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Hague Heritage Cemetery
Pine Orchard Road
Hague, Warren Co., N.Y.

Transcribed by Bruce W De Larm – 12/23/2002
From a list titled "OLD HAGUE CEMETERY ON ROUTE 9N"
Original Author Unknown at this time
Courtesy of Ethel Andrus, Hague Town Historian

Date Last Updated: 12/22/2006

10/07/02003 - A list of “Inscriptions of Gravestones prior to 1900” taken by Daphine E Beckwith, Historian for Warren County (no date given - obtained from the Warren County Historical Center) was used to update the list obtained in Hague. The list has been sorted primarily by last name. Black text exists in both documents.  Blue text is from the Hague list. Red text is from the Warren County List. Names underlined and blue are linked to a digital photo of the gravestone.

At the bottom of this page is a group of headstones that are difficult (and/or impossible) to read. Feel free to solve the puzzles!


Bailey, in memory of Elijah Bailey  who died March 9, 1825 age 67 yrs, 6 mos
                  “My bosom friend, my neighbor I am come
                    My work is done, with you I am gathered home
                    Now mourning friends, go back and cease to mourn
                    Prepare to follow, I shall not return.”

Bailey, Ira, son of Elijah and Susannah died March 22, 1816 19 yrs of age.

Bailey, Lydia, Wf. of Joshua Bailey, died April 9, 1836, age 39.

Balcom, Micah died June 10, 1811 age 63
                   “Come view the dreary solemn shade
                    Ye living friends since I am dead
                    And in the grave confined to lie
                    But tell the living they must die.”

Balcom, Polly, dau of Uriah and Patience Waist Balcom who died March 27, 1831

Barnard, In memory of Tammy wife of Calvin Barnard who died Sept 16, 1823 28 yrs of age
                                                                                                  Sept 18

Barnard, John died May 3, 1817 67 yrs of age.
                   “Then shall the dust return to this earth as it was
                    And the spirit shall return to God who gave it. Ecc. 12-7

Bevins, Andrew, died May 6, 1849 age 74

Wife of Andrew Bevins died Oct. 6, 1853 age 76

Bevens, Harriet E. wife of Charles E Bevens died Sept. 23, 1865 age 42.
                             wife of James Bevins

Bevens infant, son of C.E. & H.E. Bevens
                    double stone

Bevens, Frank died Sept. 14, 1853 age 2 yr, 1 mo

Brooks, Nathan, died July 4 1871 age 70

Burns, Frank, died Sept. 14, 1859 age 1 mo. 10 days.

Burt, Hannah wife of Almeron Burt died Sept. 7, 1838 age illegible (footstone)   (family plot)                                                                                     age 31
                    I called upon the Lord in distress
                    The Lord answered me in....

Burt, Alanson J .son of Almeron and Hannah Burt, died Feb. 21 1848 age 19 yrs, 5 mos   

Burt, Hannah P. dau. of Almeron and Adah Burt died May 28, 1845 age 1 yr 2 m

Capron, Abagail M. wf of Nathan Brooks died Oct. 12, 1862. Age 50 years
                   Dear Father and Mother, thou hast gone but not forgotten.

Dodd, Charles died April 27, 1812 Age 57 yrs.

Doig, Thomas, son of John and Margaret Doig, died Nov 13, 1812

Dunn, Alexander died Aug 6, 1839, age 53 yr 9 mos.

Dunn, David died July 4, 1841 age 17 yr 9 mos.

Fish, Lydia A  died Sept. 29, 1865 age 36 yrs.

Garfield, Nathaniel died Sept. 22, 1853 age 60 yrs.

Garfield, Polly wife of Nathaniel Garfield, died December 22, 1818 22 years of age.
                                                                       December 20

Garfield, Nathaniel died Feb. 9, 1839 age 79     (footstone)
                   He served in the War of the Revolution 1776.

                   Nathaniel Garfield. Mass. Troops. Rev. War. National Society.
Sons of the American Revolution.

Garfield, Eunice wf of Nathaniel died May 3, 1855 age 93

Hale, Thomas J. died June 29, 1837, 32 years of age
                   “Farewell my friends, along farewell
                    Our Father, prepare us to meet in Heaven”

Hays, Reubin H. son of Samuel and Mehetabel B. Hays died Dec. 22, 1859 15 years, 5 mos. of age

Holman, Peter son, of Peter & Betsey Holman, died Apr. 4, 1839 age 1 yr 11 mo

Holman, Sally wife of John Holman died May 11, 1826 age 71 yrs.
                                                              May 16

Holman, Thurston died April 18. 1836 age 61 yrs

McAllaster, Albert, died Jan. 1, 1854 age 46.

McAllaster, Cynthia A. dau of Albert and Catherine McAllister died April 18, 1845 5 yr, 6 mos.

McMurphy, in memory of Archibald McMurphy died June 22, 1826 age 44 yrs.
                                                                                  June 2 
                   "Farewell my wife and children dear
                    If aught on earth could keep me here
                    It would be my love for you
                    but Jesus calls my soul away
                    Jesus forbids a longer stay
                    My dearest friends adieu”

Patchin, Capt. Samuel died March 18, 1844 86 yrs of age    (footstone)

Patchin, Mary wf of Capt. Samuel died April 12, 1831 age 73    (footstone)
                                                                                    age 63

Patchin, Frances N., dau of Jabez and Lois Patchin died Aug 1, 1839 age 1 yr, 8 mos

Patchin, Francis, son of John and Lois Patchin died Aug. 1, 1882 age 1yr. 8 mos.

Patchin, Jabez died Nov. 30, 1848 age 63 yrs.

(North Bolton Cemetery) Patchin, Lois 9 probably 2nd wire of Jabes died
                    Nov. 5, 1855. Also Fanny Patchin 1835-1895.

Patchin, in memory of Sally, wf of Jabez Patchin died July 22, 1833 age 43 years.
                                                                                 July 29           age 45

Pratt, Miriam died July 1, 1825 age 35 years.

Pratt, Betsey wife of Asa Pratt died Jan. 28, 1847, 36 years of age
         Betsy                                     June 28, 1856
                    "As I pass by with grief I see
                    My loving mate was took from me
                    Tho took by Him that has a right
                    To call for me when He sees fit”

Ramsey, Clarissa wife of James Ramsey, died Oct. 22, 1836 age 36.
                   "Weep not for me for blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".

Rising, Roxy, wf of Zeno Rising, died Oct. 3, 1846 age 32 yrs, 9 mo

Rising, Cynthia, dau. of Zeno and Roxy Rising, March 5, 1839 age 1 yr 3 mo
                                                                       Nov       , 1838

Rising, Emily, dau. of Zeno and Roxy Rising, died Aug. 14, 1834 3 yr, 10 mo
            (same stone) Cynthia, their dau. who died Aug. 15, 1834

Rising, in memory of Arabell, dau of Abel and Lucinda Rising d. Jan. 18, 1838 at age 22

Rising, in memory of Horace Rising who died Feb. 24, 1837 age 44 yrs. 5 mos.
                    So here shall rest my sleeping joys
                    Till the great Ressurection Day
                    Then God shall say to all "arise
                    to illigible.

Rising, In memory of Lucinda, consort of Abel Rising who died Oct. 18, 1832 in the 64th year of her age.

Rising, in memory of Abel Rising died April 18, 1822, age 56.  (footstone)  (family plot)

Rising, Ruth dau of Abel Rising, died March 20, 1839 age 25 yrs.

Rising, Horace son of Abel and Ruth Rising, died June 15, 1938 age 4 mos.

Rising, Roxey, died May 20, 1859 age 10 yrs. 6 mos.

Smith, Dorcas, wife of Pixley H Smith died Oct. 12, 1847, age 33 yrs 7 mos
                    erected by her sons G. and Wm. F. Smith

Stark, Hannah wife of Stephen Stark died May 29, 1854 age 49
                                                                                       age 29

Stark, Elmer H. son of Henry and A. E. Stark died Oct. 13, 1870 age 1yr 3 mo

Taylor, Betsey, dau of Isaac & Phoebe Taylor died April 22, 1803 age 19 yrs
                                                                                                            10 yrs

Taylor, in memory of Sylvia, dau of N & M Taylor who died Apr. 25, 1825 age 18 yrs.
                    Death is swallowed up in victory.

Taylor, Phoebe wf of Isaac Taylor died March 27, 1813. Age 67 yrs.

Van Buren, Jane, wf of Benjamin Van Buren died July 26, 1866 Age 41

Vaughn, Elsa wife of Capt. T. Vaughn died June 1, 1840, age 45.

Woodward , Noah In memory of N. Woodward who died July 6, 1829 age 69 yrs.


These stones are difficult to read. I included the original 5.0MP color photos. THESE FILES ARE LARGE!!! Be patient as they load!

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