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HADFIELDs of Wakefield, Yorkshire


The following information was researched by Graeme Adams


There are connections within this line to New Zealand


first generation


1.      Thomas Hadfield  b.10Apr1744 Wakefield, West Riding, Yorkshire  m.10Oct1776 Mary Beale (bap.11Jan1747 Doncaster, Yorkshire), All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?



                     i.            Thomas Hadfield  b.10Jul1772 Wakefield, Yorkshire  bap.18Aug1772 All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur. St Johns, Dublin, Eire

                   ii.            Mary Hadfield  b.18Apr1774 Wakefield, Yorkshire  bap.17May1774 All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur. St Johns, Wakefield, Yorkshire

                  iii.            (2a) William Hadfield  b.5May1776  d.30Aug1859

                 iv.            John Hadfield  b.2May1778 Wakefield, Yorkshire  bap.3Jun1778 All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?

                   v.            Joseph Hadfield  b.9Apr1780 Wakefield, Yorkshire  bap.29May1780 All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur. All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire

                 vi.            Anna Maria Hadfield  b.19May1782 Wakefield, Yorkshire.  bap.17jun1782 All Saints parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur. All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire

                vii.            Jenny Hadfield  b.23Feb1784 Wakefield, Yorkshire.  bap.24Mar1784 All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur. St Johns, Wakefield, Yorkshire

              viii.            George Beale Hadfield  b.13Dec1785 Wakefield, Yorkshire.  bap.16Jan1786 All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur. All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire

                 ix.            Frederic Hadfield  b.17Feb1788 Wakefield, Yorkshire.  bap. 24Mar1788 Wakefield, Yorkshire.  d.21Dec1823 Wakefield, Yorkshire

                   x.            Richard Hadfield  b.19Jul1790 Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur. London, Middlesex

                 xi.            Thomas Beale Hadfield  bap. 19Jul1798 Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?

                xii.            James Hadfield  bap. 24May1784  d.?



second generation


2a. William Hadfield  b.5May1776  Wakefield, Yorkshire  bap.5Jun1776 All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire.  m.31Jan1799 Francis Roodhouse (b.1776 Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.24Jun1856) Rotherham, South Yorkshire  d.30Aug1859 Newark Upon Trent, Nottinghamshire



               i.                  Thomas Perkins Hadfield  b.8Dec1799 Wakefield, Yorkshire  d. Feb1800.  bur.Feb1800 All Saints Parish, Wakefield, Yorkshire

             ii.                  Francis Harriot Hadfield  b.13Dec1800.  bap.28Jan1801 Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire  m. 16Nov1826 Samuel Willey at Newark, Nottinghamshire  d.10May1842 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

            iii.                  Elizabeth Hadfield  b.18May1802  bap.19Aug1802 Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire  m. John Loversedge  d.1856   bur.1856 Newington, London, Middlesex

           iv.                  Anna Maria Hadfield  b.13Apr1803 Wakefield, Yorkshire  bap.12Oct1803 Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur.1808 Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

             v.                  Mary Ann Hadfield  b.21Jun1804 Wakefield, Yorkshire  bap.16Nov1804  d.?  bur.1805 Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

           vi.                  William Beale Hadfield  b.5May1805 Wakefield, Yorkshire  bap.16Nov1805 Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire  d.?  bur.1808 Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

          vii.                  Jane Hadfield  b.5Jul1806  d.1808  bur. Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire

        viii.                  William Perkins Hadfield  b.3Dec1811 Newington, London, Middlesex.  m.20May1841 Sarah Cotham Adwick  d.?  bur.Newington, London, Middlesex.

           ix.                  Emma Hadfield  b.21Jul1813   m. Charles Bloodworth   d.?  bur.Empingham, Rutlandshire.

             x.                  George Beale Hadfield  b.7Nov1815 Newington, London, Middlesex  d.13Jan1845  bur. Independent Chapel Yard, Newark, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

           xi.                  Sara Selina Hadfield  b.29Jul1817 Newington, London, Middlesex  d.24May1884 Newington, London, Middlesex.

          xii.                  Richard Roodhouse Hadfield  b.6Mar1819 Newington, London, Middlesex  d.1820  bur. Salem Chapel, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

        xiii.                  (3a) Frederick Brown Hadfield  b.2Oct1819  d.1Jan1875



third generation


First Generation to New Zealand


3a. Frederick Brown Hadfield     b.2Oct1819 Newark Upon Trent, Nottinghamshire  m.28Mar1841 Ann Wyan Welby (b.11Oct1816 Newark Upon Trent, Nottinghamshire.  bap.12Oct1816,  d.30May1885 Nelson, New Zealand,  bur.2Jun1885 Wakapuaka cemetery, Nelson, New Zealand) at Hoxton Academy Chapel, Shoreditch, London, Middlesex.  d.1Jan1875 Nelson, New Zealand.  bur.3Jan1875 Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson, New Zealand.



                     i.                  Frederick George Hadfield  b.11Jun1842 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk  d.1858

                   ii.                  (4a) William Welby Hadfield  b.8Jun1844  d.20Nov1920

                  iii.                  Fanny Hadfield  b.9Jan1845 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk  m.6Jan1869 Thomas Richard Fisher at Wesleyan Church, Nelson, New Zealand.  d.1932 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

                 iv.                  (4b) Charles Hadfield  b.12 Oct1845  d.1930

                   v.                  (4c) Harry Roodhouse Hadfield  b.20Jun1847  d.?  bur.1914

                 vi.                  (4d) Richard Hadfield  b.7Aug1850  d.14Jul1880

                vii.                  Elizabeth Houlderness Hadfield  b.27Jun1852 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk  m.13Aug1874 James B. Green at Nelson, New Zealand  d.1930 Waipukarau, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

              viii.                  (4e) John Thomas Hadfield  b.25Jul1857  d.1944



fourth generation


4a. William Welby Hadfield  b.8Jun1844 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk  m.4Dec1878 Martha Adele Ann Snow (b.16Feb1860  d.2May1906) at Collingwood, Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand  d.20Nov1920 Nelson, New Zealand  bur.Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand



                     i.                  (5a) Frederick George Hadfield  b.9Oct1879  d.11Jan1976

                   ii.                  (5b) Welby Vivian Hadfield  b.15May1881  d.4Aug1950

                  iii.                  Ivy Adele Hadfield  b.22Jan1883 Collingwood, Golden Bay, Nelson  m#1 William Roberts  m#2 William Issacs Winter  d.?

                 iv.                  (5c) William Harry Hadfield  b.25Sep1884  d. Mar1967

                   v.                  Olive Francis Hadfield  b.2Apr1886 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  m#1 17Mar1905 Harold Nichols  m#2 21Aug1919 John Alexander Adams at Riwaka, Nelson.  d.4Oct1967 Stratford, Taranaki

                 vi.                  Laura May Hadfield  b.17Jan1888 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  m.26Aug1908 James Stevens McLaren at Nelson.  d.5Oct1982  bur.4Nov1982 Marsden Valley Cemetery, Stoke, Nelson

                vii.                  (5d) Darcy Clarence Hadfield  b.1Dec1889  d.15Sep1964

              viii.                  (5e) Roy Hubert Hadfield  b.15Jan1892  d.27Sep1986

                 ix.                  Evered Rodgers Hadfield  b.4Mar1897 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  d.20Nov1919 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  bur. 20Dec1919 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.



4b. Charles Hadfield  b.12 Oct1845 Ixworth, Suffolk  m.1868 Eliza  d.1930 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand



                       i                  Anne Welby Hadfield  b.10Aug1869 Christchurch, Canterbury  m.12Jan1892 George Pilkington at Christchurch, Canterbury  d.10Aug1939 Christchurch, Canterbury

                     ii                  Mabel Hadfield  b.1873 Christchurch, Canterbury  d.?

                    iii                  Rose Hadfield  b.1876 Christchurch, Canterbury  m.Kimber  d.?

                   iv                  Ethel Hadfield  b.1877 Christchurch, Canterbury  d.?

                     v                  Florie Hadfield  b.1879 Christchurch, Canterbury  d.?



4c. Harry Roodhouse Hadfield  b.20Jun1847  m.16Aug1878 Mary Anna Reynolds (b.c1857  d.8Aug1894) at Nelson, New Zealand.  bur.1914 Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand.



                       i                  Albert Reynolds Hadfield  b.31Dec1879 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  m.1907 Alice Maude Burnett at Carterton, Wairarapa  d.Bulls, Manawatu

                     ii                  (5f) Percival William Hadfield  b.29Feb1881  d.1919

                    iii                  (5g) Charles Alfred Hadfield  b.29Mar1882  d.?

                   iv                  Edith Martha Anna Hadfield  b.1883 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  m.John Alexander Adams  d.1915 Richmond, Nelson

                     v                  Richard Hadfield  b.Apr1884 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  m#1 Ethel Lane  m#2 May Cooper  d.20Dec1971 Palmerston North, Manawatu

                   vi                  Cora Hadfield  b.1886 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  m.6Apr1908 Charles Beresford Morgan at Woodville, Hawkes Bay  d.?

                  vii                  (5h) John Hadfield  b.1887  d. ?

                viii                  (5i) Arthur Hadfield  b.12Feb1889  d.15Jun1978

                   ix                  Ruby Adele Hadfield  b.1891 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  d.1916 Auckland

                     x                  (5j) Harold Bertram Hadfield  b.1892  d.?



4d. Richard Hadfield  b.7Aug1850 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk  m.21Jul1875 Francis Smith Green at Nelson, New Zealand  d.14Jul1880 Nelson, New Zealand.  bur.16Jul 1880 Nelson, New Zealand



                       i                  ?   b.1May1876 Nelson  d.?

                     ii                  Claude Hadfield  b.?  d.?

                    iii                  Stanley Hadfield  b.?  d.?



4e. John Thomas Hadfield  b.25Jul1857 Harwich, Essex  m.?  d.1944 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand



                       i                  Clive Hadfield  b.?  d.1925


fifth generation


5a. Frederick George Hadfield  b.9Oct1879 Nelson  m.Jul1908 Jessica Winter at Nelson  d.11Jan1976 Collingwood, Golden Bay, Nelson  bur.14Jan1976 Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson



                     i.                  Clifford Frederick Hadfield  b.Mar1909  d.20Mar1917 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  bur.26Mar1917 Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson

                   ii.                  Mavis Jessica Hadfield  b.21Jul1911 Nelson  m.Wilfred Bradley  d.?

                  iii.                  (6a) William Rodgers Hadfield  b.8Mar1913  d.17Jan2004

                 iv.                  (6b) Ralph Gordon Hadfield  b.19Mar1915    d.?

                   v.                  (6c) Nelson Ivan Hadfield  b.6Nov1916 Nelson  d.14Jun2002

                 vi.                  Muriel Christiana Hadfield  b.8Jul1918 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  m.8Jan1955 Arnold Dalefield at Motueka, Nelson  d.25Jun2002

                vii.                  Colin Houlson Hadfield  b.Mar1921  d.20Nov1923 Neslon.  bur.22Nov1922 Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson

              viii.                  Dorothy Joy Hadfield  b.Aug1922  d.?



5b. Welby Vivian Hadfield  b.15May1881 Collingwood, Golden Bay, Nelson  m.1904 Laura Louise Cunliffe at Wellington  d.4Aug1950 Nelson.



                       i                  (6c) James Welby Cunliffe Hadfield  b.14Feb1908  d.?

                     ii                  Allan Herbert Hadfield  b.1Jun1909 Wellington  d.1931 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson

                    iii                  Eva Mahala Ann Hadfield  b.7Jan1911 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  d.11Sep1912 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.

                   iv                  Ada Francis Vivian Hadfield  b.9Apr1913  Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  d.?

                     v                  (6d) Frank Roy Lane Hadfield  b.7May1916  d.26Feb1983

                   vi                  Joan Edna Eila Hadfield  b.1Apr1918 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  m.22Jun1992 Edgar Sixtus at Motueka, Nelson.



5c. William Harry Hadfield  b.25Sep1884 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  m.4Apr1931 Nellie Alberta Redfern at Picton, Marlborough  d. Mar1967 Nelson.  bur.30Jul1967 Marsden Valley Cemetery, Stoke, Nelson



                       i                  Adele Hadfield  b.Dec1934  m.29Dec1954 Norman Draper at Tahunanui, Nelson  d.?



5d. Darcy Clarence Hadfield  b.1Dec1889 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson  m.29Aug1916 Sereta May Coyle at Auckland  d.15Sep1964 Auckland.



                       i                  Jean Hadfield  b.22Nov1920  m.28Aug1943  d.29sep1956 Auckland

                     ii                  Darcy Victor Hadfield  b.19Feb1927  m.2Sep1950

                    iii                  Rex Arnold Hadfield  b.9Jun1933 Auckland  m.6Dec1958



5e. Roy Hubert Hadfield  b.15Jan1892 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  m.2Mar1926 Minnie Alberta Barlow (b.?  d.29Dec1987) at Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson.  d.27Sep1986 Blenheim, Marlborough



                       i                  Bernard Roy Hadfield  b.4Apr1931 Nelson  m.28Jan1956 Kathleen Edith Leov at Rai Valley, Marlborough

                     ii                  Rodger Evered Hadfield  b.4Jun1932 Neslon  m.22May1960 Janet Heather McRae at Blenheim, Marlborough



5f. Percival William Hadfield  b.29Feb1881 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  m.1904 Helen Coleman at Blenheim, Marlborough.  d.1919 Blenheim, Marlborough



                       i                  Cyril Hadfield  b.?

                     ii                  Sylvia Hadfield  b.?

                    iii                  Rex Hadfield  b.?



5g. Charles Alfred Hadfield  b.29Mar1882 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  m.24Apr1910 Annie Roberta Logan (b.1885  d.1924) at Blenheim, Marlborough



                       i                  Keith Allan Hadfield  b.13May1912 Blenheim, Marlborough  d.2Jan2003

                     ii                  Ian Charles Hadfield  b.7Jun1915 Blenheim, Marlborough

                    iii                  Harry Roodhouse Hadfield  b.24Feb1920  d.9Apr1993

                   iv                  Robert Bruce Hadfield  b.27Aug1922 Blenheim, Marlborough



5h. John Hadfield  b.1887 Awaroa, golden Bay, Nelson.  m. Amy Fryer  d. Blenheim, Marlborough



                       i                  Lister Hadfield  b.?

                     ii                  Elaine Hadfield  b.?



5i. Arthur Hadfield  b.12Feb1889 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  m.19Aug1914 Mary Jane Laidlaw (b.?  d.12Jul1951).  d.15Jun1978 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson



                       i                  Betty Isabel Hadfield  b.?  m. Horace George Booker



5j. Harold Bertram Hadfield  b.1892 Awaroa, Golden bay, Nelson.  m.Maud Thompson  d.Wanganui, Taranaki



                       i                  Jean Hadfield  b.?



sixth generation


6a. William Rodgers Hadfield  b.8Mar1913 Nelson.  m.Vena Maud Langford (b.1Jul1915 d.4Aug1988)  d.17Jan2004 Golden Bay, Nelson



                       i                  Elaine Hadfield  b.?

                     ii                  Gordon Hadfield  b.?

                    iii                  Diane Hadfield  b.?

                   iv                  Howard Hadfield  b.?

                     v                  Nancy Hadfield  b.?

                   vi                  Lester John Hadfield  b.1945  d.1986

                  vii                  Donald Hadfield  b.?



6b. Ralph Gordon Hadfield  b.19Mar1915 Nelson  m.13Oct1956 Edna Mary Riches (b.? d.25Jan1996) at Chadwell Heath, Essex, England UK



                       i                  Gillian Mary Hadfield  b.21Dec1957 Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand

                     ii                  Elizabeth Anne Hadfield  b.29Jun1960 Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand  m. Rod Gibson

                    iii                  Norman Richard Hadfield  b.23Dec1964 Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand  m.Sharyn Goodall



6c. Nelson Ivan Hadfield  b.6Nov1916 Nelson.  m.1952 Marcia Roberts at Invercargill  d.14Jun2002



                       i                  Miriam Hadfield  b.?

                     ii                  Leann Hadfield  b.?

                    iii                  Neville Hadfield  b.?



6d. James Welby Cunliffe Hadfield  b.14Feb1908 Wellington.  m.16Dec1944 Ivy Elizabeth Grooby (b.5Aug1914  d.20Feb1973)



                       i                  Gladys Laura Hadfield  b.?

                     ii                  Kay Allison Hadfield  b.?

                    iii                  John Welby Hadfield  b.?



6e. Frank Roy Lane Hadfield  b.7May1916 Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson.  m.24May1944 Elsie Hart  d.26Feb1983



                       i                  Irene Rosalie Hadfield  b.21Feb1951

                     ii                  Maureen May Hadfield  b.23Nov1957