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HADFIELDs of Youlgreave and Elton, Derbyshire

The following information was researched and compiled in part by Roger HADFIELD MA, F.R.G.S.


Parish of Youlgreave Registers dated from 1558, includes Chapels of Elton (1691), Winster (1633) and Stanton



first known generation


1. George Hadfield of Elton bap.?  m.1693 Jane Bradden (b.?   d.1750)  d.1752



                     i.            (2a) Isaac Hadfield  bap.1695  d.1731

                   ii.            Ann Hadfield  bap.1698  d.?

                  iii.            Frances Hadfield  bap.1700  m.1724  d.?  issue

                 iv.            George Hadfield  bap.1703  d.1713

                   v.            Edward Hadfield  bap.>1731  d.1753/58?

                 vi.            (2b) John Hadfield  bap.?  d.1770

                vii.            Jane Hadfield  bap.?  m. Oldfield  d.?



second generation


2a. Isaac Hadfield  bap.1695  m.1718 Anne at South Wingfield  d.1731



                     i.            George Hadfield  bap.1718 Ensor  d.?

                   ii.            Joseph Hadfield  bap.1720  m.1740 Ann Hambleton at Peak Forest  d.?



2b. John Hadfield  bap.? 



                     i.            (3a) George Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                   ii.            Hannah Hadfield  bap.?  m.1758 Richard Bumm  d.?

                  iii.            Ann Hadfield  bap.1731  m.1754 William Salt  d.?



third generation


3.  Isaac Hadfield  bap.?  m.1762 Hannah Hall from Staffordshire (b.?  d.1802)  d.1792



                     i.            William Hadfield  bap.1763  d.? (Will dated 1792)  May have moved away from Youlgreave

                   ii.            Edward Hadfield  bap.1766  d.?  (Will dated 1792)

                  iii.            (4a) Joseph Hadfield  bap.1768  d.?

                 iv.            Isaac Hadfield  bap.?  d.?  (Will dated 1792)

                   v.            Anne Hadfield  bap.1773  d.?

                 vi.            Benjamin Hadfield  bap.?  d.1778

                vii.            Hannah Hadfield  bap.1779  [possibly married John Hall]  d.?



3a. George Hadfield  bap.?  m.1767 Elizabeth Hall of Tideswell  d.?  [This entry ‘George’ is most probable but no proof can be found]



                     i.            Ann Hadfield  bap.1769  d.?

                   ii.            Issac Hadfield  bap.1772  d.1852

                  iii.            Jane Hadfield  bap.1774  d.?

                 iv.            Elizabeth Hadfield  bap.1778  d.?

                   v.            Joseph Hadfield  bap.1783  d.?

                 vi.            Jane Hadfield  bap.1786  d.?

                vii.            Mary Hadfield  bap.?  d.1789

              viii.            (4b) George Hadfield  b.1790



fourth generation


4a. Joseph Hadfield  bap.1768  m.?  d.?  (Will dated 1792)



                     i.            Joseph Hadfield  bap.?  m.1871 Sarah Walker at Derby  d.?



4b. George Hadfield  bap.?  m. 1814 Rebecca Marshall  d.?  [This entry ‘George’ is most probable but no proof can be found]



                     i.            (5a) John Hadfield  bap.1814  d.?

                   ii.            George Hadfield  bap.1816  d.?

                  iii.            Agnes Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                 iv.            Jane Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                   v.            Ann Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                 vi.            Sarah Hadfield  bap.1821  d.?

                vii.            Joseph Hadfield  bap.1824  d.?

              viii.            Rerfia Hadfield  b.1826  d.?



fifth generation


5a. John Hadfield  bap.1814  m.1837 Agnes Berry



                     i.            George Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                   ii.            Agnes Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                  iii.            William Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                 iv.            Ann Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                   v.            Sarah Hadfield  bap.?  d.?

                 vi.            Joseph Hadfield  bap.?  m.1881 Manchester Cathedral  d.?