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Located in Chicago and chartered in 1834-35 but not organized until 1860 when temporary quarters were secured over a drug store. 

The first college term opened with a teaching faculty numbering nine professors besides clinical lecturers, demonstrators, etc. In 1866-67 the institution moved into larger quarters and in 1870 the cornerstone of a new college building was laid.

The six succeeding years were marked by internal dissension, ten of the professors withdrawing to establish a rival school. The faculty was curtailed in numbers and reorganized. In Aug 1892 the corner stone of a second building was laid with appropriate Masonic ceremonies, the new structure occupying the site of the old but being larger better arranged and better equipped.

Women were admitted as students in 1870-71 and co-education of the sexes has ever since continued an established feature of the institution. For more than thirty-five years a free dispensary has been in operation in connection with the college.