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Halford Researchers

Halford: Southern US
(SEARCH FOR DATABASE "MWKRUSE") WorldConnect database at Rootsweb nearly 18,000 Halfords I believe are likely linked to the Carolina Halfords.
John Alford 1806 North Carolina
Orville Alford - Website with considerable research on the John Alford (1806-1833) whose father is believed to be Achillis Halford of North Caronlina, and is likely the grandson of John Halford, Sr., of Rutherford County, North Carolina.
The World of the Past
Susan K. Couch - Website devoted to research on the William F? Halford ( c. 1815- aft 1880) and (Syrena Haggard 1825-1903). William was born in Franklin County, TN.
The Descendants of William and Esther Hallford
Richard Hallford - Website devoted to research on the William Wallace Hallford (1839-1912) and Esther Caroline Cole Hallford (1846-1849)  line. William was born in Wayne County, Tennessee.
Martin Perrien & Michele Huff Ancestry
Martin Nathan Perrien - Multi-family website with some information about the William Wallace Hallford (1839-1912) line.

Connette Blalock
Connette has been researching the Halford family for more than 25 years and has a wealth of information on early Halfords. You can contact her at 935 York Street, Aumsville, OR,  97325

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