006)
Erwin, Johnathan Charles (i3007), b.1995-
Erwin, Rebekah Lynn (i3008), b.1966-


Escue, Stella (marriage to Newton Prestridge) (i15087)


Espinosa, Yvette (marriage to Eric Stuart Schumacher) (i28492)


Esposito, Joe (marriage to Melanie Rene "Jenea" Prestridge) (i2271)


Estes, Carolynne Jean (marriage to Jerry Ottis Shires) (i27658)
Estes, Ronald Allen (marriage to Denise Rowena Green) (i27211)


Etchison, Adam Daniel (i12581)
Etchison, Larry Ray (marriage to Child 2 Barnes) (i12578)
Etchison, Sarah Michelle (i12580)


Etheridge, Barbara Jo (i28243)
Etheridge, Brandy (i28241)
Etheridge, Child 1 (i22942)
Etheridge, Child 2 (i22943)
Etheridge, Child 3 (i22944)
Etheridge, Child 4 (i22945)
Etheridge, Child 5 (i22946)
Etheridge, Christi (i28242)
Etheridge, Danny (i28239)
Etheridge, Essie Mae (marriage to Winton "Windred" Allred) (i11972)
Etheridge, Horace (marriage to Wanda Nell Spradlin) (i28235)
Etheridge, Virgina Kay (i28236)
Etheridge, Wallace Woodrow (marriage to Florine Whittington) (i22941), b.1916-d.1981


Etta Maude (marriage to Homer Prestridge) (i2532)


Eubanks, Billie Jo (i2971), b.1968-
Eubanks, Geneva Ruth (marriage to Rayburn Lee Corcoran) (i12513)
Eubanks, James Monroe (i2972), b.1970-
Eubanks, Jerry, Jr. (i2970), b.1964-d.1964
Eubanks, Jerry, Sr. (marriage to Barbara Ann Prestridge) (i2968)
Eubanks, Jo Ann (i2973), b.1971-
Eubanks, Sharon Ann (i2969), b.1962-


Euell, Mr. (marriage to Alcia Nell Prestridge) (i3374)


Evans, "Buck" Wister Arnston (marriage to "Billie" Wilma Juanita Allred) (i13487), b.1923-d.1981
Evans, Buddy Calvin (i13492)
Evans, Buddy Calvin (i13591)
Evans, Gerald Wayne (i13596)
Evans, Gerald Wayne Sr. (i13588)
Evans, Iris (marriage to John Rudolph Smith) (i1244)
Evans, Jessica Renee (i13539)
Evans, Juanita Rena (i13493)
Evans, Perry Lee (i13589)
Evans, Robert Perry (marriage to Allie Frances Corcoran) (i12475)
Evans, Seth Thomas (i13648)
Evans, Sherron Jenice (i12480)
Evans, Terry Lee (i13598)
Evans, Theresia Juanita (i13595)
Evans, Tracy Lynn (i13599)
Evans, Troy (marriage to Louise Scott) (i12219)
Evans, Veronica Michelle (i13603)


Evashkevich, Toffel Ann (marriage to Netwon Levi Crosby Jr.) (i9950)


Everette, Inez (marriage to marvin August Walsworth (i40167)
Everette, Letha Florence (marriage to Pink A. Adams) (i23491)


Exter, Opal (marriage to Charles Boyce Sasser) (i26988)


Eye, Brandon (i13828)
Eye, Daniel Scott (marriage to Kimberly Dee Ann Underwood) (i13825)
Eye, Heather Nicole (i13826)
Eye, Joann Christine (marriage to Phillip Jeffery Underwood) (i13814)
Eye, Melissa Dee Ann (i13827)


Ezekiel, Stella Marie (marriage to Andrew Thurman Prestridge Sr.) (i2940)


Ezell, Emily (marriage to James Madison Prestridge) (i11107), b.1816-d.1887
Ezell, Mary Ann (marriage to Benjamin Bagley Prestridge Sr.) (i11161), b.1821-d.1840


Fancher, Andrew (i3506), b.1987-
Fancher, Margaret Ann (i3505), b.1982-
Fancher, Steven (marriage to Morrisa Ann Prestridge) (i3503)


Farley, Angela Robin (i3002), b.1979-
Farley, Ed (marriage to Lilly Prestridge) (i2918)
Farley, Jack Curtis (marriage to Linda Diane Prestridge) (i2997), b.1950-
Farley, Jackey Shane (i3001), b.1978-
Farley, Leatha (marriage to Leonard L. Prestidge) (i2917), b.1902-d.1988


Farmer, Edith (marriage to Maston Leland Ballew, Jr.) (i40598)
Farmer, Ira O. (marriage to Female Sullenger) (i4220)
Farmer, Mary (marriage to Horace Allen) (i27831)


Farni, Bruce (marriage to Virginia Lee West) (i1987)
Farni, Charles Keith (i40663)
Farni, Jacques Iaselle (i40664)


Farrish, "Jim" James Edward Jr. (marriage to Renaie Vicki Weldon) (i14218)


Fason, Ted (marriage to Dura Mcdonald) (i28626)


Faught, Joan (marriage to David Lee Senter) (i12269)


Faulk, Nancy Elizabeth (marriage to James S. Prestridge) (i6974), b.1855-d.1903


Faulkner, Kelly (marriage to Charles Richard Davis) (i14146)


Favors, Alice (marriage to Dewie Earl Prestridge) (i2869), b.1915-


Felks, Mandy (marriage to Jason Harold Leach) (i14106)


Fenn, Lacy Brooke (i40022), b.1982
Fenn, Robin
Fenn, Tempe (marriage to Ralph Crosby) (i9927)


Fennell, Connie Gayle (i40833)
Fennell, Densil Vester (marriage to Bernice Batrix Smallwood)(i40832)
Fennell, Kathy Lynn (i40834)
Fennell, Patti Jeanne (i40835)
Fennell, Terri Lea (i40836)


Ferguson, Cecil (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Jones) (i27435)
Ferguson, Charles (marriage to Kellie Leanne Yeager) (i13555)
Ferguson, Cleopatra Matilda Nee Cravines (marriage to John Monroe "Bud" Prestridge) (i7604), d.1940
Ferguson, Elizabeth Nicole (i13556)


Ferrell, Janice (i40140)
Ferrell, Vicky (i40141)
Ferrell, Wayne (marriage to Lorene Prestridge) (i40139)b.1883


Field, James Albert (i28675), b.1959-
Field, Lt. Damon (marriage to Sara Alyssa Schumacher) (i28494)
Field, Robert Louis (i28674), b.1956-
Field, Robert Louis (marriage to Margaret Joan Miller) (i9119), b.1930-
Field, Steven (i28676), b.1962-


Fields, C. D. (marriage to Roberta Prestage) (i40065)
Fields, David Benjamin (i12871)
Fields, Donald Eugene (i40066)
Fields, James Robert (i12870)
Fields, Jim (marriage to Sherry Gail Black) (i12869)


Fife, Steven Richard (marriage to Renee Dee Clifton) (i27736), b.1971-


Fifield, Naomi Christine (marriage to Paul Kane) (i9368), b.1963-


Fikes, Margaret Coledonia (marriage to John Holly "Bud" Prestage Dr.) (i7458), b.1871-d.1934


Filak, Frank (marriage to Mozella Joyce Smith) (i12083)
Filak, Robert, Jr. (i12084)


Fincher, Annie Mae (marriage to Okee Bingham "Pete" Prestridge Sr.) (i13481)


Finley, Sarah (Sallie) Almida (marriage to Joseph Benjamin Prestridge) (i11132), b.1844-d.1927
Finley, Sharlette (marriage to Danny Nolan Weldon) (i14209)


Fischer, Sandra Bernice (marriage to Alfred Burton Prestridge) (i27550)


Fitzgerald, Brent (i11046), b.1980-
Fitzgerald, Keith (i11054), b.1970-
Fitzgerald, Kelli (i11050), b.1968-
Fitzgerald, Kenzie (i11049), b.1990-
Fitzgerald, Kolby (i11048), b.1985-
Fitzgerald, Lee (marriage to Lafaye Shively) (i11041), b.1935-
Fitzgerald, Michael (i11042), b.1961-
Fitzgerald, Nikki (i11055), b.1973-
Fitzgerald, Phillip (i11044), b.1963-


Flemming, Aire Maudice (i23513), b.1894-d.1961
Flemming, Avia Verna (i23512)
Flemming, Cora Lee (i27541)
Flemming, David A. (marriage to Emma Adams) (i23504)
Flemming, David O. (i23505)
Flemming, Delia L. (i23511)
Flemming, Edith Fay (i27540)
Flemming, Enoch David (i23506)
Flemming, James Howard (i23508)
Flemming, Jeremiah Daniel(i40013), b.1975-d.1975
Flemming, Jerrid Dathaniel (i40017), b.1981
Flemming, Jessica Deanna (i40016), b.1981
Flemming, John (i23510)
Flemming, John D. (marriage to Rhoda Diane Whitehead)(i40012)
Flemming, John D., Jr. (i40014), b.1977
Flemming, Joshonda Diane (i40015), b.1980
Flemming, Nolan Eugene (i23509)
Flemming, Raiford (i23507)
Flemming, Robert Donald (i27539), d.2000
Flemming, Vancer Turner (marriage to Edith Mae Prestridge) (i27538)


Fletcher, "Missy" Laura Marie (marriage to Randy Lee Weldon) (i14208)
Fletcher, Beulah (marriage to John Q. Adams) (i23483)
Fletcher, Patsy Ruth (marriage to Rayburn Lee Corcoran) (i12509)


Flippin, Jake (marriage to Female Sullenger) (i4222)
Flippin, Merritt (marriage to Polly Prestridge) (i3182)


Florence (marriage to James H. Prestridge) (i9018), b.1886-d.1949
Florence (marriage to Ralph Dewitt Prestridge) (i10212)


Flournoy, Bradley Dale (i3130), b.1963-
Flournoy, Gregory Blake (i3124), b.1959-
Flournoy, Hannah (i40912), b.1999-
Flournoy, Leslie Kim (i3128), b.1962-
Flournoy, Pamela Denise (i3126), b.1960-
Flournoy, Roy Thomas (marriage to Darla Jan Prestridge) (i3113)


Floyd, Eloise (marriage to Ladell Underwood) (i14083)


Folger, Abigail Marie (i28536), b.1995-
Folger, Allison Mckayla (i28537), b.2002-
Folger, Amelia Michelle (i28597), b.1997-
Folger, Anthony David (marriage to Ann Marie Prestridge) (i28534), b.1962-
Folger, Sarah Anne (i28535), b.1994-d.1994


Ford, Edward C. (marriage to Berta Mae Long) (i14477)
Ford, Edward C., Jr. (i14479)
Ford, Francis Lorane (i14482)
Ford, John Decatur (i27103)
Ford, John Decatur (marriage to Marzie Brown) (i27102)
Ford, Joseph Allen (i13922)
Ford, Leslie C. (marriage to Beulah Lee Mcbride) (i28616), b.1908-
Ford, Monita Marie (i13553)
Ford, Norman (marriage to Leona Bell Sullenger) (i4233)
Ford, Sondra Lea (i14481)
Ford, Stella May (marriage to Oscar Larcus Prestridge) (i2491), b.1885-d.1961
Ford, Thomas Edward (marriage to Bobbie Jean Barnes) (i13552)
Ford, Thomas Edward Ii (i13554)


Fore, ? (i10381)
Fore, Ferol (marriage to Bennett W. Prestridge) (i10322), b.1908-
Fore, Fred (i10278), b.1942-
Fore, Hank (i10379)
Fore, Katherine Rebecca (marriage to James Luther Ballew) (i40578)
Fore, Mary Redmond (i10380)
Fore, Orme F. (marriage to Alma Doris Prestridge) (i10277), b.1911-d.1956
Fore, Orme F. (marriage to Eula Starnes) (i10277), b.1911-d.1956
Fore, Pam (i2306)
Fore, Shawn (i2304)
Fore, Stacey (i2305)


Foree, Earline (marriage to Claud Wilson Jr.) (i4246)


Forrester, Alexander (marriage to Sister Mary Conwill) (i9721)


Fortenberry, Ansel L. (i12789)
Fortenberry, Guinn (marriage to Merle Black) (i12788)
Fortenberry, Gwendolyn (i12792)
Fortenberry, Lelia (marriage to James Colden Denman) (i22898), b.1878-
Fortenberry, Neal (i12791)


Fortune, Bessie (marriage to Egbert Barnett Prestage) (i9039)


Foster, Orville D. (Mickey) (marriage to Virginia Lou Scott) (i14139)


Fowler, Chase Matthew (i13965)
Fowler, Elizabeth Kasiah (marriage to Aaron Newton Conwill) (i11318)
Fowler, Greg (marriage to Lena Mae (Toi) Reece) (i9541)
Fowler, Mary Ann (marriage to Jasper Lafayett "Bud" Conwill Rev) (i9686)


Fox, Caroline Patience (i25867), b.1878-d.1947
Fox, Carolyn (i14510)
Fox, Elmer (marriage to Pauline Prestage) (i14503)
Fox, James Arthur (marriage to Elizabeth Lucindy Prestridge) (i25864), b.1849-d.1918
Fox, Jerry V. (i14508)
Fox, John Hunt (i25866), b.1876-
Fox, Martha Nell (i14504)
Fox, Mary (i14509)
Fox, Wililam Luther (i25865), b.1874-


Fragstein, Carolyn (i9585)
Fragstein, Gunther (i9586)
Fragstein, Karl (marriage to Thelma Martha Prestage) (i9581)
Fragstein, Kay (i9583)
Fragstein, Sigried (i9587)


Frances (marriage to John Bunion Prestridge) (i3868)


Francher, Larry (marriage to Willadean Conwill) (i11577)


Francis, Becky Marie (i2987), b.1976-
Francis, Robert "Bob" Paul (marriage to Ruby Mae Prestridge) (i2986)


Franciskato, (marriage to Patricia Moak) (i27053)
Franciskato, Justin (i27054)


Franco, Ed (marriage to Laura Jean Prestridge) (i7619)


Franklin, Alfred Lee (marriage to Mattie Lee Prestage) (i9050)
Franklin, Baby (i9051), b.1924-d.1924
Franklin, Beatrice Anna (i9052), b.1926-d.1939
Franklin, Helen Elizabeth (i9053), b.1930-
Franklin, Maranda Kate (marriage to William R. Carlisle) (i3229)


Franks, Amy Jo (i14015)
Franks, Andy Dean (i14008)
Franks, Harvey (marriage to Virginia Jacqueline Underwood) (i14006)
Franks, Ladonna Lee (marriage to Kevin Duane Corcoran) (i12609)
Franks, Maggie Ann (i14010)
Franks, Mary (marriage to Campbell Prestage) (i7588)
Franks, William (marriage to Willie Holbrook) (i40503)


Free, Anita Gail (marriage to Dale Lewis Prestage) (i1938)


Freeman, Allie (i11704), b.1890-d.1952
Freeman, Allie O. (i2780), b.1909-d.1910
Freeman, Alvie Lee (i22928), b.1896-d.1959
Freeman, Arey (marriage to Tyson Wilkenson Freeman) (i22967)
Freeman, Arzelie (i22920), b.1871-d.1964
Freeman, Augustine "Tina" (i11865)
Freeman, Barbara Ray (i11863)
Freeman, Benjamin Oscar (marriage to Jane Prestridge) (i2721), b.1878-d.1959
Freeman, Bertha Mae (i22924), b.1910-d.1994
Freeman, Bessie (i23009)
Freeman, Billie Frances (marriage to Leon Bryant Smith) (i1255)
Freeman, Bobbie Jean (i11783)
Freeman, Bobby Nell (i11847)
Freeman, Brandon Charles (i12022)
Freeman, Britany Alise (i12024)
Freeman, C. Ella (i22993), b.1879-
Freeman, Charles Burnell (i11785)
Freeman, Charlie (i22958), b.1906-d.1958
Freeman, Charlie Harrison (i11707), b.1899-d.1965
Freeman, Child (i22962)
Freeman, Child (i22963)
Freeman, Child 1 (i22969)
Freeman, Child 1 (i23020)
Freeman, Child 1 (i23035)
Freeman, Child 2 (i22976)
Freeman, Child 2 (i23022)
Freeman, Child 2 (i23036)
Freeman, Child 3 (i22981)
Freeman, Child 4 (i22986)
Freeman, Child 5 (i22988)
Freeman, Claude (i11716), b.1895-
Freeman, Claude (i22960), b.1914-d.1957
Freeman, Claude L. (i11777), b.1924-d.1925
Freeman, Clestelle (i40396)
Freeman, Clifton Dewey (i23013)
Freeman, Clinton (i22930), b.1922-d.1970
Freeman, Collin Michael (i12016)
Freeman, Commodore (i23007), b.1881-d.1963
Freeman, Cynthia Janet (i40402)
Freeman, Denver Ray (i11717), b.1897-d.1960
Freeman, Dora (i23038), b.1890-
Freeman, Dorothy Mae (i11853)
Freeman, Edith Inez (i11775), b.1921-d.1983
Freeman, Edna Earl "Sue" (i11763)
Freeman, Elizabeth Victoria (i40405)
Freeman, Essie (i23010)
Freeman, Euna V. (i11762), b.1922-d.1985
Freeman, Eunice (i23034), b.1913-d.1915
Freeman, Ezra Durrell (i2769), b.1901-
Freeman, Fannie Mae (i11755), b.1907-d.1935
Freeman, Fred (i11756), b.1906-d.1908
Freeman, Fred Jackson (i40459)
Freeman, Fred Julian, Sr. (i40399)
Freeman, Fred "Bud"Julian, Jr. (i40401)
Freeman, Freda Nell (i11782), b.1932-d.1934
Freeman, Gabriel (i23040), b.1892-
Freeman, Gary Dwayne (i11899)
Freeman, Gilly Bell (i11719), b.1901-
Freeman, Gladys (i11759), b.1911-d.1978
Freeman, Glover Willis (i2781), b.1911-d.1958
Freeman, Gordon (i11849)
Freeman, Grady (i11715), b.1893-
Freeman, Hatten (i11699), b.1886-
Freeman, Henry Clay (i11706), b.1896-d.1992
Freeman, Henry Earl (i11780)
Freeman, Hilton (i11705), b.1896-
Freeman, Hiram Benjamin (i11702), b.1882-d.1960
Freeman, Hortence Elvena (i11764), b.1929-d.1989
Freeman, James Floyd, Jr. (i11889)
Freeman, James Floyd, Sr. (i11774), b.1920-
Freeman, James Henry "Jim" (marriage to Olivia Montgomery) (i11698)
Freeman, Jason Colby (i12015)
Freeman, Jasper Carl (i2775), b.1907-d.1938
Freeman, Jeffrey Ray (i11902)
Freeman, Jennifer Leigh (i12020)
Freeman, Jessie (i22974), b.1905-d.1972
Freeman, Jewell Ray (i23014)
Freeman, John Henry "Johnnie" (i11758), b.1909-d.1980
Freeman, John Manley (i2782), b.1914-d.1999
Freeman, Josh Joel (i11714), b.1890-d.1967
Freeman, Julia Lou (i11720)
Freeman, Katherine Olivia (i11776)
Freeman, Katherine Olivia (marriage to Troy Brown) (i26997)
Freeman, Keener (i23032), b.1887-d.1943
Freeman, Keith Allen (i11903)
Freeman, Kimberle Jean (i11908)
Freeman, Lemma Marion (i40396)
Freeman, Lena Mae (i2783), b.1917-
Freeman, Leon (i22978), b.1909-d.1986
Freeman, Leon "Lonnie" (i11761), b.1915-
Freeman, Leonard E. (i2768), b.1899-d.1911
Freeman, Lillie (i11718), b.APR-
Freeman, Loyd L. (i2784), b.1919-d.1985
Freeman, Lucy (i11703), d.1959
Freeman, Lula Minerva (i22931), b.1899-d.1967
Freeman, Marilyn (i11858)
Freeman, Marion William (i11760), b.1913-d.1995
Freeman, Mary Elizabeth (i40460)
Freeman, Mary Faye (i11864)
Freeman, Milford Hewell (i2785), b.1924-d.1988
Freeman, Minvera Smart (i22914), b.1868-
Freeman, Missouri (marriage to Robert E. Lee Freeman) (i22927), b.1872-
Freeman, Noah Madison (marriage to Sarah Odessa Elizabeth Arrington) (i40393) Freeman, Norma Gladys (i22990), b.1922-d.1990
Freeman, Norman (i23016), b.1906-d.1995
Freeman, Otis (i40453)
Freeman, Pearl Mae (i11786), b.1928-d.1957
Freeman, Pernie (marriage to Ernest Arnold) (i23002), b.1907-
Freeman, Phillip Ray (i12019)
Freeman, Polly (i11700), b.1887-d.1915
Freeman, Raiford Lee (i22984), b.1915-d.1994
Freeman, Raymond Ray (i11781)
Freeman, Rita Bell (i22923), b.1907-d.1994
Freeman, Robert Charles (i11907)
Freeman, Robert E. Lee (i22926), b.1873-d.1942
Freeman, Robert Nathan (i40403)
Freeman, Robert Nixon Alpenfels (i40406)
Freeman, Roy (i11848)
Freeman, Roy (i22980), b.1911-d.1974
Freeman, Roy Lee (i40394)
Freeman, Samuel (marriage to Sarah S. Smart) (i9810), b.1849-
Freeman, Samuel E. (i23015), d.1981
Freeman, Sarah Jane (i23030), b.1884-d.1966
Freeman, Shellie H. (i22956), b.1901-d.1977
Freeman, Shirley (i11855)
Freeman, Son (i11754), b.1905-d.1905
Freeman, Son 1 (i11789), b.1938-d.1938
Freeman, Son 2 (i11791), b.1941-d.1941
Freeman, Son3 (i11792), b.1944-d.1944
Freeman, Thomas Jasper (i2779)
Freeman, Thomas Jefferson (i23011)
Freeman, Thomas Jefferson (marriage to Arzelie Freeman) (i22921)
Freeman, Tyson Wilkenson (i22965), b.1876-d.1966
Freeman, Vannie M. (i2773), b.1902-d.1982
Freeman, Virginia Nell (i11778)
Freeman, William "Bill" Monroe (marriage to Margaret Jane "Maggie Jane" Montgomery) (i11710), b.1855-d.1942
Freeman, William "Billie" (i11846)
Freeman, William Curtis (i22970), b.1903-d.1984
Freeman, William Edgar (i22922), b.1904-d.1959
Freeman, William Marton (i11854)
Freeman, Wilma (i22992), b.1928-d.1928
Freeman, Wilton (i40455)
Freeman, Velma Melinda (i40457)
Freeman, Yvonne (i11787), b.1932-d.1977
Freeman, Zelma (i23012)

Freemyer Martin

Freemyer Martin, Patti (marriage to Douglas Eugene Martin) (i13521)


French, Linda Louise (marriage to Leon Prestage) (i9414), b.1944-
French, Nobie (marriage to Lawrence Fore Ballew) (i40607)


Frost, Dorothy Ann (i3441), b.1942-
Frost, Gordon Reid, Sr. (marriage to Helen Lucile Crim) (i3411)
Frost, Gordon Reid, Jr. (i3437), b.1935-
Frost, Hannah Caroline (marriage to George Washington Prestridge) (i1202), b.1834-d.1906
Frost, Mary Ann Rebecca (marriage to George Harper Prestridge) (i11282), b.1827-
Frost, Ramona Elizabeth (i3439), b.1938-


Fry, Ben (marriage to Georgia Pearl Vernon) (i27652)


Fuller, Lee Ann (marriage to Timothy Wayne Prestridge) (i12735)


Fullerton, Frances Barbara (marriage to Johnnie C. Prestridge Jr.) (i10590)


Fulsom, (marriage to Paula Prestridge) (i27399)


Fulton, R. M. (marriage to Mary Ellen Prestridge) (i2302)


Funderburk, Chellie Megan (i14000)
Funderburk, Cynthia Renae (i13995)
Funderburk, David Wayne (i13994)
Funderburk, James Lyndon (i13993)
Funderburk, Lyndon Wayne (marriage to Dirthy Helen Yielding) (i13992)
Funderburk, Sarah Helen (i13998)
Funderburk, William Mark (i13996)


Furqueron, Addie Mae (i4008), b.1894-
Furqueron, Esther (i4009), b.1897-
Furqueron, Own (i4004), b.1887-
Furqueron, Samuel T. (marriage to Martha Edwin "Mattie" Prestridge) (i4002)
Furqueron, Virgil Dellus (i4006), b.1891-d.1951
Furqueron, Wesley Owen (i4005), b.1888-d.1938


Furr, Carnary (marriage to Malcolm Alious "Si" Parkman) (i40511)


Furzi, Sandy (marriage to Vernon Pesttit) (i9601)


Gabriel, Lou Ella (marriage to Hugh Dorthard Prestridge) (i2564), b.1895-d.1980


Gaddy, Burl (Or Wc) (marriage to Bonnie Mae Prestage) (i12962), b.1901-d.1987


Gade, Amanda Lynn (i40351)
Gade, Callie (i40354)
Gade, Cameron (i40353)
Gade, Lindsey (i40352)
Gade, Mariah (i40370)
Gade, Michael (marriage to Cristie Lynn Prestridge Gudath) (i40350)
Gade, Quinton (i40371)


Gaeler, Hannah (marriage to Larkin Prestridge) (i7576)


Galbert, Ann (marriage to Floyd Garner) (i40128)


Galloway, (marriage to Ketha Annette Prestridge) (i27631)
Galloway, James Lawrence (i27632)
Galloway, Patricia Gayle (marriage to Charles Wayne Pope) (i27680)


Gann, Larry (marriage to Wanda Sue Underwood) (i13904)
Gann, Maranda (i13906)
Gann, Ramona Sue (i13905)


Garben, Leanna (marriage to John Flowers Prestridge) (i10687), b.1875-d.1956


Garcia, Carolyn (marriage to Donald Rae Black) (i12835)


Gardner, Ada (i40648), b.1865-
Gardner, Alice (i23053), b.1848-
Gardner, Charles Gilbert (i9140), b.1946-
Gardner, Charles Gilbert (marriage to Lola May Prestridge) (i9132), b.1913-
Gardner, Dorothy (i9133), b.1936-
Gardner, Elisha (i23044), b.1867-d.1938
Gardner, Geneva Mae (i9137), b.1940-
Gardner, John W. (i40650), b.1874-
Gardner, Julia (i40651), b.1877-
Gardner, Kevin Troy (i28692), b.1971-
Gardner, Margaret Norene (i9135), b.1937-
Gardner, Nancy Ann (marriage to William A. Gordon) (i4000), b.1834-
Gardner, Rhonda (marriage to Jerry Alan Burns) (i13722)
Gardner, Russell Wayne (i28691), b.1968-
Gardner, Sallie (i40649), b.1871-
Gardner, Sarah (i23054), b.1849-
Gardner, Seaborn (marriage to Mariah Gordon) (i3998)
Gardner, Shirley Ann (marriage to Howard Sidney Underwood) (i14026)
Gardner, Stanley Ray (i28693), b.1972-
Gardner, Sylvanus (marriage to Mary A. Gordon) (i2146)


Garison, Homer Paul (marriage to Alta Mae Prestridge) (i2409)


Garman, Barbara (marriage to James Carroll Prestridge) (i2348), b.1940-


Garner, Curtis Allen (i40116)
Garner, Curtis Lee (i40100)
Garner, Essie Merle (i40109)
Garner, Grace Mae (i40099)
Garner, Jesse (marraige to Carrie Levenia Prestage) (i40097)
Garner, Johnny Lee (i40110)
Garner, Lenard Thurman (i40098)
Garner, Minerva A. (marriage to John Powell) (i9777), b.1845-
Garner, Patricia (marriage to Michael Fitzgerald) (i11043), b.1969-d.1992
Garner, Regnald (i40101)
Garner, Robert (marriage to Mary Beth Senter) (i15269)
Garner, Roszona Lee (i40115)


Garrett, May (marriage to William A. Prestridge) (i3280), b.1866-
Garrett, Vernell Thelma (marriage to Eddie B. Prestridge) (i13442), b.1912-d.1997
Garrett, William Jessie (marriage to Adelia Prestridge) (i11195)


Gasaway, Bonnie Lou (marriage to Roy Virgil Adams) (i13105)


Gaskins, Agnes Ayres (marriage to Fred Reese Seale) (i3400)


Gast, Bart Stewart (i10570), b.1967-
Gast, Harvey (marriage to Molly Kay Prestridge) (i10568), b.1934-
Gast, Holey (i10569), b.1965-


Gaston, Sims Marion (marriage to Floy Jeannine Pace) (i40523)


Gatlin, Augusta(i40659)
Gatlin, Henry (marriage to Sarah "Sallie" A. Gordon) (i3997)
Gatlin, Janie (i23043)
Gatlin, Norah(i40658)
Gatlin, Richard (marriage to Jeffie Lou Wright) (i9447)
Gatlin, Todd (i2084), b.1964-
Gatlin, Walter (i23042)


Gay, Bates, Jr. (i40657), b.1899-d.1917
Gay, Henry F. (i40656), b.1895-d.1924
Gay, Joanah (marriage to Joel C. Prestridge) (i10672)
Gay, Lunnie (marriage to Carrie Causey) (i2754), b.1915-
Gay, Marshall P. Bates (marriage to Janie Gatlin), (i40655), b. 1866-d.1900
Gay, Mary Ann (marriage to Marvin Prestridge) (i2524), b.1920-d.1996


Gee, Mary Howard (marriage to John Prestridge Wallace) (i27216)


Gellespie, ? (marriage to Jeraldine Underwood) (i13887)
Gellespie, Kimberly Lynn (i13889)
Gellespie, Kristie Sharlene (i13892)
Gellespie, Steven Craig (i13893)
Gellespie, Timothy Wayne (i13891)


Gentry, Mamie Ruth (marriage to George Harold Prestridge) (i9156), b.1922-
Gentry, Ola May (marriage to Homer Lee Prestridge) (i9144), b.1919-


George, Burnis Maude (i8523), b.1938-
George, Margaret Elizabeth "Margie" (i8560), b.1941-d.1996
George, Preston W. (marriage to Margaret (Sarah Margaret) Prestridge) (i8522), b.1906-d.1993
George, Sallie Palmerie (marriage to Daniel Jasper Prestage) (i7503), b.1851-d.1914
George, Susan Carol (marriage to John Holly "Bud" Prestage Dr.) (i7456), b.1858-d.1897


Georgia Anna (marriage to William Barney Prestriedge) (i2862)


Georgwick, Mildred (marriage to Troy Leottis Pinkerton) (i9502), b.1923-d.1985


Geraghty, Sandra Jean (marriage to Gary Dwayne Freeman) (i12017)


Gerald, Llillian (marriage to Walter S. Prestridge) (i11279)


Gerard, Kenneth Douglas (marriage to Edna Loraine Reece) (i9539)


Gernand, Walter D., Jr. (i27615), b.1934-d.2003
Gernand, Walter D., Sr. (marriage to Bertha Una Rogers) (i27614), b.1893-d.1976
Gernand, William Burel (i27616), b.1936-d.2003


Gertrude Imogene (marriage to John M. Christian Williams) (i1870)


Giardina, Julie Ann (i40765)


Gibbons, Grace Annis (marriage to Clifford Prestage Jr.) (i14571)


Gibbs, Jason David (i13382)
Gibbs, Jimmy Lee (i13384)
Gibbs, Jimmy Lee (i13386)
Gibbs, Jodee (i13387)
Gibbs, John David (i13380)
Gibbs, John L. (marriage to Sue Shilling) (i13379)
Gibbs, Katie (i13383)


Gibson, Carrie (marriage to James Albert Prestridge) (i10128), b.1883-
Gibson, Jan (i3134)
Gibson, Kenneth (i3132)
Gibson, Mr. (marriage to Geraldine Prestridge) (i208)
Gibson, Robert (marriage to Darla Jan Prestridge) (i3114)
Gibson, Willie Dean (marriage to Alfred Adams) (i18869)


Gilbert, Frank Neal (marriage to Tina Marie Prestridge) (i12729)
Gilbert, Phillip Branden (i12730)


Gildesgard, Patricia Ann (marriage to Leon Charles Hale) (i4267)


Giles, Hiram T. (marriage to Willie Mary Vernon) (i27653)


Gill, Brian (marriage to Paige Prestridge) (i40921)
Gill, Donald C. (marriage to Lou Ann Norris) (i4399)
Gill, Lena (marriage to Wiley P. Prestridge) (i10147), b.1876-
Gill, Makenzie (i40922), b.2003


Gillentine, Sue (marriage to Bryson Adoice Waddle) (i11503)


Gillespie, Gay (marriage to David Archie Williams) (i1891)


Gilliam, Patricia Ann (marriage to Roy Marvin Prestridge Sr.) (i2990)


Gillis, Elisha M. (marriage to Martha Ophelia Gordon) (i20330)
Gillis, Lillian (i40646), b.1870-d.1873


Gillispie, Jacqulin Diane (marriage to Joe Ray Riley) (i12548)


Gillming, Katherine Carol (Kassie) (marriage to John "Garth" Oliver) (i15240)


Gilmer, James "Jim" (i12227)
Gilmer, Mary (marriage to Obadiah C. Prestridge) (i7195), b.1816-
Gilmer, Mozelle (marriage to Eddie W. Prestridge) (i40823), b.1915-d.2003
Gilmer, Percy O'Lira, Jr. (marriage to Mabel Edith Brumfield) (i12226)
Gilmer, Wiley (marriage to Minnie Elizabeth Williams) (i740)


Gilmer?, Nancy L. (marriage to John W. Prestridge) (i10797), b.1852-d.1904


Gina (marriage to Billy Braxton Prestridge) (i2581)


Ginn, Suzanna (marriage to Jeffrey Ray Freeman) (i12018)


Girlinghouse, Kate (marriage to Henry Prestridge) (i10365), b.1888-d.1927


Gladney, Miss (marriage to Herbert Prestridge) (i2846)


Glass, Samuel (marriage to Ramona Elizabeth Frost) (i3440)


Glattley, Mark (i9613)
Glattley, Ralph (marriage to Annette Pesttit) (i9612)
Glattley, Shan (i9616)
Glattley, Terry (i9614)


Glenda (marriage to Tommy Black) (i12783)


Glombetti, Elizabeth (marriage to James Frank Thomas) (i13016)


Gloria (marriage to Edwin Prestridge) (i15198)


Goble, (marriage to Iona Anderson) (i20210)
Goble, Cherie (i20211)


Godfrey, Thomas R. H. (marriage to Melvina Mariah Prestridge) (i9827), b.1872-d.1907


Godsey, Edward (marriage to Sarah Nell Lyle) (i13911)
Godsey, Edward Allen (i13914)
Godsey, James Kevin (i13915)
Godsey, Joshua Aaron (i13824)
Godsey, Quinton Junior (marriage to Tammy Lynn Underwood) (i13819)
Godsey, Quinton Junior Ii (i13822)
Godsey, Tonya Renae (i13913)


Goerch, Carl (marriage to Sibyl Estrulia Wallace) (i27214)
Goerch, Doris (i27215), b.1920-d.1983
Goerch, Sibyl (i40172)


Golden, Anna Pearl (marriage to Floyd Howard Smith) (i1915)
Golden, Annie (marriage to Patterson Taylor Prestridge) (i10539), b.1862-d.1893
Golden, John B. (marriage to Ida Ketura Prestridge) (i10543)
Golden, Thomas J. (marriage to Josephine Prestridge) (i10629), b.1873-d.1913


Gomes, David (marriage to Jesse Howard Hale) (i4283)


Gonsatin, Ethal (marriage to Robert Blank Prestridge Sr.) (i9839)


Goode, Glenda Gayle (marriage to Billy John Motheral) (i27695), b.1939-


Goodson, Ellis J. (marriage to Rubye Hazel Horton) (i40165)


Gordon, Catherine (i40267), b.1806-d.
Gordon, Catherine (i9003), b.1809-
Gordon, Clarence Polk (i40930), b.1899-d.1968
Gordon, Cynthia (i9006), b.1814-
Gordon, Edgar L. (i23049), b.1873-d.1876
Gordon, Eli Ray (i23050), b.1874-d.1930
Gordon, Elizabeth (i40269), b.1811-d.
Gordon, Elizabeth (i344)
Gordon, Elizabeth (i8996), b.1799-
Gordon, Elizabeth Phoebe (i11627), b.1835-
Gordon, Estelle (i40645), b.1877-
Gordon, Fannie (i20319)
Gordon, George Prestridge (i20322), b.1859-d.1938
Gordon, Hance (i20324)
Gordon, Henry (i40268), b.1809-d.
Gordon, Hewitt (i20323), b.1864-
Gordon, Hiram K. (i40660), b.1890-d.1892
Gordon, Hugh (i40266), b.1804-d.
Gordon, James (Jr) (i40273), b.1822-d.
Gordon, James (marriage to Nancy Prestridge) (i40262), b.1773-d.1827
Gordon, James Madison (i9007), b.1816-
Gordon, Jane E. (i12130), b.1825-d.1886
Gordon, John H. (i40265), b.1802-d.1869
Gordon, John Henry (i23052), b.1879-d.1889
Gordon, John Prestridge (i9001), b.1804-d.1859
Gordon, Johnnie (i20320)
Gordon, Joshua (i9008), b.1818-d.1849
Gordon, Louie E. (i23051), b.1875-d.1958
Gordon, Maggie (i20318), b.1866-
Gordon, Margaret Virginia (i12137), b.1839-d.1919
Gordon, Margaret Virginia (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Gordon) (i12137), b.1839-d.1919
Gordon, Mariah (i9009), b.1820-
Gordon, Mariah (i12135), b.1839-d.1923
Gordon, Marion (i40274), b.1828-d.
Gordon, Martha Ophelia (i20321), b.1853-d.1872
Gordon, Mary (i40264), b.1800-d.
Gordon, Mary (i8992), b.1798-
Gordon, Mary A. (i12131), b.1830-d.1878
Gordon, Melly (marriage to Michael Prestridge) (i1909)
Gordon, Mr. (marriage to Shirley Faye Steele) (i11925)
Gordon, Nancy (i9000), b.1805-
Gordon, Nancy (i40271), b.1816-d.
Gordon, Nannie (i40647), b.1883-d.1885
Gordon, Oma (marriage to Robert Blank Prestridge Jr.) (i9852)
Gordon, Pearl Grace (marriage to Hillery Eugene Kenna) (i23452)
Gordon, Rebecca (i8990), b.1796-
Gordon, Robert (i40263), b.1799-d.
Gordon, Robin Michelle (marriage to John Milton II Sullivan) (i27739), b.1964-
Gordon, Royal C. (i23047), b.1867-d.1875
Gordon, Sarah "Dink" (i20316)
Gordon, Sarah "Sallie" A. (i11628), b.1845-d.1910
Gordon, Sarah Jane E. (i2148), b.1840-
Gordon, Sarah May (i23048), b.1870-d.1952
Gordon, Temeperance (i40270), b.1813-d.1896
Gordon, Thomas (marriage to Letty Prestidge) (i8989), b.1770-d.1852
Gordon, Thomas Jefferson (i9004), b.1812-d.1841
Gordon, Thomas Jefferson (i12133), b.1837-d.1910
Gordon, Thomas Jefferson (marriage to Margaret Virginia Gordon) (i12133), b.1837-d.1910
Gordon, Trammell (marriage to Sarah Ann (Abigail) Williams) (i9242)
Gordon, William (i8997), b.1802-
Gordon, William (i40272), b.1819-d.
Gordon, William A. (i12132), b.1830-
Gordon, William T. (i23045), b.1862-d.1884
Gordon, Willie (or Nellie) (i20317), b.1862-
Gordon, Winnie R. (i23046), b.1866-d.1866


Gorman, Babara (marriage to James Carrol Prestridge) (i10573), b.1940-


Gorofer, Dan (marriage to Rita Ann Prestage) (i9643)


Gosdin, Willie Gayle (marriage to Susie Prestridge) (i40250)


Gottler, Joe J . (marriage to Lavell Prestridge) (i20344)


Gover, Elizabeth (marriage to Joshua Prestridge) (i1197)


Graben, Susan A. (marriage to Oscar Larcus Prestridge) (i10690), b.1880-d.1914


Graham, Arie (i11363)
Graham, Betsy Ann (i19053)
Graham, Billy Roy (i19054)
Graham, Buster (Bus) (i11364)
Graham, Charley (i11362)
Graham, Clifford Arthur (marriage to Jayce A. Smallwood) (i19050)
Graham, Della (marriage to Marieda Columbus Conwill) (i9688)
Graham, Don (marriage to Nellie Conwill) (i11581)
Graham, Holland (marriage to Saphrona Ametta Conwill) (i9690)
Graham, Holland (marriage to Serena Madeline Conwill) (i9690)
Graham, Joyce Virginia (marriage to Gus Wesley Kane Sr.) (i9364), b.1929-
Graham, Kelly Lynn (i19056)
Graham, Leila Verna (marriage to Paul Phillip Corcoran Jr.) (i12393)
Graham, Linda Joyce (i19052)
Graham, Maudie (i11365)
Graham, Sharon Kay (i19051)
Graham, Tommie (i11366)


Graves, W. D. (marriage to Olive Lee Prestridge) (i8963)


Gray, Barry Allen (i13851)
Gray, Bobby Dwayne (i40087)
Gray, Cathy Arlene (i40086)
Gray, Cristinia (i13852)
Gray, Ellen Mae (marriage to Clarence Herbert Harp) (i27752), b.1940-
Gray, Elvae Mae "Alvia) (marriage to Carl Henry Harp) (i15320), b.1916-d.1985
Gray, Glenne Mae (i18875)
Gray, Henry F. (marriage to Mary Lillian Prestridge) (i9992)
Gray, Janice Elaine (i40193)
Gray, Joe (marriage to Peggy Joan Underwood) (i13850)
Gray, John Paul (marriage to Sarah Jane Jewelle Horton)
Gray, John Paul II (i40174)
Gray, John Paul III (i40192)
Gray, Judy Katherine (i40191)
Gray, Keri (marriage to Shannon Wayne Montgomery) (i13760)
Gray, Linda (marriage to Dewey Allen Hicks Jr.) (i12558)
Gray, Lowell Walton (i18878)
Gray, Nauvelle (Sallie) Elizabeth (i40175)
Gray, Susan Melvina (marriage to Charlie Crofford Prestridge) (i10704)
Gray, Walton C. (marriage to Goldie Mae Adams) (i18874)
Gray, Ziliah June (i18879)


Green, (marriage to Jewell Ray Freeman) (i23019)
Green, Allyson Paige (i15505)
Green, Betty Jean (i3942)
Green, Carl Reed (i3943)
Green, Carol Ann (i27179), b.1947-
Green, Carter (marriage to Tracy Hood) (i15504)
Green, Catherine (i27170)
Green, Charley Cleveland (marriage to Leeper Francis Prestridge) (i1230), b.1886-d.1926
Green, Danny (marriage to Patricia Prestridge) (i10033)
Green, Denise Rowena (i27209), b.1957-
Green, Diane Romona (i27210), b.1959-
Green, Dorothy (marriage to Julien Cleveland Green) (i1235)
Green, Frances Lenora (i27180), b.1953-
Green, Georgiana (i3944)
Green, Henry (i27167), b.1936-
Green, Herman Reed (i3939)
Green, Herman Reed (marriage to Annie Louise Killingsworth) (i3936), b.1896-d.1963
Green, James Everett (i3937)
Green, Jillian Keleigh (i27174), b.1976-
Green, John Huffman (marriage to Ettie Rene Prestridge) (i9996), b.1897-d.1975
Green, Johnnie (i27178), b.1947-d.1947
Green, Julien Cleveland (i1233), b.1911-
Green, Julien Cleveland (i27168), b.1941-
Green, Kyle (i27171)
Green, Lewis Edward "Ed" (i1239), b.1925-d.1993
Green, Margaret (i1237), b.1916-
Green, Margaret Louise (i3938)
Green, Mary (marriage to Artis Herman Prestridge) (i2799)
Green, Nancy Jane (i27181), b.1955-
Green, Peggy (i27175)
Green, Ralph Daniel (i1231), b.1914-
Green, Ralph Lee (i3941)
Green, William Kenneth (marriage to Nelda Fay Prestridge) (i2412)


Greenfield, Saundra (marriage to Raines Candler Hayes Jr.) (i12844)


Greer (marriage to Bessie Brent) (i14330)


Greer, Bernice (i10457)
Greer, Bill (marriage to Vashti Prestridge) (i10454)
Greer, Doreatha (marriage to Harvey Parham) (i15340)
Greer, Milton (i10455)
Greer, Nora Elizabeth (marriage to Louis Eugene Prestridge) (i2873), b.1920-d.1995


Gregg, Mary Ellen (marriage to Alfred Burton Prestridge) (i27531), b.1922-


Gregory, Mary Susan (marriage to Stephen Keith Seale) (i3919)
Gregory, William Wayne (marriage to Jamie Colleen Prestridge) (i10596)


Greteman, Joe (marriage to Agatha Louise Kendall) (i1863)


Grey, Glenda (marriage to Richard Allen Brewer) (i15103)
Grey, Jimmy (marriage to Nellie Ruth Waddle) (i11509)
Grey, Walter (marriage to Florence Maude Kendall) (i1857)


Grice, Carolyn Helene (i40551)
Grice, Elizabeth Irene (i40553)
Grice, Philip Glen (i40552)
Grice, Philip Knight (marriage to Dezzie Irene Daughdril) (i40550)


Grider, Mary Frances (marriage to Charles E. Prestridge) (i3468)


Griffin, India Arlona (marriage to Leon "Lonnie" Freeman) (i11860), b.1919-


Griffith, Brandon Wayne (i12564)
Griffith, Bud (marriage to Willie Myrtle Mitchell) (i9257)
Griffith, Gary Dean (marriage to Janice Ann Haning) (i12563)


Griffus, Willie (marriage to Judson Conwill) (i11543)


Grissom, Mildred (marriage to Lester F. Newell Underwood) (i13837)


Groff, Bobby Jean (marriage to Harold Leslie Prestridge Sr.) (i9082)


Grogan, Juanita Taylor (marriage to Carl Henry Harp) (i27760), d.1984


Grove, Loyal Wesley (marriage to Allie Frances Corcoran) (i12476)
Grove, Phillip Duane (i12481)


Gudath, Andrea (i40348)
Gudath, Blaine Garland (i40346)
Gudath, Christie Lynn (i40347)


Gudgel, Mary Helen (marriage to Earnest Ray Corcoran) (i12539)


Guerra, Gretchen Diane (marriage to Harold Leslie Prestridge Sr.) (i6862), b.1935-d.1992
Guerra, Gretchen Diane (marriage to Harold Leslie Prestridge Sr.) (i6862), b.1935-d.1992


Guess, Emily Caroline (marriage to Maston Andrew Parkman II) (i40467)


Guidry, Avery Philip, Jr. (marriage to Yvonne Freeman) (i11910)
Guidry, Cynthia Louise (i11913)
Guidry, Deborah (i11914)
Guidry, Steven (i11911)


Guilloud, Marie Alice (marriage to Fred Harold Prestage) (i14471)


Guin, Anita (marriage to Micky Lane Underwood) (i14039)


Gulaney, Noria (marriage to Russell Barger) (i15257)


Gullick, Chrissie (marriage to John Dee Prestage) (i14446), b.1882-


Gunter, Carl V. (marriage to Mary Ella Bullock) (i40809)
Gunter, C.R. (i40811)
Gunter, Gertrude (i40813)
Gunter, John V. (i40812)
Gunter, Will (i40810)


Guy, Walter (marriage to Ann Prestridge) (i2808)


Guynn, Albert Dewey (marriage to Majorie Jean Miller) (i9121), b.1932-
Guynn, Jerry Robert (i28681), b.1958-
Guynn, Jerry Robert (marriage to Juanita Marie Miller) (i9123), b.1936-
Guynn, Kim Elaine (i28682), b.1960-
Guynn, Teresa Louise (i28680), b.1963-
Guynn, Timothy Loren (i28679), b.1959-d.1959
Guynn, Troy Lance (i28678), b.1957-
Guynn, Trudy Lamar (i28677), b.1956-


Gwin, Sylvester (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Prestridge) (i22506)


Haase, Frederick Cooper (i1976), b.1973-
Haase, Gary Charles (marriage to Jeannette Elois Rush) (i9205), b.1941-
Haase, John Daniel (i1978), b.1974-


Hackault, Marilyn Louise (marriage to Robert Edward Troyer) (i12864)


Hackwood, Thomas (marriage to Lisa Maree Richardson) (i27717)


Hadaway, Bobbie Ruth (i40804)
Hadaway,Sr Boyd Bullock (i40803)
Hadaway,Jr Boyd Bullock (i40807)
Hadaway, Herbert Arlee (marriage to Nora Ollie) (i40802)
Hadaway, Nancy Lynnk (i40803)
Hadaway, Ralph (i40805)


Hadlock, Kenneth Velere (marriage to Minnie Lee Harp) (i27711), d.1966
Hadlock, Val Warren (i27712), b.1931-d.1931


Hagler, Bridgette R. (marriage to Robert Charles Freeman) (i12026)


Hague, James Daniel (marriage to Cynthia Marie Noto)
Hague, James Philip (i40324), b.1974
Hague, Monica Renee (i40323), b.1970


Hair, Lana Ruth (marriage to Kenneth Wayne Prestridge) (i3116)


Haire, Lonnie William Joseph (marriage to Angela Dawn Prestridge) (i1602)
Haire, Samuel Everett (i1603), b.1995-


Halcomb, James (i7317), b.1879-
Halcomb, Lulicia (i7316), b.1874-
Halcomb, Mary (i7319), b.1880-
Halcomb, Mr (marriage to Nancy A. Prestridge) (i7315)


Hale, Andrew Jerold (i4275)
Hale, Benjamin Franklin (i4285)
Hale, Buffy Ann (i4270)
Hale, Carl Lee (i4297), d.1988
Hale, Clara Leota (i4390), b.1920-d.1999
Hale, Cynthia Lea (i4293)
Hale, David Eugene (i4289)
Hale, Donald Howard (i4278)
Hale, Ester Lee (i4238), b.1896-
Hale, Flora Elizabeth (i4239), b.1898-d.1936
Hale, Heather Nicole (i12739)
Hale, Hillary Brooke (i12738)
Hale, James Allen (i4268)
Hale, Jerold Leon (i4272)
Hale, Jesse Howard (i4282)
Hale, Jessica Ann (i4280)
Hale, Joe (i4372)
Hale, Leon Charles (i4266), b.1926-d.1983
Hale, Lula Mae (i4375), b.1912-d.1967
Hale, Lura Mae (i4381), b.1916-d.1999
Hale, Male (i4296)
Hale, Male (i4370)
Hale, Mary Isabel (i4212), b.1893-d.1967
Hale, Matthew William (i4258)
Hale, Rebecca Ann (i4291)
Hale, Rhoda Lee (i4298), b.1907-d.1996
Hale, Robert Westley (marriage to Tunya Susette Prestridge) (i12737)
Hale, Ronald Dean (i4256), b.1942-d.1995
Hale, Ruby (i4211), b.1892-d.1892
Hale, Susan (i4374)
Hale, Theresa Kirby (i4277)
Hale, Valerie Ellon (i4260)
Hale, William Henry (marriage to Lona Jesse Keefley) (i4210)
Hale, William Jesse (i4252), b.1900-
Hale, William Jesse, Jr. (i4254)
Hale, William Ray (i4287)
Hale, William Russel (i4276)


Haley, Anderson (i28602)
Haley, Andrew Johnson (marriage to Sarah Ann M. Prestridge) (i8934)
Haley, Lula (i28600)
Haley, Mazzie (marriage to John Willie Dothard) (i40216)
Haley, Nettie (i28603)
Haley, William (i28601)


Hall, Bithney E. (marriage to William Stokes Prestridge) (i10255), b.1873-
Hall, Brandy Leigh (i3927)
Hall, Brenda (marriage to Robert William Prestridge) (i2446)
Hall, Charlie Thomas (marriage to Myrtle Lee Prestridge) (i10621)
Hall, Henry (marriage to Polly Prestridge) (i28192)
Hall, Henry Erastus (marriage to Sophie M. Hart) (i4501), b.1864-d.1936
Hall, Hugh Myles (marriage to Sarah Larene Dunn) (i9558)
Hall, James Carlisle (marriage to Sharron Lynn Seale) (i3925)
Hall, Jamie Lynn (i3926)
Hall, Roy (marriage to Ona Ola Allen) (i27833)
Hall, Sue (marriage to Milton Hugh Conwill) (i11550)
Hall, Tony (marriage to Carolyn Annette Jones) (i27428)


Hallman, Ernest L. (marriage to Willa Ila. Prestridge) (i12373), b.1890-d.1973
Hallman, Ernest Leroy (i15278), b.1915-
Hallman, James Earnest, Jr. (i15289)
Hallman, James Ernest (i15285), b.1948-
Hallman, Katherine Ruth (i15288)
Hallman, Lee Caroline (i15284)
Hallman, Willa Ruth (i15290), b.1954-
Hallman, William "Billy" Prestridge (i15279), b.1917-
Hallman, William Prestridge, III (i15283)
Hallman, William Prestridge, Jr. (i15281), b.1942-


Ham, Etta (i11397)
Ham, Henry (i11399)
Ham, J. J. (marriage to Martha Teresse Conwill) (i9708)
Ham, Nettie (i11396)
Ham, Pearl (i11398)
Ham, Reathe (i11400)
Ham, Tranny Rodolphus (i11395)


Hamblin, Emma (marriage to Thomas Samuel Prestridge) (i10546), b.1864-d.1954


Hambrick, Dicey Jane (marriage to Joseph William Prestridge) (i11285), b.1858-d.1937


Hamilton, Alma (marriage to John Polk Kane) (i9345)


Hammack, Bessie Lynn (marriage to James Murray Kenna) (i23460)

Hammer Burleson

Hammer Burleson, Janice Rae (marriage to Perry Lee Evans) (i13602)


Hammond, Louiza, Smith (marriage to William A. Prestridge) (i8924), b.1821-d.1901


Hampton, Billy Franklin (marriage to Wanda Rogers Scott) (i14163)
Hampton, Jill (marriage to Steven Arnell Rollins) (i12113)
Hampton, Jonathan Lee (i14164)
Hampton, Katie Elizabeth (i14165)


Hancock, Mabel Marie (marriage to Mack Davis) (i13628), b.1933-d.1988


Hand, Gussie Cleo (marriage to Estell Prestage) (i7568), b.1889-d.1972
Hand, Kathy (marriage to John David Gibbs) (i13381)


Haner, Andera (marriage to Mitchell Wyatt Prestridge) (i2423)


Haning, Bessie Ruth (i12381), b.1922-d.1972
Haning, Charles Austin (i12382), b.1925-d.1986
Haning, Harold Gilbert (i12383)
Haning, Harold Gilbert, Jr. (i12451)
Haning, Janice Ann (i12450)
Haning, Jarrod Gilbert (i12569)
Haning, Jennifer Dawn (i12566)
Haning, John Franklin (marriage to Ellen Corcoran) (i12377)
Haning, John Franklin, Jr. (i12379)
Haning, John Keith (i12440)
Haning, Justin Bryce (i12567), b.1984-d.1984


Hanley, Erma Gail (marriage to Ted Oliver Prestridge) (i12694)


Hansburger, Susan (marriage to Steve Allen Smith) (i14051)


Hanson, Joelene (marriage to Sammie John Hendricks) (i9525)
Hanson, John P. (marriage to Linda Darlene Phelps) (i4207)


Harbinson, Brett (i15174)
Harbinson, Clyde (marriage to Sadie Prestridge) (i15172)
Harbinson, Gretta (i15175)
Harbinson, Wallace (i15173)


Harden, Alvis Quinton (marriage to Ollie Pearl Prestage) (i3539), b.1897-d.1990


Hardin, (marriage to Ruby Doris Whittington) (i22952)
Hardin, Bobby (marriage to Katie Sue Prestridge) (i10025)
Hardin, Edgbert M. (marriage to Rubye Hazel Horton) (i40166)


Hardy, Kyle (marriage to Elaine Dickey) (i9403)
Hardy, Patricia Lucile (marriage to Jefferson Daugherty Prestridge) (i9189), b.1933-


Hargett, Evelyn (marriage to Thomas Prestridge) (i2572), b.1921-
Hargett, Gene (marriage to Peggy Conwill) (i11527)


Hargrove, Judy Layne (marriage to "Jody" Edward Truman Wynne) (i14186)


Harless, Bernice Lorraine (marriage to Thomas Frost Prestridge) (i3799)


Harlin, Mattie (marriage to Sperrel I. Prestridge) (i10819), b.1886-d.1971


Harmmond, George (marriage to Clara Prestridge) (i15231)


Harold, (marriage to Maggie Myrtle Miller) (i27454)


Harp, Carl Henry (i15319), b.1907-d.1986
Harp, Carline Ann (i15323), b.1936-
Harp, Chad Harland (i27753), b.1966-
Harp, Charles Henry (marriage to Minnie Bell Vernon) (i15297), b.1872-d.1970
Harp, Clarence Herbert (i15322), b.1939-
Harp, Eunice Bell (i15309), b.1901-d.1992
Harp, Eva Dora (i15308), b.1900-d.1988
Harp, Florence Laura (i15314), b.1905-d.1975
Harp, Jeannie Pearl (i15316), b.1914-d.1914
Harp, Jerry Joel (i27721), b.1934-d.1934
Harp, Jo Myrl (i15318), b.1923-d.1991
Harp, Lena Esther (i15313), b.1904-d.1905
Harp, Marguerite Joyce (i15317), b.1918-
Harp, Minnie Lee (i15311), b.1903-d.1997
Harp, Vida Marie (i15315), b.1912-
Harp, Wendy Denise (i27754), b.1969-
Harp, Winnie Dee (i15312), b.1904-


Harper, Roberta Elizabeth (marriage to James Willie Sasser) (i14408)


Harrel, Wade (marriage to Christina Jane Montgomery) (i13770)


Harrell, Henry Ashley (marriage to Pamela Ann Motheral) (i27693)


Harris, A. N. (marriage to Adora (Eudora) Josephine Prestridge) (i1993)
Harris, Ben (marriage to Myrtle Oma L. Rogers) (i27241), b.1888-
Harris, Crystal (i28610), b.1914-
Harris, Earl (i28611), b.1916-
Harris, Frank Tom (marriage to Rose Lee Williams) (i1902)
Harris, Frank Tom, Jr. (i1903)
Harris, Gladdus (i28608), b.1911-
Harris, Hazel Kathryn (marriage to John Benjamin Corcoran) (i12384)
Harris, Ross (marriage to Rhoda Prestridge) (i10760)
Harris, Ruby (marriage to Elmer Vaughan Conwill) (i11427)
Harris, Wiley J. (i10761), b.1846-
Harris, Zorabell (i28609), b.1912-


Harrison, Cynthia (marriage to Robert Kent Odom) (i4310)
Harrison, David (marriage to Kathlee Rebecca Prestridge) (i2462)
Harrison, Mark (marriage to Sharon Deniece Underwood) (i14025)
Harrison, Michael (marriage to Sherri Diane Prestridge) (i14585)
Harrison, William Henry (marriage to Josephine Prestridge) (i10506)


Harson, Alan Dale (marriage to Sheila Diane Swan) (i13780)
Harson, Sierra Diane (i13781)


Hart, Caroline "Carrie" (i4503), b.1883-d.1978
Hart, Clifton (i4502), b.1888-d.1953
Hart, Frederick William (i4497), b.1892-d.1954
Hart, Infant (i4499), b.1873-d.1873
Hart, J. D. (marriage to Flora Irene Sullenger) (i4228)
Hart, Lena (i4505), b.1886-
Hart, Maggie (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Prestridge) (i10513), b.1868-
Hart, Mary (marriage to Wiley Prestridge) (i10258)
Hart, Mary A. (i4509), b.1890-
Hart, Patsy (marriage to William Gordon) (i8999)
Hart, Samuel Leon "Lee" (i4498), b.1894-d.1972
Hart, Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" (i4495), b.1877-d.1953
Hart, Sophie M. (i4500), b.1875-d.1929
Hart, William James (marriage to Sarah Jane Prestridge) (i4494), d.1922
Hart, Z. M. (marriage to Demareus (Sis) Adeline Prestridge) (i10518)


Hartman, J. W. P. (marriage to Ruth Conwill) (i11558)
Hartman, Jennifer Christine (marriage to John Joseph Jackson) (i27192)
Hartman, Orville (marriage to Bessie Florine Carr) (i1845)
Hartman, Ruth Mary (i11559)


Hartness, Harriet Julena (marriage to Isham Lafaite (Bummy) Prestridge) (i10182), b.1855-d.1940


Harvard, George E. (marriage to Ruthie Marie Prestridge) (i2942)
Harvard, Melissa Ruth (i2946), b.1958-
Harvard, Rachel Marie (i2945), b.1956-


Harvey, Anne Louise (marriage to Billups Gayle Prestridge [III]) (i40382)
Harvey, Curistan (i11023)
Harvey, Eddie (marriage to Paula Reba Pierce) (i13059)
Harvey, Terry (marriage to Robin Taylor) (i11022)
Harvey, Wes (i11024)

Harvey Barnes Diehle

Harvey Barnes Diehle, Monita Mae (marriage to Kenneth Edward Barnes Sr.) (i13499)


Haskins, Sara Snowdan (marriage to Floyd Lee Seale Sr.) (i3390)


Hassler, Hailey Jordon (i12653)
Hassler, John (marriage to Amy Denae Riley) (i12652)


Hatcher, Evelyn (marriage to William Quitman Adams) (i13136)
Hatcher, Joel (marriage to Marcia Diane Prestridge) (i9160)


Hathcock, Randy (marriage to Melissa Carolyn Martin) (i14081)


Hauenstein, Clifford Albert (marriage to Velma Ruth Prestridge) (i25869)
Hauenstein, Denise Diane (i25948), b.1957-


Hawkins, Mary Edna (marriage to George Edwin Sandford) (i3162), b.1882-d.1963
Hawkins, Mary Kathaleen (marriage to Ira Amos Prestage) (i14448)
Hawkins, Ruby (marriage to William A. Prestridge) (i3966), b.1885-d.1919


Hawley, Florence Etta (marriage to Earl Thomas Mitchell) (i9262)


Hayes, Betty Nell (i12767)
Hayes, Christina (i12850)
Hayes, Dorothy Jean (i12769), b.1929-d.1947
Hayes, Raines Candler (i12848)
Hayes, Raines Candler (i12915)
Hayes, Raines Candler, Jr. (i12797)
Hayes, Raines Candler, Sr. (i12766), b.1921-d.1992
Hayes, Richard (Dick) (marriage to Della Lenore Reece) (i9536)
Hayes, Robert (i12849)
Hayes, Shirley Joan (i12799)
Hayes, Wendy (i12847)
Hayes, William (marriage to Ora Charlsie Prestridge) (i27548)
Hayes, William Howell (marriage to Lela Zella Black) (i12765)
Hayes, Zelda Carrolyn (i12798)


Hayner, Alice (marriage to John Bryant Prestridge) (i10136)


Haynes, Alicyn Haley (i4326)
Haynes, Brandon (i14198)
Haynes, C.r. (marriage to Evelyn Wynne) (i14196)
Haynes, Carter Harrison (i4333)
Haynes, Geraldine Dean (i4300)
Haynes, Gretchen (i4365)
Haynes, Harold (i4321)
Haynes, Heather Paige (i4331)
Haynes, Jarvis Ray (i4353)
Haynes, Kathryn Alisabeth (i4332)
Haynes, Koti Sha (i4356)
Haynes, Lidward Arlis (marriage to Rhoda Lee Hale) (i4299)
Haynes, Lisa Jean (i4357)
Haynes, Michael Ted (i4327)
Haynes, Nathan Thad (i4334)
Haynes, Philip Ray (i4355), b.1974-d.1996
Haynes, Philip Vance (i4345), b.1932-d.1997
Haynes, Phyllis Velene (i4347)
Haynes, Randall Thad (i4336)
Haynes, Tara Jean (i4337)
Haynes, Timothy Harold (i4323)
Haynes, Toryn Cooper (i4325)
Haynes, Tracee (i4338)


Hays, Cynthia Dianne (marriage to Joe Keith Ogden) (i12629)
Hays, John Lewis, Jr. (marriage to Rose Marie Prestridge) (i10577)


Hayth, Emily (marriage to Herbert M. Prestridge) (i20335)


Hazelwood, Mabel (marriage to Boyd Bullock Hadaway) (i40806)


Headrick, Allie Jane (marriage to Mattie Wilson Prestidge) (i27462), d.1960


Heard, Bobby Jack (i2696)
Heard, Cynthia (i40133)
Heard, Frank Herbet (marriage to Lois Prestridge) (i2693), b.1907-
Heard, Havtence (i40132)
Heard, Marilyn (i40135)
Heard, Tommy Wayne (i40131), b.1846-d.2003


Hearle, Thomas (marriage to Jessie Prestridge) (i2475)


Helen (marriage to James Monroe Prestriedge) (i5823)


Heller, Stephen Edgar


Helmes, Steve (marriage to Linda Jean Prestridge) (i9152)


Helms, Anna Ruth (marriage to John Benjamin Moak) (i27042), b.1916-


Hembree, Linda Sue (marriage to Larry Dale Denley) (i12095)


Henderson, Bradley Lawrence (marriage to Chrystal Annette Prestridge) (i2825)
Henderson, Clarissa Ann (i12689)
Henderson, David Neal (i12688)
Henderson, James Sterline (marriage to Phyllis Ann Prestridge) (i12684)
Henderson, James Steven (i12685)
Henderson, Patricia Gail (i12686)
Henderson, Samantha Katlin (i2826), b.1993-
Henderson, Tamara Lynn (i12687)
Henderson, Virginia Ellen (marriage to Zebulon Conway Hodges Jr.) (i14317)


Hendricks, Aleatha (Laffay) (marriage to Robert Lee Prestage) (i9653), b.1888-d.1971
Hendricks, Barbara Velene (marriage to Philip Vance Haynes) (i4346)
Hendricks, Ceri (i9531), b.AUG-
Hendricks, Deedra Lee (i2114), b.1974-
Hendricks, Jack Egbert (marriage to Lola Maruine Reece) (i2108)
Hendricks, James Reece (i9530), b.1951-
Hendricks, Jared Clay (i2113), b.1971-
Hendricks, Jason Ray (i2112), b.1970-
Hendricks, Jeni (i9533), b.1957-
Hendricks, Joel Kay (i2116), b.1980-
Hendricks, Justin Jay (i2115), b.1977-
Hendricks, Sammie John (i2109), b.1945-
Hendricks, Suzanne (i9528), b.1947-


Hendrix, Bill (marriage to Blondina Mae Welch) (i40137)
Hendrix, Brad (i40139)
Hendrix, Scarlett (marriage to Tommy Wayne Heard) (i40134)


Henry, Carolyn F. (marriage to James H. Prestridge) (i10653), b.1843-d.1890
Henry, James (marriage to Ina Naomie Prestridge) (i10001), b.1911-


Henshaw, Dorothy Jean (marriage to Charles Lynn Westbrook) (i12043)


Henson, Frank (marriage to Elizabeth Irene Grice) (i40556)
Henson, Mathew Spurgeon (marriage to Child 4 Barnes) (i12474)


Herd, Bobby (marriage to Freida Ann Routt) (i15207)
Herd, Carolyn (i15209)
Herd, Cheryl (i15208)
Herd, Dena (i15212)
Herd, Shawn (i15211)


Herndon, Ann V. (marriage to Wilson K. Prestage) (i9665), b.1838-


Herring, Myrtle Nell (marriage to Ralph Dewitt Prestridge) (i27268), b.1908-d.1976


Herrington, Brett William (i2250), b.1969-
Herrington, Harriet Elizabeth (marriage to Robert David Steen) (i28348), b.1867-d.1958
Herrington, Jack Hamilton (i2254), b.1999-
Herrington, Mark Hamilton (i2252), b.1971-
Herrington, Robert William "Bob" (marriage to Ruth Ann Prestridge) (i1193), b.1944-


Herron, Rhonda Lynn (i4205)
Herron, Robert (marriage to Linda Darlene Phelps) (i4203)
Herron, Travis Wayne (i4204)


Hess, Judy (i15169)
Hess, Mr. (marriage to Willie Paul Mahanay) (i15168)
Hess, Ronald (i15170)
Hess, Steve (i15171)


Hetser, Cora Ella (marriage to Jessie Crawford Prestridge) (i10782), b.1880-d.1952


Hetherington, Anthony Dewon (i28509)
Hetherington, Dorothy Deanne (i27646)
Hetherington, John "Johnnie" Roy, III (i27647)
Hetherington, John Roy, Jr. (marriage to Carolyn Suzanne Stallings) (i27645)
Hetherington, Markus Devontae (i28510)


Hewitt, Mary Ella (marriage to William Samuel Bullock) (i40787)


Hickerson, Alma Sue "Suzy" (i26803), b.1944-
Hickerson, Edward Lee (i26804), b.1954-
Hickerson, Jerry Gene (i26805), b.1960-
Hickerson, Larry Dean (i26806), b.1960-
Hickerson, Loader Lee (marriage to Gwendolyn Peggy Prestridge) (i26802)


Hickman, Jessie Warren (marriage to Lena Hart) (i4506), b.1886-d.1974


Hicks, Carol Lou (i12445), b.1943-d.1989
Hicks, Charlsie Augusta (marriage to Robert Lee Prestridge) (i27403), b.1882-d.1956
Hicks, Dewey Allen (marriage to Bessie Ruth Haning) (i12443)
Hicks, Dewey Allen, Jr. (i12444)
Hicks, Diedra (i12559)
Hicks, Elsie Virginia (marriage to James Robert Rogers) (i9319), b.1884-d.1963
Hicks, Robert (marriage to Maggie Wyvonne Wilson) (i4250)
Hicks, Tammy (i12560)


Higgason, Sarah Elizabeth (marriage to Ernest Lenard Prestage) (i14525)


Higgins, Ethel (marriage to Claude Erestus Bullock) (i40800)
Higgins, Orphelia (marriage to Floyd Ray) (i12324)


Hildebrand, Callie Louise (marriage to John Byron Senter) (i12252)


Hill, Edna (marriage to Andrew Houston Prestage) (i40059)
Hill, Harvey (marriage to Addie Nash) (i10492)
Hill, Karen (marriage to Lawrence Edward Coker) (i12707)
Hill, Ruth (marriage to Charles Monroe Conwill) (i11439)
Hill, Travis (marriage to Shonda Lynn Corcoran) (i12521)


Hillery, Ada Fae (marriage to Roswell K. Senter) (i12274)


Hills, Mary Jane (marriage to John Leroy Prestridge Sr.) (i9170), b.1932-d.1959


Hilton, Otis (marriage to Ruby Ione Daughdril) (i40544)


Hines, Christine (marriage to Rayburn Lee Corcoran) (i12511)


Hinkofer, Clinton Dewayne (i13565)
Hinkofer, Misty Elizabeth (i13566)
Hinkofer, William James (marriage to Tina Allred) (i13528)
Hinkofer, William Jason (i13564)


Hise, Chris (marriage to Sam Coon Sr.) (i11035)


Hitt, Kristy Leigh (i2075), b.1978-
Hitt, Lois M. (marriage to James Steven Henderson) (i12716)
Hitt, Mike (marriage to Brenda Lou Prestage) (i9425), b.1951-
Hitt, Windy Michelle (i2074), b.1974-


Hodge, Arlie (marriage to Melvin Prestage) (i9489), b.1903-


Hodges, A.d. Ivenora (Amanda) (i14259), b.1879-
Hodges, Alfred (i14369)
Hodges, Amanda (i14240), b.1850-
Hodges, Amos (marriage to Delaney Prestridge) (i8987), b.1814-d.1892
Hodges, Angelina (i14239), b.1848-d.1910
Hodges, Arthur (i14371)
Hodges, Catherine Presilla Sarah Elizabeth (i14251), b.1864-
Hodges, Charles D. (i14243), b.1861-d.1934
Hodges, Christopher (i14233), b.1840-
Hodges, Clara (i14298), b.1896-
Hodges, Cora (i14274), b.1894-
Hodges, Cora Elizabeth (i14282), b.1882-d.1959
Hodges, Deloris (i14360)
Hodges, Elizabeth (i14237), b.1844-d.1911
Hodges, Emily M. (i14238), b.1846-
Hodges, Ernest Eugene (i14291), b.1898-d.1977
Hodges, Harbert (i14283), b.1884-
Hodges, Harold Warville (i14318), b.1910-d.1968
Hodges, Herbie (i14357)
Hodges, Hiram Jackson (i14320), b.1911-d.1982
Hodges, James (i14358)
Hodges, James Commodore (i14263), b.1881-
Hodges, James M. (i14235), b.1842-d.1910
Hodges, James W. (i10125), b.1872-
Hodges, James W. (marriage to Manorah Prestridge) (i10125), b.1872-
Hodges, Jessie Martin (i14290), b.1897-d.1917
Hodges, John (i14232), b.1838-
Hodges, John Emmanuel (i14254), b.APR-
Hodges, Julia (i14370)
Hodges, Laura Lee (i14372)
Hodges, Leatha (i14304), b.1899-
Hodges, Lena (i14281)
Hodges, Lewis (i2284), b.1892-d.APR
Hodges, Lizzie (i14285), b.1886-d.1964
Hodges, Luther (i14273), b.1892-
Hodges, Manuel (i14287), b.1895-d.1931
Hodges, Marcus (i14275), b.1900-
Hodges, Marie (i14359)
Hodges, Mary Allie Lee (i14314), b.1904-d.1989
Hodges, Mary J. (i14252), b.1866-
Hodges, Nannie (i14284), b.1888-d.1889
Hodges, Paul Mimms (i14308)
Hodges, R. F. (i14368)
Hodges, Samuel (i14241), b.1854-
Hodges, Samuel Jesse (i14257), b.1875-
Hodges, Samuel Reuben (i14286), b.1892-d.1976
Hodges, Sarah (i14374)
Hodges, Sarah M. (marriage to Wiley P. Prestridge) (i10123), b.1848-d.1901
Hodges, Sim Emmanuel (i14248)
Hodges, Son (i14276), b.1898-
Hodges, Stanley (i14299), b.1898-
Hodges, Ted (i14311)
Hodges, Thelma (i14322), b.1917-d.1982
Hodges, Trudie (i14361)
Hodges, William Jackson (i14231), b.1836-d.1922
Hodges, William Jackson, Jr. (i14250), b.1861-d.1941
Hodges, Willie (i14265)
Hodges, Willie (i14272), b.1889-
Hodges, Zebulon Conway (i14261), b.1883-d.1959
Hodges, Zebulon Conway, Jr. (i14316), b.1906-d.1993


Hodnett, Martha Caroline Ophelia (marriage to Marcus Zachariah Prestridge) (i8932), b.1852-d.1937
Hodnett, John Jay (marriage to Rhoda Prestridge) (i40288)


Hogue, Ida (marriage to Commodore P. Prestridge Jr.) (i10445), b.1893-d.1926


Holaday, Georgianna (marriage to Floyd Boone Prestage) (i14566)


Holbrook, Floyette (i40502)
Holbrook, William (marriage to Floy Ganella Parkman) (i40500)
Holbrook, Willie (i40501)


Holden, John (marriage to Elizabeth Gordon) (i3975)
Holden, John (marriage to Mary Gordon) (i8995)


Holder, Dustin (i11012)
Holder, Mike (marriage to Penny Taylor) (i11011)


Holeman, Mr (marriage to Rita Elane Prestridge) (i27135)


Holifield, Kevin Brent (i11593)
Holifield, Lindsey F. (marriage to Myrna Kay Conwill) (i11592)


Holland, Billie James (marriage to Larry Clifton Underwood) (i14117)
Holland, Viola (marriage to James Edward (Ed) Smith) (i9670), b.1874-


Holley, Larkie Mae (marriage to Robert Howard Prestridge) (i13457), b.1945-


Hollis, Ada (marriage to Owen Barry Prestridge) (i10613)


Hollman, Velma Mae (marriage to Jefferson Bud Kane) (i9375)


Holloway, Lurline (marriage to John Paul Gray II) (i40190)
Holloway, Lyda (marriage to Judge Thomas (Doc) Crosby) (i9952), b.AUG-


Hollowell, Ada (i22557)
Hollowell, Charles Silas (marriage to Nina Prestridge) (i22554)
Hollowell, Simeon (i22555)
Hollowell, William Hagood (i22556)


Holly, (i18316)
Holly, Forrest (marriage to Betty Jo Prestridge) (i2469)
Holly, Roy (marriage to Mary Ann Gemima Williams) (i1899)


Holmes, Beverly (marriage to Robert Aaron Underwood) (i13730)


Holsombeck, Addie Alice Mae (marriage to Roy Lee Freeman) (i40395)
Holsombeck, Tealie Alberta (marriage to Otis Freeman) (i40454)


Holt, Dianne (marriage to Johnnie Layne Montgomery) (i13763)
Holt, Mr. (marriage to Mable Ann Elizabeth Agee) (i26764)


Homan, Anna Caroline (i13054)
Homan, Drew (marriage to Stephanie Caroline Orear) (i13053)
Homan, Laura Cathryn (i13055)


Homberg, Cheryl Ann (i27724), b.1961-
Homberg, Harold (i27722), b.1933-
Homberg, Kirk Alan (i27725), b.1963-
Homberg, William Hudnell (marriage to Vida Marie Harp) (i15331), b.1905-


Honea, Mary (marriage to James Ezell Prestridge) (i11153)


Honeycutt, Floyd (marriage to Tina Allred) (i13529)


Hood, Augie (marriage to William Andy Holly Underwood) (i14055), b.1892-d.1956
Hood, Ella (marriage to Wister Curtis Conwill) (i11418)
Hood, Harvey (marriage to Sandra Prestridge) (i15500)
Hood, Leigh (i15503)
Hood, Myra (marriage to Bobby Gene Adams) (i13147)
Hood, Paige (i15502)
Hood, Sarah Viola A. (Sis) (marriage to George Washington Underwood) (i13829), b.1900-d.1993
Hood, Tracy (i15501)


Hooper, Carol (marriage to Frank Cedric Carlisle) (i27805)
Hooper, Equilla Malinda Jacqueline (marriage to John A. Prestridge) (i11253), b.1852-d.1934


Hooter, Ollie Ann (marriage to Sylvester (Boss) Prestridge Jr.) (i10401), b.1885-d.1977


Hoover, Ramia (marriage to Jesse Carroll Clodfelter) (i14499)


Hopkins, Candace Rene (i13562)
Hopkins, Charolette (i27612)
Hopkins, Constance Lee (i27565), b.1922-
Hopkins, Cynthia Gayle (i27586), b.1957-
Hopkins, Danielle (i14188)
Hopkins, Darryl Christopher (i27589), b.1963-
Hopkins, Dave (i27557), b.1896-
Hopkins, Douglas James (i27582), b.1940-d.1994
Hopkins, Douglas Nott (i27564), b.1920-
Hopkins, Duwayne Jay (i27588), b.1960-
Hopkins, Elsie Melvine (i27559), b.1907-d.1994
Hopkins, Foy (i27611)
Hopkins, Foy Joseph (i27560), b.1908-
Hopkins, Gwendolyn Elsie (i27585), b.1955-
Hopkins, James Lafayette (marriage to Zora Belle Rogers) (i15611), b.1869-d.1945
Hopkins, Janice Louise (i27592), b.1938-
Hopkins, Jess (i27556), b.APR-
Hopkins, John B. (marriage to Ernestine Moak) (i27000), b.1924-
Hopkins, John Lafayette (i27561), b.1912-d.1947
Hopkins, John Lafayette (i27584), b.1949-d.1977
Hopkins, Leonard (i27558), b.1906-
Hopkins, Milton Theodore (marriage to Juanita Rena Evans) (i13561)
Hopkins, Ollie (i27562), b.1914-d.1915
Hopkins, Rebecca Ann (i14191)
Hopkins, Sylvia Belle (i27583), b.1944-
Hopkins, Woodrow Wison (i27563), b.1917-d.1942


Hoplins, Bettie Marie (marriage to James Andrew Cleveland Kendall) (i1867)


Hopper, Equille Malinda Jacquline. (marriage to John Allen Prestridge) (i10674)


Horn, Corine (marriage to Ezra Durrell Freeman) (i2771)
Horn, Infant (i4511)
Horn, Jeniffer (i28584)
Horn, John Bunyan (i4514), b.1887-d.1907
Horn, Joy (i28585), b.1968-
Horn, Leslie Kay (i28634), b.1982-
Horn, Maggie (i28583)
Horn, Mandy P. (i4512), b.1882-d.1884
Horn, Melinda (i27919)
Horn, Ophelia (i4513), b.1886-d.1886
Horn, Robert Joe (marriage to Joyce Bernice Prestridge) (i27920)
Horn, Robert Kent (i28558), b.1954-
Horn, Robert Kent, Jr. (i28563), b.1976-
Horn, Roy (i28580), b.1968-
Horn, Samuel (marriage to Martha A. Prestridge) (i10860)
Horn, Tammy Renee (i28560), b.1972-
Horn, Wayne (i28582)


Hornbeck, Rodney Katherine (marriage to John Benjamin Corcoran Jr.) (i12380)


Horne, Amanda Nichole (i28567), b.1980-
Horne, Chelsey Pagie (i28565), b.1994-
Horne, Jessica (i28575)
Horne, Makayla Jade (i28566), b.2001-
Horne, Maranda (i28573)
Horne, Mark Daniel (i28571), b.1957-
Horne, Penny Rose (i28576)


Horton, Doris (i40185)
Horton, Harry Perryman (marriage to Doris Goerch) (i40182)
Horton, Harry Perryman, Jr (i40184)
Horton, Hattie Pearl (i40164)
Horton, Rubye Hazel (i40162)
Horton, Ruth Hassel (i40163)
Horton, Sarah Jane Jewelle (i40161)
Horton, Sibyl Cassandra (i40183)
Horton, William Lockett (i40161a)


Horwitz, Donna Ruth (marriage to Harold Homberg) (i27723), b.1933-


Hoskins, Alma Doris (marriage to Ralph Daniel Green) (i1232)
Hoskins, Mima (marriage to Henry Prestridge) (i10364)


Houdeshell, Bryanna Iris (i12913)
Houdeshell, Ryan (marriage to Leslie Ann Cowan) (i12911)


Howard, Allyson Anne (i40755)
Howard, Bethany Aaron (i10923), b.1980-
Howard, Canna Ruth (i10924), b.1983-
Howard, Crystal Grace (i10921), b.1978-
Howard,III James Walker(marriage to Karthryn Ann DeJean) (i40754)
Howard,IV James Walker (i40757)
Howard, Kieth Scott (i10920), b.1966-
Howard, Meredyth Paige (i40756)
Howard, Noah Christopher Kevin (i10922), b.1979-
Howard, Robbie (marriage to Dianne Dalfiume) (i10919)


Howell, Richard James (marriage to Dolores Prestidge)(i40051)
Howell, Tracy (marriage to Steven Howard Keeton) (i12622)
Howell, Wesley Paul (i40053)


Howerton, Zelma (marriage to Berl Truman Rogers) (i28437)


Howlett, Mr. (marriage to Ema Lea Abbott) (i2904)


Hubbard, Miss (marriage to Quentin Roosevelt Carlisle) (i27797)
Hubbard, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Prestridge III) (i12197), b.1726-


Hubble, Alexes Copri (i2035), b.1993-
Hubble, Donald Paul (marriage to Lynda Prestridge) (i9308)
Hubble, Gary Don (i9309), b.1963-
Hubble, Jerri Lynn (i2034), b.1986-
Hubble, Jerry Paul (i9310), b.1966-d.1988
Hubble, Shayla Lee (i2032), b.1985-
Hubble, Timothy Wayne (i9312), b.1969-
Hubble, Timothy Wayne, Jr. (i2036), b.1995-


Huber, Theresia (marriage to Gerald Wayne Sr. Evans) (i13593)


Huckeba, Carvie (i2832)
Huckeba, Frank (marriage to Roxie O. Prestridge) (i2747)
Huckeba, Mavis (i2834)


Hudgens, Doris Elaine (marriage to Travis Edward Carlisle) (i27807)


Hudson, David Brown, Jr. (marriage to Joan Carol Mccutcheon) (i3383), b.1944-
Hudson, Patricia (marriage to Billie Joe Mahanay) (i15122)


Huff, Jimmie (marriage to Loyce Atten "Topsy" Prestridge) (i10968), b.1941-
Huff, Vera Mae (marriage to Bernard Strauss Rowland) (i11817)


Hufman, Missie H. (marriage to John Byron Prestridge) (i11238), b.1871-d.1918


Huges, Robertha (marriage to Ellahue Orear) (i13122)


Hughes, Arrie (marriage to Horace Allen) (i27832)
Hughes, Jason Luke (i12262)
Hughes, Karen Renee (i12263)
Hughes, Kenneth Daniel (marriage to Clara Sue Senter) (i12261)
Hughes, Lee Ann (marriage to Jerry Dewayne Carpenter) (i13188)
Hughes, Lonnie Lee (i13191)
Hughes, Louise (marriage to Junior Duke) (i9574)
Hughes, Pearl (marriage to Ernest Eugene Hodges) (i14373)
Hughes, William R. (marriage to Roxanne Prestridge) (i27161)


Humane, Ronald (marriage to Loraine Pesttit) (i9618)
Humane, Timothy (i9620)
Humane, Todd (i9619)


Hume, Rosie (marriage to Cleon Brister) (i14387)


Humphrey, Derrick (i14114)
Humphrey, Jeff (marriage to Cindy Michelle Underwood) (i14113)
Humphrey, Memory Hope (i14116)
Humphrey, Salena Marie (i14115), b.1987-d.1987


Humphries, Horace (marriage to Betty Sue Prestridge) (i2417)


Hunt, Cathryn (marriage to Harold Wayne Underwood) (i13899)
Hunt, Christine Elaine (marriage to James Floyd Freeman Sr.) (i11888)
Hunt, Roxie (marriage to Ezra Prestridge) (i2550), b.1902-d.1972
Hunt, Thomas (marriage to Margie Lee Daughdril) (i40546)


Hunter, Andrew (i28252)
Hunter, Dr. John F. (marriage to Pealie Hardeman Prestridge) (i3533)
Hunter, Peggy Ofelia (marriage to Dennis Dale Corcoran) (i12502)


Hurdle, Glady (marriage to Ezekiel C. "Fattie" Conwill) (i11471)


Hurt, Bena Elizabeth (marriage to Raiford Earl Prestridge) (i10074), b.1908-d.1993


Hutcherson, Jammie Estell (marriage to John Cecil Prestridge Sr.) (i10588), b.1912-d.1993


Hutcheson, Alfred (Pete) Allen (marriage to Lavelle Underwood) (i14086)
Hutcheson, Augie Maxine (i14088)
Hutcheson, Billie Mae (i14089)
Hutcheson, Lora Marie (i14087)


Hutchinson, Margarette Mae (marriage to James Edwin Walsworth) (i40170)
Hutchinson, Mr. (marriage to Sally Lamb) (i3826)
Hutchinson, Tammy Lynn (i2208), b.1965-
Hutchinson, Terri Ruth (i2213), b.1971-
Hutchinson, Thomas Henry (marriage to Catherine Elaine Prestridge) (i2203), b.1941-
Hutchinson, Tiffany Elaine (i2215), b.1973-
Hutchinson, Tracy Ann (i2211), b.1969-


Hutson, Mildred (marriage to J Brent) (i14342)


Hutton, Rosalie (marriage to Sam Cecil Prestridge) (i12335)


Iles, John Calvin (marriage to Ollie Myrtle Prestridge) (i28555)
Iles, Mary Katherine (marriage to Elbert Carl Prestridge) (i25935)


Ingle, Christopher Lee (i13758)
Ingle, Kelly (marriage to Teri Michelle (Underwood) Montgomery) (i13755)
Ingle, Leandera Nicole (i13759)


Ireland, Mr. (marriage to Shirley Prestridge) (i3049)


Irwin, Phillip Wayne (marriage to Linda Diane Prestridge) (i2998), b.1950-


Isget, Irene (marriage to Winburn Franklin "Frank" Prestriedge) (i5820)


Ivey, Dana Rae (i2963), b.1994-
Ivey, Megan Marie (i2962), b.1991-
Ivey, Mr. (marriage to Terri Lynn Burks) (i2961)


Ivie, Mildred Elaine (marriage to Gary Stanton Adams) (i2100)


Jackson, Charles (i28460)
Jackson, Charlie (marriage to Lucinda "Lulu" Catherine Prestridge) (i28548)
Jackson, Christina Elizabeth (i27193), b.1991-
Jackson, Christopher James (i13991)
Jackson, David Joseph (i27194), b.1992-
Jackson, Floyd (marriage to Elsie Etoile Rogers) (i28459)
Jackson, G. W. "Dub" (i28461)
Jackson, Jack (i28464)
Jackson, James Franklin "Frankie" (marriage to Dorothy Ann Frost) (i3445)
Jackson, James Halbert (Butch) (marriage to Kimberly Lynn Yielding) (i13989)
Jackson, Jerry Ray (marriage to Margaret Elizabeth "Margie" George) (i8563)
Jackson, JoAnn (marriage to Jon Malcolm Parkman) (i40514)
Jackson, John Joseph (i27184), b.1972-
Jackson, Karen (i28463)
Jackson, Larry (i28465)
Jackson, Louise (marriage to Rex Conwill) (i11520)
Jackson, Randy (i28466)
Jackson, Stacey (marriage to William Brian Pitts) (i13169)
Jackson, Virginia (i28462)


Jacobs, Glen (marriage to Vida Mae Prestage) (i13363)


Jamerson, Lillie Bell (marriage to Leonard Curtis "Curt" Prestage Sr.) (i7555), b.1897-d.APR


James, Cammellia Dawn (i14071)
James, Hana Grace (i14075)
James, Hoby Layton (i14074)
James, Ida Ruth (marriage to William "Billy" Prestridge Hallman) (i15280), b.1920-
James, Jesse H., Sr. (marriage to Rhenda Kay "Kay" Prestridge) (i3957)
James, Jimmy Christian (marriage to Augie Daphenia Underwood) (i14066)
James, Marty Christian (i14068)
James, Michael Dewayne (i14069)


Jan (marriage to Edgar Earl Prestage Jr.) (i1949)
Janice (marriage to Quincy Dewey Prestridge) (i2176)


Jantzer, Mary Luise (marriage to Michael Edward Prestridge) (i2425)


January, Linda Faye (marriage to Albert Leroy Miller) (i9125), b.1943-


Jarrett, Paul (marriage to Georgia " Georgie" Elizabeth Agee) (i28706)


Jarvis, Wynonia Garoldine (marriage to Clyde Alton Prestage) (i14576)


Jason, Miss (marriage to Male Thomasson) (i20354)


Jean (marriage to Billy Ray Prestridge) (i11087)
Jeannie (marriage to Charles Alfred Prestridge) (i5315), b.1934-


Jeannie, (i18320)


Jeffers, Shannon M. (marriage to Chris Coy) (i1927)


Jeffress, Park B. (marriage to Elizabeth Prestridge) (i10895)
Jeffress, Dillard Hiram (i39002)
Jeffress, John (i39000)
Jeffress, Lucy (i39006)
Jeffress, Marion (i39001)
Jeffress, Marion (marriage to Cemantha Prestridge) (i3078)
Jeffress, Marion Fulton, Jr. (i39007)
Jeffress, Sarah "Sally" (i39003)
Jeffress, William Parks (i39008)
Jeffress, William Windham (i39004)
Jeffress, Willis (i39005)


Jenkins, ? (marriage to Bernice Greer) (i10458)
Jenkins, Greg (i2329)


Jennings, (marriage to Judith Ann Prestridge) (i40381)


Jeona, Harriett Bonieta (i40143)
Jeona, Harry (marriage to Bonnie Pyle) (i40142)


Jepson, Alice (marriage to Manuel Hodges) (i14288)


Jett, Cynthia M. (marriage to Charles Richard Davis) (i14147)
Jett, Elizabeth (marriage to Netwon Levi Crosby Jr.) (i9945)


Jimmie Sue (i11835)


John, Shawn (marriage to Judy Renee Adams) (i13110)


Johns, Mr. (marriage to Lovella Price) (i2328)
Johns, Sarah Jane (marriage to Larkin Mcdonald Prestridge) (i8942), b.1860-d.1930


Johnson, (marriage to William Curtis Freeman) (i22972)
Johnson, Alene (i11767)
Johnson, Billie Jo (marriage to Jannie Lou Orear) (i13118)
Johnson, Binford (i28365)
Johnson, Earl (marriage to Donna Marie Martin Meadows) (i13652)
Johnson, Earl Edwin "Pee Wee" (marriage to Jean Wright) (i3067), b.1935-d.1999
Johnson, Edward Harold (i22539)
Johnson, Edward Harold (marriage to Elizabeth Irene Bloxom) (i22538), b.1915-d.1985
Johnson, Elizabeth (i28364)
Johnson, Ellis (marriage to Sarah Ovedell Conwill) (i11454)
Johnson, Floyd Larry (marriage to Deanna Rae Burton) (i9166)
Johnson, Frances Mae (marriage to Joshua John "Jepe" Prestridge) (i1216), b.1861-d.1944
Johnson, Frank Pickens (i28362), b.1930-d.1979
Johnson, Frank Pickens (marriage to Tera Steen) (i28361), b.1893-
Johnson, Gertrude (i11769)
Johnson, Gladys (marriage to Troy Virgle Adams) (i13103), b.1913-d.APR
Johnson, Idella Eugenia (marriage to Samuel Jesse Hodges) (i14258)
Johnson, J. C. (i11771)
Johnson, Janie (marriage to Robert A. Prestage) (i1957)
Johnson, Jimmie (marriage to Kermit Allison Conwill) (i11447)
Johnson, John (marriage to Bobby Nell Daughdril) (i40548)
Johnson, John (marriage to Child 5 Freeman) (i22989)
Johnson, Joseph L. (marriage to Allie Freeman) (i11749), b.1879-d.1943
Johnson, Joseph L. (marriage to Polly Freeman) (i11749), b.1879-d.1943
Johnson, Kendal (marriage to Kimberly Prestridge) (i2477)
Johnson, Leitha (marriage to Lesley J. Prestridge) (i1220)
Johnson, Linda Jo (marriage to Danny Nolan Weldon) (i14204)
Johnson, Martha Louica (marriage to John Robert Parkman) (i26116), b.1866-d.1931
Johnson, Michael Allen (i13119)
Johnson, Miriam (i28367)
Johnson, Mirtie A. (marriage to John Arthur Prestage) (i7548), b.1888-d.1907
Johnson, Pauline (i28363)
Johnson, Readean (i11770)
Johnson, Robert (i11772)
Johnson, Ruby (i11750), b.1907-d.1907
Johnson, Ruth Ann (marriage to James Rawdin Adams) (i13138)
Johnson, Valerie Carol (marriage to Robert Nathan Freeman) (i40404)
Johnson, Vester (marriage to Eva Lois Prestage) (i12973)
Johnson, William (marriage to Viola Conwill) (i11415)
Johnson, William M. (marriage to Mary Ann (Polly) Prestage) (i7454), b.1844-d.1897
Johnson, Willie Mae (marriage to Milburn Conwill) (i11407)


Johnston, James (marriage to Jessica Ann Hale) (i4281)
Johnston, Lessie Louise (marriage to Francis Eugene Brumfield) (i27065), b.1927-
Johnston, Roy Laverne (marriage to William Edward Corcoran) (i12357)


Jones, Alan Russel (marriage to Jeanne Lynn Miller) (i28729), b.1959-
Jones, Annie Lynn (i27416)
Jones, Arthur Ray (i27409)
Jones, Audelia (marriage to George Harris Prestridge) (i11199), b.1895-d.1942
Jones, Barbara Mae (i9647)
Jones, Betty Elaine (i27436), b.1961-
Jones, Billy Eugene (i27415)
Jones, Burlely Dewitt (marriage to Willie Lynn Prestage) (i27400), b.1915-d.1995
Jones, Burley Dewitt (i27407), b.1941-d.1963
Jones, Carolyn (i12433), b.1933-d.1983
Jones, Carolyn Annette (i27421), b.1955-
Jones, Charles Barnett, Sr. (marriage to Rena Mae Neilson) (i3989)
Jones, Charles Edward (i27431), b.1958-
Jones, Cindy (marriage to Steve Allen Smith) (i14046)
Jones, Cloris Jerlene (marriage to Clifford Dale Miller) (i9114), b.1937-
Jones, Cody (i40387)
Jones, David Allen (i28731), b.1985-
Jones, Debbie (marriage to Jessie Juluis Jones) (i27427)
Jones, Debra (marriage to Barry Thomas Rusoe) (i13942)
Jones, Edward (marriage to Ora Prestage) (i9646)
Jones, Elizabeth Phoebe (marriage to Hezikiah Prestridge) (i7583), b.1817-d.1910
Jones, Elizabeth R. (marriage to William Crofford Prestridge) (i10713), b.1858-
Jones, Howard Vernon (i9648)
Jones, India (marriage to Thomas Leroy Prestage) (i9032), b.1855-d.1964
Jones, Indiana (marriage to John Watson Steen) (i28345), b.1869-d.1933
Jones, Jacquline Suzann (i28732), b.1990-
Jones, James Atlee (i27417), b.1950-
Jones, Jarol Michael J (i15142)
Jones, Jennifer Janece (marriage to Mack Dewayne Mcanally) (i12658)
Jones, Jennifer Lynn (i28730), b.1983-
Jones, Jessica (i04386)
Jones, Jessie Juluis (i27420), b.1954-
Jones, Jodie Leon (marriage to Monica Lynn Mahanay) (i15141)
Jones, Johnny Glen (i9651)
Jones, Katherine Diane (i27430), b.1957-
Jones, Margaret Bertha (marriage to William Smith Prestridge) (i3107), d.1990
Jones, Marri Dianne (marriage to Brian Keith Prestridge) (i10291)
Jones, Mary E. (marriage to William Crofford Prestridge) (i8936)
Jones, Melvin Lee (i27410)
Jones, Mr. (marriage to Chloe Jeanette Ray) (i12432)
Jones, Nellie Grace (i27419), b.1952-
Jones, Nolan Glen (i27418), b.1952-
Jones, Owen, Jr. (marriage to Kathleen Prestridge) (i2596)
Jones, Sarah Elizabeth (i27433), b.1959-
Jones, Taylor Wade (i15144)
Jones, Timothy (i27414)
Jones, Virginia Ruth (marriage to Benjamin Toledo Prestridge Jr.) (i2198), b.1921-
Jones, William (marriage to Barbara Lee Prestridge) (i40385)
Jones, William Anthony (i9650)
Jones, Williard (marriage to Janette Chambers) (i4385)
Jones, Willie Joyce (i27404), b.1938-d.1984
Jones, Wilma Fay (i27412), b.1946-


Jordan, Clara Bessie (i12297), b.1867-d.1951
Jordan, James H. (marriage to Mary Louise Prestridge) (i11156), b.1840-d.1902
Jordan, Minnie (i15274), b.1878-d.1964


Joyner, Mary Nellie (marriage to Roy Lee Freeman) (i40396)


Juanita (marriage to Earl Reginald Smith) (i1249)


Juanita?, (marriage to Sehoya Jewel Prestridge) (i28518)


Judkins, Sandra Kay (marriage to Carlton Gene Shires) (i27660)


Judy (marriage to Billy Adams) (i15347)
Judy (marriage to Thomas Kent Dr.) (i10395)
Judy Lynn (marriage to Paul Kane) (i9366)


Judy, (marriage to Robert William Prestridge) (i27549)


Julia (marriage to Andrew Jackson Prestridge) (i7592)


Jump, Hulda (marriage to John Monroe "Bud" Prestridge) (i6751), b.1879-d.1907


June (marriage to Wallace Wesley Prestridge) (i10988)


Justice, Jeff (marriage to Rachel Mercer) (i28405)
Justice, William Steven (i28406), b.2003-


Kane, Annie Ella Bethel (i9357), b.1885-d.1889
Kane, Debra Joyce (i9369), b.1953-
Kane, Elijah Thompson (i9358), b.1887-d.1889
Kane, Elizabeth Glendora (i9356), b.1883-d.1911
Kane, Ellen Bernice (i9342), b.1906-
Kane, Elmer (i9348)
Kane, Gus Wesley, Jr. (i9370), b.1954-
Kane, Gus Wesley, Sr. (i9363), b.1918-d.1976
Kane, Hazel Ollie (i9341), b.1903-
Kane, Helen (i9352)
Kane, Herbert Paul (i9346)
Kane, Hugh Herbert (i9338), b.1882-
Kane, Jefferson Bud (i9374), b.1894-
Kane, John Polk (i9344)
Kane, John R. (marriage to Mary Emily Prestridge) (i9330), b.1855-d.1907
Kane, Mary Agnes (i9376), b.1896-
Kane, Nathaniel Ryan (i2046), b.1983-
Kane, Patti Morris (i9359), b.1890-d.1891
Kane, Paul (i9365), b.1952-
Kane, Paul Aaron, Jr. (i2047), b.1988-
Kane, Prestridge (i9354)
Kane, Rebecca Ann (i2045), b.1977-
Kane, Ruth Pearl Emily (i9377), b.1897-
Kane, Susan Maude (i9331), b.1880-d.1940
Kane, Tammy Renee (i2043), b.1971-
Kane, Wade (i9372), b.1956-
Kane, Wesley Gustaus (i9360), b.1892-d.1918


Karla (marriage to Phillip Fitzgerald) (i11045), b.1965-


Kase, Byron Andrew (i14194)
Kase, Laura Marie (i14195)
Kase, Thomas Douglas (marriage to Charissa Dianne Roach) (i14193)


Kaskas, Mimi (i2598)
Kaskas, Safi (marriage to Kathleen Prestridge) (i2595)
Kaskas, Suzanna (i2597)


Kathy (marriage to Eric Kent) (i10397)
Kathy (marriage to Steven Lynn Womack) (i1979)
Katie (marriage to Thomas D. Prestridge) (i10142), b.1889-


Kay, (marriage to Danny Etheridge) (i28240)


Kaylor, Jeff (marriage to Roxie O. Prestridge) (i2835)


Keathley, Archibald (i4172), b.1880-
Keathley, Jeremiah (i4169), b.1873-
Keathley, Jesse Giles (marriage to Elsie Marr Prestridge) (i1963), b.1844-d.1920
Keathley, Obadiah (i4171), b.1877-
Keathley, Sarah Elizabeth (i4168), b.1871-d.1955


Keebler, Altha Mae (marriage to Clarence Frost Prestridge) (i3788), b.1906-d.1990


Keefley, Lona Jesse (i4170), b.1874-


Kees, Amanda Miriah (marriage to Josiah Prestridge) (i9822), b.1839-d.1904
Kees, John W. (marriage to Sarah A. Prestridge) (i9817), b.1828-
Kees, Margaret (i9820), b.1857-
Kees, Milton (i9819), b.1857-
Kees, Sarah (marriage to Elijah Prestridge) (i10112), b.1814-d.1899
Kees, Wiliam (i9818), b.1852-


Keesie, Lexie (marriage to Royce Brewer) (i15100)


Keeton, Andrea Melyn (i12625)
Keeton, Chalmer Howard (marriage to Bessie Bell Corcoran) (i12405)
Keeton, Chalmer Howard, Jr. (i12406)
Keeton, Mattie Louise (i12407)
Keeton, Rodney Blake (i12527)
Keeton, Stephaine Nicole (i12624)
Keeton, Steven Howard (i12526)


Kellam, Victoria Cook (marriage to James Powell) (i22907)


Kelley, Bill (marriage to Anna Belle Prestridge) (i15072)
Kelley, Chaz (i2270)
Kelley, Dewey (marriage to Wendy Prestridge) (i2266)
Kelley, Nancy Louise (i15074)
Kelley, Samuel Lynn (i15073)
Kelley, Scott (i2269)


Kelly, Horce Wendel (marriage to Rose Marie Pope) (i3263)
Kelly, Sarah (marriage to Burley Dewitt Jones) (i27408)


Kelso, Lechell (marriage to David Wayne Funderburk) (i13999)


Kendall, Agatha Louise (i1862), b.1920-
Kendall, Cletice Muriel (i1858), b.1915-d.1998
Kendall, Dorothy Mae (i1860), b.1918-
Kendall, Earnest (marriage to Cletice Ivory Prestridge) (i1853), b.1889-d.1979
Kendall, Elwyn Louise (i1864), b.1922-
Kendall, Florence Maude (i1854), b.1914-d.2001
Kendall, James Andrew Cleveland (i1865), b.1925-
Kendall, Lilian "Lillie" (marriage to William Lee "Willie" West) (i1838)


Kendrick, Maggie (marriage to Jessie Lee Prestridge) (i2373), b.1880-d.1941
Kendrick, T. Pratt (marriage to Esther Blanche Prestridge) (i15178)


Kendricks, D'Ann (i15181)
Kendricks, Debra (i15182)
Kendricks, Jimmie Charles (i15179)


Kenna, Bessie Elsie (i23445), b.1884-d.1967
Kenna, Edgar Douglas (i23450), b.1894-d.1983
Kenna, Fenton Lee (i23447), b.1886-d.1971
Kenna, Henry Watterson (i23446), b.1885-d.1971
Kenna, Hillery Eugene (i23451), b.1899-d.1969
Kenna, James Murray (i23444), b.1883-d.1953
Kenna, John Wilson (i23449), b.1890-d.1975
Kenna, William Balis (marriage to Mildred Sarah Evelyn Wilson) (i23443), b.1849-d.1936
Kenna, William Bernard (i23448), b.1888-d.APR


Kennedy, Carrie (marriage to James Ezell Prestridge) (i11143)
Kennedy, Elizabeth (i40883), b.1872
Kennedy, George (marriage to Lavina Chaddick) (i40881)
Kennedy, Gloria Ann (marriage to David Erval Conwill Dr.) (i11588)
Kennedy Jr., Joseph William (marriage to Martha Ann stewart) (i40593)
Kennedy, Laura Jane (i40884), b.1874
Kennedy, Missouri (i40885), b.1876
Kennedy, Pearl (i40886), b.1878
Kennedy, Sezzie (marriage to Lee Devon Steen) (i20408), d.1920
Kennedy, Wade Allen (i40882), b.1871


Kent, ? (marriage to ? Mcdonald) (i10392)
Kent, Brenna (i2325)
Kent, Eric (i10396)
Kent, Eula Pearl (i2684), b.1907-
Kent, James Rufus (i2680), b.1893-
Kent, Joseph Erastus (i2682), b.1900-
Kent, Kathryn Elizabeth (i2324)
Kent, Nettie Belle (i2683), b.1904-
Kent, Thomas, Dr. (i10394)
Kent, Warren Thomas (marriage to Mary Emma Prestridge) (i12202), b.1871-d.1962
Kent, William Garvie (i2681), b.1897-


Kenyon, Jeremy (marriage to Lyneet Marie Lewis) (i40841)


Kerley, Marcelle (marriage to Robbie Eugene Carlisle) (i27789)


Kervin, C. B. (i27908)
Kervin, Pyeton (i27909)
Kervin, Vivian (i27910)
Kervin, William K. (marriage to Susan E. Prestridge) (i3158)


Kessler, Glenn (marriage to Ruby Mae Mitchell) (i9255)


Kevin (marriage to Christina Marie Troyer) (i12926)


Kidd, Sharon Gale (i4003), b.-
Kidd, Willie (marriage to Alma Mae Allred) (i27127)


Kilcreas, Vassie (marriage to Wyatt Edward Prestridge) (i2401)


Kilgore, David (i2861)
Kilgore, Mr. (marriage to Sarah Prestridge) (i2860)


Killian, Linda Kay (marriage to Gerry Odell Wood) (i27744)


Killingsworth, Annie Louise (i3880), b.1899-d.1933
Killingsworth, Benjamin Franklin (i3319), b.1870-d.1940
Killingsworth, Daughter 1 (i26799)
Killingsworth, Daughter 2 (i26800)
Killingsworth, Ernest C. (i3888)
Killingsworth, Forrest Franklin (i3879), b.1896-d.1970
Killingsworth, Frank (i3934)
Killingsworth, Frank (i26798)
Killingsworth, George Washington (i3315), b.1865-d.1930
Killingsworth, Infant Son (i3895)
Killingsworth, James Arthur (i3317), b.1867-d.1917
Killingsworth, James Arthur (i3886), b.1892-d.1948
Killingsworth, James S. (marriage to Amanda America Prestridge) (i3301), b.1833-d.1874
Kilingsworth, John E. (marriage to Kate Prestridge) (i3521)
Killingsworth, John Henry (i3312), b.1861-d.1915
Killingsworth, Joshua D. (i3314), b.1862-d.1888
Killingsworth, Laman W. (i3898), b.1895-d.1896
Killingsworth, Lula Reid (i3883)
Killingsworth, Mary Jane (i3310), b.1859-d.1932
Killingsworth, Mattie Belle (i3881), b.1904-d.1941
Killingsworth, Merna D. (i3897), b.1888-d.1889
Killingsworth, Ruby Dolphus (i3935)
Killingsworth, Velma Eugenia (i3878), b.1891-d.1972
Killingsworth, Walter Everett (i3882), b.1906-d.1982
Killingsworth, Walter Lee (i3314), b.1873-d.1875
Killingsworth, William Walter (i3949)


Kinard, C. B. (marriage to Anita Verda Ann Neece) (i28712)
Kinard, James Scott (i28717), b.1964-
Kinard, Karl Ray (i28716), b.1963-
Kinard, Ramona Carol (i28715), b.1962-


King, Aubrey Floyd (i28604), b.1915-d.1978
King, Barbara June (marriage to Robert Boyd Ii Allred) (i13505)
King, Bertha Jane (i28605), b.1919-
King, Clovie (marriage to Wyatt Edward Prestridge) (i2399)
King, Dorothy Ann Chadwick (marriage to Carmen Robert Crim Jr.) (i3425), b.1947-
King, Eloise (marriage to Jessie Albert Waddle) (i11498)
King, George (marriage to Mary Alice Wells) (i2585)
King Evans Ozbirn, Glenda Rose (marriage to Perry Lee Evans) (i13597)
King, John David (marriage to Ethel Vester Prestridge) (i27841)
King, Kathaleen (i18841)
King, Marvin Thomas (i28607), b.1928-
King, Missouri Cordelia (marriage to Benjamin Bagley Prestridge Jr.) (i11181), b.1859-d.1946
King, Otis O'Neil (i28606), b.1926-
King, Sheila (marriage to Michael Ted Haynes) (i4330)


Kingsley, Lolly (marriage to Oliver A. Conwill) (i11537)


Kirby, Ida Mae (marriage to Huey Dothard, Jr.) (i40233)


Kirk, Dewey Keibard (Leonard) (marriage to Trelcie Reba "Bill" Prestage) (i12950)
Kirk, Jackie Ray (Jack) (i12987)
Kirk, James Bobby (i12986)


Kirkland, John Alfred (marriage to Diane Romona Green) (i27212)


Kirkpatrick, Alvin (i2013)
Kirkpatrick, Andrew (i2007)
Kirkpatrick, Betty Darrell (marriage to Weldon Ray Prestage) (i14455)
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth (i2006)
Kirkpatrick, Francis (i2005)
Kirkpatrick, Jesse (i2009)
Kirkpatrick, Joel (i2010)
Kirkpatrick, Maudie (i2012)
Kirkpatrick, Robert (marriage to Martha A. Prestridge) (i9273), b.1866-d.1955
Kirkpatrick, William Oscar (i2008)


Kitchen, Dorothy Lynn (i6250e)
Kitchen, Ethel Mae (marriage to Melvin Lee Jones) (i27411)
Kitchen, James David (i6250d)
Kitchen, Reginald Theordore "Ted" (marriage to Elma Marie Allred) (i27126)


Kitchens, Cecil (marriage to Evie Melinda Prestridge) (i28620)
Kitchens, Jewel Aileen (i28621)


Klepac, Rose Marie (marriage to Paul Alva Prestridge) (i2387)


Knight, Dennis Lloyd
Knight, R. L. (marriage to Clara Prestridge) (i15233)
Knight, Robert Wayne (marriage to Annie Ruth Prestridge)
Knight, Russel Prestridge (i15234)
Knight, Sylvia (marriage to Rayburn Lee Corcoran) (i12510)


Knopf, Ed (marriage to Aleen Prestidge) (i27473)


Knox, Charles Edwin (marriage to Marjorie Lafaye Prestridge) (i11070), b.1930-


Koch, Jolene Marie (marriage to Alford Paul Corcoran) (i12491)


Koger, Kathryn "Sissy" (marriage to Paul Senter) (i12254)


Kolb, John Joseph (marriage to Cynthia Gaye Prestidge) (i28385)


Kordsmeier, Richard (marriage to Cynthia Lea Hale) (i4294)


Korfman, Lloyd (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Prestridge) (i28720)


Kosutic, Hailey Nicle (i40860)
Kosutic, Jordan Lee (i40859)
Kosutic, Linsey Marie (i40858)
Kosutic, Robert (marriage to Staci Michele Lewis) (i40857)
Kosutic, Ryan Daniel (i40861)


Kramel, Jennie (marriage to Raymond Ira Prestridge Sr.) (i10313), b.1940-


Kruz, Lavelle (marriage to James Pesttit) (i9607)


Kyle, Alex (i28253)
Kyle, Dyllon James "Dj" (i12122)
Kyle, Jamie Eugenia (marriage to Edward Wilson Underwood) (i13853)
Kyle, William Jay (i12055)
Kyle, William Junior (marriage to Rebecca Ann Smith) (i12054)


Kyra (marriage to Joel Thomas Daniel) (i1526)


Kyzar, Flora Hazel (i14295), b.1895-
Kyzar, James Washington, Jr. (marriage to Catherine Presilla Sarah Elizabeth Hodges) (i14292)
Kyzar, Jesse Francis (i14293), b.1892-
Kyzar, Nancy Ann (marriage to William Jackson Hodges Jr.) (i14277)


L., Jewel (marriage to Henry Haygood Prestridge) (i10534), b.1907-


Lada, Stanley (marriage to Anna Belle Parkman) (i40492)


Laffler, Ben (marriage to Ellen Bernice Kane) (i9343)


Lajaunie, Alma Elizabeth (i3098), b.1986-d.1986
Lajaunie, Heather Rae (i3100), b.1987-
Lajaunie, Michael (marriage to Desiree Lamartia) (i11064), b.1963-


Lamartia, Angelo Joseph (A.j.) (marriage to Donna Jean Wene) (i11062)
Lamartia, Branndi (i11067), b.1973-
Lamartia, Desiree (i11063), b.1966-
Lamartia, Lafaye (i11065), b.1970-


Lamb, Andrew Jackson (marriage to Ina May Prestridge) (i3859)
Lamb, Charlie (i3860)
Lamb, Sally (i3827)


Lamber, Stanley W. (marriage to Ruth Orlean Prestridge) (i10428)


Lambert, Elaine (marriage to Billy Gene Prestridge) (i2856)
Lambert, Elizabeth Inez (marriage to Claude Henry Prestridge Jr.) (i10565), b.1919-


Lancaster, Aaron Lee (marriage to Arica Ann Corcoran) (i12536)
Lancaster, Carlenia Marie (i12538), b.1963-
Lancaster, Cindy (i13747)
Lancaster, David (i13744)
Lancaster, Earnest Aaron (i12537)
Lancaster, Kenneth Aaron (i12643)
Lancaster, Larami Dawn (i18833), b.1996-
Lancaster, Robbie Jean (i13741)
Lancaster, Robert (marriage to Bonnie Jean Davis) (i13739)
Lancaster, Shirley (i13742)
Lancaster, Steve (i13740)
Lancaster, Stormi L. (i12644)
Lancaster, Sue (i13743)


Land, Danny (marriage to Glenda Jene Prestridge) (i13465)


Landers, J.t. (marriage to Bertha Prestridge) (i13483)
Landers, Rachel (i28662)


Landry, Tabitha (marriage to Roland Adams) (i11076)


Lane, Charles L. "Pete" (marriage to Geneva Edna Murray) (i11954), b.1920-d.1996
Lane, James Michael (i12053)
Lane, James Roger "Buddy" (i11957)
Lane, Melissa Lynette "Missy" (i12052)
Lane, Olivia Mae "Sis" (i11955), b.1945-d.1989


Langham, Becky Lucindy (marriage to Adell Underwood) (i13636), b.1914-d.1996


Langston, Mary (marriage to John Nathaniel Prestridge) (i3285), b.1892-d.1970


Lankford, Rena (marriage to John Monroe "Bud" Prestridge) (i7603)


Larkin, John (marriage to Anita Verda Ann Neece) (i28711)
Larkin, Nancy Ann (marriage to John Prestridge Sr.) (i8920)
Larkin, Rebecca Gailene (i28714), b.1960-


Larrabee, Sandy Marie (marriage to Paul Darren Blackburn) (i27603), b.1961-


Larue, Bo (i12059)
Larue, Dewayne Eugene (i12058)
Larue, James Eugene (marriage to Rebecca Ann Smith) (i12057)


Lasley, James Earl (i28635), b.2003-


Latham, Clyde (marriage to Curtis Flora Prestridge) (i40661), b.1906-d.1997
Latham, Flossy (marriage to Wilson C. Prestidge) (i40335)
Latham, John Deary (i40662), b.1931-d.1990


Latiolais, Marie Joselia (marriage to Andrew Jackson O'Pry) (i40700)


Laura Bell (marriage to John Rudolph Smith) (i1243)


Lavercombe, Randall (marriage to Mary Beth Senter) (i15270)


Laverne (marriage to James Prestridge) (i2466)


Law, Florence Joyce (marriage to Donald Dwain Williams) (i1896)
Law, Nancy (marriage to William Prestridge Hallman Jr.) (i15282)


Lawrence, Andrew David (i12884)
Lawrence, David Dodson (marriage to Cynthia Jeanne Black) (i12883)
Lawrence, Lucy Modena (marriage to Jesse Francis Kyzar) (i14294)
Lawrence, Megan Leigh (i12885)
Lawrence, William Scott (i12886)


Lawson, Alice (i26869), b.1884-
Lawson, Charles (marriage to Nancy A. Prestridge) (i26868)
Lawson, Charles M. (i26871), b.1897-
Lawson, Debra Lynn (marriage to Billy Roy Grahma) (i40831)
Lawson, Hattie Lee (i26872), b.1892-
Lawson, William (i26870), b.1889-


Laxworth, Laverne (marriage to Ernest Dea Steen) (i20441), d.1990


Layford, Mathew (marriage to Susann Prestridge) (i2464)


Lea, Mary (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Gordon) (i12129)


Leach, Christy Jalynn (i14107)
Leach, Jason Harold (i14104)
Leach, Madeline Beatrice (marriage to Charles Clifton Prestridge) (i10556), b.1922-
Leach, Marvin Harold (marriage to Billie Mae Hutcheson) (i14102)
Leach, Shelia Marie (i14103)


Leal, Abel (marriage to Rebecca Faith Allred) (i13534)
Leal, Gavin Chase (i13583)


Leary Jr, Robert Dudley (marriage to Henrietta "Sister" West (i40510)


Leatham, Irene (marriage to William Johnny Prestridge) (i40407)


Leblanc, Helen (marriage to Alvie Lee Whittington) (i22955), b.1937-d.1988


Ledbetter, James Eugene (marriage to Shannon Leigh Cranfill) (i40846)


Ledsinger, Barbara Sue (marriage to Lee Ottis Prestage) (i9412), b.1938-


Lee, (marriage to Roger S. Devilbiss) (i27146)
Lee, Burt (marriage to Edith Mae Prestridge) (i13444)
Lee, Charles Eddie (i1519), b.1946-
Lee, Charles Eddie (i1552), b.1966-
Lee, Crystal (i28656)
Lee, Forest (marriage to Pauline Smith) (i1251)
Lee, Lori Ann (i28654), b.1972-
Lee, Rachel Frances (marriage to John William Jerome Rogers) (i20349), b.1885-d.1958
Lee, Richard Allan (i28653), b.1968-
Lee, Robert Edward (marriage to Ruth Bloxom) (i22521)
Lee, Robert Thomas (marriage to Cora Ollie Prestridge) (i10003), b.1896-


Leggett, Dan (marriage to Nancy Jane Green) (i27183)
Leggett, Phillip Reginald "Scoofer" (marriage to Connie Brown) (i27006), b.1948-d.2001


Lela (marriage to Eddie Lee Mitchell) (i9252)
Lela (marriage to Nolad Prestage) (i7526)
Lelia (marriage to William Barney Prestriedge) (i2863)


Lemmoin, Mr. (marriage to Sophia Prestridge) (i1187)


Lemons, Alonzo (marriage to Helen Phelps) (i4192)
Lemons, Barbara Ruth (i4194)
Lemons, Connie Lee (i4193)
Lemons, Ruth (marriage to Arthur Phelps) (i4196)


Lena (marriage to Otis Brown) (i2788)


Lendaenean, Janice Lynn (marriage to Thomas Carl Prestridge) (i10096), b.1951-


Lenoir, Camile (marriage to James Powell) (i22906)
Lenoir, Marcus W. (marriage to Amazon Powell) (i9779)
Lenoir, Walter (marriage to Caroline Palestine Powell) (i9785)


Lentz, Amanda Jane (marriage to Jessie Calvin Conwill Rev.) (i9680)


Leonhardt, Harry V. (marriage to Berta Mae Long) (i14483)


Lerette, Dawn (i40914), b.1985
Lerette, John (marriage to Pamela Denise Flournoy) (i3127)
Lerette, Kristin (i40915), b.1987
Lerette, Trent (i40916), b.1993


Leslie (marriage to David Garland Deaton) (i12575)


Leslie, Stephen Craig (marriage to Lisa Madeline Prestridge) (i2346)


Lessner, Kathryn Annette (i4304)
Lessner, Ronald Dan (i4307)
Lessner, Ronald Dan (marriage to Sherilyn Jane Odom) (i4303)


Lett, Billy (i2561)
Lett, Fred (marriage to Mavis Prestridge) (i2560)


Letta (marriage to Thomas Prestridge) (i1961)


Levy, Monique (marriage to Ronald Dee Sullivan) (i27737), b.1944-


Lewis, Albert Dick (marriage to Bessie Fronia Prestridge) (i3845), b.1892-
Lewis, Danile Charles (marriage to Connie Gayle Lewis) (i40837)
Lewis, Dickie (i3852)
Lewis, Don (i3854)
Lewis, Florence (marriage to William Homer Prestridge) (i2643)
Lewis, Frank (marriage to Venita Scott) (i12218)
Lewis, James Fred (marriage to Micki Gay Shires) (i27662)
Lewis, Lyneet Marie (i40840)
Lewis, Margaret Cleo (marriage to Hiram Jackson Hodges) (i14321)
Lewis, Melani Leigh (i40839)
Lewis, Paul (i3853)
Staci Michele (i40838)
Lewis, Sue Alice (i3855)
Lewis, Virginia "Debbie" (marriage to James Roger "Buddy" Lane) (i12051)


Liberto Billy Ray (i40200)
Liberto, Frank (marriage to Hattie Pearl Horton) (i40176)
Liberto, Jeffrey Scott (i40200)
Liberto, William Ray (i40177)


Lightfoot, Benja Louise (i15249)
Lightfoot, Dora Gail (i15251)
Lightfoot, William Exta (marriage to Lleta Lorraine Prestridge) (i15248), d.1970


Likes, Bruce Leon (marriage to Ceri Hendricks) (i9532)
Likes, Dustin Bruce (i2124), b.1981-
Likes, Heather (i2125), b.1983-
Likes, Jack Elza (i2123), b.1979-
Likes, Lindsay (i2121), b.1976-


Linda (marriage to Glen Prestridge) (i2554)
Linda (marriage to Steve May) (i2263)


Linda, (marriage to Odford Dale Prestridge) (i27633)


Linder, Tracy (marriage to Randall James Prestridge) (i2458)


Lindgren, Johnny (marriage to Sarah Nell Lyle) (i13916)


Lindley, Charles David (i3842), b.1942-
Lindley, Henry Jackson (marriage to Charolette Antha Prestridge) (i3841), d.1977


Lindsey, Brent (marriage to Jerry Buckley Moak) (i27048)
Lindsey, Mary B. (marriage to Milton C. Prestridge) (i9015)
Lindsey, Ona Jo (marriage to Louis O'Delll Prestidge) (i4047)
Lindsey, Sam (marriage to Manda C. Prestage) (i3955)


Lipham, Lena (marriage to James Jefferson Prestridge) (i10816)


Lisa (marriage to David Orear) (i13132)


Little, Andrea Paige (i13143)
Little, James Mathew (i13142)
Little, Randy (marriage to Karen Ann Adams) (i13141)


Lively, David (marriage to Patricia Diane Daniel) (i1564)
Lively, Mark (i1566)
Lively, Virginia (i1565)


Livingston, ? (marriage to Rader Conwill) (i11409)


Lizabeth (marriage to Charles Adams) (i11083)


Lloyd, Britt Lynn (i4350)
Lloyd, David L. (marriage to Phyllis Velene Haynes) (i4348)
Lloyd, Wesley David (i4349)


Lockhart, Joan (marriage to Bobby Neal Corcoran) (i12452)


Locknear, Sharon Kay (marriage to Robert Boyd Iii Allred) (i13530)


Lofton, Marcus (marriage to Gena Margarette Crosby) (i9939)


Logan, Blue (marriage to Gwendolyn Sue Wright) (i9450)
Logan, Chad (i2086)
Logan, Clark (i2085)
Logan, Jessie Richard (marriage to Esther Prestridge) (i10412), b.1888-d.1952
Logan, Richard (i10413)


Lola (marriage to William Joseph Seale Jr.) (i3932)


Long, Berta Mae (i14476)
Long, Betty Lou (marriage to Marvin Billy Black) (i12809)
Long, Edna Lara (i14495)
Long, Sandra Joyce (marriage to John Regan Brown) (i10309), b.1954-
Long, Stella Jewell (i14484)
Long, William Elam (marriage to Marie Evalina Prestage) (i14475)


Loptin, Cheryl (marriage to Michael Curtis Pitts) (i13164)


Loretta M. (marriage to Creed L. Prestridge) (i10434), b.1914-


Lott, Wesley N. (marriage to Barbara Marshall) (i10986), b.1968-


Lotts, Blair Adair (i12089)


Louisa (marriage to Hiram Prestridge) (i9026)
Louise (marriage to Melvin H. Phelps) (i4191)


Love, Randy (marriage to Sandra Irene Prestridge) (i3039)


Lovett, Gladys (marriage to John Russell Prestridge) (i26807)
Lovett, Laura Gayle (i40277)
Lovett, Leslie Ann (i40276)
Lovett, Lindsay Marie (i40278)
Lovett, Louis Wayne (marriage to Lisa Darlene Mccarver) (i3274), b.1954-


Lowe, Patricia Ann (marriage to James Horice Prestridge) (i13460), b.1959-


Lowery, ? (marriage to Hazel Conwill) (i11347)
Lowery, Burnie (marriage to Gracie Lena Bailey) (i3890), b.APR-d.1956
Lowery, David (marriage to Renaie Vicki Weldon) (i14217)
Lowery, Elizabeth Julia Jane (i3893)
Lowery, Flossie Jane (i3894)
Lowery, Thomas Reid (i3892)
Lowery, Zimmer Rae (i3891)


Loxterman, Marie Ann (marriage to David Neil Mccutcheon) (i3385), b.1955-


Loy, Kari Ann (marriage to Ronald Dan Lessner) (i4308)


Lucas, Nettie M. (marriage to Benjamin F. Prestridge) (i3307), b.1861-
Lucas, Rodney Scott (marriage to Janice Sue Wynne) (i14199)


Lucinda (marriage to Orlen Prestridge) (i10158), b.1850-


Luck, Dock (marriage to Lillie May Nash) (i10486)


Lueb, Fred J. (marriage to Marie Evalina Prestage) (i14496)
Lueb, John Hnery (marriage to Rosie (Rosa) Lee Prestage) (i14548), d.1957
Lueb, Marie Eyelyn (i14552)
Lueb, Thelma Faye (i14549), b.1920-


Luiz, Marjorie (marraige to Billy Joe Pyle Sr.) (i40144)


Lula (marriage to Lee Andrew Prestage) (i7563), b.1875-


Lupi, Michael Wayne (marriage to Shelby Jean Thomas) (i13010)
Lupi, Michelle Leigh (i13011)
Lupi, Shelia An (i13014)


Lusk, L. J. (marriage to Laura J. Smart) (i9806)
Lusk, Mary (i22913)
Lusk, William E. (i22912)


Luther, Ann Callier (marriage to Mark Stephen Mahanay) (i15149)


Lydia C. (marriage to William L. Prestridge) (i2341), b.1890-d.1971


Lyle, Ashley Nicole (i13919)
Lyle, Charline (marriage to Ellis Lee Underwood) (i13880)
Lyle, Hollyjo Dynell (i13920)
Lyle, James Loyd (marriage to Wynell Underwood) (i13907)
Lyle, James Loyd, Jr (i13910), b.1967-d.1967
Lyle, James Rickey (i13909)
Lyle, James Rickey Jr. (i13918)
Lyle, Sarah Nell (i13908)


Lynch, Bonnie Jean (i14539)
Lynch, Dartha Gayle (i14538)
Lynch, Henry A. (marriage to Bonnie Bell Prestage) (i14537)
Lynch, Rosalynn (marriage to William Joel Wade) (i12891)


Lynn, G. J. (marriage to Mavis Conwill) (i11555)
Lynn, Susan (i11556)


Lyon, Donald (marriage to Linda Inez Smith) (i12086)

Mac Franks

Mac Franks, Casey (i14011)
Mac Franks, Gary (i14007)


Macintosh, Elva (marriage to Russell Barger) (i15258)


Mack, Carmen Jean (marriage to Melvin Wade Cowan) (i12897)


Mackey, Odessa (marriage to Mack Russler Prestridge) (i3843), d.1925
Mackey, Owen Howard (marriage to Alma Gay Reece) (i9543)


Maddox, Carolyn (marriage to Patrick Joseph Murphy) (i20424)
Maddox, Fannie Mae (marriage to Charles Richard Sullenger) (i4231)
Maddox, Jack (marriage to Dorothy Prestridge) (i15093)
Maddox, Jack, Jr. (i15095)
Maddox, Sammie (i15094)
Maddox, Vanessa (i15096)


Madelyn (marriage to Walter Davis Prestridge) (i15079)


Magee, Joseph E. (marriage to Belle Prestridge) (i10153)
Magee, Mae (marriage to Lonnie Calvin Bloxom) (i22532)


Mahaffey, Andrew Steven (i12715)
Mahaffey, Brittany Adair (i12714)
Mahaffey, Johnathan Allen (i12711)
Mahaffey, Marlena Kay (i12713)
Mahaffey, Steven Allen (marriage to Cynthia Kay Coker) (i12710)
Mahaffey, Vergie May (marriage to Jay Guild Prestridge) (i27137), b.1897-d.2000


Mahan, Ruth (marriage to Albert Emmerson Prestridge Sr.) (i9842), b.1925-


Mahanay, Benjamin Leander "Lee" (marriage to Naomi "Oma" Prestridge) (i12241), b.1892-d.1965
Mahanay, Billie Joe (i15116)
Mahanay, Calvin Oswald (i15115)
Mahanay, Carter (i15125)
Mahanay, Centhia Gay (i15127)
Mahanay, Charlotte (i15159)
Mahanay, Cris (i15123)
Mahanay, Curtis (i15124)
Mahanay, Donald Ray (i15166)
Mahanay, Dylan Thomas (i15150)
Mahanay, Eddie Vernon (i15117)
Mahanay, Emmett Lee, Jr. (i15158)
Mahanay, Emmitt Lee (i12242), b.1920-d.1965
Mahanay, Garrett Terrell (i15151)
Mahanay, J. C. (i15113), b.1915-
Mahanay, James Clarence (i15162)
Mahanay, Lynn (i15163)
Mahanay, March Ann (i15145)
Mahanay, Mark Stephen (i15137)
Mahanay, Meganne (i15119)
Mahanay, Melinda Luann (i15138)
Mahanay, Michael Eugene (i15136)
Mahanay, Michelle (i15120)
Mahanay, Misty Leann (i15148)
Mahanay, Monica Lynn (i15140)
Mahanay, Nancy (i15157)
Mahanay, Randall (i15164)
Mahanay, Sandra Dee (i15128)
Mahanay, Suzanne (i15160)
Mahanay, Temple Eugene (i12243), b.1911-d.1990
Mahanay, Virgil Eugene (i15114)
Mahanay, Willie Paul (i15112)


Malcom, Shannon Dawn (marriage to David Allen Prestridge) (i15486)


Maldonado, John (marriage to Centhia Gay Mahanay) (i15133)
Maldonado, Tara (i15134)


Malone, Andrew Russell (i13978)
Malone, Anthony Tra (i13974)
Malone, Calvin (i15514)
Malone, Calvin (i40780)
Malone, Christopher David Howk (i13977)
Malone, Edda Mae (i15515)
Malone, Etta Mae (i40781)
Malone, Haley Denice (i13975)
Malone, Jeffery Thomas (i13972)
Malone, Joe Russell (marriage to Geneva Ann Rusoe) (i13969)
Malone, Lee Brandon, III (marriage to Tammie Shireen Baugh) (i2887)
Malone, Margaret Fay (i15516)
Malone, Margaret Faye (i40782)
Malone, Michelle Denice (i13970)
Malone, Mr. (marriage to Jennie (Ida Mae?) Prestridge) (i15513)
Malone, Nelda (marriage to Milton Alvie (Al) Prestage) (i9435)
Malone, Timothy Russell (i13971)


Mandie E. (marriage to Henry Lee Prestriedge) (i10647), b.1879-d.1898


Mankin, Charles Levon (i4154), b.1935-
Mankin, John Frederick (marriage to Lexie Lois Rogers) (i220), b.1905-
Mankin, Lola Lois (i221), b.1931-


Mann, Mr. (marriage to Emma Prestridge) (i2851)


Manning, Annie (i28216)
Manning, Henry (marriage to Anna Maxine Spradlin) (i28213)
Manning, James Henry (i28214)
Manning, Marilyn (i28215)


Manuel, Beatrice (i40694)
Manuel, Frances Marie (i40693)
Manuel, Leonard (marriage to Agnes Marie Thibodeaux) (i40692)
Manuel, Preston (i40693)


Maples, McCamel (marriage to Elizabeth Prestridge) (i1958)
Maples, Sara Jane (i1959)


Marcene (marriage to John Prestridge) (i7450), b.1853-
Margaurite (marriage to Lewis Brendon Prestridge Sr.) (i2526)
Maria (marriage to Henry Lee Prestridge) (i7600), b.1916-d.1997
Marie (marriage to Jerry Prestridge) (i2473)
Marilyn (marriage to Jeff Rushing) (i3768)


Marlan, Kathy Lynn (marriage to Lannie Scott) (i14173)


Mar, Adrian Beasain (marriage to Melani Leigh Lewis) (i40862)
Mar, Brandi Taylor (i40863)


Mars, Mary Laverne (marriage to Johnnie Layne Montgomery) (i13764)


Marsalis, Amanda M. (marriage to James Evander Denman) (i9747)
Marsalis, Ancerville (i22882), b.1834-
Marsalis, Caroline Matilda (i22880), b.1833-
Marsalis, Elijah (i22885), b.1845-
Marsalis, Erasmis (i22886), b.1848-
Marsalis, J. Denman (i22884)
Marsalis, Martha (marriage to William Hewitt Chaddick) (i40864)
Marsalis, Martha Ann (i22881), b.1833-
Marsalis, Mary (i22883), b.1836-
Marsalis, Sarah (marriage to John Prestridge Gordon) (i9002), b.1805-d.1890
Marsalis, William Peter (marriage to Lucy Elizabeth Denman) (i9759), b.1809-d.1877


Marsha (marriage to Larry Wayne Prestage) (i9433)


Marshall, Barbara (i10985), b.1968-
Marshall, James (marriage to Beverly Ann Silk) (i40078)
Marshall, Johnnie Duane (i10984), b.1961-
Marshall, Johnnnie (marriage to Elizabeth Ann "Lizzy" Prestridge) (i10978)
Marshall, Kay Karen (i40079)
Marshall, Ladonna (marriage to Bobby Conwill) (i11567)
Marshall, Lisa (i10979), b.1959-
Marshall, Miss (marriage to Male Thomasson) (i20362)
Marshall, Peggy Jo (i40079)
Marshall, Sarah Louisa Josphine (marriage to Henry A. Prestridge) (i9280), b.1876-d.1940
Marshall, Shawn (i12562)
Marshall, Tom, Dr. (marriage to Carol Lou Hicks) (i12561)


Martha Elizabeth (marriage to William (Willie) Langford Prestridge) (i2339)

Martin Meadows

Martin Meadows, Donna Marie (i13526)


Martin, "Ellen" Ellender Kathryn (i13649)
Martin, Alan (marriage to Sharon Prestridge) (i2529)
Martin, Allie (marriage to Charles Adams) (i23523)
Martin, Andrew Davis Iii (i13525)
Martin, Andrew Davis Iv (i13559)
Martin, Andrew Davis Jr. (marriage to Beverly Barnes Martin) (i13519)
Martin, Aubry (i9479)
Martin, Bob (marriage to Eunice Bell Harp) (i15326)
Martin, Boyd Lee (i15327)
Martin, Cathryn (marriage to Randall Harvey Black) (i12887)
Martin, Charity Evaline (marriage to George Washington Conwill) (i9712)
Martin, Chester (marriage to Annie Duke Prestage) (i9477)
Martin, Dacre (i9480)
Martin, Dagen Lee (i13560)
Martin, Daniel Edward (i13527)
Martin, Dokey Earl (i9478)
Martin, Douglas Eugene (i13520)
Martin, Dulcie (marriage to Joseph Asbury (Ozzie) Prestage) (i9484), b.1889-
Martin, Eliza Laura (marriage to Joseph Warren Powell) (i9787)
Martin, Elizabeth Jane (marriage to Donald Howard Hale) (i4279)
Martin, Evie (marriage to Hugh Conwill Rev) (i11528)
Martin, Hali Brooke (i2220), b.1990-
Martin, Hannah Catherine (i2224), b.1992-
Martin, Jennifer Denise (i13586)
Martin, Jack (marriage to Inez Parkman) (i40516)
Martin, Jimmy Ray (marriage to Carolyn Lee Underwood) (i14076)
Martin, John Douglas (i13543)
Martin, Jon Alan (marriage to Tracy Ann Hutchinson) (i2212), b.1965-
Martin, Kevin Ray (i14080)
Martin, Kristie Nicole (i13585)
Martin, Melissa Carolyn (i14077)
Martin, Minnie Lee (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Prestage) (i9407), b.1891-d.1986
Martin, Tinker (marriage to Beverly Barnes) (i13584)


Martinez, Ed (marriage to Alma Sue "Suzy" Hickerson) (i28527)


Mary (marriage to Charles E. Prestridge) (i3485)
Mary (marriage to Larry Prestridge) (i10337)
Mary E. (marriage to Sylvester Prestridge Sr.) (i10261), b.1857-
Mary Ellen (marriage to Hugh Faye Prestridge) (i2575)
Mary L. (marriage to William Alonzo Prestage) (i7527)


Mashae, Leanna (i28251)


Mask, Connie Waine (i40095)
Mask, Fred (marriage to Estella Prestage) (i14524)
Mask, Rex Douglas (i40096)


Mason, Charles Randall "Randy" (marriage to Barbie Falyn Rollins) (i12111)


Massey, Amanda (i11626), b.1815-
Massey, Dury (marriage to Rebecca Gordon) (i8991), b.1787-


Mastin, Eleanor (marriage to Thomas Prestridge Sr.) (i12196), d.1748
Mastin, Marie (marriage to William Joseph Seale) (i3928)


Mathew, Lisa (marriage to Robert Prestridge) (i2506)


Matthews, Bernard Eugene (i27114), b.1925-
Matthews, Doris Anita (i27115), b.1927-
Matthews, Evelyn Whelene (i27116), b.1929-
Matthews, Tannie (marriage to Gladys Brown) (i27113)


Mattie (marriage to James B. Prestage) (i9041), b.1896-


Mattingly, Regina (marriage to Bart Scott) (i14155)


Mattox, Ron (marriage to Glenda Troyer) (i12805)


Maude (marriage to William J. Prestage) (i9029), b.1864-


Mauldin, Charles Lee (i14490)
Mauldin, Hubert (marriage to Iva Belle Watson) (i14487)
Mauldin, Richard Allen (i14488)


Maxcy, Amy (marriage to Kevin Ray Martin) (i14082)


Maxey, G.w. (marriage to Lou Ann Norris) (i4400)


Maxine (marriage to James Beaty Prestridge) (i9146)


Maxwell, (marriage to Hattie Etta Steen) (i20444)
Maxwell, Benson H. (marriage to Elizabeth Lucindy Prestridge) (i25858)
Maxwell, Benson H. (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Prestridge) (i3528)
Maxwell, Eddie (marriage to Glenna Eudora Conwill) (i11462)
Maxwell, Elizabeth D. (i28370), b.1888-
Maxwell, Euseba J. (marriage to Benjamin Bagley Prestridge Sr.) (i11226), b.1826-d.1918
Maxwell, Iva (i20445), b.1908-d.1983
Maxwell, Mrs. N. J. (marriage to Benjamin Bagley Prestridge Jr.) (i11179)
Maxwell, Muriel Sullivan (marriage to Thomas Leroy Crosby) (i9941)
Maxwell, Napoleon Hubbard (marriage to Emily C. Steen) (i28369), b.1861-d.1888


May, Barbara Lynne (marriage to Chalmer Howard Keeton Jr.) (i12525)
May, Charlotte Sue (marriage to John Dwayne Norris) (i4394)
May, Fred (marriage to Lucy Prestridge) (i10516)
May, Ido Samuel "Ned" (marriage to Sarah Martha Prestridge) (i9998), b.1899-d.1954
May, James A. (i2255)
May, James Leslie (marriage to Jessie Marie Daughdril) (i40534)
May, James Nelson (marriage to Bertha Jane Murphy) (i20431)
May, Jessie Frank (marriage to Ina Naomie Prestridge) (i10000), b.1897-d.1967
May, Linda (i2264)
May, Louise (i2257)
May, Margie (marriage to David Ray Prestridge) (i7623)
May, Patricia Diane (i20432), b.1951-
May, Rosemary (i20433), b.1957-
May, Steve (i2262)


Maybank, Cody (i12035)
Maybank, Dale (marriage to Deborah Guidry) (i12032)
Maybank, Sean Philip (i12033)


Maynard, Jonnie Demaire (marriage to Robert Michael "Mike" Prestridge) (i10092), b.1953-


Mayo, Allie Gander (marriage to Samuel Norman Prestridge) (i11261), b.1884-d.1944


Mazeralla, Freddie (marriage to Willie "Billie" Prestridge) (i3447)


McAdams, Carey (i12431)
McAdams, Doris (i12429)
McAdams, Ludeen (i12428)
McAdams, Margaret Elizabeth (Nee Calahan) (marriage to James Thomas Jefferson Prestage) (i9389), b.1848-d.1917
McAdams, Sue (i12430)
McAdams, William W. (marriage to Mattie Lorena Clark) (i12427)


McAlister, Gayla Sue (i40135)
McAlister, Glenn Lesley (i40136)
McAlister, Henry Lesley (marriage to Essie Merle Garner) (i40133)
McAlister, Jerry Lynn (i40134)
McAlister, Thera (marriage to L. B. "Bill" Rogers) (i28468)


McAllister, Catherine (marriage to Walter Wade Williams) (i742)


McAnally, Alex Logan (i12659)
McAnally, Harold Eugene (marriage to Paula Diane Stone) (i12588)
McAnally, Jacob Aaron (i12660), b.1995-d.1995
McAnally, Mack Dewayne (i12589)
McAnally, Micheal (i12591)


McBrayer, Alexandra (i13182)
McBrayer, Don (marriage to Carla Kay Timms) (i13181)


McBride, Audrey Lytia (i19043), b.1901-d.1989
McBride, Beulah Lee (i19045), b.1909-
McBride, Euvohn (i28615)
McBride, Iliah Vivan (i19046), b.1914-
McBride, Jalisco Mexico (i19044), b.1904-d.1987
McBride, James (marriage to Josephine Prestridge) (i7311)
McBride, James Franklin (i7312), b.1877-d.1962
McBride, Joseph Paul (i28613)
McBride, Martha Jo (i28614)
McBride, Olive Sybil (i19047), b.1919-


McCann, Amy Nicole (marriage to Mark Hamilton Herrington) (i2253), b.1978-


McCardie, Carmen (marriage to Quincy Dewey Prestridge) (i9903)


McCarver, Cole Michael (i40281)
McCarver, Joshua Aaron (i40279)
McCarver, Lisa Darlene (i3273), b.1959-
McCarver, Lynn Earl (marriage to Clata Mae Pope) (i3267), b.1936-
McCarver, Michael Kevin (i3277), b.1967-
McCarver, Ty Matthew (i40280)


McClain, ? (marriage to Joyce Prestridge) (i40128)
McClain, Baron (i40129)
McClain, Newton Edwin (marriage to Bessie May West) (i1851)
McClain, Tommy (i40130)


McClellan, Eleanor (marriage to Andrew Mercer) (i28404)


McClelland, Clyde (marriage to Florence Maude Kendall) (i1856)
McClelland, Janet (i26107)


McClinton, Eva (marriage to George Henry Washington Prestridge) (i3346), b.1857-


McClure, Alice Lucille (marriage to Claude "Cloud" Adolphus Prestridge) (i7291), b.1905-d.1996
McClure, Carrie Gladys (marriage to Luther Lloyd Prestridge) (i7289), b.1907-d.1990
McClure, Mary (marriage to Jasper Newton Prestridge) (i7301)


McCollum, Peggy Jo (marriage to Earl Jennings Prestage) (i40080)


McCord, Catherine (marriage to James Garfield Prestridge) (i2708)


McCormick, Betty Jean (marriage to Earl Prestridge) (i3029)
McCormick, Pat (marriage to Ola Phelps) (i4208)
McCormick, William W. (marriage to Flora Hazel Kyzar) (i14296)


McCoy, Arey Ethal (i11392)
McCoy, Berneec (i11389)
McCoy, Chester A. (i11393)
McCoy, Dora Etta (i11385)
McCoy, Eugene (marriage to Dora Freeman) (i23039)
McCoy, Jesse Oliver (i11394)
McCoy, John A. Martain (marriage to Lucy E. Conwill) (i9699)
McCoy, John Dexter (i11386)
McCoy, Lilliam (i11388)
McCoy, Ora May (i11387)
McCoy, Robert Quidtan (i11391)
McCoy, William C. (i11384)


McCraw, Sarah F. (marriage to John Elizah "Dr." Prestridge) (i3299)


McCrummins, Len (marriage to William F. Prestridge) (i10839)


McCullough, Albert (marriage to Ruth Orlean Prestridge) (i10424)
McCullough, Buddy (marriage to Gerladine Moak) (i27052)
McCullough, Phillip Wayne (marriage to Tammy Renee Corcoran) (i12617)
McCullough, Tera Renee (i12619)


McCune, Bradley James (marriage to Deborah Lynne Seale) (i3922)
McCune, Carley Renee (i3923)
McCune, Kyle James (i3924)


McCutcheon, David Neil (i3384), b.1951-
McCutcheon, Joan Carol (i3382), b.1945-
McCutcheon, Mark Whitmal (i3386), b.1955-
McCutcheon, Thomas Williamson (marriage to Harriette Louise Prestridge) (i3381), b.1923-


McDaniel, Betty Ann (marriage to John Howard Prestridge Jr.) (i10087)
McDaniel, Daughter A (i28542)
McDaniel, Daughter B (i28543)
McDaniel, Kenneth (marriage to Ida Lou Smallwood) (i28508)
McDaniel, Rebeca (Becky) (marriage to Larry Wade Smith) (i13959)
McDaniel, Sean (i28538)
McDaniel, Son A (i28540)
McDaniel, Son A. (i28544)
McDaniel, Son B (i28541)
McDaniel, Son B. (i28545)
McDaniel, Wesley (i28539)


McDaniels, Peggy (marriage to Marty Craig Senter) (i13173)
McDaniels, Peggy (marriage to Marty Craig Senter) (i13173)


McDonald, ? (i10391)
McDOnald, Brittany Jill (i4369)
McDOnald, Charles Hugh (marriage to Betty Sue Prestridge) (i2959), b.1938-
McDonald, David (marriage to Gretchen Haynes) (i4366)
McDonald, Dura (i28625)
McDonald, J. D. (marriage to Bessie Mae Prestridge) (i28624), b.1903-d.1940
McDonald, Sonia Clarlene (i2965)
McDonald, Tobylynn Herman (i4367)
McDonald, Vanessa Gretchen (i4368)
McDonald, William H. (marriage to Narciss Prestridge) (i10390)


McDowell, Gladys (marriage to John Alva Prestridge) (i8966), d.2000


McElroy, Rosa Mae (marriage to William Edward Adams) (i18845)


McFadden, Bobby (marriage to Annie Rea Steele) (i11938)
McFadden, Robert (i11939)
McFadden, Sandra (i11940)


McFaul, Vickie (marriage to Nathan Thad Haynes) (i4335)


McGaon, Vida (marriage to George Anderson Nash) (i10490)


McGee, Cynthia Kay (marriage to Gerald Wilson Wallace) (i12007)


McGhee, Lillian Loretta (marriage to Claude Henry Prestridge) (i10554), b.1894-d.1941
McGhee, Lisa (marriage to Larry Wayne Barfield Jr.) (i2070)


McGiboney, Helen Louise (marriage to Carmen Robert "Dick Or C.r." Crim) (i3406), b.1914-d.1997


McGinnis, Freddy (i15494)
McGinnis, Jerry (i15493)
McGinnis, Mr. (marriage to Marie Prestridge) (i15490)
McGinnis, Patsy (i15492)
McGinnis, Tommy (i15491)


McGowan, Rhonda (i40005)
McGowan, Rita (i40006)
McGowan, Sidney (marriage to Sharon Gale Kidd) (i40004)


McGraw, Glen C. (marriage to Reba Louise Robbertson) (i22552)
McGraw, Ollis Evelyn (marriage to Raymond Ray Freeman) (i11900)


McGuire, Lonnie (marriage to Rhonda Renee Banks) (i14184)
McGuire, Nathaniel Scott (i14185)


McGullion, Alan (marriage to Teresa Diane Starkey) (i1586)
McGullion, Amanda Lee (i1587)


McIntyre, Lillian A. (marriage to Commodore Freeman) (i23008)


McKay, Leona B. (marriage to Marcus James Conwill) (i9723)


McKee, Ida Bell (marriage to William Andrew Conwill) (i11465)


McKenizie, Carolyn (i11927)
McKenizie, J. Y. (marriage to Linnie Grace Steele) (i11926)
McKenizie, James William (i11929)
McKenizie, O. C. (i11928)


McKenney, Gilbert James (marriage to Vescie Brown) (i27099), b.1920-
McKenney, Patrick M. (i27100), b.1947-
McKenney, Philip Roger (i27101), b.1958-


McKinney, Brenda (marriage to Larry Clifton Underwood) (i14110)
McKinney, Effie Izora (i9519), b.1911-
McKinney, Elmer Ray (i9516), b.1897-
McKinney, Emma Ethel (i9518), b.1908-
McKinney, Florence (marriage to Henry Joel Conwill) (i11516)
McKinney, James Doyle (i9517), b.1905-
McKinney, Sims (James Edward) (marriage to Nancy Leora Prestage) (i9514), b.1837-d.1928


McKithern, Dale (marriage to Sylvester Prestridge) (i10367), b.1915-d.1941


McLelland, Helon (marriage to Zachariah P. Prestridge) (i2169)


McLeroy, Josephine (marriage to Edgar Lloyd Prestridge) (i15192)


McManemin, Clifford (marriage to Ella Mae Price) (i10407)


McMillan, Amy (marriage to Hewitt Gordon) (i20332)


McMillen, James Edward (i13874)
McMillen, James Emmet Jr. (marriage to Jamie Paulette Underwood) (i13873)
McMillen, Melissa Paulette (i13875)


McNeely, Bragg (marriage to Sarah "Dink" Gordon) (i20325)


McNiece, Charles W. (i11367)
McNiece, Emma (i11370)
McNiece, Ethel (i11369)
McNiece, Garlina (i11371)
McNiece, Lena (i11372)
McNiece, Louis (marriage to Mary Melissa Parilee Conwill) (i9695)
McNiece, Louis (marriage to Mary Melissa Parilee Conwill) (i9695)


McPeak, Carol Juanita (marriage to Jessie Glenn Brewer) (i15107)


McPherson, Emma Edith (marriage to John Benjamin Corcoran) (i12385)


McQuade, Jennifer (i28208)
McQuade, Joey (i28209)
McQuade, Thomas (marriage to Deanna Spradlin) (i28207)


McQuire, Robert (marriage to Sheila Diane Swan) (i13778)


McWilliams, Britney Kay (i2054), b.1990-
McWilliams, Phillip Newton (marriage to Karen Sue Prestage) (i2053), b.1961-


Meadows, ? (marriage to Donna Marie Martin Meadows) (i13651)
Meadows, Georgia Ann (marriage to Burel Thomas Rogers) (i27162), b.1884-d.1976
Meadows, Wanda (marriage to Chalmer Howard Keeton Jr.) (i12522)


Meeks, Rosa (marriage to Earl Clarence Rogers) (i28444)


Meikle, Wanda (marriage to George William Dunn) (i9556)


Melot, Barbara Ann (i40129)
Melot, Curtis Dee (i40122)
Melot, Donald Joe (i40120)
Melot, Donald Lee (i40125)
Melot, Elber Dee (marriage to Regnald Garner) (i40117)
Melot, Floyd Thomas (i40119)
Melot, Jerry D. (i40126)
Melot, Jesse Lee (i40118)
Melot, Jesse Lee Jr. (i40124)
Melot, Jimmy Raye (i40127)
Melot, Lois Virginia (i40121)


Melton, Charles Curtis (marriage to Sandra Jean Carlisle) (i27810)
Melton, Charles Nicholas Fitzhugh (i27811)
Melton, Hiram (i11884)
Melton, James N. (marriage to Hortence Elvena Freeman) (i11880)
Melton, James Ray (i11883)
Melton, Judith Ane (i27813)
Melton, Katherine Elaine Rose (i27812)
Melton, Lucy A. (marriage to Martin Armund Prestridge) (i11264), b.1825-
Melton, Marshall (i11885)
Melton, Mattie (marriage to Tyson Wilkenson Freeman) (i22966)
Melton, Patricia "Patsy" (i11882)
Melton, Robert (i11881)


Menasco, Marshall Marie (marriage to Roxie Awanda Prestriedge) (i5830)


Mercer, Andrew (i13369), b.1978-
Mercer, Brent Ira (i28419)
Mercer, Buddy Roy (i28411), b.1943-
Mercer, Harry Haynes (marriage to Vida Mae Prestage) (i13364), b.1918-d.1997
Mercer, Jimmy (i13368), b.1951-
Mercer, Rachel (i13370), b.1980-
Mercer, Steven (i13366), b.1947-d.2000


Merek, Connor Brent (i15131)
Merek, Kathy Dyan (i15130)
Merek, Terry (marriage to Sandra Dee Mahanay) (i15129)


Merriman, Mary Don (marriage to Doyle Weaver Prestridge) (i2895), b.1945-


Merritt, Maude Catherine (marriage to John Fenley Prestridge) (i11137), b.1879-d.1963


Messer, Edith (i2716), b.1913-
Messer, Jody Worth (marriage to Melendie Vastie Prestridge) (i12205)
Messer, Mildred (i2717), b.1918-
Messer, Olin "Bud" (i40245)
Messer, Ruby (i40244)
Messer, Thomas Milford (i40243), b.1922-d.1994


Metcalf, Latisha (marriage to Jason Brian Corcoran) (i12600)


Michell, Laura (marriage to Mitchell Wyatt Prestridge) (i2421)


Michels, Joyce Marle (marriage to Jerry Clarke Prestridge) (i28531), b.1936-


Micherone, Cynthia (marriage to Carl Vincent Cowan) (i12909)


Midyett, Jack Mitchell (marriage to Grace Margaret Robertson) (i22551), b.1901-d.1952


Mieglitz, Jeanette Louise (marriage to Jasper Larkin Miller) (i9116), b.1935-


Milam, Jud (marriage to Patsy Prestridge) (i2602)


Milan, Katherine (i9467)
Milan, Otha Z. (marriage to Odell Prestage) (i9466), b.1914-d.1982


Miller, Albert Leroy (i9124), b.1942-
Miller, Albert Roland (marriage to Ola Lois Prestridge) (i9112), b.1907-d.1972
Miller, Ashley Renee (i12725)
Miller, Audrey Nicole (i12726)
Miller, Bamma Hester "Bernice" (i27448), d.1934
Miller, Bell (marriage to William Leon Prestridge) (i10012), b.1906-d.1985
Miller, Betty June (i9126), b.1944-
Miller, Brian Keith (i28683), b.1964-
Miller, Burton (i27442)
Miller, Carrie Dalene (i28665), b.1957-
Miller, Clifford Dale (i9113), b.1931-
Miller, D. M. (marriage to Susan Rosalee Prestage) (i7460)
Miller, Daniel William (marriage to Revie Ordena (Dean) Prestage) (i7463), b.1853-d.1922
Miller, Danny Leroy (i28684), b.1967-
Miller, Elizabeth (i3201)
Miller, Ethyl Elvira (i27450), b.1902-d.1982
Miller, Francis Ann (marriage to Curtis Roddy) (i15261)
Miller, Isaac (marriage to Elizabeth Prestridge) (i3178), b.1788-d.1844
Miller, J. E. (marriage to Lou Reva Bell Prestage) (i4157)
Miller, James Houston (i27444), b.AUG-
Miller, James Raleigh (i3202), b.1829-d.1895
Miller, Jane (i3193), b.1809-d.1838
Miller, Jasper Larkin (i9115), b.1933-
Miller, Jeanne Lynn (i28668), b.1960-
Miller, Joshua (i3199), b.1821-d.1880
Miller, Juanita Marie (i9122), b.1939-
Miller, Kathleen Ann (i28669), b.1961-
Miller, Kevin Dale (i28666), b.1960-
Miller, Lily B. (i27445), b.1893-
Miller, Lucinda (i3196), b.1813-d.1838
Miller, Maggie Myrtle (i27282), b.1886-d.1959
Miller, Majorie Jean (i9120), b.1936-
Miller, Margaret (i3194), b.1811-d.1837
Miller, Margaret Joan (i9118), b.1935-
Miller, Mary Ann (i3203), b.1831-d.1859
Miller, Mary Katherin (marriage to Vernon Ray Underwood) (i14021)
Miller, Matilda Jane (marriage to John Milton Prestridge) (i8945), b.1849-d.1894
Miller, Mily (i3198), b.1820-d.1878
Miller, Moses (marriage to Mary Gordon) (i8993)
Miller, Napoleon (i27443), b.1884-
Miller, Permelia (i3197), b.1815-
Miller, Phyllis Rae (i9129), b.1948-
Miller, Robert B. (marriage to Tamara Lynn Henderson) (i12722)
Miller, Robert Keith (i28667), b.1962-
Miller, Samuel Greenbury (i3200), b.1823-d.1883
Miller, Yvonne Rebecca (i28670), b.1965-


Millican, Blythe Marie (i12028)
Millican, Shelby Nicole (i12029)
Millican, Thomas Joseph (marriage to Kimberle Jean Freeman) (i12027)


Milligan, Johnnye Joy (marriage to Louis Clifton Williams) (i1887)


Mills, Marijohn (marriage to Michael Don Motheral) (i27692)
Mills, Victoria C. (marriage to William Ashmund Prestridge) (i11164)


Milwee, Maudie (marriage to Horace Allen) (i27830)


Mink, Scott Allen (marriage to Michelle Leigh Lupi) (i13013)


Minton, Renne Lynn (i40359)
Minton, Richard Hanser (marriage to Sandra Kay Prestidge) (i40358)
Minton, Traci Leigh (i40360)


Miriam (marriage to William Albert Prestridge) (i2392)


Misner, Vivian (marriage to Netwon Levi Crosby Jr.) (i9947)


Missy (marriage to Calvin Malone) (i15517)


Mitchel, Velma (marriage to Howard Glen Prestage) (i14527)


Mitchell, Audrey Maude (marriage to George Thomas Prestridge) (i9193), b.1927-
Mitchell, Bradford (marriage to Nancy Williams) (i26890)
Mitchell, Clara Mae (i9258), b.1902-d.1940
Mitchell, David Irwin (i9248), b.1889-d.1932
Mitchell, Dessa Mae (i9263), b.1927-
Mitchell, Earl Thomas (i9260), b.1904-d.1985
Mitchell, Eddie Lee (i9251), b.1891-d.1974
Mitchell, Gary Reid (i3953)
Mitchell, Glenda (marriage to Billy Wayne Prestridge) (i2813)
Mitchell, Irvin (marriage to Myrtle Oma L. Rogers) (i27240)
Mitchell, James A. (i9253), b.1897-d.1900
Mitchell, Knox (marriage to Lula Reid Killingsworth) (i3950)
Mitchell, Lena (marriage to Amos Emmerson Prestridge) (i2674)
Mitchell, Lula Jane (marriage to Joshua Elmer Prestridge) (i3342), d.1974
Mitchell, Margaret (marriage to Paul Mimms Hodges) (i14310)
Mitchell, Mary Frances "Mamie" (marriage to Henry Madison Prestridge) (i10700)
Mitchell, Ruby Mae (i9254), b.1898-d.1977
Mitchell, William Bradford (marriage to Nancy Ann Williams) (i9247), b.1866-d.1950
Mitchell, William Kent (i3952), b.APR-d.1991
Mitchell, Willie Myrtle (i9256), b.1900-d.1977


Mittie Lee B. (marriage to Willie A. Prestage) (i7482), b.1901-d.1983


Mixon, Mary (marriage to James Powell) (i22908)
Mixon, Minnie (marriage to Benjamin Toledo Prestridge Sr.) (i1189), b.1892-d.1964
Mixon, Oleva (marriage to William F. Prestridge) (i10843)


Mizelle, (marriage to Clifton Dewey Freeman) (i23024)


Moak, Asa (marriage to Julia Prestridge) (i10530)
Moak, Becky (i27082)
Moak, Ben (i27080)
Moak, Bobby Joe (i27049)
Moak, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Lee Crosby) (i9936)
Moak, Ernest (i10188), b.1901-
Moak, Ernestine (i26999)
Moak, Ethel (i27058)
Moak, Eva (i27057)
Moak, Frank (i10189), b.1902-d.1976
Moak, Franklin (marriage to Beverly Brumfield) (i27071)
Moak, George Henry (marriage to Arie Hazletine Albritton) (i20302), b.1879-d.1928
Moak, George Lamar (i20303), b.1904-d.1971
Moak, Gerladine (i27050)
Moak, Gordon (i20307), b.1914-d.1988
Moak, Henrietta (i27046), b.1926-
Moak, Ida Jean (marriage to Ralph Dewitt Prestridge) (i10218), b.1932-
Moak, Jackie (i27081)
Moak, Jacob Samuel "Sampson" (marriage to Bertha Albritton) (i27056)
Moak, Jerry (i27079)
Moak, Jerry Buckley (i27047), b.1928-d.2002
Moak, Jill (i27073)
Moak, John Benjamin (i20306), b.1911-
Moak, Julian (i27003), b.1929-
Moak, Justin (i27072)
Moak, Katherine Belinda (marriage to William Ellzey Prestridge) (i9990), b.1871-d.1944
Moak, Lois (i10185), b.1903-d.1993
Moak, Lorena (marriage to Frank Moak) (i27001), b.1906-
Moak, Martha Olivia (marriage to John Emmanuel Hodges) (i14297)
Moak, Mazie (i27002), b.1927-d.2001
Moak, Nolan (i20305), b.1906-d.1985
Moak, Oliver (marriage to Clottee Brent) (i14338)
Moak, Patricia (i27051)
Moak, Stanley Livingston (i20304), b.1902-d.1981
Moak, Thomas Jefferson (marriage to Kate Ruth Prestridge) (i10200), b.1914-
Moak, Walter Hugh "Jack" (marriage to Pauline Albritton) (i27078)
Moak, Wila (i27059)
Moak, William Henry (marriage to Dora Anna Prestridge) (i10184), b.1872-d.1928


Molbert, Ashley May (i20436), b.1983-
Molbert, Chet Nelson (i20435), b.1981-
Molbert, Steve Joseph (marriage to Rosemary May) (i20434)


Monica (marriage to Marty Craig Senter) (i13175)
Monica (marriage to Timothy Lewis Prestridge) (i2882)
Monico (marriage to Jimmy Prestridge) (i2480)


Monfree, Willlie Mae (marriage to Huey Lloyd [Dothard] Chastain) (i40290)


Montgomery, Amanda H. (i11675), b.1859-
Montgomery, Anna "Annie" (i11685), b.APR-
Montgomery, Annie (i11743), b.1910-
Montgomery, April Denise (i13765)
Montgomery, Asa (i11738), b.1892-
Montgomery, Bobbie Wells (marriage to Donnie Neal Underwood Sr.) (i13698)
Montgomery, Bootsie (i11736)
Montgomery, Brent Jesse (i11688)
Montgomery, Casey Beth (i13762)
Montgomery, Charles Layne (i13767)
Montgomery, Christina Jane (i13766)
Montgomery, Claude (marriage to Ester Dell Prestridge) (i3828)
Montgomery, Delia (i11741), b.APR-
Montgomery, Effie (i11687), b.1882-d.1958
Montgomery, Elena Genevra "Eline" (i11681), b.1872-d.1892
Montgomery, Elmer Joseph (i13754)
Montgomery, Ernie (marriage to Eleanor Prestage) (i199)
Montgomery, Estelle (i11744), b.1912-
Montgomery, Ezechial David "Zeke" (i11694), b.1860-d.1946
Montgomery, Houston F. (i11680), b.1867-d.1955
Montgomery, Ivie Nora "Ivy" (i11686), b.1879-d.1964
Montgomery, James "Jim" (i11696)
Montgomery, James A. (i200)
Montgomery, Jesse (i11676), b.1861-d.1936
Montgomery, Jesse (i11740), b.1896-
Montgomery, Jesse (marriage to Mary Anne "Polly" Bowlin) (i11691)
Montgomery, Jim Don (marriage to Melinda Luann Mahanay) (i15152)
Montgomery, Johnnie Layne (i13751)
Montgomery, Julia (i11683), b.1877-
Montgomery, Kaylee (i204)
Montgomery, Larry P. (i12969)
Montgomery, Levina Lunissa (i11692), b.1856-d.1856
Montgomery, Lonnie Wayne (i13750)
Montgomery, Lonzo (marriage to Maxine Underwood) (i13749)
Montgomery, Lotta (i11739), b.1895-
Montgomery, Lucie (i11747), b.1912-
Montgomery, Mae (i11709)
Montgomery, Margaret Jane "Maggie Jane" (i11682), b.1874-d.1944
Montgomery, Matthew Kane (i15153)
Montgomery, Mike (i201)
Montgomery, Mitchell Kole (i15155)
Montgomery, Mitzi (i205)
Montgomery, Olivia (i11677), b.1864-d.1954
Montgomery, Perty (marriage to Erna Prestage) (i12966)
Montgomery, Sarah "Sug" (i11678), b.1868-
Montgomery, Savina (i11674), b.1855-
Montgomery, Shannon Wayne (i13753)
Montgomery, Shirley (i12970)
Montgomery, Suzy (i11684), b.1879-
Montgomery, Teri Michelle (Underwood) (i13752)
Montgomery, Thomas "Tom" (i11695), b.1863-d.1905
Montgomery, Valerie (marriage to Larry B. Pesttit) (i9629)
Montgomery, Victoria Ann (i11693), b.1860-
Montgomery, William (i11673), b.1850-
Montgomery, William Linsey (marriage to Maranda Ellen Bowlin) (i11672)
Montgomery, Willie (i11742), b.1904-


Monzingo, Barbara A. (marriage to William Hardy Prestridge) (i3109)


Moody, Sara (marriage to James Elmer Prestridge) (i3451), b.1929-
Moody, William J. (marriage to Grace Ann Prestridge) (i3536)


Moore, Addie (i40309)
Moore, Addie Colenia (i40315)
Moore, Annie Margaret (marriage to Doyle Carlisle) (i27826)
Moore, Benjamin Ira (marriage to Willie Aubrey Rogers) (i27239), b.1916-d.1976
Moore, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to William Denman) (i9739), b.1811-d.1860
Moore, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to William Denman) (i9739), b.1811-d.1860
Moore, Ethel (i40305)
Moore, Georgiana Washington (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Killingsworth) (i3321), b.1871-d.1949
Moore, Gregg Lee (i12296)
Moore, Harvey Taft (i40307)
Moore, Henry Mayfield (i40306), b.
Moore, Henry N. (i28232), b.1989-
Moore, J. J. (marriage to Sarah Jane Prestridge) (i3282)
Moore, Jerry L. (marriage to Linda Roddy) (i12294)
Moore, Joe (marriage to Ruth Prestridge) (i28400), b.1866-d.1937
Moore, John (marriage to Jeanine Prestridge) (i2471)
Moore, John (marriage to Nancy Prestridge) (i3191)
Moore, Kate (marriage to Wiley Prestridge) (i10464), b.1840-
Moore, Laura (i12295)
Moore, Lorene (marriage to James Orville Conwill) (i11456)
Moore, Martha Eugenia (marriage to James Arthur Killingsworth) (i3318), b.1867-d.1902
Moore, Martha Mae (i40316)
Moore, Minnie (i40304)
Moore, Ollie (i40303)
Moore, Opal Virginia (i40313), b.1930
Moore, Phillip Kyle (i28231), b.1980-
Moore, Robert Franklin (marriage to Laura Eugenia Prestridge) (i40302)
Moore, Rose (i40308)
Moore, Roxie (marriage to Clovis Belem Prestage) (i7545), b.1898-d.1976
Moore, Sarah (marriage to Andrew Jackson Prestridge) (i2631)
Moore, Sarrah Elizabeth (marriage to George Taylor Prestridge) (i8520), b.1870-d.1942
Moore, Scott Allen (marriage to Debra Ann Webster) (i28230)
Moore, William Turner (marriage to Bettie Delores Prestridge) (i9158)
Moore, Woodrow Jackson (i40314)

Mora Russell

Mora Russell, Adelina (marriage to Buddy Calvin Evans) (i13491)


Morgan, Frank (marriage to Helen Ozella Brewer) (i2929)
Morgan, Jerry Ray (i2930), b.1959-
Morgan, Kimberly (marriage to Raines Candler Hayes) (i12914)
Morgan, Larry Wayne (i2932), b.1961-
Morgan, Sarah F. (marriage to William H. Prestridge) (i10740), b.1846-
Morgan, Sue (marriage to Hoyse Conwill) (i11565)


Morris, Carrie (i13076)
Morris, Helen (marriage to Shelby Leon Prestridge) (i10014)
Morris, James Duran (marriage to Tammie Lynn Clark) (i12916)
Morris, Jennifer (i13074)
Morris, Jerry (marriage to Barbara Lee Parham) (i13073)
Morris, Jessica Catina (i13075)
Morris, Michael Lynn (marriage to Stacy Leigh Underwood) (i13697)
Morris, Stacie Diane (i12919)


Moses, Betty Jane (i2587)
Moses, George (marriage to Vernice Prestridge) (i2569)


Motheral, Billy John (i27694), b.1928-
Motheral, Chanon Drew (i27702), b.1969-
Motheral, Debra Gayle (i27696), b.1961-
Motheral, Donald Ray (i27688), b.1925-
Motheral, Imogene Ralph (i27655), b.1918-
Motheral, Jessie Wilma (i27663), b.1920-
Motheral, Lawrence Edwin (i27698), b.1930-
Motheral, Michael Don (i27691), b.1953-
Motheral, Mildred Wynelle (i27684), b.1922-
Motheral, Pamela Ann (i27690), b.1952-
Motheral, Ralph Killian (i27699), b.1938-
Motheral, Ralph Killian (marriage to Agnes Mae Vernon) (i27654), b.1894-d.1984
Motheral, Scott Alan (i27697), b.1964-
Motheral, Sheila Dean (i27701), b.1964-


Mouret, Elizbeth Ann (i40749) Mouret, Kathryn Camille (i40751) Mouret, Nicholas DeJean (i40750) Mouret,Jr. Scott Christopher (i40748) Mouret,Sr. Scott Christopher (marriage to Lauren Elizabeth DeJean) (i40747)


Moutray, Melinda (marriage to Gregory Blake Flournoy) (i3125)


Mulkey, (marriage to Bessie Freeman) (i23028)


Mullenax, Jim (marriage to Sarah Prestridge) (i3822)


Mullenux, Alta Lee (marriage to James H. Prestidge) (i14302), b.1898-d.1960


Mulvey, Caitlin (i1569)
Mulvey, Gerald Patrick (marriage to Cynthia Suzanne Daniel) (i1568)
Mulvey, Ryan Patrick (i1570)


Mundell, Evelyn (marriage to Joesph Monroe Dunn) (i9553)


Murfin, Dalton Cole (i1605), b.1994-
Murfin, Darbie (i1606), b.1997-
Murfin, Dustin (i1534)
Murfin, Michael James Land (i1546), b.1971-
Murfin, Roger Michael (marriage to Glenda Jene Prestridge) (i13466)


Murphy, Bertha Jane (i20413), b.1933-
Murphy, Cynthia Kay (i20425), b.1957-
Murphy, Jack Mathew (marriage to Christina Roberta Steen) (i20412), b.1899-d.1941
Murphy, Margie Nell (i20415), b.1938-
Murphy, Melody Gayle (i20427), b.1963-
Murphy, Patrick Joseph (i20414), b.1935-
Murphy, Rebecca Lynn (i20426), b.1960-
Murphy, Sandra Lane (marriage to Ronnie Eugene Swan) (i13776)
Murphy, Tammy (marriage to Micky Lane Underwood) (i14040)


Murray, Carl (i11838), b.1926-d.1926
Murray, Clayton (i11839), b.1930-d.1933
Murray, Cleveland "Cleve" Glover (marriage to Fannie Mae Freeman) (i11836), b.1905-d.1995
Murray, Francis Eloise (i11840)
Murray, Geneva Edna (i11837)
Murray, Margaret Marie (i11841)
Murray, Peyton (marriage to Martha Prestridge) (i9962)


Murry, Amanda (i40356)
Murry, Roger (marriage to Andrea Prestidge Gudath) (i40355)
Murry, Rayn (i40357)


Myers, Layne David (marriage to Child 5 Barnes) (i12582)
Myers, Leslie "Lou" (marriage to Robert Paul Prestridge) (i12555)
Myers, Nathaniel Ray (i12583)


Myrtle (marriage to Arthur Carl Brown) (i2913), b.1919-d.1978
Myrtle (marriage to Rawls Lural Prestridge) (i10426)
Myrtle (marriage to William Jefferson Prestridge) (i8955)
N. J. (marriage to John Milton Prestridge) (i10684)


Nalley, Betty (marriage to Emmitt Lee Mahanay) (i15156)


Nancy (marriage to John B. Prestridge) (i3351), b.1872-
Nancy M. (marriage to James M. Prestridge) (i10732), b.1817-d.1893


Nancy, (marriage to Steven Spradlin) (i28210)


Napier, Green I. (marriage to Mattie U. Ballew) (i40576)
Napier, Margarite (i40577)


Nash, Addie (i10491), b.1889-d.1939
Nash, Billly Payton (i10498), b.1896-d.1981
Nash, Ernest Hubert (i10496), b.1894-d.1976
Nash, George Anderson (i10489), b.1885-d.1959
Nash, Henry Abner (i10494), b.1891-d.1966
Nash, James (Jim) Franklin (i10483), b.1878-d.1936
Nash, John William (i10480), b.1875-d.1953
Nash, Lillie May (i10485), b.1880-
Nash, Mary Belle (Molly) (i10487), b.1883-d.1966
Nash, William Payton (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Prestridge) (i10479), b.1851-d.1939


Nathan, Cheyenna Marie (i27191), b.1996-
Nathan, Justin Daniel (i27190), b.1993-
Nathan, Valerie (marriage to Revis "Bo" Irvin Beach) (i27189)


Neal, Carol Beth (marriage to Eddie Vernon Mahanay) (i15118)
Neal, Marcus E. (i22546)
Neal, Marcus E. (marriage to Altha Anna Bloxom) (i22545)
Neal, Mary Jane (marriage to Joseph Jackson Prestridge) (i11273), b.1832-
Neal, Mary Mamie (marriage to Chester Russell Vernon) (i27650)
Neal, Saffronia F. (marriage to Simeon H. Prestridge) (i10240)
Neal, Thomas (marriage to Mary "Mollie" Prestridge) (i2192)


Neece, Anita Verda Ann (i9230), b.1942-
Neece, Aubrey Doyle (i9232), b.1946-
Neece, Aubrey Doyle (marriage to Anita Pauline Prestridge) (i8549), b.1918-d.1994
Neece, John Coleman (i9233), b.1948-
Neece, Linda Jane (i9231), b.1944-
Neece, Paul (i9234)


Needs, Charlsie Maxine (i27527)
Needs, Martha Jane (i27530)
Needs, Mary Ellen (i27528)
Needs, Max (marriage to Eunice Etoil Prestridge) (i27526)
Needs, William Gene "Stubby" (i27529)


Neel, Oliver Wendell (marriage to Hazel Maurine Robertson) (i22553), b.1898-d.1952


Neilson, Charles A. (marriage to Mary Hattie Robinson) (i3983), b.1854-
Neilson, James Curtis (i3987), b.1899-
Neilson, Rena Mae (i3988), b.1901-d.1980


Nelda (marriage to Billy Adams) (i11019)
Nelda (marriage to Roger Taylor) (i11019)
Nellie (marriage to David Irwin Mitchell) (i9249)


Nelson, Frank Harden (marriage to Mary Lois Prestridge) (i2404)
Nelson, Margaret (Peggy) (marriage to William Henry Conwill) (i9684)


Neman, Ina Marie (marriage to James Morris Prestridge Sr.) (i10046), b.1917-


Nerren, Vernie (marriage to Alton Theodore Carlisle) (i27798)


Nethero, John Scott (i14431)
Nethero, John Warner (marriage to Margaret Ann Sasser) (i14426)
Nethero, Sandra Ann (i14429)


Nettles, Earnest Jewell (marriage to Eva Clara Brown) (i27104)
Nettles, Janice Fays (i27105), b.1946-d.1947


Neva (marriage to Scott Marc Corcoran) (i12615)


New, Johnnie Lee Jr. (marriage to Kim Regina Weldon) (i14211)


Newman, Alice (marriage to Aaron Virge Prestidge) (i27467), b.1900-d.1966
Newman, Infant (i11826)
Newman, Joseph Terry, Sr. (marriage to Allie Sophie Rowland) (i11824), b.1894-d.APR
Newman, Marty Lee (marriage to Deanne Marie Corcoran) (i12496)
Newman, Mildred (marriage to Louie Doak Prestage) (i9429), b.1918-
Newman, Sophie Ann (i11825)


Newsom, Hazel Berniece (marriage to Jesse Lee Prestage) (i40123)


Newton, (marriage to Child 2 Freeman) (i22977)


Nichols, Brandy (i14037)
Nichols, Brittney Ann (i14038)
Nichols, Glen (marriage to Wanda Jane Underwood) (i14036)
Nichols, John Lafayette (marriage to Wesley Ann Prestridge) (i9380), b.1848-d.1903
Nichols, Joshua (marriage to Julie Ann Scott) (i2231)
Nichols, Milton (i9383), b.1886-d.1918
Nichols, Miranda E. (i9381), b.1884-
Nichols, Sally Ann (marriage to Wallace Vaughn Williams) (i1885)


Nilchols, Emily Pearl (i9384), b.1888-d.1969
Nilchols, Eula Anne (i9385), b.1890-
Nilchols, Rowland Virgil (i9386), b.1893-d.1955
Nilchols, William R. (i9387), b.1896-d.1961


Nix, Nancy Josephine (marriage to James D. Steen) (i3226), b.1852-d.1932
Nix, Pearl (marriage to Robert Taskell Prestridge) (i2495)


Nixon, Janet Lanier (marriage to Fred Julian Freeman, Sr.) (i40400)


Noah, Miss (marriage to Robert Prestridge) (i2507)


Noland, Mr. (marriage to Rebecca Gordon) (i11658)


Noles, Enos C. (marriage to Vannie M. Freeman) (i2774), b.1905-d.1987
Noles, Lillar (marriage to Ezra Durrell Freeman) (i2770)
Noles, Mary (marriage to James Roy Prestridge) (i2843)


Nordstrom, Amy Jo (i2015), b.1971-
Nordstrom, Kenneth Edward (i2017), b.1974-
Nordstrom, Robert Edward (marriage to Marcia Ann Sherman) (i9293), b.1936-


Norkyke, Wanda (marriage to Floyd Leroy Prestridge) (i7608)


Norman, Aaron (marriage to Margaret Prestridge) (i3184), b.1798-d.1874
Norman, Margie Louise (marriage to Norwood Prestridge) (i10101), b.1919-d.1990
Norman, Moses (marriage to Michy Prestridge) (i3186)
Norman, Susan S. (marriage to Benton Rucker Prestridge) (i11228), b.1821-
Norman, Vera Dell (marriage to Billups Gayle Prestridge) (i11116), b.1891-


Norrell, Mary Katherine (marriage to Carmen Robert Crim Jr.) (i3424)


Norris, Avon (marriage to Rose Lee Parham) (i13086), d.1953
Norris, Billy Ray (i13088)
Norris, John Avon (i13087)
Norris, John Bunion (marriage to Clara Leota Hale) (i4391)
Norris, John Dwayne (i4392)
Norris, Julia (marriage to Milford J. Prestridge) (i2562)
Norris, Lou Ann (i4398)
Norris, Sean Dwayne (i4396), b.1969-d.1990
Norris, Versa Mae (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Freeman) (i23026)
Norris, Willie Andrew (marriage to Annie Paul Prestridge) (i2406)


Norsworthy, (marriage to Lura Irene Prestridge) (i23380)


Northcutt, Dwight Odell (i40132)
Northcutt, Odell (marriage to Lois Melot) (i40131)


Norton, Donald (i2839)
Norton, Lizzie (marriage to Willie Hodges) (i14266)
Norton, Martin (marriage to Kathryn Prestridge) (i2838)
Norton, Patricia (i2841)
Norton, Sara (i2840)


Norwood, Dana Michelle (i14020)
Norwood, Deborah Ann (i14019)
Norwood, Tracy Bernard Jr. (marriage to Judith Ann Underwood) (i14018)
Norwood, Vera Molly (marriage to Ralph Marshall Prestridge) (i10584)


Noto, Cynthia (i40320), b.1946
Noto, Philip Jr. (marriage to Opal Virginia Moore)
Noto, Phyllis Jean (i40321), b.1948


Nunally, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Prestridge) (i7578), b.1818-
Nunally, Rebecca (marriage to Josiah Samuel Prestridge) (i7581)


Nunn, Baby Girl (i9857), b.1914-d.1914
Nunn, Lacy C. (marriage to Mary Prestridge) (i9833), b.1878-d.1966


O'Bryan, Jacqueline Rozelle (marriage to John Dwayne Norris) (i4393)


O'Dell, Jordan Timothy (i27757), b.1990-
O'Dell, Patrick Timothy Wayne (marriage to Wendy Denise Harp) (i27755), b.1968-
O'Dell, Samantha Starr (i27758), b.1992-
O'Dell, Shannon Elizabeth (i27756), b.1988-


O'Hara, Carolyn (marriage to Jimmy Mercer) (i13371), b.1952-


O'Neal, Kathy (marriage to Curtis Roddy) (i15260)
O'Neal, Victoria P. (i22888), b.1849-
O'Neal, Washington S. (marriage to Caroline Matilda Marsalis) (i22887)


O'Pry, Abner (i40698)
O'Pry, Andrew Jackson (i3074)
O'Pry, Andrew Jackson (i40716), b. 1899
O'Pry, Andrew Wesley (i40706)
O'Pry, Anna Loula (i40709)
O'Pry, Anna Loula (i40713), b. 1892
O'Pry, Bernadette (i40718)
O'Pry, Eddy (i40681)
O'Pry, Elea Marie (i40683)
O'Pry, Ella Marie (i40682)
O'Pry, Henry L. or Huey (i40699)
O'Pry, Ida (i40708)
O'Pry, Joseph (marriage to Carolyne Prestridge) (i3073)
O'Pry, Louis (i40684)
O'Pry, Louisa (i40679)
O'Pry, Louisiana (i40714), b. 1896
O'Pry, Lucie (i40680)
O'Pry, Maria (i40707)
O'Pry, Marie Bulah (i40710)
O'Pry, Marie Cecilia (i40705)
O'Pry, Marie Cora (i40703)
O'Pry, Marie Dora (i40719)
O'Pry, Marie Ernestine (i40720)
O'Pry, Marie Ida (i40715), b. 1898
O'Pry, Melissa (i40697)
O'Pry, Nathom (i40704)
O'Pry, Thomas (i40677)
O'Pry, Thomas Jackson (i40702)
O'Pry, William Franklin (i40701)


Oakes, Issac C. (marriage to Sarah E. Prestridge) (i10737)


Odom, David Arlis (i4313)
Odom, David Kyle (i4316)
Odom, Evangeline Joyce (i4311)
Odom, Kristina Dawn (i4315)
Odom, Robert (marriage to Geraldine Dean Haynes) (i4301)
Odom, Robert Kent (i4309)
Odom, Ruth Lyles (marriage to Harold Warville Hodges) (i14319)
Odom, Samuel William (i4319)
Odom, Sarah Elizabeth (i4318)
Odom, Sharon Rose (i4312)
Odom, Sherilyn Jane (i4302)


Offutt, Theodore James (marriage to Janet Ruth Burton) (i9168)


Ogden, Christopher Kyle (i12637)
Ogden, Joe Keith (i12530)
Ogden, Joe Keith (marriage to Mattie Louise Keeton) (i12529)
Ogden, Landry Keith (i12632)
Ogden, Leigh Ann (i12630)
Ogden, Leslie Joe (i12631)
Ogden, Luke Wesley (i12633)
Ogden, Paul Craig (i12531)
Ogden, Ruth Ann (i12532)
Ogden, Tanner Scott (i12638)


Oldham, Kinzie (marriage to Sheila Dean Motheral) (i27703)


Oliver, Brittany Brianne (i15242)
Oliver, Dustie Danae (i15241)
Oliver, Garrett Garth (i15244)
Oliver, John "Garth" (i15239)
Oliver, John (marriage to Frances Lorraine Boteler) (i15238), b.1930-
Oliver, Walter Thomas (i15245)


Olivier, Florien (marriage to Marie Bulah O'Pry (i40711)


Olson, Maureen (marriage to Wayne David Smith) (i12064)


Onedera, Geroldine Rae (marriage to Donald Lynn Black) (i12831)


Orcutt, William (marriage to Helen Kane) (i9353)


Orear, Dalia Dathel (i13042)
Orear, David (i13131)
Orear, David, Jr. (i13133)
Orear, Debbie C. (i13124)
Orear, Ellahue (i13120)
Orear, Jannie Lou (i13117)
Orear, Larry Jo (i13050), b.1943-d.1992
Orear, Laura (i13129)
Orear, Lisa (i13130)
Orear, Stephanie Caroline (i13052)
Orear, Thermom Elvie (marriage to Willie Odis Bertha Bernice Adams) (i13041), b.1912-
Orear, Truman Verlon (marriage to Ruthie Beatrice Adams) (i13116)


Orillion, Deborah (marriage to Jeffery Wayne Prestridge) (i10602)


Orr, Carol (marriage to Henry Green) (i27172)
Orr, David Montegue (i20439), b.1977-
Orr, David Montegue (marriage to Patricia Diane May) (i20437), b.1953-
Orr, Giana Lynn (i20438), b.1974-
Orr, Patricia Jane (i20440), b.1978-


Osler, Freddie (marriage to Franklin Dale Phelps) (i4200)


Osteen, Frances (i40107)
Osteen, Troy (marraige to Carrie Levinia Prestage) (i40106)


Oswalt, David Aserry (i20199)
Oswalt, David F. (marriage to Susan Ann Prestage) (i3122), b.1855-d.1901
Oswalt, Jesse (i20202)
Oswalt, John Henry (i20197)
Oswalt, Lester (marriage to Floyd Conwill) (i11510)
Oswalt, Oscar (i20203)
Oswalt, Robert (i20201)
Oswalt, Warren (i20200)
Oswalt, Will (i20198)


Ott, ? (marriage to Sharon Elizabeth Shively) (i10961)
Ott, Daniel (i10963), b.1982-
Ott, Michelle (i10962), b.1979-
Ott, Mr. (marriage to Joyce Prestridge) (i7303)


Otts, J. David (marriage to Rosa Ella Powell) (i22905)


Overton, Andrew (i40238)
Overton, David (i40237)
Overton, Etheridge (i40236), b.1919-
Overton, Irene (i40242)
Overton, Leonard W. (marriage to Eva Arizona Prestridge) (i3974)
Overton, Lettie (i40241)
Overton, Lubie (i40239)
Overton, Margorett (marriage to Jimmy Ray Underwood) (i13847)
Overton, Marvin (i40240)
Overton, Melvin (i40235), b.1915-d.1978
Overton, Mr. (marriage to Ann Prestridge) (i2848)


Owens, "Peanut" Barry Luther (marriage to Kim Regina Weldon) (i14213)
Owens, Beverly Kay (i14494)
Owens, Garlan L. (marriage to Virginia Lea Watson) (i14492)
Owens, Gary (marriage to Charlotte Fay Carpenter) (i13198)
Owens, Gregory Scott (i13213)
Owens, Justin Lee (i14214)
Owens, Kelvin Christopher (i13214)
Owens, Milo William (marriage to Dovie "Johnnie" Lee Agee) (i9213), b.1918-d.1991
Owens, Sandra Lea (i14493)


Oxendina, Debbie (marriage to Terry Wayne Prestridge) (i2430)


Ozley, Clifford (marriage to Willie Lucile Prestridge) (i3345)


Pace, Floy Jeannine (i40518)
Pace, Jennifer Ann (i40522)
Pace, Joel Parkman (i40521)
Pace, John Cecil (i40519)
Pace, Judith Irene (i40520)
Pace, L. B. (marriage to Daisy Irene Parkman) (i40517)


Paddock, Thomas (marriage to Laurie Chistine Thomas) (i13018)


Padfield, A. J. (i28570), b.AUG-
Padfield, Chris (marriage to Amanda Nichole Horne) (i28568)
Padfield, Savannah Renee (i28569), b.1997-


Padgett, Jerry (marriage to Betty Jane Burns) (i27205)
Padgett, Joey Dale (i27208)
Padgett, Lizzie (marriage to Obadiah Dee Prestridge) (i1994)
Padgett, Stephen (i27206)


Page, Emogene (marriage to Starling Theron Prestridge) (i3790)


Paige (i12928)


Pain, Abraham, Dr. (marriage to Gracie C. Prestridge) (i25648)


Paine, Ernest (marriage to Winniefred Waddle) (i11492)


Palmer, Anita (marriage to Ricky Wayne Underwood) (i14031)
Palmer, Arbell (marriage to Henry Lee Prestriedge) (i5815), b.1894-d.1944
Palmer, Ellie R. (marriage to Frances Mcgraw Prestridge) (i3512)
Palmer, Floyd (marriage to Ida Ernestine Rogers) (i9321)
Palmer, James (i28471)
Palmer, Jennifer Marie (i13689), b.1980-d.1980
Palmer, John Allen (marriage to Kimberly Lane Tillery) (i13687)
Palmer, Kelly Diane (i13692)
Palmer, Leslie Ann (i13691)
Palmer, Pamela (i28474)
Palmer, Paul (i28473)
Palmer, Ronald Del Allen (i13693)
Palmer, Ronnie (i28472)
Palmer, Ruby Pauline (marriage to Luther Edward Prestage) (i9486), b.1907-d.1982
Palmer, Sonny (i28470)
Palmer, Stephanie Leigh (i13688)


Pam (marriage to John Paul Prestage) (i1951)


Pam, (marriage to Jeffery Linn Barfield) (i28378)


Papenhause, Brenda Lynne (marriage to Michael Trent Underwood) (i13798)
Papenhause, Donna Jo (marriage to Charles David Underwood) (i13802)


Paradice, Rosemarie Michele (marriage to Phillip Adrian Delk) (i27199), b.1971-


Parchman, Minnie Oma (marriage to Benjamin Bagley Vernon) (i27651)


Parham, Allen (i13084)
Parham, Arthur Eugene (i13077)
Parham, Barbara (i13007)
Parham, Barbara Lee (i13072)
Parham, Cody (i13083)
Parham, Harvey (i13004)
Parham, James Earl (i13064), b.1949-d.1971
Parham, James Haylan (marriage to Mertie Mae Adams) (i13003)
Parham, Marilyn Earnesteen (i13065)
Parham, Marvin (i13062)
Parham, Nichole (i13082)
Parham, Roger Dale (i13006)
Parham, Rose Lee (i13085)
Parham, Stacey (i13081)


Park, Richard (marriage to Lois Erin Waddle) (i11482)
Park, Vickie Lynn (marriage to Randall Leslie Senter) (i15264)


Parker, Ada (marriage to John Bell Prestridge) (i3082)
Parker, Emily J. (marriage to William Bagley Prestridge) (i11201)
Parker, Eva May (marriage to Samuel Newton Prestridge) (i27944)
Parker, Jimmy (marriage to Wilma Fay Jones) (i27413)
Parker, Kathy (marriage to Larry Coon) (i11031)
Parker, Megan Nicole (i1585)
Parker, Sarah Elizabeth (marriage to Issac Brinkley Conwill) (i9706), b.1851-d.1950
Parker, Verba (i6249c) b.1920 -
Parker, Walter (marriage to Jimmie Lynn Waddle) (i11500)
Parker, William Glen (marriage to Sylvia Kay Turner) (i1584)


Parkman, Anna Belle (i40480)
Parkman, Annie Merl (i40472), b.1903
Parkman, Carnary Carolyln (i40512)
Parkman, Clem Allen (i40485)
Parkman, Daisy Irene (i40474), b.1907
Parkman, Daisy Leona (i40466), b.1883
Parkman, Floy Genella (i40466), b.1895
Parkman, GradyFerguson (i40483)
Parkman, Hattie Lee (i40463), b.1871
Parkman, Inez (i40473), b.1904
Parkman, James Littleton (marriage to Hattie Lee Parkman) (i40475), b.1883
Parkman, Jewel Arkis (i40479)
Parkman, Jewel May (i40470), b.1899
Parkman, John Robert (i26113),b.abt 1844
Parkman, John Robert (i40484), b.1903
Parkman, Jon Malcolm (i40513)
Parkman, Malcolm Alious (i40471), b.1901
Parkman, Martha Ann (i26114)
Parkman, Martha Ann Elizabeth (i26114), b.1847-d.1820
Parkman, Maston Andrew (marriage to Emily Prestridge) (i3216)
Parkman II, Maston Andrew (i40462), b.1869
Parkman, Mattie Levade (i40469), b.1897
Parkman, Newland Hope (i40464), b.1877
Parkman, Otis Wilks (i40482)
Parkman, Selestia Estella (i40465), b.1879
Parkman, Uyrl Louise (i40481)
Parkman, Willie Clauda (i40478)
Parkman, Willie Maude (i40476), b.1891


Parks, William (marriage to Eula Allene Conwill) (i11451)


Parmer, Ailene (i28652)
Parmer, Angela (i40252)
Parmer, Bela Ruth (i28659)
Parmer, Clovis (i28644)
Parmer, Dorothy (i28640)
Parmer, Earl (i28639)
Parmer, Ellis Malford (i28645)
Parmer, Gayla (i40255)
Parmer, Hansel (i28642)
Parmer, Henry (marriage to Bela P. Prestridge) (i13477)
Parmer, Jerry (i28660)
Parmer, Lunie G. (i3764)
Parmer, Malvin (i28641)
Parmer, Maurice (i28658)
Parmer, Nalta (i40256)
Parmer, Rhonda (i40253)
Parmer, Roy (i28643)
Parmer, Sandra (i40254)
Parmer, Shelia (i3765)
Parmer, Shelly (marriage to Myrtis Ella Prestridge) (i13474), b.1894-d.1964
Parmer, Walter (i28638)


Parnell, Elissa Lorene (marriage to Billie Charles Underwood) (i13804)
Parnell, Mary Evelyn (marriage to Leslie Gene Prestage Sr.) (i9418), b.1941-


Parrish, James W., Jr. (marriage to Jacqueline Charolette Colville) (i27708), b.1947-
Parrish, Patricia (marriage to Henry Green) (i27169)


Parson, Mr. (marriage to Sarah Prestridge) (i2858)
Parson, Serena (i2859)


Passman, Darwin Frank (marriage to Eleanor Rae Caston) (i2357), b.1928-
Passman, Lee (i2358), b.1968-d.1998


Patelo, Mary Ann (marriage to Joseph L. Prestridge) (i10642), b.1845-


Patrick, (i18318), b.1996-


Patsy (i15511)


Patterson, Adele (i12717)
Patterson, Charlice "Pat" Mae (marriage to Jack Charles Colville) (i27706), b.1923-
Patterson, Frank (marriage to Mary Blanche Bloxom) (i22522), b.1890-d.1969
Patterson, Glenda Ann (marriage to David Odell Prestridge) (i10294), b.1965-
Patterson, Mattie E. (marriage to George R. Prestridge Sr.) (i3288), b.1891-
Patterson, Stephen W. (marriage to Theresia Juanita Evans) (i13538)
Patterson, Sydney Therese (i14187)
Patterson Evans, Velva Lavon (marriage to Terry Lee Evans) (i13605)


Patti, (marriage to Kenneth Anthony Catalano) (i12092)


Patton, Alexander Ford (marriage to India Zelma Bloxom) (i22524), b.1891-d.1945
Patton, Bennie Cameron (i22527)
Patton, Donald Dean (i22528)
Patton, Elijah "Lige" (marriage to Martha Merniva Prestridge) (i9866)
Patton, India (i22525), b.1913-d.1998
Patton, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to James Emerson Prestridge) (i9824), b.1858-d.1932
Patton, Robert Ford (i22526), b.1914-d.1974
Patton, Robert Wayne (i22530)


Paul, (i18319), b.1996-


Pauline (marriage to Burl Kitt Phelps) (i4209)


Pauline, (marriage to Samuel Newton Prestridge) (i27947)


Payne, Ammon (i40637)
Payne, Clayborne G. (i40636)
Payne, Clayburne (marriage to Miriam Summer) (i40631)
Payne, James Arch (marriage to Charlotte Marie Crosby) (i9932)
Payne, Jasper (i40633)
Payne, Lamar (marriage to Brenda White) (i2540)
Payne, Martin V. (i40632)
Payne, Newton (i40634)
Payne, Rhodham (i40638)
Payne, Wells (i40639)


Pearly (marriage to Elvin Prestridge) (i2536)


Peckham, Jessie (marriage to Verlia Pesttit) (i9622)
Peckham, Mr (marriage to Joyce Louise Prestridge) (i27136)
Peckham, Stacy (i9623)
Peckham, Ticia (i9625)
Peckham, Tisha (i9627)
Peckham, Tracy (i9624)


Peden, Bettye Dawn (marriage to Zenith Zadoc Prestage) (i14581)


Peel, Auburn (marriage to Pauline Prestridge) (i20366)


Peeler, Sara Evelyn (marriage to John Lloyd Ballew Sr.) (i40602)


Peer, Charles (marriage to Betty Jane Moses) (i2588)


Peevy, Virgil (marriage to Geraldine Elizabeth Shively) (i10997)


Peggy (marriage to E. A. Black) (i12753)
Peggy (marriage to Male Wilson) (i4243)


Pellegrant, Lee (marriage to Child 1 Freeman) (i23021)


Pender, Leasel (marriage to Eudell Waddle) (i11496)
Pender, Ruby (marriage to Edward Ray Waddle) (i11494)


Pendley, Bob (i28477)
Pendley, Edwin (marriage to Hazel Rogers) (i28476)
Pendley, Ginger (i28478)


Penton, James Hurston (marriage to Sandra Elaine Daniel) (i1561)
Penton, Mark (i1563), b.1970-
Penton, Wade (i1562), b.1968-


Perdue, Don (marriage to Ema Lea Abbott) (i2905)


Perkins, Carey Michelle (marriage to Anthony Blake Steele) (i12120)
Perkins, Cora May (marriage to Aaron Daniel Prestridge) (i8538), b.1904-d.1983
Perkins, Jessie O. (marriage to Olive Sybil Mcbride) (i28618)


Perrault, Sue (marriage to James Morris Prestridge Jr.) (i2272)


Perry, Derreck (i2604)
Perry, Eddy (marriage to Patsy Prestridge) (i2601)
Perry, Horatio Gates (marriage to Susan Francis Prestridge) (i11232), d.1863
Perry, James Patrick (i11099), b.1970-
Perry, Janet Rebecca (i11098), b.1969-
Perry, Jennifer Beth (i11097), b.1968-
Perry, Jerry (i2603)
Perry, Jerry (marriage to Barbie Falyn Rollins) (i12107)
Perry, Josh (i2605)
Perry, Jullian (marriage to Jerri Patricia Prestridge) (i11095)
Perry, Loamie Jasper (marriage to Susan Francis Prestridge) (i26578)
Perry, Robert Julian (i11096), b.1965-


Pesttit, Annette (i9611)
Pesttit, Brandley (i9605)
Pesttit, Bryan (i9602)
Pesttit, Crystal (i9608)
Pesttit, Forest (i9630)
Pesttit, James (i9606)
Pesttit, Lane (i9609)
Pesttit, Larry B. (i9628)
Pesttit, Lenell (i9610)
Pesttit, Loir (i9603)
Pesttit, Loraine (i9617)
Pesttit, Sahan (i9631)
Pesttit, Verlia (i9621)
Pesttit, Vernon (i9600)
Pesttit, Vester (marriage to Elsie Prestridge) (i9599)


Peters, Gladys Leota (marriage to William R. Nilchols) (i2050)


Peterson, Brandi Layne (i13715)
Peterson, Jerry Wayne (marriage to Rita Faye Underwood) (i13714)


Petman, Myrtle J. (marriage to Kenneth Kade Prestridge) (i12434), b.1894-


Petree, Randy (marriage to Lisa Carol Pierce) (i13046)


Petrie, Vernon (marriage to Helen Sasser) (i26989)


Pettit, Teresa (marriage to Alan Wade Prestage) (i2064), b.1965-


Peveto, Simon (marriage to Jo Lyn Burns) (i27203)


Phelps, Arthur (i4185)
Phelps, Betty (i4188)
Phelps, Burl Kitt (i4180), b.1905-d.1966
Phelps, Carolyn Jean (i4197)
Phelps, Condy (i4176), b.1891-d.1912
Phelps, Earl Mitchell (i4181), b.1908-d.1997
Phelps, Franklin Dale (i4199)
Phelps, Helen (i4186)
Phelps, Henry Pleasent (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Keathley) (i4174)
Phelps, Herman Lee (i4179), b.1897-d.1962
Phelps, Kathy Frances (i4198)
Phelps, Linda Darlene (i4202)
Phelps, Loney (i4177), b.1893-
Phelps, Melvin H. (i4187), b.1927-d.1993
Phelps, Ola (i4178), b.1895-d.1973
Phelps, Walter Lee (i4175), b.1889-d.1912


Phifer, Noonan Cecil (marriage to Rose Lee Parham) (i13089)
Phifer, Noonan Cecil, Jr. (i13091)


Phillips, Amy Lee (i28579), b.1996-
Phillips, Bertie L. (marriage to Arlen Odell Prestridge) (i10289), b.1936-
Phillips, Joanna Hillman (marriage to Kenneth Lee Prestridge) (i1554), b.1962-
Phillips, John (marriage to Melinda Horn) (i27921)
Phillips, John Anthony (i28577), b.1983-
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Newton Levi Crosby) (i9922), b.1877-d.1963
Phillips, Mildred Rebecca (marriage to James Arthur Killingsworth) (i3887)
Phillips, Ridley Alcee (marriage to Teresa Marie Prestridge) (i10610)
Phillips, Roy Vaugh (marriage to Charlotte Marie Crosby) (i9933)
Phillips, Steven Lawrence (i28578), b.1988-
Phillips, Wendy (marriage to Curtis Dale Cowan) (i12906)
Phillips, William Morris (marriage to Majorie Prestridge) (i10229)


Phipps, (marriage to Yvonne Rebecca Miller) (i28738)
Phipps, Jessica Ann (i28737), b.1987-


Piehn, Allison Dianne (i25950), b.1986-
Piehn, Gregory Thomas (i25951), b.1989-
Piehn, Thomas Barry (marriage to Denise Diane Hauenstein) (i25949)


Pierce, Beverly (marriage to Larry Coon) (i11030)
Pierce, Carl Wesley (marriage to Dalia Dathel Orear) (i13043)
Pierce, Carl Wesley (marriage to Dalia Dathel Orear) (i13043)
Pierce, Lisa Carol (i13044)
Pierce, Paula Reba (i13057)
Pierce, Tina Kaye (marriage to Brad Lee Underwood) (i14042)


Piercy, Evelyn (marriage to William Eugene Brewer) (i2936)


Pike, Dorothy (marriage to Alvin Lee "Bunky" Prestridge) (i9148)


Pikington, Paige (marriage to Glenn Thompson) (i2817)


Pilcher, (marriage to Norma Gayle Prestridge) (i40375)
Pilcher, Frank (i40376)


Pilgreen, Jesse S. (marriage to Zilley Elizabeth Prestridge) (i3323)
Pilgreen, Norman (i3793), b.1878-
Pilgreen, Oscar (i3792), b.1877-


Pinkerton, Alvie Cutee (i9495), b.1913-
Pinkerton, Ethel Pauline (i9505), b.1910-d.1937
Pinkerton, James H. (Howell) (marriage to Emily Zora Prestage) (i9494), b.1881-d.1965
Pinkerton, Jimmy (i9497)
Pinkerton, Robert (i9503), b.1955-
Pinkerton, Troy Leottis (i9500)
Pinkerton, Wilie Odee (i9498), b.1913-


Pinson, Charles J. (marriage to Johnnie Maud Prestridge) (i11209)


Pittman, C. C. (marriage to Catherine "Katie" Prestridge) (i1225)
Pittman, Irma Lee (i27159)
Pittman, Rowena (i27158)


Pitts, Charles (marriage to Shelia Marie Leach) (i14105)
Pitts, Darenell Brown (marriage to Linda Fay Adams) (i13162)
Pitts, Joyce (marriage to Herman Eugene Rogers) (i28480)
Pitts, Michael Curtis (i13163)
Pitts, Oliva Grace (i13166)
Pitts, Paula Marie (marriage to "Rosie" Rozell Underwood) (i13710)
Pitts, William Brian (i13168)


Poe, Linda (marriage to Richard "Dick" Lloyd Senter) (i12259)


Poimboeuf, Bill (i27912)
Poimboeuf, Leon (i27913)
Poimboeuf, Mina (i27914)
Poimboeuf, Walter Wallace (marriage to Mina Gwendolyn Prestridge) (i27911)
Poimboeuf, Zoe Ann (i27915)


Pollock, Erma Mae (marriage to William Jesse Hale Jr.) (i4265)
Pollock, John (marriage to Cathy Lynn Smith) (i13958)


Pomilia, Vannessa Sue (marriage to Mark Wayne Underwood) (i13682)


Ponder, Baxton (marriage to Minnie Vicotria Prestridge) (i11101)


Pope, Cami Noel (i27676), b.1974-
Pope, Charles Wayne (i27665), b.1940-
Pope, Clata Mae (i3266), b.1936-
Pope, Del Ray (i27675), b.1969-
Pope, Dorothy Ann (i3270), b.1945-
Pope, Edward Jackson (marriage to Jessie Wilma Motheral) (i27664), b.1919-
Pope, Ellis Monroe (marriage to Ella Mae Allen) (i3260)
Pope, Ellis Sydney (i3266c)
Pope, Glenda Jean (i3272), b.1951-
Pope, Grover (marriage to Susan Launa Saphronia Prestridge) (i27839)
Pope, Jacqueline Diahn (i27674), b.1968-
Pope, Jeannett Cecile (i3264), b.1934-
Pope, Karen Sue (i27667), b.1947-
Pope, Lori Minnette (i27673), b.1965-
Pope, Milton Ray (i27666), b.1943-
Pope, Ricky Wayne (i27681), b.1962-
Pope, Rodney Dane (i27682), b.1963-
Pope, Ronald Earl (i27686), b.1944-
Pope, Rose Marie (i3262), b.1932-
Pope, Sammie Gene (i3261), b.1930-d.1994
Pope, William Keith (i27687), b.1946-d.1948
Pope, William Leslie (marriage to Mildred Wynelle Motheral) (i27685), b.1914-d.1976


Porter, Charles (marriage to Blanche Eola Prestridge) (i27542)
Porter, Charles Wallace (i27544)
Porter, Clinton Lee (i27543)
Porter, J. C. (marriage to Willie Joyce Jones) (i27405)
Porter, Lee Ann (i27545)


Poteet, Judy (marriage to Arthur Eugene Parham) (i13080)


Potesil, Bessie (marriage to Vance Prestridge) (i10333)


Potts, ? (i9464)
Potts, Alida (marriage to James Thomas (Jim) Prestage) (i9567), b.1890-d.1979
Potts, Bessie (i9512), b.1895-
Potts, Charles Rufus (marriage to Ethel Pauline Pinkerton) (i9506), b.1907-d.1987
Potts, Edward (marriage to Lavelle Prestage) (i9461)
Potts, Jess (i9510), b.1891-
Potts, Kenneth (i9463)
Potts, Lula (i9509), b.1889-
Potts, Nathan (Joseph Newton) (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Prestage) (i9508), b.1866-
Potts, Ollie (i9511), b.1893-
Potts, Richard (Rick) (i9462)
Potts, Vester (marriage to Ozzie P. Adams) (i9562)


Pounders, Agnes (marriage to James Orville Conwill) (i11458)


Powe,II Edward Knox (marraige to ) (i40186)
Powe, Josephine Erwin (i40189)
Powe, Katherine Street (i40188)
Powe, Loise Banks (i40187)


Powell, Aletha Ann (i9772), b.1837-d.1895
Powell, Amazon (i9778), b.1848-d.1909
Powell, C. William (marriage to Elizabeth Denman) (i9770), b.1812-d.1895
Powell, C. William (marriage to Elizabeth Denman) (i9770), b.1812-d.1895
Powell, Caroline Palestine (i9784), b.1851-d.1901
Powell, Elizabeth Jane (i9788), b.1839-
Powell, Faye (marriage to Elmer Leslie Prestridge) (i28278)
Powell, Gregory Allen (marriage to Valerie Jeane Adams) (i2102)
Powell, Harvey (marriage to Fawnelle Prestridge) (i2040)
Powell, James (i9775), b.1843-
Powell, John (i9776), b.1845-d.1906
Powell, Joseph (i7286)
Powell, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Ramon) (i5438)
Powell, Joseph Warren (i9786), b.1853-d.1930
Powell, Martha Ann (i9789), b.1846-
Powell, Mary Ann (i9773), b.1840-d.1867
Powell, Nicholas (i7287)
Powell, Robert (marriage to Child 3 Freeman) (i22983), b.1909-d.AUG
Powell, Rosa Ella (i22904), b.1857-
Powell, Rose Lee (marriage to Raines Candler Hayes Sr.) (i12794)
Powell, Sarah Frances (i9780), b.1850-d.1917
Powell, William Oliver (i9790), b.1855-d.1913


Powers, Ida (marriage to Lee Andrew Prestage) (i7563), b.1881-d.1946
Powers, John E. (marriage to Sarah Jane E. Gordon) (i2149)
Powers, Mona Arlene (marriage to Lowell Walton Gray) (i40085)
Powers, Vickie (i2150)


Prather, Frances (i11816)
Prather, Frank Ault, Dr. (marriage to Effie Caridine Rowland) (i11813), b.1898-d.1977
Prather, Robert Marion (i11814)
Prather, Zella Lenora (i11815)


Pratt, Billie Roy (i3497)
Pratt, Billie Wayne (i3499)
Pratt, Harvey (marriage to Irma Jean Prestridge) (i3473)
Pratt, Mary Alice (i3496)


Preddy, Reba (marriage to George E. Prestage) (i7557)


Presley, Angela Martha (marriage to Milton Ray Pope) (i27672), b.1944-


Prestage, Aaron (i7546), b.1916-
Prestage, Aaron J. (i9067), b.1910-d.1975
Prestage, Ada A. (Susan) (i7486), b.1896-
Prestage, Adeline (i3011), b.1833-
Prestage, Aden Daniel (i15533)
Prestage, Alan Wade (i2063), b.1962-
Prestage, Alice Dewdrop (i12946), b.1922-
Prestage, Alice M. (i7572), b.1904-
Prestage, Alice Molene "Molene" (i12960), b.1918-d.1974
Prestage, Alline (i9107)
Prestage, Amy Sheri (i1954), b.1984-
Prestage, Anderson (i3022), b.1835-d.1906
Prestage, Andrew Houston (i7564), b.1899-
Prestage, Anita Bess (i1939), b.1963-
Prestage, Ann (i26818)
Prestage, Annie Bell (i9088), b.1895-
Prestage, Annie Duke (i9475), b.1898-d.1979
Prestage, Antha Gene (i14536)
Prestage, Archie Lee (i14530)
Prestage, Aubrey Landon (i15534)
Prestage, Aubry Beatrice (i9408), b.1909-d.1916
Prestage, Audie Beatrice (i9442), b.1917-
Prestage, Ava M. (i7574), b.1906-
Prestage, Baby (i14584)
Prestage, Baby Girl (i7512), b.1882-d.1882
Prestage, Barbara Sue (i9454)
Prestage, Barry (i9455)
Prestage, Barry (i12983)
Prestage, Becky (i9663), b.1863-
Prestage, Bernice (i7547), b.1917-
Prestage, Bessy (i15527)
Prestage, Betty Elizabeth (Liza) (i9661), b.1914-
Prestage, Billy Frank (i40068)
Prestage, Bonnie Bell (i14532), d.1954
Prestage, Bonnie Mae (i7480), b.1903-d.1975
Prestage, Boyce Darrel (Bud) (i9421), b.1948-
Prestage, Brenda Lou (i9424), b.1952-
Prestage, Bryce (i209), b.1923-d.1992
Prestage, Campbell (i7587)
Prestage, Carole Jeanne (i14564)
Prestage, Carrie Levenia (i7515), b.1888-
Prestage, Carroll Amos (i14449)
Prestage, Casey (i2067), b.1989-
Prestage, Catherine (i2087), b.1929-d.1934
Prestage, Catherine (i9487), b.1929-d.1934
Prestage, Charles D. (i14535)
Prestage, Chelcie (i12947)
Prestage, Clara L. (i7575), b.1909-
Prestage, Clifford (i7518), b.1897-d.1960
Prestage, Clifford, Jr. (i14559)
Prestage, Clovis Belem (i7485), b.1895-d.1972
Prestage, Clyde (i7559), b.1904-
Prestage, Clyde Alton (i14560)
Prestage, Dale Lewis (i1937), b.1955-
Prestage, Dan (i9644)
Prestage, Dana Keith (i14573)
Prestage, Daniel Jasper (i3077), b.1850-d.1933
Prestage, Daphne Dawn (i1931), b.1973-
Prestage, Darrell Craig (i40081)
Prestage, Dayna Leigh (i1946), b.1986-
Prestage, Debbie (i12982)
Prestage, Debra Lynn (i14579)
Prestage, Della (i9090), b.1902-
Prestage, Diane Elizabeth (i1929), b.1950-
Prestage, Dimple Ruth (i40063)
Prestage, Dink (i9061), b.1916-
Prestage, Dixie Gail (i14572)
Prestage, Donald Jelks (i1941), b.1965-
Prestage, Donald Kent (i14570)
Prestage, Donna (i9440)
Prestage, Dorothy Geraldine (i14464)
Prestage, Earl Jennings (i40062)
Prestage, Edgar A. (i7491), b.1905-d.1978
Prestage, Edgar Earl, Jr. (i1948), b.1960-
Prestage, Edgar Earl, Sr. (i14230), b.1931-
Prestage, Egbert Barnett (i9037), b.1897-d.1964
Prestage, Egbert Barnett, Jr. (i14228), b.1924-d.1983
Prestage, Eleanor (i7552), b.1913-d.1999
Prestage, Elizabeth (i26338)
Prestage, Elton Lee (i9662), b.1919-d.1967
Prestage, Emily Izora (i9547), b.1880-d.1962
Prestage, Emily Zora (i9492), b.1892-d.1978
Prestage, Emmitt Clyde (i13358), b.1912-d.1968
Prestage, Erika Leigh (i1956), b.1988-
Prestage, Erna (i7550), b.1910-
Prestage, Ernest (i7560)
Prestage, Ernest Lenard (i7513), b.1883-d.1958
Prestage, Ervin Wendell (i12940), b.1924-
Prestage, Estell (i7511), b.1880-d.1966
Prestage, Estella (i14521)
Prestage, Estelle (i9058), b.1908-d.1981
Prestage, Ethel (i14466)
Prestage, Eva Lois (i7554), b.1919-
Prestage, Evie (i7558), b.1901-
Prestage, Faye (i9441)
Prestage, Floyd Boone (i14558)
Prestage, Floyd Glenn (i14569)
Prestage, Francis J. (i9087), b.1920-
Prestage, Frank Alvison (i7567), b.1908-d.1959
Prestage, Fred Harold (i14470)
Prestage, Gaddis (i210)
Prestage, Gary Alton (i14577)
Prestage, George E. (i7524), b.1881-
Prestage, Gilbert (i40090)
Prestage, Gladys Marie (i14561)
Prestage, Glenda Gail (i40094)
Prestage, Glenda Kay (i14528)
Prestage, Gloria June (i14529)
Prestage, Gracy (i9075), b.1912-
Prestage, Gregory Mark (i12941)
Prestage, Grover Cleveland (i7476), b.1893-d.1953
Prestage, Gunther (i9589)
Prestage, Gwondolyn (i40060)
Prestage, Hannah V. (i9674), b.1877-
Prestage, Harold Dean (i9436)
Prestage, Harvey (i14468)
Prestage, Heather Latrice (i1947), b.1989-
Prestage, Hector (i9091), b.1906-
Prestage, Henry (i7466), b.1869-
Prestage, Henry Clay (i14469)
Prestage, Henry Russell (i9452), b.1921-
Prestage, Horace Watson, Jr. (i1935), b.1952-
Prestage, Horace Watson, Sr. (i14229), b.1926-d.1988
Prestage, Howard Glen (i14526)
Prestage, Howard Leslie (i9578), b.1909-d.1953
Prestage, Hughy Lee (i9070), b.1918-
Prestage, Ida Leona (i9392), b.1886-d.1937
Prestage, Idella (i9085), b.1913-
Prestage, Infant (i1913), b.1909-d.1909
Prestage, Ira Amos (i14447), b.1900-d.1937
Prestage, Irene (i1919)
Prestage, Ivy Wilson (i14473), d.1956
Prestage, James (Jim) (i9490), b.1905-d.1966
Prestage, James B. (i9040), b.1889-d.1931
Prestage, James Harold (i14472)
Prestage, James Otis (i7556), b.1927-d.1938
Prestage, James Thomas (Jim) (i9566), b.1880-d.1937
Prestage, James Thomas Jefferson (i9388), b.1840-d.1895
Prestage, Jana Lynn (i40082)
Prestage, Jaret (i2065), b.1985-
Prestage, Jerry (i9437)
Prestage, Jessie (i7561), b.1909-
Prestage, Jessie Hollie (i12944), b.1923-d.1948
Prestage, Joe Lloyd (i14565)
Prestage, John Arthur (i7474), b.1880-d.1937
Prestage, John Dee (i7509), b.1876-d.1953
Prestage, John Earl (i9590), b.1912-d.1982
Prestage, John Elmore (i9065), b.1887-d.1974
Prestage, John Fonzi Or Fondy (i9035), b.1894-
Prestage, John Holly "Bud", Dr. (i7455), b.1857-d.1904
Prestage, John Paul (i1950), b.1964-
Prestage, John Wilson (i9546), b.1876-d.1890
Prestage, Jonathan Mark (Mack) (i9457), b.1889-d.1990
Prestage, Joseph Asbury (Ozzie) (i9483), b.1899-d.1982
Prestage, Joseph J. (i9481), b.1899-
Prestage, Joseph Jewell (i9409), b.1911-d.1993
Prestage, Joseph Newton (Joe) (i9390), b.1866-d.1912
Prestage, Joseph William (i14544)
Prestage, Josephine (i9047), b.1905-
Prestage, Kadren Lee (i14533)
Prestage, Karen Sue (i2052), b.1958-
Prestage, Kathryn Sue (i40093)
Prestage, Kathy Lee (i2056), b.1962-
Prestage, Kaunaugh Edmond (i15525)
Prestage, Keith (i2081)
Prestage, Kenneth (i12976)
Prestage, Kenny Joe (i2060), b.1965-
Prestage, Kermit Glenn (i40069)
Prestage, Kevin Ray (i2062), b.1972-
Prestage, Kim (i14575)
Prestage, Kimberly Carolyn (i9588)
Prestage, Krista Leigh (i1942), b.1974-
Prestage, L. J. (i15524)
Prestage, La Dawn (i14582)
Prestage, Lamar Henry (i15530)
Prestage, Larry Wayne (i9432)
Prestage, Lavelle (i9459)
Prestage, Lee Andrew (i7508), b.1874-d.1930
Prestage, Lee Ottis (i9411), b.1934-
Prestage, Leon (i9413), b.1938-
Prestage, Leonard Curtis "Curt", Sr. (i7477), b.1895-d.1962
Prestage, Leonard Curtis "L.C.", Jr. (i1951)
Prestage, Leslie Gene, Jr. (i2068), b.1964-
Prestage, Leslie Gene, Sr. (i9417), b.1942-
Prestage, Leutricia Adele (i14547)
Prestage, Levester (Birdie) (i9472), b.1893-d.1918
Prestage, Lewis Glenn (i40091)
Prestage, Lila Myrtle (i13355), b.1910-d.1998
Prestage, Lillie Jane (i9474), b.1897-
Prestage, Linda Ann (i15535)
Prestage, Linda Faye (i1924), b.1947-
Prestage, Linda Sue (i14583)
Prestage, Lissi Marie (i1945), b.1977-
Prestage, Lizzie Anner (i15518), b.1908-d.1933
Prestage, Lola Clyde (i9659), b.1911-
Prestage, Lou Ann (i14458)
Prestage, Lou Reva Bell (i7472), b.1879-d.1952
Prestage, Louie Dayton (i9430)
Prestage, Louie Doak (i9428), b.1913-
Prestage, Loveller (i9081), b.1913-d.1913
Prestage, Lucindy Belle (i7467), b.1871-d.1951
Prestage, Lula M. (i9086), b.1915-
Prestage, Luther Edward (i9485), b.1900-d.1991
Prestage, Mabel Voncille (i14450)
Prestage, Macy (i9076), b.1914-
Prestage, Manda C. (i9034), b.1892-d.1973
Prestage, Marguerite Nell (i14540)
Prestage, Marie Evalina (i7510), b.1878-d.1946
Prestage, Martha Melvini (i7507), b.1871-d.1918
Prestage, Marx (i12977)
Prestage, Mary (i9077), b.1917-
Prestage, Mary (Eliza) Louisa (i9520), b.1874-d.1965
Prestage, Mary Ann (Polly) (i7453), b.1855-d.1934
Prestage, Mary E. (i3099), b.1856-
Prestage, Mary Eliza (i2142), b.1844-d.1913
Prestage, Mary Eliza (i9666), b.1872-d.1913
Prestage, Mary Elizabeth (i9033), b.1885-d.1964
Prestage, Mary Evon (i15526)
Prestage, Mary Magalene (i9068), b.1911-
Prestage, Mattie L. (i9089), b.1897-
Prestage, Mattie Lee (i9048), b.1906-
Prestage, Melinda H. (i3066), b.1845-
Prestage, Melvin (i9488), b.1903-
Prestage, Michael Jomel (i18838)
Prestage, Mildred (i14512)
Prestage, Milton Alvie (Al) (i9434), b.1915-
Prestage, Minnie Emily (i9656), b.1908-
Prestage, Minnie Lou (i15519), b.1913-
Prestage, Minnie M. (i7490), b.1904-d.1904
Prestage, Murrie Dee (i15522), b.1918-
Prestage, Myra (i2079)
Prestage, Myrtle (i7479), b.1901-d.1988
Prestage, Nancy Leora (i9513), b.1871-d.1924
Prestage, Nat (i12978)
Prestage, Natha Mae (i9568), b.1907-
Prestage, Nella Jean (i14459)
Prestage, Netty (i7487), b.1900-
Prestage, Nina (i9654), b.1907-
Prestage, Nola (i7489), b.1903-
Prestage, Nolad (i7525), b.1887-
Prestage, Nooman Clifton (i12943), b.1927-d.1968
Prestage, Noonan Clifton (i7475), b.1891-d.1909
Prestage, Odell (i9465), b.1917-
Prestage, Ollie Pearl (i7478), b.1900-d.1993
Prestage, Opal (i7569), b.1906-
Prestage, Ora (i9645), b.1925-
Prestage, Ovie (i9592), b.1915-
Prestage, Patrick Ray (i14457)
Prestage, Pauline (i7570), b.1909-
Prestage, Price (i211), b.1923-d.1980
Prestage, Ray Della May (i13360), b.1914-d.1915
Prestage, Rayne Ellen (i1953), b.1989-
Prestage, Revie Ordena (Dean) (i7461), b.1863-
Prestage, Richard Dennis (i14568)
Prestage, Richard Hollis (i7553), b.1915-
Prestage, Richard Morris (i26817)
Prestage, Rita Ann (i9642)
Prestage, Roberta (i7566), b.1905-
Prestage, Robert A. (i9063), b.1865-
Prestage, Robert Julias (i9073), b.1890-d.1965
Prestage, Robert Lee (i9652), b.1884-d.1929
Prestage, Ronald Egbert (i1940), b.1965-
Prestage, Rosalee (i9045), b.1919-
Prestage, Rosie (Rosa) Lee (i7516), b.1892-
Prestage, Roy Dean (i9469)
Prestage, Roy Malone (i12953)
Prestage, Ruby (i1918)
Prestage, Ruby Lutishie (i40058)
Prestage, Sallie (i7483), b.1893-
Prestage, Samuel (i3088), b.1854-
Prestage, Sarah Elizabeth (i9507), b.1868-d.1903
Prestage, Shane (i2082)
Prestage, Sherrie (i2078)
Prestage, Shirley Ann (i9419), b.1946-d.1999
Prestage, Shonna (i12980)
Prestage, Stencil Ray "Ray" (i12955), b.1922-d.1944
Prestage, Susan Ann (i3111), b.1861-d.1922
Prestage, Susan Rosalee (i7459), b.1862-
Prestage, Syliva (i7571), b.1912-
Prestage, Terry (i2076)
Prestage, Terry (i9439)
Prestage, Terry Gay (i14574)
Prestage, Tess Marie (i1952), b.1991-
Prestage, Thelma Martha (i9580)
Prestage, Theothis (i7565), b.1901-
Prestage, Theothis, Jr. (i40064)
Prestage, Thomas Jefferson (i9406), b.1889-d.1974
Prestage, Thomas Leroy (i9031), b.1883-d.1970
Prestage, Thomas Leroy, Jr. (i9062), b.1919-
Prestage, Todd (i2080)
Prestage, Tony (i12981)
Prestage, Tracy Leigh (i2072), b.1969-
Prestage, Trelcie Reba "Bill" (i12949), b.1917-
Prestage, Vida Mae (i13361), b.1922-
Prestage, Viola Ethelyn (i13354), b.1908-d.1916
Prestage, Virgie L. (i9059), b.1912-
Prestage, W. R. (i9046), b.1919-
Prestage, Wagle (i12958)
Prestage, Warren Holly "Warney" (i13352), b.1886-d.1968
Prestage, Weldon Ray (i14454)
Prestage, Wilbur Lloyd (i14557)
Prestage, Wiley A. (i7488), b.1902-d.1922
Prestage, William Alonzo (i7522), b.1869-
Prestage, William Bernie (i18839)
Prestage, William Cleve (i9079), b.1892-d.1969
Prestage, William Henry (i9658), b.1909-d.1910
Prestage, William J. (i9028), b.1848-d.1918
Prestage, William Robert (i15529), b.1934-d.1991
Prestage, William Thomas "Bill" (i7464), b.1865-d.1942
Prestage, Willie A. (i7481), b.1892-d.1958
Prestage, Willie Lynn (i9078), b.1919-d.1987
Prestage, Wilson K. (i9664), b.1842-
Prestage, Winfred (i9640), b.1922-
Prestage, Wylee (i9069), b.1918-
Prestage, Zenith Zadoc (i14562)


Prestidge, Aaron Virge (i27463), b.1898-d.1930
Prestidge, Adeline R. (i10756), b.1857-
Prestidge, Aleen (i27465), b.1908-d.1993
Prestidge, Andrea Gudath (i40348)
Prestidge, Anna F. (i10755), b.1855-
Prestidge, Annie L. (i7532), b.1894-
Prestidge, Bent (i7536), b.1902-
Prestidge, Blaine Garland Gudath (i40346)
Prestidge, Bradley Robert (i40345)
Prestidge, Brenda Janell (i27481)
Prestidge, Cecil C. (i27464), b.1894-
Prestidge, Charlie E. (i7541a), b.1908-d.1909
Prestidge, Clarence Ray (i2921)
Prestidge, Clell (i28199), b.1896-
Prestidge, Cora Mae T. (i2927)
Prestidge, Coy (i40343)
Prestidge, Coy (i7541), b.1902-
Prestidge, Cristie Lynn Gudath (i40347)
Prestidge, Cynthia Gaye (i27470)
Prestidge, Dallas (i21018), b.1883-
Prestidge, Darrell (i40341)
Prestidge, David (i27484)
Prestidge, Dolores Del (i40048)
Prestidge, Elenor (i7537), b.1904-
Prestidge, Ella (i10837), b.1872-
Prestidge, Eric Dwyer (i27480)
Prestidge, Fran O'Dell (i27487)
Prestidge, Gary Wayne (i40340)
Prestidge, George V. (i7539), b.1894-
Prestidge, George William (i3044), b.1838-
Prestidge, Heather Deanna (i28741), b.1971-
Prestidge, Imogene P. (i2924)
Prestidge, Infant Son of T.J. Prestidge (i7539c), b.1892-1892
Prestidge, James (i9275), b.1898-d.1978
Prestidge, James Earl (i27486)
Prestidge, James H. (i10668), b.1898-d.1924
Prestidge, James H. (i10753), b.1852-
Prestidge, James Homer (i28398), b.1917-d.1971
Prestidge, James Leroy (i2919), b.1929-d.1997
Prestidge, James M. (i8921), b.1818-
Prestidge, Jerry Elmo (i2014), b.1956-d.1988
Prestidge, John (i27458), b.1874-
Prestidge, John Thomas (i10666), b.1872-d.1945
Prestidge, John W. (i7533), b.1896-
Prestidge, Joseph Jack (i2920)
Prestidge, Lancett Aaron (i27469), b.1918-
Prestidge, Laura (i10738), b.1843-
Prestidge, Laura L. (i7531), b.1892-
Prestidge, Lee Roy (i28399), b.1918-d.1969
Prestidge, Lela F. (i7539), b.1891-1891
Prestidge, Leonard L. (i10775), b.1905-d.1977
Prestidge, Letty (i7326), b.1776-d.1824
Prestidge, Louis O'Dell (i27468), b.1916-d.1985
Prestidge, Mabel (i27471)
Prestidge, Margaret A. (i10733), b.1838-
Prestidge, Marion Thomas (i9276), b.1900-d.1981
Prestidge, Mark M. (i10749), b.1850-d.1900
Prestidge, Marvin (i21019), b.1884-
Prestidge, Mary C. (i7530), b.1890-d.1901
Prestidge, Mary T. (i2923)
Prestidge, Mattie Wilson (i27459), b.1876-d.1951
Prestidge, Melanie Noelle (i28743), b.1984-
Prestidge, Mila L. (i27460), b.1878-
Prestidge, Nancy E. (i10751), b.1877-
Prestidge, Nancy W. (i10754), b.1853-
Prestidge, Robert Cicero (i40338)
Prestidge, Rosa L. (i7539b), b.1893-1894
Prestidge, Rosa P. (i2925)
Prestidge, Rufus W. (i7534), b.1898-d.1973
Prestidge, Samuel B. (i10757), b.1859-
Prestidge, Sandra Kay (i40340)
Prestidge, Sarah E. (i10735), b.1840-
Prestidge, Thomas J. (i7523), b.1872-
Prestidge, Truman Emmett (i27482), b.1921-d.1998
Prestidge, Virgie Lucille (i27488), b.1931-d.1991
Prestidge, Walter (i7535), b.1900-
Prestidge, Willadean (i2926)
Prestidge, William D. (i10752), b.1879-
Prestidge, Wilson C. (i27466), b.1911-d.1958


Prestridge, (i3004)
Prestridge, ? (i3015), b.1938-d.1950
Prestridge, ? (i10681), b.1819-
Prestridge, ? [unknown B (i10890), b.1820-
Prestridge, ?, Unknown A (i10891), b.1822-
Prestridge, ?, Unknown C (i11104), b.1840-d.1935
Prestridge, Aaron b.1916 - see Prestage, Aaron (i7546), b.1916-
Prestridge, Aaron (i3054), b.1931-
Prestridge, Aaron Daniel (i8537), b.1894-d.1971
Prestridge, Aaron J. b.1910-d.1975 - see Prestage, Aaron J. (i9067), b.1910-d.1975
Prestridge, Aaron Vergie - see Prestidge, Aaron Virge (i27463), b.1898-d.1930
Prestridge, Abner Jefferson (i10540), b.1857-d.1863
Prestridge, Ada A."Susan" b.1896-d. - see Prestage, Ada A. (Susan) (i7486), b.1896-
Prestridge, Ada (i10179), b.1887-
Prestridge, Adaline (i9965), b.1870-
Prestridge, Adam Doyle (i2897), b.1982-
Prestridge, Adda (i10398), b.1885-
Prestridge, Addie (i11175), b.1885-
Prestridge, Adelia (i11194), b.1887-d.1983
Prestridge, Adeline b.1833-d. - see Prestage, Adeline (i3011), b.1833-
Prestridge, Adeline R. - see Prestidge, Adeline R. (i10756), b.1857-
Prestridge, Adella (i10741)
Prestridge, Aden Daniel - see Prestage, Aden Daniel (i15533)
Prestridge, Adora (Eudora) Josephine (i7276), b.1869-
Prestridge, Adrienne Lee (i27552), b.1972-
Prestridge, Agnes (i11299), b.1890-
Prestridge, Alan Wade - see Prestage, Alan Wade (i2063), b.1962-
Prestridge, Albert (i9963), b.1868-
Prestridge, Albert (i10871), b.1895-
Prestridge, Albert Devone (i3027), b.1944-d.1969
Prestridge, Albert Emmerson, Jr. (i9845), b.1952-
Prestridge, Albert Emmerson, Sr. (i9841), b.1918-d.1976
Prestridge, Albert Larcus (i2492), b.1918-
Prestridge, Albert Leondus (i10691), b.1898-d.1992
Prestridge, Alcia Nell (i3372), b.1915-d.1959
Prestridge, Aldelle (i23375)
Prestridge, Aleen - see Prestidge, Aleen (i27465), b.1908-d.1993
Prestridge, Alex (i10154), b.1877-
Prestridge Sr, Alfred Burton (i27516), b.1917-d.2000
Prestridge Jr, Alfred Burton (i27534), b.1946-
Prestridge, Alice Ann (i2994), b.1980-
Prestridge, Alice Colleen (i2874), b.1921-
Prestridge, Alice Dewdrop b.1922-d. - see Prestage, Alice Dewdrop (i12946), b.1922-
Prestridge, Alice Ida (i9271), b.1894-d.1982
Prestridge, Alice M. b.1904-d. - see Prestage, Alice M. (i7572), b.1904-
Prestridge, Alice Molene "Molene"e - see Prestage, Alice Molene "Molene" (i12960), b.1918-d.1974
Prestridge, Aline (i11250), b.1894-
Prestridge, Aline - see Prestage, Alline (i9107)
Prestridge, Alisha Marie (i2452)
Prestridge, Alissa (i2460)
Prestridge, Allie R. (i10254), b.1900-
Prestridge, Allison Elizabeth (i12733)
Prestridge, Alma (i2668)
Prestridge, Alma Doris (i10276), b.1923-d.1945
Prestridge, Alma Ruth (i11117), b.1891-
Prestridge, Alse (i12126), b.1726-
Prestridge, Alta M. (i10869), b.1897-d.1984
Prestridge, Alta Mae (i2407), b.1930-
Prestridge, Alton Adolphus (i10693), b.1900-d.1976
Prestridge, Alva J. (i10878), b.1892-d.1974
Prestridge, Alvin Lee "Bunky" (i9147), b.1941-
Prestridge, Alvis (i10358), b.1913-d.1914
Prestridge, Amanda (i10402), b.1886-d.1965
Prestridge, Amanda America (i3300), b.1834-d.1885
Prestridge, Amanda Arlene (i10418), b.1908-
Prestridge, Amanda Louise (i2453)
Prestridge, Amber Lynn (i2312), b.1988-
Prestridge, Amos Emmerson (i2673), b.1888-d.1960
Prestridge, Amy Marie (i27555), b.1977-
Prestridge, Amy Michelle (i3005), b.1977-
Prestridge, Amy Sheri - see Prestage, Amy Sheri (i1954), b.1984-
Prestridge, Amy Voss (i2174), b.1978-
Prestridge, Anda P. (i9281), b.1897-
Prestridge, Andera (i2435)
Prestridge, Anderson (i10160), b.1874-
Prestridge, Anderson - see Prestage, Anderson (i3022), b.1835-d.1906
Prestridge, Andrea (i10077), b.1963-
Prestridge, Andrea Gudath - see Prestidge, Andrea Gudath (i40348)
Prestridge, Andrea Victoria (i9190), b.1961-
Prestridge, Andrew "Andy" Chislum (i7265), b.1870-d.1953
Prestridge, Andrew Duncan (i217), b.1957-
Prestridge, Andrew Gill (i10220), b.1960-
Prestirdge, Andrew Houston - see Prestage, Andrew Houston (i7564), b.1899-
Prestridge, Andrew Jackson (i7313), b.1856-
Prestridge, Andrew Jackson (i10768), b.1870-d.1961
Prestridge, Andrew Larkin (i9191), b.1963-
Prestridge, Andrew M. (i1997), b.1884-
Prestridge, Andrew Thurman, Jr. (i2974), b.1949-
Prestridge, Andrew Thurman, Sr. (i12210), b.1917-d.1980
Prestridge, Angel Diane (i1543), b.1974-
Prestridge, Angela Dawn (i1545), b.1974-
Prestridge, Anita Bess - see Prestage, Anita Bess (i1939), b.1963-
Prestridge, Anita Pauline (i8547), b.1916-d.1957
Prestridge, Ann - see Prestage, Ann (i26818)
Prestridge, Ann (i2624), b.1889-
Prestridge, Ann (i2807), b.1932-d.1997
Prestridge, Ann (i2847), b.1929-
Prestridge, Ann Marie (i28533), b.1964-
Prestridge, Anna Belle (i11177), b.1906-
Prestridge, Anna F. - see Prestidge, Anna F. (i10755), b.1855-
Prestridge, Anna Jane (i2454)
Prestridge, Anne (i3295)
Prestridge, Anne (i9911), b.1902-
Prestridge, Annette (i27629)
Prestridge, Annie (i3152), b.1904-d.1994
Prestridge, Annie (i10874), b.1904-
Prestridge, Annie (i12322), b.1866-d.1960
Prestridge, Annie B. - see Prestage, Annie B. (i9088), b.1895-
Prestridge, Annie Duke - see Prestage, Annie Duke (i9475), b.1898-d.1979
Prestridge, Annie L. - see Prestidge, Annie L. (i7532), b.1894-
Prestridge, Annie M. (i27938)
Prestridge, Annie Paul (i2405)
Prestridge, Annie Ruth
Prestridge, Ansabell (i10466)
Prestridge, Antha Gene - see Prestage, Antha Gene (i14536)
Prestridge, Anthony "Tony" (i2880), b.1965-
Prestridge, Archie Davis (i15295)
Prestridge, Archie Dean (i11119), b.1903-d.1974
Prestridge, Archie Lee - see Prestage, Archie Lee (i14530)
Prestridge, Arlen Odell (i10288), b.1931-d.2002
Prestridge, Arnold Lee (i10270)
Prestridge, Arthur (i10420), b.1910-
Prestridge, Artis Herman (i2798), b.1914-
Prestridge, Ashley Marie (i2313), b.1988-
Prestridge, Atlee Adopheus (i10280), b.1926-
Prestridge, Aubrey (i27151)
Prestridge, Aubrey Landon - see Prestage, Aubrey Landon (i15534)
Prestridge, Aubry (i12207), b.1912-
Prestridge, Aubry Beatrice - see Prestage, Aubry Beatrice (i9408), b.1909-d.1916
Prestridge, Audie (i2520)
Prestridge, Audie Beatrice - see Prestage, Audie Beatrice (i9442), b.1917-
Prestridge, Audrey Mae (i25940), b.1942-
Prestridge, Autie B. (i13447), b.1932-
Prestridge, Ava M. - see Prestage, Ava M. (i7574), b.1906-
Prestridge, Avery (i10164), b.1877-
Prestridge, Awbrey (i2546)
Prestridge, Axie (Achsa) Victoria (i12332), b.1890-

Prestridge, Barbara (i9887)
Prestridge, Barbara Ann (i2967), b.1947-
Prestridge, Barbara Ann (i3063)
Prestridge, Barbara Cecile (i10599), b.1953-
Prestridge, Barbara Francis (i12675)
Prestridge, Baraba Lee (i40380), b.1954
Prestridge, Barbara Lynn (i10049), b.1941-
Prestridge, Barbara Sue - see Prestage, Barbara Sue (i9454)
Prestridge, Barney (i26808)
Prestridge, Barry - see Prestage, Barry (i9455)
Prestridge, Barry - see Prestage, Barry (i12983)
Prestridge, Barry Baron (i3118), b.1945-
Prestridge, Barry Hammond (i10551), b.1866-d.1931
Prestridge, Barry William (i10591), b.1949-
Prestridge, Beauler May (i28550), b.1889-d.1972
Prestridge, Becky - see Prestage, Becky (i9663), b.1863-
Prestridge, Bela P. (i10788), b.1907-
Prestridge, Belle (i9895), b.1892-d.1966
Prestridge, Belle (i10152), b.1873-d.1922
Prestridge, Belle (i10633)
Prestridge, Bellzara (i7294), b.1878-
Prestridge, Ben (i10359), b.1914-
Prestridge, Benjamin (i7577), d.1857
Prestridge, Benjamin Bagley, Jr. (i11178), b.1858-d.1910
Prestridge, Benjamin Bagley, Sr. (i11160), b.1817-d.1888
Prestridge, Benjamin F. (i3306), b.1848-d.1904
Prestridge, Benjmain Joseph - see Prestriedge, Benjamin Joseph "Joe" (i5821), b.1918-d.1996
Prestridge, Benjamin Toledo, III (i2206), b.1951-
Prestridge, Benjamin Toledo, IV (i2233), b.1979-
Prestridge, Benjamin Toledo, Jr. (i2197), b.1920-d.1982
Prestridge, Benjamin Toledo, Sr. (i9967), b.1876-d.1943
Prestridge, Benjamin W. (i2625), b.APR-
Prestridge, Bennett W. (i10321), b.1905-d.1978
Prestridge, Bennett Wallace (i10952), b.1963-
Prestridge, Bennett Warren (i10323), b.1933-d.1982
Prestridge, Bent - see Prestidge, Bent (i7536), b.1902-
Prestridge, Benton A. (i3141)
Prestridge, Benton Rucker (i11227), b.1818-d.1857
Prestridge, Benton Rucker, Jr. (i15062), b.1850-
Prestridge, Bernice (i2690)
Prestridge, Bernice - see Prestage, Bernice (i7547), b.1917-
Prestridge, Bertha (i13482)
Prestridge, Bertha Pauline (i13452), b.1938-
Prestridge, Bessie Fronia (i10661), b.1895-d.1974
Prestridge, Bessie Mae (i28623), b.1904-d.1977
Prestridge, Bessy - see Prestage, Bessy (i15527)
Prestridge, Bettie (i3513), b.1850-
Prestridge, Bettie Delores (i9157), b.1941-
Prestridge, Betty Elizabeth (Liza) - see Prestage, Betty Elizabeth (Liza) (i9661), b.1914-
Prestridge, Betty (i9846)
Prestridge, Betty Jo (i2468)
Prestridge, Betty Lou (i10060), b.1932-
Prestridge, Betty Lou (i13454), b.1940-d.1940
Prestridge, Betty Sue (i2416)
Prestridge, Betty Sue (i2957), b.1945-
Prestridge, Beulah Benton (i11182)
Prestridge, Beulah M. (i7500), b.1914-
Prestridge, Beverlee (i3804)
Prestridge, Bill (i2618)
Prestridge, Billie "Gerry" Paul (i9214), b.1938-
Prestridge, Billie Wyatt (i3375), b.1920-
Prestridge, Billups Gayle (i11115), b.1888-d.1927
Prestridge, Billups Gayle (Jr) (i40373), b.1920
Prestridge, Billups Gayle (III) (i40379), b.1948
Prestridge, Billy (i2820)
Prestridge, Billy (i15184)
Prestridge, Billy Braxton (i2579)
Prestridge, Billy Frank - see Prestage, Billy Frank (i40068)
Prestridge, Billy Gene (i2854), b.1938-
Prestridge, Billy Jo (i3062)
Prestridge, Billy Morris (i3474), b.1929-d.1980
Prestridge, Billy Ray (i11086), b.1930-d.1977
Prestridge, Billy Wayne (i2812)
Prestridge, Billy, Jr. (i15185)
Prestridge, Blanche Eola (i27518)
Prestridge, Blaine Garland Gudath - see Prestidge, Blaine Garland Gudath (i40346)
Prestridge, Bobbie (i9886)
Prestridge, Bobby Jean (i10058), b.1930-
Prestridge, Bobby Lynn (i5360), b.1955-
Prestridge, Bonnie (i40383)
Prestridge, Bonnie Bell (i28521), b.1922-
Prestridge, Bonnie Bell - see Prestage, Bonnie Bell (i14532), d.1954
Prestridge, Boyce Darrell (Bud) - see Prestage, Boyce Darrel (Bud) (i9421), b.1948-
Prestridge, Bradley Robert - see Prestidge, Bradley Robert (i40345)
Prestridge, Brandon Eugene (i20312)
Prestridge, Brandon Thomas (i3802)
Prestridge, Brenda (i10329)
Prestridge, Brenda Janell - see Prestidge, Brenda Janell (i27481)
Prestridge, Brenda Lou - see Prestage, Brenda Lou (i9424), b.1952-
Prestridge, Brenda Sue (i1262), b.1951-
Prestridge, Brenda Sue (i13468), b.1953-
Prestridge, Brian Hamilton (i2243), b.1977-
Prestridge, Brian Keith (i10290), b.1958-
Prestridge, Brian Lee (i3803)
Prestridge, Brooke (i28256)
Prestridge, Bruce G. (i10617), b.1961-
Prestridge, Bryce - see Prestage, Bryce (i209), b.1923-d.1992
Prestridge, Bunyan George (i11110), b.1858-d.1931
Prestridge, Byron (i40918), b. 1972

Prestridge, C. L. (i10173), b.1914-
Prestridge, Campbell - see Prestage, Campbell (i7587)
Prestridge, Carl (i11251), b.1901-d.1983
Pretridge, Carl Elton (i40389), b.1914-d.1959
Prestridge, Carol Elaine (i1538), b.1964-
Prestridge, Carole Jean - see Prestage, Carole Jeanne (i14564)
Prestridge, Caroline (i2616)
Prestridge, Carolyn (i10893)
Prestridge, Carolyn Elizabeth (i28427), b.1946-
Prestridge, Carrie Levenia - see Prestage, Carrie Levenia (i7515), b.1888-
Prestridge, Carrie T. (i9021), b.1879-
Prestridge, Carroll Amos - see Prestage, Carroll Amos (i14449)
Prestridge, Cary (i10341)
Prestridge, Casey - see Prestage, Casey (i2067), b.1989-
Prestridge, Catherine - see Prestage, Catherine (i2087), b.1929-d.1934 (error?)
Prestridge, Catherine - Prestage, Catherine (i9487), b.1929-d.1934 (error?)
Prestridge, Catherine (i2548)
Prestridge, Catherine (i11309), b.1908-
Prestridge, Catherine "Cathie" (i9902), b.1972-
Prestridge, Catherine "Katie" (i1224), b.1897-d.1940
Prestridge, Catherine Elaine (i2202), b.1947-
Prestridge, Cemantha (i10832)
Prestridge, Cecil C. - see Prestidge, Cecil C. (i27464), b.1894-
Prestridge, Cecil Odell - see Prestriedge, Cecil Odell (i5824), b.1924-d.1992
Prestridge, Chad Adam b.1970-d.2004(i2619)
Prestridge, Chad Everette (i2896), b.1975-
Prestridge, Charlene (i3847)
Prestridge, Charlene (i9639)
Prestridge, Charlene (i10007), b.1928-
Prestridge, Charles (i2482)
Prestridge, Charles (i9633), b.1930-
Prestridge, Charles Alfred (i5304), b.1928-d.2002
Prestridge, Charles Allen (i10583), b.1944-
Prestridge, Charles Clifton (i10555), b.1915-d.1989
Prestridge, Charles D. - see Prestage, Charles D. (i14535)
Prestridge, Charles E. (i3467)
Pretridge, Charles Elton (i11280), b.1895-d.1968
Prestridge, Charles Edward (i23062), b.1926-d.1973
Prestridge, Charles Franklin (i7308), b.1896-d.1937
Prestridge, Charles Henry, Jr. (i11202), b.1895-d.1984
Prestridge, Charles Henry, Sr. (i11186), b.1860-d.1945
Prestridge, Charles Lee (i10171), b.1881-
Prestridge, Charles Mclemore Or Macklemore (i10656), b.1869-d.1939
Prestridge, Charles Raymond (i3003), b.1958-
Prestridge, Charles Spurgeon (i10005), b.1904-d.1963
Prestridge, Charles Walter (i3481)
Prestridge, Charley C. (i11280), b.APR-
Prestridge, Charlie Crofford (i10702), b.1886-d.1933
Prestridge, Charlie E. - see Prestidge, Charlie E. (i7541a), b.1908-d.1909
Prestridge, Charolette Antha (i3839)
Prestridge, Chelcie - see Prestage, Chelcie (i12947)
Prestridge, Child (i28328)
Prestridge, Chris Ann (i6250c), b.1955
Prestridge, Christian Tyler (i15489)
Prestridge, Christin Marie (i2447)
Prestridge, Christine (i15092)
Prestridge, Christopher (i1601)
Prestridge, Christopher (i2318)
Prestridge, Christopher (i25952)
Prestridge, Christopher Blake (i2713)
Prestridge, Chrystal Annette (i2824)
Prestridge, Cinderella (i1207), b.1804-d.1845
Prestridge, Clanton D. (i10787), b.1905-
Prestridge, Clara (i2320), b.1911-d.1911
Prestridge, Clara (i9975), b.1898-
Prestridge, Clara (i11139), b.1901-d.1977
Prestridge, Clara L. - see Prestage, Clara L. (i7575), b.1909-
Prestridge, Clarence Benard (i11291), b.1880-
Prestridge, Clarence Benard (i27916), b.1923-
Prestridge, Clarence Frost (i3787), b.1906-d.1988
Prestridge, Clarence Leon (i3171), b.1905-
Prestridge, Clarence Ray - see Prestidge, Clarence Ray (i2921)
Prestridge, Clark G. (i9855)
Prestridge, Clark Samuel (i10523), b.1900-d.1972
Prestridge, Clarke Augustus (i11122), b.1894-d.1969
Prestridge, Claude "Cloud" Adolphus (i7290), b.1903-d.1969
Prestridge, Claude Boyette (i3534), b.1866-d.1879
Prestridge, Claude Doyle (i7605), b.1929-d.1929
Prestridge, Claude Edison (i25933), b.1923-d.1946
Prestridge, Claude Henry (i10553), b.1894-d.1956
Prestridge, Claude Henry, Jr. (i10564), b.1918-d.1985
Prestridge, Claude William (i7620), b.1960-
Prestridge, Claudine Gladys (i7611), b.1937-
Prestridge, Cledith (i12436)
Prestridge, Clell - see Prestidge, Clell (i28199), b.1896-
Prestridge, Clementine (i10676), b.1845-
Prestridge, Cletice Ivory (i1852), b.1894-d.1934
Prestridge, Clifford - see Prestage, Clifford (i7518), b.1897-d.1960
Prestridge, Jr. Clifford - see Prestage, Clifford, Jr. (i14559)
Prestridge, Clinton (i7299), b.1890-d.1909
Prestridge, Clinton (i15543), b.1892-d.1909
Prestridge, Clinton W. (i10541), b.1859-d.1860
Prestridge, Clovis Belem - see Prestage, Clovis Belem (i7485), b.1895-d.1972
Prestridge, Clyde - see Prestage, Clyde (i7559), b.1904-
Prestridge, Clyde Alton - seePrestage, Clyde Alton (i14560)
Prestridge, Clyde Morris (i10253), b.1898-d.1988
Prestridge, Cody Wyatt (i2436)
Prestridge, Commil (i11152)
Prestridge, Commodore P., Jr. (i10440), b.1889-d.1944
Prestridge, Commodore Perry, Sr. (i10429), b.1853-d.1889
Prestridge, Cora (i9279), b.1907-
Prestridge, Cora Mae T. - see Prestidge, Cora Mae T. (i2927)
Prestridge, Cora Ollie (i10002), b.1903-
Prestridge, Cordie Mae (i10828), b.1900-d.1937
Prestridge, Cordie O. (i2736), b.1893-
Prestridge, Corey Seth (i26816), b.1981-
Prestridge, Cornelia (i9958), b.1864-d.1954
Prestridge, Cornelia Alice (i8967), b.1906-
Prestridge, Courtney (i10232), b.1886-d.1944
Prestridge, Coy - see Prestidge, Coy (i40343)
Prestridge, Coy - see Prestidge, Coy (i7541), b.1902-
Prestridge, Crawford (i3026)
Prestridge, Creed L. (i10433), b.1911-d.1991
Prestridge, Cular Dialtha (i8948), b.1872-
Prestridge, Curtis Flora (i2654), b.1907-d,2001
Prestridge, Curtis G. (i10821), b.1909-
Prestridge, Cynthia Darlene (i2976), b.1974-
Prestridge, Cynthia Gaye - see Prestidge, Cynthia Gaye (i27470)

Prestridge, Dale Lewis - see Prestage, Dale Lewis (i1937), b.1955-
Prestridge, Dallas - see Prestidge, Dallas (i21018), b.1883-
Prestridge, Dalton (i2669)
Prestridge, Dalton Reginald (i10439), b.1930-d.1988
Prestridge, Dan - see Prestage, Dan (i9644)
Prestridge, Dana (i2606)
Prestridge, Dana Ann (i28249), b.1971-
Prestridge, Dana Caroll (i10943), b.1956-
Prestridge, Dana Keith - see Prestage, Dana Keith (i14573)
Prestridge, Dane Elizabeth (i2172), b.1972-
Prestridge, Daniel (i8559)
Prestridge, Daniel (marriage to Rhoda Prestridge) (i8559)
Prestridge, Daniel Jasper - see Prestage, Daniel Jasper (i3077), b.1850-d.1933
Prestridge, Daniel Jefferson (i8943), b.1862-
Prestridge, Daniel M (i27939)
Prestridge, Danny John (i28429), b.1948-
Prestridge, Daphne Dawn - see Prestage, Daphne Dawn (i1931), b.1973-
Prestridge, Darla Jan (i3112), b.1937-d.2003
Prestridge, Darrell (i15083)
Prestridge, Darrell - see Prestidge, Darrell (i40341)
Prestridge, Darrell Craig - see Prestage, Darrell Craig (i40081)
Prestridge, Daryl (i10283), b.1954-
Prestridge, Daughter (i2362)
Prestridge, Daughter (i3483)
Prestridge, Daughter (i3489)
Prestridge, Daughter (i3492)
Prestridge, Daughter 2 (i2323)
Prestridge, Daughter One (i2321)
Prestridge, David - see Prestidge, David (i27484)
Prestridge, David (i2487)
Prestridge, David (i10326)
Prestridge, David Allen (i15481), b.1976-
Prestridge, David Carl (i25936), b.1957-
Prestridge, David Charles (i10558), b.1955-
Prestridge, David John (i216), b.1955-
Prestridge, David John (i2020), b.1982-
Prestridge, David Odell (i10292), b.1965-
Prestridge, David Ray (i7622), b.1961-
Prestridge, Davis Taylor (i9884)
Prestridge, Davis Taylor, Jr. (i9889)
Prestridge, Dayna Leigh - see Prestage, Dayna Leigh (i1946), b.1986-
Prestridge, Dean (i26811)
Prestridge, Debbie (i10989), b.1958-
Prestridge, Debbie (i15186)
Prestridge, Debbie - see Prestage, Debbie (i12982)
Prestridge, Deborah Ann (i2951), b.1967-
Prestridge, Deborah Kay (i2449), b.1958-d.1985
Prestridge, Deborah L. (i7283)
Prestridge, Debra Kay (i10071), b.1966-
Prestridge, Debra Lynn - see Prestage, Debra Lynn (i14579)
Prestridge, Delaney (i8986), b.1814-d.1892
Prestridge, Delia (i27085), b.1879-d.1962
Prestridge, Deliah (i10206), b.1874-d.1930
Prestridge, Della (i11306)
Prestridge, Della - see Prestage, Della (i9090), b.1902-
Prestridge, Delmar Commodore "Commie" (i15183), b.1907-
Prestridge, Demareus (Sis) Adeline (i10517), b.1864-
Prestridge, Demascus (i10520), b.1864-
Prestridge, Demetriaus Dilea (i10532), b.1864-
Prestridge, Derreck Wayne (i2307), b.1980-
Prestridge, Dessie Bell (i11245), b.APR-
Prestridge, Devin Wade (i2308), b.1985-
Prestridge, Dewie Earl (i2868), b.1914-d.1974
Prestridge, Diana (i2434)
Prestridge, Diane (i15496)
Prestridge, Diane Elizabeth - see Prestage, Diane Elizabeth (i1929), b.1950-
Prestridge, Dimple Ruth - see Prestage, Dimple Ruth (i40063)
Prestridge, Dink - see Prestage, Dink (i9061), b.1916-
Prestridge, Dixie Gail - see Prestage, Dixie Gail (i14572)
Prestridge, Donald (i15080)
Prestridge, Donald Jelks - see Prestage, Donald Jelks (i1941), b.1965-
Prestridge, Donald Kent - see Prestage, Donald Kent (i14570)
Prestridge, Donna (i10285), b.1956-
Prestridge, Donna - see Prestage, Donna (i9440)
Prestridge, Donnie (i2545)
Prestridge, Donnie G. (i2645)
Prestridge, Dolores Del - see Prestidge, Dolores Del (i40048)
Prestridge, Dora Anna (i10183), d.1947
Prestridge, Dora Bennie (i11172), b.1888-d.1888
Prestridge, Dorcas Floretta (i9957), b.1872-d.1898
Prestridge, Doris (i10213)
Prestridge, Doris (i10451), b.1925-d.1988
Prestridge, Dorothy (i10174), b.1917-
Prestridge, Dorothy (i15091)
Prestridge, Dorothy Geraldine - see Prestage, Dorothy Geraldine (i14464)
Prestridge, Dorothy Yvonne (i10317), b.1941-
Prestridge, Douglas (i10325)
Prestridge, Douglas Odell (i23061), b.1919-
Prestridge, Dovie Darlene (i11216), b.1934-
Prestridge, Dovie Deliah (Delina?) (i11211), b.1906-d.1984
Prestridge, Dovie J. (i10807), b.APR-
Prestridge, Doyle Vernon (i10435), b.1915-d.1943
Prestridge, Doyle Weaver (i2894), b.1946-
Prestridge, Drew (i11262), b.1879-
Prestridge, Drumette (i10369), b.1879-
Prestridge, Durwood (i10143), b.1910-
Prestridge, Dylan Wesley (i2309), b.1989-

Prestridge, Earl (i2517)
Prestridge, Earl (i3028), b.1938-
Prestridge, Earl (i10362), b.1918-d.1919
Prestridge, Earl (i10447), b.1915-
Prestridge, Earl Jennings - see Prestage, Earl Jennings (i40062)
Prestridge, Earl M. (i11248), b.1892-d.1918
Prestridge, Earl Richard (i11206), b.1899-d.2003
Prestridge, Earmis (i2701), b.1918-d.1973
Prestridge, Ed (i11298), b.APR-
Prestridge, Eddie (i3491)
Prestridge, Eddie (i13486)
Prestridge, Eddie B. (i9878), b.1902-d.1977
Prestridge, Eddie Warren (i2685), b.1913-
Prestridge, Eddy (i10849), b.1917-
Prestridge, Edgar A. - see Prestage, Edgar A. (i7491), b.1905-d.1978
Prestridge, Edgar A., Jr. - see Prestage, Edgar Earl, Jr. (i1948), b.1960-
Prestridge, Edgar Earl, Sr. - seePrestage, Edgar Earl, Sr. (i14230), b.1931-
Prestridge, Edgar Lloyd (i15191), b.1905-d.1980
Prestridge, Edith Adell (i11112), b.1887-d.1982
Prestridge, Edith Mae (i13443), b.1928-
Prestridge, Edith Mae (i27517), b.1904-d.1959
Prestridge, Edker (i3348), b.1892-
Prestridge, Edna Earl (i3844), b.1925-d.1942
Prestridge, Edna Earle (i2875)
Prestridge, Edsel Gale (i12680)
Prestridge, Edward Paul - see Prestriedge, Edward Paul (i5825), b.1927-d.1927
Prestridge, Edwin (i15197)
Prestridge, Edwin Earl (Buddy) (i10075), b.1938-
Prestridge, Effa May (i27928), b.1878-
Prestridge, Effie Mae (i3457)
Prestridge, Effie Opehila (i2658), b.1910-d.1977
Prestridge, Effie Opehila (marriage to Ivah Zellza Prestridge) (i2658), b.1910-d.1977
Prestridge, Egbert Barnett - see Prestage, Egbert Barnett (i9037), b.1897-d.1964
Prestridge, Egbert Barnett, Jr. - see Prestage, Egbert Barnett, Jr. (i14228), b.1924-d.1983
Prestridge, Elan E. (i2331), b.1886-d.1968
Prestridge, Elbert Carl (i3095), b.1919-
Prestridge, Elbert Dale (i7615), b.1957-
Prestridge, Elbert Leon (i7609), b.1934-
Prestridge, Eleanor - see Prestage, Eleanor (i7552), b.1913-d.1999
Prestridge, Elenor - see Prestidge, Elenor (i7537), b.1904-
Prestridge, Elijah (i10110), b.1810-d.1884
Prestridge, Elijah Alexander (i8958), b.1891-d.AUG
Prestridge, Eliza Ann (i15544), b.1884-d.1961
Prestridge, Eliza Ann Matilda (i10856), b.1846-d.1860
Prestridge, Eliza P. (i10683), b.1843-
Prestridge, Elizabeth - see Prestage, Elizabeth (i26338)
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i2369), b.1859-
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i3075), b.1827-d.1864
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i3176), b.1788-d.1854
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i3296), b.1813-
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i7585), d.1874
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i9010), b.1824-d.1849
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i9093), b.1837-
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i9105), b.1835-
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i9844), b.1949-
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i10113)
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i10894)
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i12128), b.1733-
Prestridge, Elizabeth (i10476d),-
Prestridge, Elizabeth "Tommie" (i11102), b.1874-d.1900
Prestridge, Elizabeth Alice (i2023), b.1992-
Prestridge, Elizabeth Ann (i10065), b.1933-
Prestridge, Elizabeth Ann "Lizzy" (i10977), b.1937-
Prestridge, Elizabeth Anne (i11129), b.1838-d.1864
Prestridge, Elizabeth Elaine (i2898), b.1940-
Prestridge, Elizabeth H. (i10106), b.1853-
Prestridge, Elizabeth Jane (i3175), b.1919-
Prestridge, Elizabeth Jane (i11311), b.1834-
Prestridge, Elizabeth Lucindy (i3213), b.1837-d.1907
Prestridge, Ella - see Prestidge, Ella (i10837), b.1872-
Prestridge, Ella (Ellen) Jane (i11167), b.1848-d.1942
Prestridge, Ella A. (i3151), b.1901-d.1904
Prestridge, Ellen Magdala (i10909), b.1867-
Prestridge, Ellis (i10824), b.1909-
Prestridge, Ellsey (Elza) (i9811), b.1809-
Prestridge, Elmer J. "Gus" (i3018), b.1925-d.1996
Prestridge, Elmer L. (i23377)
Prestridge, Elmer Leslie (i10802), b.1911-d.1980
Prestridge, Elmo Troy (i13472), b.1896-
Prestridge, Elsie (i9598), b.1919-
Prestridge, Elsie (i10586)
Prestridge, Elsie M. (i9022), b.1866-
Prestridge, Elsie Marr (i7309), b.1853-
Prestridge, Elsie Ruth (i10009), b.1907-d.1974
Prestridge, Elton Lee - see Prestage, Elton Lee (i9662), b.1919-d.1967
Prestridge, Elvin (i2535)
Prestridge, Emily (i2488)
Prestridge, Emily (i3215)
Prestridge, Emily Ellen (i11157), b.1852-d.1874
Prestridge, Emily Izora - see Prestage, Emily Izora (i9547), b.1880-d.1962
Prestridge, Emily Rebecca (i2714)
Prestridge, Emily Zora - see Prestage, Emily Zora (i9492), b.1892-d.1978
Prestridge, Emma (i2850), b.1931-
Prestridge, Emma (i10233), b.1889-
Prestridge, Emma (i27953), b.1884-
Prestridge, Emma Louise (i5404), b.1936-
Prestridge, Emma W. (i10643), b.1866-
Prestridge, Emmitt Clyde - see Prestage, Emmitt Clyde (i13358), b.1912-d.1968
Prestridge, Eric Dwyer - see Prestidge, Eric Dwyer (i27480)
Prestridge, Erika Leigh - see Prestage, Erika Leigh (i1956), b.1988-
Prestridge, Erline (i10139), b.1913-
Prestridge, Erna - see Prestage, Erna (i7550), b.1910-
Prestridge, Ernest - see Prestage, Ernest (i7560)
Prestridge, Ernest Lenard - see Prestage, Ernest Lenard (i7513), b.1883-d.1958
Prestridge, Ernest Wayne (i11300), b.1962-d.1992
Prestridge, Eron (i2691), b.1913-
Prestridge, Ervin Wendell - see Prestage, Ervin Wendell (i12940), b.1924-
Prestridge, Essie S. (i10252), b.1895-
Prestridge, Estell - see Prestage, Estell (i7511), b.1880-d.1966
Prestridge, Estella - see Prestage, Estella (i14521)
Prestridge, Estelle - see Prestage, Estelle (i9058), b.1908-d.1981
Prestridge, Estelle (i2342), b.1907-
Prestridge, Estelle (i3053)
Prestridge, Ester Dell (i10663), b.1900-d.1970
Prestridge, Esther (i10411), b.1891-d.1965
Prestridge, Esther Blanche (i15177), b.1909-d.1962
Prestridge, Ethel - see Prestage, Ethel (i14466)
Prestridge, Ethel Bell (i10664), b.1900-
Prestridge, Ethel J. (i7497), b.1909-
Prestridge, Ethel Lee (i10785), b.APR-
Prestridge, Ethel Tomy (i10908), b.1898-
Prestridge, Ethel Vester (i10709), b.1896-d.1980
Prestridge, Ethel Zuleme (i2394)
Prestridge, Ethleen (i2665)
Prestridge, Ettie Rene (i9995), b.1898-d.1969
Prestridge, Eugene (i2626), b.1896-
Prestridge, Eugene Hewitt (i10020), b.1912-d.1980
Prestridge, Euna Lee (i28556), b.1908-
Prestridge, Eunice Etoil (i27515), b.1907-d.1959
Prestridge, Eva (i10547), b.1892-
Prestridge, Eva Arizona (i10698), b.1882-d.1975
Prestridge, Eva J. (i7496), b.1903-
Prestridge, Eva Lois (i10295), b.1934-
Prestridge, Eva Lois - see Prestage, Eva Lois (i7554), b.1919-
Prestridge, Evelyn (i2537)
Prestridge, Evelyn (i10055), b.1944-
Prestridge, Evelyn Augusta (i9175), b.1961-
Prestridge, Everett Claud (i2870), b.1916-d.1965
Prestridge, Evie (i10800), b.1904-
Prestridge, Evie - see Prestage, Evie (i7558), b.1901-
Prestridge, Evie Arizona (i10698), b.1882-d1975
Prestridge, Evie Lena (i10243), b.1882-d.1970
Prestridge, Evie Melinda (i27848), b.1900-
Prestridge, Evie Victoria (i10907), b.1894-
Prestridge, Evon (i2415), b.1940-d.1940
Prestridge, Ezra (i2549), b.1902-d.1995

Prestridge, Fairbell (i3838), b.1917-
Prestridge, Fannie (i2376)
Prestridge, Fannie (i10724)
Prestridge, Fannie (i10766), b.1866-
Prestridge, Fannie S. (i10805), b.1917-
Prestridge, Fawnelle (i2030), b.1947-
Prestridge, Faye (i9632), b.1928-d.1962
Prestridge, Faye - see Prestage, Faye (i9441)
Prestridge, Faynell (i26812)
Prestridge, Female (i26503)
Prestridge, Female (i26504)
Prestridge, Fleet (i3294)
Prestridge, Flora Beatrices (i12209), b.1915-d.2002
Prestridge, Flora Mae (i2565)
Prestridge, Florence Ellen (i25941), b.1944-
Prestridge, Floyd Boone - see Prestage, Floyd Boone (i14558)
Prestridge, Floyd Glenn - see Prestage, Floyd Glenn (i14569)
Prestridge, Floyd Leroy (i7607), b.1930-
Prestridge, Fran O'Dell - see Prestidge, Fran O'Dell (i27487)
Prestridge, Frances (i3014), b.1932-d.1936
Prestridge, Frances (i3020)
Prestridge, Frances (i9888)
Prestridge, Frances (i10022)
Prestridge, Frances (i10624)
Prestridge, Frances E. (i3293), b.1919-
Prestridge, Frances Loretta (i3368), b.1907-
Prestridge, Frances Mcgraw (i3511)
Prestridge, Frances P. (i10863), b.1871-
Prestridge, Frances Q. (i10953), b.1893-d.1894
Prestridge, Frances Taylor (i9879)
Prestridge, Francis J. - see Prestage, Francis J. (i9087), b.1920-
Prestridge, Francis Lee (i27513), b.1902-d.1973
Prestridge, Francis Lee "Sonny" (i27520)
Prestridge, Francis V. (i2729), b.1890-
Prestridge, Frank (i9278), b.1905-
Prestridge, Frank - see Prestage, Frank Alvison (i7567), b.1908-d.1959
Prestridge, Frank W. (i1218), b.1889-d.1909
Prestridge, Frankie P. (i9282), b.1900-
Prestridge, Franklin (i10791), b.1885-d.1970
Prestridge, Franklin Eugene (i15531)
Prestridge, Fred (i7502), b.1917-d.1982
Prestridge, Fred Harold - see Prestage, Fred Harold (i14470)
Prestridge, Fronia (i3831), b.1870-

Prestridge, G. B. (i9023), b.1853-
Prestridge, G. C. (i2343)
Prestridge, Gaddis - see Prestage, Gaddis (i210)
Prestridge, Gail (i10342)
Prestridge, Gale Lynn (i25937), b.1958-
Prestridge, Gary (i2615)
Prestridge, Gary (i3849)
Prestridge, Gary (i15190)
Prestridge, Gary Alton - see Prestage, Gary Alton (i14577)
Prestridge, Gary Dale (i10221), b.1953-
Prestridge, Gary L. (i2646)
Prestridge, Gary L. (i7285)
Prestridge, Gary Richard (i10619)
Prestridge, Gary Wayne - see Prestidge, Gary Wayne (i40340)
Prestridge, Gaylon Cartrell (i28520), b.1913-d.1921
Prestridge, Gaynelle (i3024)
Prestridge, George (i9966), b.1872-
Prestridge, George E. - see Prestage, George E. (i7524), b.1881-
Prestridge, George Earl (i25942), b.1946-
Prestridge, George Harold (i9155), b.1919-d.1978
Prestridge, George Harold, Jr. (i9162), b.1955-d.1955
Prestridge, George Harper (i11281), b.1832-d.1862
Prestridge, George Harris (i11170), b.1855-d.1914
Prestridge, George Harris (i11198), b.1891-d.1983
Prestridge, George Henry Washington (i3326), b.1863-d.1904
Prestridge, George Hutton (i15071)
Prestridge, George Neal "Buster" (i3378), b.1923-d.1997
Prestridge, George Raymond (i8542), b.1899-d.1917
Prestridge, George Rudolph, Jr. (i3292), b.1914-
Prestridge, George Rudolph, Sr. (i3286), b.1891-
Prestridge, George S. (i2332), b.1890-
Prestridge, George Simeon (i11304), b.1860-d.1931
Prestridge, George Taylor (i7263), b.1865-d.1944
Prestridge, George Thomas (i9192), b.1923-d.1996
Prestridge, George V. - see Prestidge, George V. (i7539), b.1894-
Prestridge, George Wallace (i9177), b.1921-d.1987
Prestridge, George Washington (i1200), b.1836-d.1864
Prestridge, George William - see Prestidge, George William (i3044), b.1838-
Prestridge, Georgia (i3168), b.1895-d.1928
Prestridge, Georgia (i11176), b.1888-
Prestridge, Gerald Wallace "Smokey" (i10928), b.1917-d.1959
Prestridge, Geraldine (i12974)
Prestridge, Gertie Mae (i3359), b.1917-d.1937
Prestridge, Gilbert - see Prestage, Gilbert (i40090)
Prestridge, Gina (i2612)
Prestridge, Gladys Lorene (i28420), b.1920-d.1941
Prestridge, Gladys Marie - see Prestage, Gladys Marie (i14561)
Prestridge, Glen (i2553)
Prestridge, Glen Michael (i10566), b.1941-
Prestridge, Glenda (i2647)
Prestridge, Glenda (i40115)
Prestridge, Glenda Gail - see Prestage, Glenda Gail (i40094)
Prestridge, Glenda Jene (i13464), b.1951-
Prestridge, Glenda Kay - see Prestage, Glenda Kay (i14528)
Prestridge, Gloria June Prestage, Gloria June (i14529)
Prestridge, Grace Ann (i3535), b.1864-
Prestridge, Grace Elaine (i10105), b.1917-d.1988
Prestridge, Grace Elaine (i10215)
Prestridge, Gracie C. (i25647)
Prestridge, Gracy - see Prestage, Gracy (i9075), b.1912-
Prestridge, Gregory (i9854)
Prestridge, Gregory Mark - see Prestage, Gregory Mark (i12941)
Prestridge, Grover Cleveland - see Prestage, Grover Cleveland (i7476), b.1893-d.1953
Prestridge, Gunther - see Prestage, Gunther (i9589)
Prestridge, Gussie (i10235), b.1894-
Prestridge, Gwendolyn Peggy (i26801), b.1923-
Prestridge, Gwondolyn - see Prestage, Gwondolyn (i40060)

Prestridge, Habib (i11145), b.1893-d.1978
Prestridge, Haley Elizabeth (i12736)
Prestridge, Hamilton (i9850)
Prestridge, Hamilton Swayne, Sr. (i1191), b.1924-
Prestridge, Hamiton Swayne "Butch" (i2237), b.1947-
Prestridge, Hamm (i2344)
Prestridge, Hannah (i7330)
Prestridge, Hannah V. - see Prestage, Hannah V. (i9674), b.1877-
Prestridge, Harold Dean - see Prestage, Harold Dean (i9436)
Prestridge, Harold Leslie, Jr. (i1), b.1956-
Prestridge, Harold Leslie, Sr. (i7971), b.1930-d.1975
Prestridge, Harper (i40926)
Prestridge, Harriette Louise (i3380), b.1924-
Prestridge, Harrison (i3537), b.1869-
Prestridge, Harry Michael (i10607), b.1959-
Prestridge, Harvey - see Prestage, Harvey (i14468)
Prestridge, Hayward (i13449), b.1934-d.1935
Prestridge, Hazel Ann (i10018)
Prestridge, Heather Deanna - see Prestidge, Heather Deanna (i28741), b.1971-
Prestirdge, Heather Latrice - see Prestage, Heather Latrice (i1947), b.1989-
Prestridge, Hector - see Prestage, Hector (i9091), b.1906-
Prestridge, Helen Jean (i28424), b.1944-
Prestridge, Hellen (i11150), b.1899-d.1946
Prestridge, Helon (i10370), b.1881-d.1922
Prestridge, Henry (i10363), b.1878-d.1918
Prestridge, Henry - see Prestage, Henry (i7466), b.1869-
Prestridge, Henry A. (i7279), b.1876-d.1902
Prestridge, Henry Alvin - see Prestriedge, Henry Alvin (i5817), b.1912-d.1913
Prestridge, Henry Clay - see Prestage, Henry Clay (i14469)
Prestridge, Henry H. (i10472), b.APR-
Prestridge, Henry Haygood (i2336), b.1893-d.1979
Prestridge, Henry Haygood (i10241), b.1855-d.1894
Prestridge, Henry Lee (i7597), b.1901-d.1981
Prestridge, Henry Lee - Prestriedge, Henry Lee (i10646), b.1866-d.1944
Prestridge, Henry Madison (i10699), b.1884-d.1964
Prestridge, Henry Russell - see Prestage, Henry Russell (i9452), b.1921-
Prestridge, Herbert (i2845), b.1925-
Prestridge, Herbert June (i9142), b.1915-d.1980
Prestridge, Herbert Lee (i13450), b.1936-
Prestridge, Herbert M. (i20334)
Prestridge, Herman (i10204), b.1920-
Prestridge, Hershall Flavous (i28627), b.1908-d.1941
Prestridge, Hershel Earl (i13461), b.1949-
Prestridge, Hezikiah (i7582), b.1805-
Prestridge, Hilman (i2551)
Prestridge, Hiram (i9025), b.1832-
Prestridge, Hollie M. (i3069), b.1911-
Prestridge, Holly (i2438)
Prestridge, Holly (i10315), b.1962-
Prestridge, Homer (i2531)
Prestridge, Homer Lee (i9143), b.1917-d.1982
Prestridge, Homer T. (i10224), b.1910-d.1989
Prestridge, Horace Raburn (i2381), b.1912-d.1937
Prestridge, Horace Watson, Jr. - see Prestage, Horace Watson, Jr. (i1935), b.1952-
Prestridge, Horace Watson, Sr. - see Prestage, Horace Watson, Sr. (i14229), b.1926-d.1988
Prestridge, Howard (i3060)
Prestridge, Howard Leslie - see Prestage, Howard Leslie (i9578), b.1909-d.1953
Prestridge, Howard Zachary (i10946), b.1959-
Prestridge, Howell (i8556), b.1792-d.1860
Prestridge, Howell (i10876), b.1857-
Prestridge, Howell Simion (i11271), b.1827-d.1862
Prestridge, Hoyt David (i3360)
Prestridge, Hubert B. (i2395)
Prestridge, Hubert Flowers (i10043), b.1905-d.1979
Prestridge, Hugh Dorthard (i10707), b.1890-d.1970
Prestridge, Hugh Faye (i2573)
Prestridge, Hughy Lee - see Prestage, Hughy Lee (i9070), b.1918-
Prestridge, Huldah (i3204)
Prestridge, Hulet Tilton - see Prestriedge, Hulet Tilton (i5826), b.1928-

Prestridge, I. G. (i27945), b.1928-d.1980
Prestridge, I. V. (i2867), b.1914-d.1975
Prestridge, I. V. - see Prestriedge, I. V. (i28401), b.1914-d.1971
Prestridge, Ida (i2663)
Prestridge, Ida (i10177), b.1891-
Prestridge, Ida (i10853), b.1877-
Prestridge, Ida Ketura (i10542), b.1860-d.1948
Prestridge, Ida Leona - see Prestage, Ida Leona (i9392), b.1886-d.1937
Prestridge, Ida Mae (i40778)
Prestridge, Idella - see Prestage, Idella (i9085), b.1913-
Prestridge, Ila Dell (i12246), b.1884-d.1884
Prestridge, Ila Ruth (i11127), b.1872-
Prestridge, Ilia Lenora Louiza (i12663), b.1878-d.1878
Prestridge, Imogene (i11134), b.1871-d.1884
Prestridge, Imogene P. - see Prestidge, Imogene P. (i2924)
Prestridge, Ina May (i10659), b.1894-
Prestridge, Ina Naomie (i9999), b.1901-
Prestridge, Inez (i10306), b.1930-d.1990
Prestridge, Infant (i2679), b.1904-
Prestridge, Infant (i3402), b.1905-d.1905
Prestridge, Infant (i8545), b.1903-d.1903
Prestridge, Infant (i11123), b.1859-d.1859
Prestridge, Infant (i11210), b.1904-d.1904
Prestridge, infant (i6250a)
Prestridge, Infant (i28552)
Prestridge, Infant Daughter (i3463)
Prestridge, Infant Daughter (i3816), b.1867-d.1867
Prestridge, Infant Son (i3456)
Prestridge, Infant Son (i3815), b.1868-d.1868
Prestridge, Infant Son (i3861), b.1924-d.1924
Prestridge, Ira (i2664)
Prestridge, Ira (i10274), b.1902-d.1959
Prestridge, Ira Amos - see Prestage, Ira Amos (i14447), b.1900-d.1937
Prestridge, Irene (i40112)
Prestridge, Irene (i10357)
Prestridge, Irene (i28421), b.1922-d.1994
Prestridge, Irene - see Prestage, Irene (i1919)
Prestridge, Iris (i27845), b.1902-d.1978
Prestridge, Irma (i2383)
Prestridge, Irma Jean (i3472)
Prestridge, Isaac Newton (i27946), b.1926-d.1926
Prestridge, Isham Buford (i2750)
Prestridge, Isham Lafaite (Bummy) (i10180), b.1852-d.1897
Prestridge, Ivah Zellza (i2657), b.1911-d.1989
Prestridge, Ivah Zellza (marriage to Effie Opehila Prestridge) (i2657), b.1911-d.1989
Prestridge, Ivy Wilson - see Prestage, Ivy Wilson (i14473), d.1956

Prestridge, J. Elzie (i10331), b.1905-
Prestridge, J. F. (i9912), b.1861-d.1867
Prestridge, Jackie (i3032)
Prestridge, Jackson (i2675)
Prestridge, James - See Prestidge, James (i9275), b.1898-d.1978
Prestridge, James (i2465)
Prestridge, James (i2486)
Prestridge, James (i2805), b.1924-
Prestridge, James (i3354), b.1898-
Prestridge, James (i10169), b.1882-
Prestridge, James (i10230)
Prestridge, James (i10368), b.1912-d.1993
Prestridge, James (i10654), b.1860-
Prestridge, James (i10896), b.1829-d.1901
Prestridge, James (i10906), b.1891-d.1939
Prestridge, James (i28396)
Prestridge, James (Jim) - see Prestage, James (Jim) (i9490), b.1905-d.1966
Prestridge, James Albert (i10127), b.1874-d.1951
Prestridge, James Albert, Jr. (i10129), b.1919-
Prestridge, James Alden (i2413)
Prestridge, James Arthur (i2641), b.1902-
Prestridge, James B. - see Prestage, James B. (i9040), b.1889-d.1931
Prestridge, James Beaty (i9145), b.1940-
Prestridge, James Braughton (i12669), b.1915-d.1916
Prestridge, James Burton (i11162), b.1838-d.1856
Prestridge, James C. (i3135), b.1854-d.1856
Prestridge, James C. (i10789), b.1909-
Prestridge, James Carrol (i10572), b.1930-d.1978
Prestridge, James Carroll (i2347), b.1930-
Prestridge, James Craig (i2712)
Prestridge, James D. (i11246), b.1879-
Prestridge, James Derward (i11071), b.1931-d.2000
Prestridge, James E. (i10718), b.1855-
Prestridge, James E. (i27133), b.1887-d.1912
Prestridge, James E. "Jessie" (i9869), b.1879-d.1894
Prestridge, James Earl (i3040)
Prestridge, James Earl - see Prestidge, James Earl (i27486)
Prestridge, James Earl (i10820), b.1903-d.1975
Prestridge, James Edward (i3021)
Prestridge, James Elmer (i3449), b.1927-
Prestridge, James Emerson (i9823), b.1854-d.1919
Prestridge, James Emerson "Bud" (i27139), d.1956
Prestridge, James Emmit (i6418), b.1898-d.1936
Prestridge, James Everett (i2878), b.1943-
Prestridge, James Ezell (i11141), b.1869-d.1951
Prestridge, James F. (i2637), b.1878-
Prestridge, James Ford (i10225), b.1885-d.1964
Prestridge, James Fred (i10354), b.1909-d.1976
Prestridge, James Garfield (i2707), b.1925-d.1996
Prestridge, James H. see - Prestidge, James H. (i10668), b.1898-d.1924
Prestridge, James H. see - Prestidge, James H. (i10753), b.1852-
Prestridge, James H. (i3157)
Prestridge, James H. (i9017), b.1877-d.1964
Prestridge, James H. (i10652), b.1836-
Prestridge, James H. (i23528), b.1915-d.1995
Prestridge, James Harold - see Prestage, James Harold (i14472)
Prestridge, James Herbert (i27514), b.1905-d.1995
Prestridge, James Herbert "Jimmie", Jr. (i25939), b.1941-
Prestridge, James Herbert, Sr. (i25932), b.1921-d.1998
Prestridge, James Homer - see Prestidge, James Homer (i28398), b.1917-d.1971
Prestridge, James Horice (i13459), b.1947-
Prestridge, James Howell (i10898)
Prestridge, James Isaac "Ike" (i10665), b.1904-
Prestridge, James Ivy (i10913), b.1890-d.1967
Prestridge, James Jarrot (i11126), b.1865-d.1867
Prestridge, James Jefferson (i10815), b.AUG-
Prestridge, James L. (i2628), b.APR-d.1909
Prestridge, James Larkin (i8532), b.1889-d.1967
Prestridge, James Larkin (i9199), b.1926-d.1939
Prestridge, James Leroy - see Prestidge, James Leroy (i2919), b.1929-d.1997
Prestridge, James Lynn (i10330), b.1938-d.1986
Prestridge, James M. see - Prestidge, James M. (i8921), b.1818-
Prestridge, James M. (i10833), b.1841-d.1931
Prestridge, James M. (i11266), b.1849-
Prestridge, James Madison (i11106), b.1814-d.1893
Prestridge, James Monroe - see Prestriedge, James Monroe (i5822), b.1921-d.1985
Prestridge, James Morris, Jr. (i10047), b.1939-
Prestridge, James Morris, Sr. (i10045), b.1907-d.1971
Prestridge, James N. (i3033), b.1837-
Prestridge, James Nathaniel (i2576), b.1927-d.1986
Prestridge, James Otis - see Prestage, James Otis (i7556), b.1927-d.1938
Prestridge, James P. (i10509), b.1856-
Prestridge, James P. (i22505), b.1832-d.1855
Prestridge, James Ray, Jr (i2956), b.1977-
Prestridge, James Ray, Sr. (i2947), b.1943-
Prestridge, James Roy (i2842), b.1922-d.1984
Prestridge, James Royal (i2021), b.1989-
Prestridge, James S. (i6863), b.1849-d.1919
Prestridge, James S. (i27761), b.1853-d.1903
Prestridge, James Steen (i3523), b.1833-d.1892
Prestridge, James T. (i7296), b.1882-
Prestridge, James Thomas (i23374)
Prestridge, James Thomas (Jim) - see Prestage, James Thomas (Jim) (i9566), b.1880-d.1937
Prestridge, James Thomas Jefferson - see Prestage, James Thomas Jefferson (i9388), b.1840-d.1895
Prestridge, James W. (i27937), b.1895-
Prestridge, James Wesley (i1964), b.APR-
Prestridge, James Willard (i10904), b.1864-d.1914
Prestridge, James William Bennett (i10462), b.1869-
Prestridge, Jamie Colleen (i10595), b.1951-
Prestridge, Jamie Robert (i2448)
Prestridge, Jana Lynn - see Prestage, Jana Lynn (i40082)
Prestridge, Jane (i2720), b.1882-d.1974
Prestridge, Jane (i3302), b.1839-
Prestridge, Janet (i10103), b.1955-
Prestridge, Janice Faye (i28280)
Prestridge, Jaret - see Prestage, Jaret (i2065), b.1985-
Prestridge, Jason Erick (i40408)
Prestridge, Jasper Newton (i7300), b.1891-d.1967
Prestridge, Jay Guild (i9856), b.1891-d.1945
Prestridge, Jean (i3490)
Prestridge, Jean (i10580), b.1941-
Prestridge, Jeanine (i2470)
Prestridge, Jefferson D. (i10817), b.1905-
Prestridge, Jefferson Daugherty (i9188), b.1931-
Prestridge, Jeffery Wayne (i10601), b.1955-
Prestridge, Jemmy Bess (i3848)
Prestridge, Jennifer (i40672)
Prestridge, Jenifer Taylor (i2173), b.1976-
Prestridge, Jenney Eleanor (i11269), b.1823-
Prestridge, Jennie (i9976)
Prestridge, Jennie (Ida Mae?) (i10442), b.1907-
Prestridge, Jennifer Leeann (i7633), b.1975-
Prestridge, Jeremiah (i2988), b.1808-
Prestridge, Jeri (i3045)
Prestridge, Jeronah (i7305), b.1894-d.1894
Prestridge, Jerri Patricia (i11094), b.1939-
Prestridge, Jerry (i2472)
Prestridge, Jerry - see Prestage, Jerry (i9437)
Prestridge, Jerry Elmo - see Prestidge, Jerry Elmo (i2014), b.1956-d.1988
Prestridge, Jerry Clarke (i15277), b.1931-
Prestridge, Jess Thomas "Tom" (i8546), b.1905-d.1979
Prestridge, Jesse C. (i2748), b.1900-d.1983
Prestridge, Jesse James (i3009), b.1912-d.1988
Prestridge, Jesse Leondis (i2393)
Prestridge, Jessie (i1995), b.1882-d.1888
Prestridge, Jessie (i2474)
Prestridge, Jessie (i3347), b.1887-
Prestridge, Jessie - see Prestage, Jessie (i7561), b.1909-
Prestridge, Jessie Crawford (i8923), b.1828-d.1907
Prestridge, Jessie Crawford (i10780), b.1873-d.1941
Prestridge, Jessie E. (i10146), b.1889-
Prestridge, Jessie Hollie - see Prestage, Jessie Hollie (i12944), b.1923-d.1948
Prestridge, Jessie Lee (i10742), b.1873-d.1963
Prestridge, Jessie S (i27942)
Prestridge, Jessie William (i10695), b.1907-d.1963
Prestridge, Jewel C. (i28519), b.1941-
Prestridge, Jimmie Lee (i2661)
Prestridge, Jimmy (i2479)
Prestridge, Jimmy Lay (i2377), b.1908-d.1981
Prestridge, Jo (i2498)
Prestridge, Joan (i40390), b.1924
Prestridge, Jo Anne (i15193)
Prestridge, Joann (i9849)
Prestridge, Joe Allen (i10273)
Prestridge, Joe Lloyd - see Prestage, Joe Lloyd (i14565)
Prestridge, Joe Ray (i10231)
Prestridge, Joel C. (i10670)
Prestridge, Joel James (i7277), b.1871-
Prestridge, Johann (i9892)
Prestridge, John - see Prestidge, John (i27458), b.1874-
Prestridge, John (i1198), d.APR
Prestridge, John (i2481)
Prestridge, John (i3055), b.1842-
Prestridge, John (i3353), b.1895-
Prestridge, John (i3866)
Prestridge, John (i7282), b.1843-
Prestridge, John (i10175), b.1885-
Prestridge, John (i10414), b.1874-d.1919
Prestridge, John (i10651), b.1872-
Prestridge, John A. (i3308), b.1853-d.1874
Prestridge, John A. (i11252), b.1851-d.1883
Prestridge, John Abe (i11056), b.1899-d.1984
Prestridge, John Allen (i10673), b.1851-d.1874
Prestridge, John Alva (i8965), b.1903-d.1988
Prestridge, John Arthur - see Prestage, John Arthur (i7474), b.1880-d.1937
Prestridge, John B. (i3328), b.1870-d.1924
Prestridge, John Barney, Jr. (i11240), b.1892-d.1918
Prestridge, John Bell (i10900), b.1852-d.1875
Prestridge, John Benjamin (i10089), b.1975-
Prestridge, John Bryant (i10135), b.1881-d.1963
Prestridge, John Bryant (i26330)
Prestridge, John Bunion (i11138), b.1898-d.1955
Prestridge, John Byron (i11237), b.1872-d.1938
Prestridge, John Cecil (i10611), b.1964-
Prestridge, John Cecil, Sr. (i10587), b.1900-d.1971
Prestridge, John Charles (i8975), b.1939-
Prestridge, John Dee - see Prestage, John Dee (i7509), b.1876-d.1953
Prestridge, John Earl - see Prestage, John Earl (i9590), b.1912-d.1982
Prestridge, John Elizah "Dr." (i3297), b.1817-d.1867
Prestridge, John ElmorePrestage, John Elmore (i9065), b.1887-d.1974
Prestridge, John F. (i9092), b.1835-
Prestridge, John F., or T. (i7271), b.1862-d.1886
Prestridge, John Fenley (i11135), b.1875-d.1950
Prestridge, John Flavious/Flowers (i10686), b.1874-d.1956
Prestridge, John Fonzi or Fondy - see Prestage, John Fonzi Or Fondy (i9035), b.1894-
Prestridge, John Francis (i9831), b.1885-d.1904
Prestridge, John Glover (i3526), b.1837-d.1853
Prestridge, John H. (i9012), b.1828-
Prestridge, John Henry (i2727), b.1887-d.1975
Prestridge, John Holly "Bud" Dr. - see Prestage, John Holly "Bud", Dr. (i7455), b.1857-d.1904
Prestridge, John Howard, Jr. (i10086), b.1947-
Prestridge, John Howard, Sr. (i10084), b.1914-d.1986
Prestridge, John Hubert (i3356), b.1915-d.1988
Prestridge, John J. (i10883), d.1899
Prestridge, John Jackson (i10866), b.1852-d.1927
Prestridge, John Jay (i2496), b.1923-d.1974
Prestridge, John L. (i10872), b.1899-d.1984
Prestridge, John Leroy, Jr. (i9171), b.1952-d.1994
Prestridge, John Leroy, Sr. (i9169), b.1926-
Prestridge, John M. (i27923), b.1864-d.1918
Prestridge, John Milton (i8930), b.1847-d.1936
Prestridge, John Monroe "Bud" (i6640), b.1874-d.1956
Prestridge, John Nathaniel (i3284), b.1888-d.1931
Prestridge, John Newton (i3515), b.1853-
Prestridge, John O. (i2368), b.1857-
Prestridge, John Paul - see Prestage, John Paul (i1950), b.1964-
Prestridge, John Quincy, Jr. (i9870), b.1880-d.1883
Prestridge, John Quincy, Sr. (i9867), b.1859-d.1939
Prestridge, John Russell (i2651), b.1898-d.1981
Prestridge, John Russell (i26810)
Prestridge, John T. (i10250), b.1892-
Prestridge, John Thomas - see Prestidge, John Thomas (i10666), b.1872-d.1945
Prestridge, John Thomas (i11213), b.1908-
Prestridge, John Thomas (i7471), b.1875-
Prestridge, John W. - see Prestidge, John W. (i7533), b.1896-
Prestridge, John W. (i3206), b.1828-d.1864
Prestridge, John W. (i10796), b.AUG-
Prestridge, John Wesley (i9326), b.1838-d.1862
Prestridge, John William (i28422), b.1924-d.1968
Prestridge, John Wilson - see Prestage, John Wilson (i9546), b.1876-d.1890
Prestridge, John, III (i7332), d.1832
Prestridge, John, Jr. (i7528)
Prestridge, John, Sr. (i7750), b.1729-d.1791
Prestridge, Johnathan Mark (Mack) - see Prestage, Jonathan Mark (Mack) (i9457), b.1889-d.1990
Prestridge, Johnnie C., Jr. (i10589), b.1928-d.2001
Prestridge, Johnnie Maud (i11208), b.1902-
Prestridge, Johnnie W. (i9894), b.1890-d.1953
Prestridge, Johnny (i1965)
Prestridge, Johnny Fred (i28661), b.1935-
Prestridge, Johnny Lee (i40410)
Prestridge, Johnny Ray (i2950), b.1965-
Prestridge, Joseph (i2366), b.1855-
Prestridge, Joseph (i26809)
Prestridge, Joseph (i27954), b.AUG-
Prestridge, Joseph Arron (i11204), b.1897-d.1925
Prestridge, Joseph Asbury (Ozzie) - see Prestage, Joseph Asbury (Ozzie) (i9483), b.1899-d.1982
Prestridge, Joseph Benjamin (i11131), b.1842-d.1885
Prestridge, Joseph Gideon (i11222), b.1864-d.1865
Prestridge, Joseph H. (i11287), b.1877-d.1879
Prestridge, Joseph J. - see Prestage, Joseph J. (i9481), b.1899-
Prestridge, Joseph Jack - see Prestidge, Joseph Jack (i2920)
Prestridge, Joseph Jackson (i11272), b.1829-d.1857
Prestridge, Jospeph Jewell - see Prestage, Joseph Jewell (i9409), b.1911-d.1993
Prestridge, Joseph L. (i10641)
Prestridge, Joseph Newton (Joe) - see Prestage, Joseph Newton (Joe) (i9390), b.1866-d.1912
Prestridge, Joseph Paul, Jr. (i3453)
Prestridge, Joseph Paul, Sr. (i3452), b.1948-
Prestridge, Joseph Russell (i11133), b.1866-d.1885
Prestridge, Joseph S. (i11274), b.1851-d.1909
Prestridge, Joseph Stokes (i3174), b.1912-
Prestridge, Joseph W. (i8557), b.1794-d.1836
Prestridge, Joseph William (i11284), b.1857-d.1920
Prestridge, Joseph William - see Prestage, Joseph William (i14544)
Prestridge, Josephine (i7310), b.1852-d.1934
Prestridge, Josephine (i10503), b.1855-d.1871
Prestridge, Josephine (i10628), b.1872-d.1955
Prestridge, Josephine (i10813), b.1879-
Prestridge, Josepine - see Prestage, Josephine (i9047), b.1905-
Prestridge, Josephine D. (i2627), b.1898-
Prestridge, Joshua (i1196), d.1818
Prestridge, Joshua Elmer (i3341), b.1885-d.1948
Prestridge, Joshua John "Jepe" (i1212), b.1862-d.1905
Prestridge, Joshua L. (i1199), b.1811-d.1881
Prestridge, Josiah (i9821), b.1832-d.1916
Prestridge, Josiah Samuel (i7580)
Prestridge, Joyce (i7302)
Prestridge, Joyce (i40117)
Prestridge, Joyce Bernice (i23378), b.1934-d.2003
Prestridge, Joyce Irene (i1539), b.1966-
Prestridge, Joyce Louise (i8974), b.1934-
Prestridge, Joyce Marie (i2899), b.1941-
Prestridge, Juanita (i2514)
Prestridge, Judge Cleveland (i11295), b.1905-d.1957
Prestridge, Judith Ann (i40378, b.1946
Prestridge, Judith Marie (i7634), b.1977-
Prestridge, Julia (i9872), b.1882-d.1975
Prestridge, Julia (i10529)
Prestridge, Julia Ann (i10885), b.1842-d.1866
Prestridge, Julia Ann (i22507), b.1839-d.1918
Prestridge, Julie (i9910)
Prestridge, Julie Ann (i1531), b.1962-
Prestridge, Julius (i3052), b.1926-d.1927
Prestridge, Jullian V. (i10524), b.1903-
Prestridge, June (i9908)
Prestridge, June E'Lane (i3795)

Prestridge, Kadren Lee - see Prestage, Kadren Lee (i14533)
Prestridge, Karen (i10286), b.1957-
Prestridge, Karen Elizabeth (i2240), b.1970-
Prestridge, Karen Sue - see Prestage, Karen Sue (i2052), b.1958-
Prestridge, Karon (i3057)
Prestridge, Kate (i3519)
Prestridge, Kate (i9862), b.1897-d.1987
Prestridge, Kate Ruth (i10199), b.1919-
Prestridge, Katherine (i15189)
Prestridge, Katherine Elizabeth (i2310), b.1993-
Prestridge, Katherine Susan (i9221), b.1954-
Prestridge, Katheryn Sinclair (i10950), b.1964-d.1988
Prestridge, Kathlee Rebecca (i2461)
Prestridge, Kathleen (i2594)
Prestridge, Kathryn (i2837), b.1921-
Prestridge, Kathryn Sue - see Prestage, Kathryn Sue (i40093)
Prestridge, Kathey Lee - see Prestage, Kathy Lee (i2056), b.1962-
Prestridge, Kathy Lou (i27138), d.1990
Prestridge, Katie Faye (i10465), b.1882-
Prestridge, Katie Sue (i10024)
Prestridge, Katrina Dione (i15580)
Prestridge, Kaunaugh Edmond - see Prestage, Kaunaugh Edmond (i15525)
Prestridge, Kay (i27149)
Prestridge, Keith - see Prestage, Keith (i2081)
Prestridge, Keith Allen (i2431)
Prestridge, Keith Allen (i2440)
Prestridge, Kelly Allison (i10088), b.1971-
Prestridge, Kelsey Leigh (i3507), b.1988-
Prestridge, Kenneth (i28629)
Prestridge, Kenneth - see Prestage, Kenneth (i12976)
Prestridge, Kenneth Kade (i12376), b.1895-d.1984
Prestridge, Kenneth Lee (i1530), b.1961-
Prestridge, Kenneth Wayne (i3115), b.1942-
Prestridge, Kenneth William (i9220), b.1953-
Prestridge, Kenny Joe - see Prestage, Kenny Joe (i2060), b.1965-
Prestridge, Kermit Glenn - see Prestage, Kermit Glenn (i40069)
Prestridge, Kerry (i15082)
Prestridge, Ketha Annette (i27630), b.1974-
Prestridge, Kevin (i10993), b.1984-
Prestridge, Kevin Ray - see Prestage, Kevin Ray (i2062), b.1972-
Prestridge, Kim - see Prestage, Kim (i14575)
Prestridge, Kimberly (i2476)
Prestridge, Kimberly Carolyn - see Prestage, Kimberly Carolyn (i9588)
Prestridge, Kit Loretta (i10585), b.1951-
Prestridge, Kittie (marriage to John Henry Killingsworth) (i3313), b.1881-d.1909
Prestridge, Krista Leigh - see Prestage, Krista Leigh (i1942), b.1974-
Prestridge, Kristina Lynn (i2242), b.1973-

Prestridge, L. D. (i10685), b.1872-
Prestridge, L. J. - see Prestage, L. J. (i15524)
Prestridge, La Dawn - see Prestage, La Dawn (i14582)
Prestridge, Lamar Henry - see Prestage, Lamar Henry (i15530)
Prestridge, Lamon (i2662)
Prestridge, Lancett Aaron - see Prestidge, Lancett Aaron (i27469), b.1918-
Prestridge, Larkin (i7259), b.1834-d.1904
Prestridge, Larkin (i7306), d.1858
Prestridge, Larkin Augustus "Pete" (i1210), b.1899-d.1942
Prestridge, Larkin Anderson (i7304), b.1891-d.1895
Prestridge, Larkin C. (i1996), b.1883-d.1895
Prestridge, Larkin McDonald (i8941), b.1858-d.1906
Prestridge, Larkin, Jr. (i7261), b.1862-d.1931
Prestridge, Larry (i10223)
Prestridge, Larry (i10336)
Prestridge, Larry Charles (i5327), b.1956-d.1976
Prestridge, Larry Wayne - see Prestage, Larry Wayne (i9432)
Prestridge, Larry Willard (i25947)
Prestridge, Laura (i9843), b.1948-
Prestridge, Laura - see Prestidge, Laura (i10738), b.1843-
Prestridge, Laura Belle (i10842), b.1907-
Prestridge, Laura Catherine (i2715)
Prestridge, Laura Eugenia (i10476c), b.1872-
Prestridge, Laura F. (i3289), b.1893-
Prestridge, Laura H. (i11239), b.1890-
Prestridge, Laura Jean (i7618), b.1958-
Prestridge, Laura L. - see Prestidge, Laura L. (i7531), b.1892-
Prestridge, Laura Michell (i2432)
Prestridge, Laurance (i6249d) b.1929 -
Prestridge, Lauren Alyse (i3121), b.1986-
Prestridge, Laurie (i9909)
Prestridge, Lavell (i20338)
Prestridge, Lavelle - see Prestage, Lavelle (i9459)
Prestridge, Lavern (i26814)
Prestridge, Lee (i10268), b.1898-d.1990
Prestridge, Lee Andrew - see Prestage, Lee Andrew (i7508), b.1874-d.1930
Prestridge, Lee Ann (i7613), b.1955-
Prestridge, Lee Ann (i15200)
Prestridge, Lee Ottis - see Prestage, Lee Ottis (i9411), b.1934-
Prestridge, Lee Roy - see Prestidge, Lee Roy (i28399), b.1918-d.1969
Prestridge, Leeper Francis (i1213), b.1887-d.1982
Prestridge, Leigh (i2175), b.1979-
Prestridge, Lela (i40770)
Prestridge, Lela (i9044), b.1919-
Prestridge, Lela Delilah (i10544), b.1862-d.1862
Prestridge, Lela F. - see Prestidge, Lela F. (i7539), b.1891-1891
Prestridge, Leola E. (i10790), b.1877-
Prestridge, Leon - see Prestage, Leon (i9413), b.1938-
Prestridge, Leona (i10347), b.1868-d.1942
Prestridge, Leonard (i3012), b.1914-d.1972
Prestridge, Leonard Carl (i25945)
Prestridge, Leon Curtis "Curt", Sr. - see Prestage, Leonard Curtis "Curt", Sr. (i7477), b.1895-d.1962
Prestridge, Leon Curtis "L.C.", Jr. - see Prestage, Leonard Curtis "L.c.", Jr. (i1951)
Prestridge, Leonard Grady (i3071), b.1916-
Prestridge, Leonard L. - see Prestidge, Leonard L. (i10775), b.1905-d.1977
Prestridge, Leonia (i12671), b.1920-
Prestridge, Leota Julia (i10550), b.1865-d.1932
Prestridge, Leslie (i40769)
Prestridge, Leslie Gene, Jr. - see Prestage, Leslie Gene, Jr. (i2068), b.1964-
Prestridge, Leslie Gene, Sr. - see Prestage, Leslie Gene, Sr. (i9417), b.1942-
(i40209), b.1903-d.1905
Prestridge, Lesley J. (i1219), b.1892-d.1944
Prestridge, Lettie (i10548), b.1895-
Prestridge, Lettie (i10777), b.1907-
Prestridge, Lettie L. (i10712), b.1888-
Prestridge, Letty - see Prestidge, Letty (i7326), b.1776-d.1824
Prestridge, Leutricia Adele - see Prestage, Leutricia Adele (i14547)
Prestridge, Levester (Birdie) - see Prestage, Levester (Birdie) (i9472), b.1893-d.1918
Prestridge, Levi (i9969), b.1841-
Prestridge, Lewis Brendon, Jr. (i2530)
Prestridge, Lewis Brendon, Sr. (i2525)
Prestridge, Lewis Glenn - see Prestage, Lewis Glenn (i40091)
Prestridge, Libby Anderson (i10017), b.1976-
Prestridge, Lida Estell (i10256), b.1910-
Prestridge, Lila Myrtyle - see Prestage, Lila Myrtle (i13355), b.1910-d.1998
Prestridge, Lilian Ruth (i8973), b.1927-
Prestridge, Lilin L. (i10868), b.1893-
Prestridge, Lillian (i10525), b.1906-
Prestridge, Lillie Jane - see Prestage, Lillie Jane (i9474), b.1897-
Prestridge, Lillie Rae (i9163), b.1922-
Prestridge, Lilly (i10778), b.1909-
Prestridge, Linda (i2441)
Prestridge, Linda (i2534)
Prestridge, Linda Ann - see Prestage, Linda Ann (i15535)
Prestridge, Linda Diane (i2996), b.1957-
Prestridge, Linda Fay (i2884), b.1944-
Prestridge, Linda Faye - see Prestage, Linda Faye (i1924), b.1947-
Prestridge, Linda Jean (i9149), b.1943-
Prestridge, Linda Ruth (i25943), b.1949-
Prestridge, Linda Sue - see Prestage, Linda Sue (i14583)
Prestridge, Lindsay (i2459)
Prestridge, Linnie Grace (i10528), b.1916-
Prestridge, Linny (i10640)
Prestridge, Linny (i12199), b.1756-
Prestridge, Linsey Renee (i12704)
Prestridge, Lisa Madeline (i10563), b.1960-
Prestridge, Lissi Marie - see Prestage, Lissi Marie (i1945), b.1977-
Prestridge, Lizar Ann (i10711), b.1886-
Prestridge, Lizzie (i9873), b.1885-d.1942
Prestridge, Lizzie (i10234), b.1891-d.1972
Prestridge, Lizzie May (i10841), b.1904-
Prestridge, Lizzie Anner - see Prestage, Lizzie Anner (i15518), b.1908-d.1933
Prestridge, Lizzie McMackin (i3529), b.1859-
Prestridge, Lizzie P. S. (i10133), b.1879-d.1962
Prestridge, Lizzy E. (i10475), b.1850-
Prestridge, Lleta Lorraine (i15247), b.1915-
Prestridge, Lloyd Alva (i5338), b.1933-
Prestridge, Lloyd Dan (i8977), b.1945-
Prestridge, Lois (i2692), b.1914-
Prestridge, Lola Clyde - see Prestage, Lola Clyde (i9659), b.1911-
Prestridge, Lola Mae (i3291), b.1915-
Prestridge, Lola May (i9131), b.1913-
Prestridge, Lonnie James (i2993), b.1977-
Prestridge, Lonnnie J. (i10715), b.1882-
Prestridge, Lorene (i2688)
Prestridge, Lorene (i40925)
Prestridge, Loretta "Hattie" Corena (i3325), b.1861-
Prestridge, Loretta E. (i3330), b.1873-d.1936
Prestridge, Loretta Leigh (i3504), b.1965-
Prestridge, Lori (i2512)
Prestridge, Lottie (i8534), b.1891-
Prestridge, Lou Ann - see Prestage, Lou Ann (i14458)
Prestridge, Lou Reva Bell - see Prestage, Lou Reva Bell (i7472), b.1879-d.1952
Prestridge, Loudella A. (i7281), b.1881-
Prestridge, Louie Dayton - see Prestage, Louie Dayton (i9430)
Prestridge, Louis Doak - see Prestage, Louie Doak (i9428), b.1913-
Prestridge, Louie E. (i10265), b.1895-d.1958
Prestridge, Louis (i9043), b.1914-
Prestridge, Louis Eugene (i2872), b.1918-d.1985
Prestridge, Louis Howell (i12240), b.1921-d.1963
Prestridge, Louis O'Dell - see Prestidge, Louis O'Dell (i27468), b.1916-d.1985
Prestridge, Louis Reece (i8964), b.1901-d.1968
Prestridge, Louisa (i3219), b.1820-d.1844
Prestridge, Louise (i2527)
Prestridge, Louise (i3290), b.1913-
Prestridge, Louise (i15528)
Prestridge, Loveller - see Prestage, Loveller (i9081), b.1913-d.1913
Prestridge, Lowell H. (i10794), b.1908-
Prestridge, Loyce Atten "Topsy" (i10956), b.1932-
Prestridge, Lubell Jackson (i2676), b.1892-d.1949
Prestridge, Lucile (i10144), b.1913-
Prestridge, Lucinda (i1208)
Prestridge, Lucinda (i3192), b.1805-d.1844
Prestridge, Lucinda "Lulu" Catherine (i28547), b.1885-d.1974
Prestridge, Lucindy Belle - see Prestage, Lucindy Belle (i7467), b.1871-d.1951
Prestridge, Lucy (i7331)
Prestridge, Lucy (i9896), b.1895-d.1972
Prestridge, Lucy (i10178), b.1893-
Prestridge, Lucy (i10514)
Prestridge, Lucy Viola (i11190), b.1885-d.1959
Prestridge, Ludie (i3458)
Prestridge, Luella (i2335), b.AUG-
Prestridge, Lula (i10851), b.1875-
Prestridge, Lula (i10879), b.1909-
Prestridge, Lula B. (i7498), b.1911-
Prestridge, Lula M. - see Prestage, Lula M. (i9086), b.1915-
Prestridge, Lura Irene (i23379)
Prestridge, Luther Edward (i10422), b.1912-d.1913
Prestridge, Luther Edward - see Prestage, Luther Edward (i9485), b.1900-d.1991
Prestridge, Luther Lloyd (i7288), b.1905-d.1986
Prestridge, Lydia Rose (i10561), b.1957-
Prestridge, Lynda (i9307), b.1943-

Prestridge, M (i10834), b.1865-
Prestridge, M. (i10882), b.1866-
Prestridge, Mabel (i10632), b.1876-d.1876
Prestridge, Mabel - see Prestidge, Mabel (i27471)
Prestridge, Mabel Voncille - see Prestage, Mabel Voncille (i14450)
Prestridge, Mack Russler (i10658), b.1892-d.1941
Prestridge, Macy - see Prestage, Macy (i9076), b.1914-
Prestridge, Mae (i2687)
Prestridge, Mahala (i10639), b.1804-
Prestridge, Majorie (i10228), b.1919-d.1990
Prestridge, Malachi (i12661), b.1862-
Prestridge, Malcom (i10149), b.1907-d.1972
Prestridge, Male (i26505)
Prestridge, Male (i26506)
Prestridge, Malissa J. (i11288), b.1879-d.1895
Prestridge, Malissa Mozell (i11270), b.1825-d.1859
Prestridge, Malvina Jane (i3339), b.1883-d.1944
Prestridge, Mamie (i10140), b.AUG-
Prestridge, Mandy (i15579)
Prestridge, Mandy C. - see Prestage, Manda C. (i9034), b.1892-d.1973
Prestridge, Manorah (i10124), b.1871-
Prestridge, Manorah (marriage to James W. Hodges) (i10124), b.1871-
Prestridge, Marcia Diane (i9159), b.1944-
Prestridge, Marcus Zachariah (i8931), b.1848-d.1917
Prestridge, Margaret (i2515)
Prestridge, Margaret (i3183), b.1798-d.1867
Prestridge, Margaret (i10773), b.1894-d.1979
Prestridge, Margaret (i10779), b.1872-
Prestridge, Margaret A. - see Prestidge, Margaret A. (i10733), b.1838-
Prestridge, Margaret (Sarah Margaret) (i8521), b.1908-d.1993
Prestridge, Margaret John Anne (i3087), b.1859-d.1860
Prestridge, Margaret Louise (i9176), b.1931-d.1932
Prestridge, Margie (i15084)
Prestridge, Margie Lee (i2660)
Prestridge, Marguerite Alice (i3470), b.1923-d.1988
Prestridge, Marguerite Nell - see Prestage, Marguerite Nell (i14540)
Prestridge, Mariam Anderson (i10627), b.1870-d.1873
Prestridge, Marie (i10196)
Prestridge, Marie (i10448), b.1917-
Prestridge, Marie Evalina - see Prestage, Marie Evalina (i7510), b.1878-d.1946
Prestridge, Marie Ophelia (i10708), b.1892-d.1895
Prestridge, Marjorie Helen (i9179), b.1925-
Prestridge, Marjorie Hoyes Edith (i3173), b.1909-
Prestridge, Marjorie Lafaye (i11059), b.1928-
Prestridge, Mark (i2614)
Prestridge, Mark Leonidas (i10696), b.1879-d.1936
Prestridge, Mark M. - see Prestidge, Mark M. (i10749), b.1850-d.1900
Prestridge, Mark Wayne (i2541)
Prestridge, Marion Thomas - see Prestidge, Marion Thomas (i9276), b.1900-d.1981
Prestridge, Maron (i3056), b.1933-
Prestridge, Marshall (i10176), b.1886-d.1916
Prestridge, Marshall Oliver (i10648), b.1898-d.1964
Prestridge, Martha (i9954), b.1838-d.1870
Prestridge, Martha (i9961), b.1868-
Prestridge, Martha (i10677), b.1847-
Prestridge, Martha A. (i7275), b.1867-
Prestridge, Martha A. (i10857), b.1846-d.1915
Prestridge, Martha A. "Mattie" (i11229), b.1841-d.1857
Prestridge, Martha Ann (i10079), b.1940-
Prestridge, Martha Ann (i11088), b.1934-
Prestridge, Martha Anna (i3365), b.1905-
Prestridge, Martha Edwin "Mattie" (i11310), b.1862-d.1913
Prestridge, Martha Francis (i3083), b.1875-
Prestridge, Martha M. "Mattie" (i12298), b.1850-d.1895
Prestridge, Martha Melvini - see Prestage, Martha Melvini (i7507), b.1871-d.1918
Prestridge, Martha Merniva (i9865), b.1856-d.1897
Prestridge, Martha Opelia (i10510), b.1857-d.1925
Prestridge, Martin Armund (i11263), b.1820-d.1852
Prestridge, Marvin - see Prestidge, Marvin (i21019), b.1884-
Prestridge, Marvin (i2523), b.1912-d.1986
Prestridge, Marvin (i10450), b.1920-
Prestridge, Marvin John (i11217), b.1937-
Prestridge, Marvin Lee - see Prestriedge, Marvin Lee (i5818), b.1914-d.2003
Prestridge, Marx - see Prestage, Marx (i12977)
Prestridge, Mary (i2501)
Prestridge, Mary (i3016)
Prestridge, Mary (i7589)
Prestridge, Mary (i9832), b.1887-d.1957
Prestridge, Mary (i10476), b.1854-
Prestridge, Mary (i26813)
Prestridge, Mary (i28497), b.1893-
Prestridge, Mary - see Prestage, Mary (i9077), b.1917-
Prestridge, Mary "Marrietta" A. (i9098), b.1847-
Prestridge, Mary "Mollie" (i9960), b.1867-
Prestridge, Mary "Polly" (i8553), d.1875
Prestridge, Mary A. (i27927), b.1876-
Prestridge, Mary Ann (Polly) - see Prestage, Mary Ann (Polly) (i7453), b.1855-d.1934
Prestridge, Mary Bell (i9020), b.1908-d.1918
Prestridge, Mary Beth (i9847)
Prestridge, Mary Bonner (i3370), b.1913-
Prestridge, Mary C. see - Prestidge, Mary C. (i7530), b.1890-d.1910
Prestridge, Mary C. (i11165), b.1868-
Prestridge, Mary Catherine (i10808), b.1851-
Prestridge, Mary E. (i10644), b.1869-
Prestridge, Mary E. (i11230), b.1842-
Prestridge, Mary E. - see Prestage, Mary E. (i3099), b.1856-
Prestridge, Mary Elaine (i2349), b.1920-d.1999
Prestridge, Mary Eliza - see Prestage, Mary Eliza (i2142), b.1844-d.1913
Prestridge, Mary Eliza - see Prestage, Mary Eliza (i9666), b.1872-d.1913
Prestridge, Mary Elizabeth - see Prestage, Mary Elizabeth (i9033), b.1885-d.1964
Prestridge, Mary Elizabeth (i1985), b.1941-
Prestridge, Mary Elizabeth (i3337), b.1879-d.1962
Prestridge, Mary Ellen (i10463), b.1871-
Prestridge, Mary Emily (i9329), b.1859-d.1912
Prestridge, Mary Emma (i10812), b.1877-d.1947
Prestridge, Mary Evon - see Prestage, Mary Evon (i15526)
Prestridge, Mary Hannah (i1217), b.1885-
Prestridge, Mary Izora (i8951), b.1874-
Prestridge, Mary J. (i10162), b.1876-
Prestridge, Mary Jane (i7272), b.1862-d.1905
Prestridge, Mary Jane (Deliah) (i10507), b.1854-d.1930
Prestridge, Mary L. Pauline (i13484), b.1920-
Prestridge, Mary Lillian (i9991), b.1896-d.1969
Prestridge, Mary Lois (i2403)
Prestridge, Mary (Eliza) Louisa - see Prestage, Mary (Eliza) Louisa (i9520), b.1874-d.1965
Prestridge, Mary Louise (i11155), b.1846-d.1871
Prestridge, Mary M. (i11286), b.1876-d.1895
Prestridge, Mary Magalene - see Prestage, Mary Magalene (i9068), b.1911-
Prestridge, Mary Magdeline (i3464), d.APR
Prestridge, Mary O. (i2718), b.1880-d.1958
Prestridge, Mary Phebe (i3303), b.1840-
Prestridge, Mary Sue (i25946)
Prestridge, Mary T. - see Prestidge, Mary T. (i2923)
Prestridge, Mary V. (i2371), b.1866-
Prestridge, Maryjo (i27536), b.1952-
Prestridge, Mathew (i28532), b.1961-
Prestridge, Matilda (i3187)
Prestridge, Matilda (i9913), b.1835-d.1905
Prestridge, Matilda Ann (i8952), b.1876-
Prestridge, Matilda Emaline (i11154), b.1844-d.1923
Prestridge, Matthew Thomas (i10097), b.1980-
Prestridge, Mattie (i3283), b.1884-
Prestridge, Mattie (i11307)
Prestridge, Mattie Cora (i10035), b.1876-d.1900
Prestridge, Mattie L. (i7501), b.1916-
Prestridge, Mattie L. (i11276), b.1888-
Prestridge, Mattie L. - see Prestage, Mattie L. (i9089), b.1897-
Prestridge, Mattie Lee - see Prestage, Mattie Lee (i9048), b.1906-
Prestidge, Mattie Wilson (i27459), b.1876-d.1951
Prestridge, Mavis (i2559)
Prestridge, Max Leland (i3172), b.1907-
Prestridge, Max Raymond (i3170), b.1902-
Prestridge, May (i9042), b.1912-
Prestridge, Mckenzie (i10236), b.1896-
Prestridge, Melanie Lynn (i27551), b.1971-
Prestridge, Melanie Noelle - see Prestidge, Melanie Noelle (i28743), b.1984-
Prestridge, Melanie Rene "Jenea" (i10029)
Prestridge, Melba (i2380)
Prestridge, Melendie Vastie (i10827), b.1898-
Prestridge, Melinda H. - see Prestage, Melinda H. (i3066), b.1845-
Prestridge, Melissa Jane (i11130), b.1838-d.1853
Prestridge, Melita (i27636)
Prestridge, Melvin - see Prestage, Melvin (i9488), b.1903-
Prestridge, Melvin Douglas (i10356)
Prestridge, Melvina Mariah (i9825), b.1879-d.1908
Prestridge, Michael (i1968)
Prestridge, Michael (i5371), b.1957-
Prestridge, Michael (i8558)
Prestridge, Michael Edward (i2424)
Prestridge, Michael Jomel - see Prestage, Michael Jomel (i18838)
Prestridge, Michy (i3185)
Prestridge, Mike (i9635)
Prestridge, Mila L. - see Prestidge, Mila L. (i27460), b.1878-
Prestridge, Mildred - see Prestage, Mildred (i14512)
Prestridge, Milford J. (i12670), b.1917-
Prestridge, Milton Avie (AL) - see Prestage, Milton Alvie (Al) (i9434), b.1915-
Prestridge, Milton C. (i9014), b.1852-
Prestridge, Milton Dwight (i12677)
Prestridge, Milton Dwight, Jr. (i12692)
Prestridge, Milton Markas (i12666), b.1912-d.1977
Prestridge, Mina Gwendolyn (i3169), b.1900-
Prestridge, Minerva (i3217)
Prestridge, Minerva Lois "Topsy" (i8540), b.1896-d.1985
Prestridge, Minerva May (i9828), b.1880-d.1883
Prestridge, Minnie B (i27940)
Prestridge, Minnie Bell (Penny) (i10994), b.1898-d.1987
Prestridge, Minnie E. (i10251), b.1894-d.1977
Prestridge, Minnie Emily - see Prestage, Minnie Emily (i9656), b.1908-
Prestridge, Minnie Ethel (i11188), b.1884-d.1957
Prestridge, Minnie Floretta (i2200), b.1922-
Prestridge, Minnie Floretta (i2204), b.1949-
Prestridge, Minnie Idora (i2640), b.1899-d.1899
Prestridge, Minnie Izora (i11256), b.1899-d.1899
Prestridge, Minnie J. (i11303), b.1892-d.1897
Prestridge, Minnie Lee (i2402), b.1922-d.1922
Prestridge, Minnie Lou - see Prestage, Minnie Lou (i15519), b.1913-
Prestridge, Minnie M. - see Prestage, Minnie M. (i7490), b.1904-d.1904
Prestridge, Minnie Sarah (i10622), b.1905-d.1957
Prestridge, Minnie Vicotria (i11100), b.1874-
Prestridge, Mitchell Wyatt (i2420)
Prestridge, Molly Kay (i10567), b.1943-
Prestridge, Moneta Margie (i2024), b.1992-
Prestridge, Monete (i10145), b.1917-
Prestridge, Monica (i2557)
Prestridge, Monica Katheryn (i10557), b.1952-
Prestridge, Montana Cheyanne (i2823), b.1995-d.1995
Prestridge, Moreen Rhae (i9173), b.1956-
Prestridge, Morris Steele (i3500), b.1955-
Prestridge, Morrisa Ann (i3502), b.1957-
Prestridge, Mrs W. E. (i11184)
Prestridge, Muriel Bennett (i10916), b.1915-
Prestridge, Murrie Dee - see Prestage, Murrie Dee (i15522), b.1918-
Prestridge, Myra - see Prestage, Myra (i2079)
Prestridge, Myram (i3211)
Prestridge, Myrtis Ella (i10784), b.1897-d.1947
Prestridge, Myrtle (i9277), b.1902-
Prestridge, Myrtle (i11196), b.1889-d.1986
Prestridge, Myrtle Lee (i10620), b.1903-d.1972
Prestridge, Myrtle - see Prestage, Myrtle (i7479), b.1901-d.1988

Prestridge, Nancy (i3042)
Prestridge, Nancy (i3190)
Prestridge, Nancy (i7327), b.1778-d.1860
Prestridge, Nancy (i10328)
Prestridge, Nancy A. (i7314), b.1858-
Prestridge, Nancy A. (i15598), b.1890-d.1903
Prestridge, Nancy Ann (i8937), b.1854-
Prestridge, Nancy Ann (i11223), b.1866-d.1937
Prestridge, Nancy E. - see Prestidge, Nancy E. (i10751), b.1877-
Prestridge, Nancy Elizabeth (i2725), b.1886-d.1952
Prestridge, Nancy Leora - see Prestage, Nancy Leora (i9513), b.1871-d.1924
Prestridge, Nancy Penelope (i8956), b.1884-
Prestridge, Nancy W. - see Prestidge, Nancy W. (i10754), b.1853-
Prestridge, Naomi "Oma" (i11148), b.1896-d.1993
Prestridge, Naomi Lee (i7624), b.1970-
Prestridge, Naomi May (i9223), b.1936-d.1987
Prestridge, Narciss (i10389), b.1883-
Prestridge, Nat - see Prestage, Nat (i12978)
Prestridge, Natha Mae - see Prestage, Natha Mae (i9568), b.1907-
Prestridge, Nelda Fay (i2410)
Prestridge, Nella - see Prestage, Nella Jean (i14459)
Prestridge, Nellie (i10099), b.1921-
Prestridge, Nellie (i10195)
Prestridge, Nettie B. (i27926), b.1874-
Prestridge, Netty - see Prestage, Netty (i7487), b.1900-
Prestridge, Newton (i11146), b.1895-d.1972
Prestridge, Newton, Jr (i15089)
Prestridge, Nicole (i10016)
Prestridge, Nina (i2519)
Prestridge, Nina (i10245), b.1857-
Prestridge, Nola - see Prestage, Nola (i7489), b.1903-
Prestridge, Nolad - see Prestage, Nolad (i7525), b.1887-
Prestridge, Noonan Clifton - see Prestage, Nooman Clifton (i12943), b.1927-d.1968
Prestridge, Noonan Clifton - see Prestage, Noonan Clifton (i7475), b.1891-d.1909
Prestridge, Nora Miranda (i10625), b.1867-d.1868
Prestridge, Norma (i2382)
Prestridge, Norma Gayle (i40374), b.1916
Prestridge, Norwood (i10100), b.1921-d.1990
Prestridge, Novella Lee "Vell" (i2743), b.1895-d.1966

Prestridge, Obadiah (Dier Or Dare) (i8554)
Prestridge, Obadiah C. (i7084)
Prestridge, Obadiah Dee (i7278), b.1873-d.1932
Prestridge, Octavia (i10806), b.1886-
Prestridge, Odell - see Prestage, Odell (i9465), b.1917-
Prestridge, Odford Dale (i10701)
Prestridge, Odis (i15523), b.1921-d.AUG
Prestridge, Okee Bingham "Pete", Sr. (i13480), b.1911-
Prestridge, Okee Bingham, Jr. (i3058)
Prestridge, Ola Lois (i9111), b.1912-
Prestridge, Olive Lee (i8962), b.1898-
Prestridge, Oliver David (i15488)
Prestridge, Ollie Myrtle (i28554), b.1901-
Prestridge, Ollie N. (i2639), b.1896-
Prestridge, Ollie Pearl - see Prestage, Ollie Pearl (i7478), b.1900-d.1993
Prestridge, Ona M. (i2801), b.1916-
Prestridge, Opal (i15086)
Prestridge, Opal - see Prestage, Opal (i7569), b.1906-
Prestridge, Ora - see Prestage, Ora (i9645), b.1925-
Prestridge, Ora Charlsie (i27546), b.1933-
Prestridge, Oran Randall (i8531), b.1887-d.1950
Prestridge, Orland Whitman (i3363), b.1902-d.1958
Prestridge, Orlen (i10157), b.1850-
Prestridge, Orna Or Ora Lee (i3459), b.1887-d.1939
Prestridge, Oscar Columbus (i10798), b.1882-
Prestridge, Oscar Larcus (i10689), b.1876-d.1945
Prestridge, Othine (i2659)
Prestridge, Ovie - see Prestage, Ovie (i9592), b.1915-
Prestridge, Owen Barry (i10612)
Prestridge, Owen Barry, Jr. (i10614)

Prestridge, Pabor (i3460)
Prestridge, Paige (i40917), b.1971
Prestridge, Pamela Adair (i10930), b.1945-
Prestridge, Pamela Evette (i2314), b.1993-
Prestridge, Pamela Evette (i23253)
Prestridge, Pamela Kay (i27155)
Prestridge, Panta M. (i26887), b.1923-
Prestridge, Patricia (i3454)
Prestridge, Patricia (i10032)
Prestridge, Patrick Ray - see Prestage, Patrick Ray (i14457)
Prestridge, Patsy (i2599)
Prestridge, Patsy Ann (i10066), b.1936-
Prestridge, Patterson Taylor (i10537), b.1856-d.1927
Prestridge, Paul (i10246), b.1858-
Prestridge, Paul (i12336), b.1901-d.1935
Prestridge, Paul Alva (i218), b.1963-
Prestridge, Paul, Jr. (i15202)
Prestridge, Paula (i15201)
Prestridge, Paula (i27398)
Prestridge, Paula Annette (i2315), b.1993-
Prestridge, Paula Annette (i23254)
Prestridge, Paula Michelle (i2981), b.1976-
Prestridge, Pauline (i3865)
Prestridge, Pauline (i11249), b.1894-
Prestridge, Pauline (i23056), b.1911-
Prestridge, Pauline - see Prestage, Pauline (i7570), b.1909-
Prestridge, Pealie Hardeman (i3532), b.1862-
Prestridge, Peerless Calvin (i10446), b.1913-
Prestridge, Peggy (i40116)
Prestridge, Peggy Gene (i2876)
Prestridge, Peggy Owen (i10935), b.1954-
Prestridge, Pensillie E. (i10131)
Prestridge, Percy P. (i9858), b.1893-d.1982
Prestridge, Permelia (i1209), b.1817-d.1884
Prestridge, Person C. (Possible Son) (i2363), b.1829-
Prestridge, Phillip Quinn (i10067), b.1941-
Prestridge, Phillip Ray (i10072), b.1971-
Prestridge, Phoebe Ann (i10931), b.1947-
Prestridge, Phoebe J. (marriage to Benjamin Bagley Prestridge Sr.) (i12321), b.1838-d.1866
Prestridge, Phyllis Ann (i12676)
Prestridge, Polly (i3023)
Prestridge, Polly (i3181)
Prestridge, Pressy (i9861), b.1893-d.1893
Prestridge, Price - see Prestage, Price (i211), b.1923-d.1980
Prestridge, Pricilla (i10120)

Prestridge, Quincy (i9838)
Prestridge, Quincy Dewey (i9897), b.1899-d.1991
Prestridge, Quincy Dewey (i9900), b.1932-
Prestridge, Quinn (i10056), b.1909-d.1992

Prestridge, Rachal Monetta (i7635), b.1980-
Prestridge, Rachel (i2620)
Prestridge, Rachel Almeida (i15235), b.1913-
Prestridge, Raiford Earl (i10073), b.1911-d.1975
Prestridge, Ralph A. (i10474), b.1892-d.1970
Prestridge, Ralph Dewitt (i10211), b.1907-d.1969
Prestridge, Ralph Dewitt (i10217), b.1932-
Prestridge, Ralph Marshall (i10578), b.1922-d.2003
Prestridge, Randall (i40119)
Prestridge, Randall James (i2457)
Prestridge, Randi Lynn (i2232), b.1977-
Prestridge, Randy (i2437)
Prestridge, Ranson Wayne (i3117), b.1981-
Prestridge, Rawleigh Ree "Rod" (i23060), b.1916-d.1974
Prestridge, Rawls Lural (i10425), b.1918-d.1942
Prestridge, Ray (i27148)
Prestridge, Ray Della May - see Prestage, Ray Della May (i13360), b.1914-d.1915
Prestridge, Ray Dudley (i10444), b.1909-d.1925
Prestridge, Raymond Ira, Jr. (i10314), b.1959-
Prestridge, Raymond Ira, Sr. (i10312), b.1937-
Prestridge, Rayne Ellen - see Prestage, Rayne Ellen (i1953), b.1989-
Prestridge, Rebecca (i2490)
Prestridge, Rebecca (i2883), b.1994-
Prestridge, Rebecca Jean (i3035)
Prestridge, Rebecca Lee (i27554), b.1972-
Prestridge, Rebecca Lynn (i12706)
Prestridge, Rebecca V. (i11297), b.1885-d.1897
Prestridge, Regina Gale (i12703)
Prestridge, Revie Ordena (Dean) - see Prestage, Revie Ordena (Dean) (i7461), b.1863-
Prestridge, Rhenda Kay "Kay" (i9196), b.1949-
Prestridge, Rhoda (i7579)
Prestridge, Rhoda (i10758), b.1824-
Prestridge, Rhoda (i10765), b.1862-
Prestridge, Rhoda (marriage to Daniel Prestridge) (i7579)
Prestridge, Richard Calvin (i15484), b.1982-
Prestridge, Richard Denis - see Prestage, Richard Dennis (i14568)
Prestridge, Richard Donald (i28342), b.1933-
Prestridge, Richard Donald, Jr. (i9907)
Prestridge, Richard Hollis - see Prestage, Richard Hollis (i7553), b.1915-
Prestridge, Richard Homer (i10826), b.1894-
Prestridge, Richard, MorrisPrestage, Richard Morris (i26817)
Prestridge, Rickey Gene (i15485), b.1958-
Prestirdge, Rita Ann - see Prestage, Rita Ann (i9642)
Prestridge, Rita Elane (i8976), b.1941-
Prestridge, Robbie (i15085)
Prestridge, Robby (i10616)
Prestridge, Robert (i1204), d.1839
Prestridge, Robert (i2505)
Prestridge, Robert (i7499), b.1913-
Prestridge, Robert (i9836), b.1908-
Prestridge, Robert (i10873), b.1901-
Prestridge, Robert (i27955), b.1887-
Prestridge, Robert (Adopted Liner) (i3797), b.1936-
Prestridge, Robert A. - see Prestage, Robert A. (i9063), b.1865-
Prestridge, Robert Blank, Jr. (i9851), b.1923-d.1988
Prestridge, Robert Blank, Sr. (i9834), b.1889-d.1955
Prestridge, Robert C. (i3208), b.1829-d.1861
Prestridge, Robert Cicero - see Prestidge, Robert Cicero (i40338)
Prestridge, Robert Claud (i10772), b.1894-d.1973
Prestridge, Robert Clifton (i6250b), b. 1953
Prestridge, Robert Earl (i10272)
Prestridge, Robert Earl (i27152), b.1925-d.1966
Prestridge, Robert Earl (i27154)
Prestridge, Robert Edward (i9874), b.1887-d.1953
Prestridge, Robert Edward, Jr. (i9876)
Prestridge, Robert Ernest (i9987), b.1848-d.1929
Prestridge, Robert Ernest, Jr. (i10041), b.1881-d.1973
Prestridge, Robert Howard (i13455), b.1942-
Prestridge, Robert James (i27535), b.1947-
Prestridge, Robert Julias - see Prestage, Robert Julias (i9073), b.1890-d.1965
Prestridge, Robert Lee - see Prestage, Robert Lee (i9652), b.1884-d.1929
Prestridge, Robert Lee (i7293), b.1876-d.1918
Prestridge, Robert Lee (i10069), b.1965-
Prestridge, Robert Leland (i40390), b.1916-d.2001
Prestridge, Robert Lee (i10156), b.1878-d.1903
Prestridge, Robert Michael "Bobbie" (i10094), b.1980-
Prestridge, Robert Michael "Mike" (i10091), b.1948-
Prestridge, Robert Paul (i12437)
Prestridge, Robert Paul, Jr. (i12556), b.1956-d.1993
Prestridge, Robert S. (i9853), d.1995
Prestridge, Robert Taskell (i2494), b.1920-d.1944
Prestridge, Robert William (i2443)
Prestridge, Robert William (i27547), b.1931-
Prestridge, Roberta - see Prestage, Roberta (i7566), b.1905-
Prestridge, Roger (i3850)
Prestridge, Roger (i40118)
Prestridge, Roger Meridith (Micky) (i10941), b.1934-
Prestridge, Ronald Egbert - see Prestage, Ronald Egbert (i1940), b.1965-
Prestridge, Ronnie (i3486)
Prestridge, Ronnie Wayne (i1541), b.1967-
Prestridge, Rosa L. - see Prestidge, Rosa L. (i7539b), b.1893-1894
Prestridge, Rosa P. - see Prestidge, Rosa P. (i2925)
Prestridge, Rosalee - see Prestage, Rosalee (i9045), b.1919-
Prestridge, Rosallie L. (i10864), b.1879-
Prestridge, Rose (i2547)
Prestridge, Rose Marie (i10576), b.1930-
Prestridge, Rose Mary (i1195), b.1948-
Prestridge, Rosie (Rosa) Lee - see Prestage, Rosie (Rosa) Lee (i7516), b.1892-
Prestridge, Rosie Lee (i2984), b.1951-
Prestridge, Rosillie (i10130), b.1876-
Prestridge, Roslan Dewey (i10694), b.1904-d.1926
Prestridge, Roxanne (i10767), b.1868-
Prestridge, Roxie (i12664), b.1895-d.1895
Prestridge, Roxie Annie (i10669), b.AUG-
Prestridge, Roxie Awanda - see Prestriedge, Roxie Awanda (i5829), b.1931-d.2003
Prestridge, Roxie O. (i2746), b.1898-d.1978
Prestridge, Roy C. (i9019), b.1907-d.1918
Prestridge, Roy Dean - see Prestage, Roy Dean (i9469)
Prestridge, Roy Malone - see Prestage, Roy Malone (i12953)
Prestridge, Roy Marvin, Jr. (i2992), b.1975-
Prestridge, Roy Marvin, Sr. (i2989), b.1954-
Prestridge, Ruby (i2804), b.1919-
Prestirdge, Ruby - see Prestage, Ruby (i1918)
Prestridge, Ruby Jewel (i10319), b.1942-d.1982
Prestridge, Ruby Lutishie - see Prestage, Ruby Lutishie ( Prestridge, Ruby Mae (i2985), b.1952-d.1990
Prestridge, Rufus Andrew (Andres) Barton (i11218), b.1910-d.1993
Prestridge, Rufus K. (i7269), b.1842-d.1918
Prestridge, Rufus W. - see Prestidge, Rufus W. (i7534), b.1898-d.1973
Prestridge, Ruth (i10764), b.1861-
Prestridge, Ruth (i11140), b.1905-
Prestridge, Ruth Ann (i1192), b.1949-
Prestridge, Ruth Edna (i12249), b.1881-d.1968
Prestridge, Ruth Jane (i11124), b.1873-d.1895
Prestridge, Ruth Orlean (i10423)
Prestridge, Ruth Yvonne (Kitten) (i10971), b.1935-
Prestridge, Ruthie Marie (i2941), b.1939-d.1998
Prestridge, Ryan (i2508)
Prestridge, Ryan Julian (i12732)
Prestridge, Rzora (i10786), b.1900-d.1989

Prestridge, S. (i10880), b.1859-
Prestridge, S. M. (i9983)
Prestridge, S.C. (i15595), b.1888-d.1888
Prestridge, Sadie (i3522)
Prestridge, Sadie (i11149), b.1897-d.1925
Prestridge, Safrona (i7267), d.1880
Prestridge, Salestine (i10645), b.1868-
Prestridge, Sallie - see Prestage, Sallie (i7483), b.1893-
Prestridge, Sallie (i9981)
Prestridge, Sallie A. (i9024), b.1858-
Prestridge, Sally Ann (i3869)
Prestridge, Sam Cecil (i12333), b.1893-d.1986
Prestridge, Sammie (i15090)
Prestridge, Samuel (i7328)
Prestridge, Samuel (i27924)
Prestridge, Samuel (Doc) (i10501), b.1830-d.1876
Prestridge, Samuel - see Prestage, Samuel (i3088), b.1854-
Prestridge, Samuel B. - see Prestidge, Samuel B. (i10757), b.1859-
Prestridge, Samuel Clanton, III (i3538), b.1862-d.1885
Prestridge, Samuel Clanton, Jr. (i3525), b.1835-d.1862
Prestridge, Samuel Clanton, Sr. (i1205), b.1795-d.1845
Prestridge, Samuel Newton (i27935), b.1899-d.1965
Prestridge, Samuel Norman (i11260), b.1877-d.1927
Prestridge, Samuel P., Jr. (i10521), b.1867-d.1919
Prestridge, Samuel S. (i10208), b.1883-d.1963
Prestridge, Sandra (i15497)
Prestridge, Sandra Ann (i2953), b.1974-
Prestridge, Sandra Irene (i3038)
Prestridge, Sandra Jean (i2455)
Prestridge, Sandra Jean (i10219), b.1952-
Prestridge, Sandra Kay (i9153), b.1949-
Prestridge, Sandra Kay - see Prestidge, Sandra Kay (i40340)
Prestridge, Sarah (i2857), b.1940-
Prestridge, Sarah (i9096), b.1843-
Prestridge, Sarah (i10655), b.1867-
Prestridge, Sarah (i10675), b.1843-
Prestridge, Sarah A. (i9816), b.1830-
Prestridge, Sarah Ann (i7268), b.1838-d.1907
Prestridge, Sarah Ann M. (i8933), b.1850-d.1933
Prestridge, Sarah Ann Rebecca (i10901), b.1855-d.1947
Prestridge, Sarah E. (i7264), b.1868-d.1960
Prestridge, Sarah E. (i10716), b.1886-
Prestridge, Sarah E. - see Prestidge, Sarah E. (i10735), b.1840-
Prestridge, Sarah Elizabeth (i3527), b.1842-
Prestridge, Sarah Elizabeth (i10167), b.1880-
Prestridge, Sarah Elizabeth (i10478), b.1858-d.1923
Prestridge, Sarah Elizabeth (i11220), b.1862-d.1932
Prestridge, Sarah Elizabeth - see Prestage, Samuel (i3088), b.1854-
Prestridge, Sarah Francis (i10811), b.1875-d.1893
Prestridge, Sarah J. (i2365), b.1853-
Prestridge, Sarah J. (i11233), b.1847-d.1852
Prestridge, Sarah Jane (i3281), b.1865-
Prestridge, Sarah Jane (i10237), b.1854-d.1938
Prestridge, Sarah Lynn (i1540), b.1968-
Prestridge, Sarah Martha (i9997), b.1899-d.1998
Prestridge, Sarah Michelle (i12705)
Prestridge, Sarah Willie (i7298), b.1887-d.1964
Prestridge, Sarrah (i27941)
Prestridge, Savanah (i7292), b.1872-d.1952
Prestridge, Scott M. (i7280), b.1877-
Prestridge, Scott Willoughby (i3123), b.1989-
Prestridge, Sean Leslie (i22504)
Prestridge, Sehoya Jewel (i10705), b.1907-d.1983
Prestridge, Seldon (i10804), b.1913-d.AUG
Prestridge, Sentha (i15596), b.1890-d.1890
Prestridge, Serepta (i9094), b.1839-
Prestridge, Shane - see Prestage, Shane (i2082)
Prestridge, Sharlett Jean (i2995), b.1956-
Prestridge, Sharon (i2528)
Prestridge, Sharon (i3488)
Prestridge, Sharon (i10287), b.1957-
Prestridge, Sharon Kay (i1986), b.1943-d.1995
Prestridge, Shaun (i40384)
Prestridge, Shawna Lashae (i28250), b.1982-
Prestridge, Shawna Lynn (i40409)
Prestridge, Shelby Jean (i3050)
Prestridge, Shelby Leon (i10013)
Prestridge, Sherrell "Shorty" (i3030), b.AUG-d.1998
Prestridge, Sherri Diane (i10192), b.1966-
Prestridge, Sherrie - see Prestage, Sherrie (i2078)
Prestridge, Shirley (i3047)
Prestridge, Shirley (i12438), b.1919-d.1919
Prestridge, Shirley Ann (i13458), b.1945-d.1945
Prestridge, Shirley Ann (i27838), b.1941-d.1960
Prestridge, Shirley Ann - see Prestage, Shirley Ann (i9419), b.1946-d.1999
Prestridge, Shonna - see Prestage, Shonna (i12980)
Prestridge, Simeon (i1272), b.1851-
Prestridge, Simeon H. (i10239), b.1825-d.1860
Prestridge, Simon (i10150)
Prestridge, Sofia (i2485)
Prestridge, Son (i1967)
Prestridge, Son (i2384)
Prestridge, Son (i3148), b.1900-d.1900
Prestridge, Son (i3484)
Prestridge, Son (i8555)
Prestridge, Son 1 (i2360)
Prestridge, Son 2 (i2361)
Prestridge, Sonja (i10339)
Prestridge, Sonya (i2592)
Prestridge, Sophia (i9980)
Prestridge, Sperrel I. (i10818), b.1885-d.1949
Prestridge, Stan Stewart (i10574), b.1956-
Prestridge, Starling Theron (i3789), b.1910-d.1995
Prestridge, Stencil Ray "Ray" - see Prestage, Stencil Ray "Ray" (i12955), b.1922-d.1944
Prestridge, Stephen James (i10575), b.1957-
Prestridge, Stephen John (i10598), b.1952-d.1952
Prestridge, Stephen Patrick (i10098), b.1956-
Prestridge, Steve (i2484)
Prestridge, Steven Daniel (i15483), b.1980-
Prestridge, Steven L. (i10855), b.1843-
Prestridge, Sue (i2809)
Prestridge, Sue (i26815)
Prestridge, Sue (i27150)
Prestridge, Susan (i2426)
Prestridge, Susan (i5393), b.1958-
Prestridge, Susan (i10102), b.1953-
Prestridge, Susan (i10166), b.1879-
Prestridge, Susan Ann - see Prestage, Susan Ann (i3111), b.1861-d.1922
Prestridge, Susan E. (i11283), b.1853-
Prestridge, Susan Francis (i11231), b.1844-
Prestridge, Susan G. (i10743)
Prestridge, Susan Launa Saphronia (i10706), b.1888-
Prestridge, Susan Margaret (i8978), b.1953-
Prestridge, Susan Rosalee - see Prestage, Susan Rosalee (i7459), b.1862-
Prestridge, Susann (i2463)
Prestridge, Susie (i3017)
Prestridge, Susie (i11292), b.1880-
Prestridge, Suzanna Frances (i10605), b.1957-
Prestridge, Sylvester (i10366), b.1910-
Prestridge, Sylvester (Boss), Jr. (i10400), b.1886-d.1964
Prestridge, Sylvester, Sr. (i10259), b.1845-d.1927
Prestridge, Sylvia - see Prestage, Syliva (i7571), b.1912-

Prestridge, T. C. (i3791)
Prestridge, T. W. (i9984)
Prestridge, Tami Irene (i40411)
Prestridge, Tammy (i27635)
Prestridge, Tammy Alicia (i1542), b.1970-
Prestridge, Taylor Nichole (i2510)
Prestridge, Ted Oliver (i12678)
Prestridge, Ted Oliver, Jr. (i12696)
Prestridge, Teresa Alisa (i2543)
Prestridge, Teresa Diane (i2952), b.1968-
Prestridge, Teresa Marie (i10609), b.1960-
Prestridge, Terie G. (i3070), b.1914-
Prestridge, Terry - see Prestage, Terry (i2076)
Prestridge, Terry - see Prestage, Terry (i9439)
Prestridge, Terry Allane (i14219), b.1959-
Prestridge, Terry Clifford (i2439)
Prestridge, Terry Gay - see Prestage, Terry Gay (i14574)
Prestridge, Terry Wayne (i2428)
Prestrige, Tess Marie - see Prestage, Tess Marie (i1952), b.1991-
Prestridge, Thaola (i3153), d.1998
Prestridge, Theadore (Thea) (i10263), b.1870-d.1957
Prestridge, Theadore (Thea) (i10452), b.1854-
Prestridge, Thelma (i3837), b.1907-
Prestridge, Thelma Martha - see Prestage, Thelma Martha (i9580)
Prestidge, Theothis - see Prestage, Theothis (i7565), b.1901-
Prestridge, Theothis Jr. - see Prestage, Theothis, Jr. (i40064)
Prestridge, Theresa F. (i9829), b.1883-d.1960
Prestridge, Thomas (i2571), b.1918-
Prestridge, Thomas (i9097), b.1843-
Prestridge, Thomas Andrew (i9216), b.1931-
Prestridge, Thomas Andrew (i9219), b.1952-
Prestridge, Thomas B. (i10431), b.1883-d.1955
Prestridge, Thomas Beale (i9198), b.1950-
Prestridge, Thomas Benton (i11234), b.1849-
Prestridge, Thomas Bertrand (i11241), b.1894-d.1939
Prestridge, Thomas Carl (i10095), b.1958-
Prestridge, Thomas D. (i10141), b.1886-d.1970
Prestridge, Thomas Emmett (i11242), b.1876-d.1962
Prestridge, Thomas Frederick "Fred" (i3461)
Prestridge, Thomas Frederick "June-Bug" (i3469)
Prestridge, Thomas Frost (i3324), b.1860-d.1915
Prestridge, Thomas Frost (i3327), b.1916-d.1968
Prestridge, Thomas J. - see Prestidge, Thomas J. (i7523), b.1872-
Prestridge, Thomas James (i28279)
Prestridge, Thomas Jefferson (i10512), b.1860-
Prestridge, Thomas Jefferson (i10535), b.1835-d.1906
Prestridge, Thomas Jefferson - see Prestage, Thomas Jefferson (i9406), b.1889-d.1974
Prestridge, Thomas John (i1998), b.1887-1954
Prestridge, Thomas Lee (i11259), b.1873-d.1896
Prestridge, Thomas Leroy - see Prestage, Thomas Leroy (i9031), b.1883-d.1970
Prestridge, Thomas Leroy Jr. - see Prestage, Thomas Leroy, Jr. (i9062), b.1919-
Prestridge, Thomas Samuel (i10545), b.1864-d.1943
Prestridge, Thomas Steven (i2450)
Prestridge, Thomas, III (i12127), b.1732-
Prestridge, Thomas, Jr. (i8566), d.1737
Prestridge, Thomas, Sr. (i8568), d.1731
Prestridge, Timothy Lewis (i2881), b.1970-
Prestridge, Timothy Wayne (i12697)
Prestridge, Tina Louise (i1532), b.1964-
Prestridge, Tina Marie (i12695)
Prestridge, Toby (i15508)
Presridge, Todd - see Prestage, Todd (i2080)
Prestridge, Tommy (i15081)
Prestridge, Tommy Ralph (i3800)
Prestridge, Tony - see Prestage, Tony (i12981)
Prestridge, Tony Wayne (i2983)
Prestridge, Tracy Ann (i10078), b.1966-
Prestridge, Tracy Leigh - see Prestage, Tracy Leigh (i2072), b.1969-
Prestridge, Travis (i2503)
Prestridge, Travis Mccraw (i3510), d.1851
Prestridge, Trelcie Reba &qutoBill"e - see Prestage, Trelcie Reba "Bill" (i12949), b.1917-
Prestridge, Trent Major (i12699)
Prestridge, Troy (i9470), b.1931-d.1931
Prestridge, Truman Emmett - see Prestidge, Truman Emmett (i27482), b.1921-d.1998
Prestridge, Tunya Susette (i12698)

Prestridge, Uburn Moore "Jack" (i8535), b.1892-d.1981
Prestridge, Uda (i11174), b.1884-d.1884
Prestridge, Union E. (Oscar) (i7494), b.1899-

Prestridge, Valerie (i2709)
Prestridge, Vance (i10332), b.1915-
Prestridge, Vashti (i10453), b.1860-d.1924
Prestridge, Velma Loretta (i1221), b.1897-d.1976
Prestridge, Velma Ruth (i25868), b.1932-
Prestridge, Vera (i10840), b.1902-
Prestridge, Vera May (i12665), b.1907-d.1907
Prestridge, Verdell (i23376)
Prestridge, Verna (i10138), b.1911-
Prestridge, Vernice (i2568)
Prestridge, Vernice Leon (i40112)
Prestridge, Vida Mae - see Prestage, Vida Mae (i13361), b.1922-
Prestridge, Vinnel (i10763), b.1858-
Prestridge, Viola Ethelyn - see Prestage, Viola Ethelyn (i13354), b.1908-d.1916
Prestridge, Violet Pearl (i27936), b.1899-
Prestridge, Virgie L. - see Prestage, Virgie L. (i9059), b.1912-
Prestridge, Virgie Lorena (i10662), b.1897-d.1945
Prestridge, Virgie Lucille - see Prestidge, Virgie Lucille (i27488), b.1931-d.1991
Prestridge, Virginia (i40112)
Prestridge, Vita Grace (i10210), b.1906-
Prestridge, Vivian (i11308), b.1892-
Prestridge, Vivien (i10437), b.1917-
Prestridge, Vornice (i10436), b.1915-

Prestridge, W. R. - see Prestage, W. R. (i9046), b.1919-
Prestridge, Wade Hampton (i8552)
Prestridge, Wagle - see Prestage, Wagle (i12958)
Prestridge, Wallace Cannon (i11084), b.1905-d.1989
Prestridge, Wallace Wesley (i10987), b.1939-
Prestridge, Walter - see Prestidge, Walter (i7535), b.1900-
Prestridge, Walter Davis (i11151), b.1903-d.1982
Prestridge, Walter S. (i11277), b.1890-d.1964
Prestridge, Walter S. (i18992), b.1912-d.1951
Prestridge, Wanda Louise (i23063), b.1931-d.1931
Prestridge, Warren "Warney"e Holly - see Prestage, Warren Holly "Warney" (i13352), b.1886-d.1968
Prestridge, Wayman Varadaman (i15479), b.1956-
Prestridge, Waymon Claudie - see Prestriedge, Waymon Claudie (i5831), b.1933-d.1996
Prestridge, Wayne (i2852), b.1934-
Prestridge, Wayne (i10334), b.1947-
Prestridge, Weldon Ray - see Prestage, Weldon Ray (i14454)
Prestridge, Wendy (i10030)
Prestridge, Wesley (i10801), b.1907-d.1972
Prestridge, Wesley Ann (i9379), b.1862-d.1954
Prestridge, Whit (i10875), b.1906-
Prestridge, Wilbur Lloyd - see Prestage, Wilbur Lloyd (i14557)
Prestridge, Wiley (i10257), b.1820-d.1905
Prestridge, Wiley A. - see Prestage, Wiley A. (i7488), b.1902-d.1922
Prestridge, Wiley P. (i10122), b.1842-d.1930
Prestridge, Wiley P. (i10201), b.1878-d.1954
Prestridge, Wilkie (i3025)
Prestridge, Will (i15507)
Prestridge, Willa Ila. (i12372), b.1892-d.1947
Prestridge, Willadean - see Prestidge, Willadean (i2926)
Prestridge, Willard (i10203), b.1916-
Prestridge, Willi Dier "Bill" (i8543), b.1901-d.1962
Prestridge, William (i2370), b.1862-
Prestridge, William (i3352), b.1893-
Prestridge, William (i7266), b.1876-
Prestridge, William (i9973), b.APR-
Prestridge, William (i10027), b.1944-
Prestridge, William (i10443), b.1909-
Prestridge, William (i12198), b.1750-
Prestridge, William (i15292)
Prestridge, William (i15442)
Prestridge, William (i27844)
Prestridge, William "Bill" Alva (i8969), b.1925-d.1998
Prestridge, William "Sonny" (i15499)
Prestridge, William (Willie) Langford (i10477), b.1856-
Prestridge, William A. (i3279), b.1856-d.1893
Prestridge, William A. (i7274), b.1866-d.1945
Prestridge, William A. (i8922), b.1823-d.1866
Prestridge, William A. (i11293), b.1883-d.1992
Prestridge, William Albert (i15441)
Prestridge, William Alexander (i11121), b.1861-d.1923
Prestridge, William Alonzo - see Prestage, William Alonzo (i7522), b.1869-
Prestridge, William Anderson (i10467)b.1825-d.1900
Prestridge, William Anderson (Andy) (i9978), b.1844-d.1889
Prestridge, William Arthur (i10954), b.1895-d.1973
Prestridge, William Ashmund (i11163), b.1839-
Prestridge, William Augustus (i11108), b.1839-d.1898
Prestridge, William Bagley (i11200), b.1893-d.1962
Prestridge, William Barney - see Prestriedge, William Barney (i10771), b.1892-d.1971
Prestridge, William Bernie - see Prestage, William Bernie (i18839)
Prestridge, William Cleve - see Prestage, William Cleve (i9079), b.1892-d.1969
Prestridge, William Clifton (i6249), b.1932-
Prestridge, William Crofford (i8935), b.1852-
Prestridge, William D. (i10717), b.1888-
Prestridge, William D. - see Prestidge, William D. (i10752), b.1879-
Prestridge, William Dunham (i9099), b.1850-d.1875
Prestridge, William E. (i7493), b.1895-d.1942
Prestridge, William E. (i10776), b.1907-d.1985
Prestridge, William Elijah (Liege) (i10190), b.1876-d.1940
Prestridge, William Ellzey (i9989), b.1869-d.1949
Prestridge, William F. (i10830), b.1810-d.1903
Prestridge, William F. (i10838), b.1874-
Prestridge, William Gene (i9222), b.1934-
Prestridge, William H. (i10739), b.1845-
Prestridge, William H. (i10809), b.1852-d.1921
Prestridge, William Hardy (i3108)
Prestridge, William Henry (i3304), b.1843-d.1922
Prestridge, William Henry (i10822), b.AUG-
Prestridge, William Henry - see Prestage, William Henry (i9658), b.1909-d.1910
Prestridge, William Homer (i2642), b.1909-d.1999
Prestridge, William Hoover (i11258), b.1909-
Prestridge, William J. (i2632), b.1872-
Prestridge, William J. - see Prestage, William J. (i9028), b.1848-d.1918
Prestridge, William Jasper (i10861), b.1848-
Prestridge, William Jefferson (i8954), b.1882-
Prestridge, William Jefferson (i10031), b.1973-d.1998
Prestridge, William Jefferson (i28549), b.1887-
Prestridge, William Jesse (i2397)
Prestridge, William John (i27537), b.1956-d.1958
Prestridge, William Johnny (i6250)
Prestridge, William L. (i2340), b.1885-d.1971
Prestridge, William Leon (i10011), b.1910-d.1975
Prestridge, William Lonnie (i11296), b.1907-
Prestridge, William Melton (i3086), b.1859-d.1860
Prestridge, William O. (i2686), b.1919-
Prestridge, William R. (i11254), b.1872-d.1896
Prestridge, William Robert (i15482), b.1978-
Prestridge, William Robert - see Prestage, William Robert (i15529), b.1934-d.1991
Prestridge, William Smith (i3106), d.1998
Prestridge, William Stokes (i10247), b.1860-d.1937
Prestridge, William Thomas (i10710), b.1881-
Prestridge, William Thomas (i12662), b.1871-d.1878
Prestridge, William Thomas "Bill" - see Prestage, William Thomas "Bill" (i7464), b.1865-d.1942
Prestridge, William U. (i11265), b.1845-
Prestridge, William V. (i10531)
Prestridge, William Wallace (i10911), b.1870-d.1950
Prestridge, William Whitmal (i3335), b.1876-d.1953
Prestridge, Willie (i10850), b.1918-
Prestridge, Willie "Billie" (i3446), b.1923-
Prestridge, Willie A. - see Prestage, Willie A. (i7481), b.1892-d.1958
Prestridge, Willie Edward (Edmund) (i12247), b.1878-d.1962
Prestridge, Willie Lyn - see Prestage, Willie Lynn (i9078), b.1919-d.1987
Prestridge, Willie Lucile (i3343), b.APR-d.1921
Prestridge, Willie N. (i3136), b.1856-d.1857
Prestridge, Willie Wilkins (i10630), b.1875-d.1955
Prestridge, Willie Willard (i25934), b.1925-d.1973
Prestridge, Wilma (i3019), b.1927-
Prestridge, Wilmerth Irene (i12667), b.1914-d.1936
Prestridge, Wilson (i10854), b.1879-
Prestridge, Wilson C. - see Prestidge, Wilson C. (i27466), b.1911-d.1958
Prestridge, Wilson K. - see Prestage, Wilson K. (i9664), b.1842-
Prestridge, Wilson M. (i9955), b.1840-d.1911
Prestridge, Winburn Franklin "Frank"e - see Prestriedge, Winburn Franklin "Frank" (i5819), b.1916-d.1974
Prestirdge, Winfred - see Prestage, Winfred (i9640), b.1922-
Prestridge, Winston (i27007)
Prestridge, Wyatt David (i2418)
Prestridge, Wyatt Edward (i2398), b.1921-
Prestridge, Wylee - see Prestage, Wylee (i9069), b.1918-
Prestridge, Wylie Y. (i10352), b.1876-d.1964

Prestridge, Zachariah P. (i9813), b.1831-
Prestridge, Zachary Hunter (i10949), b.1989-
Prestridge, Zell Keith (i27628)
Prestridge, Zell Kyeth (i27634)
Prestridge, Zelma (i12337), b.1902-
Prestridge, Zenith Zadoc - see Prestage, Zenith Zadoc (i14562)
Prestridge, Zilley Elizabeth (i3322), b.1859-
Prestridge, Zoella Willie (i7297), b.1883-


Prestriedge, Benjamin Joseph "Joe" (i5821), b.1918-d.1996
Prestriedge, Cecil Odell (i5824), b.1924-d.1992
Prestriedge, Edward Paul (i5825), b.1927-d.1927
Prestriedge, Henry Alvin (i5817), b.1912-d.1913
Prestriedge, Henry Lee (i10646), b.1866-d.1944
Prestriedge, Hulet Tilton (i5826), b.1928-
Prestriedge, I. V. (i28401), b.1914-d.1971
Prestriedge, James Monroe (i5822), b.1921-d.1985
Prestriedge, Marvin Lee (i5818), b.1914-d.2003
Prestriedge, Roxie Awanda (i5829), b.1931-d.2003
Prestriedge, Waymon Claudie (i5831), b.1933-d.1996
Prestriedge, William Barney (i10771), b.1892-d.1971
Prestriedge, Winburn Franklin "Frank" (i5819), b.1916-d.1974


Price, Addie Louise (marriage to Dennis Dale Corcoran) (i12500)
Price, Alton (marriage to Thelma Price) (i10410)
Price, Amanda (marriage to Sylvester Prestridge Sr.) (i10262), b.1842-d.1904
Price, Elizabeth (marriage to Ellsey (Elza) Prestridge) (i9812), b.1811-
Price, Ella Mae (i10406)
Price, James (Jimmie) L. (marriage to Vashti Prestridge) (i10459)
Price, Joseph L. (marriage to Ida Prestridge) (i2290)
Price, Julia C. (i14325), b.1866-
Price, Letha Harriet (marriage to Charlie Tenton Corcoran) (i12403)
Price, Lovella (i10405), b.1911-
Price, Marshall (i41072)
Price, Martha Elizabeth (marriage to William Jackson Hodges) (i14244)
Price, Mary (marriage to Elijah Prestridge) (i10111), b.1814-d.1831
Price, Mary (i41071)
Price, Monroe (marriage to Amanda Prestridge) (i10403), b.1884-d.1950
Price, Sarah L. (marriage to Commodore Perry Prestridge Sr.) (i10430), b.1853-d.1934
Price, Thelma (i10409)
Price, Theresa (i10408)
Price, Will T. (marriage to Mary J. Prestridge) (i10163)
Price, William Cary (marriage to Elizabeth Hodges) (i14268)


Prince, Martha Diane (marriage to Tommy Ralph Prestridge) (i3801)


Priscilla (marriage to Joel Thomas Daniel) (i1525)


Protho, Mable (i40771)
Protho, John Hammilton (marriage to Adda Prestridge) (i10399)


Pruitt, Delbert (i11432)
Pruitt, Dovie Martha (i11429)
Pruitt, Earl (i11438)
Pruitt, Elva "Peanut" (i11434)
Pruitt, Floyd (i11436)
Pruitt, Herman "Coon" (i11433)
Pruitt, Hubert (i11430)
Pruitt, J. W. (i11437)
Pruitt, Richard (marriage to Emma F. Conwill) (i11428)
Pruitt, Thelma (i11431)


Pugh, Margaret Ozell (marriage to James Herbert Prestridge) (i27523), b.1911-d.1993


Puleston, Mr. (marriage to Vickie Powers) (i2151)


Purcel, Darlene (marriage to Franklin Dale Phelps) (i4201)


Purkinson, Barbara Louise (i12573)
Purkinson, Darrell Allen (marriage to Cristie Kay Corcoran) (i12570)
Purkinson, Steven Allen (i12572)


Purpura, Alissa (i18314)
Purpura, Paul (marriage to Rhonda Ramon) (i18313)


Purser, John Raymond (i40762)
Purser, Melinda Ann (i40760)
Purser, Michael Louis (i40763)
Purser, Rebecca Laine (i40761)
Purser, Robert Blaine (i40759)
Purser, Robert Louis (marriage to Catherine Ann Dunbar) (i40758)


Purvis, Denis (marriage to Nellie Grace Jones) (i27425)
Purvis, Howard (marriage to Alice M. Steen) (i20448)
Purvis, Winnie Bell (i20449)


Pyle, Barbara Jane (i40140)
Pyle, Betty Jo (i40141)
Pyle, Billy Joe (i40104)
Pyle, Billy Joe Jr (i40145)
Pyle, Bonnie (i40104)
Pyle, Cheryl Darlene (i40146)
Pyle, Clint (marriage to Carrie Levinia Prestage) (i40102)
Pyle, D. C. (i40103)
Pyle, Kenneth Wayne (i40147)


Quarello, James (marriage to Yvonne Rebecca Miller) (i28736), b.1970-
Quarello, Sarah Marie (i28739), b.2000-


Queen, Mr. (marriage to Ann Prestridge) (i2849)


Quick, Bennie Frank (i40822)
Quick, Bogan Hue (marriage to Annie Bell Prestage) (i40815)
Quick, Cliffie Darthulas (marriage to Hector Prestage) (i40814)
Quick, Edna Mae (i40818)
Quick, Jodie Aaron (i40816)
Quick, Lula Maranda (i40817)
Quick, Rufus (i40819)
Quick, Valeria "Sis" (i40821)
Quick, William Wesley (i40820)


Quimbar, Maria (marriage to Christopher Alan Blackburn) (i28592)


Quin, Todd (i12554)


Rabb, Miss (marriage to Sammy Lee Whittington) (i22935)
Rabb, Mr. (marriage to Florine Whittington) (i22940)


Raburn, Nan Paulette (marriage to Richard Thomas Rusoe) (i13938)


Rainey, Grace (marriage to James Elmer Prestridge) (i3450)


Ramon, Alfred (i5482)
Ramon, Alfred (marriage to Emma Louise Prestridge) (i5415)
Ramon, Elizabeth (i5426)
Ramon, Rhonda (i5449)


Ramsey, Austin (i207)
Ramsey, Debbie (i28490)
Ramsey, Dewayne (i28489)
Ramsey, Kenneth (marriage to Bobby Dean (Sue) Rogers) (i28487)
Ramsey, Nancy (i28488)
Ramsey, Vance (marriage to Mitzi Montgomery) (i206)


Randall, Americus Loretta (marriage to Joshua L. Prestridge) (i1203), b.1811-d.1884
Randall, Thomas (marriage to Loretta E. Prestridge) (i3334), b.1857-d.1936


Randolph, Leo (marriage to Mary Betty Waddle) (i11487)


Ranile, Annie E. (marriage to Daniel Jefferson Prestridge) (i8944)


Rash, Venda Sophia (marriage to Leslie Lentern Adams) (i9564)


Ratcliff, Annie Mae (marriage to Gordon Moak) (i27041), b.1918-
Ratcliff, Britany Nicole (i40024), b.1982
Ratcliff, Bufford (marriage to Euna V. Freeman) (i11866), b.1912-d.1982
Ratcliff, Dezell (i11871)
Ratcliff, James (marriage to Loria Ann Whitehead) (i40023)
Ratcliff, Luna (marriage to Marion William Freeman) (i11859)
Ratcliff, Mark (i11872)
Ratcliff, Rayfield (i11870)


Rawlings, Janey (marriage to James C. Prestridge) (i13479)
Rawlings, Lonnie Mae (marriage to Elmo Troy Prestridge) (i13473)
Rawlings, Marie Barns (marriage to Cary M. Ray) (i12308)


Rawls, Cicero Clifton (marriage to A.d. Ivenora (Amanda) Hodges) (i14260)
Rawls, Mary (marriage to John Prestridge) (i10417), b.1882-d.1957


Rawson, Edward (i40153)
Rawson, Eugene (i40154)
Rawson, Gerald (i40155)
Rawson, Lester (i40156)
Rawson, Mabel (i40152)
Rawson, Pearl (i40150)
Rawson, Randolph (i40158)
Rawson, Ruth (i40151)
Rawson, Thomas (i40157)
Rawson, W. Harp (marriage to Ellen Magdala Prestridge) (i3085)


Ray, (marriage to Aleen Prestidge) (i27472)
Ray, ? (marriage to Jeffie Lou Wright) (i9446)
Ray, Alice (i12305)
Ray, Alma Dorothy (i12313)
Ray, Benjamin B. (marriage to Martha M. "Mattie" Prestridge) (i12299), b.1849-d.1932
Ray, Cary M. (i12307), d.1905
Ray, Chloe Jeanette (i12368)
Ray, Emily Callie (i12327), b.1887-
Ray, Floyd (i12306)
Ray, Ina Margaret (i12309)
Ray, James Marion (i12302), b.1871-d.1956
Ray, Jean (i27476)
Ray, Jeff (i2083)
Ray, Jennie Ilar (i12325), b.1884-d.1958
Ray, John F. (i12326), b.1886-d.1964
Ray, Joseph J. (i12314), b.1879-d.1941
Ray, L. B. (i12366)
Ray, Linda (marriage to Barry Baron Prestridge) (i3119)
Ray, Louise (i12365)
Ray, Madge Lena (i12310), b.1903-d.1995
Ray, Matilda Pearl "Tip" (i12328), b.1890-d.1906
Ray, Melba (i27475)
Ray, Sarah Francis (i12316), b.1881-d.1946
Ray, Thomas R. "Wildcat" (i12329), b.1893-d.1975
Ray, William "Billie" E. (i12304), b.1903-d.1983
Ray, Zena Louise (marriage to Phillip Quinn Prestridge) (i10068), b.1945-


Reach, Ann (marriage to Charles Walter Prestridge) (i3482)


Reansville, Mattie Lou (marriage to Wilie Odee Pinkerton) (i9499)


Recher, Marie Lisa (marriage to James Alden Prestridge) (i2414)


Rector, Melba Corene (marriage to Dennis Dale Corcoran) (i12504)


Red, Colby (i12620)
Red, Elijah (marriage to Elizabeth H. Prestridge) (i10107), b.1856-
Red, Elijah, Jr. (i10108), b.1877-
Red, Elizabeth (marriage to Wiley Prestridge) (i10461)
Red, James (marriage to Tammy Renee Corcoran) (i12618)
Red, Mary (i10109), b.1879-


Reece, Alma Gay (i9542), b.1954-
Reece, Della Lenore (i9535), b.1926-
Reece, Edna Loraine (i9537), b.1929-
Reece, Lena Mae (Toi) (i9540), b.1934-
Reece, Lola Maruine (i28382), b.1924-
Reece, Lynn (marriage to Jimmy Lee Gibbs) (i13385)
Reece, Michael Robert (i9544), b.1956-
Reece, Sammie Iris (marriage to Clara Mae Adams) (i28380)
Reece, Thelma Laura (i2106), b.1922-d.1922


Reed, ? (marriage to Billie Sue Schoolar) (i13610)
Reed, Carol (i13613)
Reed, Dorothy (marriage to Arlie Drawin Spradlin) (i28204)
Reed, Elzie (marriage to Howard Leslie Prestage) (i9579)
Reed, Emma (marriage to John Wesley Crosby) (i9918), b.1874-
Reed, Flossie (marriage to George Adams) (i18866)
Reed, Margaret Heneritta (marriage to Lucius Olen Crosby) (i9921), d.1948
Reed, Vicki (i13611)


Rees, Joyce Augusta (marriage to Frank Pickens Johnson) (i28366), b.1932-


Reese, Elizabeth Louise (marriage to John Milton Prestridge) (i8961), b.1864-d.1947
Reese, John (marriage to Jane Dothard) (i40222) Reese, Michael (i13128)
Reese, Mr. (marriage to Debbie C. Orear) (i13125)
Reese, Myrtle (i40224)
Reese, Nichol (i13127)
Reese, Ruby (i40223)
Reese, Tonya (i13126)


Reeves, ? (marriage to Virginia Prestridge) (i40121)
Reeves, David Caral (marriage to Mitizi Star Baugh) (i2891)
Reeves, David Everette (i2892), b.1996-
Reeves, Eleanor Rose (i27009), b.1925-d.1925
Reeves, Emmett R. (marriage to Gussie Prestridge) (i2298), b.1896-
Reeves, Kerry (i40123)
Reeves, Lizzie (marriage to Anderson Prestridge) (i10161)
Reeves, Malissa (marriage to William Anderson (Andy) Prestridge) (i9979), b.1855-d.1943
Reeves, Martha Ann (marriage to Robert Ernest Prestridge) (i9988), b.1846-d.1928
Reeves, Marty (i40122)
Reeves, Mary Amanda (marriage to Samuel Hodges) (i14242)
Reeves, Maude Elisie (i27008), b.1924-
Reeves, Miss (marriage to Sammy Lee Whittington) (i22936)
Reeves, Roy Brian (marriage to Iris Prestridge) (i28622)
Reeves, Vergie (marriage to J.l. Brown) (i27109)
Reeves, Webster Gwinn (marriage to Courtney Prestridge) (i2295), b.1881-


Reid, Alice Faye (marriage to Gordon Ried Frost Jr.) (i3438)


Reynaldo, (marriage to Carolyn Annette Jones) (i27429)


Reynolds, Molly (marriage to George Washington Killingsworth) (i3316)
Reynolds, R. S. (marriage to Sarah E. Denman) (i9743)
Reynolds, Rachel (marraige to Vernice Leon Prestridge) (i40113)


Rhoades, Nancy Lana (marriage to Stanley Underwood) (i13673)


Rhonda (marriage to John Gregory Smith) (i12088)


Rials, Mary (marriage to Frederick William Hart) (i4508), b.1898-d.1981


Rice, Ernest (marriage to Sarrah Willie Stephens) (i9289)
Rice, James (marriage to Phoebe Ann Prestridge) (i10932)
Rice, James Owen (i10934), b.1972-
Rice, Jim (marriage to Willie Joyce Jones) (i27406)
Rice, Phoebe Adair (i10933), b.1968-
Rice, Wanda Yuette (i9290), b.1920-


Richardel, Lee (marriage to Mavis Devilbiss) (i27144)


Richardson, ? (marriage to Helen Elizabeth Franklin) (i9056)
Richardson, David (marriage to Colleen Rosemer Walker) (i27714)
Richardson, Denise Carol (i27715), b.1956-
Richardson, Ellen (marriage to Habib Prestridge) (i12239), b.1896-d.1979
Richardson, Lillie A. (Sally) (marriage to Wilson M. Prestridge) (i9968), b.1840-
Richardson, Lisa Maree (i27716), b.1960-
Richardson, Thomas (marriage to Margaret Miller) (i3195)


Richburg, Christopher Thomas (marriage to Kimberly Rose Wilson) (i2246)
Richburg, Mary Madison (i2247), b.1997-


Rickard, (marriage to Tammy Prestridge) (i28630)
Rickard, Lacy (i28254)
Rickard, Lauren (i28255)


Ricketts, Adaline Virginia (i40892), b.1839-d.1869
Ricketts, Addie Virginia (i40895), b.1871-d.
Ricketts, Ann Elizabeth (i40891), b.1836-d.1866
Ricketts, James W. (JR) (i40893), b.1841-d.1883
Ricketts, James W. (SR) (married to Temperance Gordon) (i40890), b.1810-d.1841
Ricketts, Juliett Ogburn Kelsh (i40897), b.1877-d.1916
Ricketts, T. Albertina (i40896), b.1874-d.


Riddle, Margaret (marriage to Roy Bryant Shilling) (i13373)


Ridgway, Clara Sue (i12425)
Ridgway, Clarissa Kay (i12426)
Ridgway, Hollis Jonoise "Cotton" (marriage to Clara Corcoran) (i12416)
Ridgway, William Jonoise (i12422)


Ridings, William (marriage to Mavis Conwill) (i11525)


Riffle, Arlene Mae (marriage to Lancett Aaron Prestidge) (i27479), b.1921-d.2000


Riggan, Maxine (marriage to William Bernard Kenna) (i23456)


Riley, Amy Denae (i12547)
Riley, David Greg (i12545)
Riley, Earl Woodrow (marriage to Evelyn Lorene Corcoran) (i12417)
Riley, Earl Woodrow, Jr. (i12420)
Riley, Ella Blackaten (marriage to Wesley Gustaus Kane) (i9362)
Riley, Gretchen (marriage to David Greg Riley) (i12649)
Riley, Heidi Renea (i12650)
Riley, Joe Ray (i12421)
Riley, Lymuel Travil (marriage to Gladys Marie Prestage) (i14580)
Riley, Randi Jo (i12549)
Riley, Sally Viola (marriage to Ervin Wendell Prestage) (i212), b.1924-d.1989


Ringer, Kenneth (marriage to Sylvia Kay Turner) (i1581)
Ringer, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Anderson Prestage) (i7452), b.1835-d.1912
Ringer, Yolanda (i1583), b.1992-


Rizzuto, Melonie (marriage to Donald Scott Davis) (i14144)


Roach, Charissa Dianne (i14192)
Roach, Don (marriage to Pernie Christine Banks) (i14177)


Roan, (marriage to Josephine Prestridge) (i27229)


Roark, Ruth (marriage to Lewis Glenn Prestage) (i40092)


Robb, Henry (marriage to Lily B. Miller) (i27446)


Robbertson, Reba Louise (i22549), b.1906-d.1999


Robbins, John, Sr. (marriage to Eunice Bell Harp) (i15328)


Robbinson, Pamela Kay (marriage to Harry Alan Sherman) (i9296)


Roberts, Amazon Amy (marriage to Samuel S. Prestridge) (i10209), b.1888-
Roberts, Edward Lamar (marriage to Sharon Gay Brown) (i12010)
Roberts, Edward Lamra (i12013)
Roberts, Jessica (marriage to Robert Kent Horn Jr.) (i28564)
Roberts, Mary E. (marriage to George Harris Prestridge) (i11171)
Roberts, Mr. (marriage to Beverly Ann Steele) (i11922)
Roberts, Pattie (marriage to Johnny Works) (i13098)
Roberts, Patty Sue (i12011)
Roberts, Scott B. (marriage to Newland Elizabeth Daughdril) (i40549)
Roberts, Thomas T. (marriage to Martha Conwill) (i9678)
Roberts, Victor (marriage to Idar Melviney Elizabeth Conwill) (i9718)


Robertson, Alice Walton (marriage to Raiford Earl Prestridge) (i28343), b.1912-
Robertson, Crystal Michell (i10983), b.1988-
Robertson, Ennis B. (marriage to Ida Viola Bloxom) (i22547), b.1882-d.1972
Robertson, Grace Margaret (i22550), b.1909-d.1996
Robertson, Hazel Maurine (i22548), b.1905-d.1984
Robertson, Marshall Allen (i10982), b.1982-
Robertson, Peggy Ann (marriage to Paul Edward Underwood) (i13871)
Robertson, Ricky Allen (marriage to Lisa Marshall) (i10980), b.1954-


Robillard, Mr. (marriage to Kathy Lee Steele) (i11920)


Robins, Allen (marriage to Kay Fragstein) (i9584)
Robins, Charlene (i2137)
Robins, Debra (i2134)
Robins, John Walter (i2135)
Robins, Leslie Paul (i2139)
Robins, Michael (i2136)
Robins, Phillip (i2138)


Robinson, (marriage to Bailey Arnold) (i23004)
Robinson, Alva Lee (i23441), b.1929-d.1967
Robinson, Bird (i15294)
Robinson, Bobby Jene (marriage to Peggy Joyce Timms) (i12992)
Robinson, Caleb Nathan Harvey (i4342)
Robinson, Claude (i23440)
Robinson, David Lee (marriage to Cynthia Kay Carpenter) (i13204)
Robinson, Edith Nelle (i15348)
Robinson, Eric James (i13205)
Robinson, Etta (i3980)
Robinson, George M. (i3977), b.1861-
Robinson, George Washington (marriage to Mary A. Gordon) (i2147)
Robinson, Henry (marriage to Tracee Haynes) (i4339)
Robinson, Horace (marriage to Donna Michelle Tucker) (i1607)
Robinson, J.o. (marriage to Edith Adell Prestridge) (i11113)
Robinson, J.o., Jr. (i15349)
Robinson, James (i15352)
Robinson, Jane E. (marriage to Joshua Gordon) (i12136)
Robinson, Jeanette (i15351)
Robinson, Joshua Andrew Miguel (i4343)
Robinson, Judah (i4344)
Robinson, Lena B. (marriage to William R. Prestridge) (i11255), b.1878-
Robinson, Lena Bell (marriage to William J. Prestridge) (i2634), b.1878-d.1968
Robinson, Leo (i23439), d.1977
Robinson, M. J. (marriage to John T. Prestridge) (i2650)
Robinson, Mary F. (i3976), b.1857-
Robinson, Mary Hattie (i3982), b.1884-d.1938
Robinson, Mattie (marriage to Sim Emmanuel Hodges) (i14249)
Robinson, Michael (i15353)
Robinson, Miss (marriage to Howard Prestridge) (i3061)
Robinson, Murray (i23438)
Robinson, Patricia (Pat) Ann (marriage to William (Bill) Don Allred) (i13532)
Robinson, Rachel Ann (i15293), b.1912-
Robinson, Ray (i3981)
Robinson, Riley (i4341), b.1987-d.1987
Robinson, Sandra Joyce (i12993)
Robinson, Sarah Nichole (i13206)
Robinson, Thomas A. (marriage to Bessie Lee Wilson) (i23437)
Robinson, Thomas Jefferson (i3978), b.1859-
Robinson, Tracy Lee (i12994)


Robison, Della (marriage to John Thomas Prestage) (i7492), b.1876-
Robison, Minnie Evelyn (marriage to Harold Gilbert Haning) (i12447)


Robyn (marriage to William "Sonny" Prestridge) (i15506)


Roche, Myrtle Elizabeth (marriage to Paul Mimms Hodges) (i14309)


Roddy, Boyd (marriage to Agnes Senter) (i12285)
Roddy, Curtis (i12292)
Roddy, David Wesley (i12291)
Roddy, Julianne (i12290)
Roddy, Kenneth Ray (i12286)
Roddy, Linda (i12293)
Roddy, Steven Dan (i12288)


Roden, Bessie Melissa Adeline (i41064)
Roden, Cora (i26748), b.1862-
Roden, Franklin (i26747), b.1859-
Roden, George W. (i7542), b.1853-
Roden, George Washington (i41066)
Roden, John (i7543), b.1854-
Roden, John (i41065)
Roden, Lilie (i41067)
Roden, Louwiner Frances (i41062)
Roden, Martha Ann (i7544), b.1860-d.1940
Roden, Rowen Mathew (marriage to Adeline Prestage) (i3133)
Roden, Rowan Mathew (i41063)
Roden, Sereney (i41060)
Roden, Susan (i26750), b.1864-
Roden, William (i26746), b.1858-
Roden, William Albert (i41061)
Roden, Wright (i26749), b.1869-


Rodenberry, Guernsey Marie (marriage to Orland Whitman Prestridge) (i3364), d.1987


Rodgers, Jery Allen (marriage to Michelle Denice Malone) (i13973)


Rodney, (i18315), b.1975-


Roge, Joseph N. (marriage to Ruby Jewel Prestridge) (i10320)


Rogers, Berl Truman (i28436), b.1907-d.1976
Rogers, Berlie Josephine (i27234), b.1910-
Rogers, Bertha Una (i27232), b.1905-d.1999
Rogers, Beverly (i28454)
Rogers, Billie Jean (i28469)
Rogers, Bobby Dean (Sue) (i28486), b.1926-d.2003
Rogers, Burel Thomas (i9323), b.1886-d.1952
Rogers, Carrie (marriage to Jeremiah Alonzo Conwill Rev) (i9710)
Rogers, Chubby (i28445)
Rogers, Craig (i28238)
Rogers, Daniel (marriage to Virgina Kay Etheridge) (i28237)
Rogers, Denver (i28441)
Rogers, Earl Clarence (i28443), b.1908-
Rogers, Elizabeth Meriel (marriage to Harold Eugene Daughdril) (i40565)
Rogers, Elsie (i28481)
Rogers, Elsie Etoile (i28458), b.1913-
Rogers, Female (i20351)
Rogers, Francis Obie (i27238), b.1922-d.1996
Rogers, Gene (i28483)
Rogers, Hazel (i28475), b.1919-
Rogers, Hazel (marriage to Edward Duke) (i9572)
Rogers, Herman Eugene (i28479), b.1924-d.1980
Rogers, Ida Ernestine (i9320), b.1917-
Rogers, J. R. (i28438)
Rogers, James (i28451)
Rogers, James Raymond (i28449), b.1910-d.1978
Rogers, James Robert (i9318), b.1881-d.1960
Rogers, Joeva (i28484)
Rogers, John William Jerome (i9322), b.1884-d.1964
Rogers, June (i28439)
Rogers, Kerma (i28446)
Rogers, L. B. "Bill" (i28467), b.1915-
Rogers, Lexie Lois (i219), b.1905-
Rogers, Lloyd (i28440)
Rogers, Lottie Lee (i28435), b.1903-d.1908
Rogers, Martin G. "Jack" (i20350), b.1918-d.1942
Rogers, Myrtle Oma L. (i9325), b.1890-
Rogers, Norma (i28453)
Rogers, Norma Lenora (i27233), b.1907-d.1998
Rogers, Ora Belle (i28455), b.1912-
Rogers, Patty (i28482)
Rogers, Paul (i28452)
Rogers, Roy Riley (i28442)
Rogers, Sandra Jeanette (marriage to Louis Glen Scott) (i14166)
Rogers, Sharon (i28447)
Rogers, Teresa (i28448)
Rogers, Thomas Ralph (i27235), b.1914-d.1915
Rogers, Totsy Claudene (i27236), b.1916-
Rogers, Vanessa (i28485)
Rogers, Virgie (marriage to James Ivy Prestridge) (i10915), b.1895-d.1971
Rogers, William Stuart (marriage to Josephine Prestridge) (i9316), b.1841-
Rogers, Willie Aubrey (i27237), b.1918-d.1999
Rogers, Zora Belle (i9324), b.1888-d.1950


Rollins, Arnell (marriage to Augustine "Tina" Freeman) (i11983)
Rollins, Barbie Falyn (i11984)
Rollins, Cade (marriage to Rita Bell Freeman) (i22925)
Rollins, Jane (marriage to Louie E. Prestridge) (i10267), b.1901-d.1947
Rollins, Linda Carolyn (marriage to Lonnie Wayne Montgomery) (i13632)
Rollins, Steven Arnell (i11985)


Romig, Janette Elaine (marriage to Jerold Leon Hale) (i4274)


Rosario, Aven Marissa (i1609), b.1996-
Rosario, Caleb Elijah (i1553), b.2000-
Rosario, Elihud (marriage to Donna Michelle Tucker) (i1608)


Rosemary (marriage to Steven Howard Keeton) (i12621)


Ross, Alli Kate (i2236), b.1996-
Ross, Bill Grant (marriage to Randi Lynn Prestridge) (i2235), b.1974-
Ross, Sarah E. (marriage to John W. Prestridge) (i3207), b.1837-


Rostofer, Mr. (marriage to Nancy Prestridge) (i3043)


Rot, Don (marriage to Teri Michelle (Underwood) Montgomery) (i13756)


Rotondo, Annette (i27491)
Rotondo, Cappy (marriage to Virgie Lucille Prestidge) (i27489)
Rotondo, Sharon (i27490)


Rouhan, Mike (marriage to Caroline Prestridge) (i2617)


Roundtree, Delilah Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Prestridge) (i22503)


Rouse, Clifford (marriage to Fair Ellen Banks) (i14182)
Rouse, Kim Marie (i14092)
Rouse, Linda Maxine (i14093)
Rouse, Robert (marriage to Lora Marie Hutcheson) (i14091)


Routt, Freida Ann (i15206)
Routt, George (marriage to Frances Othell Wood) (i15205)


Rowland, Adam Tell (i13517)
Rowland, Allie Sophie (i11729), b.1912-d.1984
Rowland, Alma (i11732), b.1918-
Rowland, Annie Kate (i11725), b.1903-d.1988
Rowland, Bernard S. (i11819)
Rowland, Bernard Strauss (i11727), b.1912-
Rowland, Billie (i11818)
Rowland, Christopher Allen (marriage to Rhonda Lynn Smith Rowland) (i13516)
Rowland, Effie Caridine (i11726), b.1905-
Rowland, Ivey Sue (i11822)
Rowland, Joshua Allen (i13518)
Rowland, Juanita C. (i11820)
Rowland, Marguerite Lue (i11730), b.1914-
Rowland, Otis Huff (i11821)
Rowland, Perry Lee (i11829)
Rowland, Solomom Perry "Bud" (marriage to Ivie Nora "Ivy" Montgomery) (i11721), b.1866-d.1922
Rowland, Solomon Perry, Jr. (i11731), b.1916-
Rowland, Willie Butler (i11728), b.1909-d.1989


Roye, Archie O. (marriage to Lurline Agnes Brown) (i27038)


Rubottom, Patrick Patton (marriage to Winnie Dee Harp) (i15329), b.1913-d.1972


Ruby Lee (marriage to Jimmy Lay Prestridge) (i2379), b.1903-d.1963


Rucker, Ronald Elton (marriage to Carol Ann Green) (i27201)


Ruff, Eric Rowland (i11831)
Ruff, Essie B. (marriage to Elmer Kane) (i9351)
Ruff, Guy Crawford (i11833)
Ruff, Guy Landrum (marriage to Alma Rowland) (i11830), d.1975
Ruff, Peggy (i11832)


Rummerfield, Rebecca (marriage to Elbert Dale Prestridge) (i7616)


Rush, Benjamin Lloyd (i9203), b.1943-
Rush, Christopher (i13541)
Rush, Daniel Ray (i9202), b.1941-
Rush, E. S. (marriage to Jennie Prestridge) (i9977)
Rush, George Lynn (i28709), b.1948-d.2001
Rush, Howard Earl (i40615)
Rush, Jeannette Elois (i9204), b.1945-
Rush, Kathyrn Arnette (i40614)
Rush, Nola P. (marriage to Thomas B. Prestridge) (i10432), b.1892-d.1968
Rush, Robert William (i40616)
Rush, Robert (marriage to Trudy Ann Allred) (i13542)
Rush, Theodore Raymond "Ray" (marriage to Georgia " Georgie" Elizabeth Agee) (i9201), b.1912-d.1957
Rush, Thomas Ronald (i40617)
Rush, Vascoe M. (marriage to Emma Lee Dunn) (i9551)
Rush, Wiliam W. (marriage to Mattie Priscilla Ballew) (i40613)


Rushing, Dolly (marriage to Denver Ray Freeman) (i11788), b.1909-d.1975
Rushing, Jeff (i3767)
Rushing, Kim (marriage to Darrell Taylor) (i11015)
Rushing, Mr. (marriage to Shelia Parmer) (i3766)


Rusoe, Barry Thomas (i13939)
Rusoe, Eric Wade (i13946)
Rusoe, Geneva Ann (i13937)
Rusoe, Kevin Wayne (i13947)
Rusoe, Ramona Nanette (i13941)
Rusoe, Richard Thomas (i13935)
Rusoe, Rodney Allen (i13940)
Rusoe, Ruby Jane (i13936)
Rusoe, Seth Thomas (S.t.) (marriage to Ruby Underwood) (i13647), b.1914-
Rusoe, Staci Eden (i13943)


Russell, Anita (i13032)
Russell, Barbara Denise (i12006)
Russell, Bobby (i13031)
Russell, Danny Mitchell (marriage to Linda Diane Wallace) (i12004)
Russell, Dewey Garland (Todd) (marriage to Rosie Ripple Adams) (i13028), b.1905-d.1980
Russell, Donna Sue (i13029)
Russell, Fletcher (marriage to Ona M. Prestridge) (i2802)
Russell, Frank (marraige to Frances Osteen) (i40148)
Russell, Gary Dale (i40149)
Russell, Havee (i13030)
Russell, J. B., Jr. (marriage to Doris Prestridge) (i10214)
Russell, James Flectcher (i20313)
Russell, James Fletcher "Jimmy" (i2803)
Russell, Jessica (i20314)
Russell, John (marriage to Lucy Freeman) (i11765)
Russell, Joseph (i20315)
Russell, Mittie Elizabeth (marriage to Francis Lee Prestridge) (i27519), b.1903-d.1963
Russell, Nathaniel Zacharia (i11766), b.1914-


Ruth (marriage to Walter Towson Black) (i12756)


Ryland, Ozie (marriage to Ira Prestridge) (i10275), b.1904-


S., Annie (marriage to John Daniel Agee) (i26768), b.1878-


Saintignon, Danny Lee (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Jones) (i27434)


Sallie E. (marriage to Thomas J. Prestidge) (i7538), b.1874-


Sanchez, Charles (marriage to Debra Ann Barrient) (i20421)


Sanborn, Ann Louise (marriage to Billups Gayle Prestridge [Jr.]) (i40377)


Sanders, ? (marriage to Debbie Prestridge) (i10990)
Sanders, Edna (marriage to Leon Freeman) (i22979)
Sanders, Heath (i10991), b.1979-
Sanders, Jordan Lacy (i2018), b.1991-
Sanders, Kaila Ann (i2019), b.1992-
Sanders, Lanny Joseph (marriage to Amy Jo Nordstrom) (i2016)
Sanders, Lucy (marriage to Levi Prestridge) (i9972)
Sanders, Sue (marriage to Philip Glen Grice) (i40555)


Sandford, Adilia Inez (i3160), b.1879-
Sandford, Alma (i3164), b.1883-
Sandford, Beulah Inez (i3960), b.1909-d.1977
Sandford, George Edwin (i3161), b.1881-d.1943
Sandford, Herman Prestridge (i26950)
Sandford, Lois Ida (i3964), b.1913-d.1979
Sandford, Robert Stephen (marriage to Martha Edwin "Mattie" Prestridge) (i3159)


Sandidge, John (marriage to Grace Brister) (i14401)
Sandidge, Johnny (i14402)
Sandidge, Ronald (i14403)


Sands, Kathie Ann (marriage to Dwight Charles Colville) (i27710), b.1954-


Sandy (marriage to Bo Taylor) (i11001)


Sanford, Betty Sue (marriage to Ted Oliver Prestridge) (i12693)


Sarah M. (marriage to James E. Prestridge) (i10719)


Sarah, (marriage to William Prestridge) (i25646)


Sargerson, Annabelle (marriage to J.o. Robinson Jr.) (i15350)


Sasser, Adeline (i10116), b.1857-
Sasser, Alphesus (i10350), b.1895-d.1971
Sasser, Bettye Jean (i14398)
Sasser, Charles Boyce (i26981), b.1898-d.1954
Sasser, Clonia Caledonia (i10119), b.1867-d.1945
Sasser, D.j. (i13211)
Sasser, David (marriage to Charlotte Fay Carpenter) (i13197)
Sasser, Dustin Lee (i14435)
Sasser, Freda Odessa (marriage to William Jesse Hale Jr.) (i4255)
Sasser, Hattie (i10351), b.1892-d.1970
Sasser, Helen (i26982), b.1903-d.1989
Sasser, James Andrew (i14410)
Sasser, James Daniel (i14433), b.1982-d.1983
Sasser, James R. (i26984), b.1907-d.APR
Sasser, James Willie (i14397), b.1936-d.1997
Sasser, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Prestridge) (i10114), b.1834-d.1902
Sasser, Joseph Sterling (i26985), b.1910-d.1989
Sasser, Joseph Wiley (i10118), b.1864-d.1936
Sasser, Lawrence (i26983), b.1906-d.1948
Sasser, Margaret Ann (i14399)
Sasser, Martha Jane (marriage to Samuel (Doc) Prestridge) (i10502), b.1833-d.1921
Sasser, Ollie (i26979), b.AUG-
Sasser, Priscilla (i10117), b.1859-
Sasser, Sarah (marriage to Zachariah P. Prestridge) (i9814)
Sasser, Shannon Lea (i14436)
Sasser, Stephen Louis (marriage to Leona Prestridge) (i10348), b.1868-d.1929
Sasser, Terri Lea (i14413)
Sasser, William W. (i26980), b.1897-
Sasser, Willie Daniel (marriage to Helen Brister) (i14394), b.1906-d.1981


Satterly, Anna Joyce (marriage to Lee Black) (i12786)


Saunders, James (i2002), b.1891-
Saunders, John (i2001), b.1885-
Saunders, Josephine Milam (i2003), b.1900-d.1986
Saunders, William Henry "Will" (marriage to Mary Jane Prestridge) (i15593), b.1862-d.1923


Sayre, Chris (marriage to Phyllis Velene Haynes) (i4352)


Scarbrock, Birtie Eola (marriage to James Prestridge) (i3094), b.1897-d.1965


Schener, Michael (marriage to Cynthia Rose Davis) (i14140)
Schener, Tonia Lee (i14141)


Schillings, Marvin T. (marriage to Maida Lee Burris) (i10040), d.1972


Schinder, Edgar Joe (marriage to Donna Suzann Akin) (i12626)
Schinder, Katheryn Lynn (i12628)
Schinder, Matthew Don (i12627)


Schmick, Sarah A. (Widow Of H. H. Mosely) (marriage to Charles Mclemore Or Macklemore Pre (i10657), b.1874-d.1945


Schmidt, Jeannette Elain (marriage to John Walter Broussard) (i27580)
Schmidt, Roy Allen (marriage to Kathryn Annette Rush) (i40609)
Schmidt, Sandra (marriage to Barry William Prestridge) (i10594)


Schoemaker, Tressie (marriage to John Elmore Prestage) (i9072)


Schlotzhauer, Loren (marraige to Dolores Prestidge) (i40052)


Schoolar, Billie Sue (i13609)
Schoolar, Leonard (marriage to Ida Opal Underwood) (i13608)


Schreiber, Dennis Lynn (marriage to Rhenda Kay "Kay" Prestridge) (i9197), b.1948-
Schreiber, Todd (i3956), b.1972-


Schribner, Jewel (marriage to Leaton Waddle) (i11505)


Schroedter, Myrtle Grace (marriage to James Bedford Sullenger) (i4237)


Schufelt, Justin Dean (i40365)
Schufelt, Todd (marriage to Traci Leigh Minton) (i40364)


Schumacher, Col Gregory A. (marriage to Kathryn Marie Caldwell) (i224), b.1952-
Schumacher, Eric Stuart (i28491), b.1977-
Schumacher, Sara Alyssa (i28493), b.1980-


Schutz, Becky Rene' (i28390)
Schutz, Jennifer Leanne (i28391)
Schutz, Jessica Nichole (i28392)
Schutz, Jonathan Robert Aaron (i28393)
Schutz, Robert Daniel (marriage to Brenda Janell Prestidge) (i28389)


Schwafel, Gerald Eugene (marriage to Cynthia Gaye Prestidge) (i2107)
Schwafel, Jill Andrea (i28383)


Scogin, Robert (marriage to Willa Ruth Hallman) (i15291)


Scott, Amber Nashell (i14174)
Scott, Angela Dianne (i14162)
Scott, Autumn Lanae (i14175)
Scott, Barbara D'Lee (marriage to Del Ray Pope) (i27677)
Scott, Bart (i14129)
Scott, Bobbie Sue (i14125)
Scott, Carol Lynn (i14157)
Scott, Elizabeth Ann (i14158)
Scott, Hadley Matthew (i14160)
Scott, J.d. (i14130)
Scott, James Casper (i12214)
Scott, James Christopher (i14151)
Scott, James Horace (Sharpe) (marriage to Katie Belle Underwood) (i13615), b.1905-d.1967
Scott, James Horace Jr. (i14128)
Scott, James Lucas (i14170)
Scott, Jeannie (i40259)
Scott, Jennifer (i14152)
Scott, John (i40261)
Scott, Joseph Edward (i14159)
Scott, Joshua Glenn (i14169)
Scott, Julie Ann (i2230), b.1976-
Scott, Landon Kyle (i14176)
Scott, Lannie (i14133)
Scott, Letha Adella (marriage to Lubell Jackson Prestridge) (i2677), b.1892-d.1964
Scott, Louis Adam (i14171)
Scott, Louis Glen (i14132)
Scott, Louise (i12213)
Scott, Martha (i40260)
Scott, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to George William Prestidge) (i7521), b.1851-
Scott, Mattie (marriage to Richard Homer Prestridge) (i12204), b.1897-d.1992
Scott, Michelle Cherie (marriage to Ricky Wayne Pope) (i27683)
Scott, Misty Jeanette (i14168)
Scott, Myrtis Christine (i12216), b.1924-
Scott, Paulette (marriage to Larry Jo Orear) (i13051)
Scott, Rebecca Heather (i14172)
Scott, Roy (marriage to Estelle Prestridge) (i40257)
Scott, Sara Faye (i14127)
Scott, Susan (i40258)
Scott, Thomas Larry, Jr. (i2229), b.1973-
Scott, Thomas Larry, Sr. (marriage to Minnie Floretta Prestridge) (i2205), b.1948-
Scott, Venita (i12215)
Scott, Virginia Lou (i14126)
Scott, Walter Charlie (marriage to Cordie Mae Prestridge) (i12211), b.1894-d.1931
Scott, Wanda Rogers (i14131)
Scott, William (marriage to Janet Lee Swan) (i13782)


Seagle, Jewel (marriage to James Ray Prestridge Sr.) (i2949), b.1949-


Seale, Aliene (i3901)
Seale, Allen (i22911)
Seale, Barney (marriage to Mary Ann Smart) (i9808)
Seale, Charles Frank (i3908)
Seale, Charles Jefferson (marriage to Velma Eugenia Killingsworth) (i3889), b.1891-d.1978
Seale, Deanne (i3930)
Seale, Deborah Lynne (i3920)
Seale, Edward Lee (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Prestridge) (i3338), b.1879-d.1933
Seale, Edwin Thomas (marriage to Clemie Estelle Bailey) (i3899), b.1879-d.1942
Seale, Elwood E. (i3905), b.1907-d.1929
Seale, Floyd Lee, Sr. (i3389), b.1904-d.1978
Seale, Frances (i3903)
Seale, Fred Reese (i3397), b.1913-
Seale, George William "Nip" (i3392), b.1908-d.1968
Seale, Janice Diane (i3921)
Seale, Jefferson (i22909)
Seale, John Edward (i3391), b.1905-d.1938
Seale, Julia (i22910)
Seale, Lawrence (i3902)
Seale, Mabel Eugenia (i3906)
Seale, Owen Mason (i3394), b.1910-d.1989
Seale, Robert Earle (i3904)
Seale, Sharron Lynn (i3917)
Seale, Stephen Keith (i3916)
Seale, Walter (i3900)
Seale, William Joseph (i3909)
Seale, William Joseph, Jr. (i3931)


Seamster, T. L. (marriage to E. E. Summit) (i23273)


Sedria (marriage to Henry Lee Prestridge) (i7599)


Seeskind, Lillie (marriage to Netwon Levi Crosby Jr.) (i9946)


Seitz, Terri Jolene (marriage to Barry David Corcoran) (i12611)


Selby, Douglas (marriage to Jacqueline Smith) (i14515)


Self, Lora Lyn (marriage to Walter Thomas Oliver) (i15246)


Selke, Verba (marriage to Earl M. Prestridge) (i3140)


Sellers, Joe (marriage to Alma Mae Allred) (i27129)


Senner, Onya (i18842)
Senner, Terry (marriage to Kathaleen King) (i2586)


Senter, Agnes (i12284), b.1909-
Senter, Amy Lynette (i12272)
Senter, Billy Ross (i12271)
Senter, Charles "Chuck" (i12257)
Senter, Clara Sue (i12260)
Senter, Clifton Bradley (i15266)
Senter, Danny Lee (i15262)
Senter, Danny Ross (i12266), b.1945-d.1945
Senter, David Lee (i12268)
Senter, Dora (marriage to Willie Edward (Edmund) Prestridge) (i12248), b.1886-d.1962
Senter, Dustin (i13174)
Senter, Erron Scott (i15267)
Senter, James Kelly (i12275)
Senter, Jimmy Wayne (i13171)
Senter, Jimmy Wayne (i13176)
Senter, Jimmy Wayne (marriage to Jeanette Blaylock) (i13171)
Senter, Jo Ann (i12277)
Senter, Joanna Patrice "Patti" (i12270)
Senter, John Byron (i12251), b.1912-d.1994
Senter, John Pinkney (marriage to Ruth Edna Prestridge) (i12250), b.1881-d.1943
Senter, John Robert (i12255)
Senter, Marjorie (i12280), b.1905-d.1992
Senter, Marty Craig (i13172)
Senter, Mary Beth (i12279)
Senter, Minnie Dell (marriage to John Arthur Prestage) (i7549), b.1882-d.1946
Senter, Paul (i12253)
Senter, Randall Leslie (i15263)
Senter, Richard "Dick" Lloyd (i12258), b.1939-d.1958
Senter, Ross Rivers (i12264), b.1915-
Senter, Roswell K. (i12273), b.1918-
Senter, Sandra Kay (i13177)
Senter, Willie Bryant (marriage to Ruby Marie Beasley) (i13170), b.1919-d.1954


Servans, Chrisy Jo (i28589)
Servans, David Lee (i28588)
Servans, Gary, Jr. (i28587)
Servans, Gary, Sr. (marriage to Joy Horn) (i28586)


Settlemeir, Ida (marriage to Robert Julias Prestage) (i9074), b.1890-d.1981


Severns, Richard James (marriage to Lisa Darlene Mccarver) (i3275), b.1951-


Shadden, Ammon (i40625)
Shadden, Drucilla (i40626)
Shadden, Eliza (i40629)
Shadden, Granville (i40640)
Shadden, Henry C. (i40623)
Shadden, Jasper (i40627)
Shadden, Madison (i40622)
Shadden, Mary M. (i40630)
Shadden, Riley (i40624)
Shadden, Thomas J. (marriage to Martha Sumner) (i27402)
Shadden Jr., Thomas J. (i40628)


Shamblin, Frank (marriage to Patricia Terril Troyer) (i12860)
Shamblin, Kimberly Rose (i12862)
Shamblin, Terril Lee (i12861)
Shamblin, Tracy Lynn (i12863)


Shamburger, Jessye (marriage to William T. Denman) (i22902)


Shankle, Stella (marriage to Jesse Brent) (i14336)


Shannon, Stephanie Marie Alexis (marriage to James Harold Argo) (i14613), b.1969-


Sharon (marriage to Bo Taylor) (i11002)


Sharp, Ethan (marriage to Lula Conwill) (i11411)
Sharp, Rita (marriage to Fred Daniel "Dan" Williams) (i40207)
Sharp, Thomas Leon (marriage to Frances Loretta Prestridge) (i3369), b.1886-d.1977
Sharp, William Kellis (marriage to Martha Anna Prestridge) (i3367), b.1898-d.1977


Shaw, Annie (marriage to William Henry Prestridge) (i10823), b.1883-
Shaw, Nannie Lou (marriage to John Henry Prestridge) (i2728), b.1897-d.1995
Shaw, Virginia Kay (marriage to William Jonoise Ridgway) (i12423)


Sheasby, Tammy Lynette (marriage to Brett William Herrington) (i2251), b.1971-


Sheila (marriage to Barry Baron Prestridge) (i3120)
Shelby (marriage to Willie James Conwill) (i11570)


Shelnutt, Kyle Morgan (i13695)
Shelnutt, Rodney Carroll (marriage to Toni Ann Tillery) (i13694)
Shelnutt, Travis Marshall (i13696)


Shelton, Billy Joe (i15070), b.1926-d.1996
Shelton, Brad (i14463)
Shelton, E. L. (marriage to Axie (Achsa) Victoria Prestridge) (i15067)
Shelton, Elvin Lee (i15068), b.1914-
Shelton, Ivan Emery (marriage to Nella Jean Prestage) (i14460)
Shelton, Mark (i14462)
Shelton, Raymond Dell (i15069), b.1918-d.1943
Shelton, Stephen Emery (i14461)


Sherman, Charles Clarence (marriage to Wanda Yuette Rice) (i9291), b.1919-d.1974
Sherman, Harry Alan (i9295)
Sherman, Marcia Ann (i9292), b.1945-
Sherman, Mr. (marriage to Gwendolyn Fortenberry) (i12793)


Sherrye (marriage to Jim Willis) (i2261)


Shilling, Diana Beth (i13392)
Shilling, Nancy Gale (i13376)
Shilling, Roy Bryant (i13372)
Shilling, Roy Bryant (i13374)
Shilling, Roy Bryant, Sr. (marriage to Lila Myrtle Prestage) (i13357), b.1904-d.1992
Shilling, Sue (i13377)


Shillings, Eula Bell (marriage to Henry Watterson Kenna) (i23459), b.1892-


Shipley, Frances J. (marriage to William "Bill" Alva Prestridge) (i8970), b.1931-


Shires, Burney Otis (marriage to Imogene Ralph Motheral) (i27656)
Shires, Carlton Gene (i27659), b.1943-
Shires, Jerry Ottis (i27657), b.1941-
Shires, Micki Gay (i27661), b.1949-


Shirley (marriage to Barry Prestage) (i9456)
Shirley (marriage to Billy Adams) (i13160)


Shive, Nancy Lou (marriage to Charles Eddie Lee) (i1551)


Shively, Barry (i10967), b.APR-
Shively, Don Edwin "Donnie" (i10959), b.1949-
Shively, Geraldine Elizabeth (i10996)
Shively, Humphry (marriage to Loyce Atten "Topsy" Prestridge) (i10957)
Shively, James Lester (J.l.) (i11039), b.1932-
Shively, James Wilson (marriage to Minnie Bell (Penny) Prestridge) (i10995), b.1893-d.1973
Shively, Lafaye (i11040), b.1937-
Shively, Margaret Valena (i11026), b.1928-
Shively, Michael (i10965), b.1979-
Shively, Michael Arthur (i10964), b.1954-
Shively, Sharon Elizabeth (i10960), b.1951-
Shively, Wiliam Gray (i10966), b.1955-


Shoemaker, Marilyn (marriage to Keith Allen Freeman) (i12021)


Shone, Lida (marriage to Loney Phelps) (i4182)


Shroeder, ? (marriage to Kim Marie Rouse) (i14094)


Shuter, Sissy (marriage to Mike Prestridge) (i9636)


Sigman, Maridean (marriage to Loy Brown) (i27111)


Silburn, Mona E. (marriage to Ossie Copurum Adams Jr.) (i2095)


Silk, Beverly Ann (i40076)
Silk, Frances (i40077)
Silk, Leon T. (marriage to Gwondolyn Prestage) (i40075)


Simmons, Eunice Victoria (marriage to George Andrew Coke Black) (i12761)
Simmons, Merry Karen (marriage to Eric Dwyer Prestidge) (i28740)


Simms, Julia Elender (marriage to Thomas Emmett Prestridge) (i3137), b.1871-d.1900
Simms, Sarah (marriage to Jessie Freeman) (i22975)


Simon, Joe, Jr. (marriage to Joyce Bernice Prestridge) (i28636)


Simoneaux, Troy David (marriage to Lafaye Lamartia) (i11066), b.1965-


Simpson, Brent Eric (i10054), b.1969-
Simpson, Errol James (marriage to Barbara Lynn Prestridge) (i10050), b.1939-
Simpson, Keith (i10051), b.1962-
Simpson, Marsha Kay (i10053), b.1966-
Simpson, Sherry Lynn (i10052), b.1964-


Sims, Bridgett Sue (i12551)
Sims, Derek Hugh (i12553), b.1980-d.1980
Sims, Joe Kent (marriage to Clara Sue Ridgway) (i12550)
Sims, Sarah Ann (i12552)


Sisk, Nellie Alice (marriage to Elbert Leon Prestridge) (i7610)


Skeeless, Cecile (marriage to John Earl Starnes) (i10374)


Skidmore, Bonnie Lucile (marriage to James Preuit Stephens) (i9286)


Skiles, Judy Carol (marriage to Michael Eugene Mahanay) (i15139)

Skinner Barnes

Skinner Barnes, Ella (marriage to Kenneth Edward Barnes) (i13536)


Slaughter, Sarah F. (marriage to Rufus K. Prestridge) (i7270), b.1844-d.1915


Slawson, Harold (marriage to Suzanna Frances Prestridge) (i10606)


Slay, A. M. (marriage to Ellen Magdala Prestridge) (i10910)
Slay, Hulson (marriage to Kay Westbrook) (i12040)


Sloan, Mary Frances (marriage to James H. Prestridge) (i26600), b.1916-d.2002


Sluder, David D. (marriage to Jacqueline Diahn Pope) (i27678)


Smallwood, Barbara Jean (i19352)
Smallwood, Bernice Batrix (i19057)
Smallwood, Ed (marriage to Cornelia Alice Prestridge) (i8968)
Smallwood, Ida Lou (i27640)
Smallwood, James Eddie (i20194)
Smallwood, Joyce Alyne (i19049)
Smallwood, Roy Ross (marriage to Audrey Lytea Mcbride) (i19048), b.1903-


Smart, James (marriage to Hannah Ritta Denman) (i9802)
Smart, James Amos (i9803), d.1862
Smart, Laura J. (i9805), b.1844-
Smart, Mary Ann (i9807)
Smart, Nancy Jill (marriage to Randy Nick Denley) (i12100)
Smart, Sarah S. (i9809), b.1850-d.1910


Smeath, Larry (marriage to Rebecca Jean Prestridge) (i3037)


Smith, Adeline (marriage to Charles Henry Prestridge Jr.) (i15075)
Smith, Aleachia Machille (i12080)
Smith, Alice (marriage to Boyce Darrel (Bud) Prestage) (i9423)
Smith, Alice Faye (marriage to Charles William Steele) (i11935)
Smith, Alma Mckay (i2130), b.1980-
Smith, Amos Jefferson (Jeff) (i9673), b.1875-
Smith, Angelia Annette (i14044)
Smith, Anita (i40698)
Smith, Arman (i14519)
Smith, Ashley Ann (i13587)
Smith, Austin Presswood (marriage to Minnie Sarah Prestridge) (i10623)
Smith, Barbara Jane (i13955)
Smith, Betty Sue (i1257), b.1930-d.1982
Smith, Billy Joe (i13953)
Smith, Billy Pink (i13985)
Smith, Billy Pink (marriage to Sue Yielding) (i13984)
Smith, Bradley Dewayne (marriage to Ramona Nanette Rusoe) (i13948)
Smith, Briana Brooke (i12922)
Smith, Bridget Necole (i13960)
Smith, C. H. (marriage to Clonia Caledonia Sasser) (i2283)
Smith, Calvin Douglas (marriage to Shirley Joan Hayes) (i12855)
Smith, Carol Michele (marriage to Kevin Fenn Crosby) (i9929)
Smith, Casey Lee (i14049)
Smith, Cathy Lee (marriage to Joel Parkman Pace) (i40525)
Smith, Cathy Lynn (i13951)
Smith, Charlie Rochelle (marriage to Dewey Lamar Crosby) (i9924), b.1902-d.1976
Smith, Cleveland Earl (i11963)
Smith, Corey Wayne (i13949)
Smith, Courtnie Raechell (i28596), b.1998-
Smith, Darrell (marriage to Frances Marie Manuel) (i40696)
Smith, David Lee (marriage to Darla Sue Waits) (i27671)
Smith, Debbie Lynn (i1916), b.1954-
Smith, Deborah (i40697)
Smith, Delila (marriage to George William Prestidge) (i7520), d.1870
Smith, Dena Marie (i28409)
Smith, Dennis Ray (i12873)
Smith, Denson David (marriage to Francis Eloise Murray) (i11958)
Smith, Denson David (marriage to Francis Eloise Murray) (i11958)
Smith, Denson William "Denny" (i12073)
Smith, Donald E. (marriage to Geraldine Dean Haynes) (i4320)
Smith, Dorothy Eudora (marriage to Tyson Wilkenson Freeman) (i22968)
Smith, Earl Reginald (i1248), b.1918-d.1989
Smith, Eddie Warren (marriage to Janella Evelyn Allred) (i29038)
Smith, Edwin Royse (marriage to Sherron Jenice Evans) (i12584)
Smith, Elizabeth (i12074)
Smith, Elmer Eugene "Gene" (i11965)
Smith, Floyd Howard (i1914), b.1952-
Smith, Floyd Mathew (marriage to Helen Elizabeth Franklin) (i9055)
Smith, Frances Muriel (i12072)
Smith, Franklin David (i12071)
Smith, Franklin Howard (i2058), b.1992-
Smith, Gary Lee (i1917), b.1957-
Smith, George Truman (marriage to Betty June Miller) (i9127), b.1942-
Smith, Glen Ruth (i7629), b.1974-
Smith, Glenda (marriage to Wayne Prestridge) (i10335)
Smith, Helon (marriage to Theadore (Thea) Prestridge) (i10264), b.1874-d.1959
Smith, Issac Adolphus (i7630), b.1975-
Smith, Jack (i22878)
Smith, Jack (marriage to Lee Ann Prestridge) (i7614)
Smith, Jack (marriage to Syliva Prestage) (i9108)
Smith, Jack Leroy, III (i7631), b.1976-
Smith, Jacqueline (i14514)
Smith, James Edward (Ed) (i9669), b.1871-d.1945
Smith, James Thomas (marriage to Doris Marie Barnes Smith) (i13514)
Smith, Jane (marraige to Newland Durrett Daughdril) (i40535)
Smith, Janet (marriage to Edsel Gale Prestridge) (i12700)
Smith, Janet Marion (marriage to Ralph Daniel Green) (i27177), b.1922-
Smith, Jeffery Lynn (i7626), b.1971-
Smith, Jeremeny Wayne (i12070)
Smith, Jeremy Blake (i13962)
Smith, Jermiah Earl Francis (i12082)
Smith, John D. (marriage to Alcia Nell Prestridge) (i3373)
Smith, John David (marriage to Velma Loretta Prestridge) (i1241)
Smith, John Gregory (i11969)
Smith, John Rudolph (i1242), b.1913-d.1974
Smith, John Russel "Rusty" (i12091)
Smith, Johnathan Kyle (i13769)
Smith, Joseph P. (i9668), b.1870-d.1910
Smith, Joshua David (i12081)
Smith, Joshua Wayne (i12065)
Smith, Josie Eulita (marriage to William Curtis Freeman) (i22971), b.1911-
Smith, Judson Noal (i938)
Smith, Kelly Lynn (i13966)
Smith, Kenneth Ray (marriage to Sula Annette Underwood) (i13662)
Smith, Kenneth Wayne (i28688), b.1972-
Smith, Kevin Abraham (i2131), b.1984-
Smith, Kevin Allen (marriage to Jeni Hendricks) (i9534)
Smith, Larry Wade (i13952)
Smith, Leighton (i14516)
Smith, Lena Bell (marriage to Carl Edward Agee) (i26766), b.1910-d.1994
Smith, Leo William (i1252), b.1922-d.1996
Smith, Leon Bryant (i1254), b.1922-
Smith, Leroy Mcduff (Lee) (marriage to Mary Eliza Prestage) (i9676), b.1848-d.1935
Smith, Linda Inez (i11966)
Smith, Linda Kay (i14518)
Smith, Linda Lorraine (i28687), b.1970-
Smith, Lucille (marriage to J. C. Mahanay) (i15167)
Smith, Margaret Downey (marriage to Clarke Augustus Prestridge) (i12371), b.1899-d.1985
Smith, Marshell Tyler (i13865)
Smith, Marvin Leslie (i1246), b.1915-d.1966
Smith, mary Virginia (marriage to Maston Leland Ballew Sr.) (i40595)
Smith, Mason Landon (i937)
Smith, Mathew Lee (i2059), b.1992-
Smith, Mathew Wade (i13961)
Smith, Max (marriage to Maude Elisie Reeves) (i27010)
Smith, Melvina Ruth (Vinnie-Rutha) (i9672), b.AUG-d.1936
Smith, Michael Douglas (i12858)
Smith, Michael Lee (marriage to Debra Renae Crosby) (i933)
Smith, Michell Lynn (i12859)
Smith, Milli (i2132), b.1984-
Smith, Minnie Lillian (marriage to Alton Adolphus Prestridge) (i2390), b.1901-d.1997
Smith, Mozella Joyce (i11964)
Smith, Nephi Timothy (i2129), b.1978-
Smith, Norma (i9109)
Smith, Ola (marriage to Louie E. Prestridge) (i10266), b.1899-d.1991
Smith, Oliver Eugene (marriage to Lois Ida Sandford) (i3965), b.1912-d.1989
Smith, Orell (marriage to Samuel Reuben Hodges) (i14366)
Smith, Patricia (marriage to James Rickey Lyle) (i13917)
Smith, Paul Ray (i14520)
Smith, Pauline (i1250), b.1920-d.1987
Smith, Rebecca Ann (i11961)
Smith, Rebecca Isbella (marriage to Albert Leondus Prestridge) (i2388)
Smith Rowland, Rhonda Lynn (i13515)
Smith, Ricky Lee (marriage to Beverly Barnes) (i13537)
Smith, Robert Franklin (marriage to Deborah Kay Dodson) (i13864)
Smith, Roger Thomas (i13954)
Smith, Rosa Anna (i14047)
Smith, Roy Junior (marriage to Ruby Jane Rusoe) (i13950)
Smith, Serena Camaline (i7632), b.1978-
Smith, Shannon Ray (i14050)
Smith, Shelby (i14517)
Smith, Stacey Ann (i28410)
Smith, Stanlee Howard (marriage to Kathy Lee Prestage) (i2057), b.1961-
Smith, Steve Allen (i14043)
Smith, Teresa (marriage to William Jay Kyle) (i12121)
Smith, Velma (marriage to Nolan Moak) (i27043), b.1908-
Smith, Vera Mae (marriage to Atlee Adopheus Prestridge) (i10281)
Smith, Victoria Gayle (i28685), b.1966-
Smith, Wayne David (i11962)
Smith, William Lee (marriage to Mary Eliza Prestage) (i9667)
Smith, William Leroy (i7627), b.1973-
Smith, Yvonne Marie (i28686), b.1967-


Smithey, Kenny (marriage to Tammy Renee Horn) (i28561)
Smithey, Tiffany Deanna (i28562), b.1994-


Snavely, Larry Russell (marriage to Phyllis Rae Miller) (i9130), b.1943-
Snavely, Renee Lynn (i28690), b.1976-
Snavely, Rhonda Kay (i28689), b.1973-


Snider, Nellie Ruth (marriage to Edward C. Ford Jr.) (i14480)


Snow, Louise Francis (marriage to Walter Everett Killingsworth) (i3948), b.APR-d.1975
Snow, William Howard (marriage to Leonia Prestridge) (i2563)


Snyder, Nell (marriage to Male Hale) (i4371)


Sonnier, Honorah(marriage to Thomas Jackson O'Pry) (i40717)


Sonya, (marriage to Daniel Edward Martin) (i13563)


Sorrel, Alice (marriage to Thomas Frederick "Fred" Prestridge) (i3462)


Sorrels, Maude (marriage to John B. Prestridge) (i3329)


Sory, Mina (marriage to Clarence Benard Prestridge) (i3167), b.1877-


South, Dane C. (i2039), b.1977-
South, James C. (marriage to Fawnelle Prestridge) (i2031)
South, Michael Shane (i2037), b.1965-
South, Steven Derick (i2038), b.1968-


Soward, Effie Ann (marriage to James Franklin Mcbride) (i19042), b.1882-d.1957


Spake, Preston (marriage to Glady Ethel Davis) (i2732)


Sparks, Bernice (marriage to Joseph William Prestage) (i14546)
Sparks, Carl Robert, Jr. (marriage to Jamie Colleen Prestridge) (i10597)


Spears, Charles (marriage to Frances Prestridge) (i10023)
Spears, Ida (marriage to John Robert Parkman) (i40487)
Spears, Mr. (marriage to Mary L. Pauline Prestridge) (i3068)
Spears, Ruth Jane (marriage to William Augustus Prestridge) (i11109), b.1836-d.1895


Spence, Dellon (marriage to Sarah Evaline Conwill) (i11423)
Spence, Maggie (marriage to Claudia Francis Conwill) (i11551)


Spencer, Barrier Elaine (i40179)
Spencer, Douglas Wilson Branch (i40181)
Spencer, Linda (marriage to James Conwill) (i11548)
Spencer, Nathaniel R.(marriage to Barrier Walsworth) (i50178)
Spencer, Nathaniel Walsworth (i40180)
Spencer, Rebecca (marriage to George Lee Black) (i12839)
Spencer, Wood (marriage to Brenda Lou Prestage) (i9426), b.1948-


Spigner, Christie (marriage to James Lyndon Funderburk) (i13997)


Spilker, Naomi (marriage to Kenneth Ray Blackburn) (i28591)


Spradlin, Anna Maxine (i28212)
Spradlin, Arlie Drawin (i28203)
Spradlin, Arlie Lee (marriage to Dessie Bell Prestridge) (i3147)
Spradlin, Deanna (i28206)
Spradlin, Ola Erline (i28220)
Spradlin, Stephine (i28211)
Spradlin, Steven (i28205)
Spradlin, Wanda Nell (i28234)


Squires, Dorothy (marriage to Egbert Barnett Prestage Jr.) (i1920)


Stafford, Agnes (i9596)
Stafford, C. T. (marriage to Ovie Prestage) (i9594)
Stafford, Judy (marriage to John Leroy Prestridge Sr.) (i9174)
Stafford, Norman (i9595)
Stafford, Terry (i9597)


Stallings, Bartley Allen (i28512)
Stallings, Billy Ed (marriage to Ida Lou Smallwood) (i28507), d.1967
Stallings, Carolyn Suzanne (i20090)
Stallings, Christopher (i28515)
Stallings, Stephen (i28514)


Stalter, Ed Claud (marriage to Maggie Myrtle Miller) (i27456)


Stambaugh, Casie Florene (marriage to Ivy Wilson Prestage) (i14474)


Stamm, Selby Barrar (i20429), b.1986-
Stamm, Sky Patrick (i20430), b.1989-
Stamm, Steve Gary (marriage to Rebecca Lynn Murphy) (i20428)


Stamps, Andrea Kaye (marriage to Billy Prestridge) (i2821)


Stanford, Sula Bell (marriage to John Sidney Underwood) (i13641), b.1898-d.1981


Stanga, Lisa (marriage to James Andrew Sasser) (i14432)


Stanley, Lannie Lamon (i40829), b. 1973
Stanley, Lee Michael (i40830), b. 1975
Stanley, Leon Lamon (marriage to Linda Joyce Graham) (i40828)


Starkey, Teresa Diane (i1537), b.1965-
Starkey, Vernon W. (marriage to Bertha Pauline Prestridge) (i13471)


Starks, Fannie Shepard (marriage to James (Jim) Prestage) (i9491), b.1905-


Starling, Lydia Arminda (i14004)
Starling, Tiffiney Maranda (i14005)
Starling, Timothy Lee (marriage to Cynthia Renae Funderburk) (i14003)


Starnes, Buck (Francis) (i10384)
Starnes, Cary Lee (i10383)
Starnes, Eula (i10378), b.1914-d.1991
Starnes, Jewel (i10377), b.1908-d.1909
Starnes, John C. (marriage to Helon Prestridge) (i10372), b.1880-d.1946
Starnes, John Earl (i10373), b.1907-d.1991
Starnes, Johnnie Garrett (i10375)
Starnes, Martha Rose (marriage to John Howard Prestridge Sr.) (i10085), b.1920-
Starnes, Minnie (i10376)
Starnes, Winnie (i10386)


Startley, Helen Joan (marriage to Douglas Wayne Underwood) (i13653)


Staubbs, Laura (marriage to Andy Dean Franks) (i14014)


Steele, (marriage to Alvie Lee Whittington) (i22954)
Steele, Annie Rea (i11800)
Steele, Anthony Blake (i12047)
Steele, Betty Jean (i11807)
Steele, Beverly Ann (i11921)
Steele, Carey Edward (marriage to Gilly Bell Freeman) (i11793), b.1897-d.1980
Steele, Charles William (i11799)
Steele, Clem (i11806)
Steele, David (i11952)
Steele, Donis Eloise (i11805), b.1926-d.1996
Steele, Dorothy "Ducky" (marriage to Billy Morris Prestridge) (i3475), b.1933-
Steele, Earline (i11943)
Steele, Gary (i11936)
Steele, Goley (marriage to Julia Lou Freeman) (i11802), d.1974
Steele, Hazel (i11803)
Steele, Janice (i11937)
Steele, Kathy Lee (i11919)
Steele, Linda Jean (i11916)
Steele, Linnie Grace (i11797)
Steele, Luna Mae (i11798)
Steele, Mary Anne (marriage to Robert Lane Daughdril ) (i40564)
Steele, Prentiss Lee (i11796), b.1919-d.1996
Steele, Shirley Faye (i11924)
Steele, Vernon "Buddy" (i11918)


Steen, Ada (i28349), b.1886-
Steen, Alice (i28352), b.1892-
Steen, Alice M. (i20402), b.1880-
Steen, Christina Roberta (i20410), b.1916-
Steen, David Earl (i20442), b.1943-
Steen, Eddie Bolden (i20411), b.1920-d.1920
Steen, Edith Lucile (i28358), d.1955
Steen, Edward (i28356)
Steen, Elizabeth (i25863), b.1865-d.1907
Steen, Ella J (i20400), b.1875-
Steen, Emily C. (i25862), b.1863-
Steen, Ernest Dea (i20409), b.1915-d.1973
Steen, Estes (i20403), b.1881-d.1891
Steen, Estus (i28357)
Steen, Georgia (i28347), b.1895-d.1896
Steen, Hattie Etta (i20404), b.1885-d.1976
Steen, James D. (i3225), b.1843-d.1901
Steen, John (i20405), b.1886-
Steen, John Watson (i25859), b.1857-d.1934
Steen, Lee Devon (i20407), b.1892-d.1941
Steen, Leslie Lea (i20443), b.1978-
Steen, Lorena (i28350), b.1889-
Steen, May (i28354), b.AUG-
Steen, Melissa (marriage to Samuel Clanton Prestridge Sr.) (i1206), b.1810-d.1851
Steen, Melvina (i3227), b.1840-d.1840
Steen, Miles Charles (i20399), b.1874-
Steen, Miles Charles (marriage to Louisa Prestridge) (i3222), b.1817-d.1861
Steen, Pleasant Lafayette (i28346), b.1892-
Steen, Robert David (i25861), b.1862-d.1939
Steen, Samuel J. (i20401), b.1878-
Steen, Silas Floyd (i20406), b.1888-d.1905
Steen, Silas William (i25860), b.1860-d.1917
Steen, Tera (i28355), b.1898-
Steen, Victoria (i28351), b.1891-d.1966
Steen, William Arthur (i28353), b.1894-d.1978
Steen, William Davis (marriage to Elizabeth Lucindy Prestridge) (i3214), b.1829-d.1871


Stencil, Samantha (marriage to Michael Curtis Pitts) (i13165)


Stephens, Bernice Ilene (i9299), b.1912-d.1914
Stephens, Edith Simmon (i9287), b.1894-
Stephens, Effie Lee (i9284), b.1889-
Stephens, J. Cecil (i9298), b.1908-
Stephens, Jack Riley (i9297), b.1908-
Stephens, James Preuit (i9285), b.1892-
Stephens, John Edith (marriage to Savanah Prestridge) (i7594)
Stephens, Pam (marriage to James Kelly Senter) (i12276)
Stephens, Sarrah Willie (i9288), b.1900-d.1950
Stephens, Vrenda (marriage to Bobby Keith Adams) (i13149)


Stevens, Audrey (marriage to John Jay Prestridge) (i2497), b.1926-d.1978
Stevens, Caleb (i28746)
Stevens, Conor (i28745), b.2000-d.2000
Stevens, Constance Rae (marriage to Andrew Duncan Prestridge) (i2386), b.1956-
Stevens, David (i28747)
Stevens, Jean O. (marriage to Ziliah June Gray) (i18880)
Stevens, Mark Randall (i9226), b.1961-
Stevens, Matthew (marriage to Heather Deanna Prestidge) (i28744)
Stevens, Michal Diane (i9225), b.1959-
Stevens, Michael Gene (i40088)
Stevens, Paul Andrew (i9227), b.1965-
Stevens, Richard Alan (marriage to Naomi May Prestridge) (i9224), b.1925-d.1957
Stevens, Steve (marriage to Clara Prestridge) (i15230)
Stevens, Tammy Lynn (i40089)


Stewart, Andrew Jacob (i40587)
Stewart, Cassandra (marriage to Gary Michael Brown) (i14424)
Stweart, Catherine Elizabeth (i40586)
Stewart, Cecil Shelby (i40589)
Stewart Sr., John Loten (marriage to Sleeta Ann Ballew) (i40609)
Stewart Jr., John Loten (i40585)
Stewart, Martha Ann (i40588)
Stewart, Mr. (marriage to Barbara Ann Prestridge) (i3064)
Stewart, Son (i3065)


Stokes, Houston (marriage to Willie Gordon) (i20326)
Stokes, Thelma (marriage to Starling Theron Prestridge) (i3798)


Stone, Debra Kay (i12489)
Stone, Ella Addie (marriage to Henry Abner Nash) (i10495)
Stone, Jason Paul (i12594)
Stone, Joe Ted (marriage to Verna Pauline Corcoran) (i12482)
Stone, Joesph Ted (i12593)
Stone, Joey Dale (i12488)
Stone, Martha H.(marriage to James W. Rickets (JR) (i40894), b.1842-d.
Stone, Paula Diane (i12487)
Stone, Sue (marriage to Phillip Jeffery Underwood) (i13813)


Stracner, Anna Bell (marriage to Ariza Earnest Corcoran) (i12410)


Strahan, Alexandria Lauren (i2217), b.1988-
Strahan, Amelia Ann (i2219), b.1997-
Strahan, Ashley Kate (i2218), b.1991-
Strahan, Gregory Scott (marriage to Tammy Lynn Hutchinson) (i2209), b.1963-


Strange, James (marriage to Sarah Willie Prestridge) (i7596)


Straube, Arvid (marriage to Sonya Prestridge) (i2593)


Straughan, Lloyd (marriage to Elsie Melvine Hopkins) (i27613)


Strawbridge, May (marriage to Oliver A. Conwill) (i11538)


Street, Elizabeth Kennedy (marriage to James Edwin Wallace) (i26774), b.1862-d.1912
Street, Heather (marriage to Timothy Wayne Hubble) (i9315)


Strickland, Doug (marriage to Mary Prestridge) (i2502)
Strickland, Russell (marriage to Annette Prestridge) (i27637)
Strickland, Rusty (i27638)
Strickland, Sasha (i28257)
Strickland, Ty (i27639)
Strickland, Wesley (marriage to Daphne Dawn Prestage) (i1932)
Strickland, Weston (i28258)


Stringer, Robert (marriage to Audrey Marie Crosby) (i9943)


Stroud, John (marriage to Lori Ann Lee) (i28657)
Stroud, Lisa Joyce (marriage to Scott Warren Van Cleave) (i13399)


Struhel, Donnie Allen (i14097)
Struhel, John Paul (i14100)
Struhel, Michael William (i14099)
Struhel, Robert Edward (i14098)
Struhel, William (marriage to Augie Maxine Hutcheson) (i14096)


Stuart, Daniel Allen (i12896)
Stuart, Glen Allen (marriage to Paula June Wade) (i12895)
Stuart, Lollie Rea (marriage to Wallace Cannon Prestridge) (i11085), b.1912-d.1986


Strubblefield, Kirk (marriage to Pamela Denis Blake Flournoy) (i40913)


Studdard, Susan Elizabeth (marriage to Ted Oliver Prestridge Jr.) (i12731)


Suchma, Molly (marriage to Robert Ford Patton) (i22529), b.1915-d.1985


Suddth, Abe (marriage to Mary Adalline Wilson) (i23426)
Suddth, Louis (i23427)
Suddth, Wiley (i23428)


Sudduth, Fannie (marriage to Houston F. Montgomery) (i11708), b.1867-d.1948


Sullenger, Charles Richard (i4230), b.1926-d.1976
Sullenger, Female (i4216)
Sullenger, Female (i4221)
Sullenger, Flora Irene (i4227), b.1924-d.1996
Sullenger, Henry Roland (i4214), b.1914-d.1985
Sullenger, James Bedford (i4236)
Sullenger, John Tyra (i4223), b.1920-d.1997
Sullenger, John Tyra (marriage to Mary Isabel Hale) (i4213)
Sullenger, Leona Bell (i4232)
Sullenger, Margie Madora (i4225), b.1922-d.1994
Sullenger, Paul Thomas (i4234)


Sullivan, Anthony J. (marriage to Roxie Awanda Prestriedge)
Sullivan, Constance Harriett (i27727), b.1944-
Sullivan, John Milton (marriage to Marguerite Joyce Harp) (i15333), b.1915-
Sullivan, John Milton Ii (i27738), b.1963-
Sullivan, Larry Joe (marriage to Nellie Grace Jones) (i27426)
Sullivan, Marguerite Joyce (i27728), b.1952-
Sullivan, Ronald Dee (i27726), b.1939-
Sullivan, Ronald Dee (i27740), b.1988-


Summarill, Zora (marriage to Dr. Benton A. Prestridge) (i3142)


Summer, Owen (marriage to Lucinda Prestridge daughter of Joshua) (i3180)
Summer, Martha (i27401)
Sumnmer, Miriam (i40620)
Sumnmer, Owen Jr. (i40619)


Summers, Maragaret (marriage to Nolan Glen Jones) (i27424)


Summit, A K (i23259)
Summit, A. L. (i23275)
Summit, B D (i23258)
Summit, C C (i23256)
Summit, C. N. (i23271)
Summit, C. U. (i23277)
Summit, D. C. (i23265)
Summit, D. R. (i23267)
Summit, E L (i23257)
Summit, E. E. (i23263)
Summit, E. V. (i23272)
Summit, E. V. (i23276)
Summit, G. D. (i23262)
Summit, J. A. (i23269)
Summit, J. R. (i23266)
Summit, L L (i23255)
Summit, L S (i23260)
Summit, L. M. (i23268)
Summit, Lester George (marriage to Dorothy Mae Kendall) (i1861)
Summit, R. C. (i23274)
Summit, Z. W. (i23270)


Surette, Martin Leroy (marriage to Ruthie Marie Prestridge) (i2943)


Surham, Ethel (marriage to Ralph Brent) (i14340)


Susie (marriage to Charles Adams) (i11079)


Sutton, Lucinda (Widow Of J.m. Hart) (marriage to Simon Prestridge) (i10151), b.1844-d.1918


Suzy, (marriage to Sean Leslie Prestridge) (i10500)


Swan, Janet Lee (i13774)
Swan, Lisa Kathleen (i13775)
Swan, Richie Eugene (marriage to Maxine Underwood) (i13771), b.1913-d.1993
Swan, Robbie Eugene (i13777)
Swan, Ronnie Eugene (i13772)
Swan, Sheila Diane (i13773)


Swann, May (marriage to Theothis Prestage) (i40061)


Swearingen, Mary Ann (marriage to James M. Wilson) (i23429)


Sweatt, Sandra (marriage to Cleve Chambers) (i4388)


Swift, Derek Mitchel (i2027), b.1990-
Swift, Harry L. (marriage to Jamie Ann Cox) (i9301)
Swift, James Lee (i2026), b.1986-
Swift, T. L. (marriage to Lula Mae Hale) (i4380)


Swindle, Steven C. (marriage to Susan Margaret Prestridge) (i8979), b.1976-


Swinney, Mary Jane (marriage to Zebulon Conway Hodges) (i14305)


Swint, Betty Grace (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Hale) (i4286)


Sybil Faye (marriage to Temple Eugene Mahanay) (i12244), b.1915-d.1986


Symanwise, Donna (marriage to Terry Wayne Prestridge) (i2429)


Syrato, Jackie (marriage to Ronald Dean Hale) (i4257)


Tabitha (marriage to Charles Prestridge) (i2483)


Tackett, Suzanne (marriage to Kenneth Ray Roddy) (i12287)


Tafton, Irene Elizabeth (marriage to Grover Cleveland Bloxom) (i22534), b.1893-d.1975


Tagerin, Terri (marriage to Jerry Paul Hubble) (i9311)


Tallant, Ernest (marriage to Maybel Bernice Waddle) (i11485)


Tally, Alexander Wallace (i10940)
Tally, Liza (i10938)
Tally, Tom (marriage to Peggy Owen Prestridge) (i10937)
Tally, Tyson (i10939), b.1982-


Tammy (marriage to Mike Montgomery) (i202)


Tanner, Sonja (marriage to Michael James Land Murfin) (i1604)


Tarrant, Clay (i40920)
Tarrant, Dennis (marriage to Leslie Kim Flournoy) (i3129)
Tarrant, Troy (i40919)


Tarver, Mr. (marriage to Sallie Prestridge) (i1188)


Tassin, Barrance Lee (marriage to Euna Lee Prestridge) (i28557)


Tatum, Alvin (marriage to Female Sullenger) (i4219)
Tatum, Lynda (marriage to Arnold Ray Veal) (i14222)
Tatum, Sarah Jane "Sallie" (marriage to James Daniel Williams) (i9244), b.1867-d.1934


Taylor, Amber (i3097)
Taylor, Amber (i11006)
Taylor, Art (i10999)
Taylor, Audie (i11383)
Taylor, Bo (i11000)
Taylor, Bonnie Fae (i28704), b.1958-
Taylor, Brandon (i11005)
Taylor, Brenda Kay (marriage to Earnest Aaron Lancaster) (i12642)
Taylor, Buford (marriage to Geraldine Elizabeth Shively) (i10998)
Taylor, Creed (i11381)
Taylor, Darrell (i11013)
Taylor, Elmer (i11377)
Taylor, Esther (i11378)
Taylor, Esther Lynn (marriage to Jefrey Dale Corcoran) (i12603)
Taylor, Eva (marriage to Robert Blank Prestridge Sr.) (i9835), b.1886-d.1952
Taylor, F. Eva (marriage to Robert Edward Prestridge) (i9875), b.1886-d.1952
Taylor, Florence Juanita (marriage to J. D. Williams) (i1883)
Taylor, Gladys (i11376)
Taylor, Glen Edward (i28702), b.1956-
Taylor, Jamacia (i11016)
Taylor, James Calvin (marriage to Olivia Mae "Sis" Lane) (i12048)
Taylor, Jeffrey Brian (i12050)
Taylor, Jesse (i11374)
Taylor, John Edward (marriage to Dorothy Gardner) (i9134), b.1931-
Taylor, John Henry (marriage to Essie Freeman) (i23027)
Taylor, Katherine Anne (i28703), b.1957-
Taylor, Lela (i11375)
Taylor, Lois (marriage to Wesley Prestridge) (i20337)
Taylor, Mavis Irene (marriage to Sherrell "Shorty" Prestridge) (i3031), d.1998
Taylor, Mosby W. (i11373)
Taylor, Penny (i11007)
Taylor, Robin (i11020)
Taylor, Roger (i11018)
Taylor, Sherri Lynn (i12049)
Taylor, Sylis (i11017)
Taylor, Teeman (i11382)
Taylor, Thomas A. (Arch) (marriage to Martha Alice Conwill) (i9697)
Taylor, Troy (i11380)
Taylor, W. E. (Doc) (marriage to Glenda Prestridge) (i2648)
Taylor, Zachary (i11004)


Temple, Joe N. (i23490)


Terri (marriage to Ernest Wayne Prestridge) (i15578)


Terry, Betty (marriage to Bennett Warren Prestridge) (i10324)
Terry, Brooks Dessain (i14551)
Terry, Taylor Brooiks (marriage to Thelma Faye Lueb) (i14550), b.1918-


Therwanger, Brandyn Scott (i28412)
Therwanger, Eric (marriage to Dena Marie Smith) (i13365)
Therwanger, Jacob Lewis (i28413)


Thibodeaux, Agnes Marie (i40688)
Thibodeaux, Ellis Joseph (i40689)
Thibodeaux, Joseph Eraste (i40691)
Thibodeaux, Joseph Hermas (i40690)
Thibodeaux, Lucien (marriage to Ella Marie O'Pry) (i40687)
Thibodeaux, Margaret Ophelia (marriage to Thomas O'Pry) (i40678)


Thigpen, Van (marriage to Diane Elizabeth Prestage) (i1930)


Thomas, A. F. (i1229)
Thomas, Grady (i1228)
Thomas, Ira Marcus (marriage to Barbara Parham) (i13008), b.1914-d.1995
Thomas, James Frank (i13015)
Thomas, James M. (marriage to Mary Hannah Prestridge) (i1226)
Thomas, Jesse Lee (i13021)
Thomas, Jesse Lee (i15344)
Thomas, Lacon Hubert Carlock (marriage to June E'Lane Prestridge) (i27166)
Thomas, Laurie Chistine (i13017)
Thomas, Marcus Allen (i13019)
Thomas, Marcus Allen (i15341)
Thomas, Margie (i1227)
Thomas, Shelby Jean (i13009)


Thomasin (marriage to Thomas Prestridge Sr.) (i8569), d.1725


Thomasson, Female (i20355)
Thomasson, Female (i20356)
Thomasson, Female (i20357)
Thomasson, Male (i20353)
Thomasson, Male (i20361)
Thomasson, Male (i20363)
Thomasson, Male (i20364)
Thomasson, Male (i20365)
Thomasson, Murbeth "Tiny" Purroy (marriage to Female Rogers) (i20352), b.1913-d.1974


Thompson, Alma Virginia (marriage to George Simeon Prestridge) (i11305), b.APR-
Thompson, Alonzo Crawford "A.c.", Jr. (i15607)
Thompson, Alonzo Crawford (marriage to Eliza Ann Prestridge) (i15599)
Thompson, Anita Faye (i2814)
Thompson, Bernice (i2623)
Thompson, Bess Wilber (marriage to Robert Blank Prestridge Sr.) (i9840), b.1897-d.1927
Thompson, Billie Fern (marriage to Donald Ray Motheral) (i27689), b.1930-
Thompson, Carol Ann (i28432), b.1963-
Thompson, Cheryle (i15609)
Thompson, Dennis John Kirk (i28430), b.1961-
Thompson, Elizabeth Jemima (marriage to John Wesley Prestridge) (i9327), b.1841-d.1930
Thompson, Faye Nicole (i20342)
Thompson, George W. (marriage to Alice Dewdrop Prestage) (i215)
Thompson, Geraldine Elizabeth (marriage to Horace Watson Prestage Sr.) (i1921)
Thompson, Gladys (i15606)
Thompson, Glenn (i2816)
Thompson, Grace (i15603)
Thompson, James Lindsey (i28426), b.1960-
Thompson, Jim (marriage to Sue Prestridge) (i2810)
Thompson, Joshua David (i20343)
Thompson, Laura (i2818)
Thompson, Laurel Jean (i28431), b.1963-
Thompson, Lettye (i15602)
Thompson, Lillie Mae (i15604)
Thompson, Lindsey (marriage to Helen Jean Prestridge) (i28425)
Thompson, Louis D. (marriage to Rhonda Cash) (i20341)
Thompson, Lura (i15600)
Thompson, Meaghan Breanna (i13578)
Thompson, Michael Glen Jr. (i13575)
Thompson, Michael Glen, Sr. (marriage to Belinda Kay Allred) (i13533)
Thompson, Nelson (i15605)
Thompson, Prentiss Talbert (marriage to Hance Gordon) (i20333)
Thompson, Robert Roy (i13576)
Thompson, Sean Jeffery (i28433), b.1967-
Thompson, Shannon Dorria (i28434), b.1968-
Thompson, Travis Ryan (i13577)
Thompson, Vera (i15601)


Thorne, Nelda (marriage to Lloyd Harold Conwill) (i11464)


Thornton, Mr. (marriage to Hazel Steele) (i11804)


Thurmon, Mary (marriage to Ben Prestridge) (i10361)


Tiemann, Virgil Dean (marriage to Dorothy Ann Pope) (i3271)


Tigrett, Aloma Jaton (i12586)
Tigrett, Billy Wayne (marriage to Sherron Jenice Evans) (i12585)
Tigrett, Corley Lance (i12587)


Tiley, Sharon (marriage to Howard Zachary Prestridge) (i10948), b.1964-


Till, Barbara (marriage to Gary Dale Prestridge) (i10222), b.1954-


Tillery, Kimberly Lane (i13685)
Tillery, Ronald Archer (marriage to Shirley Ann Underwood) (i13639)
Tillery, Toni Ann (i13686)


Timmons, Bob (marriage to Linda Faye Banks) (i14181)


Timms, Carla Kay (i13180)
Timms, Clarence Curtiss "Toby" (i12998), b.1954-d.2001
Timms, Eugene "Gene" (i12995)
Timms, Gary Wade (i12999)
Timms, Horace Eugene (marriage to Alice Molene "Molene" Prestage) (i12961), b.1917-
Timms, Horace Eugene (marriage to Chelcie Prestage) (i12961), b.1917-
Timms, Johnie (marriage to Sandra Kay Senter) (i13179)
Timms, Peggy Joyce (i12991), b.1938-
Timms, Ronnie Davis (i12997)
Timms, Ted Prestage (i12996)
Timms, Willie Bell (i13000)


Tims, Annie Lee (marriage to Ross Rivers Senter) (i12265)


Tipton, Tom (marriage to Lola B. Allen) (i3246)


Tisdale, Minnie (marriage to Marshall Oliver Prestridge) (i10650), b.1899-


Titsworth, Effie May (marriage to Clifford Prestage) (i14555)


Todd, Beluah (marriage to T.V. Brown) (i40249)
Todd, Drayden S. (marriage to Alice M. Prestage) (i20224), b.1884-d.1975


Tomlin, Addison (i4364)
Tomlin, Joe Max (i4361)
Tomlin, Justin Jarvis (i4359)
Tomlin, Max (marriage to Lisa Jean Haynes) (i4358)
Tomlin, Tucker Daniel (i4363)


Tophan, Kendle (i12105)
Tophan, Kevin Lane (i11981)
Tophan, Kyle (i12104)
Tophan, Lelan Donald "Don" (marriage to Mary Faye Freeman) (i11980)
Tophan, Macy (i12106)
Tophan, Nikki Donn (i11982)


Tousley, Sam E. (marriage to Theresa F. Prestridge) (i9830), b.1881-d.1979


Tow, James Coy (i28701), b.1964-
Tow, Royce Sam (marriage to Margaret Norene Gardner) (i9136)


Townley, George Clinton (marriage to Evie Victoria Prestridge) (i28553)
Townley, John Jefferson (marriage to Beauler May Prestridge) (i28551)


Townsell, Minnie (marriage to William Prestridge) (i9974), b.1879-


Townsend, Johnnie (marriage to Hubert Flowers Prestridge) (i10044), b.1902-d.APR
Townsend, Marjorie Ann (marriage to James Willie Sasser) (i14409)


Trahan, Emma Clare (marriage to John Lafayette Hopkins) (i27591), b.1911-d.1987


Travis, James Ellison (marriage to Elizabeth Phoebe Gordon) (i3999)


Trevino, (marriage to Lynus Brown) (i27107)


Triplett, Geneva Mae (marriage to Curtis Lee Garner) (i40114)


Trout, Vickie (marriage to Jarvis Ray Haynes) (i4354)


Troyer, Brian Eric (i12867)
Troyer, Christina Marie (i12865)
Troyer, Glenda (i12804)
Troyer, Glenn Elijah (marriage to Betty Nell Hayes) (i12800)
Troyer, Kellie Marie (i12866)
Troyer, Patricia Terril (i12802)
Troyer, Robert Edward (i12803)


Trusty, Edith (marriage to Ozzie P. Adams) (i2093)
Trusty, James Edward (i12409)
Trusty, James Phillip (i12534)
Trusty, Josephy Claude (marriage to Maude May Corcoran) (i12408)


Tucker, Donna Michelle (i1547), b.1972-
Tucker, Leon (marriage to Brenda Sue Prestridge) (i13469), b.1950-
Tucker, Hugh Montgomery (marriage to Addie Virginia Rickettes) (i40898), b.1861-d.1912
Tucker, Ruby (marriage to David Archie Williams) (i1892)
Tucker, Tyler Gage (i1548), b.1989-


Tuner, Floyce Ann (marriage to Tommy George Corcoran) (i12518)


Tungeln, Bruce Von (marriage to Jeanne Carol Emanuel) (i9184)


Turner, ? (marriage to Linda Jean Prestridge) (i9151)
Turner, Elizabeth Anna (i1598)
Turner, Felicia Necole (i1599)
Turner, Gary (marriage to Sarah Lynn Prestridge) (i1596)
Turner, Jackson M. (marriage to Calista Adams) (i23473)
Turner, John Clifford (marriage to Bertha Pauline Prestridge) (i13453), b.1934-d.1996
Turner, Kelly Lauren (i1597)
Turner, Loretta (marriage to Rodney Allen Rusoe) (i13944)
Turner, Maggie (marriage to Joseph Dothard) (i40227)
Turner, Marie (marriage to Troy Leottis Pinkerton) (i9501), d.1943
Turner, Martha Ann (marriage to Daniel Jefferson Prestridge) (i28619)
Turner, Minerva (marriage to Joseph Dothard) (i26502), b.1885-d.1957
Turner, Phillip Labron (i1535), b.1955-
Turner, Robert Leon, Jr. (marriage to Dorothy Yvonne Prestridge) (i10318), b.1943-
Turner, Sheila (i1969)
Turner, Sylvia Kay (i1536), b.1957-


Twin Sister Of Patsy (i15512)


Tyler, Asa (marriage to Winnie Starnes) (i10387)
Tyler, Beverly (i10388)


Tynes, Frank (marriage to Fannie Gordon) (i20328)


Tyrone, Dewey S. (i40609)
Tyrone, George W.(marriage to Mary Emily Ballew) (i40572)
Tyrone, Walter (i40573)
Tyrone, Willie (i40574)


Underwood, "Rosie" Rozell (i13658)
Underwood, Aaron White (i13645), b.1913-d.1961
Underwood, Adell (i13633), b.1910-d.1988
Underwood, Alcie May (i13672), b.1907-
Underwood, Alexandra Grace (i13818)
Underwood, Alice (i14200), b.1941-d.1941
Underwood, Allie Vernon (i13606), b.1905-d.1915
Underwood, Amber Sherree (i13677)
Underwood, Angela Celeste (i13699)
Underwood, Augie Daphenia (i14063)
Underwood, Austin Stanley (i13681)
Underwood, Becky Denise (i13805)
Underwood, Billie Charles (i13665)
Underwood, Brad Lee (i14030)
Underwood, Brandon Lee (i14032)
Underwood, Brandy (i13902)
Underwood, Brent (i13732)
Underwood, Carolyn Lee (i14064)
Underwood, Casey Lee (i13709)
Underwood, Chad Hunter (i13707)
Underwood, Charles David (i13793)
Underwood, Charlie Monroe (i13650), b.1897-d.1957
Underwood, Cindy Michelle (i14111)
Underwood, Cliff (i14118)
Underwood, Clint (i14119)
Underwood, Cynthia Rena (i13886)
Underwood, David Kyle (i13860)
Underwood, Donnie Neal Sr. (i13656)
underwood, Donnie Neal Jr. (i13700)
Underwood, Douglas Wayne (i13637)
Underwood, Edward Wilson (i13831), b.1918-
Underwood, Ellis Lee (i13832), b.1921-d.1977
Underwood, Ellis Ray (i13881)
Underwood, Eric Brice (i13821), b.1975-d.APR
Underwood, Eric Matthew (i14085)
Underwood, Erin Ashley (i13817)
Underwood, Farah Lanae (i13870)
Underwood, Forrest Ward (i14062)
Underwood, Gena Marie (i13849)
Underwood, George Hollis (i13833)
Underwood, George Mitchel (i13841)
Underwood, George Thomas (i26770), b.1924-d.1995
Underwood, George Washington (i13670), b.1891-d.1966
Underwood, Harold Wayne (i13896)
Underwood, Hattie Marie Viola (i13600), b.1900-d.1966
Underwood, Heather Marie (i13680)
Underwood, Holly Rene (Ingram) (i13684)
Underwood, Horace Floyd (Floyd O) (marriage to Estelle Prestage) (i26769)
Underwood, Howard Sidney (i13660)
Underwood, Ida Opal (i13607), b.1902-d.1981
Underwood, Ivanell (i13717)
Underwood, James Melton (i13836), b.1935-d.1937
Underwood, Jamie Ladell (i14084), b.1972-d.1975
Underwood, Jamie Paulette (i13859)
Underwood, Jeffery Wayne (i13900)
Underwood, Jeraldine (i13882)
Underwood, Jerry Lamar (i13855)
Underwood, Jerry Lamar (i13869)
Underwood, Jessica Paige (i13683)
Underwood, Jimmy Ray (i13839)
Underwood, Jodi Renee (i13797)
Underwood, John Mike (i13897)
Underwood, John Sidney (i13640), b.1895-d.1976
Underwood, Judith Ann (i14017)
Underwood, Justin Miles Jr. (i13678)
Underwood, Justin Miles Sr. (i13674)
Underwood, Karen Leanne (i13711)
Underwood, Kathleen (i13748), b.1926-d.1926
Underwood, Katie Belle (i13614), b.1908-d.1975
Underwood, Kimberly Dee Ann (i13808)
Underwood, Kristie (i13733)
Underwood, Kyle Robert (i13878)
Underwood, Ladell (i14065), b.1946-d.1996
Underwood, Larry Clifton (i14109)
Underwood, Larry Frank (i13883)
Underwood, Lavelle (i14058), b.1914-
Underwood, Lee Allen (i13885)
Underwood, Lester F. Newell (i13830), b.1916-d.1987
Underwood, Linda Fay (i13838)
Underwood, Lisa Ann (i13848)
Underwood, Mark Wayne (i13675)
Underwood, Martha Jo (i13854)
Underwood, Mary Elizabeth (i14024)
Underwood, Maxine (i13666)
Underwood, Megan Martha (i13800)
Underwood, Melanie Kay (i13735), b.1970-d.1970
Underwood, Melba (i14060), b.1925-d.1990
Underwood, Michael Trent (i13791)
Underwood, Micky Lane (i14029)
Underwood, Nicholas Alan (i13795)
Underwood, Noonan Clifton (i14059), b.1915-d.1972
Underwood, Odell (i14057), b.1913-d.1976
Underwood, Patricia Ann (i13792)
Underwood, Paul Anthony (i13872)
Underwood, Paul Edward (i13858)
Underwood, Paul Jack (i13664)
Underwood, Paul Jameson (i13713)
Underwood, Peggy Joan (i13840)
Underwood, Pernie Beulah (i13616), b.1898-d.1958
Underwood, Phillip Charles (i13816)
Underwood, Phillip Jeffery (i13806)
Underwood, Richie (i13731)
Underwood, Ricky Alan (i13789)
Underwood, Ricky Wayne (i14027)
Underwood, Rita Faye (i13655)
Underwood, Robert Aaron (i13718)
Underwood, Ruby (i13644)
Underwood, Ryan Mathew (i13803)
Underwood, Samantha Michelle (i13815)
Underwood, Sarah Lynne (i13799)
Underwood, Sharon Deniece (i14022)
Underwood, Shirley Ann (i13638)
Underwood, Stacy Leigh (i13654)
Underwood, Stanley (i13659), b.1937-d.1969
Underwood, Stillborn Baby (i13669)
Underwood, Sula Annette (i13661)
Underwood, Tabitha Kay (i13867)
Underwood, Tammy Lynn (i13807)
Underwood, Thomas Allen (i14041)
Underwood, Vernon Ray (i13642), b.1933-d.1991
Underwood, Virginia A. (marriage to William Thomas "Bill" Prestage) (i7465), b.1868-d.1943
Underwood, Virginia Jacqueline (i13671), b.1927-d.1996
Underwood, Wanda Jane (i14028)
Underwood, Wanda Sue (i13898)
Underwood, William Albert (marriage to Lucindy Belle Prestage) (i7468), b.1862-d.1924
Underwood, William Andy Holly (i13667), b.1888-d.1927
Underwood, William Clint (i14035)
Underwood, Wynell (i13835)
Underwood, Zera Aldine (i13643)


Union, Richard "Rickey" (marriage to Glenda Jene Prestridge) (i13470)


Unknown, (marriage to Samuel Prestridge) (i10635)
Unknown, ? (marriage to Tammy Lynn Underwood) (i13820)
Unknown, Linney J (marriage to Jessie Crawford Prestridge) (i10795)


Upchurch, (marriage to Ruby Doris Whittington) (i22951)
Upchurch, Betty (marriage to Louie Dayton Prestage) (i9431)


Usa, Lynn Marie (marriage to Marcus Allen Thomas) (i15342)
Usa, Marie (marriage to Marcus Allen Thomas) (i13020)


Utt, Barbara Ann (i12837)
Utt, Jennifer Lee (i12838)
Utt, Thomas Benton (marriage to Mary Ellen Black) (i12836)


V., Tennie (marriage to William W. Agee) (i26760)

Van Cleave

Van Cleave, Amy Denise (i13401)
Van Cleave, Austin Lee (i13404)
Van Cleave, Diana Lynn (i13394)
Van Cleave, Horace William (marriage to Diana Beth Shilling) (i13393)
Van Cleave, Jason Robert (i13402)
Van Cleave, Jordan Leigh (i13403)
Van Cleave, Scott Warren (i13398)


Vandier, A.P. (marriage to Kate Prestridge) (i40923)
Vandier, Bessie (i40924), b.1880-

Van Moak

Van Moak, (i10187), b.1898-d.1963

Van Winkle

Van Winkle, Desdan (marriage to Carrie Lynn Cox) (i9303)
Van Winkle, Jay Dee (i2029), b.1982-
Van Winkle, Rip Lee (i2028), b.1981-


Varnado, Norma Lynell (marriage to Elmer Leo Brown) (i27040)


Varner, Modena Marie (marriage to John Tyra Sullenger) (i4224)


Vaughn, Alta Ray (marriage to Jessie Leslie Williams) (i1905)
Vaughn, Ashlyn Celeste (i13705)
Vaughn, Claudis Lee (marriage to Angela Celeste Underwood) (i13702)
Vaughn, Eugene (i4190)
Vaughn, J.c. Jr. (marriage to Linda Faye Banks) (i14180)
Vaughn, Joshua Lee (i13703)
Vaughn, Leah Nicole (i13704)
Vaughn, Leslie Ann (i12574)
Vaughn, Randy (marriage to Cristie Kay Corcoran) (i12571)
Vaughn, Robert (marriage to Betty Phelps) (i4189)


Veal, Arnold Ray (i14221), b.1940-d.1998
Veal, Henton "Sam" (marriage to Myrtis Christine Scott) (i12217), b.1919-
Veal, Lamar (i40246)
Veal, Ricky (i40247)


Vernie (marriage to Hilman Prestridge) (i2552)
Vernocia (marriage to Earl Prestridge) (i2518)


Vernon, Addie Prestridge (i15300), b.1885-d.1898
Vernon, Agnes Mae (i15306), b.1900-
Vernon, Benjamin Bagley (i15303), b.1892-d.1983
Vernon, Cas Edward (i15301), b.1887-d.1908
Vernon, Chester Russell (i15302), b.1890-d.1968
Vernon, Georgia Pearl (i15304), b.1895-
Vernon, Hubert Henry (i15307), b.1902-
Vernon, Minnie Bell (i15296), b.1883-d.1972
Vernon, William Absolum (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Prestridge) (i11221), b.1854-d.1941
Vernon, Willie Mary (i15305), b.1897-d.1981


Vessels, Jordon (i12640)
Vessels, Timoth Mark (marriage to Ruth Ann Ogden) (i12639)


Vestal, Dianna (i11876)
Vestal, Jane (i11877)
Vestal, Lane (i11989)
Vestal, Larry Dell (i11875)
Vestal, Mallory (i11987)
Vestal, Megan (i11986)
Vestal, Sarah (i11988)
Vestal, Ted (marriage to Enda Earl "Sue" Freeman) (i11873), b.1926-d.1974
Vestal, Ted, Jr. (i11874)


Vicknair, Joseph (marriage to Cynthia Louise Guidry) (i12030)
Vicknair, Stephanie (i12031)


Villalobos, Anna (marriage to Kenneth Ian Delk) (i27197), b.1956-


Vincent, Shelley Theron (marriage to Sara Faye Scott) (i14148), b.1937-d.1980
Vincent, Zachary Theron (i14149)


Vinces, Luis Enrique (marriage to Nancy Jane Green) (i27187)


Vineyard, William M. (marriage to Elsie Ruth Prestridge) (i10010)


Virginia (marriage to Hugh Faye Prestridge) (i2574)


Volz, Michele Ann (marriage to David John Prestridge) (i2385)


Voss, Bunyan (i3817), b.1897-
Voss, Charles (marriage to Ila Ruth Prestridge) (i11128)
Voss, D. (marriage to Davis Taylor Prestridge Jr.) (i9890)
Voss, Ruth (i3819), b.1901-


Voyles, Jerry Don (marriage to Carolyn Elizabeth Prestridge) (i28428)
Voyles, Sheila Joy (marriage to Michael Dewayne James) (i14073)


W., Eula (marriage to James Earl Prestridge) (i18990), b.1904-d.1984


Wactor, Ollie (marriage to Keener Freeman) (i23033)


Waddell, Tommy (M.t.) (marriage to Saphrona Ametta Conwill) (i9692)


Waddle, Amanda (i11359)
Waddle, Arthur L. (i11353)
Waddle, Bryson Adoice (i11502)
Waddle, Carrie (i11351)
Waddle, Cleo (i11358)
Waddle, Earl Laverne (i11488)
Waddle, Edward Ray (i11493)
Waddle, Ethel (i11361)
Waddle, Etta (i11355)
Waddle, Eudell (i11495)
Waddle, Ila (i11354)
Waddle, Jessie Albert (i11497)
Waddle, Jimmie Lynn (i11499)
Waddle, Leaton (i11504)
Waddle, Leatrice (i11506)
Waddle, Lela (i11483)
Waddle, Lois Erin (i11481)
Waddle, Martha (marriage to Jasper Lafayett "Bud" Conwill Rev) (i11339)
Waddle, Mary Betty (i11486)
Waddle, Maybel Bernice (i11484)
Waddle, Nellie Ruth (i11508)
Waddle, Nora (i11356)
Waddle, Pirley (i11360)
Waddle, Rotchford Nathaniel "Rotch" (marriage to Amanda "Mandy" Conwill) (i11477)
Waddle, Thomas "Tommie" (marriage to Serena Madeline Conwill) (i11350)
Waddle, William J. (i11352)
Waddle, Winniefred (i11491)


Wade, Amy Elizabeth (i12894)
Wade, Arlie (i1508), b.1924-
Wade, Christopher William (i12892)
Wade, Darlene (marriage to Mark Daniel Horne) (i28574)
Wade, Janice Fay (marriage to Robert Kent Horn) (i28559)
Wade, Leroy (i28650)
Wade, Lida (marriage to James S. Prestridge) (i27952), b.1861-d.1939
Wade, Lorene (i1512)
Wade, Mary Ellen (i1510), b.1925-
Wade, Mr. (marriage to Nancy Ann Black) (i12822)
Wade, Paula June (i12825)
Wade, Rachael Erin (i12893)
Wade, Sam (marriage to Rzora Prestridge) (i13476)
Wade, Terry (i1509)
Wade, William Joel (i12824)
Wade, Winnie (i28651), b.1926-


Wages, Dawson (marriage to Mary Prestridge) (i7590), b.1809-
Wages, John D. (i27903), b.1842-
Wages, Martha (i27904), b.1848-
Wages, Paulina (i27907), b.1858-
Wages, Preston (i27905), b.1850-
Wages, Vince (i27906), b.1853-
Wages, William (i27902), b.1840-


Wagner, Ethel (marriage to Louis Alfred Wilson) (i23471)


Wahl, Karen (marriage to Larry Wayne Morgan) (i2934), b.1961-


Waits, Billy Kirk (marriage to Karen Sue Pope) (i27668), b.1944-
Waits, Darla Sue (i27670), b.1974-
Waits, Darrell Ray (i27669), b.1968-


Waldrip, Rebecca Amanda Catherine (marriage to James Prestridge) (i10899), b.1837-d.1894


Waldrop, Mr. (marriage to Shirley Prestridge) (i3048)


Walker, Alice Ruth (marriage to George Lamar Moak) (i27044), b.1915-
Walker, Billie Glenn (marriage to Jo Anne Prestridge) (i15194)
Walker, Bob (marriage to Sybil Conwill) (i11540)
Walker, Colleen Rosemer (i27713), b.1936-
Walker, Courtney (i14143)
Walker, Ellie Mae (marriage to Jasper Carl Freeman) (i2776)
Walker, Elvie Dovie (i2672), b.1893-d.1893
Walker, Georgia Ann (marriage to James E. Prestridge) (i8940), b.1852-
Walker, Helen Sue (marriage to Andrew Thurman Prestridge Jr.) (i2975), b.1948-
Walker, Jack (marriage to Cynthia Rose Davis) (i14142)
Walker, John (marriage to Sarah Francis Prestridge) (i12200)
Walker, Kenneth (i15195)
Walker, Linda (i15196)
Walker, Ralph Clayton (marriage to Florence Laura Harp) (i15330), b.1901-


Wallace, ? (marriage to Dessa Mae Mitchell) (i9265)
Wallace, Adam Wilson (i12008)
Wallace, Barney (i27012)
Wallace, Blake William (i12009)
Wallace, Buell (i27011), b.1913-d.1972
Wallace, Carl Wilson (marriage to Edith Inez Freeman) (i11891), b.1919-
Wallace, Carolyn Inez (i11892)
Wallace, Gerald Wilson (i11895)
Wallace, Iris (marriage to Dave Black) (i12777)
Wallace, Jackie Diane (i27439), b.1976-
Wallace, James Edwin (i10887), b.1861-d.1938
Wallace, James Edwin Jr. (i40160)
Wallace, Jimmy Dale (marriage to Betty Jane Burns) (i27207)
Wallace, John Martin (marriage to Della Mae Brister) (i14404)
Wallace, John Oliver (marriage to Emma Prestridge) (i2296), b.1890-
Wallace, John Prestridge (i10888), b.1866-
Wallace, Joseph Dewitt (i27440), b.1986-
Wallace, Julia Francis (i26775), b.1892-d.1966
Wallace, Karin Sue (i14406)
Wallace, Katherine Lynn (i27441), b.1989-
Wallace, Kelly Leigh (i14407)
Wallace, Kimberly Ann (i14405)
Wallace, Linda Diane (i11894)
Wallace, Maria (marriage to William Anderson Prestridge) (i2338)
Wallace, Martha Jane (marriage to William A. Prestridge) (i9270), b.1855-d.1944
Wallace, Mary Lorraine (i12002)
Wallace, Mitchel Lee (i11893)
Wallace, Nathan Carl (i12003)
Wallace, Nell (marriage to Earl Lee Brown) (i27108)
Wallace, Nettie Viola (marriage to Luther Methias Agee) (i26761), b.1884-
Wallace, Oliver (i27014)
Wallace, Pauline (i27013)
Wallace, Ruby Marie (marriage to Louie Brown) (i27112), b.1902-
Wallace, Sibyl Estrulia (i27213), b.1894-d.1972
Wallace, Stephen (marriage to Katherine Diane Jones) (i27438)
Wallace, Vinson Lee (i12000)
Wallace, William (marriage to Julia Ann Prestridge) (i10886)


Waller, Mrs S. Clementine Nee Snodgrass (marriage to George Harris Prestridge) (i11173)
Waller, William Leon (marriage to Floyette Holbrook) (i40504)


Walls, Annie Lois (i2829), b.1918-d.1973
Walls, Eddie B. (i2830), b.1922-d.1991
Walls, Glema Theo (i2831), b.1925-d.1997
Walls, Hulet Glenn (i2828), b.1916-d.1990
Walls, James Horace (i2827), b.1913-d.1985
Walls, Robert Heflin "Heff" (marriage to Novella Lee "Vell" Prestridge) (i2745), b.1893-d.1970


Walsh, Anna Marie (i13784)
Walsh, William Francis Iii (marriage to Janet Lee Swan) (i13783)
Walsh, William Francis Iv (i13785)


Walsworth, Barrier Mae (i40171)
Walsworth, Fannie Belle (i3089), b.1878-
Walsworth, Henry Clay (marriage to Sarah Ann Rebecca Prestridge) (i10902), b.1855-d.1937
Walsworth, Henry Clay (i40169)
Walsworth, James Edwin (i3093), b.1889-
Walsworth, John Wesley (i3091), b.1881-d.1897
Walsworth, Marvin August (i3090), b.1879-
Walsworth, Rosa Ann (i3092), b.1884-d.1884
Walsworth, Sarah Adaline (i40168)
Walsworth, W. T. (marriage to Lula Prestridge) (i10852)
Walsworth, William T. (marriage to Rosallie L. Prestridge) (i10865)


Walters, Effie Alma (marriage to John Abe Prestridge) (i11057), b.1907-d.1991
Walters, Elizabeth (marriage to John Prestridge Jr.) (i7639)
Walters, Manerva (marriage to Larkin Prestridge) (i7260), b.1837-d.1903


Waltman, Walter Lee (marriage to Hazel Ann Prestridge) (i10019)


Wanda (i15510)


Ward, John (marriage to Rhonda Ramon) (i5460)
Ward, Myrtie Lee (marriage to Odell Underwood) (i14061), b.1918-d.1987
Ward, Robin (i5471)


Warfield, Ruth (marriage to J. C. Mahanay) (i15161)


Warr, Amy Elizabeth (i1579), b.1983-
Warr, James David (marriage to Julie Ann Prestridge) (i1575), b.1962-
Warr, Melissa Ann (i1580), b.1986-


Warren, Dicie Bernetta (i18835)
Warren, Iva (marriage to Aaron White Underwood) (i13716), b.1915-
Warren, Joseph (i3959), b.1901-
Warren, Mary (marriage to Joel C. Prestridge) (i10678)
Warren, Payton Isaac (marriage to Adilia Inez Sandford) (i3163)


Waters, Greg (marriage to Lori Prestridge) (i2513)


Watkins, Addie (marriage to William J. Prestage) (i9030), b.1852-d.1909
Watkins, Christopher L. (marriage to Paula Michelle Prestridge) (i2982)


Watson, Adda (marriage to Larkin (Pete) Williams) (i9267)
Watson, Ethel Nora (marriage to Earl Richard Prestridge) (i11207), d.APR
Watson, Iva Belle (i14486)
Watson, Sarah (marriage to James Prestridge) (i2806)
Watson, Verne E. (marriage to Stella Jewell Long) (i14485)
Watson, Virginia Lea (i14491)


Waxley, Dustin (i12115)
Waxley, Joseph Eric (marriage to Mary Lorraine Wallace) (i12114)
Waxley, Nicholas (i12116)


Wayne, Robin Nicole (i2025)
Wayne, Shannon (marriage to Naomi Lee Prestridge) (i7625)


Weatherford, Mary Jane (marriage to James N. Prestridge) (i27922)


Weathersby, Lillian Jewel (marriage to Quincy L. Adams) (i23500)


Weaver, Alice (marriage to James M. Prestridge) (i11268), b.1861-
Weaver, Angela Ann
Weaver, Eulala Midlred (marriage to Everett Claud Prestridge) (i2871), b.1915-d.1965
Weaver, Ira Dennis (marriage to Annie Ruth Prestridge)
Weaver, Randy Carl
Weaver, Richard Keith


Webb, Charles V. (marriage to Hannah V. Prestage) (i9675)
Webb, Joann (marriage to Steve Allen Smith) (i14048)
Webb, Mary Jane (marriage to Andrew Jackson Prestridge) (i10769)
Webb, Susan Faye (marriage to Joe Ed Black) (i12814)


Webster, Alfred Gordon (marriage to Edith Lucile Steen) (i28359), b.1905-d.1955
Webster, Betty Lynn (i28225), b.1954-
Webster, Debra Ann (i28229), b.1956-
Webster, Doris Lucile (i28360), b.1937-d.1996
Webster, Emzy Houston (marriage to Iliah Vivan Mcbride) (i28617)
Webster, Maurice (marriage to Ola Erline Spradlin) (i28223)
Webster, Morris Ray (i28224), b.1952-
Webster, Paula Sue (i28233), b.1959-


Weddle, Henry (marriage to Laura Maxine Carr) (i1847)


Weeks, Benjamin Joseph (i28246)
Weeks, Bernice (marriage to Winfred Prestage) (i9641)
Weeks, Brenton (i28247)
Weeks, David Adam (i28244)
Weeks, David Earl (i28222), b.1947-
Weeks, Erin Marie (i28245)
Weeks, Nancy Adeline R. Malissa (marriage to William R. Carlisle) (i3230)
Weeks, Shane (marriage to Sandra Ann Prestridge) (i2954)
Weeks, William David (marriage to Ola Erline Spradlin) (i28221)


Welch, Blondina Mae (i40113)
Welch, Clarence Tru Love (marriage to Grace Mae Garner) (i40111)
Welch, Clarence Tru Love Jr. (i40112)
Welch, Dilga Or Bilzey (marriage to Joseph Wiley Sasser) (i2282)
Welch, Elizabeth Hinton (marriage to Henry Haygood Prestridge) (i10242), b.1863-d.1917
Welch, Juanita Bessie (marraige to FenardThurman Garner) (i40108)
Welch, Martha E (Minnie) (marriage to William Stokes Prestridge) (i10248)
Welch, Valta (marriage to James Edward Trusty) (i12533)


Weldon, Alesha Danielle (i14207)
Weldon, Danny Nolan (i14121)
Weldon, Danny Scott (i14205)
Weldon, Kim Regina (i14122)
Weldon, Nolan Dole (marriage to Melba Underwood) (i14120)
Weldon, Randy Lee (i14206)
Weldon, Renaie Vicki (i14124)


Wells, Eddie Ruth (marriage to Marvin Prestridge) (i15495)
Wells, George Keith (i40025), b.1961
Wells, George L. (marriage to Audis Elaine Allred) (i27132), b.1928-d.1985
Wells, Janette (marriage to Richard Donald Prestridge) (i9906)
Wells, Joan (i2582)
Wells, Johnnie (marriage to Flora Mae Prestridge) (i2566)
Wells, Kevin Brown (i40026), b.1966
Wells, Mary Alice (i2584)
Wells, Merrie (marriage to Wayman Varadaman Prestridge) (i15480)


Welsh, Charley (marriage to Demareus (Sis) Adeline Prestridge) (i10519)


Wene, Donna Jean (i11061), b.1948-
Wene, Frederick Lisle (marriage to Marjorie Lafaye Prestridge) (i11060)


Wessinger, Weldon Scott (marriage to Katheryn Sinclair Prestridge) (i10951), b.1963-


West, ? (marriage to Debbie Sue Crusenberry) (i10302)
West, Asilee (marriage to Stencil Ray "Ray" Prestage) (i12957)
West, Bessie May (i1850), b.1892-
West, Clifford (marriage to Trudy Ann Allred) (i13540)
West, Dorothy (i11564)
West, Gerald "Brother" (i40507)
West, Guy (marriage to Laverne Conwill) (i11563)
West, Hentrietta "Sister" (i40508)
West, Jasper Lee (marriage to Jewel May Parkman) (i40506)
West, Jimmy (marriage to Nellie Conwill) (i11582)
West, John Henry Albert (marriage to Sarah E. Prestridge) (i8551), b.1866-d.1945
West, Lea (i11584)
West, Minerva Rachel (i1841), b.1888-d.AUG
West, Ruby (marriage to Wagle Prestage) (i12959)
West, Tina (i11583)
West, Virginia Lee (i1839), b.1925-
West, Willard (marriage to Clara Mae Mitchell) (i9259)
West, William Lee "Willie" (i1837), b.1887-d.1982


Westbrook, Charles Lynn (i11950)
Westbrook, Diane (i11948)
Westbrook, Emma Lee (marriage to Prentiss Lee Steele) (i11915)
Westbrook, Jane Ann (marriage to James M. Wilson) (i23430)
Westbrook, Kay (i11949)
Westbrook, Malissa Ann (marriage to Napoleon Bonapart Wilson) (i23405), b.1829-
Westbrook, Mary Ann (marriage to Marshall O. Adams) (i23476)
Westbrook, Vertram C. (marriage to Earline Steele) (i11944)


Wetherby, Susie A. (marriage to Simeon Prestridge) (i3156)


Whalley, Shauna Veloye (marriage to John Keith Haning) (i12441)


Wheat, Glen (marriage to Lula Mae Hale) (i4379)


Wheeler, Clarence (marriage to Mary Allie Lee Hodges) (i14315)
Wheeler, Gina (marriage to Harvey Parham) (i13005)
Wheeler, Linda Michelle (i13060)
Wheeler, Mathew (i13061)
Wheeler, Rick (marriage to Paula Reba Pierce) (i13058)


Whelchel, Lizzie Bell (marriage to Samuel Newton Prestridge) (i27943), d.1924


Whitaker, Garry (marriage to Laura Thompson) (i2819)


White, Brenda (i2539)
White, Deanna (marriage to James Atlee Jones) (i27423)
White, Donice wilbur (i40494)
White, Doris Dale (i40495)
White, Dotis (marriage to Clem Allen Parkman) (i40488)
White, Druel (marriage to Jean Prestridge) (i10581)
White, Eager Edward Thigpen (marriage to Daisy Leona Parkman) (i40489)
White, Frank (marriage to Mary Alice Wells) (i18840)
White, Hiram Jerome (i40498)
White, Kemp (i40490)
White, Laverne (i40491)
White, Leon (marriage to Evelyn Prestridge) (i2538)
White, Loraine (i40496)
White, Martin Luther (marriage to Willie Maude Parkman) (i40493)
White, Merrill (i40497)
White, Naomi Matilda (marriage to Newland Hope Parkman) (i40477)
White, Pat (i40499)


Whitehead, (marriage to Samuel E. Freeman) (i23018)
Whitehead, child (i40018), b.1975 - d.1979
Whitehead, Debbie Kay (i40010)
Whitehead, Holy Janelle (i40019), b.1982
Whitehead, Janet Marie (i40008) b.1955
Whitehead, Lori Ann (i40011)
Whitehead, Karan (marriage to Thomas Steven Prestridge) (i2451)
Whitehead, Randall Edward (marriage to Patty Sue Roberts) (i12117)
Whitehead, Rhoda Diane (i40007), b.1954
Whitehead, Walter William (marriage to Edna Videlia Allred) (i27130), b.1927-
Whitehead, William Pierson (i40009), b.1956


Whitten, Bobby Sue Buck (i15066), b.1917-
Whitten, Elmer George (i15064), b.1911-
Whitten, R. E. (marriage to Addie Prestridge) (i15063)


Whittington, Alvie Lee (i22953), b.1929-d.1985
Whittington, Anna Bell (marriage to Alvie Lee Freeman) (i22929), b.1898-d.1967
Whittington, Bernice (marriage to James Ford Prestridge) (i10226), b.1893-d.1977
Whittington, Child 1 (i22937)
Whittington, Child 2 (i22938)
Whittington, Danny Adam Evans (i12878)
Whittington, Florine (i22939), b.1920-d.1982
Whittington, J. C. (i22948), b.1924-d.1986
Whittington, James "Jimmie" (marriage to Hortence Elvena Freeman) (i11878)
Whittington, Jordan Robert (i22933), b.1916-d.1917
Whittington, Katy Nicole (i12880)
Whittington, Kenneth Judson (i12881)
Whittington, Otis Clarence (i22947), b.1922-d.1985
Whittington, Robert David (i12882)
Whittington, Robert David (marriage to Doris Ann Black) (i12877)
Whittington, Ruby Doris (i22949), b.1927-d.1973
Whittington, Sammy E. (marriage to Lula Minerva Freeman) (i22932)
Whittington, Sammy Lee (i22934), b.1918-d.1981


Wicker, Arthur Harrison (marriage to Julia Francis Wallace) (i26776), b.1890-d.1946
Wicker, Elizabeth (marriage to Herbert Paul Kane) (i9347)
Wicker, Elizabeth Ann "Libby" (i26777), b.1919-d.1986


Wiggington, Margaret Matilda (marriage to Jessie Crawford Prestridge) (i10762), b.1841-d.1928


Wiginton, Clestie (marriage to Noonan Clifton Underwood) (i14108)
Wiginton, Dinah (marriage to Marty Christian James) (i14070)


Wilder, John W. (marriage to Emily Ellen Prestridge) (i11159)


Wildmon, George (marriage to Willadean Conwill) (i11578)
Wildmon, Gregory (i11580)
Wildmon, James (marriage to Geraldean Conwill) (i11585)
Wildmon, Jeffrey K. (i11586)


Wilkins, Mitchell Van
Wilkins, William Mitchell


Wilie, Easter Elizabeth (marriage to James Marion Ray) (i12303)


Wilkerson, Joanne (marriage to Patrick Joseph Murphy) (i20423), d.1984
Wilkerson, Robert Zelmer (marriage to Alma Brown) (i40248)


Wilkinson, Charlie C. (marriage to Maggie Gordon) (i20327)
Wilkinson, Julia Elizabeth "Lizzie" (marriage to George Prestridge Gordon) (i20331), b.1861-d.1936
Wilkinson, Rena (marriage to Fred Brent) (i14333)


Will, (i18321)


Williams, (marriage to William Curtis Freeman) (i22973)
Williams, Angelia Darlene (marriage to J.d. Scott) (i14161)
Williams, Cornelis (i738), b.1900-
Williams, Daniel Outerbridge "D.o." (marriage to Elizabeth Ann (Ann Elizabeth) Chaddick) (i724)
Williams, David (i9238), b.1864-
Williams, David Archie (i1879), b.1892-d.1978
Williams, David Archie (i1890), b.1936-
Williams, David Daniel (i736)
Williams, Debra Lee (marriage to Andrew Davis Iii Martin) (i13558)
Williams, Delmar Rufus "Dell" (marriage to Marguerite Alice Prestridge) (i3471)
Williams, Donald Dwain (i1895), b.1940-
Williams, Dorothy E. (marriage to Thomas Cameron Bloxom) (i22523)
Williams, Dorothy Geraldine (i1989), b.1928-
Williams, Douglas Baker (i9268), b.1877-d.1888
Williams, Edgar J. (marriage to Myrtle Prestage) (i12963), b.1891-d.1918
Williams, Elbert (i1873)
Williams, Emmitt (marriage to May Brent) (i14328)
Williams, Evelyn Eugenia (i3911)
Williams, Everly Avis (i23519)
Williams, Fannie L. (i40873), b.1877
Williams, Female (i1876)
Williams, Floyd Linear (marriage to Tressia Brown) (i27110)
Williams, Fred Daniel (i27768)
Williams, Fred Herman (marriage to Elizabeth Ann "Libby" Wicker) (i26778), b.1917-d.1971
Williams, Freddie Dell (i3493), b.1944-
Williams, Glen (i1874)
Williams, Guy O. (marriage to Aire Maudice Flemming) (i23514)
Williams, Harriet (marriage to James Prestridge) (i28397)
Williams, Harry Guy (i23515)
Williams, Hugh O.(i40874), b.1882
Williams, Infant (i28375), b.1856-d.1859
Williams, Irvin (i26892)
Williams, J. D. (i1882), b.1922-
Williams, James Daniel (i9243), b.1867-d.1932
Williams, James F. (i40870), b. 1871
Williams, James Franklin (i1878), b.1890-d.1956
Williams, Jeremy Daniel (i29061)
Williams, Jessie Leslie (i1904), b.1906-d.1964
Williams, John M. Christian (i1869), b.1887-d.1956
Williams, John Manoah, Jr. (i9245), b.1869-d.1869
Williams, John Manoah, Sr. (marriage to Sarah Ann Prestridge) (i7591), b.1832-d.1897
Williams, Judy Faye (i3494), b.1946-
Williams, Julie Frances (i26779), b.1957-
Williams, Kristen Kathleen (i40205)
Williams, Larkin (Pete) (i9266), b.1873-d.1905
Williams, Larkin Aaron (i1897), b.1894-
Williams, Louis Clifton (i1886), b.1932-
Williams, Mabel (marriage to Stanley Livingston Moak) (i27045), b.1903-
Williams, Mable A. (i23517)
Williams, Mack Sloss (marriage to Mabel Eugenia Seale) (i3910)
Williams, Margurite Emma (i23518)
Williams, Marjorie Blanche (i1881)
Williams, Mary A. (i9236), b.1861-d.1926
Williams, Mary Ann Gemima (i1898), b.1896-d.1940
Williams, Maud (marriage to John Fonzi Or Fondy Prestage) (i9036), b.1899-
Williams, Minnie Elizabeth (i739), b.1902-
Williams, Nancy (i26889)
Williams, Nancy Ann (i9246), b.1871-d.1952
Williams, Norwood David (i23516)
Williams, Patsy Lou (i743)
Williams, Rose Lee (i1901), b.1900-
Williams, Ruby Faye (i3495), b.1946-
Williams, Ruby Irene (i23520)
Williams, Ruth Allene (marriage to George Neal "Buster" Prestridge) (i3379)
Williams, Sarah Ann (Abigail) (i9241), b.1863-
Williams, Son (i28664)
Williams, Stephen Dennis (i1893), b.1938-
Williams, Stephen W. (i40872), b.1875
Williams, Tiffany Danielle (i4027)
Williams, Vaughan (marriage to Anita Faye Thompson) (i2815)
Williams, Wallace (i1875)
Williams, Wallace Vaughn (i1884), b.1930-
Williams, Walter Wade (i741), b.1904-
Williams, Willa (i1871)
Williams, Willie (marriage to Sarah Ann (Abigail) Williams) (i26888)
Williams, Winnie (i1872)


Williamson, Laura E. (marriage to William Anderson Prestridge) (i10469)
Williamson, Sharon (marriage to Claude William Prestridge) (i7621)


Willieford, Dean Allen (marriage to Terri Lea Fennell) (i40852)
Willieford, Jason Dean (i40855)
Willieford, Keith Michael (i40853)
Willieford, Scott Ryan (i40854)


Williford, Josephine (marriage to Milton Greer) (i10456)


Willingham, Anna Eliza (marriage to William Henry Prestridge) (i3305), b.1848-d.1901
Willingham, Lena (marraige to John T. Dothard) (i40215)


Willis, Allie B. (marriage to John Jackson Prestridge) (i10867), b.1869-
Willis, Joe Annah (marriage to Howell Prestridge) (i10877), b.APR-
Willis, Jim (i2260)
Willis, Mr. (marriage to Louise May) (i2258)


Willoughby, Geneva Mae (marriage to Rufus Andrew (Andres) Barton Prestridge) (i11219), b.1913-d.2000
Willoughby, Robert (marriage to Gina Prestridge) (i2613)


Wilson, ? (marriage to Mavis Conwill) (i11522)
Wilson, Andrew (i9767), b.1847-
Wilson, Anna (marriage to Robert Prestridge) (i3179), b.1801-d.1883
Wilson, B. E. (marriage to Elizabeth "Tommie" Prestridge) (i3084)
Wilson, Bessie Lee (i23434), b.1898-d.1966
Wilson, Charley (i23436), b.1880-d.1880
Wilson, Cholorinda Malissa (i23418), b.1868-d.1949
Wilson, Claud, Jr. (i4245)
Wilson, Claud, Sr. (marriage to Flora Elizabeth Hale) (i4241)
Wilson, Colden (i9762), b.1838-
Wilson, Curtis (i23433)
Wilson, Daniel C. (marriage to Mary L. Adams) (i23475)
Wilson, Dean (marriage to Clinton Marie Daughdril) (i40561)
Wilson, Denis A. (marriage to Dorothy Geraldine Williams) (i1990)
Wilson, Donald Spencer (marriage to Rose Mary Prestridge) (i2239)
Wilson, Drew (i13049)
Wilson, Edmund Leander Andrew (i23407), b.1850-d.1917
Wilson, Elizabeth Ann (i3946)
Wilson, Ella Emelia (i23416), b.1864-
Wilson, Ellen (i9765), b.1842-
Wilson, Erastus Linus (i23412), b.1856-
Wilson, Eugene S. (i23411), b.1855-
Wilson, Gary (marriage to Martha Ann Prestridge) (i10080)
Wilson, Hannah Rita (i9734), b.1828-d.1857
Wilson, Hillery K. (i23410), b.1853-
Wilson, James Bruce (i23470)
Wilson, James Henry (i23409), b.1852-
Wilson, James M. (i9735), b.1833-
Wilson, James Ware (marriage to Mattie Belle Killingsworth) (i3945), b.APR-d.1985
Wilson, Jasper (i9764), b.1841-
Wilson, Jesse Franklin (i4247)
Wilson, John (i23432)
Wilson, John D. (i9733), b.1827-d.1863
Wilson, Kimberly Rose (i2244), b.1973-
Wilson, Lacy Carol (i13048)
Wilson, Lee (marriage to Bessie Freeman) (i23029)
Wilson, Lott (marriage to Amielia (Millie) Denman) (i9731), b.1800-
Wilson, Lott (marriage to Sarah Denman) (i9731), b.1800-
Wilson, Louis Alfred (i23469)
Wilson, Louis Bonapart (i23413), b.1858-
Wilson, Louisa (i23408), b.1851-
Wilson, Lucy (i9768), b.1849-
Wilson, Maggie Wyvonne (i4249)
Wilson, Male (i4242)
Wilson, Margaret (i9763), b.1839-
Wilson, Martha (i9766), b.1844-
Wilson, Mary Adalline (i9736), b.1834-
Wilson, Mattie Louise (i3947)
Wilson, Maxwell Randolph (i10083), b.1977-
Wilson, Mervin Louis (marriage to Ellen Lee Carroll) (i23468)
Wilson, Mildred Sarah Evelyn (i23415), b.1863-d.1927
Wilson, Napoleon Bonapart (i9732), b.1825-d.1868
Wilson, Ronnie (marriage to Lisa Carol Pierce) (i13047)
Wilson, Saline (i23406)